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REVIEWS OF Black Cat Bake Shop IN Montana

Gojohn Gogo

Expensive donuts. Many of them are too sweet. Looks cute logo and clean small store.

Chanelle Julian

The biscuits are absolutely amazing, I had ordered a gluten free cake for my Aunts birthday and it was the talk of the party!! Beautiful and amazing! They are the best in town if you ask me!


Black Cat is the BEST bakery in Missoula. I've liked everything I've gotten there. The cookies deserve shout out!

Tricia freeland goetz

I’ll never know if the food was good because I was treated so rudely

Bruce C.

Lady behind the counter recommend the huckleberry bear claw and she was right. Fresh flaky pastry on a plate was pretty nice. Was not too crowded at 8 on Tuesday, would stop again. Short drive off interstate. Coffee and pastry $5.75.

Sayidah Dupuis Felsman

The Elvis cupcake is by far the best tasting cupcake you will ever have!

Frank Humphreys

Small venue with very tasty baked goods and decent coffee.

Shawn Decareaux

This is by far the BEST bakery in town.

Penny Kloosterman

I tried their cannoli, a cupcake and a cinnamon roll to try a variety and all were over baked with very little flavor. The cannoli filling left a coating in my mouth like shortening The cinnamon roll was tough as if over worked or under proofed.. I guess I'm use to home baked goods with quality ingredients like heavy cream, and real butter. Don't plan on going back! I gave them one star only because they won't let you rate them with zero.

Andrew Williamson

Best bakery in Missoula!

Cooks Jackie


Kevin Furey

Jerry Jiang

Morgs Samardich

I love this place!

Larissa Anderson-Malloy

Amazing food, but horrible service. We typically only get their food from the farmer's market, but today went in to their physical store for my little boy's birthday breakfast. The lady helping us was rude and not helpful. It seemed like such an inconvenience to even ask for a plate that my boyfriend didn't want to trouble her to ask for our food to be heated up. Being in school, I don't have a lot of extra money on hand, but wanted to take my child somewhere special in celebration of his big day. I wish we had spent that money somewhere else. They have good pastries, but I would recommend going to the stand at the market instead. At least you know what kind of service you're paying for there.

cindy c

tabitha hamilton

Black Cat catered our wedding and they were fantastic! We’re from California and got married in Missoula, so we didn’t have much experience with local bakeries. Black cat was in constant contact with us through email and phone calls. We had a small cutting cake, which was decorated wonderfully! We also had mini cheesecakes, mini pies and a grooms cake. The cheesecakes were to die for!! The food was delicious, and delivered on time! We want to say thank you Black Cat for doing a wonderful job!

Dale I

Recommended! I had camped just South of Lolo and we decided to ride into Missoula for breakfast. MUCH better than expected and all very fresh. Worth the stop! I had their breakfast sandwich. I honestly could not tell you what is on it... but it was made in heaven!

Rebecca Hasher

First time I've ever been into this place. It smells amazing in this place and the customer service is phenomenal. So many wonderful yummy treats to pick from at the front counter and fresh baked goods. The prices are reasonable and the place is clean and has a friendly feel. Good stroke rocking some Beatles on the radio. I had the drip coffee and it was excellent which is a biggie for me. Ive never had a gluten free donut that I liked before until I came here. Impressed and Will be back! Ps key lime pie...OMG! Yaaaz!

Diana Kelly

Lee Brown

Jake Mcmillan

You cannot find better baked goods in this world, if you are considering going, do yourself a favor and go ASAP!

Ginnie Morey

I ordered a cookie plate from Black Cat for a dinner party and it was truly wonderful! There was a really nice variety of cookies and every single one of them was tasty and beautiful, especially the bars that were made out of pecan pie ingredients. Wow! The people in the shop were super helpful and friendly as well. This locally owned bakery serves a little bit of heaven!

Daniel Smith

yvette Bennett

Cup Cakes were very dry and hard in the middle..all of them tasted the same..

