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REVIEWS OF Pettit's Pastry IN Nebraska

Julie Myers

Wade Pettit

Great pastries and the owner and staff are very helpful and friendly.

Shelby Snell

AMAZING. They did our wedding cake/cupcakes, everything was delicious and we are still getting compliments on how good the cake was! Thank you for helping make our special day even better!!

Mesha Brown

Best Pastrys in town

Tonya Shanno

We used to go the Martin's bakery. When they closed, we were devastated. We looked around & tried several other bakeries. Pettit's has been the best. We recently had a baptism & weren't sure what to put on the cake. I was totally amazed. The taste is amazing. Thank you Pettit's.

William Carlson

Love this place. I think it's the best donuts in Omaha. Way better than any of the large chains or grocery stores.

Marvin Graham

Amazing cakes, donuts, and pastries !

Phillip Hodges

Love this place. Outstanding customer service!

Christine Cook

We drove in from Missouri and Wyoming to visit our childhood pastry shop. They did not disappoint! Being super busy they still gave us great service and amazing food!! Food was soooo good!! Thank you again!

Tina St.Cloud


Best donuts in town, tradition taste. Yummy

Renay Ahern

I miss Martins pastry and small neighborhood places and over the years pettits has been lacking, their grease is evident in everything and the canole (spell?) Are only frosting filled rounds...real ones are cream cheese. Would love a fried cinnamon choc dipped like from Dippy doughnuts....


My family has enjoyed this bakery for over 40 years. We recommend their pastries.

Bruce Robertson

Small hometown bakery with the best doughnuts in a 4 state area! FANTASTIC!!!

Joe Evons

Mark Olson

The best value for your dollar. Our family has been coming here for many years because of the quality of the pastries and the family friendly atmosphere. Pettit's is a family run business and the quality shows. 5 out of 5 stars .

Spencer Schwarting

Mr. Pettit and his crew catered the cake for our wedding, and it was wonderful! Our guests really enjoyed the cake, and Mark was very helpful through the process. He treated us throughout the entire process and made the whole thing special. Our custom birch-tree cake looked incredible as well!

Mike Townsend


Chad Olson

Tyler Harris

Are you kidding me???? Unbelievable. The fritters are great! You can't go wrong with just about anything. Ask for recommendations and select from one they suggest. If you are in town you gotta do it. You won't be disappointed that's for sure.

Tabitha Thompson

Awesome donuts! I love to see mom and pop bakeries still around.

MikeCindy Foxhoven

Love everything

Terrence Brunt

Pettit pastries probably one of the best bakeries in the North Omaha area. it is a place that I try to hit every time I come to town. On my Richter scale I would rate them at a 11

Tasha Willis


This is been a staple of downtown Omaha for decades. The reason it is lasted so long is that the donuts taste great and a reasonably priced. It's hard to match this kind of quality unless they're really trying to produce something that will bring people in time and again. The location shows it's age. It's not fancy or modern or new. And it is style so old that it is almost retro chic. If the owners took a little time and money to paint some of the colors to pay more vibrant look it would be so totally cool. Hopefully that will happen. I doubt it. You're spending too much time making excellent donuts. That's really why you go to a place like that. There are no gluten-free, fat-free, low-calorie donuts or pastries at this place. Deal with it. Anybody's got those kinds of restrictions should stay far far away. What they sell is high calorie high fat content is with loads of sugar and that's what you really want.

Tracy Etherington

Been going there since the 70s have been the most consistent bakery in Omaha,Ne. Mark and the crew are always the best

Nancy Larma

Having moved to Texas several years ago, it was wonderful visiting Omaha and Pettit's at 156th & Pacific a few weeks ago very early Sunday morning. We used to go to the downtown location and pick up donuts and rolls for office birthdays (and for whatever other occasion we could think of) when we worked downtown. Being able to pick up some yummy donuts for our trip back to Texas was like going back in time! So good and the girl at the counter was so nice and so helpful while we made our selections! Good thing you don't deliver to Texas! ;-)

c Weis

Excellent service. Excellent pastries.

Natalie Monroe

I really enjoy the old Omaha vibe at Pettits. Great place to grab a quick treat. Better hours than most of the other donut places in the neighborhood

Angie Cutler

Glazed twists are amazing, I think they might just be the only reason my daughter comes from Colorado

Jillyn OShea

This is a great little bakery. We stop here every time we're in Omaha.

Justin Cadwell

J Showalter

Excellent variety, great tasting! For savory, try the Stoysich Sausages wrapped in yummy bread! The best combo!

