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The coffee was ok, but a little low on flavor. The quiche was $8 and not worth the price. It did not taste fresh and seemed to come from a frozen box. It had that plastic-like texture to the egg.The bacon jam seemed like a good idea but tasted more like BBQ pulled pork with way too much sugar. It’s a nice spot to sit and get work done.

Erin Crawford

This is by far my new favorite breakfast place.

Zeus Richards

The best chicken pesto sandwich I ever tasted! Ambiance is also perfect to have brunch, didn't like how the service went it was slow and staff weren't accommodating

Michael Willett

The service was great, very friendly staff that were very patient and helpful. My wife and I ordered egg, cheese, and ham or bacon on brioche buns. They were excellent! We also got a beignet with nutella. They were delightful. I highly recommend this lovely place.

Michelle Savard

Great food and coffee

Joshua Mcleland

Very classy place for a deli. All walks of life go through here. The food is wonderful and prices for the food are fair.

jake stohlmann

Quiche with bacon jelly

Niyo Fulgence

Gave me and my friend the wrong freakin order and robbed us of our money.

Kelly Robertson

We went two days in a row because thats how awesome they are. I got my usual coffee order of an iced latte with oat milk and maple syrup- they killed it! (Some places have maple but no oat milk, some places have oat milk but no maple- they had both so they're already a winner in my book!) Over the span of two days, we tried the quiche, a couple of their donuts, chicken salad sandwich, and beignets. EVERYTHING was SO good! The bacon jam is a MUST for the quiche! The beignets are literally, AMAZING! Fried fresh to order with a mound of powdered sugar!

samantha cole

Hands down the Best coffee in town. And the food is beyond your greatest imagination!

Sarah Ryan

Easily the best casual food in the city. Dont miss out, but do expect a modest wait. Patience pays off here.

Jessica Heins

Amazing coffee, delicious food, fantastic service!

Ryan Schwartz

Good service. Small but inclusive selection of food. Pea soup and open-faced vegetarian sandwich were clearly high quality, but both also tasted the same - like curry. I asked what the soup was before I ordered and I was told it was a horseradish pea soup. It was not, it was a green curry. Open faced sandwiches make no sense to me - it defeats the purpose of a sandwich. And this was just roasted veggies with a curry spread on bread. The bread is really, really good.

Mike V.

Amazing food

Greg Eversoll

Great food, super cool location!

damon peters

Gimme those pretzels. :). Love this place. Omaha need more operators downtown like these folks. Cool people making great food with creativity. Weekend brunch recommendation. Probably not for families, but more for people on dates, looking for dates, gig-meetings, friends and friends of friends, and lone diners tryna not seem weird. Good people frequent here.

Jess Nicol

They often have daily specials. Always tasty. Noticed not alot of gluten free pastry options though. But, they can put any sandwich on a bed of lettuce. Their drinks are really tasty. Got a hot cider and a an irish coffee. The staff is really helpful and nice. Really great views. We saw a giant black squirrel carrying a biscuit and it was awesome.

Rubes M

BEST coffee hands down! It’s super homey and priced reasonably.

Rebekah Collipp

Their beignet with Nutella melts in your mouth. So good!

Matt Perkins

First time visitor... Ordering at the counter was fast and the food came quickly considering how busy it was (5 minutes). Got the biscuits+gravy+egg. The egg was overdone (like beyond "over hard") and this is definitely the type of dish you want the yolk in liquid form to mix with the gravy. Recommend specifying sunny side up egg. The biscuit was dry, but the gravy negated that issue. Gravy was oversalted in my opinion. Still a cool place and the cold brew coffee was great. Gonna have to give the food another try in the future.

Karla Bentley

We stopped by this wonderful gem on our last visit to Omaha. It was perfect! Good was fantastic and my chi latte was the best one I have ever had. We had breakfast and will have to come back for fresh bread to take home.

Bryce Caster

Neat and hip (in an old-school way) coffee shop in downtown Omaha. They also serve breakfast and I had one of the best egg white sandwiches ever here!


