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11424 Dorsett Rd, Maryland Heights, MO 63043, United States

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REVIEWS OF The Foundry Bakery IN Missouri

Jonathan Ly

I was pleasantly surprised to find an Asian bakery in the neighborhood, so of course I had to try it out. We ended up picking up a bolo bun and a milk bun and paired them with a strawberry matcha latte and a houjicha yuzu fruit tea. The buns were delicious, but for me, the drinks were the highlight. Best of all, the staff was friendly and attentive. I'm a big fan, and I'll be looking forward to trying more of their offerings.

Gabi Ortiz

My sister and I come here every time we are in the area and it has become our favorite coffee/tea shop. Good boba drinks are rare to find and The Foundry Bakery has the best selection of drinks and types of boba.Not only are the pastries and drinks good, but the owner takes time during every visit to come chat with us. It feels really good supporting a local business with good people behind it. I wish lots of luck for this business to thrive :)

Jenn Ellis

Everything has always been great. We always feel welcome when we walk through the door with service beyond expectations. You taste the quality in their teas. Even my children can tell the difference between their teas versus other places and often request to go here. I hope to see Foundry Bakery in our community for many more years to come and I hope their business continues to thrive.

Yifan Xia

Matthew Norman

The service is really lovely here they let us sample the boba and tea before we made our choice and made us feel welcomed as we checked out of the place. Also the decor and atmosphere here is really lovely. I would definitely come back here. Only tip I have is put a sign out in the front so people notice you guys more. Great bakery place to stop by, you won't regret it!

Wenlan Sima

Probably the best Asian bakery in STL. Very delicious, and very fresh. In particular, the boba milk tea, red bean bread, pineapple pastry, very yummy. If it could open a franchise in Clayton, that would be fanatic!

Thuy Linh Nguyen

Just the kind of bakery/cafe that St. Louis needs! Bubble tea made from fresh brewed premium loose leaf teas (that you can actually taste in your drink, but not too overwhelming/bitter). I had the oolong milk tea with coconut jelly (also appreciated that the jelly wasn't too sweet which is often the case at other places). I also highly recommend the crispy orange bun - it was warm and fresh, flaky, and just the right amount of sweetness. It reminds me of Kouign-Amann pastries that the Dominique Ansel bakery in NY sells. My mom also loves the Taiwanese pineapple gems!

James Citrin

Excellent coffee, real stuff not sugary at all. The breads are addictive.

Matt LeGrand

Great place! We love the different loaves of bread and buns! This is a must try place! You will be hooked! Enjoy! This place amazes me every time I try a new menu item! It gets better every visit!

Beatrice Stephanie

I went there for the first time. I tried strawberry mocha latte and hot matcha, both with oat milk and some boba and jelly. I like them both. I made mine(hot matcha) with 25% of sugar and I think it's perfect, as I dont like too sugar in general. The owners were very nice and Ray, one of the owners spent some time with us chatting. It was nice of him. I will go there again and recomend this place. I tried red bun bread too and it reminds me of home.

Marvella Ying

What a great experience!! So first the place is a little off in the cut. From the street it's hard to see as its down a hill and has a small sign, but maps takes you right to it. It's definitely a hidden gem. I went for boba and walked out with pastries also. I was immediately and warmly greeted by a woman working as barista. I was in no rush and it gave me time to browse and look over the menu. As I finished looking at the pastry section (some where out) a gentleman also greeted me and let me know there were some options coming fresh out the oven. He answered all my questions and was excited I was willing to try something new. I settled on peach and mango oolong tea with boba and a Bolo bun and Taro Bun. I was waiting on my tea to be made and he comes out with this very pretty rolls. But after a bite they became beautiful, perfectly sweet, warm, soft but with a crunchy top bits of heaven. I'm not a big fan of overly sweet things, so I was in my zone. You get a crunch from the sugar glaze on top but the inside is a soft luxurious bread. The tea was delicious and not over brewed. (It comes unsweetened, just heads up) As I was leaving I told the owner how delicious it was he came and shook my hand, thanked me and invited me back... talk about taking pride in your store!!! I can't wait to try more!

linda snyder

Taro Bun , Naisu Milk Bun , Taiwanese Bolo Bun and Chocolate Cherry yummy yumy yummy yummy really yummy , you got to try when you come. The quality, texture, and taste of everything we tried was exceptionally good.


Only Taiwanese bakery in stl. Small menu for now of pastries, and unique breads. Always tasty. The coffee and boba tea selections are also good, and unique! Staff always friendly and helpful.

