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REVIEWS OF Coneflower Creamery IN Nebraska

William Swett

Forget Ted & Wally's. Forget Coldstone, or any other chain. Forget everything you know about ice cream, until you've experienced the paradigm-shifting delight that is ConeFlower Creamery. It is everything ice cream should be; rich, creamy, made locally, and piled high in a waffle cone. The moustachioed owner and his patronage of other local establishments (i.e. pop-up collaborations with Scriptown for boozy milkshakes, flavors incorporating Archetype coffee, aprons from Artifact Bag Co.,etc. represent everything that small business should be about. Make Coneflower a required stop on any visit through Blackstone. Or the Central time zone.

Matt Christiansen

I'm an ice cream guy. I love ice cream and eat high end ice cream regularly. Coneflower is the best I've had...and it's not even close.


I had the vegan chocolate ice cream and it was so delicious with hints of coconut and almond milk

Paul Watkins

Great ice cream. Very busy place, understandably so!

Thomas Holst

Coneflower never disappoints me. I felt bad because they had technically already closed, but I couldn't resist.

Feelin Nerdy

Great flavors. Always something fun to try and my wife can get her icecream fix that is dairy free.


Best ice cream hands down. 10/10 will drive around for parking/wait in line regardless of length. Priced perfectly for the area of town this is in! The staff is unbelievably friendly and speedy! The only problem I’ve ever had is trying to decide which flavors to choose from because they all rock my world. Anyone complaining about parking, go to Dairy Queen and get out of my way. Additionally, this ICE CREAM SHOP has over 900 reviews, gtfo with your 1 Star drama.

Casey Hutchison

Tastes like cheap store bought.

Kelly Robertson

They have really cool and unique flavors like Thai Iced Tea and Aronia Berry. I got four scoops so I could try four flavors and all four were pretty good. I got Thai Iced Tea, Baklava, Tarte cherry crumble, and Peanut Butter Fudge. All were pretty good. I expected a little more cherry in the Cherry crumble though.They change their flavors as well so I'm excited to see what they have the next time I go there! Which I hope is very soon.

Allen Rummel

Great rich flavors with unique twists. Pictured left is dark chocolate and malted vanilla with honey roasted peanuts and espresso caramel in top. Right in the brown butter almond brittle and toasted coconut with caramel. There is a line most of the time so be prepared for a wait, but line can move quick.

Amber Zilla

I had the butter brickle. It was delicious. My husband got the double cone. So neat.

Janis Johnston

Great ice cream, great service, cute location!

Eric Bosen

Delicious ice cream and the best waffle cones!

Anastasia Frost

When people ask me where to grab ice cream in Omaha, I always recommend Coneflower Creamery as the ice cream is truly a heavenly tasting experience If available, try the tart cherry crumble or the ooey gooey blue st louis.

Quentin Congdon

The flavor selections were unique and they were liberal with the samples. It's very clearly a popular shop, so expect a crowd and slightly rushed employees. They were polite, and gave the kids enough time to make a decision about their flavor choices. Try the toffee! It was incredible.

Jason Smith

This place is great! Long line but moves quickly and well worth the wait! Portions were good and worth the price which was very reasonable. You can easily get all you want for 5 dollars or less.

Janel Asche

The most amazing ice cream!!! With an incredible selection of inventive flavors like honey-lavender, tart cherry crumble, and vegan options, along with usual favorites like dark chocolate and cookies and cream. There was a line of about 15 people when we arrived. The ice.cream was well-worth the 15-20 minute wait in a very amiable line. When we headed home, I noticed the line had grown to reach the corner, probably 25-30 people in line. There is some indoor seating and a few picnic tables outside. I hope they move to a larger location before winter. I don't want to get colder than my treat, while waiting for my soon-to-be-daily splurge.

Marisa Kristine

Everyone in town loves Coneflower. My favorite was the cherry crisp ice cream. You could tell it was homemade- so good!!!

