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REVIEWS OF Sam's Club IN Missouri

Pam M. Whaley

Great for restocking the freezer. Prepacked dinners are good, quicj and reasonably priced.

John Harvey

Roswall Sam's club tire department is understaffed!!! Phone calls go unanswered, Special orders are shipped but no phone calls are made to the customer and the tires are put on the shelf for resale. The workers go without breaks because they are understaffed ! Sam's hire more tire specialists or you will lose my Business!!

Dre Day

Pembe-Jasmine is the reason why we continue coming back to Sam’s Club. She always has the biggest smile on her face during the food demonstrations and she goes out of her way to help us find what we need. Give her a pay raise! :)

Forrest Van Pelt

Awful service. Both the Walmart and the Sam’s club in Rapid City South Dakota are terrible. Just needed a tire purchased from that very store. To be told we can’t help you. There is no reason to get tires or any automotive work done at these locations. You will surely have to have it re looked at. Or worse blow out a tire on the side of the road. Pay a little extra get the job done right.

Allison Edwards

Great place to shop! And nice to have lunch with my wife.


Only one clerk at check out on a Saturday. I asked for more clerks and nothing was done. I do not like being forced to self check out. Poor management.

Chris Lirot

Tire center is of no assistance. Took our car there for slow leak. We paid Sam’s for roadside hazard coverage but they refused to fix tire because it had been plugged. Waste of time and money. So basically if you ever get stranded with a nail in your tire, just drive on it because if you plug it they won’t honor roadside hazard coverage. Very simple patch repair but they tried to force us into buying a new tire. Employees are arrogant and rude.

Trisha Baker

I love all the options Sam's has and the prices are unbeatable! Shopping in bulk is the best way to shop. I've always had great interactions with the employees there and most of them can answer any question you have.

Bitty Solberg

Membership store(very reasonably priced)- more of a warehouse store with a little cafeteria inside that has huge pizza, ice cream, pretzels, and icee's. They have a great range of products that are seasonal that transition every year. The photo center prints great quality photos. The tire department is extremely reliable and their warranty programs are out of this world! I personally LOVE their members mark brand diapers and wipes for my little ones

Mary Andrews

I like this Sam’s. The staff is pretty friendly and the store is clean. It can be difficult to find a worker to help lift an item but when one is found they are always willing to help. We usually have a good experience shopping here.

Jeffrey Thompson

I used to come more frequently for the meat department because of the variety of cuts available. Lately their selection has been very minimal, they don't stock up on the assorted pork chops like they used to. I tried to talking to Marcus but he didn't seem to know what he was talking about and he wasn't very helpful. I miss the old crew that used to run it. They were more helpful and had alot more products available.

the amazing world of Phil

Became a member and now I do most of my shopping here buying in bulk is the best thing save a lot of money

Don Benzito

Manager jeff was very helpful

Tricia Chacon

Organized and clean. I noticed at the check out the cashier helpers were going on about there details of personal lives VERY LOUD, with a negative spin. I understand what was happening, but I this they lacked professionalism. It slowed the line down because of all the detailed conversation.

Ken sorenson

Great place to buy tires I was in and out in less than an hour the technicians were quite friendly I will definitely buy tires there again

Lori Sakakihara-Chavarria

Staff are more than helpful and pleasant, approachable and more than willing to help, especially the technology/electronics department.


Everything is as to be expected.

Max Prophete

First time being there, wonderful experience.

Denise Silva

You can go in and out really fast. So why not save a lot of money at the same time.

levi smith

Great place to shop for affordable groceries

Mike Hightower

Very slow check out. Clean store. Large parking lot. Easy access in and out. Great gas prices! Great friendly employees that are very helpful.

Pseudo Self

Good variety of what you are looking for in large quantities.

Steve Shelby

Jeanine Laducer

Stephen Mattison

Sam's is GREAT! To store my Christmas lights, I got 50 of these very sturdy 27 gallon plastic totes for only $8 each. Made in America! Get some!

joel fritz

I went through the entire store and made my purchases and only two associates said anything to me, the greeter and the one who checks the receipt. I'm not sure if she spoke English or not. I'm also not sure if this a good thing or not. The item I picked up was quite heavy the employees closest to me when I loaded on my cart were busy screwing around with empty boxes. It would have been nice if the person checking receipts would have asked if i needed help loading my large item but I dont think she had any idea how to say it in English. North Sam's club.

Mark Langstraat

Found what we needed quickly and got out.

Sean Hoyt

Waited to be helped in the auto department, the guy gets off the phone and says what do you need. I tell him tires. He asks what size, I say I don't know. Very rude and offered no solution, I will not buy tires from this place. Heard them tell another customer that just bought tires they could get them put on in a week. I have done tires before and they don't take that long, especially when you have 3 people standing around.

Raymond Marek

Good deals and even better with instant savings. Great service and return policy.


Good food, good prices, good employees.

marlin seevers

Complicated details

Mark Meadows

Very busy store today but it was a good experience. Cashier Sandy was very nice and courteous.we also got your master card today.

Kate Lewis

I enjoy shopping here the store is always clean and the clerks are friendly.

Terry Pratt

Some good deals some not so good for the price of the membership. For instance the gas is usually 10 to 20 cents a gallon cheaper than most places some times it is the same as all others so ?? Give and take but we will see what happens when the new Costco store opens in the area then with competition things will change I would bet on it.

Michael Anderson

Horrible service

Rozella Eggerud

Love Sam's Club!

Darlene Beach

Very nice people and helpful ! Always like going here !

Steve Short

Good pricing

Christopher Cummins

You buy stuff in bulk here.

Kerri Martin

Darlene Danielson

Good deals. Just need to open more than 2 tills.

Jessica Vasquez

Love shopping here, although the cashier could of acted like she liked her job just a little bit.

Joan Pitchford

Had new tires put on. We told could be between an hour to an hour and a half. Was less than a hour.

Denise Bury

The pharmacy was just amazing as always m

Nora Lacasse

Came into the tire center at 3:30 pm to get a flat tire repaired on a Wednesday afternoon. There was 1 lady in from of me and 2 other customers that came in after me. They told me it would take an hour. I shopped for an hour in the store. Went back to the tire center and they are checking out the lady and the 2 customers that came after me. Said my tire was not repairable. So....they couldn't have paged me to let me know this so I could tell them to put a new tire on my car? Now I have to wait another 30 minutes with my groceries and frozen goods. I will never come back to this tire center. Discount Tire will always get all my business from now on.

Rebecca Langen

Sucks! Produce is hardly fresh. 3 checkers per line....why I don't know. And when I can get good produce the checkers just toss the produce to the guy who fills the cart.

Lee Swier

Great name brand as well as store brand items all organized uniformly easy to find what you are looking for. Prompt friendly service and checkouts quickly move customers through. If lines at checkouts become long generally the store will quickly open other checkouts.

Virginia Pantzer

We like our local Sam's club.

Craig Riggle

Nice people great service

Hell Bound

Well stocked, speedy check out. Good prices.

serena rice

Slow pickup backed up for miles. Confusion of online... order info and payment app only sometimes works

savage prince 281

It always smells like rubber in this store

Kenyon Ellis

Beats the lines at Costco! It basically has the same stuff as well, so it's a win-win. I love costco, but it is just to busy these days. Sam's has a scan and go app to beat the lines too!

John Sabodski

Picked up what I needed in and out fast, good prices and friendly staff.

Nichole Lewis

Always love going to Sam's club! Nice friendly staff.

Lee Quintela

Best place to shop for fresh food.

Dustin Morseth

Jaimie Manton

Kaleb who I believe is the store manager was absolutely a gem. He went out of his way to help me try to locate a laptop that was missing. He was very polite yet very professional. Thanks for all your help Kaleb.

Heber Velazco

Big stuff fair prices, more for your money.

Michelle Anderson

Brenda Dansie

They are always out of cheeseburgers at the food court.

Wendy Robinson

Just a trip to pharmacy. As always they were helpful and quick on filling the prescriptions

Mac Mac

BEST 1.50 hot dog & drink in town.

Vladimir Chernov

I had initially had a problem involving an appointment to have my tires installed. They were running way behind, I was annoyed, I asked to see the MOD hand was greeted by JB, or JD. Sorry don't know which it was, I just wanted to relay that he was professional, courteous, and he took care if the customer ( me). I commend his service to both His company and its members. Thank you.

Peter Hansen

Fantastic . 5 star's

Robert Saf


dovepaw 3000

Amber Belmarez

Junior Nasah

The people who work here are reason enough to shop. Cordial and nice. The check out lines are usually short (and not an issue if you have the new scan and go app which is awesome).

Les Rispens

Very good. Get the scan and go app and you won't have to wait in line.

Summer Creek Inn

This is the worst big box store I’ve ever shopped in. Rude management, poor quality produce and never have consistentcy in the produucts they carry. No strawberries the week before Valentine’s Day. Really! second year in a row this has been an issue for them. Done waisting my time with Sam’s.

Linda Werven

Great place to shop at discount prices. Clean, lots of merchandise!

Ashley Leete

The people are always nice at my local Sam's Club. The only negative thing we have encountered lately is the lack of JIF crunchy peanut butter and the lack of follow up on if and when they may carry it again.

Don Hansen Hansen

Very slow to unload

Todd Kocian

Savannah McDermand

Aleays good finds

Dale and Tanya

Logan Kampsnider

Hours posted are wrong, they are not open until 7pm on Sundays. Wasted a trip on that. They also don't accept the most common credit card vendor out there, Visa. Another trip wasted. Lets not forget that if you buy a ton a stuff to prepare to box everything up as they don't use bags. Good thing they don't make you pay a yearly membership fee to put up with these shenanigans...oh wait.

mary ortiz

Horrible customer service . What's the point of having an app that allows you to do your shopping at the store if they dont want to let you in the store with out your membership card if the point of having the on your phone is to not have to worry about not haveng the actual card with you wen you go in the store

Pat Nipper

Most of the time it's ok. Sometimes you have to wait in line to long. That's not good

Matt Titchener

Pharmacy staff is amazing here!

Brian Huston

Best prices snd selection. More name brands then other warehouse stores.

Dex Child

Awesome service can't complain!

James Jones

One of the most expensive places to get gas in Rapid City

Robert Dondlinger

Pattie Orcutt

The only thing I hate is my parents take so long to get out

Joseph Martinez

Thought we might try self check out as reccomened by employee. Got all done it wouldn't let us finish computer not working had to check out again the lady was very nice, no more self check out

Debbie Senftner

Dennis Finn

Great people



Michelle Pollington

Busy today!! Customer service was a long wait...but love Sam's Club.

Dick Jorgenson

Prices good. Service fair

Andrew Hensley

Always good here at Sam’s Club. I shop here for my own family & customers through Instacart. Store is always stocked & good prices. Wide selection of everything across the store as well.

Michelle Jezewski

It was very busy yesterday but clerks were friendly. Store is clean and they had food samples!

brendyndisney2187 85

I love that store and i love thier pizza there

Danelle Newman

Great deals

Desere Shafer

Has bulk items for decent prices!!!

Anthony Turner

Best place to buy in bulk for cheap and membership is only $50 for a year

thiago bianco

Very good place. They have a very good price. Ways come to this place. Very clean place. Location very good. And they have food.

Kristine Dutchie


Tim O'Born

Busy, but frustrating. Cashiers expect you to load the cart back up for them. You load the cart throughout the store, unload the cart at the register, load your vehicle, unload your vehicle and put your stuff in cabinets. Why the F*** should I have to load my cart at the register? How hard is it to scan the items and set them in the cart? Its called customer service. Also, don't take my receipt at the door and act like you are checking everything on it. I bought $400 worth of stuff. You know damn well you aren't looking at everything. Just make your stupid highlighter mark on my receipt and let me get on with my day. Just ignorant.

Jonie Empey

awesome store, clean, great customer service

Ima Massie

Good prices-friendly people and cool and comfortable today!

Jack Chapin

Always able 2 find things. Very helpful employes.

Sandra Grado

Gabbaslam121 -

Never needed to buy in bulk until now. Always has what you need.

Zachary Gutierrez

Rick Brown

I think Sams is a great we enjoy shopping there.

Yvette Luevano

Always find just what we need

cecil peters

Mark Scholl

Waited 10-15 minutes for someone in electronics the person they were calling was Larry. Needless to say Larry never showed so I left and never bought a tv.

Fatima Monzalvo

Nice place

Charlie Senn

I like this Sam's club. We get good fruits and vegetables here.

deborah lamere

Good selection of items rotated frequently. Very helpful staff.

Justin Albers

wont even mount and balance tires that walmart sells.

Jimena Pardo

I suppose the management and the employees have gotten a bit lazy over the past few months; I couldn’t find multiple items in the store. It took me ten minutes to find some help. Wasted my time and I ended up not finding what I needed.

becca hagenbuch


Casey Leonhardt

Erica Brown

We've had good luck with Sam's. The customer service is generally excellent. The store is usually clean. Sometimes the wait can be long, but usually extra lanes open up. The produce is great!

Greg Martin

Best managers ever. Great place

JoAnn Sailer

It was OK but I got home and my hummus was moldy.

Daniel Szabo

Emmy Ngwe

Edgeview WiFi

Darla at the customer service desk was super-helpful. Lucille at self-checkout couldn't have been nicer. She was able to coax my husband to use the DYI checkout and was very kind and helpful. Lucille and Darla make shopping at Sam's an enjoyable experience.

sam white

Nice selection

JD Dion

As always, a great shopping experience. Good staff and inventory. Lots of unposted special items.

Kyle McKay

If you have the pay and go app it make it so much easier.

Darla Keever

Always something new!

Mike Fuller

Large selection and great prices

reyna cruz

Nicholas Conlan

Great Sam's Club is a one stop shop. They have excellent competitive pricing, knowledgeable management, and very clean and friendly atmosphere. One improvement that can be made, is more associate training. With turnover so high, it's hard to be an all around, or jack-of-all-trades, without proper and timely training!


Ed Lynch

Overall pretty good.

Brad Gordon

Like shopping my local Sam's Club. People r always friendly.

Richard Jones

The trip was going good until we got to the self-checkout. After three attempts we finally have to wait for the lady to get done talking to her friends so she can come to tell us to go use a different register. It's looking like a Costco membership is in my near future.

Brian Bayer

Jenny Mortimer


Why do you carry all Axe products EXCEPT Axe deodorant/antiperspirant?

Blake Bachman

Worst experience ever check out was a joke took 20 mins and there needs to be a sign that says does not take cash at self check out oh and the long line just to leave the place was pretty ridiculous and the parking lot needs bigger spaces for people the own other vehicles other then a small car kinda hard to park a truck there for not giving any stars

Mary Fauth

I love shopping here, quality products

Tanushree Jain

Lack of variety and mistrust on customers plagues the store. I fail to understand why would they check membership cards at the entrance, the checkout and the exit ? Can a store be really that paranoid ?

Lonnie Jones

I like me some Sam's

Steven Lyttle

These guys are caring ,polite,they made me feel as if I was part of their their crowd!!

joe copenhaver

I had a very nice shopping experience today.

Bayo Dada

Enjoyed thier sales... Cheap deals

David K. Irwin

Wow... best time ever to go...Tuesday 4-5...the place is deserted!


Same as other clubs I've been to... employees fail to greet you as you walk by, even though it's policy for them to do it. Great prices as ever though.

Anthony Arismendez

Shipping always easy, because not to many people here.

Danielle Kowalke

Good prices for bulk food.

Shahe & Rame Cute Sisters

It's Amazing we love Sam's club

Lewis Isassi

William Young

Quality of food is good and for the most part reasonable priced.

Ovidio Ramirez

Nice place ..good prices

Tim Knarr

I love our Sam's! Staff is great and friendly. Love the new scan and go app.

Linda Nation

As always, the staff are very helpful.

Jim Richtsmeier

Good prices. Quick in and out.

Jo Jo

Used their scan and go app. Got to skip the lines which was awesome! Saved on a lot of time.

Laurenelle Boone

Very good shopping today.

Donald Kalleck

Some of the best hot dogs in town. You don't even need a membership to get it. $1.50 for your dog and 32 Oz drink. Be mindful of price per ounce/unit because some items are deceptive. Just because it's bulk doesn't always mean it's a good deal.

Kandie Dracar

If you want bulk at good prices this is the place to go. Membership is not very expensive and you can usually add 1 person for free. Lots of variety. Occasionally Walmart, their sister store can beat their prices on certain item if you figure cost per item and break down the bulk price.

