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To this day this business receives a rating of 3.8 over 5 and the rating is based on 2008 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Walmart Supercenter IN Nebraska

Ivy Love

Well stocked. Easy in and out..

lawyer waller

I was welcomed and service was good

jay shurila

Walmart is a great place to shop. They have such a variety of good nutritionally balanced meals, and a wholesome crowd that always seems to be so friendly. Nebraska really is the good life. How could I ask for anything else? Thank you Walmart!

Junior Smith

Nice people

Carol Bruner

Great today!

Laura B

Decent store but none of them are EVER in a hurry. Only 3 lines open, passed 5 employees on my way out that weren't doing anything.

David Johnson

Like how close it is, Good service. Great for jobs in Omaha. Well needed. They have everything but car care. But, very Nice place.

Carl Jensen 3rd

People were very rude

Kathleen Kellogg

It's convenient nothing special

Dylan Pruett

I feel it needs to be be 24 hr

Lisa Lengyel

Online shopping is a joke here I spend more money and end up with nothing because their sizing is off and things that should fit do not fit so I send back and all of the shipping that I should not be paying because I've ordered enough but I'm paying shipping anyway and I end up with zero money back for items I'm returning because of shipping fees b*******

Kapprisa Hutcheson

Get what you need, lots of selection. Pharmacy staff very helpful and caring.

Rome Cottrell

Yes! I really enjoyed shopping at Walmart Super store on 51 st Ames Street here in Omaha Nebraska . I find many good bargains there . Walmart has revolutionize the way Americans do their retail shopping over the past 40 years ! And that is good for most consumers . And I think that consumers can now order products on line through Walmart ! Yours truly Rome Cottrell .

Carrie McClarty-Stienike

Love sjopping here. It's a 1 stop shop.

Shakai Kani

This is the worst store in Omaha. When you call either your on hold forever because the next department wont answer or the person answering the phone is rude and dont know her job. If you go early in the morning they act as if they dont want to work. Ghetto as hell stay away.

Carl Green

Shopping carts left out in parking stalls, Made it a little tougher to park... Early evening best time to do your shopping for groceries or home necessities

Brenda Williams

Location on 50th and ames needs more friendly workers

Avesjha Murphy

Love the prices need better quality meat

Loretta Dunn

Great shopping experience in

Oscar J Martinez

Good experience. Some people from what I hear call this the ghetto walmart. As a matter of fact it's the friendliest service I have recieved from any walmart thus far.. I went in to get sum twisty pen eyeliner loreal for my homegirl and they were just awesome. I guess thoze who have bad experiences have perhaps more difficult situations to deal with or theyre on some shady sh**. I loved it

Gracie Allen

Don't like self check out they seem to have more each time I go

Kevin Rosenthal

This store is one of the newest locations in town. If it wasn't for the fact that the customers tend to be even more rude than the employees are, I would probably go here more often because it's the closest one to my house, but due to this fact, I actually drive farther away to a different Walmart just to avoid having to go to this location. Unless you HAVE to go here, I'd recommend driving right past it and going to pretty much any other store you can in order to get what you need.

Anthony Wilson

you never seen such disorganization in my whole life people standing around doing nothing that work there talking together won't move out of your way won't help you don't offer to help you it's someone needs to go there later in the evening when they tell you to get out you only got 10 minutes to get out and there's two registers open in 40 people at him and they can't open another one while they all walked back and forth and back and forth it is yet to be that you have to be there to see it unbelievable

Mia West

The employees were not welcoming, they were aggressive and rude. I don’t expect much but a smile would be nice.

Phillip Chandler

Not enough staff and couldn't find any employees for 20 minutes, we had to call the store from inside the store to get any help

Sara Zavitz

Not bad of an experience today. But the staff could be alot nicer! Today it was great but any other time, they are so unprofessional and can be extremely rude. Lack of products is a big issue

Ronald Jones

Enjoyed the time I spent there. What else do I need to say.

Mark Molloy

Yes, I sound like their commercials, but it's true: same money, live better. The variety of things for sale makes this the best option among brick and mortar grocery and department stores.

