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REVIEWS OF ARIA Patisserie IN Nevada

Brunna Caroline

I'm pretty sure that all of the positive reviews of this place were Vegas drunk. First, it's incredibly disorganized. I came in and stood at the sign that said "Order Here" and was the last person helped. I watched people come and go, helped before I was even acknowledged. Finally, I was helped and the staff were friendly, the only positive from my experience. You have to pick up pastries/sweets from one side of the bakery, then walk to the other counter completely for any cooked food. I had my order to go; and when I got to my room, there were no napkins or utensils in the bag, so I had to eat my crepe with my hands and wait until the next day to eat my tiramisu, because I was too tired to go back downstairs to get a spoon for it. The food's taste was average. Definitely not worth the $30 I paid for a simple crepe, a pastry, and a small tiramisu I ate in 3 bites. Overpriced, slow service, and below average flavor. Go somewhere else

Tatyana G

I was looking forward to have a dessert at the Patisserie when come to Las Vegas. What a disappointment it was. The taste and presentation of pastries are nothing compared when this place was Jean Philippe Patisserie. Have you seen their eclairs? They are blobs of something nothing even close to real eclairs. What a bummer...

pooka platner

What happened to this place? We were here there years ago when an actual chef was tied to this bakery and back then it was incredible- now... Nothing special.

Red Tree Realty

Slow smoked salmon sandwich is to die for. Great food and crapes..

Shilpi Srivastava


Très bel endroit, belle présentation. Mais très bruiant. La patisserie et en face des machines à sous. La nourriture y est très bonne par contre préparer votre porte monnaie à prendre une claque.

C Hensley

Takes too long. Especially if you just want coffee. But it's ok.

Tanja Watson

For sure food wise some of the best sandwiches I have ever had! We had a salmon sandwich and chicken salad croissant which were over the top amazing! 1 star deducted though since customer service wasn't great at all!!So if that will be worked on for sure a 5 star patisserie

Alliance Fire Alarms

This is truly French Pastry Very good... Must Go for a great sweet treat

Brett LaCues

Good gelato at a reasonable price. They have a lot of other treats to order too.

Reuben Cohn

Their gelato milkshakes are amazing!

Sharon Morales

These r 2 die 4. OMG They were $$$$ but well worth it.

Laurie Johnson

Crowded and no place to sit. Overpriced breakfast.

Denis Valente

I have no issue paying overs when staying at an expensive place if you stay at aria you expect everything to be expensive. But USd32 for a coffee a sandwich and a pastry is over the top. To make it worse the coffee was made by a machine not a barrista. Er

Alan Harnett

High end dessert cafe with ice cream, sandwiches, breakfast items, coffee, tea, espresso, cakes, mini desserts, packaged desserts, pastries and cookies. The presentation and attention to detail was stunning! I would highly recommend coming here. Compared to the Bellagio, Aria is superior in terms of presentation. But I did notice the pastries look similar and probably made out of the same kitchen. For those that think $12 for a dessert is over priced is crazy. The attention to detail, 100% made from scratch, and artistry are what your paying for. Also keep in mind this is Vegas. I also just paid $3 more for the same Starbucks coffee in my casino as I can get at home.

Felipe Uruguay

Good quality. Lots of seats.

Yashar Katyr

Jinsoo Han

Mark Burns

Richard Bustamante

Decent food, terrible customer service. I was staying at the Aria and went here a number of times for things like tea/coffee. The staff was always in a hurry and seemed annoyed that I was there ordering something. They'd made mistakes on any special requests, for example asking for tea + honey/lemon and then getting served plain tea, whenever I brought it up I'd gets sighs, eye rolls, and the occasional sarcastic remark to the point that I didn't even want to say anything and just take whatever I got. Not exactly what people come to the Aria for. Avoid if possible, there's better options in the area.

Tai-hsuan Chung

Mille Feuille together with a small size latte = Fantastic experience

Michael Wong

Ordered a last minute dinner omelette. They made it under 10 minutes and this place is 24 hours. I had a custom omelette with chicken , mushroom, egg whites, prosciutto, spinach and pesto on it. It came with a croissant and some strawberries. It was a little bit over priced but if you are looking for breakfast item At 930pm. This is the spot to hit up. This place is nothing fancy but it serves crepes with everything and desserts.

Steve G

15 minute wait in long line because they won't open 2nd register at 9 am. Mismanaged.