The latte was great and the food (french toast, in my case) was AMAZING. Extra points for attractive plating and a nice relaxing, but hip, ambiance. I'll definitely return if I'm in the area again.

Daniel Luethke

This is one of my favorite places I've ever eaten breakfast or lunch at. The donuts and breakfast sandwiches and pastries and cappuccinos have made my life always so much better by their presence. The people who work here are great, and the chefs are wonderful too.

Jack Beaman

Stepped in for a cup of coffee. Ordered a cold brew Tower of Power. Might have been the worst tasting cup of coffee I've ever had. Nice place but I will never forget that awful taste.

Chad Mascari

Great food. I ordered the egg white sandwhich. The title sounds plain, but it is anything other than plain. It is flavorful and delicious. I had to wait a bit longer for my order because it did not get to the kitchen. The staff was excellent. They were apologetic and offered a free donut or coffee for the wait. The restaurant has excellent customer service. Definitely eat here.

c Weis

Oh so yummy. Beignets. Beignets. Beignets!!! Did I mention beignets? Lol. Sooooo sooo good. I don't know what brand of coffee they use because I failed to ask but my, my it was tasty. Such as nice place to go to to have a little bite and a great treat. Menu is a little different but in my humble opinion that us one if the things that makes them unique and wonderful.

Sarah Price

Mediocre all around. Had the whole egg sandwich and a cold brew which were both decent. My husband had the biscuit and gravy with a fried egg and a regular coffee, the meal was incredibly salty and the coffee was weak. Not the worst place we’ve ever been but certainly not the best.

Eric Carter

Great service and really tasty food. Nice quiet place to have breakfast, lunch or coffee.

Nicole Jungren

Great coffee, and even better food! Definitely try the biscuits and gravy, and the crispy potatoes!!

Stephen Bils

Had the biscuit and gravy with fried egg. It was amazing. Also the strawberry white chocolate cake roll was off the MF chain. Didn't fancy the brew too much but overall I really enjoyed this spot.

Patricia Matthews

Food is great and atmosphere is relaxing. I just hope that the services will improve, we were not seated quickly and staff were not that accomodating

Eric Jones

Super cool, unique place. If you go with an open mind you will not be disappointed. If you are expecting traditional and boring, however, you will be. Luke and his staff are amazing.

Gale Kittle

Low key counter service cafe with vegan options. Steel cut oats were delicious.

Vania Smirnov

Pretty underwhelming. Had the Whole Egg Sandwich and a Latte. It wasn't terrible, but it was also nothing special. Quiche was pretty dry and flavorless, and the sandwich just didn't... work well. Coffee was fine, but for $4 I expected a little more in Omaha. It's a decent option if nothing else is around, but don't expect anything extraordinary.

Frankie MacGregor

The lunch food served here has always been poor quality. On this visit I ordered quiche. It was basically a piece of rubber with no flavor. It seems the staff can't decide if you have to go get your food at the counter or if they are going to bring it to you. My food was delivered to me, my friend had to go get hers. This always happens when I go. The baked sweets are fantastic.

Emily Jones

My kids loves the french toast, and my favorite is the whole egg sandwich with bacon! It's the best breakfast place in town. Highly recommended

Crystal Hoang

Great coffee and friendly service. I got a cappuccino and it was nice and smooth. Paired it with the creme brulee donut. The donut is good. Cream filling had great flavor but the texture could've been better. Cream was thick and similar to a mashed potato texture. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it with my cappuccino. Would definitely recommend their coffee. Plenty of seating too.

Kelly Egger

The quiche with bacon jam and cinnamon roll were both delicious. We waited to order for a little bit, but once ordered, food was delivered promptly.

Ben Dickey

Great bakery coffee shop in downtown Omaha. Coffee was good not spectacular. Food was good and a fair price. Nice atmosphere.

