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REVIEWS OF Sucrose Bakery IN Missouri

Randall Kopchak

Best bakery in Saint Charles? Absolutely. Best bakery in Saint Louis? Definitely in the running. Either way.... Go now. Amazing all around.

Sandra Zumwalt

Sucrose Bakery was so good! Went with my sister's and we loved everything we ordered and shared with each other! Keep up the good work and the lady who wanted on us was so cheerful and knew her business!!! Well satisfied customer!!!

Sarah Harrison

Fantastic service and the coffee is amazing! I highly recommend trying many of the different flavors of the French macaroons! Also, the quiches are so delicious!

Paul Wheeler

Great place for a treat or a snack. I can find gluten-free cookies and pastries for one of my great grandsons. Pastries and cookies for my grandkids and my great-grandkids. Quiche, croissants and pastries for my wife and myself. Super nice people, super nice employees. Give them a try for a bakery treat, I personally don't think they can be beat.

Diana Eagan

The absolute best tasting ever!!!!! Highly recommend this bakery!!!!!

Steve Ole Olson

Happy to finally visit after following them on IG for a couple of months. Loved the meringue, cappuccino was OK

Mandy Nolan

Best bakery in St. Charles County. And the staff is always so friendly.

Deborah Hannah

Just had the personal-size orange-lavender pound cake. In a word--OMG. Literally, like-nothing--this-side-of-heaven good. A wonderful variety of pastries and baked goods, with all the usual coffee drinks. Wonderful.

Ryan Meuth

Best Bakery we've been to in the US! Excellent Macaroons, and the variety of treats and desserts is incredible. We bought so many things, and everything was delicious!

Heather Ray LMT

This is truly the best bakery I have experienced and is also a locally owned small business, so no surprise that it's the best!

Kevin Kiely

Have been going here for years. Everything is excellent try the apple crumb pie

Angelica Kalapinski

Friendly staff and tasty food!

Mitch Herbold

Friggin fire! No got two words for you: friggin fire!

Christina Heimos

Great latte, great macarons and cute place!

Ricky Moore

Wonderful bakery with a great atmosphere. Cannot beat the pastries!

ashley austin

So many delicious treats! Tried several macaroons. Will definitely be going back.

Rachel Bethel

Every item is amazing in this bakery! When in St. Charles you have to stop in!

Beth Joy

Hip little place serving amazing pastries of all kinds, and some good cold brew coffee.

Cynthia Shear

Excellent desserts.

Teri Shafer

The tarts were delicious. I bought six different treats for a family breakfast and they were a hit. The pecan tart, in particular, was wonderful while the chocolate tart was rich and smooth as silk. The decor was an unexpected, pleasant surprise and makes a very nic e, comfortable atmosphere. The very friendly service made it a very nice, fun visit. The customers new the counter workers by name and I will join the ranks of those who return often.

Judy White

Best bakery in the entire St. Louis & St. Charles area. I've indulged in almost all the cheesecakes. I'm eyeballing the quiches to try next.

Jay B

Excellent bakery!

Stephen Douglas

Attempted to stop in on a Sunday morning. It was closed. It seems logical a bakery with good coffee should open for the "after church" crowd.

Jill Auchly

Cute little place with great pastries

BT Wilkes

This is where you go to satiate your sweet tooth!

lesa schmidt

We stopped in yesterday to purchase a few sweet treats. We were amazed at the selection. The pecan bread pudding was out of this would! LOVE IT!!

Anna Senger

love the atmosphere and people here! coffee was excellent as well.

Mary Allgood

Great Bakery. Always have a great quiche.

James Crain

We recently needed a German Chocolate cake for my Dad's birthday on a few days notice. When I spoke to the staff, it was pretty clear they usually require more than a few days to complete a cake. However, they gladly said they could get it done. So as I walked-in to pick it up yesterday I was a little nervous they might tell me they weren't able to make it happen. However, not only did they make it happen, but the cake was amazing. Hands down, one of the best cakes I have ever had. Let alone - the best - German Chocolate cake I have ever tasted. The family agreed. The cake was a huge success. I couldn't be more happy with Sucrose. Highly recommend.