Reina Cho

(Translated by Google) Great place for a late dessert. The cake, scones and croissants were all delicious. We kindly provided a fresh drink even for the wrong order. (Original) 늦은 시간 디저트먹기에 좋은 곳. 케익, 스콘, 크루아상 모두 맛있었음. 잘못된 주문에도 친절히 새로 음료를 제공해줬음.

Richard Ramlall

Open 24 hours it’s a great substitute for Starbucks which closes at 1000 pm in the promenade upstairs. However as you would expect much more expensive than Starbucks. Price for convenience . Breakfast as well as sandwiches and a decent variety . Lots of employees and some of them just seem to milk around so you have to catch their eyes. Will try it out in the morning and say to see how service differs . But again convenient .

Luna Forever

Super slow getting my food & then after waiting 15 mins, they got the wrong order. Not impressed. Had to wait another 20 mins.

Qiang He

Keri Cadmium

joe tannous

Very nice place for breakfast and lunch full of food art pleasure to look at! But just realized many other similar places in Vegas are provided with the exact same fancy looking desserts telling me this is not unique to this location but more of a main supplier giving to all.

Mahipal B

We had burgers, it’s taste really nice

Dante Dorman

Good coffee and sweets. Service is quick and my wife and I took ours to go to the pool and everything was packaged very nicely for us

Vonn Voyage

If you want cakes, crepes, ice cream then stop by this place to get your sugar fix.

Eva and Alissa Miller

Kashif Shah

One of the best pastrie shops in the world! A little over priced but what do you expect at a casino? Truly world class pastries

Hendri Ernst

Convent and lots of options. The breakfast sandwich with onion jam was pretty delicious. Coffee was good. Service can be backed up during busy times.

Yvonne Baez

Se ven muy bonitos pero el sabor no es tan bueno como la pasteleria que estaba antes

Patrick Doerksen

Dan Zimmerman

They used to have amazing crepes. It was always the highlight of my visit. They changed how they do them and have made a limited menue. You can not alter from those 8 or so choices. The final product was not good, ended up throwing most of it away.

John Charles

Excellent croissants. Flaky delicious. Good service. A bit pricy.

Joey Brock

mmm... their baked goods are so good. We ordered a variety of pastries and we enjoyed every single one. My personal favorite was the Almond croissant.

Isis N.

Not at all my stantdards. I was very disappointed, new owners which I this case meant low quality. The food tasted cheap and looked fake and not in a good way. It’s expensive and not good. Recommend not coming here if you are looking for quality. We miss Jean-Phillippe.

Tiffany Moy

This is a quick service open 24/7 bakery. We played the my Vegas app game before and got free coupons to come here and love the selection. You can go savory with crepes (they have dessert ones too) or go the French bakery route. We would always get the chocolate almond croissants! The tarts and cakes are beautiful too (though a bit pricy). If you play poker room you can use your comps for this place

julia garcia

Don’t go here if you see joselito working.

Ram Kumar

This is a nice spot to satisfy your sweet tooth. I had a Snickers Eclair and it was delicious. The aroma of this place will get you high. You get beverages, sandwiches, pastries, ice-cream, cookies, salads, fresh juices and almost anything you would need to get your day going. This place offers something for everyone.

Julia Garcia

JOSELITO IS SO RUDE!!! Just had the worst customer service experience with this man!!! He was so rude I asked to sample one flavor and then he was annoyed over it and then moved on to the next person asking them if they were ready when I was in the middle of asking to try another flavor. Then he asked if we were together and we were not and then proceeded to help the people behind me after I just waited 5 minutes for him to be done with the people in front of me!!! Ridiculous I have places to be!!! Then he continued to be rude and say sorry to the other people when he was really be rude to me!!! If you see him working don’t go. Sucks cause I used to love their gelato but I will never be back after this awful experience!!! Run away if you see this man. 2 stars cause it’s good but just as good as the other gelato you can find on the strip not any better.

Emma Hart

The best croissants.

Mohammed Al Sawaji

My favorite place to have breakfast in Aria hotel

Yotam Ben-Ami

Terrible, slow... avoid at all costs if you value your time and dignity.

Jay Connors

When we're in the mood for great coffee, great pastries, and great crepes, this is the place we always visit. We dropped by recently for a snack which was their strawberry crepe, which is the best crepe around.

Joe Majka

Great sweets, gelato, crepes, macarons, chocolates and more!