Jamie Slaseman

Melissa Cartwright's

Both times I have came here the 2 girls at the front have had an attitude and are rude! This time the girl with trying hoop in her nose helped me. I asked a simple question and she responded with an attitude. This makes me not want to come back here. Needs much better customer service.


Great customer experience even though they were busy. Donuts were delicious asking with the baklava I got

Janis Boos

Best in Omaha Nebraska.

Walter Zyla

We get a Union discount!!

Bernadette Richey

Back in the days the donuts was good but they too thick but I still go there for cake order.

Jillian Brown

Omg melt in your mouth goodies. AMAZING SERVICE.

Charice Brye

Jose Diaz

Alison Brokke

Very good doughnuts but customer service is lacking at times.

Nikkei McGill

Nancy Bennett

Robert Winckowski

The best dam bakery in Omaha.

Jessica McConnell

Amazing customer service, best donuts I have ever had. And I have been to 32 states. LEGENDARY.

Sara P.

Joseph Crotty

Friendly shop with good donut selection with a few pastries and pies thrown in to the mix. Don't bother with their French Crueller as it's easily the worst Crueller I have yet to taste. Top notch fritters and cake donuts.

Robert Schafer

Awesome from the flavors to the quality


If you are staying in one of the big hotels dowtown this place is super close. I heard they’ve been there for a long time, and their donuts were BOMB. I ate two right there and took a dozen for the road.

Kathy Canty

Cakes taste great look awesome but they messed up my order twice also very rude to me . VERY RUDE they even talked about me behind where the cakes are made heard one say don't deal with her everyone in there heard it started giving dirty looks for it was not nice .

Anita Hall

I used the website to see if I could get someone to call me and a lady did call me back the next morning so I placed my order through her and I wanted to pick up the cake on 16th (but they never got my original order). It got closer and closer to the date of me needing the sheet cake and still every day I was calling 16th and they didn't receive no order. So I placed the order over the phone with someone on 16th - it was all the wrong color I wanted Nebraska Cornhuskers everything - the cake was blue and gold. I went back on the website to see if I could get someone to call me again because I had a complaint - still almost three weeks later - no response yet. At the least someone could have called me back by now so we could talk through this. Very good cakes, pastries, etc, but the customer service is missing here.


Marcus Majic

Never eat anywhere where you are being served by someone without a full set of teeth.

Paul Schmitz

Donuts are good but not for the money. Very pricey. I can go to Caseys and get donuts that are better for the price

Jean Moss

Great service and great pastry.

jesse schaefer

The lazy staff doesnt like to make cannolis and then you ask them about when they make them daily you just get a blank stare from the employees like they dont have a clue 3rd time this has happen wont be back again.

Nikki Yeager

The food is fresh & amazing! There is a lot of variety & the prices are decent. The staff is friendly & helpful. It has become a weekly tradition for my family.

Lauren Trotter

When we started our search for a wedding cake, we knew that taste would be our deciding factor. We weren’t interested in something that looked pretty, but didn’t taste good. Pettit’s blew us away with their cakes (chocolate carrot was a huge favorite!) We were sent home with mini cakes of each kind after our tasting which was so nice! We were able to try them again at home and have family taste as well. In the end, Pettit’s delivered a beautifully simple wedding cake that tasted AMAZING. Other than one tier of cake, we had none leftover!

Joyce Hill-Poole

Fantastic I simply love their plain cake donuts. Melt in your mouth...yum

Chantelle Martineau

Javin Rogers

The best in the biz, still!

Long Tran

Sweet place w sweet people

Bob Bergman


Amber Crandell

Honestly, it feels like the other reviews on this place are fake because this place was not good AT ALL. The donut displays are foggy and look like they could use replacing. The danish was definitely the ones you can buy at Costco or Sams prepackaged and they just took it out of the packaging. The donuts were not that good and the “Texas Kolaches” were laughable. When I asked the girl if they had any left, she went rummaging through the little mini fridge for ones that were already wrapped. No thanks. I understand that you don’t want to waste money, but if I wanted something microwaved from a fridge, I could just save my $4 and go to Walmart. The apple turnover was super dry and the filling tasted canned. You’re better off going to a donut chain than this place. Please don’t trust the other reviews because this place is a waste of your money!

James Washington

Always fresh and a variety of great pastries.very tasteful.the only thing I regret is the lobby in which you pay for your items is extremely small.

Bernard Bridges

Fast and tasty

Gabzzie !