Tennie Green

I Enjoy Walmart. I Can Get Just About All My Household Needs And A Little More

J.A.C Reign

Walmart is my one stop shop I love Walmart been going for years and will continue to go!! Take all my money

Fennec Evertson

We found everything we needed and our cashier, Shayla, was the nicest person. It's just a pleasant place to buy groceries.

Mike Henderson

Fairly standard Wal-Mart. Understaffed. The staff you can find cant help you find anything.

Timothy Pierce

Great Place. Cant Beat The Prices.

Renee Valentine


Dragon Lee

Walmart is the best no other store can take its place keep up the good work

Bryan Channell

Great customer service at a very fast pace service but say kind of slow most employees are very knowledgeable and respectful and some average

Bard Magic

Just like any other Walmart, except you get accused of stealing more and most of the stock is not there. If it's in the area though it's pretty convenient

Sara Mendoza

There are a lot of employees that keep me coming back here. The lady who greets us is always so sweet to the children, and the self check out guy who is there most of my visits is so awesome! I need to get his name so he gets some sort of raise. He's so nice all the time! Smiles and is very helpful. Plenty of sweet employees here who deserve to be recognized!

Ms. Tina Gray

Waited 15 minutes in 'paint's and no one came to assist

Daniel Yacovetta

Is always very crowded there and the parking is difficult. I have found some of the employees to be very rude and are of no help at all I mainly go there because they have a check cashing service

Reginald Pinkney

Walmart was fine. The Subway there sucks. None of the food was prepped and ready for making subs. The associates were fine, but I'm sure that I was shorted on my double meat steak sandwich. This was not my first questionable experience there.

mark keesler

waited 40 mins in spotting goods for help no one come they was called 5 times will never go to adain

Ranaldo Overton

It's Walmart. Lots of security. Lots of self check outs. Not many cashiers

The Truth

Ghetto! Shady and rude people here. Ive seen a few large brawls inside by the frozen food and bakery areas as well as the parking lot. I avoid this walmart at all costs! My honest advice: go somewhere else thats safer especially if your kids are with you!

Patty Pregler

Great place to shop at

Shawn Bina

Went to pick up prescription. The staff was courteous and extremely helpful. They didn't have my full order so they have me a partial and ordered the rest. Good place to shop.

Jim McWilliams

The store that has it all. (almost) Needed a cheap microwave, bingo. A few items for a quick meatloaf, bingo. A few cleaning items for the kitchen, bingo. Bicycle? Lawn mower? Jeans? Fishing gear? Towels? Good grief! No, not top shelf, but they have it and have it reasonably for most of us.

skittles54 uwu

The peeps there were really helpfully and nice

Yohance Edwards

I love Wal-Mart! Who doesn't

Colin Kirke

Do not trust their co workers. Me and my girlfriend bought a bottle of vanilla jim bean with $150 worth of other stuff. The bottle was the first thing I gave your worker named Hawk. And it was not in any of our bags. The store had just closed and would not let us in even tho we purshased it 5 min before it closed. Guarantee he did that on purpose to take our bottle. Super upset and no one who worked their was willing to help or talk to anyone!!!! NOT HAPPY

Christine Truitt

Their product selection and tidyneaa of their store is horrible

Kevin Sharp

Walmart on 52nd Ames is terrible. Terrible and rude customer services

haya makhoud

good place

Shanetra Watts

Great customer service

Karan Barnes

I like it because it's close to the house oh, but the problem is they don't have enough help unless you check out yourself , and their fruit we need to check it close they tend sometimes to not take off rotten fruit.

Nolan B Brown

Very good

AJ Medina

Good place had what I needed

Rebecca Durr

They have some decent employees and some of them should just quit. You can tell they don't want to be there and see every time and disrespectful

Jo Ishii

Their Pharmacy Staff at the Ames St. location are the best there is❣️

Marissa Mootz

Not the worst, but definitely on the smaller side, considering as it's supposedly a "supercenter". Low availability/selection of products. Employees were friendly!