Christopher Bollinger

Newer Sam's Club. Very clean well organized store. Very large parking lot. Store is usually very busy. Usually a good amount of cashier's working to keep things moving.

Lerick Johnson

Have a lot I like but seem to get rid of what I love.

Tawny Garza

Satisfied customer!!

Joshua Gardner

While I prefer Costco for my wholesale shopping, this was a pretty decent experience. Prices seemed good and a decent amount of selection as well.

Rhonda Cordova

They were out of a lot today

Heidi Lamb Castle

Bulk items. Good prices.

Paolo Grilli


Shelby Dudley

We ordered a pretty simple cake chocolate, all green frosting and say happy birthday in red. They were very rude as I was patiently waiting to pick up cake. They decided to make the cake how they want with all white frosting and green frame

Ahmed Noor

Leopoldo Dorantes

Awesome store! Great people, 5 Star Shopping Environment!

Jessica Eck

Really nice staff. However, I couldn't see out of my prescription..

Michael Abbott

I routinely shop at Sams in Idaho Falls so maybe I am spoiled. The customer service at this one in Salt Lake was pathetic. Bought a camera, took the ticket to the CS desk, then waited and waited and waited. No lines, just very slow, unconcerned employees. Especially the lady who operated the cages who spent 20 minutes unsuccessfully trying to find the camera at a glacial pace. Gave up and asked for a refund. jeesh

Lisa gh

Lots of fun stuff and good deals

Joe Nanes

Only went to eat picked up the 1.50 hot dog and soda combo.

Joel Munoz

Always a great experience, great prices, great products! Clean aisles, great lighting, fast check out.

Joseph Williams

Clean friendly fast in and out

Hannah Crull-Sher

We've always bought cupcakes from SAMs Club for birthdays, parties, and other special events, and always been happy with the quality. This year however we decided (five hours before we needed it) that we wanted a cake as well. I called to see if that was possible, and was told that 24 hour notice was required for special orders, but that I could pick one of the cakes they had, and they could add whatever writing I wanted to it. I got there, picked one of the cakes they had, and told her what I wanted written on it. I asked for yellow frosting and black sprinkles, because my son wanted a Batman cake. They didn't have black sprinkles, but she told me that they did have dark chocolate sprinkles, which were pretty close to black. We wandered around the store for a minute while she got the cake ready, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that she had not only done a great job with the yellow and blue frosting, and black sprinkles, but she'd added a Batman decal. She definitely did an amazing job despite the lack of notice, and I really appreciate it!

Aj Young

Easy to find everything

Randi Stenehjem

The club pickup is a joke. Love the rest.

Brad Clark

Customer Service staff most helpful.

Project New

M. E. Matulka

Good selection of products. Employees are always helpful and friendly. I would have liked to have given 5

Veronica Hollatz

Kenneth Dolen

Needs more exercise equipment

Roy Frazor

I goto every 2 week's .

Bret Watkins

Love Sam's club!


Its a good place for bulk grocery shopping

Tiffany Hortin

Great samples and not too busy. Staff are friendly and helpful.

Brian Barker

Rude service from fuel island attendant.

Patty Jo Sheldon

Good except having no Clamato juice.


Deli people need some SERIOUS TRAINING!! Handing someone this is NOT ACCEPTABLE! You try to talk to them and they just say I don't know...that's just the way they are? Who's STUPID idea was it to twist the ends of the polish dog wrapper anyway? This is lack of proper training and responsibility!!!

John Potter


Behzad Tokhmechi

nate phillips

Awesome in and out!

Tracy Tibbetts

Love it


have shopped here for years and never really had an issue. Got to the front door where they frisk you before you leave and they found the cashier had charged me for two bags of croutons and then voided one out thinking she had rung up an extra one. They discovered the error on my receipt which of course showed I still owed for one of the bags of croutons. We politely asked the person at door what we should do. She pointed at the customer service desk and says you can either pay for it or leave one there. We waited for 5-6 minutes and then had to get back to work so we left the bag there. They need a system of some type to assist when a mistake is made. I was happy to pay for the croutons that had been missed on the original transaction but no effort was made to assist other than point at the counter where 1 person was covering the entire customer service area. I then decided I would call and explain what had happened. Their phone system is HORRIBLE. I asked to speak with management. Put on hold forever. No one ever came back on to see if I had been helped or who I was waiting for. Bad timing as I am going to check out Costco this weekend.

Liz Schroeder

Hope McFadden

It was awesome no problems

Jerreed Ivanich

This Sam's Club is well maintained and does not have anything out of place that would suggest it is poorly run. Family friendly location, with good selection, friendly employees, and clean facilities. Two things that are not deal breakers, but somewhat negative: 1) the parking (out of their control) & 2) their food court runs slow. Overall, it is great!

Steve Done

Ya gotta love Sam's club. It's fun just to see all the stuff they have for sale.

Robert Fowler

Good prices buying on bulk.

Cheryl Lindner

Good prices. Only drawback for me is that we're empty nesters so we don't have a need to buy in bulk.

Vince Luparell

Susan Bruggeman

Love Sam's!

sylvia broo.

We shop at sams almost 3 times a week! They are always so great with great products! Today, however they were a blessing. After a crazy week I came out from shopping to a flat tire. They guys in the tire shop were excellent! So caring and friendly. They filled the tire with air, and then pulled my vehicle in and repaired not one but 2 tires! For Freeee!!!!!!!! All because we were members!!!! Wow! I didn’t know. But more importantly the saved they day!!!!


Rude and racist, got stopped at door way by white guy who assumed we stole something.

John Brubaker

It has most everything you may like

Sam Morton

Stopped at the snack bar - Long wait!! Got a pretzel wth cheese, they were out of Pepsi, pretzel was cold and very HARD, cheese was cold and dark and tasted very Bad!!

Jacob Casey

Clean, friendly, helpful, lines can be long on weekends.

Isolino Ferreira

I come here about twice a month to stock up on bulk items. Their meat, bakery and produce departments are the best.

Patrick Wright

George Popovich

Tina Ann

Everyone's so friendly! Barb at the door is such a sweetheart

Rick Hultman

All's good

Jana' Prange

Picked up just what I needed for a good price

Branden Gittens

It's got a great selection on bulk items, and business items. The checkout has recently changed its way of operation. It has nothing good about it to the customer in my opinion. Clerks should know not to be ruff on bananas and how to bag or box items accordingly( frozen, meats, etc.) The normally just kinda toss it all together, so I usually request to do it myself.

Michael Dess

Great deals and products.

J.P. Scott

This is a tough one but I feel like I see the same deals and sometimes even better prices at Walmart proper. I like the rewards and they have a decent selection but prices just don't seem great. I kinda wish it were a Costco if for nothing else than the better pizza. Love strolling through the TV sections (there they do have good prices) and their prices for ground beef and chicken breast are good too.


Very nice! If you are looking to buy double of the same thing this is the place to go!

Paul Zettler

Paul Schell

The guy at the door needs to be fired. We are memebers and have shopped there for all our grocery needs. There are several people that make sams not a good place to shop. But in all. Its a clean place. Shelves seemd stocked pretty well. The cashiers are pretty nice and helpful. I will give them a four star because the guy at the door.

R Thackery

Friendly service & great value

Jimmy Skovgard

Bought a laptop left it in the box for a month. Took it out and it wouldnt work. Took it back and Sam's said it was now my problem. Don't buy electronics from Sam's club.

Indy Goodhart

Rory Mcleod

Drove 100 miles for sale. Only to find out wr needed an appointment. Tomorrow ok.

Maria Sanches

I love scan and go

Eden Larreinaga

The customer service is been poorly lately, cashier seems like a dictator at the station or is because we were latinos? At any moment we spoke spanish around her. Then at customer service stan there was a girl with a long black hair with a nasty attitude and the older lady with her she was so great, i wait for this girl with the long hair to leave and i approach the older lady to talk to her and she was awesome.

Rich Rabourn

Christopher Kemp


No One

Casual shopping area. Some prices are cheaper than hy-vee, or super saver. I think people go here just to walk around? Big open area filled with pallet rack full of goodies overall.

Jamie Janicke

Robbyn May

Nice, clean store. Quick in, quick out. All shelves well-stocked.

Courtney Todd

A little hard to navigate, but generally good service.


Very nice people, and helpful.

Debby Goins

I love going to Sams!

Avana Rose

Rose Bird-Mittens

I like the prices, but today they did not have water. We had bought our 3 five gallon jugs and we're told no water That sucks since we traveled 90 miles.

Don Plata

Great club discounts and tire prices with install fees that include road hazards. Tire department is a little slow, so short line can take a while. Love the cafe. Family of four cam eat for less than $10.

Allen Overholtzer

Good place to get you're bulk needs st a good price for a full-time student and parent

Kaydance Richem

Dona Bremner

Good employee very helpful

Life Made Healthy

Good selection, nice store and staff

Doris McGinnis

Love the scan app

Barbara Dolea

Nick Pagoulatos

Love this place. Definitely better than Costco

Brandi Vela

Theresa Thayer-Gould

First time, nice people

Ryan Domeier

same as any sam's club

Chris Collins


Jani Lerback

Excellent selection of merchandise on this trip to Sam's ~ I love that they have increased the number of self-checkouts!!!!

Adam Wood

Alan Ramirez

Is their any good customer service from club #6686 ? No Thank you's ? No smiles ? No energy? No good member experience? Come on if you don't enjoy your job why are you there in the first place? I work for Technical support for Sams club i know what member satisfaction is . I deal with members 24/7 yeah i get headaches here and there but at the end i know the member is happy . This will be the last time ill be shopping at Sams club 10-13-2015 Membership cancelled.

Terra Amaechi

We love to eat and shop at sams club! The food is affordable and good my family loves the pizza and I however like the hotdogs! I have a large family so shopping here only makes sense... toilet paper and paper towels dog food all great deals always!

Brian Boller

I just love Sam's club they are way better than Costco in my opinion other people may not agree with me but I've been the boast doors and flying that Sam's club is a lot nicer friendlier store to go to Although they do send me a monthly ad They also have a good gas prices they always have things in stock I always take advantage of being a plus member because being a plus member you do get money back and that's how I pay for my membership so it's basically worth it to be a plus member

Max McCray

I go to Sam's Club Rapid City with elderly clients. They shop I help them. I expect the store employees to be kind, pleasant,and helpful to the seniors I take there to spend hundreds of dollars each time at the Rapid City Sam's Club. Not today. We got this cashier. Her friend another employee stopped by while we checked out to see how she was after a long night out parting... To start with my senior greeted her with a "hi"and got no response... she rang up our cart stacking everything on the counter instead of putting it in the basket and as I loaded the cart she's bored!!! Throws her head back like MY GOD HURRY UP. Thats when I snapped her photo because I don't deserve to be treated that way either. No matter how you chose to spend your time off. You need to be on the job at work. So don't go to her lane to check out. She is awful. And no Thank you in the end. What a terrible employee this one is...

Sue Jones

Ryan in pharmacy was grest, as usual. He informed me of the price and options so I could get a smaller amount to start with and save a few dollars.

Joannie Salazar

Good as always

Chuy Rivera

Harlan Giedd

Lutrica Drake

Always have something I need

Cordell Wagendorf

EvLyn Rudd

The order pick up experience has been slow. Today the person dealing with my order stopped to help at checkout for 5-10 minutes in the middle bringing my cart to me. So frustrating!

Seryniti Otuafi

This is a great place to shop at

Zechariah’s Adventures

Poor customer service.

JAn McKeown

Groovy! Love the self checkout

Deborah Guinn

Good selection and good prices

Noah Lott

Love this store would have gotten a 5 but you took away my wives caffeine free diet coke now I have to make another stop. Bring back the caffeine free diet coke and bring back your 5 star rating...

Laura Jeutong

Lisa Shrock

They had what we needed.

Pete Spotted Horse

Always a great place to shop and your auto motive department is without question the best, personnel very pleasant and professional

Kristi Kvernen

I have shopped at this store as a member for years, and after reading the reviews I really don't think we are giving our store a fair shot. I have never had a problem...only long lines. The store is clean, stocked, friendly/ busy staff. Yes we have to load our cart (duh), unload onto belt (like we do everywhere else), and load again into the cart(sorry no bag boys), but are we that lazy..come on they are under staffed and doing the best they can. I like sams and their products /prices/ staff!

Thien Nguyen

Sam's clubs????Tire Warranty? never work for me. is that work for every one? I buy the tires come with warranty, not Sam's Club warranty for the tire. and they not fix the tire. no wonder why Costco kick Sam's clubs in any way. if google have a negative star, i believe Sam's clubs should get that

Ray Ensz

Toni Scharberg

3 star It was great checkout service.

Cory Coverdell

It's the typical corporate bulk purchase outlet. Membership is required and checkout lines are long. But wonderful for buying in bulk.

Chance Brimhall

Always great prices

Rachel P

The prices and quality of food are good. The service is terrible! Everytime I go there are long lines and people standing around talking and not helping. I walked through the entire store today and passed more than 10 Associates and not one said hi. Not even the store manager. The gas prices are awesome!

Everardo Morales

I delivered here the other day at 0200 and i honestly was expecting to see something out of the ordinary you know. Like Ufos and stuff, lol. I took this load for that purpose, to come here and check out the famous Roswell. I really liked the town and wouldn't mind coming back here. Maybe next time I'll get to meet Paul in person and take a ride in his cool spaceship.

Irving Field

Best hot dogs in town

Irene Wells

Good place to shop. Had good deals.

Sherron Mckee

Very nice items for reasonable prices! Wonderful customer service throughout the store!

Scott harwell

One more reason to shop at Costco we bought this stove a little under a month ago it went on sale this week. They said you can only adjust price if i bought it within the past week. they know you're not going to disassemble it and just return it even though it's within its returned range. Costco here we come!

Jordan Langan

Lana Franklin "Very Good Choice as a Manager"

Denise Lorenzen

Good place to shop

Christopher Carrales

As far as Sam's club stores go this location was clean , friendly staff , process I expect and they were attentive to collecting carts from parking lot !

Tina Flynn

Only gave 1 star because would not allow none. Tire shop employees are very rude with the exception of 1 of the female employees that ordered our special order tires for us. When getting the tires put on the 2 employees I dealt with were very rude and just wanted us out of there. We even had a cart full of groceries we had paid for and they didn't even bother checking our receipt. No "thank you" or anything from them. If I can help it, it'll be a very long time til I do business with that tire shop ever again. I really think the female that we dealt with was being discriminating towards us because we are white.

jeff cook

If only the food court was efficient like Costco. So sad. Waiting, waiting, waiting. What do you mean your out of Pepsi, and now pizza?

Jacquie Kraus

Amazing service and friendly people. My car died in the parking lot and the manager personally came out to assess for the proper battery I needed for replacement. I was unable to pay on the spot as my wallet was locked inside the dead car and no doors would open. The manager stayed with me until an after-hours professional arrived to replace the car battery. This wonderful old-fashioned caring goes VERY FAR in building customer loyalty! Glad to give this otherwise always friendly Sam's Club the 5 stars these folks truly deserve! The facility is always clean and spacious and the lead people are always looking for ways to help. Pic is pending.

Manuel Franco II

First off I love shopping here for the deals, friendly employees and the ease of using the "Scan and Go" app... but as for using the "Club Pickup" app it's horrible!! I waited outside in the Club Pickup area for my order to come out so I could just load it and leave to do my other early Saturday morning errands and NOPE not happening, I waited 30 minutes thinking they were busy... nope. Turns out their store is not set up for it, you have to register at the Service Desk in order to pick up your items. I could've used the Scan & Go app in and out in 10 minutes. I will not be using the Club Pickup again until they rectify this cluster. You'll earn the 5 star when this gets fixed.


My family goes here every couple weeks or so. They got some great deals and bulk products. They have just about everything you can think of. I haven't actually shopped or bought anything here myself, but my family loves going to Sam's Club. It's also an awesome place for us high-schoolers at CMR to stop, talk, and get something to eat during the day or after semester tests and early outs.

David Arellano

This is a great place to shop for bulk items. There is a nice friendly atmosphere. I usually use the self checkout. There is free parking..

Bailey Arnold

Usually i love shopping here for anything EXCEPT photos. I order photos from this sams club often and nearly every time i come there is no one working at the photo center. Today i waited almost half an hour to pick up three pictures after i had already revived the notice that they were ready to pick up.