John Thom

Best breakfast in town, both sweet and savory! (Especially the espresso and any doughnut)

Joel Uhlmeyer

Great coffee. Fresh, healthy food. Delicious pastries. What more can you ask for?

Niki Hargens

This cafe is amazing. The food is fresh and prepared in front of you, the staff is always helpful and courteous, and the decor is perfect! I grab lunch here, almost daily. I love having a healthy lunch option downtown. I highly recommend!

Scott Cushman

Wonderful food with creative flavor combinations. Everything I've eaten at Culprit has been amazing. The rosemary maple syrup is the sort of thing I never knew was missing from my life, but now I get occaisional cravings!


Great service. I had chai latte and nutella beignets. Instantly happy at first bite. Atmosphere was great and plan to be back soon

Levi Cross


Kari Watts

Culprit is one of my favorite little places in town. They have homemade kombucha but you'll have to ask what flavor because it changes daily. There are many baked treats and the food is good. Unfortunately, I can't have wheat but no problem, they will sub out the delicious bread for greens and it's just as good. Their coffee is also really good. It's fun to sit at the counter facing the window and watch people walk by. The sidewalk is wide so it would be a perfect location to do outdoor seating but I don't think they are set up for it. I nice place to sit and eat and enjoy the sleepy bustle of Omaha.

Christine b

While the ambiance was nice and their mission commendable, This place is just okay. I'm pretty disappointed since it has such high ratings. I had the chicken salad sandwich with a side of their potatoes (red potatoes chopped, pan fried, then drizzled with a dressing and added feta cheese, on top of mixed greens). The price came out to around $13-15 if I recall correctly. While the sandwich was nice (100% overpriced however), the potatoes were unbelievably salty. The potatoes are already seasoned, and then they add a salty dressing AND THEN feta cheese which is also salty. I couldn't eat it all, and I like salt on my food! But it was so overwhelming, and not to mention the amount of oil from the potatoes. I don't know who makes the menu, but that menu item will most definitely induce acid reflux. The workers were cordial but more into keeping conversations going with people they knew, rather than help someone standing at the register. Maybe it was their off day but it's not a place o would recommend.

David Zemon

One of my favorite places in downtown. Great place for lunch! Always great food, always unique. -- Edit -- Two months later and this places still never ceases to amaze. Never had a bad meal here.

Christapher Lawrence

Friendly atmosphere. Great food

Kristen Nicole

Whatever you do, order something that comes with bacon jam. Your taste buds will thank you. I personally love the quiche and the egg white sandwich is also delicious. You can't go wrong with any of the sweets, either. Everyone who works there is always super friendly! Great food and great service will keep me coming back time and time again.

David Sheehan

Great food & coffee! I had the French toast with praline butter & syrup with a touch of rosemary flavor. Good blend of sweet with savory. Same with my wife’s oatmeal and the sweet/savory flavor. I also had an americano. Good coffee. My boys had doughnuts. Fresh & fluffy. A couple of the staff could be a little more friendly.

Kel ly

A whole lot of nope. Servers are rude, cooks had loose hair and we're not wearing gloves, and the food was boring. Shocked and extremely disappointed.

Theresa Bochnicek

I always love eating here. Gourmet food at a great price!

Jose Guerra

Great place love their sandwiches beautiful people

Tracey POD

The donut was delicious and the loaf of sourdough I took home was great. However, the coffee was subpar and served in a vile tasting plastic mug.

peter munoz

The place is amazing! Every time I visit omaha, I just have to go to the culprit!!

Nicole Sideris

Great coffee, cozy atmosphere, and fantastic food! The challah french toast was delicious.

Magda Ksiazak

Best quiche I've had. The French press coffee is amazing, and so were the biscuits and gravy... And I usually don't even like biscuits and gravy! The portions are bigger than they look and the quality is great. SO YUMMY.