Great location. Close to home. I will never forget when this was Bakers plaza. I used to work at the Walgreens in the same lot. Now its walmart. We need this place to stay. I love walmart and its in a great location for our community! Lets take care of what we have and not take it for granted.

Buzz Hansen

Asked for help and got told it's my problem. I feel people should not participate in their shopping here. The majority of the clerk's are rude and disrespectful. When you ask where something is located they don't know or pawn you off on someone else. I was at the deli counter and waited 20 minutes when no other customers where there at counter. All the while watching the the deli clerk's walk around behind the counter talking with one another or on their cell phones. Horrible Experience!

Free Livin

Great store good service

Eh Day Wah

Money gram center was disrespectful one of the person working there didn’t like how she treated me today

Lsay Britni

Very happy with this store.the could could get there garden center fixed up.

Devine light

Love it shopp there all time


Wally world never cease to amaze me. They always do their best to tailor the goods to some extent to their clientele. Depending on the neighborhood you go to, they have few extra items specifically designed to appeal to the majority of people in that area. I was looking for hand cream and this specific Walmart located in a majority African American neighborhood has some of the best black hair products that till now I always thought were only available on Amazon. It's always a plus to know your options.

Diana Arriaga

I find everything I need at this location.. Compare to other Walmarts.

Evelyn Buckley

very friendly worker's great parking

Hosea Fulton

Good environment great place to shop friendly people don't get no better than that

Jennifer Stopak

Convenient. Low prices.

dennis Albers

Bid not have what I need the parking lot was not clean and the store was not clean ed athe

John Bohlmann

Busy for a Saturday. Was able to find what I needed. Customer service representative not friendly or helpful either.

Randal Mcgaugh

Has everything I need at a reasonable price.

Karla Christianson

Can usually find everything I need. Well organized store.

James Petersen

Store was being well staffed and stocked

Susie Lynn

Nice and quite not busy able to get everything i needed in short time. Very friendly.

Arius Spencer

It's a basic wal-mart nothing special bout it

Zachary Lockett

Walmart is bustling as always. Plan your trip to get in and out. Dress appropriately because you will see a friend or relative shopping. Pharmacy is crowded usually cause everybody is sick or hurt. Also, customers have questions. So, prepare to wait.

Donny Lytal


Michelle Synowiecki

Things are cheap well stocked but needs more people to work at the check out line otherwise it's a great place to shop

Robert Buckley

I would avoid this location unless you like unsupervised kids doing whatever they want. I'm not saying the store employees are any different than all other Wal-Mart's but it is hard to shop when the people shopping were never taught manners or even how to act in public.

JoLynn Zelazny

the whole store was clean even the clearance aisle was full of stuff and still was the most organized I've ever seen in any other walmart. and very friendly and helpful!!

Phil Noonan

Everything at the best prices including air conditioners

Toby Dog

I can never get bread or buns that are anywhere near being fresh. I get sick and tired of getting home and my bread is stale.

Dorothy Rodriguez

Pure filth, trash all up and down isles bathroom was horrific, staff are loud and rude alot to both customers and staff

Jarrod Owen

Great service they have a 5-star review from me

Kim Falconer

It was great. The staff was very nice and professional.

Rodney Jones


sandie Corrigan

Walmart great service but only 2 check outs and 8 people waiting everyone with full carts checkout gals very helpful and very chreey

Vickie Conway

Great place to shop

William Jennings

Does Anyone need to ask? Most recent purchases included bedding For My Mom and Myself. Great Prices. Polite and well oriented staff upon every visit.

esteban rodriguez

I would always come to this walmart to buy stuff that i need it has great sevice

monica patterson

Could be a much better store.

akia sparkman

Horrible customer service and horrible/lazy staff

Garrett Tabor

The service is good and they have really purtyed it up so it's a great place to go and shop.

Jacob Morales

It's Wal Mart. A mega store that you could love in if need bee about sums up the basics. The closest one toy to my house on 50 and Ames is actually a lot cleaner than the ones in some of the newer neighborhoods. Shelves are always stocked. Nothing out of place. Soemof the other ones look like a tornado went through them People who work there are always friendly. I've had a few questions from time to time, and they never make you feel like you're an inconvenience. I have had trouble with that at two other Wal-Marts in the area. So overall, I was pleased.

