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REVIEWS OF WheatFields Eatery & Bakery IN Nebraska

Vickie Wood

Awesome!!!! A little pricy, but great food!

Diana Osenbaugh

Great food at very reasonable prices..Excellent service. Today they had a lot of bakery fresh breads on sale for $1.00 per loaf. I got raisin bread.

Richard Onken

Wheatfields probably isn't for has a massive menu, the prices are perhaps a little higher than others, it is in kind of an out of the way location on the back side of One Pacific Place, but it is all worth it to me, I have always had a good meal, the wait staff are always courteous and prompt, when you ask for something a little different with your meal, low and behold it actually comes that way (unlike other places). Best for breakfast food!

Karen Leitner Bassich

We dined for breakfast at the Pacific place location, and we were joined by 2 cockroaches at our table while we ate. We complained to the staff who explained they are aware of the problem. She made no apology. I stated we will not return.


The coleslaw was missing all sweetness, the honey chicken is way too sweet, and the booth is ripped to shreds

Elisabeth Baruth

My husband and I purchased two items from the bakery and took them to go. His was delicious. I had bread pudding, which tasted ok, but I was highly disappointed to find a long hair in it (not on the top, baked in it) and a piece of eggshell. Lovely selection of treats, but horrible first experience with this location.

Kim Gee

Good food and service! Thanks Ann!

Maritza Mora

I am at this birthday party and my friend order this beautiful cake for her husband. So simple yet so impressive. Half was chocolate and Angel. Your cake was amazing. So delicious and not over powering. It was so good that it woke from a dead sleep. 10 out 10 I would go and order one for me again.

YeaEyeSaidIt NowWhat?

Loved the food. I stop in every other day for their brown bag lunches. One of my favorite spots to dine at in Omaha.

Sandra Pedersen

I went to this restaurant for the first time for my sister's birthday. My sister invited her co-workers out and my sister said this was her 4th year in a row coming to this particular restaurant for her birthday. The first bad sign was that the front of the restaurant was littered with trash and the trash can was over flowing. After l sat with my sister and her co-workers for a while, we received no attention from the waiter. My sister had to go and get someone to take our orders. The waiter finally came and he lacked customer service skills, lacked people skills and lacked good verbal communication. Next this waiter says my manager said that large parties have to pay with one check. My sister explained that she has had her birthday here the last 4 years and never heard of this policy. The waiter lack of response and communication made one of her co-workers ask for another waiter. The Manager Ron finally came and he said the policy did change. The manager stated that it up to the restaurant discretion if they can do separate checks, so l asked how will he be able to accommodate? The Manager Ron also lack verbal skills, customer service skills and lacked confidence to make decisions. Manager Ron said "well this restaurant is busy and it's up to the server if he wants to wait on us". We had 6 people in the group. I was so concerned that this Manager Ron couldn't make decisions, "l said dude your the manager," and this is when Ron freaked out and said "said what did you say?" I told him that l have 13 years in management and this isn't a response you give to customers. I asked for the bill for the drinks and told him we were leaving. I also told him that l will be filing a corporate complaint and Manager Ron arrogantly stated "well corporate is here if you want to complain." This was my first time at Wheatfields and this will be my last. Someone needs to explain to Manager Ron that you need to value all customers. Believe me there are plenty of West Omaha restaurants open and thriving and plenty that went out of business. Customer Service is the key.

jasmine johnson

I visit here everytime I come to Omaha. Great food!

Diana Keller

This place is a must go every time in in Omaha. The food is always delicious and more than I can finish. I love that I can eat inside, but feel like I'm outside in a garden. They also have a huge bakery so you can take some treats home with you.

Jenni VanCleave

The best food you'll find in Omaha. Huge menu with a wide variety of items. Amazing desserts. Hot Open Turkey Sandwich, Quiche Lorraine, EggStacy Sandwich, Strawberry Wedding Cake, Audrey Hepburn Brownies, Cheesecake and Bread Pudding are all amazing plus many others. Angel food muffin... Mmmm. If you haven't eaten here you need to. The house rules on the menu are a HUGE turn off. Really rude and in your face. Very snarky.