David Smith

An authentic German cafe/bakery serving the finest bakef sweets this side of the Atlantic. Each morsel is a piece of art. And the coffee is the smoothest in the area.

Nina Cook

Very good bakery

Ken Neely

Best Baked goods in Missouri, very personable owners, they make you feel like family

Yeti Patch

Bought and paid for by politicians. No thanks

Darrel Hicks

Great coffee and breakfast baked goods. Friendly and helpful staff, too.

Jillian Kaye

Very friendly staff and plenty of room to sit! Their eatery/sitting area is so cozy and quiet. They carry Blueprint Coffee so I love to get a cup of that and treat myself to something they've baked - it's hard to choose just one treat. There is always a lot of variety and everything is tasty.

Levie Tenorio

Wonderful assorted coconut macaroons. My favorites as well as poppy lemon seed muffin. Anyways, everything’s really good.

Steve Jones

This is a hidden gem in the heart of St. Charles. The offerings are varied and delicious and the staff is friendly and helpful. In the morning the choices are even more varied so come early. There are a wide variety of tarts, cookies, brownies, and branded clothing. You can buy granola, shirts, and coffee. Parking can be tight but there is usually a couple of spots open at the taco bell across the street. I didn't see any breads or rolls but it seemed like there would be some at other times. I believe the choices vary from day to day. I would recommend a visit on your way to and from the normal main street fun.

Julia Beauchaine

Amazing all around!!! Highly recommend.

Arvella Mosbey

Wonderful. You must go!

Lesiene Brecount

This is the very best bakery in St. Charles, definitely worth stopping in! Everything is incredible.

Liz Funk

Used to be a 4 Season's Bakery up the road... Now renamed sucralose. Wow!!! Favorite baked goods in St. Louis - hands down! On weekends they do cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, and croissants. Sooooo fresh. They also have a cute area with several tables and chairs where you can sit and eat your delicious treats. They have several gluten-free and vegan options! Better than snickers is awesome! While this seems like a new place, they have been in the baking business for a while; it's so delicious!

Fred Pueschel

Need to increase cost if minimum goes up.

Mitchell Lewis

Cinnamon buns and eclair! Good coffee!

Heather Sparks

I tried out this place last week. They have a wide variety of drinks, from coffee to frappes to bubble tea. They also have an interesting choice of bakery items. There were cookies and muffins but also macaroons and quiches. But it wasn't the best thing I've ever tasted, like I don't see myself craving their food anytime soon. However, it seems like a good place to do homework, meet up, or do a coffee date.

Heather Rice

A-may-zing. Delicious gluten free options!! Best I've ever had!

Gabriela Schlatter

Great coffee. Delicious bakery. It's a good thing I'm on a diet and haven't been able to go in a while, but they have amazing pastries. This is a favorite place to come when my friends and I hang out for breakfast!

Annette H.

We loved this bakery! I came here with family and we all tried each other's selections. My apple frangipane tart was one of the standouts among us. The bottom crust was just right in almond flavor and the apple topping ratio was perfect. My other favorites were the macaroons - specifically the raspberry one! This bakery is well managed and exceptionally clean and organized. Friendly service and I can't wait to come back!

Mikhail Banovich

Dependably Delicious. I've never gotten something I didn't like from the bakery.

sandy andrich

Had an awesome asparagus quiche. Best coffee in St. Charles

Melissa Palmer

It's so good I almost don't want to risk giving it the five star review it easily deserves, for fear that too many people will find out about this incredible offering. Not only is everything that I have eaten here effortlessly elegant in it's presentation it is all stop-and-give thanks delicious. To date I have been three times. I have tried and loved all of the flavors of macrons (with the vanilla and raspberry flavors coming out on top as my favorite), sampled the German Chocolate cake (perfectly on the line of sweet but not too sweet) and was swept away into the orange lavender cake. The hardest thing about this store is that everything I try becomes my "favorite" and this makes sampling all of their wonderful offerings challenging. I feel incredibly fortunate that this upscale but inviting store has opened in our community and I'm looking forward to challenging myself to trying everything they sell.