I am 14 years old & they have a great bunch of staff. They had the most mouth-watering desserts, and it was crowded because they had a special going on at this chocolate convention. Anyways, after a long line, I asked for a cupcake & this guy who works there gave it to me. I turned around and it accidentally fell on the ground. There was still a huge crowd around me waiting in line, and they all gasped, and said "ooh!". I was kinda embarressed. The guy turned to me and said, "Here, Don't worry- I'll give you a new one. I can take that one." The fact that he was considerate enough to do that means a lot to me. You can't find this kind of service everywhere.

Zach Stimmler

Great service and food!

Alfred Wagner

the wonderful aroma & variety

Lex Bell

Trust God

Still the best in town & better prices I love Pettit's Pastry all my life

tom l

Patterson Jake

These donuts suck. This place is so overrated. The customer service is the worst.

Monique Stuck

Love pettits!

Krystal Horst

My wife went in to the downtown location in Omaha ne. And I proceeded to ask the African american young lady. If this was all the doughnuts they had left and she stated in a rude voice "YEP". I THEN WALKED OUT. BECAUSE I AM NOT GIVING MY HARD EARNED MONEY TO A BUISNESS THATS GOING TO BE RUDE TO CUSTOMERS

Joywolf 83

Tim Merwald

Robert Hearnes


Candy White

Love there donuts

Matt Yearian

Great donuts and cakes. We get stuff decorated here all the time. They are little bit on the pricey side, but well worth it for the cakes at least.

Alison Hart

I have had great experiences at Pettit's and my children like going here also.

Lanesa Ballew

I was greeted this morning by a lady with a very bubbly personality. It was a pleasure being served by her. The donuts are ALWAYS AWESOME!!!

Bethany T.

Great staff! I love Jayla!! What a great spirit that takes pride in her work! Officialv Sunday morning tradition

Joanna Hunter

Very friendly. Great coffee and delicious doughnies. And a short straight walk down the sidewalk from the Hilton.

Cheryl Ruiz

Russ Russ

Some of the best donuts in town friendly staff

Miss Richlynn

Nothing like it used to be I went there at 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon and I was surprised they still had racks full of donuts. I really didn't want to get any, something told me not to but I did & the donuts were dry as HELL .I had a better donut from Hyvee

Nyakueka Khor

Sherry Guthridge

The best in the city. Hands down! I go out of my way to get their glazed donuts alot of people do!

sheena mcknight

Erika Martinez

Always very friendly and professional


Great local bakery & always a good experience.

Lavell Wright

Ravitej Veeramachaneni

Was very happy with the service and the cake. They were very patient and they made a cake just like I wanted with only a pic I had to show them.

Jeff Smith

If your in Omaha Nebraska and want the best pastries Pettits

J Rizzy

LOVE, LOVE, ABSOLUTELY LOVE Pettit's since childhood!

Daquane Triplett

mark pettit

Family owned bakery that's been offering g fresh pastries for 65 years this year.

Kathryn Paige

My favorite bakery in Omaha!

Chad Steckler

Best around

Michael Koczur

Ordered a cake and paid for it at the same time because I didn't know if I was going to be able to pick it up myself. My friend gets there to get the cake and now they're claiming we never paid. Will NEVER get another cake from Pettit's again!

Jeff B

Kris MT02

I grew up on Pettit's & they are the best donut or cake-you will LOVE what ever you eat from there. I introduced it to my husband & our kids, we get our birthday cakes & our wedding cake was seriously so good I couldn't leave the top in the freezer for a year & risk freezer burn-it HAD to be eaten lol. Cream horns-crazy flakey, long johns-delic, apple fritters-light & airy...cannot be beat. I'm on my way there now to pick up some banana cupcakes w/chocolate buttercream & we CAN'T WAIT!

Ted Larsen

Been going there damn doughnuts around.sure there price is a bit high but the taste is worth it.Caseys doughnut dont compare


Fresh donuts and old bakery charm! It's awesome seeing the little kids eyes light up looking at all the donuts. Great memories they won't forget.

Ashley Elliott

Jennifer Woodard

The customer service was horrible! I was seriously just snapped at by the woman at the front counter. If I could give this place 0 stars I would.

Lyndsey Williams


Addie Marie

Best donuts!!!!

L A.

Best donuts in Omaha !!

Edmond Weirick

Awesome doughnuts! Convenient hours. Excellent customer service!

Spread Joy

Although a little too pricy, These are the best donuts & cakes on the planet by far!!! Eat up & enjoy, you only live once!


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