Cynthia Lopez

Worst customer service I’ve experience at any Walmart. My honest opinion is if you can avoid going here, do it. Don’t expect any help. I called to see if an item was in stock and kept getting put on hold. I called from another phone number and was told “oh your the person on the other line” and still this gentleman from the electronics department said he would check on my item and didn’t come back, I was on hold for another 25 minutes. I hung up and called again, a young lady answered and put me on hold for 15 minutes after telling her the trouble I had already experienced with the prior gentleman. I then had my boyfriend call into electronics with his phone, the gentleman immediately told him he checked and they did not have it. When my boyfriend asked why he left me on hold there was no apology he reiterated that he checked and they did not have the item stock. Not believing any of staff we headed to the store. We went inside and found the item that we were looking for! There wasn’t just one but two of that item, a tv stand. We then stopped a gentleman named Yousef, he appeared to be a stock personnel. He was kind and offered to get us help. He and another gentleman came to help us. He stayed and help get the tv stand loaded to the cart. I thanked Yousef for his service, clearly the only real customer service we experienced. We then went to check out. At check out we were about to pay when an assistant manager comes over and proceeds to check herself out without even telling us or apologizing for the inconvenience. She removed the cashier and started to scan the products she needed to purchase that had already been in bags. We looked at her in shock! There were 3 other people behind us waiting to check out and she could care less. She continued to checked herself out and even used a gift card to and asked the cashier to type in her pin for her from the customer side of the register. We had no choice but to wait for her to finish. Worse experience ever at Walmart!! Will not go back there again! We only went because we needed that tv stand for the holidays. Thank you to Youseff (whose name I’m sure to have misspelt)!!

Doc Hollinger

I get my eye exams here...thorough and the prices are unbeatable. Their warranty is generous and fast

Rodney Williams

I'm was so impressed with the cleanliness and the professionalism of the associates working..

Marissa Reyes

I took 4 kids all under 8 to buy some Easter stuff. 3 bags worth of stuff and the person that checks receipts decides to scan everything in the bags. Since when do they go through bags I thought it was just stuff outside of bags? Hate going to this Walmart. Nobody seems willing to help most of the workers have headphones in.

Steven Day

It was to get a small window air conditioner & got sale items also. Nothing new as far as going thete

Banana Pickles

We were at store today 12-30-18 around 12:30 to 1pm and came out to find our mirror completely torn off door and dent in car. Lady parked next to us was about 2 inches away, parked crooked, had scratches that matched up on her car. Then she came out with 4 huge bottles of booze and got in her car and drove off. All without saying a word to anyone about the thousands of dollars in damage she did to our car. She was in a Sonata Plate # VNE-624. Police officers came into your store but said Wal-mart might not let them view the evidence on camera. I don't feel this is right as this drunken idiot caused thousands and thousands of dollars to our car and I know it is on your camera in plain view as we were parked right behind white tall cameras in your lot. I don't see why Wal-mart would withhold police evidence and I am not even sure what happened as far as if police were or were not allowed to view camera evidence as no one has contacted me yet. I do feel that people should be able to park safely in your lot and not have to worry about coming out and finding their car destroyed by a drunk at 1 pm in the afternoon. The lady could hardly walk but your clerks sold her 4 more bottles of booze which if she had killed someone your clerk would be responsible. I also feel that police need to be allowed access to video when a crime happens on your lot and not concerned about going in and asking for the video. They should know that you will cooperate and give them evidence they need. If she had hit a person or a child then would you of let them view your cameras. I also don't see how a customer can feel safe in your store when your not allowing police access to evidence they need to prosecute. I now half to pay thousands of dollars right after Christmas to get our car repaired. When if your store would show police the video the drunken lady in Sonata plate # VNE-624.would be responsible for the repairs and not us.


As expected..long lines and weird people.

