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REVIEWS OF Nothing Bundt Cakes IN Nebraska

Brittany Roever

Seriously best cakes I've ever eaten! I had mini bundt cakes from here for my wedding and they were a HUGE hit!

Susan Barker

Store was clean and merchandise was displayed prettily. Service was friendly and helpful. Bundtinis taste AMAZING. I will go there again. Highly recommend to anyone.

jim horner

Dustin Simmons

I will never go back to a generic cake again. Amazing cakes and treats. The staff are very friendly and had my order ready to go upon scheduled pick up time. Keep providing the great service! :)

Steve Fritz

Go in for a sample leave with cakes. Be warned it is hard to stop eating them

Kadesha Scharschmidt

Crystal Phillips

They're cakes are delicious. I have recommended you all to family and friends.

Stephen Barber

W O W! I didn't know a Bundt cake could be so good, The lemon-raspberry was fantastic, the red velvet was good also. We'll def use them again, ps these were groom cakes at out daughters wedding fri evening. Thanks for offering a great product. Steve Barber


Maria van den Akker

Liz B

The bomb diggity! You guys work!! Best service ever !

Seslee Howell

Stephanie Cottrell

Fantastic cake! We were gifted a small red velvet cake for our anniversary by a dear friend. It was my first time trying their cakes. It was so moist and delicious. Highly recommend this place.

Cassandra Astle

We love this place! The bundt cakes are always perfectly moist and sweet. The staff is friendly and there's free samples! We did a fundraiser for our school with them during mother's day and it was a HUGE hit! Everyone said yes to buying one of their cakes! Easiest and tastiest fundraiser yet! Plus the prices weren't your typical jacked up fundraiser prices... But the same you'd pay in the store! The store itself takes the hit by paying your organization 20% off THEIR profit! Pretty amazing!

Davo X

When there is a decrease in the the size of products (bundtlet) and an increase in the price for that product (was $3.99 - pricey, now $4.50), I can no longer support a business. I cannot justify paying close to $5 for a piece of cake/bundtlet/cupcake. Maybe it's the tariffs.


Great pumpkin spice cake. The carrot cake was moist. The workers were very helpful. Meet some new people there. Enjoyed sweet moments. Definitely will return soon and tell others.

Jiara Johnson

April Nelson

They could not find my order. The reason I was given was that they had a lot of orders. They had my online order info and payment. I had to wait 20 mins for my order. Without any compensation for my their delay.

Jason Ruiz

Great cakes

Doug Parker

Caution... this place can be ADDICTIVE!!! Simply the best cake we have consumed..and that is a consume the cake... It is fantastic.As a great addition they have a killer gluten free mini cake which we get often. For company the white choc. raspberry was the bomb... coming from a grandpa. Our grandsons 1 and 4 loved it, our kids in their 30s loved it and money lady( beautiful wife on mine) loved it.. lastly, I totally was engulfed with the flavor and texture of this prize dessert! A splurge that we just might include in a weekly budget!! Try it

Scott Collier

Most delicious cakes I have ever had! I was a little iffy about trying the because of the amount of frosting, but it was delicious not "too" sweet. Inside the shop is delightful and the staff are amazing.

Geneva Guzman

armillia campbell

To delicious!

Rick Phillips

People are always trying to think of cutesy names for their business oh, and this one is no exception. But it does live up to its name. It sells Nothing But Cakes. And if you don't like a bundt cake, there's got to be something wrong with you. The service is fast and friendly and the cakes are absolutely delicious. Come on by, Bundt don't forget to tell them I sent you.

Darrell Pryor

Kim Scott

We ordered Buntinis for our Holiday Open House on Small Business Saturday. The customer service was exceptional. They were not only unique, but absolutely delicious and a huge hit at our event. Love it when one business can help another!

Meshell Macon

These cakes are nothing short of amazing but...when i showed up at 5:58pm I seemed to catch a little bit of preclosing attitude! You close at 6pm, you should provide the best of service until 6pm!!!

Gwen Daniel

Moist, full of flavor with even the smallest bite! Tried many of the different options, couldn't find one favorite. LOVED them all!