Lauren Woodard

WOW. I waited 30 minutes for this icecream and it was worth every second. You could tell that they use fresh mint for the mint chocolate chip and it makes the world of a difference. Amazing! You have to go!

Dan Hoier

Love this place, unique well prepared flavors.

Elizabeth Killip

Delicious homemade ice cream. Parking was only issue, but don't let it stop you from enjoying it!

Samael Melara

Loved their ice cream! The hype is justified! Loved their vegan options for my wife who is going vegan for medical reasons

Joshua Monroe

Ice cream was excellent and the staff was great. Cherry tart crumble was phenomenal.

Joe Eisenbacher

The charm. The music. The people. The ICE CREAM. This place is more proof that God loves us. Top picks: Cinnamon, Tart Cherry Crumble, Cookies & Cream... on the odd choice Mexican Hot Chocolate comes up, at least try it!

Jacob Schmidt

Best ice cream place in town! The flavors are very delicious and unique even if it's a classic like cookies and cream. Most likely there will be a line but totally worth it!


This is my most favorite ice cream place ever. The ice cream is incredibly tasty, flavors are unique and they have the best staff. Absolutely love this place!

bruce baumann

Best in Omaha? Best in Nebraska? Best in the world?! Definitely worth the wait in line to see for yourself!

Ebony Sweeney

Delicious, creamy ice-cream served with love and warm smiles! I'll be back!

Sarah Villaseca

Amazing flavors and amazing people. From out of state and it's a place I will 100% go back to.

Bowentobewild Fishing

This place is amazing, words don't describe the flavors!

jeremy harper

Fast, friendly service and great flavors. A friend and I tried the garden mint and ice cream sandwich respectively. The ice cream sandwich was basil and sun ripened strawberry. Was a nice refreshing taste. Will be back

Leon Sanders

The best ice cream I've ever had. They had a diverse range of flavors and classics as well as additional toppings for cheap. The staff was friendly and professional and most important the cost was great. Compare to cold stone creamery where you would probably ending up paying almost twice as much. I highly recommend trying this place out

Jarid Buchan

Without a doubt the best ice cream I've ever had

Mary B Moore Salem

It was excellent! Service was great & the dark chocolate might have been the best chocolate ice cream I've ever had.

Scott Greenwood

Not a vegan, but I do try to avoid dairy. The vegan passion fruit banana mango sorbet was amazing, and having it served in a warm, homemade waffle cone made it over the top! They have about twenty different amazing flavors...give it a try!

Randal Miller

This is one of the best I've cream shops in Omaha.It has a good selection of flavors and can be very busy during the weekend with lines running out the door.

Ashley Peterson

Coneflower has the best ice cream to have ever touched my tasebuds. Ever. The owner takes extreme care to source local and quality ingredients and that is definitely reflected in the flavor, texture, and freshness of his ice creams. He also comes up with some amazing flavor combinations. One of my personal favorites is the cherry crumble as it has a perfect balance of tartness and sweetness. The strawberry ice cream is also out of this world. I will say that parking is hard to find and the line is often out the door in the summer, but an ice cream cone from this place is worth the minor inconveniences. Coneflower is a must for any ice cream lover. I refuse to eat ice cream from anywhere else.

Lynn Reichle

Ok, nothing special, horrible location and parking... Perhaps a more ideal location would make this a "must try".

Matthew Jones

Best damn ice cream evah....

Frankie MacGregor

THEEEE best ice cream in Omaha hands down. So fresh; such excellent flavors. The line is always long but it moves fast. The service is great and very fast. My favorite favorite flavors are Tart Cherry Crisp, Cookies & Cream, Coconut, Brown Butter (when they have it) and Oatmeal Raisin Cream Pie.

William Jackson

This place was packed, which is good. There was a line of people outside waiting to get in to purchase. Ice cream was good and there were many flavors to pick from. The waffle cone in my opinion had an odd flavor though. Not sure how to describe it, just not a usual waffle cone flavor.

Jeff Peters

Refreshing, light, and local. This intimate space has energetic scoop masters that will quickly serve you classic and specialty flavors of exquisite ice cream. Some seating is available inside and outside the property.

