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REVIEWS OF Crooked Tree Coffee and Cakes IN Montana

Savannah Hamilton

I've been here three times since moving to the area, and plan to come back often. The staff is kind and helpful, the cafe is surprisingly spacious and kid-friendly, and the coffee is very good. I am very happy to have a source of coffee beans that is not just local but also excellent.

Arin Peters

We love this place! They have excellent coffee along with beautiful pastries, cookies, breakfast burritos, and sandwiches. The atmosphere is hip and fun with lots of natural light. Service is also always very friendly. We come here at least once a week if not more.

Random Channel

This is such a nice little coffee shop. As a coffee addict I've visited the loads of coffee houses around the city of Great Falls, and Crooked Tree is currently my favorite! The coffee is absolutely delicious, and the cost isn't too high. If you're looking for a quiet little coffee shop with great coffee, I highly recommend Crooked Tree, conveniently located in the center of Great Falls.

Jimi Gilles

Great place for coffee and company. Thier cakes are to die for. I haven't had one commissioned however if the wedding cakes are as good as their cupcakes then I would recommend

Maggie Kortum

I love the espresso. When making an iced drink the espresso should never be poured over ice first thing. That just waters it down. The espresso should be poured over a little milk or cream or whatever the person has asked for. I go here every time I'm in town and order an iced white mocha and every time they put in the white chocolate and ice cream for my espresso over it. It is then watered down. I love this place so that is a huge no-no in this business. My son loves the cotton candy macaroons and ask if we can go there just for them. When I am paying six dollars for my drink I'm hoping it can be made right. Also, so much milk barely any room for ice. I actually like to taste the coffee and not just milk. Thanks for reading.

Kathy Zalewski

My favorite place in Great Falls

Joseph Bernhardt

Good coffee and baked goods. A large selection compared to most bakeries. Some items were probably a few days old and were getting dry.

Kevin Barnes

Get a cupcake

Daniel Seyfert

Alan Eaby

Great pastries and breakfast. Coffee is decent.

Kacey McNemar

I love the atmosphere in this shop, we sat up in the loft area and it was delightful.

Bill McClure

Great coffee, teas and treats. All the baked goods are baked right there! Plenty of seating for talking with friends or reading a book.

Sonya Hubert

Quaint, quiet, comfortable & food was good.

Donald Wildasin

Great Lattes

rod mason

Good pastries, good coffee.

Ty Zabel

Cool atmosphere. Coffe didn't have a lot of sweetness for a raspberry mocha.

lisa andis

Good coffee, but service can be very slow and prices are pretty outrageous.

Deni Jackson

Very friendly and great service. Really excellent coffee and treats!

Britanii Hoeche

This is my favorite coffee place in town! My only complaint is that they dont sell the Bridger cookies as often as they used to. House made syrups and a cool atmosphere, this is one of the more hip little gems in town.

Denizen P

Place to relax and charge my phone while I passed through town. Staff was excellent as well as the food and drink

Sydney C

Love the homemade syrups they use for the coffees.

Bill Allen

Very friendly good exspresso

Brad Clark

My mocha coffee very good. My friend's capacino like mud. He didn't care for it. Good scones.


I have ordered cakes for three different occasions because I have so many friends that rave about Crooked Tree but each time I have ordered I am more and more disappointed.

Joscelyn Tracy

Great coffee, wonderful staff!

Ada Montague

Friendly staff, delicious coffee.

Lilith Fantasies

Such a cute place with yummy drinks and treats and a lovely atmosphere!

Bill Mulokey

Loved it

Margaret Parson

Cruffin! Perfect taste, just a touch of cinnamon, and texture. Is it a muffiny criossant or a croissanty muffin?

Michelle Kauffman

Such sweet baristas and excellent coffee!

Bev Matsko

People who actually know how to make a cup of coffee without 1/2 a bottle of syrup, don’t burn the coffee, and know how to take an order! I have never been disappointed with a cup of coffee I have purchased. The cakes are delicious and I love their herb biscuit breakfast sandwiches as well.

Jake Baroch

Really good food and drinks

Caryn R

Seriously one of the best coffee shops if not the best in this town.

Mike Bakker

Just had the best coffee I've had in a long time. The atmosphere is so warm and cozie! The breakfast sandwich was amazing. Way more than I expected from a coffee shop! This will definitely be a sure stop anytime I am in great falls!

Ben Aliperto

This is THE place to get coffee in Great Falls! Has awesome espresso, temperature is always right, and the foam is on point. My favorite thing to get here is an espresso bomb, with a little bit of Carmel. (You'll have to ask for it) The cakes and pastries are always amazing, and fun to look at! Has just the right amount of charm to make you feel like you're in a fun, unique place, that is hard to find elsewhere in Great Falls.

