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REVIEWS OF Wheat Montana Great Falls IN Montana

Alex E.

Always delicious. Really great, expansive menu with great food, super friendly service, and an awesome atmosphere. One of only a very few restaurant gems we have here in Great Falls.

Michael Duchesne

We really enjoy coming here for the pastries and coffee. Sandwiches are basic, not worth the $8 they cost. Kettle chips that come with the sandwich were broken and in small pieces, probably got the bottom of the bag. Stick to the muffins and coffee.

Zeke News

DELICIOUS!! Top 5 Breakfast & Lunch or Brunch place in Great Falls. Try their porridge!! Tasty sandwiches on homemade bread - Ì like the Reuben but ask for no sauce or not so heavy on the sauce. Excellent customer service. Great place to buy bread & baked goods. Their cinnamon bun is HUGE! Affordable menu items.

Franklin Castle

**Excellent food, friendly staff, excellent service. We stopped by on our way through town. Our sandwiches were fantastic. Lots of seating. Good location. Will definitely be coming back.

Donkey Puncher

Really great store with some good pottery. If you visit you have to get one of the giant cinnamon rolls of various flavors. The only downside is some items are hard to keep in stock and might not be available.

Cindy Johnston

We eat at Wheat Montana Bakery & Deli every time we are in town. Their food is delicious and fresh, staff is always friendly and willing to help. With the addition of being able to get a beer with our sandwich & soup, nothing could be better. We tried the Sicilian nachos last week, and they were awesome.

Don Speer

My granddaughter said their food was really good.

Janus Maybee

Relax and have the friendly staff recommend something tasty. My personal favorite is the grilled cheese with a pickle. Perfect.

Jamie Woodward

Food was good and fresh but not near enough for a full grown man. Smallest bowl of soup I have ever had. I guess it's OK if one is 70 lb. old lady. Expensive too. I had to go to Burger King after I was finished to feel like I did have lunch.

Caitlin Holmlund

The sandwiches are great, especially the Charlie Russell. You can't go wrong with any of the pastries. They have Kombucha on tap (awesome!) and an assortment of flour and bread loaves for sale as well. I don't use any other flour but their all natural all purpose flour. The best there is!

Robin Nagel

Excellent HUGE cinnamon rolls yumminess.

Shaun Mock

Best food

Darrell Cousin

Best sandwiches I've tasted in Great Falls

Darla Dunham

Fast friendly service and great food!

Alfred Solley

I love their bread

Haydee Rombouts

The food is delicious! I order a tuna melt and minestrone soup and it was phenomenal. I'm going back later for a soup and salad

Lynn Rohrer

Very good Big Rancher roast beef sandwich!

Eric Connors

That was a tasty breakfast! And the staff is super nice. The tea was good too.

Peter Hemsworth

I only went for breakfast, but yes, the place is great.

Todd Zullo

All the pastries we tried were fresh baked and excellent. People were very friendly. The coffee was extremely weak.


Got a Charlie Russell sandwich. Pricey but good. Service is okay.

Patty Jo Sheldon

Very good carmel roll. Server did forget to bring us our order however. We were the only folks in the restaurant at the time. We were not in a hurry.

Stefanie Nordberg

Very friendly staff, and yummy sandwich!!

Lilith Fantasies

Oh my goodness it is so delicious here! The food is always perfect and the kombucha is amazing!!! They have a yummy bakery selection and other goodies you can purchase for your kitchen or souvenirs! Also their bathroom is so cute and always clean!!! A clean place with a good atmosphere and great service!

The Bear

We love this place. It has excellent food and great pastries and everything in the bakery cabinets are excellent. The food tastes fresh and tastes very good. I would recommend trying this restaurant.

Mary Smith

We ate here on a Saturday and were very rushed by an employee. It took quite a while for our order to be taken. We ordered food about 45 minutes until close and although we did not order it to go, our food was served in to go boxes and we were told that the store is closing soon. We came to eat in the dining room... Oddly enough, an order after us did not have their food served in to go boxes for the dining room. Perhaps this is how out of town guests are treated? Liked the concept but not the service.

