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Where is Rotella's Italian Bakery?

REVIEWS OF Rotella's Italian Bakery IN Nebraska

mikki goulette

Love the bread came from rapid City SD made sure to stop

James Rhode

Re: Feeling Nerdy- yes credit cards and debit cards are accepted at this location. So be prepared for that.

DeeAnn Myres-Magboul

Amazing service and great pricing

Thomas Alden

There's a wide variety of baked goods and bread types that you can buy for a fraction of what you'll pay in other stores. All of their products are delicious and ready to eat or freeze for later.

Michael ONeil

Cheap bread but the best in town. So much better buying from the bakery than in the grocery stores.


Our family loves Rotella’s! You can’t beat the prices at the store. Today, we purchased: loaf of cinnamon raisin bread (so good!), loaf of sourdough bread, lobster rolls, ciabatta buns, dinner rolls, and four baguettes for: $6.85! Really, it’s a no brainer to make the drive out here. If you have a large family (or even if you don’t!), you’ll save so much! Staff is so nice, and the place always seems very busy. I hope they will stay in business for many a decade more.

Feelin Nerdy

I love their bread. It's cheaper than the stores. You wont always find your favorite this is a very popular place. They don't accept cards so be prepared for that.


Had an awesome experience on the tour! Tanya served as our guide and made sure we got to see as much of the process as possible! The store is also full of delicious, cheap bread~

Diana T.W

Great place to get fresh rotella breads at super discount price. (80c to 2$ max)

Crystal Archer

Just like all of there merchandise its fresh, rock bottom prices and high quality baked goods. Always buy 10.00 worth at a time and throw them in my freezer.

neil neesham

Fantastic value, a huge range available and awesome staff

Dacia Ludeking

Best bread around cheap at the little sore attached to the plant if you work there you get a free loaf every day So you will never go hungry huge variety awesome friendly and talkative staff

John Anderson

Such a wonderful company! Their bread is second to none. Their retail store has a wonderful selection of products, employees in the retail are always smiling, and they treat people like family. My kids always leave with a large roll and a smile. The front office employees have been fantastic when I've tried to order large quantities of bread for family functions, parties, etc. They've been very helpful with choosing the right product for the occasion and true pillars of professionalism. They've never berated me or treated me like an inconvenience. The dock employees have been helpful with ensuring my bread is in great shape when I pick up my order. Overall I think this company is wonderful, they treat you like family, have been extremely helpful, and care about the customer. Absolutely wonderful people and definitely a Rotella bread fan for wife would likely throw me out if I brought any other bread home. :)

Nancy Kaczinski

Always a great place!

Robert luikart

Having small hand baskets to carry with you and load up the bread would be really nice thank you

Marne Corkle Hamilton

I love this place! Really excellent prices for excellent baked products!

Amanda White

So much cheaper than buying from retail locations, the quality of bread is insanely good vs. cheap store brand. Can leave with 5 or 6 packs of bread/buns, for around 4 or 5 dollars. Really helps feed a family of 5 on a budget, especially during summer, when the kids are out of school, and love pb&j's.

Mariano Covarrubias

Love it very great help and saved so much $$$$$ for my event thank you so much

Tawnya Wylie

Always good service and discounts cannot be beat.

Maria Ingham

Nothing is better than fresh bread, but fresh bread for less than at a grocery store makes this place amazing. The staff is always friendly even when there are a ton of people in the store!

Luke Henry

Great products, great prices and a friendly staff! Best place in town to get bread. Just watch the parking lot, other customers sometimes can make it dangerous to walk or drive in the lot. Not the falt of Rotellas, people just need to be more responsible for there actions and curteous.

Jessica Odvody

If you love the smell of fresh baked bread and quality products from local small business this is definitely a place worth stopping by. We get all our bread here, 2-3 times a month and the selection always has something new to offer.

Vincent Miller

fresh rotella bread loaves for 75 cents. Yum

Cheryl French

This is my "must go" place for the holidays. Top quality fresh bread is the best.