Lemuel Black

Stopped in for tires, great price, and the service was excellent and quick. Got out of there in 35 minutes. Was very surprised, but that's ok....

Joan Lively

This is not the first time this has happened but the first time I am writing it up. Bought a package of boneless/skinless chicken breasts. $1.98 a pound. Supposedly was 6.03 pounds OF CHICKEN. NOT The container weighed 4 ounces and the waterlogged membrane in the package weighed 1.20 pounds. That gave me 4.80 pounds of ACTUAL CHICKEN which should have cost me $9.50 not $11.94. That means that the chicken actually cost me $2.49 a pound. I called weights and measures in Jeff City who is supposed to investigate these things and they couldn't care less. The next time I am going to take the package to the butcher and have him repackage it without the membrane. BUYER BEWARE!

Jesus Ramos

This place has everything You need for long periods of time, I recommend the membership. It's a fee well worth it.

Selena Gettemeier

Buying in bulk is the best way to shop! I always purchase the dinosaur chicken nuggets there because you won't find a better price. The food court there is great. Grabbing a slice of pizza is a must. It can get a little crowded so I try to go during the week. The store is well organized and staff there to help if needed!

Gay Preator

There is just something about Sam’s Club. I love it. Not every little thing- that’s what makes it great. Always on my destination list. Have been a Member for over 26 years. Shopped Sam’s throughout the lower 48 states.

El Campos

Traveling through town on the way home to Colorado and discovered a screw in my tire. The tire service department took great care of me, they fixed the tire free of charge and sent me and my family on our way. Thank you!!!

Leo Marchel

mamdooh sabagh

Love Sam's club I do all my family and business shopping there, its clean, organized, and friendly staff

Missy Williamson

stephan strickland

Very frustrating to try and order something online and have it say "out of stock" when you know that it is sitting on the shelf I have had this happen when I was ordering it on my phone standing next to the item in the store. And now the new thing is that items that are in stock the online ordering says ship it even though it is on the shelf this needs to be fixed it is very inconvenient.

Megan Binder

Tommy Keller

No words needed.

Linette Batterman

The new produce section is way too cold!

Joseph Budd

Lots of great deals, only downside, sometimes they suddenly stop carrying a favorite product.

pattee schaeffer

Second time in two weeks, mistake on my bill. Of course, then you have to go stand in another line again to get it corrected. Cashier doesn't credit you when you have a blue credit slip for returning your empty water container. Watch out! You could be losing $6.00 every time

Prakash Kumar

Don Stump

Excellent employees, friendly & caring .

Jerald Moore

Excellent service .

Larry Jaudon

Checkout went quickly today.

Tami Colon-Escobar

I love the scan and go app! It has made my trips so much simpler!

William Clayton

My favorite place to gas up my care at $0.17 cheaper per gallon and 5% off that with my Sam's Master Card!

Judith Lawson

I love Sam's Club. I can buy ALL my vitamins & over the counter drugs in quantity so I don't have to go to the store so often. I can get them in the members mark & that saves me a lot of money!

Dixie Shore

We like to shop there. A lot of things are less expensive. People are usually friendly. It is clean and they hired a young man that is in a wheelchair and handycaped to clean the tables and keep the food area clean.

Chris Carr

Never buy tires from this place! It is first come first served. That was fine when we got the tires because we expected to leave it with them. Now a week later I have a flat tire and they still want to put me in line to repair it. I came back the next day first thing in the morning and they have 6 cars waiting already. A simple 10 min repair shouldn't need to be dropped off. I don't know of any other tire shop that would do that to a customer. This was the first and last time I buy tires here.

Bill Penny

I go here twice a week. Things I need are always stocked. Store is clean and organized. Love their friendly staffs. This place is a must have membership for business owners!!

Peter Hofer

Very good

Christina Crannell

U get a lot for ur money

Doñña Tûckèr

Fantastic service by Laura Suellwold right there to help if there is a problem and best of all, very pleasant. More stars than you have there to touch.

Lisa Huther

Edited to add, the Sam's manager did look into the paper dispensers and found they misunderstood the health department about something. I said great and asked when they would put the dispensers back up. They had discarded the dispensers and had to buy them again. When they arrived, they were put up promptly, and I was told they were in place. (1) I was told to complete a customer card for the manager, and if she felt it was important enough, she would run the request up the flag pole to corporate. My complaint is they took the paper dispensers out of the bathrooms to be "sanitary." I have psoriasis on my hands as well as very dry skin. Sometimes my skin is cracking and bleeding. I do not want air blowing on my hands. I want to be able to dry my hands quickly and get the water off of them. No air blower does that well, and sometimes the air blowing hurts. I also ran into a disgusted mother of a young child who said, "Sometimes kids get messy, and a mom needs a paper towel to get something off their face, hands, and/or clothes." (2) There is another issue as well, why do we have to fly a Canadian flag to be "welcoming" to our neighbors? We could just have a sign that says that. I've been to Winnipeg, our nearest neighbor, and I've never seen a US flag flying up there. No matter where they put the flag in our Sam's. it rolls up on the dowel and looks unsightly. Maybe that's a sign. Take it down. (3) Most of your employees are friendly and helpful. The store is clean and mostly well-stocked. (4) Thank you for bringing in catfish from our domestic Mississippi! Yippee! More American meats and less from China, please! Thanks!

Albert Knox

One of my favorite grocery stores!

Jeff Cariveau

Amanda S

I was in the Grand Forks Sam's Club on Sunday. They can not possibly have enough people staffed considering the ridiculous wait to get through the checkout! I understand that it is a Sunday and stores will be busy, but this was just madness! While shopping, I couldn't find anyone to help me and when I did find a person that worked there, the poor guy in produce was obviously so overwhelmed. He was very helpful but I also felt bad even asking him for help. He was rushing around to get stuff out and trying to get gross product off the floor. He apologized that I couldn't find anyone to help me and explained that he needed to make sure the bad stuff was off the floor because "we don't sell bad produce". He grabbed the bad stuff off and put it on his cart and rushed to help me find what I was looking for. After getting the item, I walked back to the produce area and I can say that I'm happy with all my produce purchases, but felt terrible for the young man that had helped me and an older guy that may have been his supervisor. They both were working so hard to get stuff out and barely kept up with all the shoppers! I bought some stuff from the meat department and the young guy working there was helpful and friendly. We're always happy with our produce and meat purchases! But then the worst part of shopping at Sams. I walk to the registers and can't believe how many people are in line and how far back the crowd goes! My shopping took 25 minutes and I waited in line for 30!!!!!! By the time I packed my car, some of my frozen food was thawing!!! How can such a large store function with so little staffing? No one on the floor and not enough cashiers to get the shoppers through efficiently. Why am I paying to shop somewhere when I'm leaving there angry?

Nat Carson

Oh, Sam's Club. You try so hard to be as cool as Costco across the street. Sometimes you almost convince me that you are. But, I'll be honest, you aren't. I know, I know. It's me, not you. You deserve patrons better than myself. But you know, it's the little things. Sure, you have great prices and heaping portions to satisfy even the hungriest consumer. But the employees look dead inside. Like people who have been beaten down time and time again by irrational and irate customers. It's just not the same. The food court is good, though. Aces for the food court.

Shari Backus

Employees are always kind and courteous. The prices are reasonable for the quantities.

Mleva Schmitz

Clean, friendly and good products

Roxi smith

It was a nice shopping experience

Jesse Broadhead

this is a wonderful store....

Jeylon Broughton

Marty Krueger

Jessica Poole

I love this store and the new scan and go app, so quick and convenient

Nanci Olsen

They told me to come before 7 to get a flu shot. At 6:27 they turned me away saying they didn't have 30 minutes to monitor me after a flu shot.

Haywood Allison

Smooth exchange of a pair of shoes. They really make things easy and as they should be.

sharon lambert

Great place to shop

Rita Dorado

Richard Dockins

Good prices on sales

corinne Johnson

Not as good as Costco, but a close second.

Francisca Ochoa

Adele Garcia

Was great

Ron and Cherie Sherwood

Not very good stock. No pure cane sugar on granulated, powdered or brown sugar. No apple juice in small bottles. Meat department often low on stock.prices are a little higher than other Sam's and we can get all that stuff just mentioned at other Sam's.

Alien City Breaks

Love Sam's it's an awesome place for bulk goods employees are super nice.

Diane Wright

Love the scan and go app!

Nate C

Usually pretty friendly service from employees.

Courtney Ripoll-McBride

We have had some good experiences here with customer service

Mona Whitlake

Just okay.

Amber Kingston

Love the photo shop

samantha krueger

Kathy Bohlman

Store wifi was down. Wasted a lot of time waiting for staff to figure it out. They never did. I had to wait in the line at the ck out.:(

Cynthia Stuckman

Has just bout everything I needed and better

greg Mondillo

Today I was in the liquor department and the person goes on break as I'm trying to check out. This isn't the first time this has happened to me. Then I went to get gas, and my card (that I just used indoors at Sam's) would not work in the gas pump. Instead of trying to help me with this problem, the gas attendant told me that I needed to get a new card. (The silver lining to this story is that this problem caused me to get my gas elsewhere - and to my surprise the price of gas was cheaper than Sam's! Plus, I did NOT have to buy a membership!) It's unfair to me, a customer who makes a two hour round trip to purchase things at Sam's and then I can't get service. Obviously, having a membership at a Sam's with this type of service (and value?) is not worthwhile therefore I cancelled my membership.

randy the roach jr

It is a place were they give you a lot for a little

Mark Loeber

I always enjoy coming here. Recently, I've been pre-purchasing all my items online and you spend far less than when you go in the store! Check it out.

Albert Gerbig

Irene White

Friendly and helpful staff. Good prices, unfortunately bare shelves, no caffeine free diet coke! Easy checkout, we will be back

Larry Collins

Very good prices on several items, a fun variety of new items for home, leisure, personal use. Still some things in some sizes are better purchased at Walmart.


Called four times to the Tire department to ask a question about their website. They never answered and was redirected to another department just to be put on hold for minutes. Answering the phone should be a main priority for customer service. Thank you to the worker named Rebecca for trying her best to help me!

Chris White

A large selection of food and fresh fruit. Not much seafood, but this store is located in Nebraska.

Teckeon RedStar

Folks w/more items in their carts ahead of me handed their receipt it was marked by employee and moved on. My turn handed my receipt employee touched every item in cart to count with less items that you can visualy count. Why different treatment??? Was I profiled? Something to think about!!!!

Jeff Harlow

Quick and easy with self checkout

Tim Paul

Kelly Miller

It's a big buy at large grocery store. No issues w/this one.

Tim Cahalane

Quick fast friendly shopping

norma chambers

Nice place to eat.

Linda Simons

I have been a Sam's shopper for years, but I am increasingly unimpressed and even disgusted with Sam's. The customer service is horrible. Consistenly horrible. Sad to see the decline.

Khánh Bảo


Ray Salata

The people are fine, but Sams prices are not good anymore. Walmart has better prices often times. Sam's club REALLY went down hill in the last few years. COME ON COSTCO.

K. Weber

I save so much money shopping here!

Ernest pulliam

Go here, so much better than the Costco across the street. The prices are all about the same, but at Sam's Club there are hardly ever any lines, making the experience just that much more worth it. It must be brand loyality as to why people still go to the Costco across the street like they do.

Evelyn Baca

Kemischa Anderson

Efficient and helpful

eddie sisneros

Everything you need under one roof

Margaret Moore

Great had everything I need

Velora Wilson

I always have loved it. Meat and baked goods are awesome. It is also close to home.

Gary Hamm

Great deals on the things i need.

Sapphire Cullen

Jaclyn Sandvig

I love getting to try new samples, every time I see Pembe she’s always delightful and I end up buying whatever she’s selling! Lol I love seeing her!

Susan Sherwood

Friendly pharmacy staff. Knowledgeable and helpful.

James Hamberger

Ian Campbell

Staff is nice. Helpful when you need them. There election in my opinion is pretty close to Costcos. Not as much variety but they carry very similar products that hold similar prices and quality. One thing I like is that I can use my mothers card if I need to run to Sam's Club for a quick shop. At Costco they deny you if you're not the person on the card. That includes at checkout. It's stupid. Also it doesnt get as busy.

Denise Pribil

Jerry Albright

I was very impressed with the service at this Sam's Club. I have a hard time getting around and so I use one of the motorized carts. I asked for my groceries to be transferred to a regular car so I can walk them outside and put them in the car. But the young man who was kind of supervising in the front end offered to have me drive up. He walked out with me to the front entrance and then even offered to walk to my car to put the groceries in. I never expected this kind of service from Sam's. What a great early Christmas gift.

Murray Smith

Susan Winegar

Great if you buy big portions.

flor huerta

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Exelente

Carleen Janis

They always have everything I need

Brice Stubbs

No Drano

Connie Gergen

Very nice.

Noah Cocos

Beverly LaRue

No longer carry 2 LT. Bottles of Pepsies. Not good. Was disappointed.

Bryce Bontrager

Knowledgeable staff in tire department. Quick even though there was a line!

Dani Lienau

Employees didnt even want to look or help you! Very rude when leaving . First time there and thinking it might have been a waste of money!!

Elizabeth Miller


Susan Young

It was clean and the help were very helpful. They do however need more motorized carts for the elderly and handicapped customers

Yesenia Garcia

(Translated by Google) Good place (Original) Buen lugar

Paul Wyma

I wanted to return a couple items of clothing that didn't fit properly. Those at the Member Service Center were welcoming and made the experience enjoyable!

Brenda Rogers

Their scan and go app saves a lot of time and you get to shop from the comfort of your own home with club pick up.

Darya Bynum

It was totally awesome, everyone was kind and Dr. Davis was the best.

j Sauceda

Recently added new items fall and CHRISTMAS gift ideas already! Decent people and prices. Bakery fresh stuff daily. Members only gas prices are awesome!

LaDonique Avery


funnystat andratack

Ulinia Boianoff

Kirsten Slominski

Jose Islas

friendly, good prices, lots of options

donald schwab

Timothy Marynik

Emanuel CHArging

Love it Great Place The Big Storw

w camp

Everything about this sam's is just like any other. My only complaint is that almost all of the carts have damage or a manufacturing flaw that makes the child's seat slant downward in the front, which makes my toddler slide forward uncomfortably. Not a big deal, but annoying.

Steven Wilke

Not bad for a Sam's. They have bulk Chorizo, which is a good thing.

Jennifer Polacek

Lucille stopped to tell us about Scan &Go. She helped us get set up as we started our shopping. Super easy scanning with your smart phone lets you pay for items as you shop. Skip the checkout. No lines!

Linda Wilson-Weichbrodt

Slippin Jimmy

Went to tire center. Had a great conversation with Alan. He cares about tires & cares about helping you choose the right ones. Great, fast service.

Emily Callahan

I'm a frequent costco shopper and this place is a joke. Huge lines only one check out opened that wasn't self checkout. The lady who check me out missed one item when I purchased 15 plus they made me get back in line instead at the customer service which had no one there and treated me as if I was stealing. People who where selling items were extremely pushy. Least to say I'll never return here.

Marie Y

Great place and great price for large families and bulk food.

Josh Myers

Staff is helpful and friendly. Store is clean and organized.

Alexander Harmata

Good place to shop for doomsday preppers.

mohammed almeqbaali

You will love to do shopping in Sam's Club.

Travis Olson

Low prices on bulk goods. Easy checkout with your smartphone.

Erik W

Clean store and great people working there.

james stands

The cashier has no idea what hes doing maybe train them before you put the out on there own its ridiculous

Christopher Cortes

The staff is often very rude. I have encountered several rude staff several times i go to spend a lot of money. Its disheartening i get not being able to hire people but even some managers have been rude. I even saw one being rude to another staff. I shop here because its supposed to be less expensive but often i find it is not.

Taygar Nobleheart

It has nearly everything and sells in bulk it'd be 5 stars if it had signs like Walmart does

Wendy DeGroot

I am a business owner they always are helpful and take good care of me

James Forney

Best place to shop

Kirk Robinson

Not very good suppose to be easy order online and easy pickup NOT the way it happens at all would have been way easier to just go in and buy it pickup is screwed up

Richard Hewitt

Stopped on Sat, Dec 6, 2014 to buy gas. Advertise on there sandwich sign as $2.43 a gallon, at the pump it was actually $2.79 gallon! One more example of the greed of the Walton family! Usually try to avoid SAM's & WalMart! Live and learn! It's COSTCO from now on!!!!