Kelly J

The best bundt cake anywhere hardest thing is making a decision on what flavor can’t go wrong with lemon or red velvet

Amber Olson

Carly M.

We chose to serve Nothing Bundt Cake at our wedding as it is by far my most favorite dessert, and we couldn't be happier with our decision. Robin was so easy to work with and helped us through the whole process. Additionally we were able to pull double duty with the cakes as they are beautiful in themselves and we used them as our centerpieces; it worked out beautifully. I would recommend Nothing Bundt Cakes for any occasion.

Austin Metheny

Zianna Walker

Cakes are awesome

Kimberly Haskell

A customer bought a dozen for our business. I was thrilled at how moist and fresh they tasted. I couldn't have done any better making them at home. Simply delicious!

John Potter

Leah M

Best cakes in Omaha!

Krishna Baluswami

Very bad experience for my daughter’s birthday cake order. We have been specifically ordered couple dozens of bundtinis with decorations and to our shock only half of them are decorated and the rest are not. We don’t have time to go back and get it decorated again. We didn’t expect this kind of work from Nothing Bundt Cakes.

Kyle Franzen

Chelsey Tripp

So my at the time Fiance came into nothing bundt cakes to taste all the flavors that nothing bundt cakes has to offer so we can get an idea for our wedding. When we came in it was a Saturday morning and the lady that was telling us about the cakes and all was not all that friendly but I blew it off due to the fact that it was morning. Two - three months later I called to place our LARGE order of $400 that consisted of 13 dozen bundtinis and 2 bundt cakes. My Aunt was paying off the cakes for us. So I would call twice a week to see if payments were made. when i called i would say " hello my name is Chelsey Tripp and I am calling to see if any payment was made for my wedding cake. the date is September 3, 2018" or sometimes I would say its on labor day and they would tell me yes or no. So 4 DAYS before the wedding my aunt goes in to make the final payment on the cake and she said there was a sign on the door that said we will be closed on labor day. She called me and told me and said I needed to call them right away. So i did i spoke with the manager and i asked her very nicely if they will be closed on labor day and she stated yes we will be. I then asked why was I not informed of this when I placed my wedding cake order and she stated well we did not know that we will be closed on labor day. I then stated well how would I get my cake delivered to my wedding? her comment back was well we can either deliver it to you on Saturday? I said no my wedding is Monday. I do not want stale cake at my wedding. I then asked her how come you didn't tell your boss that you had a $400 cake order that needed to be delivered on labor day when she told you that you all had labor day off? She commented well we over looked your order. I told her that it needed to be delivered on labor day no if ands or buts. she said I will have to see if that is even possible. I asked for her owners number and she stated I cant give that out to you. Needless to say the cake was delivered by a girl that worked for nothing budt cakes and her kid that had to be supervised while the cakes were being brought in. I will not do a catering order from them ever again.

Stacey Coleman

Love that they have samples!!!!

Brittney B

I'm trying to save it until lunch BUT...

Bonnie Athey

It's a great place wonderful friendly people and great gifts for any occasion stop by and see for yourself and you won't be sorry

Alfreda Jordan

I love this place. I am addicted lol

Connor Knight

I am unfortunately very disappointed with my Nothing Bundt Cakes experience here in Omaha. My office ordered 64 holiday 10" bundt cakes. The customer service was not great, and the entire experience was pretty inconvenient and frustrating. I gave two stars because the cakes looked great and made for great gifts, but the overall experience was very frustrating. I can't say I would recommend family and friends due to the customer service. I hope things improve.

Kankri Vantas

My friend brought me a double chocolate chip one. I haven't had any from here before and omg it was absolutely delicious!!

Dariel catracho Rodrigues

james poole

There's very good! Staff is great!

Faze Alo

You have to ask to get the decorations or, otherwise, nobody will ask you if you want it. It was such a surprise that when I got home the cake looks nothing like the ones in store.

Chad Lenander

Thomas Wilson

This is our favourite place to get cakes for basically any event that we attend. Family from out of town always leaves with at least a cake or two. They're staffed excellently, very accommodating for many different situations, and most importantly the cakes are just delicious.