Amanda Gladding

Art Ostropolskiy

Creamy iced coffee and orange sticky buns. Addicted

Liang-Bo Wang

A wonderful Asian style bakery serving authentic teas and breads that's hard to find in St. Louis. On top of the breads, I highly recommend their tea latte. We tried their oolong and hojicha latte. Their choice of tea leaves provides a strong yet refreshing flavor that infuse with the silkiness of milk, which is the very definition of a good tea latte. The owners talked to us about how they worked directly with tea farms worldwide to find the best tea leaves in each category, and the quality of the ingredients is evident in the product.

Chel Chel

Woderful bakery!!! Great service! Tasty Taro bread!

Crystal D

Judson Daniels

Authentic pastries and excellent coffee! Enjoyable atmosphere for studying or working.

Kevin Derr

Yummy yummy yummy! Had an amazing loaf of rustic bread today! Just awesome!

Eric Zumwalt

My wife and I stopped in and had a pineapple gem and orange sweet roll. Both were delicious, the gem is a great small snack and the orange roll would be great for a morning treat (donut sized). We got an Umami Burst rustic bread to go. My wife had to mention that umami is the 5th taste alongside sweet, salty, bitter, and sour. Ever learn something from a review ? **UPDATE I had to come back and upgrade to 5 stars. The Umami Burst loaf is so good we had it with some cheese for lunch at home and were extremely satisfied!

Nguyet Lu

Jeremy Vesperman

Christy Huang

We are so excited to find The Foundry Bakery that has amazing buns and bread!! Their products are always fresh and high quality. We love it so much that we share with our friends and neighbors...and now we are all regulars! Great place with the most friendly staff. Highly recommended!

Flavia Lee

Love the umami bread, the owner is very friendly and gave great suggestions!

Alvin Zhang

Robin Hines

Lauren Holliday

Engy fayek

Nicole Tsai

The best bakery in St. Louis! Their bread is divine. Healthy yet delicious

Han-Yen Kao

yenkang chang

John Mattingly

Umami bread and morning mojitos are delicious. Great staff!

Kayla Grace

Kaitlyn Brown

Edit: I actually really liked my drink, no sweeteners needed and with the milk I chose. The lower rating was because there were no pastries out and not trusting a customer when they said they wanted their drink without milk. I understand having a late start (as you explained), but we had to end up leaving to go get food somewhere else, which was disappointing.

Jie Hawes

Beth Guckes

Holy cow this place is a diamond in the rough! Fantastic bread and pastries! There's one bread so full of nuts and bright berries it's almost a granola bar. Flakey sweet crossant-like somethings are also worth a try. Will absolutely be back.

Nicole McFarland

Cute spot. Always on the hunt for an independent coffee shop. This was on the list so during my work from home day I popped in. Tried the mint mojito and orange bun. Very yummy! Nice vibe inside - relaxing view to the outside as well!

a ram

A hidden gem. Their buns are exceptional, especially their red bean bun. Yum

Wanyu Jhuang

Great place for Taiwanese breads! Make sure you arrive earlier or they would sell out all stuff.

Xiaoyan Hu

Terry Fischer

First time at the bakery. Stopped in after work & took some bakery items home. My favorite was the crispy orange bun. Light, flakey, sweet, great with a blonde roast coffee. I look forward to going again in the morning and trying more with a coffee from their Barista.


Nice staffs, special tasty breads that I have never tried before, love it!!

Emily Trinh

Staff is very inviting and overall nice people. Right when we walked we were given information on the taste of each bread and what it was composed of. I tried the taro bread and the taro was real rather than just artificially flavored. Their matcha latte was also very good, not too sweet!


Evelyn Meow

Phil Tsai

It's about time St. Louis got a good quality Asian bakery like the ones in Chicago (not the dingy chinatown ones). The orange buns are fabulous (I grew up on the Pillsbury ones and there is no comparison) and the pineapple cakes are the best I've ever had. The coffee is good too, though I'll need to try more variations. I will definitely make this my local cafe hangout!

Samuel Chang

Anna Molitoris

Very nice bakery with tasty baked goods, freshly made drinks, and very friendly staff! It might be a little difficult to see from the road at first glance, but is well worth the trip. I highly recommend the Crispy Orange Bun. Similar to a cinnamon roll, but not as sweet with a nice glaze and orange flavor in the swirls of the pastry.

