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Blue Sea

For selfish reasons, I hesitate in writing too positive of a review because I'm afraid it might get too crowed and popular :) My family went to this restaurant four times during our one week stay at Lake of the Ozarks. By far, the best breakfast place around. Maybe the best breakfast place we have eaten at in a long time. The service is fantastic, we were waited on by Bob and Monica, and the food is amazing. Today we met the owner, very nice, and thoughtful lady. It's a nicely decorated restaurant. Very clean! I would not change anything. Truly one of the best places to eat we found during our stay. Try the Vanilla Bean French Toast!

Marjorie G.

Stacy C.

It was horribly expensive, the food was stale and when I complained I got all kinds of attitude from the waitress and the manager

Bob Rader

Everything was fantastic need to add more bathrooms though

Tina Frentzel

Bettina Whitman

On the Rise Restaurant was a great choice for lunch on my birthday. The service was attentive, the dinner ware was a nice choice with cloth napkins, both a plus for this area of Lake of the Ozarks. The ambiance was very nice and airy. Roomy as well. The interior design is pleasing to look at as well. The entrées were nice in proportion, as well as very tasty . I find this a "Go To Place" for breakfast or lunch, or for a good cup of coffee & choice of pastry delight!

Valerie Jackson

If there was a 0 star option, it would be selected for On the Rise. I'm incredibly disappointed in their busboy crew, or lack thereof. We had a 35 min wait for a party of 6 (which is completely understandable for a late Saturday morning), but after 45 minutes and after noticing two 6-top tables that were not occupied and still not cleaned off after 10 minutes of the occupants leaving, we asked how much longer and our hostess (middle-aged blonde woman) said we were next. After she sat 3 more parties, we were a little perturbed and understandably so. She finally sat us after waiting an hour for our table and she made no mention of our prolonged wait. The only saving grace is their cinnamon rolls. Very disappointed.

Mary Dotson

Food as good ad always.

Meghan Herbeck

Good food, decent drinks. Service is a slooooow.

Lewis Johnson

I don't know what these special snowflakes are complaining about. If they're on such a restricted budget they should just take their food stamps to McDonald's instead of whining that their welfare having selves can't afford high quality food. Also, to those that complained about the wait times — if you go to the city's most popular brunch restaurant on the weekends during peak hours, then you should expect a bit of a wait. There's a wait for a reason — if it wasn't worth it, then there wouldn't be dozens of people waiting. However, McDonald's does have a drive thru that eliminates these issues if you're a liberal who prefers to eat microwaved garbage off a dollar menu instead of fine dining. Sorry if me spitting these truths bombs triggered you special snowflakes.

jim cadle iii

nice place real poor attitude had tables open but need to wait 20min pkus.HELLO

Omar Noboa

We've been sitting waiting for our food over an hour. Server said "at least 10 more minutes" for 2 plates of food! Ridiculous!!

Treva DIVA Henderson

Great atmosphere, staff were AWESOME. Going back soon

Richard Domas

Maggie 4Real

We got to the establishment slightly before 1100 am. It was busy, but not packed and we were seated with a matter of minutes. The wait staff was very friendly, and our food was good. HOWEVER, towards the end of our meal I noticed the MANAGER pointing to our table and stating, "I'm so sorry for your wait, but that table has been here forever." Mind you, at this point we hadn't even paid for our bill of OVER $100.00. When our bill came at 1145, we were still working on the three mimosas we had purchased. The MANAGER continued to seat people around us and loudly state, "I'm so terribly sorry for the wait." This happened at least TWICE. At this point we were furious and it was obvious the manager was informing other staff as to our lengthy stay, of which was LESS THAN 1 HOUR. We decided to leave and on our way out the MANAGER said in a very snarky tone, "thank you for coming," and laughed. I then stated thank you, but we would not be returning and she literally said, "good and it's best you didn't." My friend attempted to clear up the misunderstanding with the MANAGER explaining they had taken me there as a means to catch up and take my mind off of things due to my recent cancer diagnosis. The MANAGER literally threw her remarks back onto us and said we were purposely staying long to upset the staff. Can't make this stuff up. I will NEVER return to this place based on the lack of hospitality alone. The food was good, but overpriced for what it was. Part of what we PAID FOR was the dining environment, not to eat and run as if it were a fast food establishment.