Kevin McGree

This is not only the beat ice cream shop in Omaha, it may be the beat I have visited. I travel for a living, and I have yet to find a better ice cream shop. The staff is so friendly, the owner is authentic and very welcoming. The only downside is the long line, but they even remedied that by having a staffer hand out tasters to those in line to streamline the purchase. Long story short, go here, it's amazing.

Zach Langner

Wonderful ice cream!

Dolan Smith

Great varieties of great ice cream.

Chris Austin

My kids are rating local ice cream parlors and this is on the top. They have a wide variety of flavors, good cones, smooth texture to the ice cream and in a great old time setting fit with old time music. We will be back for sure! A small cone is what the kids got, 2 scoops, $3.75 I believe.

Ariel Phillips

Fresh ingredients and you get to try before you buy.

Jack McGinnis

Amazing ice cream in an ever-shifting variety of flavors

S. Cook

Just get in line and wait for your turn to get ice cream. You'll be glad you did!

Joel Schwartz

Best ice cream in Omaha. Be prepared for a long line on nice days.

Matt Treadwell

Pretty good ice cream.

Brooke Johnson

The variety of flavors was great! I got Peach cobbler and blueberry Cheesecake and they were both amazing. Highly recommend!!

Jeff Brokaw

Favorite ice cream of all time. Stop in everytime I am near. It is that good!

_ jpeitz

Cool place. Really good ice cream. Waffle cone was amazing

Cory Willard

Probably the best ice cream in Nebraska.

Arpan Guha

Hands down my most favorite ice-cream place in Omaha. Their flavors are super interesting and often changing. Staff is super friendly. Only drawback is that they're so good that there is a line outside of their shop all the time.

Elizabeth Hill

Absolutely delicious. I had the almond brittle. I may be slightly off about the exact flavor name, but regardless, it was fantastic. Really liked the salty sweet combo. Very rich and creamy. Next time, i want to try the pineapple cheesecake.

Mike Brashier

Great local favorite that competes on a national level! I had a scoop of butter brickle and some Cherry bomb goodness in a waffle cone. It was fantastic! The service was quick and courteous, so the line out the door never felt like much of a wait. I'll be back!

Valerie Robinson

Friendly atmosphere, excellent experience, and great Vegan options! My non-Vegan friends and family even eat the Vegan ice cream!!

Samantha Friesz

Best waffle cones ever! They are sweet and super crunchy. The butterbrickle is amazing. This last week they had Brown butter almond brittle that was my favorite flavor so far. Be prepared for a little wait time on nights and weekend but it is definitely worth it.

Kegan Kegley

I can not recommend this place enough. If you see a long line out the door it's because the hype is real. I will gladly go out of my way for this ice cream. Just make sure you check facebook or the website for up to date flavors so you what you're getting into.

Alberto Zuniga

Great authenticity created original flavours like fresh corn and others

Sara Born

Such wonderful flavors ! I see why there is always a line and worth the wait ( moves quickly ) gives you a chance to converse ! I know this isn't going to sound good, but I must say it. I have had ( tummy) problems with most ice creams so I never ate it any more... I have now had Coneflower twice in 2 weeks with No issue !!! Its like a dream come true !! Everyone I know kept telling me how good, wonderful, delicious.. well, I see why. They were correct !! In the Blackstone District !! Ummm, yummm !!!

Jessica Quintana

I absolutely loved this place! Ever since getting ice cream here, I have been telling everyone about this place! I cannot say enough great things about this place and the amazing ice cream creations they have here. I love that it is locally made and that it is something that keeps me craving more! I cant wait to go back! I recommend everyone go here because child or adult, you will absolutely love this place!