Amanda Ricketts

Tifani Rangel

My favorite coffee shop in town! They only serve the best; milk in our region, quality syrups they make themselves, in house pastries, great espresso and coffee..... Very friendly and helpful staff. Their upstairs seating is perfect to sit up strait at a table or lounge on the love seat or cushy chairs to go on line with whatever internet device you have (plenty of outlets,) read, study or have a quiet moment.

Heather Lopez

Cute coffee place with great drinks and pastries! Cozy feel, great spot to grab coffee or a bite to eat. Also a great spot just hang with friends or get some work done solo. Friendly staff and great location, must try!

Ramon Quintero

My wife’s sister in law favorite coffee shop in Great Falls. Very friendly and helpful staff. Would like to try some gluten free pastry in the future. Let me know so I can come back.

David King

Neat little spot. Good place to work on your online work and listen to chill tunes while drinking excellent espresso. I love the banana bread as well

Kelsey Reese

Good coffee and a good place to meet for casual or professional meetings

Aerial Loewen

Best coffee in town

Cole. Brown

Great little coffee shop

Kendra Marquart

Great lemon bars and awesome coffee!

David Geaney

This place is great. I love the coffee and pastries. Definitely check this place out.

Chancellor Inman

After spending 5 weeks in the remote mountains of Glacier, this cute corner coffee shop was exactly what I needed.

Ashley Lukas

The cutest little coffee shop with a lot of yummy goodies and a wonderful friendly staff!

Cody Wood

Great coffee and Very Friendly Staff. Small local business. Easy Access off of 1st Ave N.

Frankie Loves Humanity

Wonderful coffee shop. Perfectly brewed drinks, with a fantastic owner. Thank you very much for a good experience.

Bob Ward

Very nice atmosphere. Friendly staff and a quality product.

Sarah Miles

Good coffee and pastries.... Just wayyy over priced.

Kitty Kaprese

A great cafe to unwind and relax during a drizzly morning

Mckenna Gregg

Amazing Mocha. Delicious pastries! Good Service!

Amanda Munn

The pistachio strawberry macarons are amazing! Coffee is top notch! You really can’t go wrong with this place, everything is delicious!

Micah Hewett

The best coffee shop in Great Falls, hands down! Wonderful service and amazing Americanos.

James Bamfield

Overall, good place! The food they have to offer is amazing, but a bit pricey, even for how good it all is. Still the best place in town to get a scone! The coffee is also decent, but a bit overpriced for what it is. I'm not a huge coffee person, so take that with a grain of salt. The staff is always pleasant, and the decor matches the upscale local. Only reason I wouldn't go a full 5 is because they are proud of their work, and the prices are a bit high due to it. So it's not an everyday kind of place. But still a very nice business, and one I enjoy going to!

Kara Jensen

Very inviting atmosphere. Great coffee and pastries!

James Morrow Jr

It is pleasant environment. Feels to industrial. But the coffee and scones are perfect. Largest size is a 16 ounce latte.

Aden Holmes

Amazing food and coffee. I’ve brought the bacon and egg biscuits to work and watched coworkers fight over the last one.

Megan Hadden

I love this coffee shop!!! I have been trained in quality coffee drinks, and this place meets those expectations and more. The drinks are ALWAYS top notch with excellent foam, and they steam it to the appropriate temperature. Staff is friendly and helpful. The food is so yummy, and the atmosphere is very inviting. Probably the biggest issue with it is that it isn't big enough, but then again that would take away some of the charm. I would love if they added another and/or put in a drive through.

Adrian Massey

Great coffee, great cookies.

Ryan Johnson

Best coffee in Montana. True story, coffee was irrelevant to me before crooked tree. They are excellent at their craft and strive to be the absolute best. They've succeeded.

Jay Miller

When I'm in town this is the one place I never miss. Nice people, great location, warm and cozy atmosphere, wonderful desserts and pastries; quiche and breakfast sandwiches too.

Heidi Rasmussen

Wonderful lemon bars. Our favorite stop for coffee in Great Falls.

Jonathan Taylor

Best coffee place around

chaboon inc

Enjoyed the selection of coffees but not a big fan of the breakfast wraps, avoid them at all costs.

Ken Michael

Just wanted a couple pastries. Had to wait in the drink line to order pastries.

benen simpson

Cory Thomes


Natalie Molter

Fantastic coffee.

Russ H

Omg this place is amazing. I'm a barista and I give this a 6/5. The baristas are friendly, food and pastries are amazing, and the coffee is out of this world. I had a cappuccino, with the perfect foam, amazing crèma, and no bubbles, just perfect microfoam! Thank you so much! This is the best café I have ever been to IN MY LIFE!

