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Where is Town Talk Bakery Inc.?

REVIEWS OF Town Talk Bakery Inc. IN Montana

Francis Banks

Only the best donuts in town

Tony Ballensky

Best maple bars anywhere!

Donald Kynett

Always have to Stop for the maple bars.

Zak Kypfer

Maple bars and jalapeno breakfast pasties are my favorites!

Jimmy James Cleator

If you haven't gotten a chance do it. Pasties are the best. Donuts too

Glenda Lee Anderson

Young lady at the counter was extremely rude. Not even a little friendly. Pastry was delicious though!!!! No filled donuts till 7:30a.m., why not when they open??!

Joshua Schroeder

Great donuts!!

John Bauer

Tasty treats at good prices. Super-friendly staff. Bring cash (no cards).

Meaghan facer


Amanda Burkhart

Their apple fritters are life changing! Town Talk has achieved culinary perfection!

Andrew Calderon

Best Doughnuts Ever. It's as simple as that.

Kevin McGlynn

Town Talk Bakery has the best donuts. I know people worldwide that rave about them. I have friends that stock up for the weekend so they won't be without. Sometimes you have to stand in line but you can amuse yourself with the banter between the counter help and the customers. A true local gem.

Miles Finlen

Best bakery in Butte and surrounding area.

Emunah B

All of the food is delicious! Service was excellent and friendly.

Steven Gammon

Great baked goods of all types.

Mark Blanchard

Good variety of products

Joseph Parchen

The best maple bars in the world!!!


Oh my, if you want a fantastic fresh donut, this is the best in the state

Shawna Tipton

I love there maple bars...always so fresh and warm...never go anywhere else

Charles Ruppert

Best donuts any where you haven't had a donut until you have had a Town Talk donut.

Stephanie Call

Excellent!! We drive from the Big Belts just to shop this bakery!! Yum!!

stephanie brackett

Nothing can beat these donuts! I had Voodoo donuts in the famous downtown Portland shop and was seriously unimpressed... my standards were set by Town Talk and they have yet to be matched anywhere! What is your secret Town Talk?!

Jim Nys

Stumbled across, pleasantly surprised

dana brunet

Always fresh! Always great to share!

Tracy Pickle

Awesome place for doughnuts and coffee

Tory Cooper

The most amazing donuts in Butte. No, really. If you've never, then you really need to. I've never had the other baked goods they sell but I'm willing to bet they are amazing to. You can see donut lovers file in the morning, lining up to get these local favorites. I've never had a better donut anywhere else. I can't over exaggerate the wonder donuts that come from Town Talk. Writing this review has made me want one. I'm having one tomorrow. No joke.

Skip Morris

Excellent pastries and rolls.

Michael Vineyard

Donuts good.

Clint Earhart

Best doughnuts... wish they took card though.

Jason Wilhelm

Brest testing donuts in Butte. Hands Down.

Chris B

Literally the best donuts and pastries in town!

Daniel Henderson

carrera 911turbo

Best donuts in town.

The Reaction Brothers

Amanda Miron

BRING CASH!!! I am from out of town and just saw this bakery when I was driving around. Stopped and everything looked amazing!!! Sadly I had zero cash so I had to leave empty handed. If I come back to town ever I hope to stop here. Maybe by then they will take credit cards but either way I will make sure to have money in hand. I would give this place a 5 if it wasn't for the cash/check only but just from looks and smells it is a 5 star place!!

Deborah Simmen

Charming multi-generational family owned bakery. A local favorite! Leave your credit cards and bring cash.

Anna McDermott

Amazing donuts. I love their breakfast pasties too.

Jason & Tanya Hammons

We love this place! The best donuts and baked goods around!

Katerina Wassberg

I also love their doughnuts and pasties but the lady is just awful. If I treated my customers the way she does I wouldn't have a job. She takes the fun out of letting my kids have their one sweet morning a month won't go back I'll just go to Safeway and get their doughnuts and truzzolinos for my pasties from now on!!