John Haug

First time customers. Last Saturday. High quality, good service, friendly employees. We will return.

Jessica Vargas

The delicious pastries, fabulous lattes & calming atmosphere are the reasons I will visit here again and again. This is the best coffee shop & bakery in the area by far! Love it! The people who work/own this bakery are masters of the culinary arts.

Denise Lutz

Spectacular bakery. Best ingredients

Vonda Westmoreland

Just discovered Sucrose. Fantastic coffee and desserts, and they have tons of decadent gluten free choices, as well. Great for a coffee date or an outing with friends.

Edward Spiller

Fast service

Michelle Cowsert

An appropriate name for this place! It's a sugar high just walking in! And of course the coffee to wash it all down with is excellent! I'd skip the Starbuck's down the street and head straight to Sucrose Bakery. They have a nice sitting area to relax and enjoy coffee and pastries.

Jeff Nafziger

I would go here daily if I had the budget. I have NEVER eaten something there that I did not like. They are so talented and the owners are such great people!

Chris Dietz

Diabeetus never looked or tasted so good. Highly recommend the macarons, lemon bars, raspberry cheesecake, fruit tar.....I'll just say everything...I highly recommend EVERYTHING!!

Angie Meuth

Always super delicious and the service is fantastic!

Dr. Roth

Old Four Seasons bakery now turned into more of a coffee store. By far best bakery in town- German style. Eat in or take out. Not a large lunch menu. Mainly quiches and lots of gooey desserts. Organic, minimalist, environmentally conscious, and sweet. Unfortunately, seating is quite uncomfortable.

Bruce Younger

Only have been once but I really liked it! I especially liked that I didn't have to ask for my cappuccino in a mug! The baked goods are ridiculously tempting, but I am currently trying to be careful of what I am eating right now. But that won't always be the case!! Great space for sitting and sipping and chatting with my favorite person ... my wife!!

Joshua D

Quaint little bakery with excellent food and very nice people. They also have a little kid area so they can play while the adults enjoy their time a little bit more.

Denise Allen

Needed a cheesecake to give to a friend. Everything looked so good!!! Ended up buying more than a cheesecake & I'm going to have a hard time parting with it even though I bought several!!!

Jeff Kissel

Warning: the French macaroons are highly addictive.

Shavon Naumann

Staff is very friendly and helpful. My first time there I had ordered three different pastries and I ate all three without sharing that is how delicious this bakery is. Love buying local and this is the place for me.

Ralph Datt

T best bakery around

Kadie Crivello

French macarons are just incredible. Coffee also has a ton of flavor. New fav bakery!

Brandon Zeisler

We eat here once or twice a week. If we were rich, we’d go here every day and probably never even leave. Coffee is amazing, baked goods are on another level, staff is great.

David Vandaveer

Awesome place to go for pastries incredibly delicious

Leila Carey


David Fults

Tasty baked goods. Great variety. A local treasure.

Don Cwiklowski

Everything is delicious! The owners and staff are always courteous and friendly. Too bad they don't have the room to expand into full bakery (no breads, donuts, etc).

Riah xoxo

A little pricey but trust me and all of st Charles-its worth it.

Stephanie Swanson

Great selection and friendly service! Delicious coffee and pastries. Good ambiance and easy parking.

Jessica Erhart

Being someone who has an at home bakery, I’m very picky about sweets. This place is AWESOME. The macarons are my go to-I crave them if it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to stop in. Perfect in every way. Their croissants are heaven. The tarts have an amazing crust that is isn’t overwhelming and compliments the DELICIOUS fillings perfectly. I would go on, but you get the point. Don’t pass this place up!

Tori Johnson

Ordered a few small items to share with a group; three different cheesecakes, a strawberry shortcake, and two slices of gooey butter cake for under $30. It was all delicious, and the rest of the group thought so too! Fast and friendly service. Maybe not the easiest location to get in and out of but can't beat the charm of the Main Street St Charles area.