Karen Zagorski

Fancy flavors. Vegan ice creams are extremely good.

armin brueckner

Legit one of my top 3 ice cream experiences ever. I grew up on Milwaukee custard and live in the twin cities with several top notch ice cream/custard places. If you saw me, you would think, hey, bet that guy has ice cream every 3 or 4 weeks. So I feel like I come from a place that my review means something. I'm in Omaha for 1 week a year. Based on previous reviews, I took a bike from my hotel, just to try this. I was not disappointed. Had vanilla and the coffee flavor and both were heavenly. And a great come to boot. Go here and enjoy and feel like there are still good things in the world.

Thomas Deranek

GREAT ice cream. I can't imagine that there's a better local ice cream shop in Omaha

Renae Garlick

Gramma Minnie's lemon bars ice cream all the way!!

Shaeley Santiago

Awesome ice cream that's worth the wait!

Kyle Johnson

Great ice cream with unique flavors


Favorite ice cream store in the whole world! Baklava, saffaron, and cardamom flavors are the best!!!

Chris Richardson

The line out the door 10/10. Don't know about the ice cream though, but one hell of a line.

Joshua Brandenburg

Unique flavors and great homemade waffle cones. Very tiny location and often times a line that wraps around the corner. Parking can be tough be definitely worth a visit.

Kory Klimoski

Yummy ice cream.


Consistently the best ice cream around! Both unique and classic flavors. Staff are wonderful. Lines move fast and are always worth the wait!


Simply put: this is the best ice cream I’ve ever had and there’s no close second. Their seasonal flavors and house specialties are amazing and they rotate regularly among persistent favorites. Every guest who is new to Omaha gets taken here and it never disappoints.

David Ortman

Excellent nice cream. Fun atmosphere

Chad Sideris

Just look outside the door. You'll see two dozen people waiting for to get their hands on some of this scrummy stuff. I am not one for waiting in lines, but at the request of a friend I did. Very good! Loved the butter brickle ice cream.

Erin Davern

The cinnamon Ice cream was hands down the best ice cream I have ever had. The cones were homemade (as is the ice cream) and makes the whole place smell delightful. Service was very friendly. I want to go back everyday

Jessica Sobczyk

Most amazing ice cream ever

Hannah Spielman

Basil White Chocolate was amazing. The homemade waffle cone was the best part!

Brian Curtis

Good stuff right here can’t go wrong

Bess Gull

The most delicious ice cream, exactly what ice cream should be! There's a flavor for every palate. It's very evident they are creative but well trained in culinary expertise. Their use of locally sourced ingredients is delightful & never disappoints from season to season! There's not another ice cream anywhere that's as delicious as Omaha's Coneflower Ice Cream!

Stephen Brownlee

Unique flavors that are very tasty. 3 scoops for less than $5

David P

Highly recommend !!! the best ice cream and also great customer service, always friendly and they let you try as many flavor as you like without feeling awkward or judge!!!

Shane Welsh

Excellent, a wide variety of ice cream. Great flavors and awesome waffle cones.

Andrew Reynolds

My wife found this shop while we were on vacation with our 5 and 7 year olds and we all LOVED the ice cream we chose. Be prepared for a line out the door!

John Bachhuber

Amazing ice cream! The staff is very patient as you choose your flavor (so many unique flavors). The sour cherry crumble might be the best ice cream I’ve ever had!

brien robotham

Great ice cream and one of best waffle cones but their ice cream is not better than Doozies in Council Bluffs

Adam B.

They have a great selection of not-found-elsewhere and innovative flavors, and they're all very tasty, even their vegan options. Yep, vegan ice cream, and it's actually tasty! The space is small, but they do a good job of keeping it from feeling cramped. The staff was really friendly and even allowe my little one to make a record selection from their vinyl collection while we enjoyed our ice cream in their seating booth.

rodney brommel

This is a shining star in Omaha! I had white chocolate basil over Brown butter almond brittle... I can now for a happy man.

Roy Lubkeman

Excellent ice cream, recommend it.

Shane O'Connell

Excellent quality ice cream and great flavors. The owner is in there serving the ice cream and he looks like he was transported here from the 40s– sweet. I love how people get mildly annoyed about parking and leave a bad review. Like it’s in Blackstone obviously there’s no parking. You need a good system, like drop somebody off to wait in line then drive around for a spot. Other bad reviews for the price, wow. Try Sonic or get a McFlurry.