Tim Smith

They have the best pasties i town

Eric O'Connell

Lenore Rowling

Great real French bread, donuts, cookies and pasties. Everything is mouth watering here.

Kari Wilcox

Best donuts in town

Josh Sperle

Best I have ever had! Fresh warm maple bars are the best!

Rick S Chappel

love them chocolate, and jelly donuts, and maple bars

Sheena Jean

Best intown by far a #1 to so many besides myself. The know what they're doing when it comes to making fresh amazing donuts. 5 stars hands down i'd give 10 if i could.

Donna Leggitt

Delicious bakery

Steve Wilson

Most things this good are illegal! Ha!

Geri Arms

Best doughnuts in town... especially the long johns. Excellent pasties also.

Afton Matthews

I've had donuts all over the US and these are my favorite. Especially the apple fritters.

Emma Smith

The best

b money

Amazing donuts I have traveled all over the usa and most places to get this quality of donut you would pay 3$ to 5$ per donut and around 20$ for a dozen and stoker donuts don't even compare.

Charles Swanson

Best Maple long johns we ever tasted!


We call it the vortex because of all the people swirling around it in the morning

Cheyenne Crooker

Delicious, but nothing allergen friendly. Also, with how loved this business is in Butte, and well supported, the owners refuse to donate back into the community.

Nicole Hutchinson

George Gordon

The best ever

Montana Tech

Love the baked good --more than doughnuts! Wit of the cashier just makes me laugh!

Joseph Hall

Breakfast pastys

J August

DELICIOUS but you have to be sure to get there early. The good stuff sells out quick!

jacob brill

Kayla Miller

If it weren't for the awfully rude and ignorant lady that runs the cash register in the morning, I would have given this place 5 stars. The maple bars and doughnuts are the best in town, but I won't be giving this place any more business. It's not like I need the bars anyhow ;) My work place buys maple bars by the dozen at least weekly. This was my first time picking them up, and when I came back and shared my experience, everyone there said this is the norm. Had I known that this was how Town Talk ran their business, I would not have been participating in the purchase of their product all this time, and I won't be from this point on. I was told, "I don't know where you come from, but I don't do plastic." It was obvious that I was an out of towner. I told her I wasn't sure why where I'm from was an issue, but while we were on the subject, where I'm from we are polite and respectful to customers willing to pay for a product. Had the doughnuts not been for my coworkers, she probably would have been wearing them instead of cashing in a sale.

Rick Lamb

Ronald Rowling

They always have fresh doughnuts on Tuesday through Saturday as they are closed the other two days. Besides doughnuts they have bread, pasties, etc. I would recommend a maple bar for first time visit.


The old lady that works the front register oh boy does she not like to be there im so done with this place shes very rude, slow, and one day i told her about the tree that blocks the open sign she said we dont need anyone's opinion on how to make the place better..... im gonna tell ya guys..someone has the same recipe as town talk and its called STOKES folks..Thank me later

Michael Regan

Best pasties in Butte!

Adee Rodgers

We came from out of town, good a great bakery and this was ther winter! We asked her to cut our donught for us and she rolled she eyes and said " I guess i could go get the knife out if the back" with lots of attitude. Uhg. Where has customer service gone?

Kathryn Sartain

Best donuts ever

Justin Sweet

BigDaddy Gino's

Best Donuts made

Janessa Bishop

If they have Pasties, and you're coming to the Everett Wa area, let me know!

Strawberry Tart

Wished they opened earlier than 7am.

Warren Sullivan

Best donuts in town always fresh go early for best selection..

Josh Dillon

By far the best donuts for hundreds of miles....true story

R. Williamson

Maple Bars = Crack

Carrie Taylor

Old lady is rude. Food is great but geez, is it worth the treatment? She is obviously partial to the locals. We drove 200 miles for donuts...least they can do is answer thier phone or at least when they cant answer have a machine to do so. Told the lady we thought they were closed because no one answered and she darn near took my head off. That's why the 3 stars.