The best food we had to wait some time for our food but other than that the food was great.

Troy W

It's a good time there every time walking through the bakery is always a plus. I do have to say at times the price of the food. That could be better. Service is great they never have attitudes like other places that I've been.

Annie Thompson

I wrote a review on Wheatfields in the past giving 5 stars. I’m now changing my review based off of our visits in the last 3 months. Number one: The wait staff is hit or miss. We have had exemplary service and we have had the worst service (so bad you can’t even fathom leaving a tip.) Our most recent visits have been of the worst rating. Number two: Not allowing customers to remove ingredients from menu selections on the weekend. I don’t consume dairy, asking to remove cheese from a salad is not allowed on the weekends. That’s the most ridiculous concept in a customer driven business! Number three: I normally don’t even notice the prices, because we visit the Pacific location 1-2 times a week and we enjoy the food so much. However, if you won’t make changes for a customer and expect $11-$15 per person (not including additional beverages) that’s way not worth the money to me. We have a family of five, we spend $60-$70 each visit when we are all have most likely lost our frequent visits and business. Number four: As mentioned above, we dine in 1-2 times a week, because of this I’m very aware of what each menu item comes with and how each item is plated. The last few visits the same exact items have been ordered and they are missing a side, garnish, or topping each visit. That’s shotty service for a $11 meal for a child. I’m just losing interest in paying so much for mediocre food, selection, and service.

Rodney Veldhuizen

Meet here with family. Good good, good service, impressive bakery.

Sheri Crabtree

This place! First of should be Bakery and Eatery...not the other way around. This is seriously delicious baked goods. All of them!! But yes people love to eat here too. Food is well prepared but very causally served. It's just good stuff.

Della Cooper

Thank you for your service and kindness.

Lance Stevens

This place is awesome! Very friendly staff, cozy place and the food was great! I would highly recommend this bakery to anyone.

Luke Kastrup

Great menu and food always.

BJ Johnson

The best breakfast I've eaten in a very long time. I'll be back very friendly staff as well.

Jaylissa Rhubottom

First time going and our reserved table got seated, and it took 30+ minutes to get drinks and then another 15+ minutes to order. Our server was very rude and almost all 9 of us in our party got sick. I'm told the bakery would be your best bet.

Mallory Braby

I had the chicken and waffles, so good. But they didn't tell us certain things were extra like the slab or the hasbrowns. My first time and I was surprised on the price, little expensive for breakfast lol but food was good when I reheated it too

Aaron Dean

Wheatfields (mostly this location) has really gone down hill. Brought out cold soggy food (chicken and waffles)and when told about it they said they would remake it but rather took the food and put it in he microwave and brought out the exact same plate of food. Had to talk to manager and although the item was taken off the manager did not seem concerned at all about the problem. I asked him if it was their standard of practice to reheat food in the microwave and he said no but you could tell that was not the truth. This was during a busy Sunday brunch hour there is no reason to have food that isn't fresh in the first place (never is a reason. But certainly not at a busy time) However our waitress would get 5 stars and so would the bakery.

Linda White

Delicious only I wish you had more signage to show customers where your restrooms are. Lots of folks had to ask

brandon kluender

Best cheeseburger soup in the world. Also one of the best bakerys around.

Connie Peterson

WheatFields was recommended by the staff at the hotel we were staying at and I am so grateful for the recommendation!!!! Their food and bakery items were delicious!!!! We got different types of sandwiches for our road trip, French macaroons (so delicious), various cookies. Everyone loved everything they picked out. One of the best food choices of our road trip.

James Kubicki

I was warned: the portions are huge. They are indeed, but also very creative and tasty. The menu is also huge, with selections to suit anyone's fancy. I especially appreciated having a choice of fresh baked strudel with my omelet. If I lived in Omaha I would make this a regular stop.

Kathy Griffith

Delicious! I couldn't decide what to order, the whole menu sounded great. I had the potato and asparagus and vegies, so delicious! I will be back!