L Taylor

Joyce Hill

The cakes are simply delicious...Love them

john green

Joel O

Apparently these guys dont care a bit about customer service. They were listed on a delivery app and I had already paid for the order, looking forward to enjoying some sweets. I get a call later saying that these guys are refusing to fulfill my order, despite the driver coming in to pay for the item in full. If they were listed on the app wrongly, I get that, but why not let me get my food that I already paid for, and fix it afterward? Very dissapointed. I'm not coming back here if that's the way they choose to treat paying customers

Morgan Stinson

I called in the morning and wanted to reserve an 8” white chocolate raspberry cake to pick up at 4:30pm. The person on the phone told me that I didn’t need to reserve one because they always have them on hand in the store. When I went to the store to pick up what I had been assured to get, they told me they were out. Not sure I will be back if no one will take my order and I can’t even buy what I would like.

Sharon Messner

Angela Garcia

Love this place! I’ve tried all of the flavors and love them all! My top favorite are the white chocolate raspberry and the confetti!

Candace Crick

Manager more than made up for a huge mishap and occasion that needed up cakeless for the occasion. Cake was a hit and manager went out of way to Personally deliver!!!

Brenna Battiato

Seriously so delicious.

Jessica Pearson

Kailey Anne

Ash Ketchum

Loving you is a piece of Cake!

Ariel Michelle

Chocolate cupcake so moist, creme just right amount (made sandwich lol)

Deborah Dorsey-Cronland

OKC Review

This is the best place to go for treats. You can get a full size bundt for a party or just stop in a lunch time treat. I recommend this place to everyone!

Jonita Lassiter

Tried my first Nothing Bundt Cakes today and it was soooooooo good! I just knew that the icing was going to be too sweet for me but it was JUST right! The cake was so moist that it was falling off my fork. Everything about it was delicious! My son and boyfriend love it as well!

Stevie Tefft

Your website does not list prices. Bye, Felicia.

Amy Kurian

Robin Lund

Troy Kirtley

Debra Fox

I took a birthday bundt to my 101 yr old grandma. My mom, aunt, niece are all very good bakers. They had the lemon and were flabbergasted, saying this was absolutely the BEST they have ever had. Fought over the leftovers!!

Marion Kirk

I had good service ,friendly, cakes are awesome

Kidd Ramaden

Nickole Wright

The order process has flaws.

Susan Mcdermott

I am glad they're far away, other wise I would get in trouble! Yummm!!

Corrinne James

The cakes are amazing! @CorriJExclusive


Great cakes and buntinis. Would be 5 stars, but they are kinda pricey.

Nicole Copeland

I have nothing but great things to say about this place!! They are always SO nice and pleasant and happy to help. I appreciate the friendly service! And the cakes are AAAAAMMMAAAZZZIIINNGG!!

Lewis Windham

Matt McNeil - McNeil Liquidations

We love sending these as gifts to friends and colleagues. Great cakes. Great service.

David Hartley

Outstanding perfection !!!!


Great place to pick up a cake to go. Offering full size or mini cakes. Recommened by a regular customer who buys them for workplace birthdays. I picked up a small lemon cake to share over coffee. Nicely packaged, but no utensils. It was delicious and fresh. They were sold out of some of the flavors usually available. Another customer was angry about something she had ordered and the service was a bit abrupt. Based on my first experience, I'm not sure I would go back.

stacey booth

My mom and I just left this store. A lady who worked there with longer dark curled hair helped us. She was very rude and answered questions in a disrespectful and unprofessional manner. We bought one cake, but were planning on buying two. We would have bought two cakes had she not been so rude, but our service will be taken somewhere we feel customer service is about respect and patience.

Caroline Howell

Lori Heimann

Lerin Apfel

I’m not a cake person, but rarely will I turn down a bite of their cakes. The cake is moist and is balanced out by the cream cheese frosting. And as someone who usually scrapes the frosting off the cake, I could eat their frosting like ice cream.