Melody M

Cute and original!! Stl needs more places like this.

dayoff bakingstudio

Hoosteen Ram

ryan barrett

I had the Umami burst loaf and a Taro bun (so far). They were both excellent. The bread loaves are unique for sure and have a perfect texture. I really love the Asian buns because they are not super sugary, it's just the right amount of sweet. I hope they make some savory buns!

Brian Mcleod II

Absolutely atrocious service. We arrived there when they opened and ordered two pastries immediately, only to have to wait 40 minutes before we got tired of waiting and left. Edit: Yes you said 15 minutes, however 40 is not 15. When you realized it would be an additional 25 minutes you could have told us; you did not. There were many points where this could have been resolved. At order time, at the time you incorrectly said it would be 15 minutes, and at the time you realized it would not be 15 minutes. Instead of bringing it up then you let us wait, and we decided we didn’t want the items.

John & jeanie Delong

Delicious baked goods. Very friendly people.

Rebecca Brian Pan

This is the best bread I've had in my ENTIRE life. And as someone obsessed with bread, that's saying a lot. My husband's wedding band literally says "I love you more than carbs", because there is no truer commitment we could imagine. The buns and rustic breads are unparalleled, especially the black walnut loaf and the taro bun. The ambiance is a blend of adorable, comfortable, and modern. The coffee shop delivers at an extremely high quality as well, with fruit milk and matcha latte specialties. Thank you for bringing this level of excellence and deliciousness to St. Louis!

jamar richards

A bit Pricey but it's well Worth it. Alot of variety of tea and freshly baked pastries to choose from. I can see myself coming back every week to try something new on the menu.

Eugen Zah

Exceptionally clean, great staff. Glad we found the Foundry Bakery, good Latte and Boba Tea. Baked goods are made fresh from scratch several times a day, guaranteed to impress! Highly recommended.

Lily Holden

Very delicious food. Hope they are in closer location.

David Phan

Dena Fetter

Nice little gem of a bakery. Interesting Asian take on some of the breads and pastries. With a coffee, tea and smoothie bar, including boba.

May Lowry

The sunset citrus tea with honey boba pearls is divine!!!

Wilder Josue Gonzalez Gomez

Very Good!

Wells Ling

Arnulfo Vazquez

Menu was small but had the basics. Had the mango milk aka smoothie but was different it was creamy and liked it very much. Had a pastry with it which had nice taste to it.

Tiffany Lin

One of the best Taiwanese bakeries I've tried. Ray nicely balances appreciation for Taiwanese tradition with playful innovation, all underscored by natural, whole ingredients - none of the artificial stuff! Drinks are great too - get the matcha latte.

Julie Akin

The best boba place I found. The baked breads are amazing.

Christine Mayer

Robert Ellis

Coffees , teas, "fruit milks", buns, breads, and tea cakes. A very limited menu, but everything is exquisite and fresh at this Taiwanese bakery. The owner's usually behind the counter offering very friendly service. Clean and cozy, with lots of natural lighting, the atmosphere is very light and relaxing. Couldn't ask for a nicer place to enjoy a tea.

Sandra Lasam

Highly recommended:) Freshly baked pastries and bread, drinks with an Asian twist.

Kalin Rieves

They are racist as hell, it's pouring down rain here and they made me sit outside because I didn't want to purchase anything, but another male that looks just like the manager had been sitting and hadn't purchased anything.. I just wanted to wait for the bus. The manager has a nasty attitude , so he made me leave. Then shortly afterewards he walks up on me and tried to pick a fight with me and I'm a woman I have rights to say and feel however someone or thing made me feel.

Dave Matney

Amazing fresh baked bread. Asian pastries and umami bread were fantastic and the tea selection is great

Angela Lee

Miss Miry

Joan Gettemeyer

Deanna DeLunas

Omg!! My wish is for humanity to try the bolo bun. . . and the red bean bun...oh and the cripsy orange!! Ooooh and the cantaloupe milk.

Christina Phuong

very nice staff and the tea is delicious.

Katie A.

Just had my first visit & I’ll be back. The owner & his wife were so welcoming. The iced coffee was great & I purchased a loaf of the umami burst bread to go. Now at home, I’ve tried the bread and it quite amazing. FYI, the location was a bit difficult to see from the road because the current sign is on the small side.

Zhengyang Zhou

On of the best Chinese style bakery store in STL area. Boba tea is also good with a reasonable price. Definitely will come again.

Ken Crowder

It is up beat and trendy. Has an Asian flavor. The people are very nice and helpful. We went in looking for traditional donuts and they don't have those. It is more of a up scale bakery. Kind of like Panera meats PF Chang's.

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