Nicole Koubek

Fantastic baked goods. Wonderful meals, A little congested in the seating area, a little wait time during Prime hours but worth the wait.

Samar Elatta

Have never had a worst experience in my life at a restaurant. An hour and a half later and walked away still with no food! Around 10:15am Called to make sure, Hey we're a large group around 20 people. Can you accommodate us? Yes she said. Lindsey the floor manager. We have a patio area, I get there and tables are not together but very separate. Okay no problem. Our group was over 20 people and we had only one lady Lisa, she did the best she could. But what awful management from Lindsey. Who would have one server for over 20 people. People's food came at different times. Mine like I said after an hour and a half still didn't come at all along with a few others who were still waiting. Very disappointing and embarrassing to have brought my family and friends here for our holiday. This is our tradition we come to Wheatfields every year for Eid. This will sadly be our last time we'll find a new place.

Apoorva Chaturvedi

The strawberry wedding cake is the best ever!

Jesse Pueppka

Great comfort food and good service from heena.


I Love This Location & Atmosphere... Yummy

Taryn McKune

I’m from Iowa and I have been to this place once before. The food the first time was great. The service wasn’t outstanding. Plus they had forgotten an item with my dinner. I was just there to try it out with my family for a second time on Friday. The food was once again great. This place does have good food. I had a 3 piece of honey fried chicken with potatoes and gravy and the caramel apple crisp. The service was horrible. Nicole was our server. When they brought the food out they didn’t bring the apple crisp, which I thought was a mistake. My friend asked about it when she approached the table and she had a very sassy attitude when she said that she thought I would want it for dessert so she had kept it in the back. Please explain to the guests when you bring their food that any part that seems like dessert won’t come out until later. I had no idea, as I’m not a regular at this place and any guest would be confused and ask the same question. The worst part was towards the end when we were getting ready to pay. We told her we were doing separate checks and she rudely goes,”Ok, nobody said they were on separate checks, but I’ll go and get that split up for you.” Implying that it was OUR mistake that we didn’t tell her. I work in the restaurant industry. This is such a basic thing that all servers know, you always ask your guests if they will be on the same check or separate. I refuse to eat here again because of the poor service I’ve received. Maybe she was having a bad night, but even when you are having a bad night it shouldn’t be apparent to your guests. They are there for a good experience, don’t take your bad day out on them. They didn’t contribute to it.

Timothy Goshinski

Always great food, could work on honoring reservations


Our food was awesome as usual...but young, blond server was busy and stressed. She did nothing short of throwing my plate down in front of me.

Dan Kuck SUMS Collective

They threw everything at the Dad's biscuits and a gravy. Egg was a little more over easy than I generally prefer but everything else was excellent. Server was a little off, and at one point walked away from us during ordering, without a word. When she returned she informed us she thought they were out of wheat bread. Then continued taking our order. Amazing bakery.

Sterling Boyles

Fresh, friendly, homy and cozy comfort food like grandma used to made. Reasonably priced. I'm still full .

Connie Gold

Visiting from out of town and was recommended here. This place is great for breakfast/brunch. Big menu with lots of comfort food and a giant selection of bakery goods. Pecan roll is a must try!

Bonnie Tellier

The food was excellent, blueberry pancakes were delish. We were seated in a booth right that had a leaky ceiling right next to it from a rain storm. The place was pretty much empty and the waiter knew the leak was there ( he pointed it out to us!) so not sure why we had to sit right next to it....

Chessly Lynn Loper

So many yummy desserts to try. The bread pudding was heavenly with the caramel glaze. Very friendly staff and nice atmosphere.

Lex Tan

Had the best chocolate milkshake here with the delicious meaty Oktoberfest specials! Customer service was top notch, and I was spoiled for choice on dessert, definitely coming back!!

Sara Hasenfuss

Wheatfields is my favorite breakfast place! They have such great options and seems to have something for everyone. Their bakery is phenomenal, and has a huge selection year round. I got a buttered pecan pie here for Thanksgiving and was SOOOOO happy, it was delicious. A small heads up, it's super busy on the weekend and they don't allow many substitutions Friday-Sunday

Lehr Dircks

Been here a handful of times. I love the menu. My favorite is the crab cakes Benedict. On Sunday morning come pretty early because it is real popular.

adMARil !