Jesse De Graftenreed

Awesome food

Cassidy Hays

Definitely a fan

Beth Alpers

Brad Seifert

Great atmosphere and great food we hear every time we come to the lake!

Noël sunnyside

Great but pricey menu; horrible service. Did they close once? I can see why

Blake Lofing

This place has ok service. Overpriced, mediocre food. I wouldn't even recommend this place to my worst enemy. Any other restaurant will do better. Guaranteed. To the owner: Please consider a vegan, or at least a vegetarian option for breakfast/brunch. Dry potatoes, fruit and toast? Gee thanks... As a restaurant, please try to cater to your guests. Don't worry about me, I won't be returning. No thanks.

Dennis Iversen

Great atmosphere, long wait for food on mid morning weekends.

Joshua Spurgeon

This place is amazing! The sevice and food is always fantastic. They have super delicious breakfast foods and an all day menu. There is a coffee bar with various coffees and you can also order speciality drinks from the menu. If the weather is nice you can set outside at the patio area. Not too crowded on early weekday mornings but busy mid mornings especially on the weekend.

Rhonda McFarland

Ever heard of a "sharing charge" - well they have one! Couldn't believe I was paying for my meal and because my friend did't order anything and she tasted my food and another friends, we were informed there would be a $3.00 sharing charge. No "just so you know next time" - just straight up you are being charged. So I informed them that my friend that wasn't eating lives here she just wanted to taste the food so she could recommend the place to others. They didn't care. Wonder what my friend will tell everyone about On the Rise now! Bad customer service!!!

Karthik Sharvirala

The food was good but the hostess and waitress seemed little rude and minded her business more than serving us. Wonder why does bread pudding tastes like cinnamon roll !

Carrie Lamm Clark

Excellent brunch. We enjoyed the bananas foster French toast and the Florentine Omelette. We chose a House Bloody Mary. All was delicious.

Sandra Cardens

The food & service were excellent. Love the place!

wally groll

slow service, food was ok. Price was too high.

Jayne DuValeus

This is my third consecutive visit and the third time they were out of Beignets. When we arrived, I specifically asked If they had them, was told yes we have plenty and yet when we sat down to order - they were out. I informed the waiter of the above was told sorry what else can I get you. Then to top it off we waited over 25 minutes to get our food. It’s breakfast for goodness sakes.

john harvey

I had the lobster & chive omellete and my wife had the California eggs Benedict. We were both very impressed. Great service as well!

jessica kensinger

Good food, good coffee and good atmosphere.

Tommy Newcomb

Food is ok. Kinda slow to get the food. Coffee choices this morning were very poor. Coconut, decaf and House? Not much a a selection for a coffee house. Expensive for breakfast. Probably wont be back. Will goto Panera next time.

Dominique Marotta

Don’t go here. Wait was supposed to be 20 mins, waited almost an hour. Saw others that came in after us get sat before us. Service from the hostess was trash too. Mostly an old folks and hipster joint. Or boujie white people. Very disappointed.

Doug Miller

Waited 2 1/2 hrs to seat and food came out different times and cold. Some of food good though.

Alex Zimmerman

Great food and coffee. Not an ideal place for a large group.


Beautiful. Simple. Delicious.

Sam Glasscock

The 'Fields

Nice place for any meal. Open early. Adult beverages and good food. Prices are above average but so is this place. Wait staff is friendly. Clean bathrooms.

Wendy Giordano

Scott Larimore

Jay Martin

Awesome food and coffee. Service was very good

Kristina Forst

Trent Ketchum

Great atmosphere, great food, great coffee, and a really classy place. The coffee bar and pastry bar is a bonus. Everything about the place is top shelf. We have been during the busy season and had longer waits and less than perfect service. That said; good luck finding a better breakfast place anywhere near osage beach.

