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drake wittenborn

Nice place to go. I didn't get a good look at everything but they have Middle Eastern and Asian selections of foods and a place to sit and eat inside. They have pretty cool stuff and the store itself seemed clean and tidy. I enjoyed my time there all in all.

Andrew Peake

Can sometimes be a challenge to find specific items, but this place is phenomenal and indispensable for anyone looking to ingredients in any Asian or Indian cuisines. Love it!

Beth Pritchett

The store has doubled in size, and their selection of middle eastern and Asian ingredients is impressive. Great way to try something new and save a few bucks.

Gina Whitener

Pan-Asia is a great experience everyone should try

ishwor marahatta

It is amazingly huge asian Market in Ballwin,MO.They have tons of parking space and friendly staffs. They have asian restaurant inside supermarket.There are large selection of asian groceries with great price. They also have fish and fresh meat market inside the store. Finally,I find all my groceries at one places. I am sure it give tough competition to some indian grocery stores around that area.

Inna Solomakhina

I love coming here to try and explore new foods

Steve Most

Indian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai.. the list goes on and on. This is a great spot to pick up any of those obscure ingredients you see in recipes or on cooking videos. You could spend hours just exploring various cuisines and discovering new foods. Store is fairly clean and the staff is eager to help but there's so much variety that it's impossible for any one associate to be knowledgeable on all the items. Not just Asian food, btw, there's a Hispanic section, too.

Linda Tucker

This place is outstanding! Great selection, quality, and customer service!

Lucius Vorenus44

Best Asian market in the city

Geetha Ravi

We can lots of items in offer!!

Brendan Denney

Amazing selection of Asian foods including East Asia (Indian, Pakistan, Etc) They have a great seafood, snack and bakery sections. One thing that caught me off guard is that common items such as fish sauce, soy sauce, spicy chili crisp, and Sriracha are on the end caps and you may miss the brand you are looking for by searching the aisle.

homan krishna

Awesome asian grocery store with lots of variety. And a really nice selection of fish.

Stef Ofhfs

location is convenient and there's ample parking. great product selection, entire store well lit, spacious aisles, looks clean, freezers seem to be in good working order. nice that they have a small eating area as well and the usual roast meats that can be ordered for carryout. the bad: unbelievably long, slow checkout lanes on a Sunday night. not surprising, but would be good for them to have additional lanes. right now there are only four. for the size of store and number of clientele they have, that is simply not enough.

Catherine Rankovic

Delightful well-stocked Asian supermarket with everything including a deli counter and lunch seating.

Tim Turntine

Good assortment of minibar bottles. Store was big despite outer appearance. Had a good beer sampler person. Not good for cigars. Overall had what we wanted. No suckers for our kiddos, but they said they liked the suggestion...

Simon Huang

Lots of international items; checkout can get busy during rush hours

Era Jain

Great collection of Asian groceries at a very competitive price. Slow check-out.

Subrahmanyam Bandaru

Great place and single stop shop got all things Asian, I actually felt the smells and sounds of Singapore and Hong Kong here in USA , kind of nostalgic feeling , all choice of Asian fodss

Diane Turley

Very cool place to shop. I would give it five stars but I got some sketchy onions. Check for expired stuff too.

Archana Apraschervu

Best grocery shop

Jani Basha Shaik

Good place for Indian groceries and halal meet

Diana Vanyulina

Amazing for people who love exploring other cultures!

Nalini Sinha

You do find pretty much all the Asian grocery stuff. Its a one stop shop for most of the things which you need for your everyday meals.

Mikey Gee

Cool place, but their fresh produce selection was much less than others in the region. But still great to have an international market here to fill the gap

Ankan Kumar Giri

All Asian items at one store... With live fish... Just love it

Dibyojyoti Mukherjee

Good place... Good. Prices... A lot of variety to select from. I always spend more than needed at this place.

Matt Faust

Best place to get Asian products, noodles,spices, etc. They have a small restaurant inside that serves authentic Chinese food, probably one of the best in St. Louis.

Monte G

Good authentic food great variety of fruit and vegetables

aniket kadam

Good for sea food!!

Jason Eubanks

This place has it all (except yellow mung bean cakes). They even have a nice cafe inside that serves Pho among many other dishes.

Mani r

Asian groceries and vegetables at reasonable price and meat lovers get halal meat and fresh/live fish. They have a section for Indian groceries too, have felt prices are cheaper than other places.

Ji Unit

Wide variety of food and store was clean, wide aieles and lighting was adequate.

Rudi Hodge

Tons of cool stuff, very unorganized though in my opinion! Plus I seen this very neat car!