Chelsea Bell

Always a treat to stop in and grab a sweet treat and coffee. Great windows and loft seating allows for good people watching. Seasonal offerings always exciting.


Crooked Tree is a beautiful little coffee shop in the downtown area. I enjoy going in to sit down and enjoy their brews, along with their pastries. They make amazing macaroons, lattes and have amazing espresso. The staff is always friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming. The wait time for a coffee, is under two minutes. I have never had to wait long. If you love desserts, their cup cake are divine! If you want something special, you can order a cake from their baker. The atmosphere reminds me of a quaint Seattle coffee shop and the mood is enticing. You will be back for more.

Wallace Meissner

A great coffee place for the downtown area, exceptional coffee and fresh baked goods.....

Donnie V

Great little cafe in downtown Great Falls! The decor was warm and cozy, the staff very friendly, and both the Americano and chocolate chip coffee I had were excellent. Seems like a cool place for a quick breakfast or lunchtime treat, or even for a coffee date!

Cody Mallory

Cozy atmosphere to enjoy your coffee.

Pierce Louderback

Visiting from Seattle, the worst part of this place is that they are a day's drive away. Their breakfast sandwiches are incredible!

Admiral nilla

I love coming her when I can. Best place to come here and get a coffee and people watch from upstairs. Their fresh macroons and quiche are delicious. If your chummy through down town, it's worth puttin money in the meter to get a cup.

Genevie Woodworth

Cute place to have a cup of coffee with a friend!

Toni Poindexter

Great place for the money

Catie Aviles

Michael Carlson

Excellent coffee and food. Friendly and inviting. I dig it!

David Neeley

Great coffee

Lisa Rooimans

Best place for a coffee in Great Falls

Taylor Willmarth

Great place to meet someone for coffee or sit down to work! The service is wonderful, and there's a variety of treats and beverages (all of which are tasty). Only complaint is that the ambient noise can be a bit loud.

Shane Lealos

Great staff, good coffee, amazing cupcakes!


Love this place!

Brenda Croft

Very friendly warm place to go

Angie Gneiting

Good place feels comfy

Mike Walker

Best cappuccino in town. The balance of espresso, milk, and foam is perfect. Their cakes are similarly fantastic.

Adam Gray

Asome plaice to get cookies.

Arête Caldwell

My favorite coffee shop in Great Falls. Atmosphere is amazing, and the food is delicious. Their sizes do run a little small, so be sure to check the ounces of the size you want rather than just relying on the name.


Great atmosphere, great service and the pastries are amazing. This is a must visit if you're anywhere near Great Falls.

Tim Reese

Coffee was good. The girls working when I came in weren't really inviting. It felt like they were just going through the motions.

Tammy Johnson

Nice place to enjoy a cup of coffee!

Margarita Gilles

It's a great place to meet friends at any time of the day!!

Spencer Schulte

If you're from out of town and are into the specialty coffee scene (Stumptown, etc) this is the place to check out. They are currently serving Herkimer coffee out of Seattle. They do an excellent latte along with pour over (Chemex), and also have a good selection of baked goods. Their space is open and well-lit with plenty of seating. I did not expect to find a cafe of this caliber in Great Falls.

Ry Hart

Just the greatest mocha ever!!

Nicholas Hopkins

Kasey Raia

Amazing coffee and great environment. Staff is always great. They have the best scones I've ever had.

Alan Chong

The coffee and cakes are very good. The atmosphere is nice too.

Christian Mu

This is a happening coffee shop in Great Falls with great service and decent coffee. I recommend the Chai Tea from here myself. Awesome view, great location, and a cool spot to meet up with friends or for a small meeting.

teddy bezabih

The best aromatic & flavorful coffe in the town

Jackie Denegar

I enjoyed a one of a kind custom made cake for my daughter's birthday. It was awesome! And I love their Vanilla Lattes.

Juergen Mathwich

Awesome hip cafe!

Means of Conveyance

Best coffee I'd say. Whiskey whatchamacallit is the bees knees.

Candice English

Best coffee in Great Falls hands down!

David Geiger

Got my wife's birthday cake here. The cake was a hit with everyone!


Super cute coffee shop

Mark Strayer

Definitely expensive, but the coffee and baked goods are top-notch.

Sarah Ziska

A fun place for chai and meeting up with friends. They have delicious drinks but sometimes their snacks are a little dry.

Aaron McAdam

Great Coffee, exceptional service and a wonderful atmosphere!

Ace Crawford

Caramel macchiato YUM over ice

Kathryn Carpenter

The coffee is good, but the food is lacking and overpriced. It's not impressive to me to reduce your hours because of slow business, but overcharge on the little food options you have. You might as well go to Al Banco or Electric City where there are plenty more options.