Staci Datt

Best bakery in the St Louis area. It is clear the owners care about customer satisfaction and the staff is always friendly.

Kenneth Parker

The food is amazing!


More than just good looking pastries - everything here is executed well. Try the apple crostadas.

jessica Richardson

Their pumpkin spice latte is delicious *.* The dining area is very comfortable, I feel right at home here. Their darling little plants are a big part of the appeal. They all seem so happy and well taken care of. :)

Tracy Keatts

The food is incredible! We love the people here and the service is great. It's usually busy but that's because of how good it is.

Karen Young

Love this place! The omelette was very good! The bakery items were a treat just to browse. Beautifully done.

Deb Kay

Great place to bring kids for snack. Also has things if you kids have alergies. Nice atmosphere.

Beth S

Great selection of baked goods. Very friendly and patient staff (when you can't make up your mind because everything looks so good).


Amazing canelé, all the items are good, including savory breakfast pastries

John Richardson

Such good desserts! Good people. Great atmosphere.

Cassie Tanner

Amazing!!! My whole family enjoyed!! Gave me motivation to up my baking game!! Tarte are 10 out of 10!! Great job

Jessica Garrison

Amazing food! My husband and I go every couple of weeks. It's not cheap, but so worth the price. The quiches and fruit tarts are to die for.

Elizabeth V

The best bakery in the STL area! The macarons are amazing! They are also super conscious of customers that are gluten free. If you have not been, do yourself a favor and give them a visit!

B Biss

As always : Excellent!! The whiplash was as good as its write-up made it sound.

Kim Braun

4 Seasons made our daughter's cake for her first birthday a year and a half ago (I meant to review a long time ago...). I drew up a basic design, and they made it. The cake was beautiful and delicious; it received a ton of compliments. We were incredibly satisfied and hope to order a cake from them for our second daughter's baptism next month. Highly recommended!

Leanne Lowell

Try everthing especially the crunchy almond cookie

John S

First off: theyhave good cheesecake. Their New York cheesecake was of the denser verity as apposed to creamy. It wasn’t ice cold, but cool. If you’re in the area, it’s worth stopping by. The owner is there working and friendly.

Brad Wheeling

There's nothing like it around. Always something new, amazing, and delicious. Best coffee in St Charles!

Meta Vollmer

Its fabulous place!!!!

Timothy McFarland

Awesome desserts and great staff highly recommend

Lisa Schoendienst

Yummy, traditional treats and delicious Gluten free treats

lynda copelan

Great coffee cake!! Will be back!

Nick Newton

Amazing pastries and a proper cup of coffee. The macaroons are a must try.

Haylee Rethman

WOW! Absolutely everything in the cases looked amazing, and I really wanted to try it all. Ssmpled lots, and everything we tried was amazing! Will definitely return!

Sandra Reeves

Hard to not stop in more. Great bakery.

Amanda Ballard

Reminds me of the bakery/coffee shops in WA state, LOVE THIS PLACE!

Wayne Aragon

Best hidden coffee shop/bakery around. Driven by many times. Have tried to avoid it many times. Conceded to the wife's wishes and was disappointed I hadn't gone sooner.

Janice Davis

This is probably the best bakery in St. Charles right now. They have quiche that is phenomenal! And I've had numerous sweets there, but my favorites are their macaroons. Everything I've had is absolutely delicious. The only flaw is that they should give free refills on iced tea.

India Ivy

Friendly staff, great coffee and sweets. Perfect place to stop in and get something to go or sit and relax.

Sarah Mi Huynh

Wide and unique bakery selections daily, good cold brew coffee & on the pricey side.

Matthew Hundley

Great addition to 5th Street and a perfect use for this building. Love the layout. Love that I can get fresh breads...including vegan bread for my wife. Glad you have a full espresso bar (a must to compliment the many fabulous pastries). My only complaint is that there are way too many delicious pastries to choose from. Which means I will have to return often.

Ashley Gray

This place is amazing!!! Best bakery in town!

