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REVIEWS OF Sarah's Cake Shop IN Missouri

Skye Marcía Peters

Sarah's Cake Shop is already one of my favorite area bakeries, so I knew I wanted to use them for my wedding. They did not disappoint! Our guests couldn't even wait for us to get a cupcake before they dug in! I didn't want traditional chocolate and vanilla flavors, so we went with several different, unique cupcake flavors (like Key Lime, Caramel Goodness, Brownie Batter Blitz, and Banana Cream Pie) and gluten-free cake pops for our GF guests. We received several compliments on the wide variety of delicious options, and guests were asking where we got them so they could visit the shop! Sarah's Cake Shop was wonderful to work with every step of the way!

Hailey Harper

There was one woman there her name was Chris I think, was incredibly rude and short. The only redeeming quality at the store is the girl with the short blonde hair who was very helpful and patient. She gives a good thorough description of the items available at the store.


I've ordered several years worth of birthday cakes for my family and all were fantastic! The staff is great about working with you to design whatever you desire! The Minecraft cakes they made for my twins were amazing....and try the everyday wedding cake! Best white cake we've ever tasted : )

Sca Tay

Had the glitter ball it was absolutely to die for this place is phenomenal

Meredith W

Their glitter bites are the best! I got my wedding cake from Sarah's as well as a few other cakes. They were all wonderful. Be sure to try THE GLITTER BITES!

Jessica Carrington

I got my wedding cake here and it was just a fabulous experience overall and they have the most delicious cake!

Jamie Koritz

I have never had a bad experience at Sarah’s, until today. I went in to purchase cupcakes for a Reveal Party and had a photo of what I was trying to achieve. I was told they could only do one large rose, even though I pointed out a cake that had small rosettes and explained this is what I would like and what was shown In the photo. Unfortunately, I ended up going elsewhere and the other Cake Shop was able to provide exactly what I was looking for... there were other customers in the store and I wasn’t looking to cause I scene. Someone else may have been more helpful and willing to provide the customer with what they wanted.

Jim Kremer

Candice Woody

Cupcakes are delicious! Customer service not so good. The people who work here are rather rude and not friendly at all.

Ryan Gray

We had a dessert reception catered by Sarah's Cake Shop and it was amazing. Everyone loves the desserts and we did too! We recently stopped by the shop again to celebrate our anniversary with some treats and it, again, did not disappoint. The biggest surprise was their gooey butter cake. It could possibly be the best Gooey Butter that I've had. We weren't the biggest fan of their cake. It is light and fluffy, but leaves something to be desired. I've not tried their cupcakes however, and would like to give them a try the next time we're around.


Melissa Cook

Robert Gieski

Excellent service

Rachel Mol

Great variety. Delicious cakes and cookies.

Guru Bazawada

Great desserts, although they can sometimes be too sweet. If you're looking for a quick bite go here but if you're ordering for a wedding or some occasion like that I wouldn't recommend it.

Amber Walgamott

This was my first time ordering from Sarah's Cake Shop and I immediately went back to place another order. I ordered a gluten free cake and it was moist with the most delicious icing! The staff is so helpful and kind and I felt went above and beyond to help me with my orders. Comparable in price to other customers cake shops. Will continue to go here as long as I can!

Jera Nicole Piper

K M Dolan

I stumbled upon Sarah's years ago when I was hosting a bridal shower and needed a cake made close to home. It was so beautiful and delicious that when I got engaged there was zero doubt in my mind I would get my wedding cake from here. My now husband is not a dessert type of guy, so from day one he wasn't overly interested in trying cakes, he just kept saying we needed a funfetti cake and brownies. He came to the tasting with me to be supportive (which BTW was really nice - we got to create 4 flavor combinations we would possibly be interested in and they made mini cakes just for us). After talking to the consultant we agreed to do 1/4 sheet cake of funfetti cake. He went along with the rest of the tasting and after trying their champagne buttercream completely changed his mind and couldn't have cared less about funfetti or brownies anymore. This speaks volumes of how delicious their cakes/icings are! We ended up with a white cake, strawberry jam filling, and champagne buttercream cake. We also supplemented with their traditional wedding cake (almond cake and almond icing) and a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and mocha buttercream. I don't have a clue how the chocolate cake was because it went so fast at our reception that I didn't get any, but I know the traditional is AMAZING!! Try a slice - they have it everyday at the shop! We wanted a very simple look, so I can't speak too much on decorating. We would in a heartbeat get our cake from here again!!! Love Sarah's and we can't wait to get our 1 year wedding anniversary cake - yes they make a new one, you don't have to eat your frozen year old cake on your anniversary!