Patrick E

CUPCAKES!!!!!! That's all that needs said. Go check it out!

Avi Goldstein

Delectable pastries and great coffee. Tried the blueberry scone which was fluffy and fresh.

Robin Steininger

Amazing coffee.

Kelly Swenson

Fabulous coffee and amazing baristas! My sis tells me they go to competitions on the West coast - and you can tell. They have the best cupcakes I've had in Montana, better than some big name establishments on the coast. And they make several of their own flavor syrups that are most excellent!

Leanne Heuchert

Amazing find! Definitely take the time to stop here, delicious and reasonably priced.

Strider Zessei

Mikel McGee

Star anise Latte?!! Say Whaaaaat?! Yes please. Awesome cakes and breakfast dishes. Nice little gem in Great Falls.

Moriah N Waldenberg

Always a delight to go out for coffee here!


Good coffee and amiable barista. Probably my second favorite coffee place in Great Falls

Max Grebe

Great artisan coffee and high end pastries. Cakes amazing works of art.

Jade F

I adore this shop! Not much food for vegetarian, but definitely amazing treats!! I can't get over the fact that they HOUSEMAKE all their syrups! I Loved the unique flavors! I liked mixing white chocolate with Hibiscus or Rose! <3 Greatest coffee shop I've ever heard of or been to!! Staff was wonderful! Pretty roomy for seating, loved the window seats!

Melody Jones

Great coffee, and their raspberry cheesecake is amazing!!

Shawn Kendall

Great place for coffee and baked goods

Niko Murphy

Good food, good service. I liked the coffee. I'd come back again.

Brittany Fultz

Always great coffee here and a comfortable atmosphere.

Roger Larson

Best coffee. We always stop in when we come to town.

Shelly Biglen

Friendly staff, great espresso, lovely desserts! Kid friendly.

David Dobbins

Great date stop. Coffee is excellent. Desserts awesome.

Crystal Hilton

Great products nice friendly service

Jim Richards

A absolutely pleasant place to find a piece of the past.

Sunnye Rea

The best cake in the world

Karen McIlwain

Friendly people, nice atmosphere

Dylan Champagne

Lovely coffee I go at least twice a week. They have the best pastries and very friendly staff

Chris Cardenas

They made an outstanding cake for me on short notice. Couldn't have asked for more. Thank you Crooked Tree.

sheila morgan

They have the smoothest coffees/ lattes. Their cupcakes are super moist & fantastic variety

brian duncan

Rudest people ever the whole place smelled like weed makes sense seeing they let their employees all use the same pipe they keep at the backdoor and encourage it as well as only hire "420 friendly" people someone should put a stop to their discriminating hiring process...

Gwydion Marshall

Sissy winkle

Cute historical old building in beautiful downtown great falls. They have a large variety of beverages and baked goods. The Baristas are quick and yes they make pretty little foam designs on top of your drink. It is semi-loud because for one it is very busy here and there is live folk type music (which is cool) secondly it is very small inside, there is a beautiful rock floor and lots of windows so it does echo naturally but it's a neat experience and their goods are yummy!!

Joshua Drake

Like coming here to read to my daughter. Coffee is good and the macarons are amazing.

Turner Burchard

It's a good coffee shop with great sweets. I prefer some of the other ones downtown, but this is much quieter.

Christopher Freeman

Went in this morning and seen this flaky butter cake type pastry. Let me tell you - added with the coffee - was great! Interested to see what esle they have. It's strange to read other reviews about coffee being bad or things being over priced. The cake was something like $1.50 and coffee was great. Reviews are like life - sometimes you can't make people happy unless you give it away for free and pay them on the back. Definitely worth a visit! This place is worth a visit!

Charlotte Mehmke

Very loud and hard to hear. Parking meters limit the number of times I am willing to go down town.

Carlie Boland

Great coffee and pastries

ed battleson

Coffee is always great here. Breakfast sandwiches are very good as well.

Tessa Rayne

Cozy cafe with a quiet setting, and one of the best hot cocoa drinks I've had

Keon Goodmundson

Best pastries in town. Have to try the carrot cake!. A little on the expensive side though

Sarah Robbin

Wonderful homemade flavors of syrups. Great coffee and baked sweets.

Tanner Sousley

Delicious Coffee and Baked goods, friendly service.


Merci Pleiades

Best Cake place in town! I've used them twice for custom office cakes and every time they exceed my expectations. I'm beyond impressed with how professional they are and how tasty the cakes are! I can't recommend them enough. I see myself going to them for all my cake needs in the future. What an awesome place. :)

Jerick Graves

shane jette

Best espresso in town.

Trevor King

Earlene Kochu

Good food, nice atmosphere, a little pricey.

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