Zach Martin

Kind of awkward but awesome. We came and got some whole egg sandwiches with coffee. The sandwiches were phenomenal at $8. The quick press coffee ($2) came very hot and was strong, bit tangy... not a coffee that I would drink a ton of. The slow pour coffee ($2.5) was more room temperature and smooth/thick..not as tangy and had a bitterish after taste. This place could be a 5 star joint if there was a bit more table service and more menu options.

Kathy Konopik

Great cafe! Only problem is they only have sugar and raw sugar no splenda or sugar substitute. So I had no coffee as I'm diabetic and can't have sugar but their pastries looked delicious... Going there again

Jered Jelinek

Culprit has amazing food and pastries and is one of my favorite places to study.

Juana Silva

I am a coffee lover and drink several cups each day. I have tried coffee from all of the local coffee shops. Crane is my absolute favorite! And it is local to Omaha, so bonus! Go to Crane!

Shaun Archer

The whole egg sandwich was fantastic! The aioli put it over the top!!! Also enjoyed the beignet with jam. World traveler, and this was better than the hipster cafe I went to in Zurich last week. Touché Culprit, well done!

Peter Walkley

Vegan pea soup was fantastic. Will definitely be back to try more.

Thomas Meola

It was good. Had breakfast biscuit, gravy and egg. Portions we're not huge but adequate. Place is clean. Staff is friendly and efficient. Things move along quickly. No long waits.

David Ortman

good food, coffee is good. a little overly done, i'm more simlistic and the donuts were (At the time) a little oily but the chicken salad is amazing, on a bed of greens you can't beat it!

Danielle Meier

Gravlax and Parisian Ham sandwiches are amazing; coffee is always on point. Hard not to go more than once a week for lunch!

Nicole Elmer

Food is perfect but I didn't like the service, I know that this place is crowded but I was hoping for more effective system. Staff weren't that accomodating

Adam Herring

My friend and I dropped in not know what to expect, and it was great. The food is gourmet and delicious. The staff was upbeat and helpful too. Big recommendation on the 'Biscuit and Gravy!'

Mareaeric Campagna

Came for a first visit with my mother. Loved the atmosphere, very European. The food was amazing. We each had homemade pea soup with crusty bread slices. The food was so fresh and flavorful. Afterward, we each had coffee. I had Tiramisu, my mother had the lemon tart. Both were fantastic. The coffee was perfect! We will definately make this a habit.

Dawaune Hayes

This place needs more business. I've had so many great brunches here and their cold brew is on point! Pesto Potatoes, a must have, and I'm a big fan of the frittata. Plus you can watch them make the food right in front of you. That's pretty cool.

Kellie Mihovk

Super cute place with great food and unique presentation. Very excited for the second location to open.

Charlie Vogel

I’m a pilot and this is my go to every time I’m in Omaha. Great sandwiches and coffee!

Jared Anderson

I really likes the dark chocolate tart. The espresso was pretty good, just not a personal favorite. Presentation was great and atmosphere was really nice. Good prices, too.

Alexandria Chen

Great atmosphere and decent food! Beignet was very good!

Jackson Moreno

Great food, you can tell the really ingredients and great care and skill in preparing the food

Hilary Mass

Staff was beyond friendly and provided personal service to help patrons find the flavors and experiences they were looking for. Always willing to provide an explanation of any food or drink. "Whole egg sandwich" unlike any breakfast sandwich you've ever had!

Othman Althawadi

Limited but delicious breakfast options... love the coffee

John Friedrichs

Nice place for a quick breakfast.

Misty Larsen

Best pastries in town. Hands down!

James McCoy

The barrister is friendly and inviting. Always amazing food.

Tito Joseph

The quiche I got from this place was delicious. Just a great combination of flavors. The latte I ordered was pretty good. And I ordered a cannoli which was also pretty good. The quiche is the reason for the 5 stars, otherwise a solid 4 star.

troy nelson

I'm ashamed to say I'd likely never have driven down here, but we're sure glad we did! The portion size of the biscuits and gravy looked small, but we were extremely full by the time we'd finished. I almost couldn't finish my excellent Irish coffee! It's definitely worth the drive from Chalco and we will be back!