Sandy Beaudette

Great customer service! Their coffee is outstanding and wow their cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and breakfast options are delicious!! Love this place!!

William Cavanaugh

My daughter bought her boss a special cake for a baby shower last week and the head fell off and the cake was $106. This shop offered her a $40 refund. My daughter works in a shop that does over 700 clients a week. They stand behind their work and have pride in their work. This bake shop does not. On top of the head falling off the cake was dry and crumbling. This is the first time she has been disapointed. Sad deal but if this bakery does not back up their product then take your chances. Hope the next guy gets treated better than our daughter did.


I have celiac and so does my mom. They actually had so many gluten free choices that it was hard to make a choice. Normally cafes have just one gluten free choice. I will come back every time I drive through Missoula.

RJ Dieken

Best bake shop in town. Make sure to get some Parisian macarons

Will Stokes

Ryan Loewen

Chocolate covered chocolate cookie is the bomb!

Jessie Devine

I LOVE Black Cat. Everything they make is delicious.

Ryan Jellesed

Not bad

Jennifer Knight

I’ve given this place several chances because their baked goods are delicious. MCT carries a few of their items and I’ve enjoyed them! But, every time I visit, there is always a man screaming obscenities in the back! It’s a very unsettling atmosphere for a coffee shop. Definitely not a place to bring your children. I can’t imagine the employees are enjoying their environment either.

Javier Belcher

Jill Nelson

John Russell

It was good. I will come back. So many things to try.

Joe Dean

Friendly staff. Nice variety. I love the morning buns.

Phil Carroll


Carlito Melon

Went in to warm up with coffee and a tart. In spite of the window ad they had no tarts and the place was freezing with cold metal chairs ( my poor bum!). Great coffee and a tasty muffin, however. Sat on the table instead ;-)

Larry Plant

Blackcat Bake Shop welcomes us with open arms. They are kind, generous and hardworking people. Great Biscuits and gravy!! Highly recommended by MbassadorClubMissoula.

W. Carl Ammons

Emanuel Baraka

Nate S

Good local food, (try the jalapeno biscuits and gravy) and the flow of people is steady. The service is always fashionable and aware of your existence but seems like a lot of people doing things but sometimes they seem to be too busy to take your order.

Barney Considine

Missoula has at least three bakeries with a variety of offerings that a customer will consider high quality. My favorites at the Black Cat are the almond bearclaws and almond croissants. Obviously, others like them too since they are usually gone by 3pm. Their bread products are also good, as are their lattes and coffee.

Nancy Pickhardt

Black Cat is absolutely the best bakery in Missoula with the best price point, too. Black strives for perfection and they achieve it every single time.

Kala Bible

Suzie Keast Hunt

THE BEST GLUTEN FREE DOUGHNUTS EVER!!!! Customer service good and fast! Don't change anything!

Reaper Racer

Andrew Umhey

Joey Kearney

I give this rating because the wait staff and coffee we're exceptional, the jalapeno cornbread was decent. But the biscuits and gravy was garbage. It was really runny and it tasted like they used powder sugar instead of flower. The manager was quick to respond but I was scared to try it again.

Mike D

Great cannolis

Steve Bayha

the best bakery in missoula. the biscuits and gravy are fantastic. it makes me so happy that my daughter can choose from an assortment of gluten free items. top notch.

Tim McGuire

We go to Black Cat Bake Shop when we feel like having something decadent to eat. We have particularly enjoyed the Raspberry Pave’. They have many other choices. Our daughter has sent us one of their stollens they make during the Christmas season. One cutesy thing: if you adopt a black (or nearly so) cat from the SPCA, you get a gift card. Pretty sweet deal in a lot of ways.