Vadim Mamrenko

I don't know when this Supermarket opened up, but I'm really glad I visited here. They have a great selection of fish in the back of the store and a huge variety of packaged goods throughout. They also have a mini Cafe, of sorts, inside. That day we bought a whole roasted duck for $25 and it was cooked very well. It's always interesting visiting these Asian supermarkets where you can find foods you've never seen before.

Laura Platt

This is a fun store! LARGE selection of everything pan-asian plus a little beyond. VERY fresh seafood department with a wide array of fresh fish, eel, crustaceans (clams, oysters, crab, lobster, etc), octopus and squid. Aisles and aisles of dry goods and a very decent produce department with hard to find items. Also have a bakery and some fresh cooked items such as duck, chicken and sushi. There are also cooking tools, dishes and eating implements. Prices are decent and I HIGHLY recommend for shopping or just a fun look outing.

Gene Gibson

Great selection of foods from around the globe ... some of which look good, others I don't think I have the stomach for. Very good selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, many that I have never heard of. They have numerous types of coffees, teas, rice, fish etc and as an added bonus, they have Kopiko Cappuccino hard candy.

Wilawan Markus

We love everything here

carlos sanchez

Some food from around the world,and they serve Vietnamese

Walter Ritchey

They have everything. All the snacks like cc lemon, mochi ice cream to isles full of spices, isles of soba noodles, and a full butcher area for fresh fish and meat. Some things are terribly over priced, such as Pocky. But if you're going there to buy actual food the prices are really fair. They have a lot of things you can't find anywhere else.

Josephine Risler

Big place with a good variety. The fish I have bought here have always been very fresh.

Vidya Vijayan

Happy to share that we get almost all fresh vegetables and asian spices over there

Stephanie Zettl

This place is a gem in West County. The selection is excellent. The store is very clean. The fish is so fresh it's alive. They have good sales on produce. I absolutely love it. It's fun to try something new every time I go.

Sandeep reddy

Absolutely liked the service there. Finally find a place where I can get a country chicken and live tilapia

pavani G

Great selection of fresh sea food options. I only brought Indian groceries and vegetables here, they have ample selection of both veggies and groceries . I think prices of few dry groceries are on higher side than global. But I always go here as most of the vegetables are always fresh. Go on Fridays to get fresh veggies

Julie Furtwengler

Wow, what a great inventory! Good quality, selection, and variety.

Kayode ABitogun

Best Asian market in the st. Louis and metro area they've got any and everything you can imagine wash down with the best beverage ever to

kenny ola

They have everything sea food and variety international. I Used to drive from Ballwin to Olive/ University City and also Kirkwood but not anymore.

Prasad Raghu

Indians who stay near Chesterfield, Maryland heights must shop here instead of seema or Asian spice. The rates are nominal unlike seema / Asian spice. Those 2 are looters and cheat!

Josh Frye

Really cool market, this was first time there but I can say there are a ton of products here. And the lobsters at the seafood counter were nice sized.

Kelly Yates

I came across it on accident and just stopped to check it out, the selection was much better than I expected and the prices were extremely fair compared to anything I've ever seen. Definitely recommend to stop by if you are looking for anything specific that could be Chinese, Korean, Indian, Hispanic, etc.

Dominic Forget

Great service! Good cashier

Scott Loethen

Awesome Asian grocery store. Lots of exotic food

Taminara Marjadi

Had to try their new food court section and wasn't disappointed.

Amol Patil

Good price , indian grocery as well

Cheryl Abrams

This was my first time here. My sister shops here frequently as do other of my friends. I wanted to pick up some rice noodles because I'm on the FODMAP diet for health issues and needed something that was gluten free. Besides I really like rice pasta. The only problem I ran into was there are too many and I had no idea which one to buy and they didn't have prices on any of them. They had prices on most of their stuff but not on the two aisles of rice pasta. They also had fresh in the refrigerator section so you didn't have to cook it, well heat it up is all you had to do. I would have bought that but I wasn't sure when I was going to cook it. The dried pasta was $1.29 and the fresh pasta was the same price but you probably got about half the amount. I also picked up a pear-apple because I've never had one and a small interesting-looking melon about the size of a pear. I did find it daunting to shop here but I guess you would probably figure everything out eventually. The prices are very good from what I knew of pricing. For example their sesame oil is around $3.69 depending on which one you bought. They had a variety. And they have not only fresh fish but live catfish. So if you're looking for catfish that you don't have to worry about how long it's been around this is the place. It's a pretty big store. Also they have a very casual little restaurant. You go to the counter to order and then they have seats you can sit at. I did not take the time to peruse the menu to any extent. The prices looked pretty good. If you like Thai food because it seemed to all be Thai as best I could tell. I will be going back.