Katie Wheeler-Snelling

Best place for buying my favorite bread, rolls and buns. Low prices friendly and efficient helpful employees.

Penny Bless

Great selection. Inexpensive. Great way not to waste bread in this world. Super pizza dough.

Jerry Fleck

Got unloaded there… makes me happy

Pat Constance

I have been going to Rotella's since they were on 24th and Pacific. No better bakery.

Daniel Shute

All right Rotella's Italian bakery is Omaha best bakery when it comes to needing lots of bread on short notice. The bread is always fresh and it's always a couple bucks cheaper than buying it at the grocery store. I stopped in and picked up 24 hamburger buns and 36 hot dog buns for five bucks but we did get the same Rotella ran and style at the grocery store I would have ran me closer to 15 bucks. Same quality, same taste, 1/3 of the the cost. Now with that being said they do sell out especially if it's around the holiday weekend. The ladies that work there always nice fast and friendly will do their best to help you out in any way they can. Can't wait to go back for my next big event.

Brianna Mountain Momma

Wish they would have included SOY as an allergen in the ingredients list. Come on!

Jsalazar0301 Luz

Any type of bread you can imagine. Yummy.

April Eaves

I love Rotella's bakery. The process at the bakery compared to the grocery store. And the employees are always helpful.

Susan Steenson

Just the best bread at factory prices.

Joyce Keel

Busy but went through line quickly. Cashier's were pleasant

Gary Books

Great price of bread.

gary samuels

Nice place little slow

Larry Nelson

It's a bakery thrift store. Where I come from, these sell "day old bread" (which is really bread that has exceeded it's retail shelf life--so more like a week old), but not sure that's the case here. Anyway, it seems fresh enough and the prices are great!

Kimberly Bryson

My favorite place to go weekly

Christine Pfeffer

Great price on the best bread .

Amy Shoemaker

I love Rotellas. I buy bread here wholesale all the time. Way cheaper than the store and lasts so much longer!

Anthony Hargan

Great place to get great bread at great prices. Same stuff as in the supermarket but a fraction of the price. I have never gotten bad bread at Rotella's.

Kurt Wilkins

Always excellent prices are amazingly low

robert hames

Great place. Would like to see more variety of rye bread

Dux Butt

No Frills, great prices and Deals. Will be going back.

Linda Shute

Though it's a way out there for me, it's totally worth it. The prices are great about 80 cents a loaf and up. Very freash. Some was even still warm.

Beckey Carstens

Love it.. busy place


Itsa bread at it's best. Good prices great selection the bread always gets eaten in the car.

Maria Jacobsen

Love the bread products! A wonderful family business and the pride of Omaha. Friendly customer service and always there to always to assist.

Shelley Sessions

First off, this place smells amazing even when driving by. I was there to pick up a huge order of hotdog buns for an event and they had everything all ready for pickup. I also grabbed a few loaves of bread for our family. Friendly staff and helpful. One thing that's good to know before going--they don't take credit cards. Cash or check only.

Lisa Moore

Such wonderful bread at wonderful prices. The ladies at the counter are always friendly and smiling.

kaycee jonhson

Rotella's has the Best Bread! At the Regular Grocery Store's it tends to be way to Expensive unless you happen to catch a really good Sale. I love being able to go to their Outlet Store & get the Same Great Bread with a Bigger Variety than most Grocery Stores for around $1, Truly Helps My Budget Stretch! I Buy about 10 Loafs of different kinds of Breads, Buns, Rolls & Bread Sticks & I Freeze them, they are just as Soft & Taste just as Great as they did when I first bought them!

Gary Becker Jr

Great selection and super low prices. Of course the bread is always amazing.

Chris Sorensen

.85 rotella bread that is over $2 at walmart. Lots of breads to choose from, and pizza dough as well. Everyone should shop here.

Parker Bat

Brittany is so rude, impatient and plain mean! She has no problem hanging up on us while we are ordering. Why does she work in customer service? I saw someone else complained about her in their review 4-5 months ago. Yes, you make good bread, but don't you understand that when you employ people who habitually berate customers a great product isn't so great anymore? No thanks.