Vivi Parecki

One of my favorite Omaha haunts. Great in-house bread and pastries, delicious flavors on the menu. Coffee is excellent. Often a bit of a wait at the register and for the food, but we'll worthwhile!

Luke Bonaccorsi

Had breakfast here with some friends. I had the biscuit with sausage gravy and egg and it was great. I also had a beignet and a chai latte, which were both fantastic.

Terrance Martin


Robyn Hashman

Every time I visit from Montana I have to stop at Culprit for a latte and quiche!

Bonnie Hershey

Having lived in Europe for 9 years, i have tasted some amazing food. When i found this place, i was amazed how close it tasted to "home", near France. Wonderful coffee too done just right.

Mike Patrick

The food and pastries here are amazing. Best in the state, hands down. Great coffee and satisfying food.

Jacob Ayala

Food, drinks and ambience were on point. Wanted to try everything.

Rob Kersey

This place uses HACKS. Food is incredible, coffee is delicious. Eat here. NOW.

Contessa Crees

1 word, Beniegts

Anna Teut

Super tasty. Loved their take on biscuits n gravy. Also almond curry donut, surprisingly amazing.

Joe Vasko

Oh my Yummy! One of the best breakfast / bakery places in Omaha.

Emily McQueen

Might be best turkey sandwich I've ever had. Quality ingredients, attention to detail in the flavor combinations and (of course) amazing bread.

Thuy Kim

Loved the doughnuts and matcha latte. Will be back.

jim e

Beignets were fabulous and a good value. Everything else seemed a bit overpriced. The atmosphere was conducive to polite conversation or working on a laptop.

Gil Solomon

The beignet was Delicious, better than New Orleans, but the carpet in the decaf coffee was weak.

A Crowd of One

Unusual restaurant, but not in a bad way. We had breakfast with family. French toast got rave reviews. Biscuits and gravy received good marks. My egg sandwich was very nice. Crisp bacon, nice bun (tasted like a croissant), half inch thick egg. Good coffee. Pretty laid-back atmosphere. Good staff. Glad we went here instead of a chain restaurant. Unexpected pleasure.

David Jesik

This place has the best, most flavorful soups of all the restaurants in Omaha that I've been to! Everything is extremely flavorful, fresh, and the prices are unbeatable! It's a PERFECT lunch spot downtown. This is the first review I've ever written, and it's because this place blows me away! Try it!

Margie Davis

Interesting place with interesting food.

Mary Kolar

Perfect latte, delicious pastries and easily walkable from downtown lodging.

Josie Pennington

So cute, service was amazing, and their coffee & breakfast were both fantastic! I would definitely recommend this cafe if you're in the area.

zach hansen

Had the biscuits and gravy with over-easy egg. So damn tasty. Also, the ambience was good, and the staff was very helpful. Next time. I happen to be in Omaha, I'll definitely be hitting here again.

Emily Robbins

Really great food and service. Their baked goods are delicious, and the cafe is warm and inviting.

Arthur Smith

We just had a great experience at Culprit! I’m vegan and so tried the Open Face Veggie sandwich. It was absolutely WONDERFUL! What a clever and tasty dish! So many delicious veggies (summer and winter squash, cauliflower, sweet potato, onion...) along with a lovely sweet curry sauce and a tofu cream drizzled on top. I HIGHLY recommend this dish. Thanks to the creative chef who put this together.

John Schmidt

love Culprit

Marci Purtell

The flat white was incredible. The coffee was smooth and not bitter at all. I had mine with almond milk no sugar and it was perfect. I ordered the open veggie. It was a TON of food. No way I could finish it. The roasted veggies were flavored well and something on it had a slight kick of heat. Very pleased with the experience at culprit today. Neat little cafe tucked away on a corner in downtown.