Jacqui Roberts

The best Asian store in the STL area that I’m aware of anyway.

Jill Bowman

Love, love, love this grocery store. You can find just about any type of Asian grocery or non grocery you need. Prices are great to. I highly recommend this grocery store.

Faiyet Mohammed

Wide variety of ethnic food, I managed to find culantro ("shadow-benie"), the had pan-leaves and mango leaves too. Good if any Trini's looking for shadow-benie

Mikal Wagner

Great selection of items. Includes a fresh fish market as well. Many items are imported however are still very reasonably priced.

Crystal Vogel

Great store. Anything asian food you could ever want.

Amit Saraswat

Indian grocery is good but veggie are ok

Charlene Coffman

Love this place. So excited that they expanded more selection. Best Asian supermarket around.

Justin Hermann

This place is just so amazing. They have live fish like tilapia, large mouth bass, catfish, soft shell turtles and crabs and lobsters. Just pick what you want and they prepare it for you right there. You just cant get that kind of service anywhere

Pramij Silawal

Very good place. I was able to get most of the things from there. And they have food court inside. Authentic Chinese Taste.

Tony Chien

This is one of three large Asian supermarkets in St Louis area. This is the only one in west county and the other 2 located in University City (Seafood City Supermarket and Olive Supermarket). You can find all variety of food in here. There is also a restaurant inside the market. The place is clean. The food quality is great and the price is reasonable. They also have fresh produce and seafood.

Wanyu Jhuang

Various grocery from Asia, but the staffs are not friendly.

Patrick H

First time using this supermarket and I am impressed. Very clean and almost everything is fresh. They also have a little place that cooks for you inside.

Sophie Liu

Nice Asian grocery store, quite varieties

Teresa Jansen

Love coming here! All the employees are so wonderful and kind. Extremely helping when trying to find certain items.

Megan Lockhart

I love this place! It huge and I have a place I can go to get all thr foods I needs for Asain recipies! Love the frozen dumpling section too!

Matt Alvino

We're in this plaza for something else and decided to step in. Glad we did because it was a really cool experience. Every manner of Asian food and drinks you could ever need. They have a little restaurant inside, a meat counter with some more obscure items, and live aquarium items. This is the closest you are going to get to a Chinese supermarket in West County I think. The selection is overwhelming if you don't know what you are shopping for. However, still kind of fun to just browse.

Kyle Owens

Try the Beef Pho! So good and so cheap. Anywhere else would have you pay $12 or more for the amount and quality you receive here.

Alexandra Scheiderer

This store is amazing! They have so much food, the prices are competitive, the in-house restaurant is delicious, and the staff is very friendly.

Asma Shahid

Went with my friend she used EBT and they changed tax ,be careful check your receipt.

Nina Thompson

I get hungry just walking through this humongous store. Do much to choose from.

Emily Rogers

I enjoy going here to find new foods to try. Some of the produce is of questionable quality but they will refund you if you realize when you get home that they've sold you something rotten.

Sean Kelly

Great selection of foods from Persia to Japan. Fresh produce. Amazing fish.

David Pritchett

Amazing source for asian, thai and middle eastern food. Also has a full service fish and butcher counter. We love it best for the reasonably priced gluten free flours, 1-1.25 / lb Vs bob red mill at 4-5/lb +. Also asian flours are very fine ground vs brm being fairly coarse. Takes some looking to find gluten free options but once you've identified a good brand their stock is fairly consistent.

Voon Wong

Convenience grocery shopping for Asian in West saint Louis county area. The phone is awesome, good value!

Michael Bromfman

Good and authentic Chinese

Margie Thornton

Exciting to try new things!


The only Market phenomenal to find anything you need that Walmart refuses to carry

Tyler Upton

Good prices, good selection and seems their always looking to expand their appeal.

Amit Singh

It is a one stop shop for Asian grocery shopping with a wude variety of products from the middleeast to the southeast of asia.. it has a strong indian grocery section, wherein profucts that one would take for granted in India are available here too.. the prices are reasonable. overall a great shopping experience

Anna Aveytia

One of the best Asian markets in the west county area. The bakery is so good that they sell out quickly. All the fixings and sauces to make any dish. It's a piece if Chinatown in West Country.

Lana Arbogast

Fell in love with this store. 1st it is enormous with more varities of noodles, sauces, fresh & frozen fish & meat & fresh vegetables that you won't find easily at other stores. There is also an in house cafe. We tried the chicken fried rice & the stir fried beef with chili peppers (don't get this if you can't eat spicy food). Both had nicely cooked tender meat, I don't like chewy over cooked meat or seafood. Recommend you give it a try & allow plenty of time to browse.