T Ser

Popular bread brand in the grocery stores in the area. Here you can get it right from the bread factory much cheaper without the markups at the stores. They have a very good variety of breads, rolls, and pizza dough. Two of my favorites is their jalapeno bread and buns. They used to only do cash transactions, but it looks like since my last visit they are now accepting credit and debit cards. Worth checking out to save some money and a some really good variety.

Cynthia Kubr

Great being able to run in and get a few loaves and pizza dough ( refriger or frozen), or rolls.

Betty Orme

Fresh bread and allowed me to order then pick up when I wanted to. Not too pricey.

Asa Lara

Fantastic place! Thanks Rotella for having a place like this so we can buy great bread at an awesome price.

Jen Janecek

Love this place! Cheap bread from a local source? I'll take it!

Becky Gaffney

Always delicious !!

Matthew Minzghor

You can't beat the prices for fresh bread! Worth the visit over any supermarket!

Katie Jaapar

They have blueberry bread! I've never seen that before! And the softest, most delicious ciabatta rolls. I walked out with two bags of products for only $8! Well worth the trip.

Brad Smith

Good cheap bread.

Robby Kizeor

Best place to go for price friendly bread

Cade Maron

Also great prices. Great pizza dough. Give the jalapeno bread a shot

Summer R

They have the best bread that you can buy and a really reasonable price. There's so many varieties of bread that it would Boggle your mind. You'll enjoy going there and getting the best bread. There's lots of parking they're always friendly and eager to help you

Angel_ 1995

Great service. All of them were very polite and helpful.

Larry Singleton

Great place to get fresh bread direct

Austin Petak

Smells amazing. Every time. Took my class on a tour of the facility. Very clean, freindly staff!

Ray Lunkwitz

I love their breads, especially the alligator loaf, toast it for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when going fishing.

Savannah Witt

Great place to get bread for a family on a budget.

dzign art

Some good Bread, yummy! And you can get it at saving prices at their bread store at the plant!♡ the Vienna and sandwich breads are my favorite but all their bread is perty dang tasty, especially when its fresh and soft!

Thomas Cozad

Love this place

Sandy Jolly

A treat to pick up dinner rolls, rye bread since on this side of town. Really lots of customers for 9:10 a.m just after opening!

Diane Brunmeier

Great prices and great bread items.

Francis Warner

I know people who live hundred of miles away who love to stop here for bread when they're in Omaha. It's a treat for us that they're close enough that we can grab bread here once a week. We enjoy the pizza dough. Quick check-outs.

Shane Welsh

Simply the best you can get and great prices!

pika gear

Umm, yum. By far my favorite place in town to pick up bulk bread. The aroma emanating from the factory hits you from half a block away as you arrive. The selection is vast and the prices simply can not be matched for the quality of their product. Just a great service to the community in my opinion. The staff are kind and they offer up rolls for your kids if they are shopping with you. Man, now I need to make a bread run...

Jill T

The ability to buy fresh rotella bread for .80 a loaf is amazing! I love this little store.

Cheryl Sanwick

Great prices and very friendly employees

konejo Z


Debbie Freeman

Best kept secret in Omaha! Fantastic prices! I usually walk out with two bags full and spend around $5.


Wow great prices

Andrew Botkin

Fresh baked bread at the best prices in Omaha. Availability of types of bread varies, so show up early for the best selection. Definitely worth the trip even across town if you freeze extra loaves.

Joan Johnson

The prices and bread varieties are amazing!

Jaime Jurgensen

Great gluten free options and great prices

Mark Pettinger

Simply can't beat the price and selection.

Good Life Tech LLC

Great place to get bread very inexpensive and fresh

Jeff Belfiore

Rotellas Bakery makes the best bread in Omaha, period. There are other bakeries around town that specialize in fancier styles of bread, but when it comes to your every day peanut butter and Jelly bread, Rotellas is where you want to be. Their outlet will give you an entire loaf of their delicious wares for basically pocket change. If your schedule allows, I highly recommend stopping by and picking up a loaf or three along with some hamburger buns and their amazing pizza dough.