Kris Rollins

Pecan Praline was the flavor of choice for my birthday. The cake was fresh, moist and very flavorful. My only complaint is that there was a lot of frosting, although it had great flavor too. Next time I’ll just order light icing. Can’t wait to try other flavors!! Yum!

c mac

FANTASTIC SERVICE! Ordered a cake to be delivered on the weekend which they don’t do, but because of their fantastic operation, offered to do the delivery! This shop has it going on and I recommend them highly! Not only are they cakes delectable, their customer service is OFF THE MAP! Thank you!

Larry Shearer

Ordered a cake last minute for my wife in Omaha, while I am in Ohio. Not only was the service exceptional, but the cake was delivered in just a couple of hours and my wife loved it, both the appearance and the taste! Great Job!

Mary Collins

They have wonderful flavors my favorite is Pecan Praline and White Chocolate Raspberrie ,but all of them are to die for.

Christine Keffer

Long line is a testament to the quality of the cakes.

LaToya Sherrod



My girlfriend bought my birthday cake from from them because they're one of the few shops that will do a carrot cake. This was hands down the best carrot cake I've had, and it stayed fresh and delicious for a week after. The shop was also very clean and pleasant to be in and the lady at the counter was pleasant, helpful, and polite.

Gary McKnight

Amy Miraku

Lisa Fowler

Daniel Wakefield

The samples taste good. Seems expensive. Customer service was poor.


For the money you pay for one of these I'd figure they would keep the same amount of frosting on. Not make the lines thinner. There's just not enough and I'm disappointed! Stop holding back on the chocolate chips. I had two in my bundtlet....two! Cakes are nice and moist. Melts in your mouth. Frosting is nice and creamy and good. Wish I had more of it. Flavor choices are your basic flavors. Nothing to wild or out there. Staff can be ok at times. Some never speak or just give simple service. I can get pass the shortcomings on the food/product but not the service. I never over look how I was treated.

Steve Johnston

We've had several flavors of cake and they are all delicious and never dry. Not what you expect from a bundt cake.

Miguel Avalos

I really like this place. The lady that helped us offered us some samples that were really good. While we were there I found a gift for my niece and they made it on the spot. No special order! I highly recommend it :)

Joelle Circio

These cakes are delicious! The frosting is perfect - not too sweet.

Mr Piggy

devorta holmes

Lace King

A friend let me try their bundtinis and it was the. Best. Cake. I. Have. Ever. Had. For real. They're super expensive, so I would not go out of my way to buy them, but oh my God are they good.

Brittney Henry

Excellent customer service and delicious cakes

Jared Bohnenkamp

Amber Steinhauser

Daisy Lucs

I recently order a lemon cake from this location . The cake was over cooked. I was very disappointed, since the first cake I ordered for my son's birthday was awesome!


Red velvet cake is one of the best I’ve had

Matthias Cole

Heather Mazzone

Tinnisha Williams

Love this place

Kristen Donaruma

Their cakes are super cute and SUPER delicious!!!

Jasmyn Carter

Absolutely delicious!

Tonja Stratton

Hands down the very best cake you will ever eat!!

Stephen King

Nicole Flores

Their cakes are so delicious. We first tasted them when we delivered our baby last summer and have been to the store a few times for more. We got a white chocolate raspberry for my birthday yesterday and it was probably the best cake I've ever had. My husband arrived at the store 10 minutes before opening, so he had to wait. The staff were very apologetic and friendly, even offering him a free mini cake for his wait (which wasn't their fault).

Ebony Bonman

R Bailey

Absolutely delicious!

Karen Degraw

Great find~single serving bundt cakes with many flavors to choose from! Friendly service and so sweet!

Liza C

Thank you nothing bundt cakes ! I got my free bundt from wake med after my delivery what a sweet treat , the most moist cake I’ve had in a loooooong time the icing was so good I could eat it by itself !!

Barry Rudy

Great products, excellent service and very cordial staff.


The cupcakes are delicious, red velvet are the best.

Marianne Ford

We were given one for our 50th and really enjoyed it

Serge Kaputikyan

Been coming for almost a year incredible store delish pastry

Amanda Kis Cramer

the best cakes ever! they have free samples sometimes if you go inside!