Eric W

Best Asian grocery I have been to in the STL area, they have everything I need for certain ethnic cooking.

Purple Jade

-- Spacious, but, items are 50 cents to $1 higher (per unit) than the same items in other local oriental stores. -- Items are misplaced and mislabeled a lot, so be careful when picking up items that may end up charging you a much higher price than you thought. -- Food court service is very chaotic - orders were placed wrong. You may not get what you have ordered simply because the register and chef messed up the dish with its number. Tables are randomly self-picked that chef brings out dishes asking around whose orders they are... meal quality does not match its price. No beef in Beef Noodle Soup! -- Need more work on store management, fairer pricing, and staff training.

Peter BRC

My review is for the restaurant in the Pan Asia Supermarket. I had the medium sized soup noodles with added BBQ pork. The helping was generous, the service was quick, the BBQ pork was great, the temperature was hot, stock was tasty, the price was reasonable. Overall a good experience here plus the novelty of sitting in the Asian supermarket while eating. Will go again.

Bam Lao

Stocks are clean and well arrange. I alwayslook forward in eating at their restuarant after grocery

Abhishek Sharma

A wide range of Asian grocery items at reasonable price but this places smells of sea food (Crabs, Fishes, lobsters etc.).

Tammy Worden

Great store, variety of fresh produce, meats and fresh fish. The store has a large selection of fresh and frozen goods.

Gloria L.

Omg this place is wonderful. A lot staff for around the world, including cosmetics. And also they have a restaurant, we enjoyed


A clean Asian supermarket in town. Their fresh fish is nice.

Sarah Bouachir

This shop surprised me with their huge variety of imported foods. They had "asian" foods and a few items from other regions like the middle east. Lots of fresh fish! The lines are incredibly long though.

Mark H

Great selection good prices. Was concerned to go back because I went there when first opened and it was great and clean. After a some weeks the seafood department was not so clean and smelled. However, this time everything was super clean.

Qaisarul Farooqui

Good variety. Fair prices. Clean store.


Now they started dedicated India grocery sections. Love it

Kindyr Penumbra

A great.assortment of items you won't find at Schnucks.

Denise Edgar

Help lots of different ethnic products fresh fruit and veggies. Helpful cashiers.

Abdul Khan

Very large selection of goods at good prices. Also has Cafe and will soon offer boba tea.

Dillon Feurer

This place is very intriguing and different. They have isle after isle dedicated to things like spices, noodles, and desserts. The fresh seafood and vegetables are always good, and the staff are friendly.

Nathan Jackson

2 whole routes of ramen! Great selection of frozen foods, every sauce you can imagine. Good selection of spices, fresh fish and seafood. Cool selection of produce.

Michelle Allen

Anything and everything you could want plus more! Loved it! Very organized and reasonably priced!

Amit Bhatia

Be careful with their Rice and Dal's. Took 1 hour to cook that fake china Dal. Now i know how they are giving it for a cheap price . Me and my friend family stopped going there

Jer K

Excellent world foods grocery store and a wonderful lunch cafe. Was surprised by the variety and selection. The Cafe has huge portions at reasonable prices.

Brian Olsen Sr

If you want to make authentic Asian cuisine, this is the place to get whatever you need. Also a good place to stop for lunch.

Robin McCown

Fun place to get all kinds of ingredients you can't find in American stores. Be sure to check out the produce section!

Sudhakar K

Many Out dated / expired stuff, be careful while buying fish items particularly.. Also the guy who works in fish section don’t know how to behave/ handle customer requests.. . very rude customer service.. I don’t think so, this store runs for a long time with this worst customer service.. let’s see..

Lily Holden

I like here bcz they have so much varieties n restaurant.

YunHee Kim

Vary good place.

Praween Bandi

Bought Napa cabbage from here. it was a fake cabbage,very suspicious. Took 1 hour to cook . I am afraid to feed my family with the plastic cabbage. I will never ever go to this store again

Geyoul Kim

You could choose many diversity food items that your favor by your ethnicity

Dorine Johnson

Employees are very helpful. Love finding and trying new things. Massive selection of items

Osman A

Fresh fish, live fish, best place to go shopping, fresh

fida abouchleih

Fresh fruits and vegetables and amazing prices


They're expanding now. Nice variety and service is exceptional.

Josh Shulman

Food is straight firrrrrrrrre!!! Mapo tofu, beef chow fun, eggplant and garlic sauce, beef and hot peppers, roasted duck! Good prices too.