Really good. Had fish sandwich. Everything was fresh and hot. Only thing I can say was bad was $4.29 for lemonade. But I had 3 of them.

Vera Clayton

Food was delicious! Service was slow.

Martha 777

A must visit! Enjoy it.

Rachel Zelm

Literally my go to bakery at all times! I try something new every time and it's always amazing.

Dale Rezac

Great food, service, portains,and price.

Kevin James

I've always loved Wheatfields. Lots of choices, good food, etc. But it seems they have a new policy where they WILL NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES to their menu on the weekends. I know it gets busy, but you can't make a crepe and just leave the tomatoes out?? There are so many great places to eat in Omaha. I will not be back to Wheatfields.

J.L. Schmidt

This is a quarterly treat, more often if I could. BreAkfast, lunch or dinner, the place never disappoints. Eggs, waffles, killer cinnamon rolls; sandwiches, soups; ribs and fried chicken -- oh the fried chicken. The only problem is trying to get into the dining room without lingering and drooling around the massive expanse of pastry cases. Hint: If you order the cinnamon roll, ask for a side of extra frosting. Then find someone to drive you home! No. Other. Place. Like. This!

Curt Erixon

Food is always top notch. Very popular so sometimes hard hard to get seated right away and parking can be difficult .

Deb Bradley

Had not been here for way too long! So refreshing to find the same outstanding food and service for a reasonable price. Lived every bite!

Tom Stich

Food wonderful. Bring your wallet Not a deal

Maria Alvarez

Friendly staff. Delicious pastries. Fresh ,substantial and savory salads .

James Netusil

Burger was mediocre for $12, and literally 8 limp fries for a side?

Judy Petermann

I chose to have Christmas dinner at a restaurant this year. The 10 of us sat in the Sun Room which was lovely. All of our meals were delicious and our waiter was fantastic. Great food and very affordable.

Karen Zagorski

Egg stratta and quiches are great. Also the cinnamon roll

Dusty Olson

Love the creme brulee potato's. It's a must Everytime. Menu is extensive. There is something for everyone so if you've got a group of picky eaters, I'd suggest this place.

Brandon Karl

Everyone in party loved their food. Chicken and waffle was the best I've ever had. Expect to spend about $20 per person. Worth it!!!!

Jill T

Amazing menu! Anyone can find something and most amazing gluten free options in Omaha!!! Kids love it!

Jackie Beaver

Efficient service. Great food.

Ashley Neel

Service was very kind and sat me at a table big enough for my family, even though they came a bit later from when I arrived. The waiter was very funny and nice, and took interest in getting to know my tastes in beverage and food to help me decide on a meal. He seemed very knowledgeable of the menu! Food arrived fairly quickly after we ordered and it was delicious. Overall, a great experience.

Catherine Cizek

LOVE LOVE LOVE their Gluten Free deserts!

Susan Kiley

Bakery is DELISH! Restaurant: Loud! Extremely loud, packed and little room to move around in both the restaurant and waiting in the bakery. Chose to go for lunch the day before Mother’s Day, expecting to find their full menu and instead received a holiday version. Apparently after Easter they will always have the holiday menu which does not all for any substitutions or changes. The food choices were okay, but don’t bring kids as they may not enjoy the selection. The server was nice but frazzled. Took a while to get anything asked for, including the check. Food is good. A bit overpriced on many of the selections. The chicken selection and mashed potatoes was piping hot, a sweet flavor—GOOD! Coleslaw not so...had a horrible after taste. My partners plate looked unappealing, but he said was really good. Overall a good experience, will return on a non-holiday weekend and will continue ordering from the bakery for sweet treats.