Amber Stage

Lance Middleton

Got a variety of things for my wife on Valentine's day and boy were the delicious. Cake pops and the glitter ball things were my favorite

Hope Atkins

Had my granddaughter's birthday cake done by Sarah's and it was delicious and looked exactly how we wanted it. Will always have our cakes done by them......excellent customer service.

Christine Sostman

Amanda Boedges

My husband and I got married late July. We were married In Augusta, which we knew was a drive from Chesterfield (which is why we paid the delivery fee ). Our wedding was small of only 40 people which was indoors. Our cake was very simple and we completely overpaid. We paid $600...the lady told us that fondant would be better for us than the traditional buttercream even though we told her the wedding was inside. We didn't want to take any chances so we went for it. Our ceremony started at 5pm. The day of the wedding, no delivery until 4:30 when the guests are showing up! Who delivers a cake that late??? I had to call them because I was freaking out since that was the only thing left to wait on. She showed up and was in the way delivering a cake while our guests are showing up. Was not impressed when I thought the cake was coming between 3-4. The worst part, was during our cake cutting ceremony, we could barely cut our cake. The fondant was so thick that we literally could not cut our cake, we had to saw through it to cut it. After cutting pieces it was all a mess and crumbly. I could have made a better cake at home and it at least be able to cut through. When you pay $600 for a cake you expect it to be a lot better and turn out a certain way. I choose Sarah's Cake shop because I heard nothing but great things, but it's just poor communication, and I feel over priced. They do have great tasting snacks and treats I just wouldn't recommend them to anyone for their wedding...

Bruce Coonan

Did a fantastic job creating a unique layer cake for a 70th birthday party. Would definitely use again.


I wish I could give this place more stars, but I can't. Sarah, the wedding consultant for the cakes is not really professional and takes days and at times a week to respond back to a customer. She says she's working with other people to why she takes an incredible long time to respond, that should not be an excuse, your a business at the end of the day, responding back to customers is crucial to experience. If you are that busy as you claim, ask for help, talk to your manager and have more assistance to be able to respond back to paying clients. Otherwise, their cakes are good

Monica Swindle

Brit Trudo

Great experience for custom cake. Designer was great to work with and very helpful in getting the design I was looking for.

Erin Stephens

Sarah’s is one of our absolute favorite places! We looove the cake truffles, glitter bites, cheesecake bombs, gooey butter cake, cake pops and the adorable little seasonal cookies! It is right up the street from us and we always buy it for new neighbors to welcome them to the neighborhood. I have to say though, they are breaking my heart a bit lately. I have ordered many custom cakes from them and have always been very happy. However, I went in to get an 8” round cake and all I wanted on it was it to be frosted light blue and have a frosted rainbow on top...that’s it. They told me that I had to make an appt and that it would be 2-3 weeks to get one. They also said it would be a minimum of $125. Woahhhh! It’s going to feed like 6 people. I was shocked. The grocery store was $22.99 for the same cake design. I understand that they raised their prices and I get why. They are special and super delicious! What I don’t understand is how that cost for that simple small cake can be justified. It makes me sad bc I can’t go in and order a cake for under $100. We always do a small cake for birthdays with just our family and $125 minimum is just too much. I will miss our Sarah’s cakes but will still be enjoying their treats!

Gina DeNardi

Deborah Stein

Went to order a cake for a baby shower as I had previously done a little over a year ago. The same cake has doubled in price. I need a cake to serve approximately 30 people and was told it would cost at minimum $150. Last year it was $65. When I asked why such a huge increase I was told due to demand. I will take my business elsewhere.

Karen Phillips

Get a giant cookie!

Allison Tauer

My husband and I got our wedding cake from here and it was gorgeous and delicious! However we were getting a birthday cake a few months later and I guess they were having an off day because the icing was falling off the cake and it looked like they just threw it together.

Karen Pierson

Not only was the cake amazingly designed, it was the best tasting cake I've ever had. They have probably hundreds of designs you can look through. Almost anything someone can even think of. I ordered a Hello Kitty cut out for my daughters first birthday with cupcakes on the side. Their prices are def above average, but it was well worth it! This is where I will be getting all my cakes here on out!

Angela Marie

I really enjoy this place, great people and amazing goodies!! I can say this is the most reasonably priced bakery around if you ask me!!


I got hit by their food truck and I was happy because I found a cupcake on the tire.

Tania Manyari

S. DeAnn Todd

Annette H.

Stopped here with a friend and got two beautiful cupcakes: cherry chocolate and vanilla/vanilla. Also bought two champagne strawberry petit fours. I love petit fours and they were good, but I can't say there was anything distinctly special about them. This is a specialty shop so I think I expect something... well, special. $1.75 each. I haven't eaten the vanilla cupcake yet but the chocolate cherry cupcake's white icing was fabulous! The chocolate cake, though, was a little dry--so disappointing. I've been here many times and this is the first time I've been a little disappointed overall. The young lady who helped us was very helpful and friendly.