Shreenivas Patil

Very good shop for groceries

sanjay bhatikar

We find pretty much everything we need for delicious home-cooked Indian meals. Aisles are spacious, prices competitive and the variety is awesome. Staff may occasionally seem rushed and I guess they want to keep the lines moving at the checkout counters.

Phil Hood

Love this place. First class. Management is top knotch.

Elvis Kong

I took my son there. Just a really cool place but a little confusing compared to most places. You almost have to go up and down every aisle to find what you are looking for - not a bad marketing ploy but bad for the occasional shopper. Still highly recommend

mike lipel

What a wonderful Asian grocery Market. All different types of Wonderful items to choose from. I like to try new things, and this certainly gives me that opportunity. There is also a area where you can buy roasted duck, roasted pork, and other delicious cooked items. I highly recommend Pan Asia Supermarket.

dough nut

Saw workers in the food court spitting.

chris hartman

Nice selection. They were still working on their expansion otherwise this would be a 5 star review.

Thanh Le

This market is very nice and clean and has a lot of items that I need. Instead of having to drive so far into St. Louis City, I am now able to go to Manchester and get everything I need.

Kathy Bates

This place is always packed but has some great items for reasonable prices!!

Mir Shams

They keep a lot of Asian grocery items. Varieties of vegetables that are not found in other grocery stores nearby.

Tahir Tursun

We always find more than what we look for, overall, nice place to buy some Asian groceries

Mark Crader

Nice place but needs more Philippine food

Michael Coop

Live crab, lobster and fish along with hundreds of ramen options, exotic fruits and hard to find spices makes this place a must stop for the asian culinary curious. Also, it has a Cafe!

xiaofei liu

The fresh produce department there has a lot room to improve.

Anuragh Saggar

There are many items which are out dated, please make sure to have fresh things. Literally a year old stuff is being sold.

Jose Cruz

All fresh varied veggies and fruits also all the asian ingredients you need to succeed on your recipes

jj liebel

I love this place I can't wait to try out their new dining room once I get it finished. If you're looking for something very specific most likely you'll find it there.

Patience Huang

It's clean and has different kinds if Asian food. Great choices.

Applis Charette

Great market. Found all the ingredients to make pho...also have hot food too! Great housewares selection!!

Misty Dillon

I absolutely love this new store that I have come across so many varieties and the food seems to be very fresh especially on the vegetables. So many different varieties of noodles and sauces I will be coming here for a long time.

Matt grieco

Had everything I was looking for! Cleanest and most organized Asian food market I've been to.

Ethan Powell

It has all the hard to find ingredients and foods that I miss from overseas for reasonable prices.

Daniel Khang

The variety of food here caters to a multitude of ethnicities. If you are looking for something specific from one of the Asian countries, Pan-Asia will most likely have it.

Charlene Unger

I love trying new things and the kitchen inside make the best food!

Mario Flynn

Good ramen that's all you need to know

manel monsanto

It's a home for Asian food and cravings

Karin Sawatzki

Very clean, found everything I needed and some

Marcus Kiner

Excellent selection of various Asian goods. The restaurant inside was delicious as well. A must if you are in town!

Camille Collins

It has almost all of my favorite Asian foods and brands. The store layout is pretty straightforward, but I did get a little confused and overwhelmed. Also they don't have everything I want, but honestly, that's not an issue compared to the convenience. Also, it's not just Chinese/Japanese/Korean. They do have a few aisles dedicated to the more Middle Eastern Asian countries too, which I don't usually see in these types of markets.

Michael Chipman

This appears to be a new Asian market. It does offer a lot of variety from Chinese to Middle Eastern food. There is live seafood as well. There is a small restaurant there by the checkout stand. We ate there and had some really good beef noodle soup.

Kevin Contreras

Amazing staff went so far out of there way to help me. couldn't have asked for anything more.

Albert Gettemeier

The best Asian market in the area by far! This place is huge!

Yoshi Kasahara

Compare to the Asian supermarket in big city, I was surprised that everything I saw was cheaper. For the size of this place it carries quite a few items that we use in daily life.

Kenneth Grant

Great place to get seafood or asian supplies.

Pothi Raja Pandian

Be careful with their fish. We got sick after eating their Tilapia fish. Happened to my friend family too..

Tai Self

All Asian stuff from all over the Asian country. Most of all, I love the fishes and vegetables. Prices are pretty reasonable and kind staffs.

Nithil Jose

Best Asian Supermarket . Variety of asian food products available

S. Bolte

Love this shop! They have EVERYTHING you could be looking for; at great prices!

Ken Golden

Very good selection friendly staff.

Merso Dedic

Many different varieties of articles from all around the world.

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