BOB Peck

I like this Sam's Club. It's not terribly busy most of the time. You can get in and out pretty fast. :) Just avoid getting caught up in the experience and end up buying 50 gallons of mayonnaise.

Sylvia Harant

It was good!

Bri Christensen

Good prices and items. Wish the company was better to employees like costco though.

Karl D

Quick and easy to get in and out

sara j

Love scan & go. Makes shopping so quick & easy!

Kory I

They have what you need, but its not easy checking out. I was going to buy some alcohol but they only had a few checkers and fewer that could sell it. Being told that there would be a wait for it I left it behind. No, there were no checkers in the spirits room either. This is the only gripe I have, not enough checkers at peak times. Update a week later same thing! Two checkers and a line at both, but this gave me time leave feedback at the website.

Gerald Gress

I have been getting more disappointed with this place because every time I get something I really like either they are out of it or they don't get it no more

Brad Williams

It's a Sam's. Clean place,With courteous employees.

bipin shrestha

Its the worst sams club i ve ever been to management is poor

Jessica Virgilio

Christopher Swan

Always a good experience and fast check out

Bonnie Mayes

Always find more than I should and always enjoy what I get-----Always have fun and friendly workers

rhoda bryan

Best place to buy the essentials in town!!

Jerry Windham

Good Sam's with helpful staff.

Mary Parker

Personally I don’t care for the checkout stations

Jason Hall

Not bad here but its noy Costco. Kind of wish they had more of a organic section for like vegetables and stuff like that

L.Lorraine Gayton

Great customer service. Lots of great things to look at. Plus the sampling of food on some items.

EP Montoya

Connie Eachus

Great go to sams club a lot

Dale Monk

Noelle Speers

Tami Hainea

Good experience. Actually all the check out lines were short. Hardly any wait time. Bought grapes and csn't wait to get home to try them.

Edward Miller

Everything in one stop. Employees were helpful and friendly.

arbec halldorson

Good place to shop for tires

Brianna Milot

Clean store, helpful service, and the lines are generally not too bad.

Mike Jones

Food court is horrible. Takes forever to order.

Jan Phelps

Downloaded the Sam's app and used got the first time today. Awesome!!!

James Fortner

Very good

Saifur Rahman

cassidy aslakson

Awful customer service. Waited to be assisted for 20min, and I still got a rotten attitude.

job diaz


This place is cool. I love shopping here.

Summer Chamberlain

Love this place. Please change hours on google maps. They close at 8:30.

Shawna Cotnoir

I shopped at Sam's club twice a month for out family of 6 and recently heard what they did to one of their employees of over 20 years.. (Roger Lynn) who is one of the nicest people I've met, working so hard every day for his family, they let him go due to the amount of money he was making.. I will never step foot in that place again and will definitely keep telling people about how SELFISH this company is.. For your company to let someone go who put everything he had into his work, I'm speechless..


Brent Heddan

Very courtius people

Yvonne Burke

Jolene Swift

The cashier's are not friendly, when removing my purchases to the belt the cashier barked at me "just leave them in the cart" I got up in front of her and said yes ma'am....... Could very well say, "it would be no problem to leave them in the cart I would be glad to scan them there for you" common courtesy would sure be nice.....oh and don't forget to smile at least act like you like your job

Mcbethru Portales

Rude employees, waited 15 minutes to be helped at the counter. Overall poor customer service

Martha Gust

They need more cashier's

Carletta McKellips

My mother and I went and spent 83.00. After she swiped her card, it said approved, the system did a whole system reboot. It took a very long time for someone to tell us that it didn't go through but it clearly did through our bank. The manager was very cold and disrespectful to us and told us there wasn't anything that they could do. So we left and called someone that was in upper management. He said the he could give us a gift card for what we paid for. I do appreciate that but I think management needs to take a customer service class to better prepare themselves to deal with the public. It is very unprofessional to act that way to customers.

Vera Wood

Light shopping. All good.

vaniea reese

James Keck

It was busy.

Marilyn Mosbeck

I just love the deals and I love the scan and go app!

Betty Valle

I use this facility many times a week. Has good prices on good products. Would recommend others to be a member.

Bri B

Helpful staff helped me find your beans. Wish you had a wider variety but the price wasn't too bad for 12 pounds.

Richard Westling

Large store with lots of items for sale. Many of them in bulk.

James Gonzales

Very helpful

Patty Andersen

Consistently has the best fresh fruit in town!

Ryan Zmolek

This location can have two people at the exit to make sure you paid, but not a single employee at photo or optical

Sherri P

Big variety

Ruth Gruber

Store does not carry some of the items it use such as chef mate cooking spray. Restroom not so clean

John Bilodeau

4 stars for well organized, spacious, & clean.

willie Nelson

Lot of cool stuff

Brandon Esser

Friendly staff and lots of stuff in bulk.

Scott Boekhoff

Great prices on so many items.

Angelica De Los Santos

Worst experience ever!!!! They sold me a IPhone 6 and within a week it basically crashed and froze ruined my speaker and glitches my screen!!!!!! And now they claim they cant replace it and that they can only recommend using the insurance or paying another 127.00 for a 6S and that they upgrade my device for me!!!! Forget sales you sold me a defective device!!!!!! You SHOULD FIX IT!!!! That is completely not ok!!!!!

Alicia Cariotto

Long lines at customer service today. Sold out of several items that I came for. Again, allergy meds at pharmacy aren't able to be processed/rung up. Very frustrating to know we are paying to be members and cannot get what we need. Long lines also as only 3 or 4 checkouts open.

J.B. Chandler

Good but kinda expensive

Kristin Crawford

Love shopping at Sam's club it's a lot better getting everything at once.

Sara Ayob

Good service

Deri Santana

Never employees enough to serve food. Not clean like Costco.

Cleo Madoll

Russ Dubrovich

Parking small, service good, less crowded then Costco or Walmart

marie skelton

I cant have one in the northwest

Wade Fuller

I go to Mizzou and every stop I’ve gone for groceries I have gone here, but recently I went and tried to purchase the bags that say “choose any 2 bags for one low price” and was told that they are actually separate. I have gone here several times and have purchased the bags and only paid for one, I feel bad for putting 1 star but I spoke to several people claiming that the bag simply meant it was discounted and that it wasn’t a BOGO deal. I see that as false advertisement, wondering if anyone else has had that experience as well.

Ew Lawncare

I came to get mexican cheese, queso panela and they don't have it, the other sams do, but this doesn't, it was bummer wish this one can order the panela cheese. I spoke with a member and told me that thet only order what they want not what the customer need and i should file a complaint, they have had several request on this type of cheese but never order any. I guess i will cobtinue going to the one in murray instead, they have more variety.

Andrew Andrade

Best customer service I have ever experienced. I was checking out through self check out when I needed to return an item. I couldn't find someone in the immediate vicinity so I walked over to two employees working off to the side of the check outs. Just asked if they could get me someone to assist me since I had to exchange an item. Within minutes someone was there and then the store manager was assisting, which just happened to be one of the employees I had just spoken to. My item was exchanged and I was walked out the door by the nicest store manager I have ever encountered. You can tell when someone truly cares about their job and this young man does! Store was clean, encountered only friendly staff, I'm a customer as long as Walden is running that store, guaranteed.

rodolfo millan


Evol Stewie

Lots and lots of different products quite bulky also nice organized store helpful employees better than walmart altogether the only downside is you have to have a membership to shop here other than that its worth it ☺

Eli Hofer

Very friendly staff

Sam Taylor

Lots to choose from and in large quantities. Lots of people and friendly staff.

Brant Johnson

Jeff Ghoti

A good place to shop for a small business.


Always helpful service, quality products, and awesome prices.

Courtlymist 42

Go early to avoid the long lines

amy wells

DJ Aim

Not sure if the Tire department was understaffed , but the technician told me on the phone he couldn't help me and I just had to come in to get my answers and buy new tires. Got there and waited about 15 minutes with two small children, someone with an appointment walked up behind us and the technician just started helping the guy behind us. Then proceeded to just shout that he couldn't help anyone else for the day. He was extremely rude with the way he reacted to the whole situation. Didn't even acknowledge us. I have always bought the tires for our vehicles from Sam's and the majority of our groceries...thank goodness Costco opened up. Maybe they will treat their customers better.

Natasha Degarmo

Christi Christensen

Prices have gone up. No real savings. I can shop online at other places and have it delivered to me.

Dennis Schumacher

Service in the bakery was poor at the best, the wife stood at the counter for 15 minutes and no service. Will order cake somewhere else.

Travis Young

Great as always! Had what I needed.

S Masters

Been a member since 2006, while I admit in the years PAST, Sams club has had some rude employees. The last year or two I've noticed a LOT more friendly employees, willing to help, in fact.. go out of their way to help. Not singling out any customers. Of course everyone has a bad day, and some of these reviews are valid, BUT! Look at the dates... Its sad that people don't give compliments like they do complaints. I would venture to say... for every 1 complaint there were at least 1000 neutral, good or great experiences that went untold in anyway. Today society SEEMS to be all about, "Gimmie gimmie gimmie", bad news! Its OUR world, not just your own. There is one manager there that, I don't care for.. but not cause she's done anything personal to me.. she's just... in MY opinion one I don't care for. When I have a question or an issue I will ask for anyone but her.. The employees I have encountered the last 10 - 15 times appear to enjoy their job, they help, they're personable, and make it not a chore to shop. I shop at Sams club multiple times a week and for many reasons, one of those reasons is, customer service, then price, followed by convenience, and lastly my rewards. (yeah, free samples are a bonus ;) ) When I started my 3rd business I TRIED going to FSA, Shamrock, Sysco and whatever the 4th food delivery service is in Casper.. NONE of them would give me the time of day! "Your not big enough to make it worth our time" Thats their excuse.. Now, starting my 3rd year my spending has increased, from 400 a month to now, 300 a WEEK! YOU BET im small business, and YOU bet Im going to try my hardest to grow to be BIG business.. and you know who's going to get MY BUSINESS?! Not Shamrock, NOT FSA, NOT Sysco, but SAMS CLUB! YES, I've had a few times that I had a problem with this or that at Sams club, BUT the good VERY MUCH outweighs the bad! If you encounter a problem at Sams club the managers WILL MAKE IT RIGHT, even the one I don't care for. Don't just assume cause some cashier is having a bad day that, that is warranted of others to over look it. The managers EVEN the STORE manager is VERY attentive to their employees but more their customers! Remember, Im just a "small business" but yet...Im treated just as good as I TREAT OTHERS. Hopefully this looooong review helps curb the negative ones.. If I were reviewing Macys I could understand the "snootiness" of employees.. but at Sams Club? I don't see it. I see GREAT customer service, GREAT prices, Managers that CARE (minus the one, but, Im sure she cares.. just in a wHeird kinda way) and good services! (btw.. do the click and pull.. and when you do, in the comments before you submit.. write them a little note, say.. something like.. HAVE A GREAT DAY! "Compliments are USELESS if never spoken"

Paige Hillig

Steve Wood

Always good at sams they always have the best meats of anyone especially like the big t bones ribeyes and strips better than most any rest has

Kirsten Gettinger

I highly recommend this store! Very worth it!

Steve Harris

In and out and a large selection

Scott Olslund

Very good prices and a HUGE selection of goods to choose from. As other have said in their reviews the line can get ridiculously long.

Brady Sullivan

Plenty of staff on the weekend. Good alcohol prices so a place to stock up for parties. Member's mark brand quality has gone up but would like to see more cat supplies, dogs are overrated

Samantha Flowers

Great value for the most part! Fantastic selection, very clean and organized facilities

Richard Flores

Lowest gas prices in area$1.84 on Friday easy in and out with groceries

Fabiola Murillo

Toni Hill

It's Sam's Club, I don't expect the same level of product and customer care as we got when we lived near a Costco. The selection has been better than we expected. Just don't expect help with anything in the store, employees are hard to find and then to get them to stop and actually know about what you're asking is another story.

Samantha Ohle

Easy and convenient!

Barry Evans

Typical Costco, great prices, and always busy

manny s

We went to your store in 114th south just west of I-15 ,South Jordan Utah today. Of course they have food to taste. My wife who is a Handicapped and on the wheelchair did a second taste to make sure that the food that she want to buy. The guy made a sarcastic remarks that is too loud that you can hear his voice to the next wall of the bldg. " He said you're back again ha". Does he has the right to say that? Definitely NO. This Caucasians person is not sensitive what comes of his mouth. Does he has the right to make a comment? I said NO. Is he a Racist ? YES, He wont say that to a white person, and the way he look down and express it to my wife. My wife just took off when she when she heard how arrogant this person was . I cannot help it but to approach this guy and express that he is prejudice about handicapped and women. He said he's done nothing wrong and express no apology and defended his comments. His EGO really stand out.. Another Sams Stock worker asked me to leave without calling supervisor that this incident wont happen again. YOU ARE RACIST !!!! On my way out I express my experience with Sara who is also the manager. Apparently the same guy had problem before with other members. AS for me I will go down tomorrow and turn in my Business membership card. We believed others would like my business and deserved better treatments for handicapped, Asian, and women.

Sunshine King

Jennifer is amazing in the Pharmacy!

Michelle Valdez

Alway find what i need

Nadine Kilts

Fine big store but kind employees

Nanci Ramirez

They are really truly amazing!!!!! I love their prices, throughout the entire store. If something is not right or ever goes wrong, they really truly go out of their way to satisfy their customer 100%!! Their membership price is a killer deal, and if they see that you can save more money by upgrading to their pro membership they will go out of their lead to explain to you and let you see how much more money you could be saving if they notice that you're better off with their pro membership. Not to mention after you spend a certain amount of money they give you cash back!!!!! They will even throw in a gift card. And their food court is delicious!!!!! Thanks Sam's Club

Ashley Oyen

Love using the scan and go app. Quick in and out.

Robert Kraft

I have shopped at Sam Club for years and have always been satisfied with the service and employees

Tanya Jarvis

My cashier was awesome

Steve V

Scan and go app is wonderfull, except for no alcohol.

Jamie H

best produce in town

D. C. S.

Good prices friendly staff yeah I know this is WALMART but it has a good polish dog special for $1.50 like Costco too. Yumm

Judy Nicholson

I like self checkout and prices

Ganesh Ambigapathy

Lot of good stuffs and Value for money. Membership is worth it. Throughout the year lot of savings and deals.

Jim Burton

Cory Thomes


Dan Fisher

Order online and pick up is amazing. Pharmacist Ryan gives tips on shoulder workout with every purchase. Ryan is awesome. Be more like Ryan.

Maura Ruvalcaba

Love Sam's club because you earning

john bjorgo

Do most of my shopping here

Hillary Pittman

Love the convenience of ordering online and picking it up, makes grocery shopping go faster, so you have more time to spend with the family or doing other things!!

madison fiedler

First of all, let me start off by saying that my family has been shopping at Sam's for years across the United States and have never had any issues like the one we've experienced at this Casper store. The employees seem to have some problems treating each other like respectable adults. I can easily compare it it to a middle school drama scene. Ouch, right? I don't believe that these individuals can honestly STEAL, toss under the bus, and talk nasty to their fellow employees and then turn around and treat a whole sea of new faces with that respect that their coworkers are deprived of. Needless to say, I will NOT be bringing my family back to this store again.

Bryan Michael Hampton

Great gas prices. Friendly staff

Mary W. Smith

I purchased a tv and sound bar along with groceries etc. I asked for assistance from Troy. Not only was this man polite and very helpful but he went the extra mile to make sure it was on a cart waiting for me when I was done with my other purchases. When I got ready to check out he was smiling and ready to help me out to load it in the car. This employee is deffinately a cut above the standard employee. He is a keeper for sure.

Chantel Applegate

Pleasant people

Brenda Ramos

Bien organizado encuentras todo rapido

Janeen Steer

Good hot dogs and frozen yogurt!

Jessa Bratten

In short I came to pick up some photos and my membership expired 3 days prior however I did place my order on the day before it expired, initially I was concerned I would be unable to check out because I am not the primary holder on this card but my mother in law is. The supervisor by the photo department told me I could and it’s not problem since it’s not soon after expiry and that I could do some shopping and check out at the regular registers. Well apparently it was an issue to the staff who checked me out, even though I explained what the supervisor said and my situation, I was asked to leave and not to touch anything in the store by the sweetie named Darla. So after all the money I spent here I am ousted like a possum. Thanks Sams!