NANCY Steffens

It was my and great service!

Sheyanne Robinson

Seemed to be a nice place cleaner eating area good pastries food was decent tasting as well however everything is very overpriced and for some reason when you order a (Scrambler) for 8 dollars that is supposed to have hash browns incorporated there should be hash browns in it and they're was not! Oh and silverware was disgusting had to polish the one for my Pastry and when food was brought out it shouldn't already have another dirty fork shoved in it.. yuck that pretty gross !! And food is not that GREAT.. so ha try again! You should take your rude criticism comments to people and turn them into positive energy that will benefit you & your business before you don't have anything left but negativity In your life!!!

Dodge This333

Great food, friendly staff and military discounts. Love companies that appreciate members of armed services, past and present.

Steve Presswood

Love it! Does the state proud.

Jake Baroch

Always great food

Christopher Sanchez

Know for there local wheat products you have to have their signature cinnamon rolls great lunch items Yu oh won't be disappointed

Cindy Winther

A wonderful find on our way through town. Great wholesome food, friendly and helpful service and very fast. It doesn't get much better than this.

Sasha S

Unimpressed. Overpriced. Maybe cuz I'm from out of town. I got caramel rolls, not the day old ones, and they were dry, and the caramel sauce still had unmelted sugar crystals. The staff was cold, less than friendly. The cashier look bothered or confused when I asked for plastic silverware because they keep it behind the counter. I'm disappointed in the experience, frankly.

Janet Hansen

I was there this Sunday before the Home and Garden show. We stopped in for breakfast, I wanted a cinnamon roll with almond slices, the first tray had only one on it and not many nuts so I asked for one from the other tray, She said she could not give it to me until someone buys the last one on the other tray! I can see if the first tray had more than one but I work all week and watch my money, came out for a treat for a Sunday morning and I can not get what I want? My boyfriend bought me two of them just so I can get the one I wanted but I got mad and the lady (chunky with shoulder length blond hair in a top pony tail) did not care, she just took my boyfriends money and did not talk to us for the remainder of our stay. That is terrible service and a dam thing to do to someone spending their hard earned money to get what they do not want? If I go there again and this happens, I will raise hell in the store and spread the word. That is just darn rude!

Cory Willard

A great little spot focused on baked goods. I had an excellent sandwich. Coffee was good, but not great. Huckleberry bear claw hit the spot on a long drive.

Andrew Clark

This place was amazing, staff were chipper and happy. The cinnamon rolls were as good as advertised well worth the visit from Alberta.

jeanne yoder

Love their soup and sandwiches!! The bread is amazing! It's a must go!

Jay Smith

Exactly what you'd expect and more. Pleasantly surprised by the loaded biscuits and gravy.

melinda perkins

The food is absolutely delicious and I know that I'm eating healthy. Service was very helpful and friendly.

Katie Brown

Great food and atmosphere. The cinnamon rolls are heavenly and huge! They have a great selection of espresso drinks, including one of my favorites Big Trains, as well as sandwiches, soups, salads, bakery items and beer. If you are looking for a nice healthy meal I highly recommend this bakery. It is also nice that everything is local.

David Geaney

If you want a place to get breakfast and/or pastries, this is the place to go in Great Falls, Montana. They have a drive through too.

rae sunshine

My mom didn't get her Ruben but the huckleberry lemonade was good

Robin loves Jamie Kilgore

Good bread

Charles Weaver

Less than impressive. The French toast was pretty good, but the sides (bacon and hash browns) tasted like they were just precooked Walmart sides from the frozen food section heated up in the microwave. I wouldn't be surprised if that's exactly what they are.