Nicole Bulczak

The hostess told us our wait would be 15-20 min, turns out it was about an hour. Then, once we were seated it took about an hour and a half to get our food after ordering . While we were waiting for out food, we only saw out waitress twice, once we we ordered and once we she brought our drinks. The food is decent (over priced for what it is). It's definitely not worth the wait.

Rebecca Sheller

Wade Kasper

Little pricey, but good food and coffee.


Superbs all around. Food and service 5*s. AJA.

Christopher A Maxwell

Timothy Rusteberg

Been going to On th Rise since it opened. Food is still great tasting but service has gone down hill. Wait time has increased with slow service. Staff dosent seem happy anymore. Sad to see it happen.

Matt Bergstrom

OVERPRICED. OVERPRICED. OVERPRICED. Good quality cooking. Really impressive pastries. Dense chewy texture and wonderful flavor. We ordered an omelet. The fruit cup that accompanied was very skimpy. Lack of value. Prices could be reduced 15-20%. Attitude of staff is average. Little willingness to tailor to the individual. I asked if they could produce a simple breakfast sandwich comprised of an egg cheese maybe some bacon. All the ingredients and facilities are in place to do such. The lack of willingness by the owner to accommodate showed an over-complicated approach to business. It's a business with fixed costs. Fry an egg, throw on some bacon and cheese on a slice of bread and charge the customer appropriately. Simple. Instead of an $8 sandwich they received a $0 sale.

Bryant Mathis

Jason V

Sandy Abbott

Today was the worst experience I've had here!! Waited over an hour for food and also 2 out of the 3 stalls were out of toilet paper. They didn't seem concerned about the bathrooms. I mentioned the wait time that we had about food and service we received to the mgr and I got it's the kitchens fault. When clearly it was not. When several people who were seated after us got their food and even in different areas of the restaurant. It's not the kitchen it's the server. She clearly forgot to put the order in!! I also wittnessed they breaking up groups of 8 these people come to eat together and enjoy each other's company and conversation. They should have went to Pancake House they would have gotten better service!!! I should mention that later I noticed on my bank statement that the waitress (Liz) took it upon herself to check the box for an extra tip!!! My tip was a cash tip on the table as well as my sister who was dining with me. She did it to her also. Needless to say I will never be giving my business to them again. As I called and I never received an apology. I did get it reimbursed.

Eugene Barnes

Kristina Harvey

My husband and I came on a weekday and had no problems with getting seated, and the service was great! All the food was very good, well be going back!

Zachary Byrnes

Carol Bleigh

Yummy!! Very friendly staff, quick service!!

fran proffer

Always fresh, fluffy, enormous, deliscious and TASTY

Jonathon Erickson

Our first trip to the Lake of the Ozarks, this being our first meal. Awful experience. Horrid service, rude host that seemed too busy to remember manners, and extremely high prices for the smallest plate of food (do NOT order a side salad...). Also, it truly looks as there is a sweat shop being ran in his kitchen. Very, very disappointed.

Makayla F

It was delicious, but our service was a little slow. I will definitely go there again!

Dillon Heath

Vanessa Frahm

Over priced and to large of plates for a French style restaurant. But tiny kids to go cup of coffee was just ridiculous! However the European Egg Benedict was ok.

Robert Baker

Cheryl and her husband and entire crew are THE BEST. Incredible bakery at the Lake.

J Hahn

Best overpriced breakfast place in town

Emily Haines

Alexandra Evans

Cathy Ogden

Wonderful atmosphere, delectable breakfast, pastries and coffee.

Krysta Madden

Ford Frazar

Wonderful service! Amazing food! We must have just hit the sweet spot for no wait!

Andy Vinson

Cole Edwards

Better than panara food. Coffee bar, mimosas, wine, baked treats. Yummy breakfast. Very nice place.

Sharon Falter

Wonderful atmosphere and superb menu It was a very enjoyable and relaxing experience. We ordered Eggs Benedict one with fruit and one with potatoes. Also bloody Mary and peach mimosa...delightful! The service was excellent...very professional. Will be returning ❣

J Belon

We waited over half an hour for our food and I had to ASK the waiter about it. But when it came it was all very good. The biscuits were soft, flaky, and delicious! I also really enjoyed thier iced coffee

Rachel Travis

This is our family favorite restaurant for breakfast at the lake. The food is delish and we love the upscale atmosphere. Very classy.