Erika Schneider

The food was delicious and the staff was amazing! Highly recommend Black Cat Bake Shop :) They have a great variety of treats for any occasion :)

Josh Conat

Brenda Cole

Wanted a unique geode-style cake for my wedding and had some challenges finding someone willing/available to do this for me. Contacted Black Cat and I was blown away by the professionalism and the flexibility (offered a cake tasting three days before because I was coming from out of town). Lisa gave me exactly what I wanted and I got many compliments on the look and the taste-highly recommend this shop!

Ann Baker

Mel Sundberg

Everything we've had has been phenomenal!!

Thomas Morgan

Amazing baked goods!

Allen Seelye

They certainly make some very tasty products, there is no doubt about that. We'd started going there because my girlfriend has celiac disease and they had some fantastic gluten free baked goods. I'm not sure what happened, but the last two times that I've gone there and bought gluten free doughnuts, my girlfriend has spent the next four days in pain, with the usual symptoms of having ingested gluten. Perhaps one of their ingredients has changed and they're not aware of it, or maybe they're not being as careful about cross contamination as they used to be, but we no longer trust their gluten free products. We will not be buying from them anymore.

Ellis Saunders

they have amazing rugelach

Jackie Owen

Jamey Thompkins

Very beautiful and inviting coffeehouse and bake shop! Business was popping while I was here for breakfast. The staff are all warm and friendly. I was very happy with the croissant and huckleberry bear claw I had...not to mention the many refills of fresh coffee! Definitely suggest this cozy place in Missoula.

Lisa Smith

Amazing gluten free donuts. The best gluten free donuts I've ever had. They will even customize the donut for you if they don't have the exact one you want - they added filling and coconut topping to one for me. The staff are always friendly.

Jean Barsness

Baker on site creating pure goodness. Great coffee, espresso, breads, pies and more. A must do when in Missoula!!

Jennifer Frazer

Love this place. Great parking, service, wonderful food. Always try to stop here when I stay in Missoula

Thomas Dove

Great baked goods, sandwiches and coffee s. Wonderful, friendly staff.

Reona Vulpes

Adam Compton

I hear they make an absolutely remarkable rugelach.

Michael Brown

Expensive but worth it!

John C. Bruccolieri

While visiting Missoula I swung-by to pickup some breakfast to take on the road. The mushroom & spinach croissant that I chose was out of this world. Highly recommended. I look forward to my next visit to Missoula and the Black Cat Bake Shop.

Ernest Fortmann

As usual when I'm in town it's always the same EXCELLANT for service, quality and taste, always worth my 750 mile trip

melissa kirk

So many goodies! Gotta have the cat head! Great coffee too!

Michelle Beckenhauer

Bradley Davis

Amazing baked goods! I sincerely hope at some point that plain croissants become a regular offering - filled is great, but sometimes less is more and their base croissant is fantastic. I had the biscuits and gravy recently and it has a sweet undertone with a pleasantly mild spice in the gravy itself. So good and very filling. They're my go-to for celebratory cakes as well. Beautifully made offerings and just the right size for how incredibly rich they taste.

Andrea T

I love the Black Cat bakery!! Their huckleberry coffee cake is amazing not to mention cat head biscuits and gravy. I used to live in Missoula and made it a point to stop on my way to work for coffee or a delicious Greek yogurt parfait with hommade granola. Everything is delicious. We had them make our wedding cake, cupcakes and grooms cake and were just as impressed the cake was beautiful and tasted amazing! They took care of us every step of the way.

MissCG Alvarado

Michelle Glanz

Christopher Holmbosmith

Great pastries and fresh coffee. I hit this place a few times per week and have yet to have a bad experience.


Service can be slow due to the volume of business they do and the small counterspace. But anything worth waiting for usually is this way.

Jason Brininstool

Lee Crawford

Wonderful coffee house

Bearcat Şándor

Fantastic, gormet baked goods and a lot of them are gluten-free! I'll be a frequent customer.

Tom Maley

The have perfected gluten-free muffins. Texture and taste are the best.