Patrick Gebhard

Best bakery in St. Charles. Actually, the best bakery in all of STL metro area. Get the quiche, sticky buns, frangipane tarts, cookies...well, just get it all.

Megan Foland

My first experience with sucrose was a wonderful cake they made for my husband's birthday. It was a huge hit! We have since been back several times to try different treats. It's been great every time.

Arthur Huggard

Fantastic baked goods and excellent coffee

Paul Hawke

Although the food was good, there was no wifi (on Saturday) and no parking to speak of.

Sharla Friend

My go to stop in St. Charles for cinnamon rolls on Saturdays and lattes during the weekdays.

Chelsea ONeill

Best bakery! Great atmosphere! My family and I love coming here.

Reya G

A nice place to go to start your day! Great food, drinks, music, and the people who own and work here are really nice and personable. We go here at least a couple times a week :)

Jenny Dunckley

Love the fresh baked goods. Definitely a great place for a treat.

Heidi Van Winkle

My new favorite place!

Kevin Kelley

I walked in and saw the a nice variety. It seemed like it was another shallow attempt at fancy food, this was my first mistake. I walked out with only one hand full of cookies, this was my second mistake. It wasn't till I started eating them that I realized there were masterful hands crafting these delicious creations. They are deceptive in their presentation, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Get that extra treat, or 2 more things. Hell, get the 3 extra things you're eyeing up, you'll be happy you did.

Courtney Frey

Good coffee, tea, and baked treats. Recommend trying the biscotti and the lavender and lemon cake. Great place to catch your breath after hustling along Main Street.

Gretchen Geivett

My friends and I have tried going twice and both times it had a sign posted that said "closed for the holidays" that listed weeks. (The one friend who had raved about it said it's been open 1 out of 5 times she's tried.) I understand holiday hours but 2 of us checked Google and the other went to the website to be SURE (as it takes a half hour for some of us) and there was no posting. After yesterday we all gave up. We wish you the best but it's no longer on our to do list.

Kate Fox

My absolute favorite bakery, whenever something brings me close to 5th Street I will always drop by. They have a lot of high end sweets, like every flavor of French macron you can think of, eclairs, cheesecakes, cookies of every kind, quiches, a fantastic cafe, and my absolute favorite treat , the fruit tart. If you find yourself in Old Town St. Charles for any reason, do yourself a favor and drop by for a snack and a drink, it's worth it.

J Yates

This little shop has exactly what you need to satisfy your kitschy need for delicious food and great atmosphere! The staff are patient with newcomers and very pleasant to interact with. The croissants were divine and the variety of pastries will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth! Can’t wait to come back here the next time I am in town.

Robert Denen

Very good bakery, needs more parking! Great selection, excellent quality, with friendly service!

Stacey Elizabeth

Love love love this place! The owners and staff are fantastic! The GF options are delicious!! Love the special order GF cupcakes and cakes!! Very talented staff!

Zach White

I cannot say enough about the pastries here. I have sent any friends that pass through St Charles through here. I've only had pastries as good as the ones they make here at Domonique Ansel's bakery in NYC and it's world renowned.


This is the best you can get in Greater St. Louis area! I love their new place! I wish they consider outside tables for the summer :)

Frankie Maris

Awesome atmosphere, great pastries and coffee, ten times better than Starbucks! Will be returning

Jeanne Sweigart

Fabulous quiche and sweets. The macarons(try the London...)are the best I’ve ever had and the sticky bun was delicious. A group of 5 and everyone loved it. Very nice owners. Will definitely be back.

Thomas Askins

Really good but pretty high you can't get a regular donut they are all really fancy. But give it a try you may love it.

Brad Hagemeyer

Sucrose Bakery is one of the finest Bakeries in Missouri! They carry some of the best French Macaroons I have ever had. My first Macaroon was at the Venetian Las Vegas. Sucrose, by far makes the best! They have Gooey Butter cakes, little strawberry cheese cakes and a large variety of cookies and cakes. All to die for. This is a family owned and operated business in Saint Charles, Missouri. The staff is very knowledgable and very friendly. If you are in Saint Charles, this is definitely a place to visit for your tasty treats!