Kristina Simpson

I have gotten more than I care to admit to, cakes from this place...... they are always AMAZING!! I’m moving to VA and this is what I will miss most

Ross Sleeper

Good cakes friendly employees but a bit over priced for what it is

Jennifer Meidl

This place is all abt customer happiness. I visited there earlier this week and after a miscommunication on the readiness for custom bundtinies, the owner himself ensured my happiness. Not only did I leave with an extra box (I only paid for 2) he also provided me with coupons for my next visit. The quality of these cakes are fresh. I brought them to Diamonds Direct in Crabtree for customer appreciation and they were a huge hit! I will definitely be visiting here again.

Sarah Clinton

Their cupcakes are great, but they are nothing compared to the full sized bundt cake. The cakes are moist, rich and delicious. Try the White Chocolate Raspberry, you won't be disappointed!

Shartina Stafford

Truly amazing

Phillip Carothers

Quick and efficient. It was busy when I arrived and the staff moved us through very quickly.

Yolanda Wilson

Stephanie Garinger

Gale Carr

October 10, 2018..l ordered the assorted time to pick them up was 12:00...l made it..but, l was so excited to get my "goodies" l closed the door with my keys inside...ughhh...I was so done with myself...but a beautiful lady that works there...Asia was here name..she helped me..she made phone calls..let me use her a matter-of-fact left it with me...she checked on me..brought water to me, as l waited someone to come and unlock my door...I know the cupcakes are phenomenal, but, so is the staff..she went over and beyond board...everyone was nice...But, are the "Bee's Knee's"..Thank You for everything..and the cupcakes made me feel a lot better..l love this place,..

Ashley B.

Tastes amazing and was decorated so cute! Highly recommended!

Mary Roarty

Always amazing!

Jenni Woods

Consistent Yumminess!! The cakes are always fresh and moist. I love trying to new seasonal flavors but hate when I love a temporary cake and then it’s gone. I’ve picked up cakes for Birthday Parties, Pot Luck, Girls Night and just because. It’s really difficult to pick a favorite, so I suggest eventually trying them all.

Adam Petersen

Went with Nothing Bundt Cakes One Pacific Place for our wedding cake and they did a great job.

Katrina Hinds

These cakes were simply amazing, there are no words to give the cakes their due justice. I have tried every last flavor and each time I feel like I am in heaven.

Charles Hooks

Africa Privette

Chris Driscoll

Holy Crack, these guys are good. Love the chocolate chocolate chip! Soooo good!

Katherine M

These bundt cakes are delicious! The kind of dessert you crave in the middle of the night. Any flavor will satisfy!

Katiea Miller

M R Noneya

The cake is good, but it is a little expensive. They have a lot of specialty sizes that you can't get anywhere else.

Angela Vinson

The best cakes in whole wide world love, love, love

Debbie Magness


Alexis Green

Nothing Bundt Cakes is definitely in competition with someone's grandmother!! Their cake is moist and delicious. I have tried flavors that weren't my preference and still found them quite delicious. Perfect for an event or just because....reasonably priced as well!

Jennifer Trivette

Very discouraged by the Falls of Neuse location. Purchased a promotion of the bag and BOGO early summer this year and they no longer honor that promotion-late summer. It continues to change every time I go by - B2G1 and now B3G1. Unbelievable! Cashier said they were loosing money on the other promotions. I didn’t think it was legal to no longer honor a promotion you sold when there was no original limit of time on the promotion. #NCAttorneyGeneral!

Don Ribble

Jayme Rietcheck

I absolutely love these cakes. But the drive is too far. They really need a second location in the Moore/Norman area. Then I would be willing to buy these more often instead of once a year...

Arrielle Saremi

Went in yesterday for the first time to get my mom a birthday cake. The store was absolutely adorable, well decorated. Displayed the cakes very nicely. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We got the lemon cake and every single person who had a slice said it was the best lemon cake they've ever had it was so moist and dense and delicious! AMAZING! My ONLY complaint would be, the cakes in the store are very well decorated with flowers, etc. They ask if you would like a flower, but the cake already was overly priced for a cake so I wasn't willing to spend the extra money for the flower, and when I got home the middle is just plain with a hole of icing and the cake without the flower on top, the icing coming down the sides every single person commented saying it looked like little wieners (sorry for the inappropriate word but there is no other way to put it) I would think for the price, the flower would COME with the cake, especially for appearance of their cakes! you would think they would WANT their cakes to always look the same, and beautiful! Without it is just too plain. BUT, their cakes are too die for! And everything else was great! For the price, if the flower came with it I would give it 5 stars!