Katrina Trandum

I am only giving one star because it won’t let me leave zero. Went in and waited for 40 minutes and for the first twenty we were they only people in there. We had a table of four. A table of two were seated right away at a 4 top. After the next 4 top was seated with 4 people I approached the hostess and she told me it was because we had six people. We clearly were a group of four sitting for twenty minutes alone in the waiting area. We never did get a table.

Paula Harris

We ate here yesterday on the request of my best friend who has a vacation home here. We split the one chocolate coco muffin they had and it was awesome! That's the first star. Then we were brought a basket of homemade potato chips that is the second star..they were also great. Too bad the good stopped there. Two of us ordered the lobster pot pie. It looked great when it came. But one stir under the puffed pastry top revealed nothing but seasoned cream. There were abut 5 or 6 small cubes of potato, about a tablespoon of corn and peas each and three..yes I counted them- THREE teeny pieces of lobster. Combined they would have been about the size of the end of my middle finger. And none of this is a exaggeration. I asked my friend who has multiple other guests order this dish if it was supposed to look like that and she said "No" "Previously, the orders were chocked full of veggies and lobster- the way a pot pie is supposed to be" So, we called the waiter over and told her the problem. She agreed and took it back. We were expecting the chef to make it right and send out a bowl full of veggies and lobster. Instead the chef threw that poor waiter under a bus. She came back out and said "The chef says this is the way it is supposed to be" They looked and there are three of 4 pieces of Lobster in there" And she set those bowls down just as they were. We were so shocked none of us could believe it. This is a 16 dollar entree folks and touted as a specialty. As as a chef myself..the cream sauce was tasty- but not reduced. And there were no veggies or substance to it. it was Lobster scented cream sauce. Not even as thick as a bisque. It literally was a thin soup. No self respecting chef would allow something called a "Pot pie" to go out like that. We supposed they were down to the bottom of the barrel and instead of just telling us they were out- they scraped up the last of it- added some cream to get 2 servings and tried to pass it off as a pot pie. Our waitress was mortified but unable to say anything, we were not offered the opportunity to get something else, She didn't check on us until the end of the meal. Nor did she ask how it was because she knew, And frankly I am still shocked the chef sent that dish back out. Our hostess got the chicken and gave us the veggies that came with her entree so we had "Something" to eat. But it was horrible. We picked out the veggies from my friends entree drenched in the cream and ate it because were were starving- we took the rest to feed the ducks. This is a place that has beautiful decor and excellent pastries.. but the attitude of the chef, the chef's understanding of customer service, and comprehension of what a "Pot pie is is makes me believe that this place will not make it if they continue to be so inconsistent. It truly was one of the worst dining experiences I have had in a long time. And I can honestly say they I have never before wanted to go back in the kitchen and show a chef how to cook something. Sad...just sad!

Geoffrey Bricker

Excellent breakfast and lunch cafe. Unusual and varied menu. Fair price considering the excellent quality of the good. Have eaten here many times always good service. Worth the trip.

Dixie Connell

Amazing food! Not your typical fast food...this is elegant cuisine! Extremely friendly people and a menu with a European flare!! Dishes to try; eggs Benedict, vanilla bean French toast(warning very rich and delicious)!!!!, Scottish smoked salmon sandwich, lobster bisque is just awesome, and we're used to the real stuff from the east coast!!, BLT sandwich, red velvet waffle or pancakes, and anything else that is on the menu!! But save room for their homemade bread pudding with a glaze that will have you asking for more!!!! Our whole family loves this place!!! Their culinary store attached has very tasty easy to follow cookbooks as well!! Don't waste your time at any other fast food chain!! This is a hidden GEM!!!!