My friend's baby enjoyed our food.. cheesecake is pretty awesome. Turtle cheesecake should have pecans?? Ours didn't

Shruthi Iyer

I have come to the old market branch of Wheatfields many times and I usually enjoy the food here. However this time during college world series their menu is essentially cut in half, and the selection is very limited for non-meat eaters like me. There are literally 2options for me on this menu and there was no indication of this on their website. I came all the way here to basically be forced to eat one dish. Not acceptable!

Wendy Harlow

It can be crowded and noisy on weekends, and parking can be an issue. However, service is great and the food is divine. Try the strawberry wedding cake.

Linda A

We both had the Oatmeal with everything.. Soooo good.. My daughter & I split the 5 roll mini sampler... Service was good & they have a bakery too.. They even had Irish Cream imported from Ireland... Probably should have bought some. Would have made a nice after dinner coffee addition....

Teri Carlino

Delicious, but a bit pricey, especially if you order coffee. A regular bottomless cup is $3.29 vs. a specialty coffee is $4.29. Kinda overpriced if you ask me. My specialty latte wasn't great. I had a cherry strudel which was amazing (came with my meal), omelet and fresh fruit were delicious! Whole meal plus tip was almost $28. For 1 person, that's a bit much. I took half the omelet and fruit home, so two meals for $14 not too shabby. I'll be back, but probably not regularly.

Tekwilia Wyatt

Delicious food and the Sunroom was so charming. Beautiful casual atmosphere.

Shelby Ashton

Food is amazing. Some might say there are too many choices. You'll never leave hungry because the portions are always surprisingly huge.

Nick James

This place is awesome! Great food and service.


Came here for lunch and had a really good burger, service was great.

Terry Petolick

Love this place! Eat here often partly for the great menu (wonderful quiche and incredible desserts!), but also for the fantastic servers. Every server I've had the pleasure of meeting has been wonderful. Great place. Great food, great servers, nice open and bright seating area. Highly recommended.

Mareaeric Campagna

Amazing restaurant, amazing menu, amazing bakery! So much to choose from. Beautiful presentation on all meals for our party. Everyone loved what they ordered. I had the Caramel Bread Pudding. Best EVER!

Louise Berthiaume

Delicious food, great service and fantastic baked goods!

Kal Khalafalla

We had to wait for so long and ended up canceling some of our orders. We had a big group and they assigned only 1 waitress for us so she couldn't catch up and had very rough time recognizing who ordered what!!

james howe

Loud noisy commercial chain restaurant. Nothing special and overly sweet plates. Won't be back and won't recommend.

Peter Albright

Awesome desserts! I wish I lived closer!

Susan Wahlstrom

We live out of town so going to Omaha for a nice meal is a treat. Wheat fields has always been our go to place as the food and desserts have always been so good. However this place has definitely gone down hill over the last couple of years. I brought my grandchildren here a year ago and mac n cheese was no longer on the menu. So stopped bringing the kids here. Now I come up and order one of my favorite potatoe casseroles and find out on weekends they will not allow any modifications. I’m allergic to mushrooms and they have always allowed me to keep them off. In fact I have never eaten anywhere that will not remove mushrooms for me. I couldn’t even order a different meal that had a stir fry with mushrooms and have them just leave it off my plate. I will not be coming back. The prices are way too high for the trouble.

kim Boyd

Recently was at the downtown store and they wouldn't accommodate a food restriction. They did not seem to care that I may become sick after eating their food .If you have any kid of allergies do not try to go there and make any changes to their menu. All I needed them to do was hold the cheese. They would not budge. They said they were only the messenger and it was the owners decision . We had to leave because there was nothing on the menu I could eat without a small change.

John Mcdermott

Went for lunch today and was there an hour and had to leave without lunch because our order was still not done. 1 potato casserole. 1 slider and 1 cup of soup. Total bs

Mary Hawk

Excellent food and baked goods, with good service

Sherrie Liddick

Great service great food

Jocelyn Liparoto

Best breakfast in Omaha! They have a great selection of food and they're staff is amazing! I'm always so pleased with the atmosphere when I go for and their eggs benedict are to die for!