Perris Scott

It was so delicious! My baby has a dairy allergy so I got the vegan flavor and it was really good...she loved it! And everyone else that ordered loved their flavors and the customer service was amazing!

Hannah Holguin

YUM. Need a bit more vegan options for my family. The golden one was odd but they didn't have a lot of traditional flavors for vegans. Nice to shake it up though. I love all the options and the atmosphere. Small establishment, friendly staff, incredibly creamy and flavorful ice cream.

James Lathrop

The line is long, but it's worth the wait.


Great service and wonderful ice cream! Love Coneflower

Brian Poppe

Best ice cream in Omaha, hands down. I still don’t understand how they pack so much flavor into each scoop. Try the butterbrickle!

Jacqueline Phillips

Worth the wait. Best vegan ice cream I've had.

Michael Bahlmann

I love ice-cream and am in general pretty picky with the ice cream I get. This was by far the best ice-cream that I have had. Of course it was a bit more expensive than I would like, but the quality makes it worth it. Truly a 10/10 experience. The only problem is price and parking. (you will have the same problem anywhere in downtown Omaha.)

Linda Christensen

Everyone needs ice cream after birthday has to be Coneflower

Siddesh Southekal

Awesome icecream. They have new flavors added in the menu often. Long wait usually depending on the time of the day.. but worth it.

John Nguyen

Best ice cream in Omaha. They have a rolling menu with lactose free options. Their vegan chocolate is my favorite.

Fred Ferguson

A throw back to the old days, with a twist! Very high quality products, made from local ingredients. Vegan ice cream available. My wife had "Pumpkin Spice". She loved it! Only draw back is sparse seating. Well worth the visit!


Great ice cream! Staff is super friendly and prices are very fair. Almost always a line

Anna Wicks

Hands down the best ice cream and waffle cone I've ever had. I frequent Coneflower and it never disappoints!

Ben Rodgers

This is a cozy little ice cream shop that everyone can enjoy. All flavors are made on site with many different flavors daily. There are even vegan flavors available. My reason for only 4 stars is because of the long line, but as I said everyone in town (locals) as well as tourists flock here. Good thing come to those that wait.

Ella Rohr

Amazing. Ice cream worth travelling for. Flavors most stay the same, unlike Ted and Wally's constant rotation. Always a few good vegan options and sorbets.

Heidi Orona

Best ice cream and chocolate chip cookies in town.

Stan Segal

There is not a bad flavor of ice cream here. Loved the butter brickle and coffee ice cream.

Chellie Marie

Toffee flavor was the best I've ever had

Brenda Dolinski

Only the best of the best right here!!! Worth the wait if there is one!!!

Sarah Starkey

Delicious ice cream (at a relatively good value) paired with friendly service. Establishment is small and not entirely comfortable, especially considering how busy the place usually is, but it’s a place worth trying. One of my top choices for ice cream in the Omaha area.

Randyl Lacombe

Pretty tasty, but long lines

Scott Griffis

One important amenity for any restaurant or business is it's parking. That is my only issue with this place. Sadly I have not been able to try any of the ice-cream (which I hear is the best in the area) simply because I could not find anywhere near-by to park. That is pry fine for people that live in the area or are walking through that area, but for someone who came from just over the river in Iowa to visit, it was really heartbreaking.

Sean N

Coneflower is a wonderful little ice cream shop in the Blackstone district. The mainstay flavors are all delicious, and their rotating flavors are expertly made and taste great.

Andy Cunningham

Best ice cream in Omaha. Hands down. Be prepared to stand in line (doesn't matter the weather). If you haven't gone - GO!

Chloe Meehan

Took my boyfriend from out of town here during our tour of the top 3 ice cream places and he ordered plain vanilla and chocolate. He doesn’t even like chocolate, but the chocolate ice cream at Coneflower was “the best chocolate ice cream I ever had in my entire 20 years on this earth” according to him. 10/10 always a great experience. Definitely the best ice cream in Omaha!

sindhuja Ramamoorthy

Vegan coconut ice cream is awesome!!