Shawn Schreiber

The donuts are amazing and probably the best ones I have ever eaten. You have to bring cash because they don't accept credit. The first time I went there I couldn't get in the door because there were so many people, they were in the way of the door opening and the second time I was there the lady behind the counter was pretty rude. The 4 stars is because of rude help and not accepting credit not the door being blocked.

Montana Brothers' Misadventures

Bring cash.. they are a great friendly shop

Cody Kraske

Great maple bars however the customer service is extremely lacking. The young lady at the front counter was rude. She complained to customers that customers were buying doughnuts at a bakery, um hate to break it to her but thats her job. Very unprofessional as they need to focus on customer service here. The doughnuts are excellent but the customer service could be much better. Also they only take cash so they should move into modern times and should take debit and credit as well.

Brianne Scott

Best donuts in Butte!!

Sherry Bunton

Best place for maple bars by far

Madhattergyrl Rabbit Hole

This place may have the best donuts but the lady that runs the cash register is so rude every time you come in. its like your putting her out by being there. If you don't like your job I'm sure someone else would love it.

Jack Albertin

Ann Lisac

Catherine Navarro

Heather Layne

The only bad thing about this establishment is they are closed on Sunday and Monday.

Becky Tremis

The best donuts in town!


Best apple fritters and maple bars in the world!

Nikki Whitaker

Best doughnuts I've ever had! Staff is super friendly and my kids love going there! Friday mornings are super busy but it's worth the wait. I haven't tried everything they sell there but I hear it's all amazing and fresh!

Chris Staudenmayer


Jennifer Jensen

jeremy Crawford


Great maple bars. The lady at the register has a great personality. (sarcasm*)

Angelina Wind

Delicious and quick, even in a morning rush.

Mr Haggin

Best donuts in South West Montana. And super friendly every time I've been there.

Taunia Jean

Delicious home made donuts and breakfast pasties...its a favorite and a must visit when in Butte!

Debi Pilon

Always gotta have town talk doughnuts when I'm in town visiting. Been a long time since I was here last and now they have a 'breakfast pastie '. Have to admit it was very, very tasty. Would have liked to have had a few that were able to buy... maybe next time. Excellent customer service ~ always a great experience!

Renee Brooks

Mmmmm delish!!!

Thomas Merzlak

Love maple bars!

Rick Scarborough

Oh yeah I went down there I got my free Donut for my insurance company in they have to had the best pastries and donuts for as long as I can remember sometimes there's a little place there's a line outside the door and they are so good right on Front Street cab miss it better go check it out you guys

T Serich

Gawd, I miss getting goodies there...I haven't been in Butte for almost 5 years now. Say hi to Willie Spear & The Gang! Last time I was there they still tasted as good as they were 40 years ago!

Ken Nygaard

C. Staples

The very first time my guy and I went on my first trip into the upper part of Montana where he was from as a kid, he took me to this little bakery and we went out of our way to get there. I was like "why are we going here, donuts are donuts". Oh was I wrong! The absolutely best jelly filled donuts and pasties I've EVER EVER EVER had.

Sigrid Parker

The cashier was very,very nice and we we're in and out on a flash. WE love the products, are delishes.

Jack Shipley

Bakery goods are really good

Glen Alderman

Bought a dozen (in picture) for $8.00. Ate one before I had taken the picture.

Mike Hoar

Derek Frank

Stopped in for donuts, and they didn't disappoint! The maple bars have a great icing that is not too sugary (like grocery store ones). Very impressed, and the girl behind the counter was very friendly.

Georgia Heaphy

I love the place. The donuts are always fresh and good and Stephanie who works the counter in the morning is a hoot.....very friendly and funny. If you don't appreciate her humor, there must be something wrong with you.

Chris Boyles

Great donuts

Jorey Ray


Lisa O' Brien

The chocolate frosted donuts for delicious.

Jeanette Kopf

Best donut in town!

Cassidy Harned

Norma Duffy

Simple great pastries. The only word I can use to describe them is scrumptious. The people that run this donut shop are tremendous and well known for their witty sarcasm

Jennifer Solan

Amazing doughnuts. Maple bars are phenomenal.