Scotti Larson

I love using the scan and go so, and avoiding the lines.

Shawn Bonas

Super Suki. The employees sick. They do ducked up shut to customers. Hate wall mart and Sam's ♣

Darlene Orona

The workers at Sam's are really nice they go out of their way to help you and I just love that store they have what you need plus extra lol love shopping at Sam's

Angela Graham

Duane Anderson

Place is OK. I like self checkout but there needs to be more.

Matthew Thomas

It's like Costco but with less people.

Lynn Bitzan

Doing the taste of Sams yum

Lorraine Reed

Benjamin Lehman

Not as good as Costco but it's the only option. It's way better than Walmart but the items are considerably different from Costco. If they had a Costco card I would go their instead. Thinking about getting one and driving an hour to get Costco instead.

Ritchie Nordstrom

I use a scan app from Sam's Club. I usually don't have many items in my cart so I'm able to pass the check outs and check out with the app. The door guards scan my phone that has a bar code. I really like this feature.

Junior Quintana

A little more than what you bargain for

Milton Updegraff

Scan & Go! If you haven't used this app offered by Sam's Club, you haven't lived! This brings self check out to an out of this world experience!! You never have to show your card at the door! Yay!! No more standing in line, ever! So quick!! Awesome to feel the incredible trust being placed on you.....the individual shopper, by a multibillion dollar corporation! Closest thing you can experience in the 21st century to shopping at the corner grocery store in the 50's, 60's and 70's and saying put it on my mom and dad's tab! Thank you for the trust!!

Dennis Carlton

Large quantities of most items at low prices. Many items for resale so commercial companies can save on large storage buildings. Good place to buy items for large parties and group meetings at reasonable prices.

Ann-Marie Feldt

Always quick and easy early in the morning. Saved alot on gas on the way out!

Robert Stewart

Just got gas and ice cream , good

Jessaca Marie

Sure their food court is good but that is about it! Customer service is worst than Walmart and McDonald's combined. It took someone 5 minutes to answer a call. Plus they do not take Visa credit cards, how do you not take Visa? Next year I'm going with buying a Costco membership instead of renewing Sam's Club.

Greg Hanson

Loved it! Used the new app to scan all my items. Paid with cc when we were done and skipped having to go through the checkout! Now that's the way I like to shop....get the h... Outamyway!

Kevin Summers

Poorly staffed. Not enough people to mount tires. I had to work too hard to buy tires!

Mike Huff

Great values on many different items !!


Really long and big line in check-out, but the price is great.

Jolene Cummings

Vicki Dale

Great selection of various items. Express self check outs

James McDonald

Great Store.... Friendly Workers

Lori Richardson

This store seems larger than the one in Las Cruces, NM. The store is clean and well stocked. Staff is friendly and helpful. Good electronics area. Nice bakery and meat section.

Robert Munsinger

Well you just lost a 320 dollar tire sale. I don't have time to wait till ten and you want 100 dollars more than I already paid for a membership to get in at eight. The man I talked to the previous day said if windy they probably won't be able to put the tires on my small 14 ft trailer. I wasn't about to wait 2 hours just to be told they couldn't do it. Thing is, if you have people there anyway why are you charging more for early birds? Anyways I'm sure you sell plenty of stuff without my help. As for this customer, I'll be curbing my purchases in your store and certainly will not be patronizing your tire shop. My business is disposable to you guys it would seem. Good day.

Camille Lynn

I love this Sam's Club. They always seem in stock of everything and the staff is always friendly and willing to help you. Its a lot less pushy than Wal-Mart is. And its always very clean. My favorite thing about it is the cheap snack foods you get to enjoy at their cafe. I like to stock up on my protein shakes which you can only find at Sam's club.

P Carr

I used to shop here weekly. I loved this store and they always have great deals. The reason I'm giving them five stars is because I can't give them more. I fell in love with a brand of coffee they only carry in this location. When I moved away I looked everywhere for it but Sam's only ships from the location nearest where you want it shipped to. My wife called the store and a manager shipped me 4 bags of the coffee. She was so nice to do this. I didn't even pay shipping. She was awesome!! Thank you everybody at this store. I never ran into a rude or rushed employee here I wish it was right around the corner from me still. Every time I shopped here I left a happy customer.

Robert Smith

Love the bulk items. You need to have a "membership", but if you know someone with a membership you can use theyre card. You just scan it at check out, no verification

Kristine Moberg

We pay $95 a year, my husband list his card. He is the primary card holder so I can't request another card or add my son. I called today wanting to do both. Was ,by an impatient salesperson, told my husband would would have to come in and do this. We don't live in Grand Forks plus he just had major surgery. I told her this. I asked if she couldn't look up his account number so we could do it on line. You could tell she was frazzled, that the wait would be too long seeing they only have 2 tills and 12 customers ahead of me! I replied how this was poor customer service.

Cheryl Hardin

I purchased 2 large outdoor rugs and didn't think I could handle getting them to my vehicle and loading. A Male employee said he would help and he was great. I always get great customer service but this went beyond what I expect from Sam's.

John Bradford

Meat prices seem to be higher than the last time I went there, i can match or beat them at Walmart??? (They are the same company)?.. you can still get good prices but not every thing is cheaper here...

Terry Peoples

I found metal shavings in the Corn Bread Mini Loaves. Also experienced food poisoning from the All Meat Pizza from the deli on December 16 2018

Diane Wolfer

The store is very big but the employees were very helpful and cheerful. You buy in bulk I like that. The only negative for me is they don't stock brawny paper towels or CD players.

Natalie Johnson

Love Sam's club. Store is so great to shop for a lot of stuff. Love shopping for the fresh vegetables and fruits. The meat department has great cuts of meats. The bathrooms were clean.

Jonathan Marr

Well heres my review for truck drivers who deliver to this horrible unbalanced low work ethic. My day starts woke up got here one hour early. First one to arrive. My appointment was 9am I checked in the office 8am. 3 trucks roll up. Well let me tell you it's already 930am. They take 3 trucks before me. It then took 4 hours to get to the door. So my check would have been decent but now since the lack an effort of the fork lift drivet who seems completely disorganized. Even those 3 truckers who got ahead of me had even said this guy loaded wrong product an the product was delivered to a whole different shipper. How this man keeps his job is beyond me. THIS IS A WARNING FOR ANY DRIVERS OUT THEIR DELIVERING HERE. WATCH OUT MIGHT SIT FOR A LONG WHILE.

Trina Soper

Rude employees, actually surly. Not just one but 2 of the 3 I encountered. I didn’t appreciate the lecture from the cashier because I didn’t want to upgrade my membership. The customer service desk has always had bad attitude problems and that was certainly demonstrated again this morning. I wasn’t returning anything, just had a question. The other customers in line appeared nervous about upsetting her. They had good reason, as she was out of control, but that’s common at this store. I’m tired of it and won’t be back.

Scott Nelson

For a warehouse store I do find it easy to find whatever I am looking for. If not, the personnel are helpful enough.

The Three Cousins

Shopping was ok, checking out was a pain. We have been shopping at Sam's Club for 10+ years and today we try to pay and it would not accept our bank card as credit. We Always use our bank card as credit. The lady working the check out said.....You have to put a pin number or use a different card and she wasn't very friendly either. We explained to her this is the card we always use. She says well you need to use a different card or go to customer service. We go to customer service and had to wait for her to put her Cell Phone down. She comes 9ver to help us and we explain the situation and she says, that's how certain lanes are,we never know from day to day which lanes will be debit card only. What????? I suggested putting a sign saying debit card only and she said it changes everyday and corporate doesn't care.

Tiffany Stanton

never any one in the liquor store to check out. tonight there was no one at self check out to help me. Asked snack bar person to page a manager. She did and no one showed up. I then had to go stand in the line and recheck out at one of the 2 lanes that were open.

Justin Adam

Received very bad service at the tire department today! Thinking I might not do business with them anymore!

Lupe Wilde

Very good

Daina Foster

WORD OF CAUTION...AUTOMATIC SAM'S CLUB MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL MAY BE THEIR DEFAULT. IF THAT ISN'T YOUR CHOICE, MAKE SURE IT ISN'T SET UP THAT WAY WHEN YOU PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP. I received call from Citibank on November 21, 2018 to collect a debt of $74.49 due to unauthorized automatic renewal of Sam's Club membership on 10/04/18. I disputed the charge by phone on November 21, 2018. Citibank waived the late charge and will issue a new credit card. Sam's Club's personnel's carelessness caused my otherwise exceptional payment history to be flawed, required an inordinate amount of my time to correct, and will require future monitoring.

Marsha Pluth

Great prices on alcohol at the club if there were someone to ring up your purchases around rush hour 5-6 pm instead of being on lunch. The receipt checkers could let those that want to spend money here that we could be helped at the service desk instead of just saying there’s nobody to help you.

Chris Powers

Great got what I needed and was in no time

Diane Moog

Very friendly people and great products to select from.

Mitchell Nelson

Big store nice prices

Janel Dale

Ronda Arroyo

Well since it's just me & my son I don't buy alot in bulk but what I do is reasonable priced and they have great cakes. Not thrilled with the tire department. Always understaffed and usually not in stock. I wish they would change opening hour. 10 am is late to be opening.

Hunter Harvey

Love coming here for the cheaper price a the only problem us that you gave to pay for a member ship to come here

Phillip Flores

It's 29 degrees outside you should be ashamed to make those Girl Scout sit outside in the cold

s mathews

Tasha Craig

Great prices for bulk, there is actually alot of parking here and always more then 3 check outs open every time I've been here. Not as busy as walmart or Costco.

Alex Kwarta

Rosendo Gamboa

Awesome place

jerome braman

Good place to shop

Jill Olson

During an evening of Blizzard, service good, full shelves, clean, easy to get around after the renovation.

Goldie Hettinga

Expect good customer service delivered with a smile.

Susan Schmid

Got charged for 2 containers of nuts and only bought 1.

Casey Harrell

This Sams Club is the best of the best! Nyla Harrell is a super devoted worker with great member service

karren olsen

I have Crohn's disease and always bought Imodium multi-symptom at Sam's Club, they quit selling it there. They also quit selling lever 2000 soap. If the Imodium multi-symptom and the liver don't come back to Sam's Club we may change our membership to Costco. And we shop at Sam's Club once a week.

Eric Kloehn

Doesn't match online price of their own stores..

Chris Grabski

kathi Wulfekuhle

I love their $5.00 bakery items!!

Mark E

It's a classic big box store, it's Sam's! What can I say, a large variety of many things at reasonable prices typically competitive to the local economy. Sam's often has items that are not readily found elsewhere, or in the quantity that is desirous of someone throwing a large party.

Lisa Young

Brittania Davis

Good place for bulk shipping and less crowded than other stores like it.

Carely White

Marsha Nichols

Serated Atom

It was great there were lots of items we would buy at other stores for alot more in less amounts compared to Sam's club

Michelle Green

Love Sam's

Art Schalin

Cody Mallory

Big batches, cheap prices. With a membership

jim mich

Always find what I need and more

Ali Soberan

Really bad experience yesterday! First of all the cashier and her assistant were very unfriendly, the girl who helps put things was lazy, did not put a single item to be scanned, when greeting the cashier did not return the greeting, at the deli the cashier ignored me and instead of asking me how she can help she turned around and left and then the boy who was also with her was very slow when taking the order and the result of the DELUXE PIZZA was a disaster, has been very bad service and unprofessional by employees, lack training and needs to improve customer service, I took a picture of the pizza that disappointed me.

Koby Garcia


Juston Holm

Great bulk deals just always spend way more than intended!

Stanley Manahan

All was well.

James Bly

First time did not have to wait to check out and got help taking stuff to truck.

Andrew Reynolds

Very nice clean store with helpful employees.

Jake Sanchez

Jim Moulton

Got everything on our list. Quick check out.

Shonna Smith

Slowest member services

Erica Mendez

Great place to buy seasonal seasonal stuff. Very organized and nice employees!

Janice Johnson

The cashier was not very pleasant!

Misty Jones

Great selection of meat and many other things.

Juan Perez

Alice Cavasos

Clean and friendly staff. And reasonable prices

Robert Jacobs

Great buys

Deb Canby

I thought it was ok.

Kristina Semanko

I like there bulk buying

Gary Bowman

Everything under the sun and friendly employees.

Joe Lewis

Great deals good prices friendly people

Tracy Traver

Good prices for bulk items

Gaby Hernandez

The past 2 times I’ve gone they never have ice cream the people that work in the kitchen have to be more prepared it summer it’s hot and customers are in need of ice cream sundaes and it’s not fair to people the people that are in line front of you get ice cream and when your next you don’t get any cause the ice cream need to freeze something needs to change Sams Club buy a new icee cream machine or the people that work in the kitchen need to be more prepared


Clinton Topel

Clean. Friendly and helpful staff. Can’t ask for much more out of a box store.

Randy McClure

I like Sam's, good place to shop. I feel the south Sam's is better that the north one but not complaining.

Money Man

They have everything here! Even a totally awesome, economical, fast-servicing Tire Service Center as well! Love it! Brought all my vehicles here for tires!

Jill Westendorf

Always great buys & different items.

Jon Sand

Dale Barker

Not enough check outs open too many selfcheck outs

Maria Peaslee

Ridiculous lines!! You buy the upgrade or business package so you can take advantage of a quieter faster trip... but then they only have 1 lane open so you're stuck there anyway

Kimberely Fry

Friendly atmosphere, staff was nice.

Glen Luning

1 very nice store clean veryhelp fuly

Bridget Gill

I order ahead and buy hundreds of fresh baked sandwich rolls here every week . Good bread , great price and fresh product. Lately the bread has been different . Unfortunately not different in a good way. Dry, harder inside and a different shape maybe smaller. I serve these to children and they noticed right away. Hope they change back, or I may have to take my business elsewhere.

Brian Tecklenburg

Sam's is the best place to buy in bulk. This location is a little smaller than the one by 7200 s but it has most of the items we care about, and it is right by the highway.

James Neuhart

Wonderful.... customer service is great. The girl electronics helped me get my drone going. Thank you.

Merel Wennberg

I was especially grateful to the young man, an employee, for cheerfully unloading my cart into my car. Thank you Young Man. I hope your young lady had a very Happy Birthday! !!

Judy Myklebust

Sam's always serves my needs.

Michele Woody

Anthony Rhodes

Skip the line for Business and Non-Business shoppers. Use the Scan&Go App. It is the Bomb!

Ben Rodriquez

Need faster service, thank you.

Russell Wallinder

The door person was not to good with costumer at the door. Was helping at costumer service desk with line at the door. In Sted of checking pepole at the door that used scan and go just went to the slip pepole first. The couple at the door spoke up then door person started to get defensive. It did take a bit of time to get out of the door.

Ralph Gebes

Check out is number 1

Nedzad Mehic

As always, great experience at Sam's Club...

Lacey Slocum

This Sam's club is a good Sam's club. They are very organized and clean. They don't always have best of staff though. Sometimes there staff is rude.

Charlie Romo

Jay Knapton

I like the new way that they unload the cart for you now at the register luckily was not busy in the front for checkout

Benjamin Pitz

Very Clean Store, good product selection.

Kevin Oldfield

Kristi Holley

Bathrooms were disgusting and dirtiest I've ever seen....

David Hart

Tammie Anderson

Dianne Bercier

My cupboards are stocked

Dallas Means

Consistently had what I need.

Robert Kerns

Cheryl Hedrick

Love it

Silia Satini

Sams club employees are nicer than Costco Employees they dont rush you out when its Closing.

Timothy Lucas

You need to have an appointment to fix a tire. They said it would be tomorrow.

Lee Mendenhall

Roseanne Jerome

Bryan Wells

Poor customer service


Terra Hurless

Friendly, clean, and efficient!

Sheila Cutshall

We always get good service here and I am able to stop auto renewal right on the website :) love the savings as well.I will try to keep my Sam's club card kept up always cause of the great savings

Jess Blea

I shop often at this Sam's club, and I either have a good trip or a bad one. Never really a wonderful one. But today Trish made my night. I asked a few associates where a product was, even showed them a picture on my phone. They acted like they knew, or even said we don't sell that. But after approaching Trish I was very happy with her knowledge of the store. She knew exactly what I was after, and where it was in the store. She was happy to help, even with them closing in fifteen minutes. She was happy, nice, and willing to help. She gave amazing customer service.