Cody Pedro

Wheat Montana Deli and Bakery is a must try for those traveling through Great Falls, MT. This is a truly amazing local business serving yummy food, with excellent customer service. I would highly recommend The Silo Sandwich. It is amazing! They also have a nice selection of salads, other sandwiches (both hot and cold), and bakery items that will have your head spinning. Everything seems reasonably priced as well.

Danielle Barth

Amazing food - don't leave without trying one of their caramel rolls!!

Lil Bit 32557

Friendly and fast service. The food was really good, and they were very helpful to first timers.

Kristofer Sawey

Food was really good

Marilou Hatler

Great service, yummy soup, sandwiches and pastries. Nice dinning room. Lots of room.

Caleb S.

Ordered a sandwich, which wasn't my favorite, but the bread and pastries more than made up for it.

Maureen Lewis

Yummy food served quickly by great staff !!! Clean and nice atmosphere !!!

Mrs Gail Lenher Andrews

I had breakfast here as I have before and it was terrific. Most people go in to order their huge cinnamon rolls and other breakfast rolls and turnovers, however, I had 1 biscuit and gravy and 1 scrambled egg and it's delicious. There order, unless specific comes with 2 biscuits and gravy, but I get full with 1. My husband gets their cinnamon rolls and even he has to get a to-go bag. I have tasted his rolls on occasion and I concur, they're great!

Thomas Brown

Great baked goods/pastries, coffee, and friendly service. Nice location and seating.

Karen Scrivano

Friendly helpful staff Blueberry Muffins YUM!!!!!

Melissa Groetsch

great food

Justin Sumner

Good food that's reasonably priced with a very friendly staff. One of my favorite lunch spots.

Melanie Dewing

Good fast breakfast

Cory Thomes


Michelle Payton

Yum. The cinnamon rolls are out of this world!

Rob Rivas

Very nice staff

Debbie Whitton

The best food we had on our visit to Great Falls. In fact we ate there three times in two days.

Valerie Aguilar

Who can resist giant cinnamon rolls!

Cathy Zeng

I had the Cinnamon Roll French Toast, and my Husband had Big Sky breakfast. Both taste really good! The side dishes, bacon and sausage were just Ok, i wouldn’t recommend the side dishes. The waitresses are friendly and nice.

Justin Newstead

Very good food, easily my favorite lunch place in town.

S. Rule

This place is truly a gem in Great Falls. We stopped in on our way home from Glacier and absolutely LOVED the food here. You can taste that it is made with quality ingredients and love.

Marquita Francis

I had a delicious turnkey salad and their bean & bacon soup. It definitely hit the spot for lunch. The huckleberry smoothie wad a nice addition, too.

Joseph Casady

The Carmel rolls are awesome.

Louis CoffeeMeyer

Ordered the Big Belt. Great food, just enough gravy to flavor the wrap leaving a refreshing note of some soul breakfast on the tongue. Service is first class, very helpful. Check out Wheat Montana when you are in the area!

Alicia N. Leelee

Quick service. Amazing breakfast rolls !

Evelyn Perkins

ust went to this restaurant a couple of days ago for lunch and it was great! We both had a BLT and cup of potato bacon soup. Yummy! The girls at the counter were helpful and friendly. Nice spot! Will go here again! Fresh sweets, bread and snacks..... incredible sandwiches on fresh bread..... you have to go get you something from here, wont be disappointed, by far a top bakery place anywhere I have been.

Megan Good

Affordable, fast, and all locally grown. Great for lunch

Janice Johnson

It was a great place to eat! Service was awesome. Food excellent ....

Tanner Ripley

Great local, quick, friendly, clean lunch and breakfast stop. Prefer John Deer Sandwich add meat. Cinnamon Roles and bakery treats also good. Buy bread, oatmeal, wheat, kombucha, latte etc here too.

Chris S

Ok food, a little pricey for what you get.

Adrian Werkheiser

Because of the giant cinnamon roll!!!!!!!!

erika geske

Always love coming here when I'm in town! Delicious food as always! Friendly staff too!