Diane Murray

Raised doughnuts are extremely fresh and light as air. Maple bars seem to be deep fried to give a crispy texture, then frosted with yummy icing--mouth watering. Raised vanilla doughnuts with chocolate frosting and cream in center hole are wonderful. All doughnuts are A+. Dogs love bacon doggy bones. Several years ago, cookies were C-, haven't tried since. Bread and pasties look delicious. Must tell person at counter you want to leave a tip.

Just My Luck

Not as good as fresh out of the oven homemade donuts, but they cut it close.

Mimi Anson

best donuts in town

Sandra Webster

They have excellent donuts

Derrick Krueger

Best Maple Donuts in America

Laurie Adams

Everyone already knows that the donuts are amazing here but I just tried their breakfast pasty and it was Sublime most people overdo it on the jalapeno but that was just perfect

Rick Chappel

love those maple bars

Randy Winstead


shayleen webb

Never disappointed

Gia Noelle

Jared Tonkin

Tracy Chaussee

No one make a better donut & the gal who dishes them out is soooooo cute!

Serena Brewer

Hands down the best way to start your day is with delicious aromas of Town Talk. Maple bars, donuts, cinnamon rolls, jelly filled donuts- a sugary paradise.

Travis Finborg

Great spot for A pastIe

Danielle N. Smith. Burquist

Love the fresh doughnuts and great service

Jackie James

Great everything...

Sarah Ellison

They always have the doughnuts I like fresh!

Kathy Parsons

Wonderful pastries and great service too.

jed davis

Great donuts

Trav H

The lady who runs the register up front has a very wry, satirical sense of humor that I find hilarious. And I have not once has a baked good from this bakery that was not wonderful.

Cynthia Navarro

Has good foods, great donuts and. Pastries and breads and everything from there is great. Other wise there food is FANTASTIC GREAT!!!!!!

Shonna Perino

Town Talk Bakery has the most delicious doughnuts and bakery stuff in the whole state in Montana and i'm sure all the other states!. I really like the maple bars. They are the best!

Aimee Turner

Best doughnuts ever

Janet Schoon

Super friendly and the cream puffs are delicious!


The donuts are awesome!! But I agree, the lady at the cash register is very rude and sarcastic. It makes no sense, because if she owns the place, you'd think she'd treat her paying customers better. If someone else owns it, they should fire her because of her attitude! Comments like "Why don't parents give their kids cereal for breakfast" or "People should bring candy to school " (I was there to pick up an order for my kid's class), or "I'll give you the key, lock the door," are just not necessary. That was all in one day, and that happens every time we go there! I mean, why is she so pissed that people are there to buy donuts?!? That's what they sell!! I want to say something to her, but honestly she makes me nervous, I just get what I am there to get and get the hell out! Miserable woman!

Mike and Bridget Townsend

Love em

Martha Brandon



Awesome place! Delicious donuts and friendly service.

Debbie Johnson

There poeple are nice and the fresh bread really good pamkin cookies and paste

Adam Benson

I'm convinced the Town Talk Maple Bar is the most sublime $0.80 experience available anywhere. While they make a variety of other donuts, pastries, and breads, the Town Talk Maple Bar reigns supreme and is unquestionably the best donut you'll find around. The bakery is service-only and doesn't have any seating available, but in your short time inside you'll probably get to see a number of locals queuing up to grab a dozen or more. The attitude of the staff (as profiled extensively by other reviewers) is definitely a matter of personal taste. You'll be alright as long as you aren't in a rush and enjoy a classic gruff manner. If you want a memorable donut with a sprinkling of wry commentary then this is the place to go.

Ryn Dow

Best place in town for donuts.

Victor Kelly

Chris Odegard

Fantastic! FYI - Only accepts cash.

Dianna Garcia


Joshua Stump

Great place to get your baked goods. Better get there early for they sell out of most products before noon.

Brian Seman

The maple bars are absolutely awesome. Get there early when they are warm, they sell out quickly and after you have a bite you will know why!

Laurie McGregor

Dave Week


Connie Padrotti

Awesome Bakery

Mike Lee

The best doughnuts in the world!!!

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