Flower Montana

Black Cat offers phenomenal products and outstanding customer service. They have an excellent staff with great communication skills, and are EXTREMELY fast and efficient. I would recommend ANY TIME!

Ann Karp

Love their vegan options - they have a fudgy cinnamon brownie, a coffeecake muffin, and sometimes other treats, like an AMAZING meringue made from aquafaba that I couldn't believe was eggless. Really creative and artistic presentation as well. Always something new to try.

Nathan Burke

Rachel Harley

Awesome treats loved them

Amy thompson

Wheat free options!

Nancy Volle

They are now open seven days a week. Their hours are listed on their website. My favorite treat at the Black Cat is the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Pave. A world class item and only $4.50 (April 2013 price). Their breads are also of excellent quality.

Justin Harrison

Typically pretty fast

Ben Hansen

Simply Amazing!!! The owners are awesome. The staff is friendly. Best Biscuits and gravy and breakfast pastries I've ever had. My staff and I at Bullfrog absolutely Love this place!!!

John Jones

We order a special cake for our sons birthday and when we received out cake it blew us away. Appearance was perfect and taste was amazing I recommend them highly.

Lisa Green

The most wonderful lemon cookies.

Bill Perrin

Travis Holliday

Lisa Bragstad

Stefanie Milks

I have always loved Black Cat in the past. I ordered the mocha cake and it wasn't anything like the description. It was vanilla cake instead of chocolate and a very light color frosting similar to vanilla, it had the slightest hint of espresso flavor and the esspresso beans on top but I'm not the biggest fan of vanilla. I'm hoping it was a mistake but I was very disappointed to discover this after cutting into it. I still love you Black Cat but please step up your game


We don't come here often 'cause it's far away and the food is super heavy... but I've never been disappointed by anything I've gotten here. Delicious, nice people, amazing (heavy) baked goods of all sorts. I like their savory stuff most. They Also make the prettiest cakes if you want to bring something for a party, not too bad at around $30.

Robin Bracken

Best bakery in town.

Nina Corelli

This place is the best bakery in Missoula hands DOWN! try their biscuits and gravy, sandwiches, AND of course their baked goodies! Their lemon cookies are out of this world, their holiday stollen is seasonal and just to die for!!! The folks there KNOW how to bake bread and sweets!!! I have been going here for about 5 years now and it's a MISSOULA must!!!

Karen Loewen

As always whatever you get is delicious


Food wasn’t that good. Short baker was a bit of a boner killer for me, just seems like the type of guy who should run a pizza joint, not a bakery

David K

A Bower

If you want to show someone you love them, get them a Pot de Creme. You won't be sorry. Everything else is great too.

Laura Potter

Nathan Burkhart

Jim Loconte

Pam Peters

The Black Cat Bakery is filled with temptation! The Rosemary Bread smelled like heaven, and I can personally attest to the amazing cream cheese brownies! I also had the pleasure of trying their salted caramel macaroon which is perfect for the serious sweet tooth person who wants that hint of salty with their sweet. If I lived closer, I would be buying Stollen for the holidays for my friends. A visit to this bakery on my birthday made my day extra special! If there was a category beyond excellent, I would put Black Cat in it!

Jamal Jarvis

This place is good but they a bit expensive. All love my brotha

Blake B

Mr. Mister

Excellent doughnuts and chai!

Peggy Grimes

Congratulations to Black Cat Bake Shop for winning the "Best Missoula Bakery" award! You certainly deserve it! Not only are you the "Best Bakery", you also won the award for "Best Wedding Cake"! Black Cat rocks!!!!

Jason Fish

Fantastic pastries for breakfast or just for snacks! We picked up some for a road trip and they made the drive all that much better. Highly recommend!

Ericka Simpson

Great atmosphere, good coffee and loved the gluten free lemon donut and my husband enjoyed the blueberry scone. So glad we stopped on the way out of town.

Vivien Jackson

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