Bryan Benzel

Absolutely awful. Eggs were burnt, not just overcooked, but actually burnt to the point that all it tasted like was burnt eggs. The potatoes and other ingredients in the scramble were undercooked or cold. We also order chicken and waffles, which was awful. The breading on the chicken tasted stale, and was completely soaked in grease. The chicken was cold by the time I got it, and was generally awful. Service was extremely slow, it took over 20 minutes to get a check and then pay. On top of all that, the restaurant was filthy. Not just not clean, actually filthy. All of the wait staff had black outfits. There was not one that wasn't dirty. The tables and seating were dirty, and in need of repair or replacement. The light fixture at the table was covered in dust and cobwebs, and inside each of the glass light enclosures was 2 inches (I wish I was exagerrating) of accumulated dust and dead bugs. I've had far better experiences at plenty of places that cost half as much.

Matt Neel

Great family owned restaurant. Authentic Midwest eatery and a must visit of Omaha. Well done WheatFields crew!

Cherie Worley

Always excellent food and service.

Branden Baker

A little pricey for breakfast. Overall good food, great staff

Andrea Artis

Friendly staff, good food maybe a little heavy on the dairy but pretty good. Came surprisingly fast and very generous portion sizes. Wouldn't recommend if you are gluten-free; they have GF menu but don't seem to fully understand what gluten is, only recently removing a menu item that contained bread crumbs after a staff member with celiac noticed it on the GF menu. If you're GF for a fad diet it's fine, but wouldn't recommend for anyone who is GF for health concerns.


The quality and consistency of the food and service is why I always come back, often with friends.


So we love the bakery, always wonderful baked goods at reasonable prices. Then we thought why not try the restaurant... big mistake. For My wife, me and 3 kids it was $70! 2 of my kids ordered waffles off the kids menu we paid almost $9 for each and they got 1/2 a waffle and 1 strip of bacon. I got a single cheese burger with fries for $12. Then you pay for drinks! $2.60 for each kid drink, not included with their meal, and $3.60 for adults. $15 in just sodas! I realize I have a larger than normal family but this place is Over priced, with OK food, nothing special. Will return to bakery, never the restaurant.

Jerry H

The food here is great. Service is always very friendly. The deserts are yummy.

Lori Susan

Not only was kristan (server) rude, we waited an hour and still no food. People that came after us had already eaten and left. We won't be back.

Aakriti Agrawal

Can we talk about their macrons? Or the cakes? Or the quiche (get it with crust)? Or the French onion soup? All things to die for - I crave them all the time!!

Suzanne Riley

Amazing. I hadn't been there in years as I live a couple hours away. The service was exceptionally quick and food was amazing!

Peggy Paben

Great atmosphere, outstanding food wonderful customer service.

Lisa Pekala

Amazing restaurant with awesome gluten free options!

Michael Bahlmann

Good food! Great service! Long wait. The long wait is only because the food is really good. The desert is really good too!

Kevin Engelkamp

The Cheesecake factory of Diner food, vast menu and it's all good! Their bakery is also top notch, with dozens and dozens of options

Cric Ericsman

Used to be my favorite restaurant but you rightfully deserve a 1-STAR for price gouging with over the top prices and "House Rules" placed smack dab on the top of your menu. I have never complained about my food or not paid at any diner but your rules are an instant if you are now a high dollar nightclub with a doorman that chooses who they want to serve. Get over yourself used to be a warm, inviting homely place to eat but now you're just playing the corporate America game.

Karen Coolidge

(One Pacific Place). Very disappointed. Our waitress had no customer service skills. There was no "thank you" or " you're welcome" from her. Never checked back with us. We flagged her down to get more water. Our chicken potato skillets were lacking in taste and the chicken was dry and tough. I've eaten here several years ago and it was amazing! This was my husband's first (and last) time eating here. I had told him how good it was.....wrong. It's changed. The bakery goods are great. Maybe they should stick to those.

Nghia Le

Great backery with delicious American classic.


Service was good, and food had plenty of flavor. Friendly atmosphere and we were served quickly. Only issue was that the food was sometimes overbaked.