Cindy Laskowitz

Normally we have found the food to be good. Every year for the last 5 I have ordered 2 cakes for a special occassion we celebrate. This time we ordered the cakes, one of the cakes was not what we had ordered. It was a more expensive cake. There was no time for the order to be corrected, so we agreed to take the cake that was made, but asked that we only be billed the lower price for the cake that was ordered. After a very long time of the manager calling the owner, this was agreed upon. I was serving the cake when my daughter-in-law quitely advised me that the cake tasted like cardboard. Indeed, all of our guests threw the cake away. I called and requested a refund, I was told again by the manager that he would have to discuss with the owner. He was to call me back in 30 minutes. I waited for almost 2 hours and called back since the restaurant was closing and would not open again for 3 days. I was asked if I could bring the cake back, which I did. Once I arrived, I waited for a very long time and then was approached by a very aggitated owner. She accussed me of returning because I was not happy with the order originally. I asked her to just taste the cake and she would understand. From there it only went downhill. From what I can assess, if all goes well your visit will be enjoyable. However, if it does not no one there has the authority to address any type of customer issue. I will not return, and offer the employees my deepest sympathy, as I have experienced this type of boss in my career as well.

Randy Wales

Great place to eat breakfast especially if your looking for some creative and unique breakfast offerings. Great pancakes, French toast etc. Will definitely come back.

Kim Lawrence

Fresh and delicious!!!

Justa Nicknamed

Went there for breakfast one morning. My kids both got regular French toast, my wife had biscuits and gravy, and I had the small order of Eggs Benedict. All that plus three juices and a hot chocolate and my bill was $61!!! Seriously, breakfast should NOT be the most expensive meal you have - especially when it wasn't that great or that huge. Save you money and go to IHOP or Dennys.

Karl Lindgren

Exceeded all of our expectations!!

Michael Brown

I love this place! I come to Missouri every year from Florida to visit family & I always stop here for lunch. I love the French Onion soup!

Rusty Gordon

OVERPRICED.... The food was fair... Although the portion was very small... Service was awful. I never got a drink refill either, and I seen multiple workers standing around that could have been doing drink refills. Didn't try the coffee side of things, but I spent $15 and left hungry.

Mary Guccione

Kim Mercer

Nicole Black

Waited an hour then left. So unorganized, the one person seating people was also the one person checking out at the bakery. People who arrived well after our party of two, were seated before us. I’m willing to wait for good food, but at least attempt to speed it up.

Jim Carr

Great food! Great service! Tried a peppercorn burger for the first time. Great stuff!

Stephen Halsey

Good food, big portions

Brian Potts

On the Rise is a unique and slightly more upscale place than much of what is at the Lake of the Ozarks. It has a Tuscan feel and atmosphere. The food is very good, and they have a nice selection for breakfast in particular. You need to try their beignets! This is one of the "must dos" by land if you are there.

Matthew Lehenbauer

Sally Falk

WASTE of time, can tell management is cutting corners. WASTE of money. Overpriced food came out cold and not well seasoned. Our server was attentive to one table she assumed she'd get a good tip from and manager was no where in sight to help run food or refill waters. We waited an hour to sit, waited an hour to eat. Please eat anywhere else.

David Long

The food smells great, but, I’ve been waiting for a table for 2 for about an hour now... Some of the most horrendous service I’ve ever encountered.

Chris Carroll

Stacey Fischer

Every meal we've had at On The Rise has been absolutely delicious and the servers are so warm and remember us from our last visit.

Tshikhathi Olmstead

Scott Poest

Teaira Guinn

food is so fresh and delicious i will give 6 stars if i could

Boveys JunkMail

Steven Meister

Aaron Macke

If you want a table, just be a rich regular willing to flirt with the hostess... and you jump ahead in line of people who have been waiting 10-15 minutes. I hadn't been this upset at an establishment in a looong time and walked out. The hostess (and a waitress) were only attentive/giggling loudly with this guy, ignoring everyone else, and roaming around to find him the next available table. It was so blatant and rude.

Sally Toland

Very good

Ercell Fortney

Very pleased. Food was impressive, had breakfast. Don't miss their breakfast potatoes. Waitress was excellent and friendly. I had blueberry pancakes, wife had omelette. Super place to eat.