Christina Kelley

Sai Yerubandi

Not worth it

Monica Harris

Sarah's Cake Stop truck came to my job today, and was almost sold out by the time I got to the line to place an order. I had the most delicious wedding cake! I enjoyed the gluten free brownie too. I never had Sarah's before, but people were raving about it in line. I was not disappointed, thank you!

Susan Joachimstaler

We used Sarah's Bake Shop for our daughter's wedding. They were wonderful. Everything was delivered on time, and perfect. The dessert table was awesome and the cake was not only beautiful, but was the best wedding cake I have eaten. I also thought that the cost was reasonable, in comparison to other bakeries. Thank you so much for helping make the day great!


Wow. I looked at it for years. Went in looking for a birthday cake found a perfect one. Bought one of their cheesecakes. Now my husband is sending me back!!!

Phoebe Riggs


Lucy Applebaum

Glitter balls are AMAZING!

Katherine Bicerli

We have ordered a couple cakes here for birthdays and they were so cute and the taste was great. I frequently stop in here for the truffles or a "snack cupcake". Highly recommend!!!

Primrose Canto

We used Sarah's Cake Shop for a retirement party. Amber was so helpful in helping me ordering and everything they produced for us was amazing. All of the guests were impressed by the various desserts that was created for us and was very impressed with the cake and how amazing it tasted. We will use Sarah's Cake Shop for our dessert needs!!

Amber Michelle

The service here is terrible. Employees are rude and ignore you while you wait. They never have the flavors that you want, and they only serve certain things on certain days. If you're planning on going here make sure you pre-order. Personally, I'm done trying with this place.

Yehao Tang

This place is amazing! Wonderful staff, everything looks delicious, and they have wedding cake slices available for daily cravings, which I haven't come across until today!

Katie Shubert

Jillian Dalton

I love the desserts here! The glitter bites and the cake truffles are my favorite, but everything I have had has been delicious. The staff is always very nice.

Farah Yazdani

Awesome tasty cakes

Carl Simmons

Great cake

Ashley McLeod


Dl M

First time visiting this place staff wasn't to quick to help, but I really wanted to try some of the delicious desserts and was not disappointed. Will visit again.

Judi Moore

We enjoy this bakery and have had it for all special occasions.

Kelly Hart

Horrible experience. Horrible customer service. Horrible refund procedures. Will not return. For the inconvience they did send me a $25 gift card . That was nice

Ryan Dunn

Shayla Strong

The BEST coustom cakes!!! Top quality!!! Thanks Sarah’s cake shop for my daughters awesome LOL surprise cake. Not only did her cake look awesome the taste was out of this world! I will be returning for all my sweet occasions!!

James Long

Gabriel Pope

Sarah has such a variety but I have REALLY LOVE gluten free brownie!!!

Nathalia Kpankpari

We celebrated my little boy first birthday, and this shop was where we ordered his cake. They know my taste and that of the guest. Friends started texting me to show them the shop. I'll definitely be ordering from here. Thanks Sarah's Cake for awesome art.

Carli Fierce

Fantastic! They made a beautiful unicorn cake for my daughters party. I would highly recommend them. Tasted great.

Kelly McDevitt

Sarah’s Cake Shop did an amazing job on our wedding cake. Not only did it look beautiful, but it was absolutely delicious! We got many compliments.

Amanda Weishaupt

I work in the bridal industry and hear such great reviews so I decided to order cupcakes for a party. The workers where not helpful on helping decide what can and can't be done. Once we decided on what I can I was really happy with the compromise we had made. I picked up the cupcakes and they hardly opened the box to show me. when I got home and looked at them all the way I can now see why. They are nothing (except color) as we wanted. I don't mind what the price is (actually a lot cheaper than I though getting custom work done) but they look like they were put together so fast and again nothing like I was told. I can say they taste great which is good. Just not satisfied with overall customer service and decorating skills. I will say what I have seen cake wise they tend to be excellent. Just seems like they didn't care about what my dozen cupcakes looked like cause it wasn't a big cake or order. Very frustrating in the end.

Brian Fenili

We have ordered many a birthday cake from Sarah's and they are amazing, especially wedding cake. And the cupcakes are the best!!!! The staff is always friendly & easy to work with. If you want top-quality cakes and cupcakes this is the place.

Stanley Byon

I always passed by this bakery. It is hard to find the actual store but the cake bus is very noticable. I went there and the cakes look pretty but not really moist. The price is pretty good.