Rebecca Lynch

It was great. We eat there often. Really good food and service. Always a treat to see all the beautiful baked goods displayed.

Keegan Hansen

Awesome place for breakfast/brunch. Their bakery is top notch as well

I Love Eyeshadow

We were visiting from Kansas City and stopped in to check out the bakery goods. Myra was great she answered all my questions and the service was great. First time trying macaroons and they are amazing. We also purchased some buns and bars, they are delicious.

Andrew Koch

DO NOT MAKE A RESERVATION. The pacific branch could not seat us when I specifically called 2 days in advance for a table of 14. Name was in the book and still told us it would be a 30 min wait. What was the use of calling for a reservation then? Seated outside eventually. Lead host was rude and flustered but it was ultimately his fault. Would give more stars for the waitress and food but whole experience was ruined by a system that should make reservations a priority. Sad.

Liz Boysen

Lots of Gluten Free baked goods! Waitress was awesome!

Atman Dave

Dessert selection on point. Hard to be disappointed with such a variety. Generous cake slices - blueberry wedding cake is heavenly. Occasional flash sales/clearouts in the evenings of loaves and pies that are a STEAL.

Sandra Petersen

We found out they only had one cook so you couldn't order from the big menu..what a joke. Management or owner should be back cooking also.

Jason Norgaard

Good service and a huge selection of food, the bakery is massive and delicious.

Sarah Saturday

Great Sunday brunch. The quiche is exceptionally good, and is my favorite, but haven't had any bad meals here ever. Very friendly and attentive wait staff.

T Robinson

Great good. Ok service.

Darren Wacker

Great baked goods. Always love the pecan roll. SO good!!

Jacob Phillips

Some of the best food I've had in a while. The staff was great and very attentive. I will be going there every time I am in the Omaha area.

Glenda Clay

My cousin and I visited the WheatFields in downtown Omaha where I was embarrassed and refused service. Want to know why??? They explained to us that it was due to my one food allergy. That’s right. Wonder if it had anything to do with my year-round tan. Nevertheless, they were rude and I will tell everyone about this unacceptably ridiculous experience.

Chad P

Broad selection of hearty and savory dishes that are comforting. I tend to order the specials.

Mike Leibowitz

Very noisy. Good food.

Jeannie Labarge

Pricey but has great food

Soren Grandall

Always incredible breakfast food. Biscuits and gravy or french toast are top notch

Juan Alvarado

This place has amazing food specially they're almond French toast and their slab bacon nowhere else you can get this in town

Hancel Milbourn

Dinner was really good. Services was good, I thought it was a little pricey

Diana Henry

This was the worst dining experience my husband and I have ever experienced. Their "House Rules" of no substitutions or exclusions is ridiculous. The food was so bad and overpriced. Will never eat at the restaurant or buy anything from their bakery. Terrible service and food.

Sam Hoffman

Love coming here for brunch! Can get busy around 11-1 on a Sunday. Worth the wait though.

kelley hellman

We make Wheatfields a meeting place every time we come to Omaha! Everything is better than the last thing I had! Mmmm yummy!

Ronda Johnson

The service and food was great.

Virgil Coleman

Wonderful place to eat. They have the best cream cheese strudel. Everytime I come to town from Arizona I stop there.

Donna Schultz

Fantastic food and if you don’t like an ingredient they fix it the way you like it. Love the people that work there so nice.

Bonita Del Campo

Awesome chicken an waffles family friendly great place to eat

Shannon Dyer

Date night with my 3yr old grandson. Staff was WONDERFUL, food always is perfect. Strawberry wedding cake....OMG it is the BEST!!


Butter bun chicken salad was a tiny stale dinner roll with at most 3 tablespoons chicken salad with a bag of ruffles potato chips for 6.99! Ridiculous!