Dawn Schuster

The quiche is amazing. Get it with the bacon jam and your mouth will will forever be thankful. The cold brew coffee is perfect and the people that work there are awesome. I cannot wait to go back.

jeff Wallace

The food was very good, the service on the other hand just was simply poor and unacceptable. Down right rude.

patrick mcpeck

I love there coffee and the staff is the best love going here

Sve Jo

Love the coffee and baked good and tea. Fast service.

Hans der Tanzer

Good food, good coffee. My only complaint is that it closes too early when the Symphony performs

Jennifer Gonzales

I stopped in for breakfast while visiting Omaha and thoroughly enjoyed my meal and my overall experience. The staff was friendly and the service was fast. I ordered the French toast and my husband ordered the biscuits and gravy - and we both loved our meals. 5/5

Sarah Gray

Location, punch, and consistently exceeds my expectations. Limited hours and limited vegan if that's important to you. Expect to leave smelling amazing. . Like real food

Jessica Plants

Everything I've ever eaten here is always on point. Take a look at the weekly coffee special. All the cocktails are amazing! The food is seriously heaven.

Stephanie Hickey

Convenient counter service, delicious food (farm to table style), great lunch prices and quiet. Will go back.

Chad P

Enjoyed their coffee. It was mild and not acidic nor cheap tasting. Really a nicely brewed cup. Also indulged in their chicken salad sandwich. Quite tasty.

Sandra Miller

Great coffee, light breakfast, and service was excellent and friendly.

Sam German

Not able to improvise, opens at 7 AM but you have to wait till 8 AM for hot food.

Jeff B

We had a difficult time finding an outstanding breakfast while in Omaha. We tried Culprit, and found the food to be good, but not great. One of our menu items and a drink seemed to have been overlooked, but taken care of quickly when we asked about them. Silverware was difficult to locate, and the restaurant was very confined and not organized well.

Garrett Hyde

Delicious meal and great friendly service.

Michelle Christie

This is the culprit for my chicken salad and quiche cravings LOL. Always a great place for breakfast. They even have healthy options. And the staff? The highest level of friendly! I love absolutely love this place!

Michelle Hines

This is one of my favorite places in Omaha. I come here at least once a week. I love their fresh salmon and fresh salads the most but I've tried everything on the menu and I've never been disappointed. Everything is so well made you can tell the chefs really care about the food they serve. They do change their food seasonally so sometimes things change and it's so good you don't want it to change but this is my go to place in Omaha, defeintly worth checking out.

James G

Seriously my 8 dollar stale micro scone with sausage soup. Color me unimpressed.

David O

This place was fantastic! So good in fact that we went here both mornings we were in town for breakfast! I had French toast, biscuits and gravy, as well as a sandwich and all of it was great! I also had a coffee which was very smooth. I sat along the bar so we could see the kitchen and they worked together very well to get as much food out as they did. The flavors of both food and coffee were great!

Jay Kalina

Fresh sliced bread, awesome staff, reasonable prices, great selection and hours... What's not to like. 5 stars :)

Amy Shafer

Really delicious! Even the water was good. Great place for breakfast.

Garrett Wilkerson

The coffee was pretty good, but the quiche was straight up rubber. Tasted like it was reheated several times before being served. Coffee was pretty good though. 2/5, would not recommend for any food except the bacon jam

Drew Seely

Best quiche I've ever had. Excellent little spot for brunch.

Lawrence Ross

Outstanding. The filled party was amazing and the other items were excellent. The servings are reasonably sized, don't be afraid to order and share. The taste profiles run the gamut from sweet to savory.

Claire Wilder

Once I accidentally ate liver because the name was french, but it looked so fancy I was able to convince myself it tasted good for half the sandwich.

Don Seifrit

Most definitely a "hipster" joint, but absolutely delicious.

Alyssa Meyer

Cappacino and chai latte were both amazing. Price and food portions were reasonable. The highlight for food was their special for the day - eggs in a basket. It had great flavor and was cooked perfectly. The silverware set up is a little weird...they bring your food out to you but you have to go get your own silverware from a water and utensil station. Threw me off a bit, but overall it's a great spot!