Stapp family

Amazing homemade icecream with unique flavors! Great small town customer service! Love this place!

Kat Theo

Today they had like 5 or 6 vegan flavors. I was in heaven!! Thank you for so many delicious plant based options!!

Joanna Franco

Every time! They deliver every single time. Their ice cream is creamy, icy, delicious! Everything you want in ice cream! But with an added touch of homeliness and warmth. I don't know how that's possible with a frozen product. Come try and find out!

Debanjana Chatterjee

One of my best in the town. I have tried different flavors in this places and liked all of them. My favorite is the Blackstone Butterbrickle. I’m attaching the picture of Blackstone Butterbrickle with waffle cone and brownie fudge toppings. They change flavors frequently based on the season. But this one is one of their signature flavors. Almost all the time you will find a long queue for this place. The waiting time is not too long though.

Austin Dovin

Best ice cream in Omaha. The lines are super long, but it is worth the wait. I love their specialty flavors. Ooey Gooey St. Louis Blue was amazing. So many options.

Julie K

WOW!! As something of an ice cream connoisseur, I can tell you that it doesn't get much better than Coneflower Creamery! This charming little ice cream shop is located in Omaha's Blackstone District and within walking distance of many wonderful bars and restaurants. With a wide variety of flavors and options to choose from, including sugar or waffle cones, Cornflower is by far the best homemade ice cream I've found in Omaha. (No offense to those two guys in the Old Market.) Try the Tart Cherry Crumble, it's out of this world! You'll swear your eating the best piece of cherry pie you've ever had. The dark chocolate is equally delicious, but I'm still thinking about that Tart Cherry Crumble, and with pint options available, I may have to stock up!! Check them out, you won't be sorry! P.S. the old school vinyl records playing is a great touch!

Frank E Caesar

Delicious treats. I'm coming back really soon.

Antiseptic_Handwash _

I absolutely loves this place. It was small, and there was quite a line when we were there, but the line moved quickly. There are so many different flavors of ice cream, and all of them are so good! They definitely don’t hold back when it comes to serving sizes either! I would defiantly recommend this place to Alton’s that could go!

JoAnna LeFlore

There is typically a line on a Friday night but the wait is worthwhile because their flavors have superb and savory taste! If you go with a big group of larger than 3 people then you may not expect to have anywhere to sit because it's a small establishment. But it still adds to the Ambiance of having to wait for ice cream that has your mouth watering with every minute. Don't delay if you haven't been here yet. They also have a good selection of vegan options.

Jody O'Connor

Unbelievable! So very good! All flavors are ori7

Colin Shenefield

Best farm to cone ice cream I've tried

Eloida A.

Delicious ice cream! The line was long but it was definitely worth the wait. My favorite scoop was the pie flavored scoop. I believe it was rhubarb. It was gone way too fast. The cone was fantastic, the best cone I’ve ever had.

L A.

Overpriced ,ok tasting hard ice cream ,looong wait.Hard ice cream in any state east of Nebraska costs less than this.

Kurt S

Ice cream is delicious and the staff is very friendly. Lots of flavor options, including vegan flavors.

Judy Ramer

Always a new flavor to try and using local ingredients, also happy to find a previous flavor I love like cherry crumble.

Starion Black

Ice cream is good, but really not worth standing in line for 30 minutes or more.

Paul Menefee

Without a doubt some of the best ice cream I have ever had. Every part, from the quality and sourcing of the cream, to flavor profiles, they have spent time on the details. They also have amazing dairy free options!

Amanda Reeves

I love there ice cream

spencer olson

One of the best best handmade ice cream shops in town! They may not have the most creative flavors around, but their classics are sure winners. You can't go wrong with a two scoop vanilla bean with cookies and cream. If you're in Blackstone for dinner this is a must stop for dessert!

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