Sydni Davis Farhat

We had a WONDERFUL display of many flavors of mini cupcakes for our wedding! It was delicious and beautiful. I love that Sarah's has TONS of flavor options, and it was so much fun to have those at the wedding! We also had some to-die-for cake pops. Having basically sampled everything at this bakery, I can confidently recommend their sweets and services!

Morgan Braundmeier

I ordered a custom birthday cake a week before I needed it, and they were more than happy to get it done. They had me come in, and we pulled up pictures to make sure it was exactly what I wanted. It looked exactly like the picture I showed her and it tasted great too! I will only use this cake shop for birthdays going forward. Also, I bought my husband a few of the macaroons and he loved them.

Phyllis Mulford

Summer Berry is #1 with me. They even offer slices of wedding cake to purchase. The wedding cake slices are a piece of heaven. I have craved that taste and now I can ever walk there.

Cory Lenz

So we got our wedding cake (well 3 cakes total) from them 2 years ago and they were amazing. Great tasting (white with strawberry buttercream, yellow with brown buttercream, and chocolate with mocha buttercream) and looked great. Staff was also awesome with working with us and having us try samples. We went by there again today and again their staff was great took care of us even after a miscommunication.

Mark Zeman

Sweet little specialty cake bakery with a variety of individual treats in the display case to torment you with deliciousness. Not surprisingly their baked goods are exceptional. The shop itself is very quaint / cute with pink and white decor. I give it a resounding two nums up!

Amy Smith

John Eickhoff

Never been there stupid google

Vanessa Uhls

I've tried their cupcakes, rice crispy treats, and gooey butter cake from their truck at various times. Everything has always been AMAZING! The cake is some of the lightest, fluffiest I've ever had, and the buttercream is light and smooth as well. I had the O'Fallon Wheach cupcake last night at Food Truck Friday, and I wanted another one right away! You guys are great!

Jane Madden

We used this bakeshop for our wedding this past Saturday and at least 10 people told us this was the best wedding cake they have ever had, and I have to agree! We got a pumpkin cake with cream cheese filling and an almond cake with dark chocolate ganache and both were to die for. They do charge $18 (I think it was) for the tastings but you get 4 mini cakes, in the flavors of your choosing, which are equally as delicious. They are super easy to work with on design and everyone will love your cake if you go with Sarah's!! Seriously, people would not stop talking about how amazing the cake tasted! And you get a free top layer on your anniversary so you don't have to freeze the one you get day of! Highly recommend Sarah's!!

joy ayres

Thank you Sarah's cupcakes for the yummy tasting cupcakes! They are some of the best we've ever had!What a great day celebrating the Stanley Cup championships at the Arch, and munching on cupcakes too!

Beth Forsythe

Amazing. They did my wedding cake almost 9 years ago, and they were amazing. I am never disappointed when I go there---check them out!

Karthik Ram

David Behlmann

Yummmmm!!! Chesterfield location is sweet, easy to find, and adorable in our opinion. Great service, super nice people, and did we mention the "Yum Factor"!

Amanda Soell

So good!!! Had them make lucky chqrm cupcakes... they were amazing!!! Customer service excellent

Taylor Renieri

My husband and I love this business! Firstly, in October of 2015 we were married and they did a WONDERFUL job with our desserts for our guests. We had a great selection of treats and we still to this day have people brag about how unique and tasty they were. Sarah's cake shop was personable and professional and had helped me pick what I wanted to have since I had no idea at the time! Secondly, we live in Marthasville (which is 45 minutes away) and happily make the drive to their location in Chesterfield just to get specialty treats for several occasions. Sarah's Cake Shop is the real deal. I hate seeing people talk bad because they charge more than a grocery store bakery does for a sheet cake. THEY ARE WORTH MORE THAN THAT. The workers here earn their reputation, and deserve to be compensated for their craft. Humbly your out of town admirers <3



Santosh Das

My son loves the cupcakes ..

Kimberly O

After we tried many cakes, we found Sarah's cakes and decided to have Sarah's Cakes create my wedding cake. I was extremely impressed and so were my guests! Not only was it beautiful, it tasted exquisite!! It was moist and the flavor was to die for. The design was exactly what I hoped for. Thank you so very much Sarah's Cakes!!

D Sweat

We've bought birthday cakes and lots of cupcakes here. The custom cakes are awesome. Everything here is delicious.

Matthew Bozada

Patricia L

Sarah's Cake Shop created an absolutely beautiful cake for a bridal shower using the bride's colors. The cake was the hit of the party....not only beautiful but also delicious. A big thank you to the bakers and the decorators! Exceptional job! I highly recommend Sarah's Cake Shop. I told everyone at the shower. We have 2 more brides in the group, expect more customers Sarah.

Tess Boedeker

Love the glitter balls!

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