Uknowwho Monson

My favorite bread

Patricia Soash

The best

Emily Garry

Fantastic value on the best bread ever. The marble rye is a must try!!!

Susan Green

love their bread. Cant live without it. Amazing.


Great bread store smells so good.

BLACK shirts

Old school fresh bread

Shelly Martin

Worth the drive to get the same bread as in the store at cheaper prices.

Emily McQueen

We were blown away by the tour. It's an up-close look at a production bread factory. It lasted about 30 minutes which was just the right length for our children ranging from age 3-13. The tour was quite hot in the oven room, so I recommend getting a drink before hand.

Jeremy Herman

Great prices. Great bread. Great staff.

Nicole Chambers

Rotellas is the best place. Thank you so much for the donations to help the Flood Victims of Pacific Junction Iowa.

Brady Dodds

I will always love coming here to buy my baked goods. My grandpa used to bring me with him when he went, and now I bring my sisters with me.

Kile Smith

Cheap outlet bread store. Their bread is one of my favorites.

Don Slaughter

Inexpensive bread at this store. Worth the drive.


I won't say that the staff is extra friendly because they're not, but where else can't you get 5 giant bags of delicious fresh bread and buns for $3.50. And it's the good, hearty bread... giant slices. Heavy. Everyone should buy bread here

Jaime Collins

Delish bread right from the bakery. Awesome prices!

Greg Powers

Words cannot express what a great place this is. Caring people and a fantastic product!

eyuriel benitez

Great staff and amazing food!!!!

Jeffrey Hamilton

Excellent bread. The outlet sells day old bread, but these are still fresh. And the price can't be beat.

Melissa Mona

Best bread hands down! I love that their bread doesn't have high fructose corn syrup, because I don't honestly know why ANY bread would..... but..... they do so.... buy Rotella's. The store has all varieties, although they do sell out of some by the end of the day, so if you want something specific maybe don't wait until closing time. The sandwich bread is SO thick! doesn't tear to pieces with crunchy peanut butter, and putting extra cheese on for grilled cheese is mmmmmmm...... Healthier bread that's delicious.. no brainer, in my personal opinion. Brat bun, burger buns, bread, meeting all your bread needs in one place.

Russ Russ

Nice staff and good bread at very cheap prices

Lynn Cox

Love this bakery, you can smell the bread almost a mile away. Customer service is awesome.

Rebecca Gasper

Rotella's y'all. Family owned. Business with a heart. Makes the whole block smell like freshly baked bread as you drive past. And the outlet has 60-cent irregular and sale loaves!

William Wade

Awesome bread and so many types to select from.

Kyla Andres

Saturdays are really busy, but the bread is fresh and cheap. Lots of choices!

Sherry Guthridge

The retail store is Omaha's best kept secret!

Corey Copple

Amazing bread! Very friendly staff!

Diane Power

Fresh bread and great prices.

JP Williams

Brittany is very rude. When we would phone in our weekly order the customer service people are frequently rude, especially the one named Brittany. Our restaurants have ordered from Rotella's for years and luckily we recently found another business to order all of our breads from. Their products are wonderful but we are tired of all of the errors made by the rude people that answer the phones. We are stuck paying for all of their errors. Why do they rush us when we are ordering? Don't they realize we enjoy trying new products and have a few questions now and then? The last time we ordered from them back in April, the lady was absolutely heinous. I was so angry I got her name, again it was Brittany. We can't figure out why she is employed there.

Joyce Miller

I love this store. I make my own bread but there are some things I can't or won't make. Today I bought whole wheat multigrain bread, jalapeño hamburger buns. I also grabbed a single hard roll (bolillo) For my in the car breakfast. This place is family owned and the owners care about their employees and the community.

Willis Renshaw

Good price on bread $0.80 a loaf other stuff is no more than a dollar 25

firstname lastname

My mother needed help ordering some stuff for a graduation so she called and spoke to Brittany. She was so amazingly helpful and knowledgeable! She was so sweet and patient to my mother who is hard of hearing! Thank you guys so much for being so amazing and having the best baked products I have ever had!! Keep up the good work!!