Leah R.

Great desserts!

Beth Ramage

Friendly staff and wonderful baked goods! I absolutely recommend the morning glory muffin, or the blueberry muffin, or the banana walnut muffin....just order one of everything. You can't go wrong!

Alexander's Workshop

I knew this place when it was at the smaller location. The owners are very friendly and the baked goods and coffee are the best. Having the orange lavender cake and a mocha right now!

Matt Crider

Fantastic bakery and better than average coffee. Decor is modern but the baked goods go across the spectrum and are Dynamite.

Colleen Biri

Thank you, Sucrose, for having such a variety of delicious gluten-free treats in your case! We can't wait to try them all.

Micha Korrinhizer

Sucrose Bakery has great food (sweets) and coffee. I love that there is a little kids table with toys. The atmosphere is inviting and relaxing.

Donald Widaman

One of the best bakeries I've ever been to. Love it.

JoEllen Potchen-Webb

Yummy! We went for lunch, but found they had only one item on the lunch menu. They are basically a bakery, but their baked goods are anything but basic! The quiche was terrific, although I wished they had a salad or fruit to go with it. I had a nice latte with lunch. Then we went and lost our minds with the sweets. So many surprising and delicious choices!


Super fantastic place. We LOVE it!

DaNae Juhlin

I got addicted to the bakery several years ago when it was Four seasons. They use European style flour that doesn't go through the processing that American flour does. I can eat EVERYTHING in the bakery and not have a reaction. Good and bad. Lol. Now that they have moved, and i absolutely love the feel and vibe the owner created, when I walk in it is always ending with me carrying a big box out. It has been wonderful to see how the business has grown but stayed consistent with the high quality and attention to detail.

Lisa Besant

One word ... AMAZING! We're so glad - and THANKFUL - to have found this TREASURE in the heart of St Charles! We tried a variety of pastries - every one of them was Fabulous! Can't wait for our next visit!

Kaylee T

Love the tea and coffee made here as well as the pastries.

Dana Schulte

Yummy macarons and delicious lavender coffee drink! I need to go back.

Nate Ponder

The treats we picked up from Sucrose were amazing. I wanted something special for my girlfriend's birthday, and Sucrose's pastries were perfect. The quality and selection were something you can't find anywhere else in St Charles. We've only tried the macarons and bread pudding sticky buns so far but I already know we'll be back.

Danielle Grimes

Yummy and great service.

Lesa Morice

Finally found a place to get my daughter wheat free items.

Jared Tompkin

Really good coffee and pastries. Atmosphere is pretty good as well

Rose Pryor

Great little bakery staff was very friendly and a good variety of goodies.

Scott Schreiner

Amazing baked goods! 15 different macaroon flavors today, 4 different muffins, ciffee cakes, pies.. what's not to love?

Clarene Strelow

Great variety, tasty, a little pricey but a great experience.

Alexis Miskevish

Amazing job! Our wedding cake was exactly the design we wanted and tasted delicious. Our guests even wanted to take some home with them. Everyone at Sucrose was welcoming and helpful and I give them an A+ in customer service. We've started to stop by there just to grab a treat every now and then.

Stacy Martin

Best Macarons I’ve ever had!! The Earl Grey are my favorite!!! Shortbread like no other,vanilla with lavender-melt in your mouth!! Best hidden treasure in St.Charles!!!

Whitney Raney

Love this Bakery! Everyone is very friendly and helpfully. I've order 5 cakes from them and they never disappoint.

Luke Turner

Amazing coffee. Amazing Quiche. Amazing pastries. I've been to hundreds of bakeries around the world, and I'm delighted to find such an excellent one so close to home.

Matthew McFarland

Delicious! I will definitely be back to try more amazing baked goods.

Jennifer Bax

Sucrose is fantastic! Everything is delicious and the staff is super friendly. Love, love, love this place!!!

Kyle Huff

The only problem with sucrose is that there's too much amazing goodness to choose from. I've never had a bad pastry there. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to selections. Added bonus, they have amazing coffee from a STL roaster.

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