Kacie Nelson

Great food and great service

Michael Touchette

I had the special: a grilled cheese on their whole wheat white stuffed with crumbled bacon, potato chips, potato salad, and a drink. (7-up) started off with a warmer almond bear claw the counter girl brought out to me, saying "we eat dessert first here." So delicious.

glenn offerman

The coffee could have been better

Brett Freeman

Great lunches, fantastic baked goods and superb customer service.

N. K.

Since Yelp removed my reviews based on my truth... I am posting on other websites to make sure my experiences are heard... The food was ok, but the waitresses are snotty... I asked for a fork and the chick tossed it on the table and walked off... I won't be back.

Karine Bergeron

I absolutely love Wheat Montana everywhere I went in Montana they make amazing fresh food. However I had the worst service this morning with an employee at the Great Falls store. She was very condescending when I asked her a question about some of the food and was very unhelpful. I brought my friend for the first time this morning and it was her birthday and it was a very awkward situation and I feel sorry that her first impression of Wheat Montana was not a good one.

nate l

get the garlic cheddar bread. if you show up around 10:30 -- 11 it will be fresh and hot.

Larry Strizich

Great service

Brad D. Frederick

Awesome breakfast burritos

Corey LeBlanc

The best wheat Montana. So much better than the one in Three Forks. At least at this one you ca get any sandwich you want on any bread they offer. For some reason the one in three forks wont allow you to change your bread which is stupid.

Steven Stanislaw

First time eating there & I loved it. Very good meals

Alisa Heacock

Very nice place, nice people and the soup was good.

Anna Kraus

Amber is so wonderful ! Makes the best salads!

Lynn Greenamyer

The food food and baked goods are excellent! Coffee is great, best breakfast and lunch place around!

John Williams

Great food

Marcus Montana

Not that, at least in my humble opinion, it particularly matters, but the young woman who received me this morning provided and allowed me to share such an agreeable experience, possessed a grace an elegance seldom endowed. It left me with such a burgeoning (right on the cusp of becoming lustfull)desire, up until that very moment when my breath was taken away as I sunk my teeth into that freshly baked, hot and buttery, cream cheese covered, sweet and decadent, mouth watering, locally and organically-sourced whole wheat Montana cinnamon roll.

Jorey Ray

Customer service is outstanding.. definitely make you feel as if your right at home..

Maribeth Wilcox

Super yummy FRESH food. Great vibrant and helpful staff. I really enjoy my food everytime i am here. Fresh baked bread and the meats...ugh so good. Pastries and lots of other goodies too

Kirsten Steele

Fantastic as usual! Sandwich was excellent, but it only had just a few chips on the side. Used to get a decent handful.

Mert Antonich

I had friendly staff, good pastries and coffee. I would recommend this coffee shop to anyone!

Gary Ray

Very good , good people !

Lisa Ponsor

Consistently excellent food and service. I highly recommend their flour. It is fluffy, smells fresh and makes for better bread and other baked goods.


Great food, good service, decent prices and cool atmosphere.

David Langkiet

Great cinnamon rolls. The kids love them

Donna Hunter

Was great. Everything was very tasty. Fast service is the best.

Sandra Siemens

Great sandwiches. Best steel cut oats for purchase. Wish they'd deliver to out of state areas.

Logan Nixon

Fantastic baked goods and delicious sandwiches/coffee. This is my favorite, go to restaurant in Great Falls, hands down. Total recommend. Prices are decent as well. More of a brunch/lunchtime eatery.

jim freeman

Great food and service

Kathryn Carpenter

I’ve never had anything but a wonderful experience here! The salads are delicious, the coffee tastes amazing, and the bear claws melt in your mouth. Extremely quick service and everyone is friendly!