Malibu Rae

Timothy Hoerle

Opens at 10 a.m.

Jessica Keo

Overall experience was fine. Bathrooms, however, are always dirty

Brad Rineard

Meat selection and quality is very good. Produce is a little lacking on freshness. Overall a good place to shop for bulk quantities.

Peggy Emery

I love the shop and go app. I never have to wait I line. I just usr my phone to scan and pay. It's especially nice when I'm in a hurry.

Karen Garber

Very good but more employees need to know where food is, especially when they always are moving stuff.

Marcelo Morais

Excellent place with gas station.

Joseph Crandall

Always taking care of there customers!

Mike Peterson

The Scan & Go app sure makes it easy to checkout

Darren Shwan

No help what’s so ever. stood by the membership for over 30 minutes then finally a “manger “show up , she was clueless what a waste a money . Canceled my membership I’d rather drive all the way to Fargo and shop at Costco .

Mark and Teresa Gifford

Becky Barton

chera Wolfe

Amazing! Not crowded and friendly people! Love the Scan & Go app! A must have for the busy mom

Jon Morrill

Shopped here a couple times thus past week. Selection was good both times, with almost every item fully stocked. Service was good on both visits too. This is better than some other locations I've visited in the past. Glad to see Walmart/Sam's didn't decide to close this location.

Gao Lee

Worst Sam's Club ever!!! My first time going into that Sam's Club and this will be my last! I went in to get a new membership because of their promotion and I was told that I can only get the free promo items if I were to print out the flyer from the Sam's Club's website when clearly, the website didn't state that we had to print out the promo and bring it in in order to be eligible for the free items. Besides that, their website didn't have any barcode or skus for the promo. The older lady that worked at the member service was "helping" me. While helping me, she was talking loudly to her co-worker about her personal life, getting freebies for her children and she was eating chips. She then gave me my new card and turned around to service others without saying anything to me. I had to call two other Sam's Club and they told me that I shouldn't have to print out anything and that the Sam's Club that I was at should've had the flyers at their service desk and should have given me one for the promo items when I signed up for a new membership. The lady on the phone from one of the two stores that I called was kind enough to help me. She happily explained everything to me and told me to grab the promo items and bring it to the checkout and talk to a manager about it and that's excatly what I did. The manager that was working didn't even know about the promotion that was going on this month. I had to explain everything to them about the promotion and they had to go to the next register to look for the promotion booklet and of course, they couldn't find it. The manager was also giving me attitude. If you're not willing to put on a smile to service your customers when they are your number one priority, maybe you should quit your job! I am just glad that I am moving back to my hometown and I wouldn't have to deal with such people like that there.

Wade Lillie

Jeannette Kalafat

Great stop...and the "snap and go" app is incredible.

Larry Schmailzl

Very good

Jacky Jones


Jake Blattner

Great place with greater samples

Tonya Vaughan

I love their scan and go checkout!

Paul Boegli

Lots of things

Jim Sislo

Very clean store with everything one would need. An employee named Sam is the most helpful and enthusiastic employeee they have.

Kelli Groeneweg

I find it very annoying when there is no checkout in the liquor store. This forces you to go all the way back through the store. They have blocked the enterence so you can't even do that first. Annoying

Cynthia Burton

I have always liked Sam's Club because of the items being sold in bulk. This really helps my budget. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Andrea Crayne

Show CSM how carts are more than half way out where people drive and she goes I have nobody it will just have to wait! That is pathetic they dont care to grab carts. When I went inside there was 10 carts for customers only and a guy sitting there pulling them apart for customers, but there is nobody to grab from the lot. I was here to ger refunded as they messed up my daughter's birthday cake. They have no care for customers!

Gene shepherd

Very helpful and nice people.

Amber Eardley

I'm beyond baffled. As we were checking out in the self check out one of the employees Was being extremely rude to 2 older ladies. Didn't catch her name but she was a bigger lady with sorry curly dirty blonde hair. She should not be an employee if that's how she talks to the guests. She said "I need you to move there are members coming through" which OBVIOUSLY the other ladies were members as well. They didnt speak very well English and had a hard time understanding her so she kept yelling at them. And as walking away rolled her eyes. So disrespectful and unpleasant.

Kathy Goerlitz


Diana Oliver

Has a great selection of many things! Food clothes etc etc!

Ashley Armstrong

Donavan Guilez

They were great ate the service dest, but when I got to the location I thought they had a pick up station but they dont you have to go in side and get your stuff which I think it not fair to the customers that pay to have the pluse. People want them to bring there iteam to them do to issue of walking ect. But that was the disadvantage of having the pluse member ship. It is that they dont have crude side delivery and it is advertised on the app.

Justin Hicks

Scan and go is great but the last 2 weeks you have not had the hamburger meat my family uses. 80/20. What gives???

Alexander Allard

It's like Costco except not even close. Why can't there just be costco? Sigh

Khadija Hussein

Their manager in Receiving Department was very rude and ill-mannered. I have noticed Sam's Club and Walmart employees consistently lack manners with vendors.

Remington Bailey

Just like any sams in the usa.

Marina Bless

I like to buy

Faron Weed

Bought two sets of tires here, for two different vehicles. haven't been let down yet.

Connie Stark

Would be nice to be able to ship from one Sams to another when a product is not available at the other Sams!

Humberto Soto

Esla primera es Grandioss

Taylor Beckstr

Less busy then Costco and easier for a quick shopping trip. I like it here because they swap out my snow tires for free. Although I tip the guy $20.00 for doing it for me well worth it.

Olga Bond

Javier Aldavaz

Long lines since they changed more then half of the registers to self checkout, but still a great store

Tina Cadotte

Great! I Couldve spent all day at sams!

Joy McReynolds

Reuben G. Henry

A great place to shop

Brenda Nuñez

Buck Calkins

Love me some Sam's club. Great prices, great parking, and deals upon deals. I have a family of five and Sam's club makes shopping easier than a grocery chain plus it seems like way better meat prices.


I like great place to shop. I also like the wonderful food court they have.

dave bergum

Quick dash inside for a couple items and ended up with a couple more we didn't know we needed.....can't beat the club prices, even after you factor in the membership cost.

Mike Hux

I think if you advertise you meat for 9.98 a lb. You shouldn't raise the price when you package it in smaller portions. I dont think us being honest to your customers.

marilyn neal

Tim Reese

The lines are long but it's to be expected. Great value when you need to buy in bulk! The meat is always good quality.

Susan Robbins

Awesome Except need to carry name brands for canned vegetables and canned tomatoes Need On the Border salsa.

Dillon McGhee

Easy to navigate and find what you need. Got everything you need and more I imagine. Exit greeters pay good attention to make sure cashiers don't screw you over. Glad Sam's is around

Yvonne Espinoza

Always clean and workers always friendly

Anna Owens

so many items there are expired, last time I buy mozzarella and didn't check in store, at home I open and lid was open, so I must throw away it. and managers doesn't care there at all.

James Tesla

The remodel works out well, check out was a dream. Shopping was much easier, looking forward to my next vist.

Alice Keller

Sam's Club employees are all so helpful if there is anything you can't find they will find it for you if it isn't in the store they will offer to order it in for you.

Andrew Ortega

Dan Koller

judith anderson

The best!! Thank you Anna and Jason! Our. Project will be completed thanks to you!!

nathan taylor

This place is awesome we buy all my companies generator's and supplies there. They gladly return anything that you have a problem with, hands down the best to stand by there products sold in there store. Would recommend any business that needs things right away to do business with Sams club. Exchanges are made so easy.

Robert Mitchell

Your photo department needs help. 2 employees on duty,neither helpful.

Bill Haeffner

Nothing special nothing bad

JH Lee

I never like their auto department. They once replaced a wrong tire for me but reluctant to admit their mistake. I ended up paying about 90 dollars for another new tire, with $15 tire change fee waived. They offer free flat tire repairment for members. I recently had a low pressure tire and tried to have it repaired. They said it was not repairable because the nail was too close to the side and the tire had been driven at low pressure (maybe 15PSI). I see that a joke since the nail was indeed about 2 inches from the side. I hate their way using "free repairment" to lure people in to their money earning machine. At least I feel that their auto department in Columbia is not trustable.

Julie Lopez

Larry Wagner

Judy Neste

Jessica Grimaldo

Great and friendly! Always helpful!! Thanks what you'll do!

Manny Vega

Does Not warranty batteries for vehicles they have A6 month return policy and they prorate batteries I can buy a battery down the street with a 3-year warranty for $20 more they will never get my business again they suck and you have to pay to shop there that's b*******take that mother f*****

Clark Knudsen

If you shop at Sam's club, this is one of the best that I've entered. Really friendly staff, and an overall good selection. The photo center here is the best in the valley.

Cheryl Wilson

I've never had issues. To the people who were complaining about not getting in early, it wasn't a "rich person card" it was a business account card holder (no more expensive than a standard account card). Settle down.

Derek Eckenrod

A Nicole

Justin Reed

Awesome prices

Michael Courouleau

I was trying to fuel up and my card expired the gas attendant person came out and let me use his

Mary Kraus

Great deal on joining Sam's club

Bryan Tharp

Great place to shop.

Dwayne Cole

One of the quickest and quietest Sam's it

Sabrina Miller

I love Sams Club. Great prices and you can buy in bulk. I don’t like the new check out setup but whatever. It is what it is. And FYI, their sushi is LEGIT! It’s made fresh in front of you and it is DELICIOUS!! I buy several every time I go, and I usually have them all eaten in less than 2 days.

JR Bailey

The variety is amazing, the prices for the most part of pretty good, though you must check regular grocery stores on a lot of the items for pricing, sometimes the regular grocery store sale prices beat Sam's Club. Taste-wise, Friday and Saturday are the two best days to go because they have multiple carts handing out demos of various edible goodies for people to try. The food items on demo or usually on sale as well so you can really save some money.

John Widhalm

Ran in got what needed all good

Michael Montgomery

Can't find anything because they keep moving everything around. Always leave not purchasing all I wanted.

Sandra Farmer

Love the scan and go app

D. McKinney

Always good loot and selection:)

Crazy Grandpa Gone Wild

Sam's is always a cool place to go and spend money on stuff you realized you need. It's amazing. While I was there today with my wife, there was this lady moving a million miles an hour with a pact cart. She ran into at least three people that I saw. Why such a hurry? Let's be wary of other people shopping. I just hope she doesn't drive her car that way.

mike miller

Very friendly

edee epstein

Good deals

Ashley Tabbert

Their management really suck and some of the managers in that building have no manners at all!! Work on that!!! I rather go too Jeff city sams at least everyone their is nicer and knows what their doing.

Garon Raines

Pretty good sale going on for about the next month. Time to stock up on a few things like zip lock bags. Much more too, of course.


Easy the self check out. Prices always good.

Jenny Waltrip

Best gas prices

Sue Peters

I'm disappointed. I spent a good hour+ using the Scan & Go app only to find when I went to check out it told me I had to go through the register & check out there. The very nice young woman was apologetic, said there had been issues like that & it had been reported to "headquarters". So she checked me out as though I had never used Scan & Go. What a waste of my time. I'm.sorry I didn't know until I was ready to head to the door. It would behoove Sam's to get that working properly.

Heather Warren

Very busy and you have to maneuver past the Girl Scouts today. Everyone is out!

Jeremiah Nation

Staci Candelaria

The pharmacy has no customer service skills and are always messing up my family's orders. Unprepared, rude, unconcerned. If my sick mother didn't have a justifiable reason for getting her prescriptions filled here I would never set foot in this store. Don't ask for Tina. She won't let you get a word in edgewise. Update: Cuco is the only person that will help you! He's the only person there that has human decency and a willingness to work for the patients. Five Stars for Cuco!!!

Rita Behrens

I will keep going to Sam's Club in Rapid City, SD until I'm too old to drive. I love the people friendly,curtious,and always ready to help me if needed. I can always find what I'm going after too, at least 9 out of 10 times. And it's more bang for your buck . Can't get any better !!! Sincerely, RitaBehrens

Linda Myre

Love Sam's club..

Bill Hennessy

Bill in the tire shop is a genius.

Payton Robb

Beth Goad


Kelsie Morse

The TBC people like to swing the chains around cars and they pull the stuff out of the back of your car and play with it. Saw the red haired one doing it before and after they pulled the vehicle in to have the tire changed.


It's Sam's Club, there isn't much to tell. They're why I can afford prescriptions, the Sam's Plus membership pays for itself in a hurry.

Annette Perez

Nice customer service

Steve Phelps

RunAway Train

Long lines. No checkers. You can no longer organize your cart for quick scanning. Customer now loads cart, unloads to checkstand belt then unload back to cart. Self checkouts overloaded. Having my receipt checked at exit made me wonder why I pay a membership fee. Will they have me stock shelves next?

Matt Kroeger

Bre Bockelman

The store is disappointing the person that picks up the phone is very sassy

Todd Berke

I've shopped at Sam's for years. Great for low prices

Kim Boettger

Angela Gehl


has great service :)

Tara Garza

Love this place especially for large families. Food, clothing, toys, office supplies, outdoor stuff. Everything you need in one store.

Alan Garness

Always have what you need

juan barragan

Frank Olimb

Randy mcintosh

Was being nice and returning the cart to the entrance but I was doing it inside and the entrance lady flipped out on me I told her she checked my items I'm just returning the cart she interrupted me and told me I cant go that way by that time I had started to trlurn around I then tried telling her I was just putting the cart away and she interrupted me again all but yelling at me the whole time so I interrupted her and said I'm going stop she continued to tell me I had to go out the exit just rediculous she was yelling at me to go out the exit for just trying to put the cart away not neccesarry

TinaMarie Mettin

Wonderful as always!

Nathan Collins

We got the things we needed to have a successful training camp. (CYIA)

ghassan aleiwe

great as usual

D' ee

Prices are comparable to retail in smaller stores. If you don't need mass quantities, save your money.

Whitney Deseth

Joyce Gaffrey

Great ppl working there

Mike amerin


Doris Longoria

Always very satisfied with Sans club.

Samantha Horning

Bought a 55" LG smart 3D TV there that was a display, yes, but when it was purchased they had assured me all that was missing was 3 pairs of 3D glasses and the owners manual. When I got home I found that it was the wrong remote they gave me. I was told they had the remote and drove the 50 miles and stood in the store for two hours, only to find out that they actually did not have it. After many wasted hours and getting jerked around on the phone for the last two months, still no remote, cables that were supposed to be included, or the $50 included google play. None of these people seemed to care. Worst customer service I've ever experienced. If their call center would not have told me that they would send me a new remote the day that I drove to Casper, I would have returned it the next day. I just found out yesterday that they aren't planning on doing anything about it and the manager on duty in Casper told me without managers approval they cannot take it back since 30 days have passed. The return policies and receipt do not say this anywhere-stating that I have 90 days, so they will be taking it back with manager's approval or not-do not fall for this if they do it to you too. They are clearly full of crap and they obviously do not care about their customers. This incident has been such a frustration that my whole family is very close to canceling our memberships. If they had made it right and sent me the remote ($80) and the cables that are missing, or even acknowledged that it is their place to replace it would have been perfectly content and happy with the TV but instead of them losing under $100.00 replacing what they had told me was included, they would rather pretend like there is no issue at hand and they aren't to blame. No credit offered, no "sorry for the inconvenience" and no help at all. Both the store and the number provided to call with problems are completely worthless. I am taking the TV back tonight and I am so excited to be done with it and I will just be purchasing one from a completely unrelated company. DO NOT BUY ELECTRONICS FROM THIS BUSINESS. Heck, if you can avoid it all together, don't buy anything from them!

Jessica Hatfield

Great store! The people were super and so many great deals going on. Very professional and knowledgeable staff members with samples and great products, really had their people faces on today. Pretty impressed.

James Cantrell

They generally have everything I am looking for. Thanks

George Stewart

Great place for shopping

Joshua Norheim

They have bulk stuff

Barry Gordon

Cheng Yu Chiang

I bought a box of blackberry here then after I got home found out the ones with mold was all hidden in the middle of the box. All they said was come exchange it when I called them... Don’t feel like shopping there anymore after that

sami ahmad

Douglas Slater

Kathy Calvin

Always great.