Dannette Woods

Carol Barnes

Love Nothing Bundt Cakes

Prashu Sripal

Jenna Weeks

Best cake ever!

Vincent Conzola

It's amazing.

April Solomon

The CAKES I could just cry they are so amazing! I love love them. I will be back for my own birthday and everyone else!

David Kaufman

Great cakes and even better frosting!

Rita Henry

Luke's Toys

The cake tastes good

Laura Thomas

Not professional it's very unorganized management doesn't have control over that location


I found my new most favorite cupcake location!!! And I was never really a big fan of cupcakes before lol

Timothy Graham

Tesha Lucas

Travis Waskom

Great cakes!

Marsha Lane

I placed an order for my wedding, we ordered 75 bundtinis and a large bundt cake. The bundtinis were amazing, but we ordered a chocolate chocolate chip for the large bundt cake, and it tastes like it had hints of raspberry mixed in the batter which is disappointing we didn't ask for the whit chocolate raspberry.

Lori C

Austin McCrimmon

Incredible cakes!

Lidia Garcia

Kyle Sundquist

Linda Griffis

Derrick Hunter

Tasty Cakes great an friendly place.

Charlene Bell

Horrible customer service. Stopped by from out of state. Hope the cakes are better than service

Tristan , Highsmith

Jessica Chatman

I went into the store today because its Valentine's day and there was no type of greeting. Also the Red velvet, or floor of the month wasn't available. When asked if there were any in the back all they had was the buntini and I was highly upset about that. I still purchased a lemon and chocolate chip. When asked for a spoon or fork and napkins was told they didn't have any needless to say I wasn't happy at that point.

Carlton Watkins

Mandi Henthorn

Yummy cakes-the icing is so good!

Shannon Taylor

Sl Meyers

The cakes are good, as they ought to be for the prices. The frosting is heavy and too sweet. The hollow in the Bundt cakes is filled with the same heavy frosting. I think they would be nicer filled with fruit and cream, or a custard. Cakes contain high-fructose corn syrup and palm oil, though. The first is really bad for humans, causing non-alcoholic fatty liver syndrome. The second is bad for the wildlife, such as orangutans and tigers, being displaced by palm plantations as fast as they can cut down old forest, to meet global demand for this oil. The ladies behind the counter are super nice, and service was good. If you can just review the ingredients for the cakes? Maybe make a lighter filling an option? Then I will be glad to buy again. Take care, everybody.

Edward Wallace

Their mini-bundt cakes make me happier than a cupcake on a stick. Mainly because I don't feel like I'm eating a metric ton of icing, it's just right! Super moist cakes are delicious and taking a tray of mini-bundt cakes anywhere makes insta-friends.

Daniela Martinez

The cupcakes are exquisite! I wish they had more locations

Kendra Irvin

NOTHING BUNDT DRAMA AT THE FALLS OF NEUSE LOCATION!! !Cakes be delicious but not worth the rude service!!! I purchased 4 mini bundts and was given one of the wrong flavor for one. When I went back to the store it was closed. The girl who rang the sale came to the door and unlocked to find out what the problem was while another person yelled Ma'am you can't come in the store is closed"!!!! It was humiliating!!! Another lady came from the back and tried to straighten out the situation. Our company used them for a function last month ( location in Durham) found out about this location and wanted to try a few other flavors with my family for our event but I will take our business elsewhere! Possibly another location.

Tracy Bowser

The cashier LaTonya was a joy. The cakes are so rich, moist and good. There were no chocolate out pecan, but i will get it next trip

Greg Hall

Love this place. I think o have tried just about every variation of cake that they have and I've yet to come across one that I dislike.