Jay Keyes

Donnie Meismer

I had the ham omelet, which came with a croissant and two strawberries. Ot was served on a simple paper tray, and I picked up the plastic utensils near the coffee service. The omelet was warm, and the cheese was melted. The flavor was really good. The croissant wad delicious. Very flaky, and warm. The strawberries were fresh, juicy, and cold. I also had a large cup of coffee that was served hot and stout. The half and half tested fresh. Altogether a good breakfast.

Josh Frantz

First time staying here, was very excited to see this pace however the wait was extremely long, they had 0 employees at the counter. I had to ask an employee who seemed to be hiding around a corner if they had anyone working. Delicious brownie, abysmal service. This was at 4PM on a Sunday.

Jason Kwan

Ordered a omelette with my friends. There food arrived and 10 minutes later i was asked what it was i ordered. Accidents happen, but as staff were politely turning people away saying they would be called when there food was ready i was not able to ask how it was going. Thats ok but if you make a mistake acknowledge it and appoligise for it, your unwillingness to talk to the customer was the issue. Food was ok.


(Translated by Google) Living in Las Vegas a month. My trip to LA was successful and I came back to Las Vegas. I've already been in Las Vegas for four weeks. Today I would like to introduce a dessert cafe in Aria Resort. Aria patisserie offers a variety of desserts and brunches including gelato ice cream, bakery and chocolate. But the price is expensive. Note please! I live in Las Vegas for a month. I returned to Las Vegas after a safe trip to LA. I've been in Las Vegas for four weeks now. Today I'd like to introduce you to a dessert cafe inside an aria resort. Aria patisserie can enjoy a variety of desserts and brunch such as gelato ice cream, bakery, and chocolate. But the price is high. (Original) 라스베가스 한달살기. LA 여행은 무사히 잘 마치고 라스베가스로 돌아왔어요. 벌써 라스베가스에서 지낸지도 4주째네요. 오늘은 아리아 리조트 안에 위치한 디저트 카페를 소개할까해요. Aria patisserie는 젤라또 아이스크림, 베이커리, 초콜렛 등 다양한 디저트와 브런치를 즐길수 있어요. 하지만, 가격은 비싼편이에요. 참고하세요! I live in Las Vegas for a month. I returned to Las Vegas after a safe trip to LA. I've been in Las Vegas for four weeks now. Today I'd like to introduce you to a dessert cafe inside an aria resort. Aria patisserie can enjoy a variety of desserts and brunch such as gelato ice cream, bakery, and chocolate. But the price is high.

Jennifer Rao

Sybil Tal

Paul Stehlin

Pastries are very good, but surely overpriced. I had an almond croissant which was flaky and flavorful, and probably the only reason I would go back. The raspberry tart was fine, the cappuccino mediocre. Those three items set me back $21.

Mehran Irdmousa

Great place. In Aria. It's decent for a casino Cafe. I tried the Affagato with Gelato. The amount of Gelato was just right and tasted great. The service was great as well.


Came here for the crepes. Quality is very poor. The strawberry and cream crepe was filled with a block of frozen pastry cream that was reheated in the crepe. It was bland and grainy. Strawberry sauce was overly fragrant, almost like it had artificial flavoring. The banana fosters crepe was just uncooked banana with caramel sauce drizzled on top. I would consider it to be a misrepresentation of the dish. If you are coming here for the crepes, I would advise you to stay away.

Matías Caputo

La gastronomía en el ARIA es un poco mejor que en otros lugares, pero con precios excesivos que no se justifican. Los postres que pedimos no eran gran cosa y el café ni hablar, malo y más caro incluso que Starbucks, que hasta parece un café de calidad al lado de este.

Betty Hall

Stella Yap

Sad to hear Jean Philippe left... We were here last year and previous years and the patisserie selection was exquisite, delicate and absolutely stunning. This year, the patisserie offerings lack finesse, are rather on the large side and the presentation a little clumsy. The ones we sampled (green tea, chocolate, Snickers eclair) were ok but we still couldn't help feeling that the overall quality had declined. I have to agree with a previous reviewer below - Yvonne Baez)!!

Sumeet Mann

Horrible service with zero understanding of how to serve customers...average food . Looks pretty though.

ram karthik kandoti

Kate Liang

Riselychee macaron is pretty good. The other flavors and ice cream are too sweet for me..

Pheynix Phlyte

Diablo Sullins

My wife purchased a Birthday Cake. She asked for a Chocolate cake. When our friend having the Birthday cut the cake we were surprised to find it was a white cake instead of Chocolate. Our friend having the party was very disappointed.

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