Mike Blount

Very very RUDE and inconsiderate staff and owner as I see even more of it from recent posted review replies from owner. Stop ripping everyone off and learn how to run a business before you don't have one left. Everytime I've visited its day old cinnamon rolls dry or over heated in micro. Just pathetic. I'll go to Great Harvest from now on

Neil Boyd

Had soup and sandwich. Food was good, soup could have been a little warmer. Quick friendly service.

Billie Perry

Delicious food and great service!

Randy Moats

Had a nice soup and salad lunch. Great service.

Heidi Horak

Great sandwiches, recommend the Charlie Russell

Nina Magie

Wonderful food but even better customer service! We ate at the one in Great Falls. Went through drive-thru and they even gave our dog a treat! Thank you for a quality experience!

Brad Bloxham

Always good, but not 5 star. Decent food, kind of generic atmosphere. Could easily be a 5-5-5, with a name like Wheat Montana I expected more.


I like this place. Great cinnamon rolls and breakfast burritos. I wish they had better coffee though

Jack Hollis

Very great place to bting friends or family who visit from out of state.

Kim Frith

Get food and fantastic service.

David Dobbins

I liked their soup and sandwich, but wouldn't recommend going in late afternoon as cleanup had already commenced at 5:15pm for a 6pm close. Soup was not hot, and skimpy serving size, but the sandwich was great. We also shared a white chocolate huckelberry muffin, warmed, that was exceptionally good. Service was good.

dale martin

Best place I have eat in montana, I will be back

Frank Torres

Love the sandwiches and cinnamon rolls.

Audrey Cornellier

Rude staff, all of their tables are dirty, cold soup, and pretty much out of everything two hours before they close. Save your money!!!

Lori Taylor

Great breakfast sandwiches!

Benjamin Yonko

Delicious, well priced, and slightly elevated outdoor seating.

shay costigan

Great food and wonderful employees

June Cope

They are amazing and I love this place

Mike Herburger

Nothing special here–kinda like a fast food breakfast place.

Alexandra Simone

Fast friendly service. Came in here for breakfast from a road trip.... great selection bakery... tasty breakfast sandwiches will be back

Yvette Morris

Very sweet and happy to help even after waited on. Great place. Food is great!

Tiffany Gouge

Average breakfast. Mochi of it seems pre-made but the Cinnamon rolls are delicious.

Turner Burchard

Really good food, especially perfect for a nice lunch.

Brandon Davidson

The people who work there are great and so is the food.

Brennan Freeman

I eat here regularly. Delicious food and friendly fast service.

John Bowes

Amazing Corned Beef Rueben everytime

Charlotte Mehmke

Soup very salty

Caleb Shalz

One of the best spots you can stop for breakfast. Huckleberry bearclaws will always be one of the best snacks!


Great tasting sandwiches with a good variety.

Annette Duncan

Love the mochas and the Little Belt is my favorite


Great food and service!

Kevin Kofod

The girls are always cheerful and nice! Atmosphere is good, plenty of parking. Food has always been hot, fast, and good!

Linda Valleroy

Nice service

Paige Hall

Coffee was good. Crescent sandwich had warm contents but the actual crescent was not warm. Very friendly workers.

matt danreuther

Love their chili it does have some wheat germ in it just beware. But the bread bowl is hands down one of the best perks about eating their soup. They're other ships are very very good as well and not a bad coffee.

Michael Elrod

A great place to grab a quick bite to eat. The food is good, the staff is always friendly and before you leave, grab that dessert!

destany joy

I've been to Wheat Montana's all over the state. This is by far the worst. I love the products. However this location fails to offer consistency of the production of sandwiches, soups, coffee and portions. I keep going back hoping they'll catch up with the other locations which are awesome.

Heather Copenhaver

The food was fantastic, as always!

Bill_the_Pony 9

Great food! Great service! Love the atmosphere. And is kid friendly.

Jeff Legg

Ok... Far better choices within mere feet of this location. I go here when I've had my fill of other lunch spots...

Maria Woodmansee

Good food fair price.

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