Madison Stoddard

No better place to eat at the lake!

Liz Newman

Just leaving after a great breakfast. Not a tourist trap, just really pleasant. After five days in the Ozark's, this has been hands down our best experience. Well prepared food and quality ingredients, not face food or absurdly large portions. Staff seems happy and eager to help. Would go back again for sure. I got the impression too that they'd take into account changes or allergies but we didn't modify anything.

Teall Williams

Ruth Ann Dodd

Outstanding food, service and atmosphere

JS Landau

We enjoyed the flatbread but the eggs benedict that my husband ordered were over done and the lobster pot pie wasn't very good. Their food is mediocre at a gourmet price. I will say that the staff was friendly and attentive.

Tammi Andrae

George Bozovich

Great food and service!

Mikealene Evans

All around fantastic! Loved this place, highly recommend! Food was delicious, especially the Vanilla Bean French Toast and Red Velvet Pancakes. A little pricey but worth it!


Great food and staff!

Olivia Mungie

Took my mom to lunch a couple times and the second time we came was absolutely amazing! Jenny went above and beyond to give us a lovely dining experience! We love this restaurant! The food is absolutely amazing and we are never disappointed! Jenny needs a raise !!

Boomer Newton

The food was just ok. The Bloody Mary was not good at all. Way overpriced menu items. We will not be back

Kathleen Israel

Food is good and worth the wait if you have time. On the weekends be prepared for a wait. Mimosas and bloody Mary's available to ease the time. And the suggested wait is really not accurate. Be patient and you will be ok. I will say customer service is not great, and the nickel and dimed charges are ridiculous. Owner does not feel obliged to rectify these issues. Its really a conundrum because the food is very good, but be prepared at spend $20 pp.

Krista Bartel

I consider this my favorite place to eat in the lake area. I wish I could eat here more, but the prices are a bit too high for my budget, leaving this to be a special occasion treat. The food is worth the price. The atmosphere and staff are friendly. I look forward to visiting in the future. I like the salmon and the BLT bloody Mary best however haven't tried anything yet that is average let alone not good.

Robert Rice

You can't get breakfast better than this in the area. I love the design elements too. At some point, you have to check this place out. It's worth a drive! We visit every time we're at the LotO. We sometimes make excuses to visit the Lake so we have a reason to go to On the Rise!

Mark Eames

Marita Johnson

Waitress was very friendly. Food was absolutely delicious. My boyfriend and I sat outside and we were unaware that the restaurant closed at three. Our waitress remained very attentive never once rushed us out. The only reason I had any idea that they were closed is because I went to use the restroom and the were cleaning up and everyone else was gone. That is what you call great service. Will definitely go back.