Cherie Hoffman

Rena' Badgett

Tiffany Wilkins

It's a must try..I received bundtinis as a gift and has been addicted every favorite is their new featured flavor..Caramel Turtle.

Andrew Herman

Diana S

If you need a last minute birthday cake is your place to go. It is not just delicious, but adorable.

Shannon Cruz

Every time I stop by this specific store, I am always blown away. From the time I open the door, they go above and beyond with their customer service. Their cakes are always so fresh and everyone, including my family, friends and coworkers cannot get enough! To the staff here- you all rock!!!

Sara Bashi

Amazing experience with these guys as easy as it can be. We ordered a birthday cake and cupcakes for a coworker’s surprise birthday they delivered the cake on time sooner than we thought and they were very helpful with keeping up with our special instructions. Everyone enjoyed it and i will definitely order from them again for future family occasions.

Haley Garrity

I ordered bundtini's for my wedding (18 dozen) of various flavors. I ordered the bundtinis 3 weeks in advance, which the lady working at the counter was grateful for since most people order same day or day before. On the day of my wedding when I was scheduled to pick them up I receive a phone call saying that they could not fulfill my order and I have to replace two dozen with another flavor (no problem, I am easy to please. ) When I arrived to pick up my order they were out of two additional flavors that I had ordered. At this point I am upset. If I order something in advance and you say you can fulfill the order do not tell me when I am picking them up that I have to change my order and give me a poor excuse like we are catching up from mothers day that happened before I even placed my order as well as graduations. They essentially sold my order that I had already paid for to someone else just walking in the door. The only thing done was two expired bundtlet coupons. (That were expired 5/31/17 and my order was picked up 6/1/2017. I will never order from them again.

Porsha Keller

Great cakes, love their bundtlets


This place has the best bundt cakes in Oklahoma. No competition. Go there now if you haven't already been.


Candace Worth

Always enjoy the cakes, however I just got home and opened my brown bag and I didn't get the cake I asked for, it was a marble bundtlet instead of pecan praline. It was a bit busy but I would recommend opening your bag before leaving the store.

Jessie Atkins

Katie Mallory Williams

Cara Noran

The buntinis are SO good!

Caroline Purdy

The mini cakes are sooo yummy and moist. Fun selection of flavors and reasonable prices!

Valerie Holdcroft

Angie Ferree


Dave B.

My experience was poor starting the day I placed the order online. After placing my order on Saturday the 21st, a week in advance of my requested pickup date, I got a call from someone stating that they closed at 6 and wanted to know if I would be able to pick up my order soon or wait until Monday. At the time I apologized for my error as I could tell the lady was upset/frustrated. After getting off the phone I double checked my email to find that the confirmation email reflected my order was to be picked up a week later on the 28th (screen captures of the email and phone calls attached). On the 28th when I arrived to pickup the order I wasn’t greeted in a friendly manner, the clerk mumbled something I couldn’t understand and continued to talk with the customer he was serving when I entered, as you would expect. Once it was my turn to be served another employee brought out part of my order and walked away. I had to ask the first employee where the rest of my order was. The second employee returned with another portion of my order. I asked her this time where the rest of my order was. She then began asking the first employee who closed the night before and why he didn’t get everything together properly. After that she went to the back to prepare the balloons for my order. Overall the total time I spent in the store for an order that was placed a week in advance was around 15 minutes. At no point did anyone apologize for my wait or inconvenience, the second employee did thank me for my patience. While my experience with placing and picking up my $81 order was poor, the quality of the cake and cupcakes was impressive. Everything was decorated nicely and extremely tasty. Based the disappointing service I have no desire to do business with this store again.

Rich L

Delicious, moist cakes. Friendly service. Definitely will be back.

Vikki Brown

I was given the wrong cake even after I asked if they were sure it was my order. I ordered marble with a blue bow. I was given chocolate with an orange bow. They kindly changed the bow. I wish they would have listened to me about the cake.

Andrew McNally

Life changingly delicious

Faye Smith

I was given an awesome surprise gift from one of their shops so had to visit for myself! This place does not disappoint you... their sweets are the absolute best! Plan to visit every time we're in town! Purchased the sampler pack for the trip home... can't get enough!

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