Dennis Olivier

Wanted some avocados and found them to be extremely over ripe. Spongy to the touch. Not a good consumer choice.

Brandon Parker

Customer service was fast and nice. The store has great products. Everything seemed to be clean. Lines to ring out can be a little long, but face it most people are there buying in bulk so they will have more items than usual places. Overall I'm happy I have a membership.

Matt Anderson

It's sams club. They usually have what I need.

Trisha Greff

Good selection of merchandise, friendly staff

Silver Haze

Go service, and good deals.

James Cameron

Came here to pick up a load of pallets in a pre loaded trailer manager too lazy to come back and sign the bills and wants me to wait 3 hours I'm a truck driver time is money very unprofessional management at this location

Adam Christianson

Best meat in town for sure.

Allen Butts

Prices and speed

debra barbieri

Second time I’ve been here to have a hot dog. The people at the counter were ignoring me for 5 minutes I was the one in line, 2 people we’re standing at the cash register just looked at me and acted as if I wasn’t there . I believe this is about race. I’m a white person, I have been talking to other people and they have experience the same thing. I will videotape the next time and post on Facebook . I’ll be keeping you updated

Sue Smith

Great place for shopping...yummy bargains and the hot dogs make a good snack.

Maria Alvarado

Matthew Hastings

The scan and go app is completely useless. Every time I visit this store I spend my time scanning everything. My reward is an error that nobody at the store knows anything about. A manager snagged a free cashier and checked us out so we didn't have to stand in line. That's the only reason this isn't a one star review.

Lissett H

Love Sams Club

Janet Champagne

H Good

Xxlandololx X

mauri arminen

Stop selling in the products

Chad Christianson

Lower prices to push out the competition, but customer service here is a disaster. FOUR times now we have attempted to pick up photos and there isn't a photo person there. The person running the eye place tries to help, but when photos are missing or they screwed up the printing...surprisingly no one can help. My suggestion to Sam's is to either improve the photo center or close it up so some other business can do it right.

Ino Cruz

Mike Miller

The Sam's Club Scan and Go app works pretty well. So you don't need to stand in check out lines

Erica Orona

I went to fix a flat , for members it's free, which 1 it's took almost 2 hours to get tire seen , 2-only to be told it wasn't repairable because puncture was too close to side wall-disappointed to say the least. I followed up with Powell tire which they told to bring it in to look at it, its was fixed, not irrepairable like I was told yeah you can say what's $16 we expect these guys to be experts why would I question it? $16 is nothing compared to $132 for a tire which it would have cost for a new one. I wouldn't recommend them at all

Barb Spencer

Great quality and customer service

Christine Aleksinski

No longer serving Polish sausages at snack bar...why? I like them!

Susan Rogers

A+++++++++ Love shopping here!

Lisa Nosack

I like that they have opened up a lot more self checkout registers. I wish they did more quality control on their products, such as the produce. Love that the gas prices are the cheapest in the valley. Another pain point is you cant order online and pickup in the club on a Sunday, which is my grocery shopping day.

Tanya Knudsvig

Floyd Shinn

overnights allowed stayed 10/14/16

Chelsea G

I love that it is less crowded then costco however I do feel the staff is not as friendly and helpful


I am new to the area and to Sams Club, and I like to shop in bulk for certain items there. The customer service is alright when I have needed customer service. Love the samples as it gives me ideas to buy additional products that I would not have bought. I know you can't control customers in the store, but some of them are polite and some are down right rude.

doug b

Great store if you like to buy in bulk. Just have to watch the prices. If you only need one or two items it's better just to run to Walmart next door. Cashiers are a lot better and the whole store in general seems to be much better organized. My only complaint is I am a little old-fashioned. I like cashiers rather than the self-serve cash registers. Sam's Club like so many other stores could use more cashiers.

Sean Brant

Very friendly reps, great prices on many products, the cell phone reps are very knowledgeable and helpful as well. If you are looking for a place where you can get your phone service, cable, and home security in one shot, this is a good place to come. Love their electronic department too!

Doug White

It is the only real bulk type store in Casper but it's okay because it is a pretty good one. They have bulk versions of most of the things you buy at the regular grocery stores and then have clothes and small appliances too. The staff is usually pretty good and ready to help.

Yolanda Zea

It’s happen often and it happened again today. It was around 8:20 and the lady that was in the food court denied the boy in front of me a 4 Barry Sunday. Then I was next and asked her for one as well she said they were about to close and she still needed to clean. I then asked her to call her supervisor or a manager she seamed not to care and said they will tell me the same thing. I then told her that I had previously been in on the previous day and her manager had stated that they serve until they close. She stated no that is not true I close at 8:30pm I then said well it’s not 8:30 yet, she then said well it’s almost time so I can’t serve you. After almost 10 min of argument back and forth she said she would finally do it but I had to wait. At that point 4 people were still waiting. She served them and a 10 year old boy walked up to her and told her that the pizza she gave him was not good and he wanted a different one. She then told the boy that she was closed and trashed the rest of the pizza. The boy left crying and she seemed not to care. The boy trashed his pizza and continued to walk and cry. Worst customer service at the food court. This was not the first time. But finally made time to write a review. I will also contact Corprate office tomorrow. I thank the people who took the time to read this review. God bless

Kelly Harris

Excellent shopping, great service, great prices

Diane Bishop

It was a lot of fun shopping for stuff at Sam's today. Got some great deals.

Sarah Olea

Just going to point out. This Sam's Club is right across from the BIGGEST COSTCO in the world! So obviously when you walk in you can't compare if you've been over at COSTCO down the street. Sam's Club is great. They are way cheaper for their membership prices and offer just the same with a little variation in brands and all that. I grew up going to both and I love both. As my dad would say, COSTCO is for those who are more hip and Sam's Club if you are just a frugal shopper. Gas is alway cheaper at Sam's than COSTCO. I like their selections and feel that I'm getting good deals on their products, especially their meats!

Keith Woods

So as I am in retail I know the importance of customer satisfaction. Today on a Saturday possibly their busiest day of the week and the day before Easter, they seem to be doing some type of inventory and blocking of several isles ( for safety of customer I realize) HOWEVER this is a piss poor day to do the busy work when customers are expressing their frustration to other shoppers. Maybe a better scheduling in the future may turn this review around ???

Florene Bunner

Has everything anyone would ever want with good collection I am proud to be a member and have been for many years.


Normally I love this store but just called them to get help to find an item that they had in the store yesterday but wasn't in my size so was seeing how to find it to order online and didn't seem like she wanted to help at all I got no where so I guess I will just shop for item elsewhere since it didn't seem like she wanted to help make a sale.

Kim Blanks

I was in and out with no problems other then spending more money then planned.. lol that always happens..

Patti Engesser

I usually have a good experience, but this time I asked when I went in the store if I could get help with 3 heavy items IF I purchase them She said yes so I proceeded to get my things. So when I paid and came the associate by the door, again I asked for help, she said yes to wait a minute. In meantime another associate by the door took over. So I asked her also for help. No one came. I waited quite awhile. I really needed help. My ticket says this was at 4pm. Nobody even came and told me nothing. So I ended having to lift this items myself. So in the future I will not be able to purchase them the no more of i can't get help. I have even had people tell me they don't buy things there because if this reason. But I tell them they will help if you ask. Hopefully it was just a bad day. It would been a higher rating. Had I gotten help.

Joshua Thomas

I really like Sam's Club. I have a membership to Costco as well but Sam's is great! I especially love the scan and go feature of their phone app. This allows me to scan all the items I am buying with my phone and then skip the line. I show a bar code on my phone to the person at the door and then I leave. It's so easy! Sam's definitely has better technology than Costco with self check out and the scan and go app. Costco seems to have better products. More expensive but better quality. On head to head items, Sam's almost always beats them on price. The one thing that Sam's doesn't do well is produce. I usually avoid it there because it goes bad too quickly. Costco's produce is fresher. Anyway, thumbs up to both of these warehouse stores. I like them both for different reasons.

Jeff Legg

I'm not sure how one shops for a family and not shop at a Costco or a Sam's Club. As we would rather shop at a Costco I do have to admit the SC here in Great Falls runs a pleasantly close second. Especially with the new online shopping app that allows you to scan the individual items one chooses and they are automatically debited from your account. You grab what you need, scan it and go directly to the exit to be looked up and down and then released. (Yes, I was making a joke). Fare bulk prices. Always clean and we'll staffed with people who are always helpful. We shop at Sam's Club religiously twice a week...

Niles Budd

Sam's Club has got a lot of good stuff. Candy, Breads, Drinks, Supplies for events. Like parties or conferences. Good service and nice food vendor area. You'd have to be in person to understand.

James robbins

Frank Padilla

(Translated by Google) Very assorted and good prices (Original) Muy surtido y buenos precios

Stacy Brown

MichealAnn Jares-Martin



Kimberly A

My first impression of SAMs club started as a good one. I went to the counter as I had purchased my membership online as part of a promotion that included upgrade and gift card. The lady at the counter Colleen (Costco store in SLC, UT about 1900 south) was very helpful. She took my picture and got my card quickly, the gift card she mentioned was an E-gift card. Which I had not received yet even though it had been 4 days. She encouraged me to call customer service and any issues she is there to help. I gladly called, the "gentleman" that answered was very rude and would speak over me. He never asked my member ID or to look up my membership. He did not know what promotion I had, and was condescending while he advised me they had "Many promotions." He then proceeded to diagnose my problem, without asking any info still, and tells me that it's a physical gift card issued in store. I told him when I paid it said E-gift card and that I am standing in the store right now and they are advising me otherwise. He challenged me and requested to speak to the associate. I hand my cell phone over to her, and she became frustrated with him also and they were arguing back and forth. She read him the promotion terms and conditions, and he was still not complying. She must have realized she was not getting anywhere with him and told him she was not satisfied with his responses and she would take care of us, but she would like the phone number of his manager to call back to let them know. Because they had not had this issue before. I just want to thank Colleen for having my back. When I called their customer service number, I immediately regretted purchasing my SAMs club membership. I sure hope I never have another issue because I can imagine the level of service I will get when I call. I don't know at this point if I would renew my membership it next year. I knew it would not be the same level of world class as I'm accustomed to with other retailers, being that they are part of the Walmart chain, but I did expect the customer service phone number to at least hear my question before assuming my promotion was not valid as per advertised. Colleen Rocks, Give that woman a raise! Thank you for your time.


Craig Olivo

Wasn't even in there why they asked me to rate it

Jerry Weber


Deb Wheeler

Lincoln Nebraska

Lynne King

Great! Found everything I needed at great prices.

jon kuehl

Whiskey was on sale.

Ricardo Ess

I love shopping at sams

Mary Skadsem

M Dampier

Great place to shop. Good food. Scan an go app very helpful!

Myrovi Deperez

(Translated by Google) Good place (Original) Buen lugar

Wanda Hogue

Great as always!

Bill Miller

Management sucks

Norm B.

Good peeps

Michelle Abbott

I enjoyed shopping here and having a filling $3 lunch with my husband.

Beach Lover

This location does not have a bakery.

Charles Mills


Ronnie Kelly


Claire Flood

Was an alright visit

Leif Fore

So so

Anthony Zeiss

Great employee's, always willing to go out of there way to help

Dianne Greyn

Julie L Hanson

I was on the phone with customer service trying to get a renewal bill for our company because our cards expired on Aug 31 and we never received one.. All they would have to do is send a bill to the address listed on the account but no they have to talk to the primary account holder.....what does it matter who calls as long as it is sent to the company's's a bill who is going to want to take a bill.

Neema Bahramzad

Surprisingly affordable healthy food options.

Dawn Pearson

Heidi Roulet

Didn't have the cheese or bread I wanted!!

Bonnie Salmon

Good Fine prices

Marshall Angell

Large parking, self checkouts welcome sight

Columbia Heating & Cooling

Terrible!!!! Zero stars. Three different times customer service took over 45++++ minutes. Crazy bad sevice.

Chantal Irish

Clean. Well maintained. Not picked through. If you are a business member they open at 7am

Jon Dover

Worth the drive from Helena for the great selection and values. A nice mix of commercial and home food items. I've had good and bad customer service but that happens anywhere. I can't believe someone assumes they all have no more than a high school education. I know PHD'S with worse people skills.

Timothy S. Parnell

It is a little smaller than the new ones... However it does have everything you would need with big wide isles... It also does not open as early as I thought big business would... The pharmacy remodel is great. Enjoy the store.

David Oldham

Good quality products at a reasonable price good service.

Mariana Farfan

DO NOT GET THEIR CREDIT CARD!!! I applied for a sam’s club credit card two month ago and it was the worst thing I have done in my entire life. First of all, I did not receive my correspondence on time because they were sending it to the wrong address. They charged me a late fee and I called and it seems that they removed it. Every time I tried to call them, i have to be on the phone for HOURS , I have to hear a machine THAT PROVIDES UNSOLICITED INFORMATION for hours and then it tells me that I cannot talk to an agent. I am so disappointed of Master Card and Sam’s Club!

Katherine Robertson

Love the prices and bulk items!

Sylvia Linkous


Trilby Kosola

Don't ever deliver a load here. Always late night deliveries and no matter what time your appointment is they will unload dropped trailers before live loads.. sucks big time.....:-p

Duane Gray

Great place for deals and good service, dont always have same food or products but most the time they have a great selection.

Neil Boyd

Nothing but good

Mary Helen Gleason

Sam's Club is always good to have good stuff there

Tony Padilla

Nice place very convenient never too crowded

Edward Alvarez

We enjoy going there, loading up on almost every thing we need!

Bob Miller

Well stocked,friendly associates

Heidi Nielsen

We like the self check out.

Elaine Litwiller

Great discounts

Nina Turner-Robison

I like shopping at Sam's Club especially now, using the Scan & Go app no more waiting in line. I think they have good pricing on vitamins and other supplements.

Mike Scarbrough

Gary Schumacher

$1 Great.

james kane

Did you know with the help of a hat and jacket from the clothing section you can make two or three passes through the samples before they catch on!!!

Sharif Sayfulloev

Cheaper gas if you have Sam's Club membership

Afton Sheldon

Poor experience

Waqas Javed

I like that I can be in and out in less than 30 minutes. The prices are comparable to Costcos. I had a Costco membership, it was always busy. Good for them but not for the customer who's shopping for a couple things.

Jessica Flagle

Usually shop here once a week or every other. Service is always great. This morning the checker, Marijana, was rude and somewhat argumentative. I believe she was waiting for a personal call and did not want to check us out. Not sure why she just didn't close her lane.

Teri Larsen

Sams club is the best! This location is pretty small. They need more stuff but i still love them anyway.


Really good staff, easy to find every thing and there pretty good deals not to mention the free samples.

Sunny Elias

Nic Martinez

Store is stocked well and they employees are reasonably friendly. The liquor store is as a good selection of wine and liquor and at a fair price.

Jazmin Kerns

Alisha Finney


Maggie King

Cindy Poulson

Enjoy Sam's Club for samples of product, and also it is economic supply for just about any family.

Bruce Robson

Terrible customer service by the provider of Sam's Club credit services. They don't really care.

Craig Winans

The customer service here is non existent. I have been a sams club member for years and the sams here compared to in connecticut or texas where I use to live is unbeliveable. I was greeted at the register by a lady who hand gestured to me that she needed my card. No words, just and up down swiping motion. Then she informed me with bad demeanor " uh your membership expired over a month ago..". So I said okay and left. I do not regret this and i'll be going to costco. Save your time and money and do the same.

Jesse Riddle

Customer service is a joke. Employees do not know where stuff is. Since remodeling the do not care a quarter of the stuff they use to. Employees stand around and talk about what they are doing after work or on there phones.

Tracy Suhr

The begging and solicitation outside of the Casper Sams club is out of hand! I pay for my membership and I don’t need to be solicited for raffle tickets, popcorn, cookies every single time I come to the store! Come on this is ridiculous!

Sharon Magdanz

Great shopping


Went shopping with my sister in law in Columbia and it was busy coming up to the Christmas holiday, but wasn't that bad

Gary Tanksley

Love this store

Myra Mcdonald

Rodney Mellin

Always a decent clean place

Monique Nickol

Shane Schutz

Everything thing you need in bulk.

Alyssa-Marie Cailing


Stock up on meat, don't forget the ziploc bags!