Holly Negrete

Awesome store to find your rotella bread

Bob Kamphaus

Great product. Smells great. Helpful and friendly staff. Oh great prices

Tawni Stenberg

Awesome bread textures and tastes. So cheap; took lots back to WI for freezer!

Chris Jacobsen

My first (and nearly only) place to shop for bread products. I only go other places for things they don't sell (such as bagels).

Mike Bitter

Great bread at an unbeatable price! You won't believe the savings.

Ulrike Hanson

When I googled bakeries it brought me up Rotella with wonderful pictures of cakes and pastries, like a real bakery. I went all the way across town to visit this place, and all that was to be found, is a bread store. It is called a bakery, but really if you are looking for fresh baked items, like it is shown online, you are deeply disappointed, because that is just not here. If you're looking for bread however, you find plenty of options. Again though, not fresh on the shelf like shown in the picture, but packaged.

Emily Jensen

Always buy my bread here. Kids love to come to get a free roll!

Nikki Nielsen

Love the cost of getting your bread here

Daniel Schulz

Daily selections of bread for fairly cheap. good service and product.

Karl Okolotowicz

Great bakery in Omaha. They supply a lot of the restaurants and grocery stores with bread in the area. The store offers great prices for all their bread. A small amount of money can get you a car load of bread. The hard rolls are their classic item. They also offer premade pizza crusts. If you are bored with your current bread options check this place out.

Sheila Rose Kirkpatrick

Love this place, we go at least 1x's a month.

Deanna Meyers

The best and cheapest place to get your gluten fix

angie takach

It's awsome bread for a cheaper price. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Melissa Youngblood

We come here every 2 weeks for bread. We love the freshness and assortment. Plus they give kids a free roll. My kids love going there for them.

brad sharp

Tough to beat inexpensive day old bread.

Candy Lee

Love their

Jim Burianek

Best bread around, freezes well.

Thomas Woolridge

It doesn't try to unload sweets to get sales.

Chris Knight

Great place to get all types of bread for a really cheap price.

Connie Isham

What a wonderful place to get fresh bread

Dan Teet

Great bread at great prices.

Sheila Bedwell

Experienced my first Rotella gluten free bun at a local restaurant. Amazing. Soft with just the right amount of chew.

Marco cruz

Best bread around!

Jennifer Gelster

Super cheap. Great quality. Good selection. Same friendly faces every Saturday!

Eric Thompson

Excellent prices---much better to buy direct from their retail store than to purchase at another store

Jeanie Altman

Great prices on great bread. Parking lot was a little crazy! Busy place!

Titus Nissen

This is where my family gets our bread and has been for years

Paul Cox

Discount delicious bread. Well worth the trip if you live in the omaha area.

Rick Gilbride

Best Bread hands down ... Cheap prices

mary kay kucera

I went @ about 2:30, not very many people ay that time. Got my bread & hard rolls & paid for it & got out of there fast. Workers were very helpful

Rodney Rahl

Great prices and they take credit cards now. But I don't know why the ladies that work here, and some have worked here for decades, all act like they hate thier jobs and the customers. No friendly smile in those isles.

Chaundra langenegger

I've shopped here for years. I love the products and prices.

Ron Powers

Awesome bread at a great price.

Theresa Mckinley

Good prices you just walk in and grab what you want it's pretty much self serve but everything is labeled.

Thomas Porsel

Skipping the middle man and going to the baker for your bread priceless. It's also cheeper.

Steve Altstadt

Lots of customers, trying to find their kind of bread. The line was long but the workers are helpful and the line went fast.

Steven White

We are so lucky to have Rotellas Bakery in our city. So many quality and authentic products. A great community partner. What else could you want? Their retail store is the best. All of their products available at discounted prices. We love it! Couldn't live without their pizza dough. Love em'

Melissa Topil

Amazing prices! Amazing bread!

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