Veronica Burgueño

Great food! Plenty to take home as leftovers. Save room for dessert because you don't want to leave without either trying some or take it home. If you want comfort food this is the place to go. Potatoe casserole dishes that are delicious and to meet everyone's taste buds. Variety of breakfast and lunch options. If you can't find anything to eat out of their 8 pages of their large menu then you either are a picky eater or not that hungry. My only minor complaint is it is loud when crowded, making it difficult to hear our waitress. The parking isn't fun to park, bit crowded. There is an abundance of desserts on asile table making it crowded to walk around when it's a busy time. I was stuck while looking at desserts because a person in a wheelchair took up the aisle. I feel bad cause the person in the wheel chair couldn't back up if she had to. I feel it needs a bigger area to meet the #POPULARITY of this place. Try it, won't be disappointed.

Shelley Aki

The food and service are great. Love to go here for breakfast for waffles and mimosas. Also, their baked goods are amazing.

Matt Simet

Huge portions & excellent food. Carmel rolls to die for!

Carman Johnson

The wedding Cake was delish

Christine Pace

We had a lovely late lunch,Quiche and French onion soup

Jeremy Richardson

I've always enjoyed Wheatfields. The food is some of the best in Omaha and the restaurant is spacious and well decorated. The menu is huge and a bit expensive but neither of those factors will keep me from continuing to eat there!

Todd Braun

German chocolate cake is awesome. Cheese steak sandwich was very dry.

Trier Henriquez

Food was really good. The bakery is awesome! Huge slices of all kinds of cakes and rolls. If you're dieting, this is cheat day heaven!

Lol Pop Yay

Very delicious best breakfast I've had in while

Denyse Wagner

Food not all that spectacular just ordinary in my opinion. Had an issue with my account being double charged for our meal and called and was treated very rudely took 3 days to correct. Wont be going here again

Jessica Hubbard

Some of the best home made tasting food I've ever had. We got the honey fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, Cole slaw and roll. The potatoes were the perfect consistency and the gravy was perfect also. My daughter who doesn't like Cole slaw liked the Cole slaw here. Afterward, we stopped at the bakery in the front and stocked up on caramel rolls, macarons, whoops pie, root beer float cake, and I rice Krispie treat that seemed like it weighed about 2lb. Will definitely go back. Might get breakfast next time.

Steve Osborne

I realize it’s Mothers Day, however, when we have reservations and you tell us that we can’t be seated for 1 1/2hrs minimum later than our reservation then somebody needs find different employment.

Latrina Coleman

I didn't enjoy my meal, chicken was to salty and mash potatoes and Cole slaw was not good, very disappointed, service was slow

bill dale

Friendly curtious fast service and outstanding delicacies. A true taste treat. A must experience.

Megan Heckenlively

If I could give it 0 stars I would. I just got off the phone with the manager after sending my husband 30 minutes to get a couple slices of cake. They were so small compared to what we normally get. I called and the manager said the only thing they could do for me was for me to drive back 30 minutes and then he would see what he could do. I said that seems like a lot to do for a $3 piece of cake, could you give me a partial credit for when we come back next week or something?. He told me” well over the phone I can’t do anything and exactly it is a $3 slice of cake. I don’t know what you want me to do about it”. Well I guess I will save my $3 every Monday then.

Starion Black

The food and service are always good here. Monday is $3.00 dessert day, do you can indulge on 2 or 3 desserts and not break the bank.

Abby Walling

The strawberry wedding cake is delicious. So are the cinnamon rolls!

Lisa Porter

The food is superb and the portions are huge! Try the strawberry wedding cake! Yum!!!

Tim Plunkett

Best breakfast in town. Love the slab bacon

Katie Jane

Their Jalapeno Chicken Soup & Cheeseburger Soup are to die for!! Simply the best soup I have ever had. Everything I have ever ordered from here has been incredible! A few of my favorites are the Strawberry Wedding Cake, apple & cherry pies, blueberry muffins, chicken salad, and many more! I love that I can get a loved one a little special treat from their "gluten free" section & also pick up my dog a few of their delicious dog treats which include flavors like asiago! Would recommend this place to anyone!

Penny Olson

Fast friendly service. Food was great. Party of 3 had the house stratta, ckn fried steak and bowl of chili. All served hot!

John Leonard Harris

Always enjoy the food and the service!

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