Wayne Bartscher


Jose Ocegueda

Joyce Croop

I love Sam's however I'm finding I like certain things and they don't carry it anymore. Makes me sad. I don't spend as much now since I need to get the things I like somewhere else so buy other things on my list there.

Casey Byram

Paul Bateson

I do like the club. You do have to check how much things cost in bulk versus in smaller quantities. That is the exception though.

Kim Valentine

Love the selection & price

Vincent Barba

Rick Reinke

Price for the quantity is right

donna jeannotte

Pamela Goplen


One of the nicer Sam's

Dawn Horner

Smart mouthed youth lady in Membership told me that my son cannot take my company card in to the store to purchase ME/and THE COMPANY Shrimp for a party we are hosting because he did not have a company check. We live over 3 hours from the closest Sams Club and my son was in Grand Forks and instructed last minute to buy us shrimp and told he cannot!!! This is horrible policy and will probably result in us cancelling our membership and never shopping Sams or Walmart again. If we cannot have someone pick up items for our business when we travel such a distance then phooey on you! Costco please come to Grand Forks!!!!!

faris musa

Mike the manager is the best

kris kvick

Jerry Clemens

They have been improving on customer service

Onree H

Customer "service" phone number totally worthless. Automated hell, on hold forever, question never resolved. All I wanted to do was cancel my membership renewal. This SHOULD BE EASY to do on the website, BUT NO. Must use customer "service" number instead. Can NEVER get to talk to a live person. I've been SAM'S member for over 30 years. Now, the don't want to let me quit. Why is this so difficult???

Dorothy Felten

Love it! Always get good buys.

Loveletta Iron Horse

Best place in town

Susan Johnson

This morning my son went to buy a roast, and there was some kind of campaign that only certain members could get in, and in 10 min. everyone could go in. He watched a couple leave, because they were leaving town, and were in a hurray. I had a business, and I know that you want the rich card holders to have special treatment, but that does not mean that you are mean to the people who don't have the rich cards. My son said she was so mean, and he and my grandson felt like they were paupers. I think the people who work with the public, should have a kind spirit. She was just ,mean to everyone. She implied that we did not have the finances to have a special Sam's card. Well, up yours.

Vanessa Bustamante

Come here every week to buy groceries for my family. Recently every time we go there is nothing ready in the meat and bakery department. And when you ask for something both meat and bakery dept. have given me horrible customer service.

Justin Willett

Great deals, but it's easy to spend too much because you get stuff you don't need. Best day to shop is when they've got samples.

Carl Holmes

Leslie Barth

Self checkout app. makes the experience so much better.

Matt Orenstein

Store is clean and we'll organized, but cashiers could use some serious retraining. I attempted to split an order with my partner, and Janet our cashier failed to perform the transaction correctly (she put the entire amount on the first card). When asked what we could do to fix this, she informed us that our only course of action was to contact our banks. On top of being untrue, this response doesn't make any sense. This is not the first time something similar has happened. We may not be renewing our membership next cycle, as the savings are more than offset by the frequent headache of having to deal with incompetent staff.

Kerry Rabe

Janice Jesse


Ofa Carlson

I have been shopping here for years and it was a wonderful experience until the last time I was here. I was at the self checkout like normal and some new person I have never seen asked to check my receipt after I had paid, implying that I was trying to steal something. This happened in front of my children and she didn't check anyone else's receipt. Keep in mind that this was at the checkout and then my receipt was checked a second time at the door, which I was used to, but having her check my receipt right there at the checkstand was humiliating. Granted I am Polynesian and everyone else was white so apparently I was doing something wrong. Why do we have people like this working in public places? Guess it's time to switch to Costco, maybe people there will have better customer service skills!

Joanna Kutil

The place is huge but everyone there is always so willing to help if you can't find something....and the savings when you're shopping for a big family or fun occasion!!!

Haroon Saleem

I was in today and an employee had denied me a sample assuming that I wouldn't buy it. Then I asked why and they proceeded to argue with me saying they know people like me and we don't buy stuff. So if you want to be discriminated by the way look this a great place to go.


Friendly staff, willing to help great selection for this town.

Mike Shelton

Excellent service! :-)

Sue Gagnon

Great place to shop. Usually find great deals.

Ivars Augstums

Great place to shop for groceries and anything else that you would need. Automotive items, bedding, televisions anything you could think of they have it.

Douglas Leys

Good place

Kenneth Hucke

They had most of what I wanted.

James Williams

You can save a lot if you spend a lot. Not worth the membership unless you buy tires, business supplies, etc. every year

Heather Pray

Very helpful in the optical area!

Syeni Ariadne Becerra González

It's a big store, always have something to offer.

Natasha Smith

The only mall in town

Tony Rhodes

Helpful folks, but remember it is a bulk store so selections may not always be the same.

Damon Bloomfield

It is like little Baghdad at this place. To include the Wal-Mart next door. Employees in key positions that don't speak English, then fail to resolve your issue, because they pretend not to understand you. They target you on check out and treat you like your a criminal and tell others in line your the problem. You ask about a certain product and they have to get someone else because it violates some screwy law they worship. If your any race or show signs of being American your screwed dirt.. Customer service in this place and Wal-Mart has gone to hell.

Charles James

For the most part, I travel to Grand Forks to take advantage of the competitive price even though we have to purchase large volume of an item. I wish the sales person in the tire section is available to answer questions instead of spending time in the shop. Does he serve a dual role as the mechanic and the sale person??? We stopped at Sam's Club in Grand Forks and noticed they had four tires on the rack that we wanted to purchase. Instead the sales person said it was the last four tires they had and was reserved for someone else. So why was the tires sitting on the rack?? Since the sales person didn't want to sell us the tires, we ended up traveling all the way to Fargo to purchase the same tires! We were told by the Fargo sales person that it was wrong for Grand Forks Sam's Club to have not sold us the tires if it was available. Now I have misgiving about buying tires from Sam's Club especially in Grand Forks. Next time I'll just purchase locally...cj

Matthew Dye

It's a Sam's Club. It's nice enough. Beware the surly membership employee though.

Amy Erdmann

Veronica Arias

Self check scan system is the best with your own phone!

Gina Granatelli

Nice clean store.

Karl Barton

Very friendly staff here in wyoming a little more so than back home even

Art Crumly

Charles Mattingly

very good service...

Linda Vanengelenhoven

Web site showed gluten free bread in inventory. Not so. Disappointed.

Jeff Nelson

Very good service and food taste is great

Haider Al Haider


Matt Maxwell

Just wow.

William Shackelford

Staff are friendly for the most part but they might want to address the abundance of mold on all their "fresh" fruit.

Dana Buckingham

We got what we wanted to get this trip except one item. We got something that might be an okay substitute.

Barbara Kashe

Angel Hill

Clean and most everything is stocked well.

Red Rhoden

I was here one time and the lady put her foot in front of my cart as I tried to roll it forward a few inches to get out of someone's way. You don't treat people like thieves. Ridiculous.

Barb Pierce

Ileana is a remarkable addition to your store. She is friendly, helpful and goes out of her way to be sure your visit is successful

Chad LaFarge

Sam's Club is a regular stop for my family. Many items are much cheaper in bulk (though not all, apparently). Sam's Club is a clean, well organized, membership shopping experience with one hiccup in my many years of experience shopping there: You may order online for in-store pickup, but "the systems" are often down when it's time to pick up. The manual workflow isn't too great a sacrifice for the convenience of picking up your goods without the long shopping experience.

Teresa Anderson

Poor service messed up employees

Tami Price

Sams is the BEST!!! Especially @ Christmas time...

cindy duncan

Barbara Lemmon

Had what I wanted. Gas price terrific.

Juan Ma Sorti

It's always a good place to do shopping

Eston Miller

Save money! Great produce. Get in and out quick with scan and go

Jack Fisher

Tommy tv

Very good produce

Michael Zamora

Good selection of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Donald Thomas


Valerie Penner

Corene Knox

Terrible full lllll on a Saturday afternoon

Sheri Haney

The older gentleman who must sit at the exit and checks your receipt was extremely rude to me on two different occasions !! I even tried to make a joke with him and he was less than humorous !! I did report his actions to the manager the first time it happened and by God if he didn't do it a second time on a separate occasion !!

Jennifer Gunderson

Monte Albert

Can't get a checker into the liquor department until noon (or later), have to go back in line at the main checker area. But they are more than happy to help if you are buying tobacco?? Costco please come to town!!!

garrett folts

This one is slightly closer to my house than the south location. Otherwise, they are more or less all the same. We like to buy bulk paper towels, toilet paper, baby wipes, etc... The rotisserie chickens are a good deal.

Roxann Janz

The store has moved everything inside and it seems to be more organized.

Trinity Mclaughlin

Joseph Owens

Michelle Cartwright

Love the Scan & Go

dale anderson


Great prices and I like how quick it is to scan stuff myself

Dale Gall

Hard to find one in North west.

family Williams

Can get everything one place.. Bathrooms could be better..

Anastacia Jensen

Love sams club

Adalberto De La Torre

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Bueno

Norman G.

Large selection of what ever you may need at reasonable rates.

Kat Klub

Good prices on certain items.

Seth Peppersack


George Bradford

15 minutes...don't you wish every receiver was that respectful of your time.

Frances Gaddy

Awesome place, but did not know where to get what was on sale..

Angela Martel

Love the samples.

Tom payne

We had just gone in today to purchase a new Vizio TV, some towels, and other odds and ends. The checkout experience was just fine, no problems at all. We would recommend this Sam's Club to anyone looking for good service.

Thaddeus Johnson, Jr.

Convenient, professional staff, and items that we were looking for.

Jim Taylor

I was there and bought some things I needed and it is a membership club where you can show the card or buy one

Beverly Wasson

Friendly staff, great prices, and great products

sheila morgan

Great saving for Christmas gifts#footed pj's#toys#adultslippers#Belgian ChocolateTruffles#todyefor

Sally Tieso

I like the phone app for self checkout.

Ellen Plaggemeyer

It was great

Katherine Bell

Great place to shop.

Kathy Anderson


Rosesue Reynolds

No cigarettes check out guy had a bad attitude I think he hates his job

Mari Perez

Excellent service

Michael Jones

Sandy Hillis

It's always interesting at Sam's everyone is friendly and always new products to choose from

Caiti Thomas

My husband and I shop here frequently and it is always a pleasant experience. Customer service is great, we are always greeted in a friendly manner and the checkout is always just as pleasant. I love shopping at sams.

Wade Fuson

The club is great, but depending on who is in the food court it may not be a quick trip through.

Sarmad Salman

Excellent place to shop, fast checkout useing smartphone friendly staff


Jo Wolfe

Always a great experience shopping there !! Find some Neat things everyEver We are there !!

Little Cinder Girl

Fast friendly Service

veronica dockter

Staff went out of their way to help me. Pleasant. Clean organized. MOVE the nuts BACK to the Front of the store Thanks.

Sarah Pioske

generally poor service. Rude bakery workers that give you attitude when you ask to pick up your cake. The cake wasn't done at 11am and the scheduled pick up was 10:30am. There's no longer a photo center in the store, went to pick up some prints and Christmas cards. I was told only the prints were in beause they couldn't find the cards. They never did find them. I only come in and use scan and go. They can get rid of all the people there as far as I'm concerned.

phillip w. williams sr

Sam's club designs for groups works well for everyone if you have the proper card good place to shop and our grab a quick inexpensive snack hot dog sauerkraut and a drink less than $2 you can't beat that anywhere. Go ahead treat yourself

Melanie Cochran

Was there to have a tire road warranty issue taken care of, I did have to wait a long time, but it was taken care of.

Dave Heard

Bought aome beautiful new York strip

Rita Butler

Great service

Carter Stanton

Cheese Balls

Ryan Nguyen

Went to purchased items for a house party. They had everything we needed at one location and for a reasonable price.

Bill Rainey


Christina Roberts

Workers seems not to thril to be there.but over all store was clean, found stuff easy,

Tamera Jones

I love sam's

Terry Thoreson

Excellent, give yourself plenty of time to explore and shop.

Les Gunnink

Great place many bulk item's

Robert Azarvand

These guys are the worst. They damaged my car in the parking lot because they do not pick up the overloaded cart returns. At first they did not want to admit responsibility but after reviewing the security tapes; they realized their mistake. My car has almost $700 in damage and the insurance company CMIW is even worst than Sams club. I have been trying to collect for the damages for over 2 months and they never return phone calls or emails. If you shop here beware if something happens to your car due to Sams club negligence; they will never pay you. Another example of the Walton family bending over hard working Americans.

Phil Jackson

Great staff helped me with what I needed

Vera Jackson

Busy and clustered. Usually not such a cluster but always busy. They didn't have all the registers open and had one register crash which caused some of the cluster

Curiosity Keeps me coming back Hunter

I joined the club this afternoon. All the food, miscellaneous goods, and to my surprise bidet seat which I was looking for.

Stephen Hooten

Friendly service , great deals

Cheryl Robinson

Amazing, wonderful store filled with everything those of us living remotely need

Robert Bercier

Sam's club was great today

Vickie Petersen

Checking out has finally become eaiser at Sam's. Just wish they'd get rid of the stop upon exiting. So annoying.

Darrell Dorr

My girlfriend was on her second microwave she paid over $300 for... The old one died and she turned it in for a replacement. The second one we tried to take back because it did the same thing. They gave us the run around and said they'll look into it because they weren't sure how to do that and call us when they did. That was 4 months ago. We finally have up hope of them sticking to their word and will never buy another appliance there.

Marcos Salcido

Alice Jones

Sam's club is always a pleasure to shop in. Did not have the oatmeal with apples that my husband always eats.

Cissy Valenzuela

Great online service!

David Velascobaes

Diane Ketchmark

Great visit.

Angela McConkey

Good prices and delicious cafeteria

Myra Meadows

Reasonable prices

Edwin Quintana

Juan Chok

Good price and great variety

Kathy Axvig

Pennie Bliss

steven allen

Most everything you need, friendly staff

Carla Boyles

Wish you had more organic products Becca would rather not have to go Costco.

Gary Walter

Smaller, but better layout than the SE Lincoln store.


Fair prices. Occasionally a great buy. Most employees are helpful and courteous.

Margaret Spurling

Was fairly light traffic inside the store this morning. 3# table grapes for less than $4.00 and pork tenderloin chub, for $1.88#, a bone in pork shoulder butt, for $1.88#. The hamburger roll I usually get was higher than I remember paying for it. So I got a 6.8# tray.


Tire service is AWESOME!

Mary Cuevas

My favorite place to buy clothes for my family and friends,beside we love the prices,the food,my number 1 place to order the party cakes,oh and I love the service I receive when I take my car,I always buy my tires there.I highly recommend it to everyone..

Isaac Johnson

Cody Oseth

Mary in the Bakery is amazing! I went in the get a cake made for my 6 yo birthday and Mary allowed my daughter to test both creams in the bakery and then helped her pick out a cake. We cancelled Hyvee cake that was $29 for 1/4 sheet. We got a 1/2 sheet for 14.99 at Sams.

L Bloom

This is by far the worst SAMs club I've ever been to! Workers seem to have different answers to EVERYTHING! Everyone here seems to have a bad attitude- worst customer service I've ever dealt with! Costco is where the nicest workers are! Hate y'all!

Tom Bruce

I have been a long time member and 8 years at the Rapid City one. The last six months this club has gone to the dogs. The meat department is never well stocked or the liquor department. Need to fix this now.

Pepsiolic1 pepsiolic1

I got a GREAT DEAL on the Gas today! I saved 13 cents/gallon from going to Sam's instead of the station across the street and they are the cheapest in Lincoln- NO DOUBT!

Bob & Melissa Hood

Quick and easy til checkout. 2 different cards rejected and a 3 min wait for system to reboot she said. PLENTY of money on credit and debit cards we produced. Had a manager come over to try and after 3 trys we ran it as credit. Need to update machines

John Knudsen

Everything is good

Keith Mcroberts

We got a flat tire on the way to Sams to go shopping. The tire needed to be replaced. Mike in the auto center got us a price, I had bought the tires somewhere else and checked my road hazard warranty and it was covered. Mike took care of changing the tire out to the spare and properly inflated the other tires. He came and found us in the store and brought our key. He then explained the road hazard warranty and how to make sure it gets covered. He just did what i would call over and above explaing everything to us. If anyone at Sams reads these Mike should be recognized for his exemplary customer service.

Jazon Lewis

Very organized location.