Morris Williford

This Walmart always have what we are looking for. And it is.clean

Sharon Edmond

I love the location of this Wal-Mart. It's close to home, and has everything I am looking for. The staff is friendly, and because I shop there often, we have a good rapport.

Andrew Smith

People here are pretty nice. My kids have to make sure they hi to a couple of the staff memebers every time we are there.

Joyce Stevens

Walmart was good today, they had at least 9 registers open today. This means I was in and out in no time. I

Sabrina Simmons

I like going to this Walmart sometimes, because I tend to find things that the others are out of or don’t carry. But there’s a reason for that. I work at another location and customers and people I work with talk about how they don’t like going there because the other customers and employees there are rude and make them uncomfortable. Lots of theft, they have to have even all the cheap jewelry locked up. It always smells like weed whenever I walk in there. Employees tend to act like they think you’re up to something when you’re browsing in the clothes or jewelry. Other customers stare at or follow me and are just being creepy in general, so I don’t like going in there alone, since I’m a small, young white girl. Needless to say though, the clientele they attract isn’t the store’s fault, and it’s good that they seem to have lots of security around.

Kevin Smith

I hate going to that location (52nd & ames ) the are carts scattered across parking lot.They are on islands and in parking stalls.There is not enough checker which that is common with all walmarts.

Thomas Anderson

Convienent but like all walmarts checkout is a pain

Fletonne Cooper

The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Shanna Renae

It's a Walmart.. Big selection of products. Decent pricing. Mostly clean. Typically busy, Typically 1 cashier.

Akeem Dodson

Never realized it was right down the street from me. Everything was well placed and organized. Easy for me to grab my things and go. Great associates also

Berry Vlogs

Cashed my paycheck. I love to the ladies that work that counter there's always a story.

Lucille Brown

My place can spend hours n hours there

A Jeanette

Every time I stop into this location the store is clean, organized, and well staffed.

David Russ

I had a bad experience. I'm disabled and I walk with a cane-a three prong cane. I left my cane in the basket that I pushed my groceries to my car with. I noticed that I didn't have my cane on the way home. I turned around and went back to the store. The cane was gone just that quick. That cane cost 39.95 plus tax. I feel terrible.

HopeAnn Hansohn

Great prices wider isles

Omega Dragoon

Great place to shop

Artisher Richardson

I love shopping at Walmart u can come across some very good deals.

paul smith

After being denied at three different courtesy counters I was so relieved I literally cried when Walmart cashed my disabled friends check from Social Security very helpful and explained things very clearly at their money center thank you and bless you for your patient assistance.

Patricia Walker

Best place to shop for uou everyday needs

Andrea Smith

Didn't have anything I seen at the other walmarts just earlier never does smh


For some reason staffing this place seems to always be difficult. I have gone in several of time to do my grocery shopping and have walked out with a full basket because they always seem to have only 3 or 4 lines open. This is bad service for those who seek to support this location but the lack of strong leadership shows.

Jessie Tucker

It's nice to have a Walmart in North Omaha. I was in and out. Customer service was kind.

Ryan Oneal

Terrible service very much reverse racism will not be coming back here

Rich Edwards

Store is disorganized. People are very rude that are in the store most of the employees are friendly the rest are rude and disrespectful. they don't keep their stuff stocked well

Sarah Staack

Always crowded. And never enough checkouts open.

Amanda Reeves

Nice place with a little bit of everything

Samantha Cook

The shelves were a little bare in pets, but overall it was a good experience. Marcus was a fantastic cashier

Blaine Huey

It's dirty and the scooters for disabled people are awful. Walmart can afford better carts and they can keep them in better condition. At least help a disabled person out a bit and make sure those things aren't barely working junk. We have enough problems as it is.

Tim Wilcox

It's just another Walmart

W. L. Williams

Great shopping location and sale prices for both food, clothing, auto supplies, furniture, cleaning products, storage containers, electronics, fish aquarium supplies, pet foods, gardens needs, house plants, and more.

Mariana Lopez

Nice that there's Super Walmarts all over town now to make quick stop shoppings without having to drive so far out of your way.

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