Ladasia Griffin

An amazing place for food and coffee. Awesome for studying, reading or just watching out the window. Helpful staff.

Yana Stapelberg

The place is very nice: coffee is desent, food and service are good.

Edward Martin

Nice ambience , decent food, fair prices

Adriene Archibald

Need a break? Want something different from fast food for lunch? Do yourself a favor and a go to Culprit (everything is thoughtfully crafted and delicious). Get a coffee, try one of the specials and ABSOLUTELY GET A BEIGNET. Sit by the window and people watch. Have a great rest of your day, guaranteed

Miss K T

Food had a great presentation. I had an egg sandwich and my boyfriend had their french toast. The egg sandwich was pretty good, but the french toast was delicious. It was infused with walnuts. The fact that they really only sell coffee was a bit disheartening since we're not coffee drinkers, but the organic beverages they offer are alright. A bit pricey, but we'd return for the french toast.

Stefano Rapisarda

Great coffee and pastries. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Miranda Major

Lemon tarts for the major win!

jack parker

Great service, good food. Be prepared to wait for a seat, but it's worth the wait. They have coffee while you wait. Portions are huge and flavorful.

Jennifer Katz

I have eaten breakfast or lunch here two to four times a month since they opened. The ingredients are always fresh and the food is always beautifully prepared. Excellent value for the price and much more healthy than other places downtown in the same price range. My favorite menu item so far is the butternut squash, red onion couscous. I order deli size and use it as a side dish for my meals at home. Yum! Everything is so perfectly prepared, that even though it is a fairly simple dish, I could never get the couscous to achieve that same level of texture that really makes the dish. These people are true professionals! I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but I have bought select pastries and desserts for friends and they have been very impressed. Highly recommend.

Rachel Johnson

I'm a flight attendant so I've had many breakfasts in many places. I got my food to go, I had the quiche with bacon jelly and it was life changing. Service was great and the restaurant was clean. If you're in the area it's the only place I'd go!

DB -

Adorable cafe with baked goods, lunch items, hot breakfast, desserts, and various brunch beverages. Vegan friendly. Everything is delicious! Take the time to linger and enjoy; this is not a fast in and out place.

Matthew Beck

Good coffee, great donuts, fantastic French toast. We came here with a large group including kids on a Sunday.

Laurel Williams

Creative, delicious limited menu. Excellent coffee and tea. Friendly, efficient staff. Bright, airy, downtown location. Excellent accessibility for my scooter. Fabulous lunch today and going back for beignets tomorrow before we leave town.

Nancy S

Got coffee, coffee cake and a donut, printer was evidently on the fritz so they didn't bring out half of our uncomplicated order. Coffee cake didn't taste like anything but sugar, donut and bavarian cream filling tasted like raw flour. I pulled three stands of hair out of half the slice of coffee cake before I gave up. Staff were friendly but there's no way I'm ever eating here again.

Nycole Chirhart

Great food! Only gave 4 star because it took a long time to get food

Brandon E Wright

A great local place. We thought the food was very delicious and it seemed healthy.

Christine Seeman

I love culprit, great lunch options and the best cake donuts!


Delicious cinnamon roll, good chai latte on my first visit. I'll definitely be back for more!

Suzie Smith

Oh my, what can I say. This place is incredible! Their healthy options are so flavorful you wouldn't think their on the healthy side at all. And the service? Top notch! This is one of my favorite places.

Jed Fowler

Great pain de chocolat and perfect cappuccino. Funky mid-century decor with great tables and reclined couch.

Gil Vincent

Everything is made at the cafe. Excellent breakfast sandwiches and lattes.

Mervin Vannier

Love the Blue corn bread and the fantastic chocolate stuffed croissant kudos

Kathy Lea Guthrie Wegner

Awesome atmosphere to sit, relax, and visit! The food and coffee are fantastic. Always friendly and courteous service. See for yourself!

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