Mary Suda

So first let me start by saying I had to take a little time to calm myself from this experience to decide whether to write a review or not.I never leave bad reviews in fact I'm terrible of taking the time to post reviews period. However this interaction warrants a lengthy review. Today myself and a close friend decided to treat our other friend out to brunch and a day away from the house. Our friend just got diagnosed with cancer for the 2nd time and we were trying to spend a girls day at the lake just getting her mind off of everything. So I looked for places to have a nice brunch and drinks. We live in Fort Leonard Wood so it was a bit of a commute for us. We got to On the Rise approximately at 1045. We were friendly greeted by the hostess which is also the manager later Im told. We were seated quickly and greated by our server fairly quick as well. Our service and our food were both good no complaints, until we were almost finished with our food and that's when it all went down hill. Once our server seen we were almost gone she naturally brought our ticket. We paid it instantly but continue to finish our plates and drinks. We had bloody Mary's and then ordered mimosas. Their staff kept cleaning our table while we were finishing eating even tried to take my plate from me mid bite! Then that's when we saw and overheard the manager tring to seat a couple and said loudly enough where we heard, "well they've paid their bill but they just keep sitting there" as she was pointing at our table. My friends were finished with their food but not their mimosa and I wasn't finished with my food. I said that pisses me off they are trying to rush us out of here. Mind you we got our bloody Mary's at 1059 exactly I know because I took a picture to send my husband and we hadn't ordered yet. We paid our bill at 12 exactly or that is when the waitress ran our card. We walked out of the restaurant at 1220. They were not crazy busy and had available tables. Two different times that same manager as she sat people she loudly says so sorry for your wait thank you so much for understanding then glared at our table. Each instance I looked around and there was at least 1 available table. So naturally we became more and more irritated. So after finishing and all taking turns going to the bathroom and honestly being a little slower than normal we decided to leave. As we were walking out said manager says with the most fake tone.. have a great day. My friend looked back at her and told her to do the same and that we wouldnt be coming back. She smiled and replied good that's for the best. All irritated at the hospitality or lack the of I decided to go back it and try and make it right at least talk with the manager not knowing the rude hostess was the manager. When i went back in I kindly asked the bakery lady for the manager she rolled her eyes and then got the hostess who was seating people. I said to her I just want to explain why we were here today to enjoy a nice brunch with friends and explained my friends situation. She was so unconcerned and said well its all your fault, you started itvby deliberately taking your time. I told her she started it by rushing pushing us out the door, making comments, taking my plate away mid bite etc. She never apologized and said it was all our fault and even our waitress thought we were taking too long on purpose and that she has nothing more for me and she didn't care if we didn't come back. Here's my biggest issue they have created a cute upscale brunch restaurant with a coffee house feel. The prices are fine dining prices yet they have fast food expectations of their guest and have no problem expressing that. After $100 bill I don't think its rude that we were there from 1045-1220. The food was good but not exceptional and it did take awhile to get our food. Rude just plain rude!

Michael Stock

Service was terrible. Very slow and at times rude. Hostess was very rude to my wife. Took over 15 minutes from when seated to even see the server. Another 10 minutes until she brought the drinks. 45 minutes for the food. Food was okay at best. I would recommend taking your patronage somewhere else.

Mary Griffin


Jennifer Kinney

Breakfast Flat Bread is to die for! Love this place

Sarah Eastman

Over the holiday weekend my friend and I found this place and were really excited to try it out. When we arrived, we were told the wait would be about 30 minutes. We ordered a coffee drink from the bakery and waited. After an hour of waiting and noticing that every other person waiting for a table had been sat, my friend asked the hostess if she knew how long before we would be sat. She replied "Getting close" and so we continued to wait. We witnessed several people arrive and get their names written down and then be sat while we still waited. It was obvious that the hostess was completely ignoring us. Finally when we were the only people left waiting, we were told there was a table ready for us. It was also concerning that we waited so long because there were a couple of 2 person tables empty during the time that we were waiting. The server we had was okay, but not too friendly or attentive. The food was amazing, so it was sad that the rest of the experience could not have been the same.

Phyllis Schaefer

Everything is delicious...especially the pastries!

Stephenie Jensen

Great place great staff

Kathy A Bernet

The BEST lobster bisque around! We live on the far side of Ozark, MO and I am waiting to go again just for this tasty dish. The hours of operation are not the typical - call ahead.

Carolyn McCarthy

mike wright

Well this was an experience! Showed up and it was more fancy than expected! Unfortunately that didn't turn our great! The service was awkward and the food was sub par. I had a waffle that was average and undercooked and my wife had french toast that was over cooked and had a bad flavor to it.

GIL Reynolds

Mark Labuschagne

Great atmosphere and stunning service

Rhonda Wilkening

Fast service, fabulous food!

Trinity Rain

The atmosphere is wonderful and the staff is very great. Came at 11 AM and were seated right away. Everything is beautiful, from the decor to the food. The raspberry mimosa wasn't the best, but had real raspberries that made it really good. The beignets were covered in mounds of powdered sugar, which was personally too much but is completely up to preference. The beignets themselves were a bit tough and chewy, but pretty good overall. The raspberry sauce was great and should definitely be used with the beignets. The buttermilk pancake was okay, but something about it was off. It looked and tasted more like box pancakes than from a restaurant. The eggs benedict was a bit bizarre as well. The bread used was not suitable for this dish and could overpower it. It was very tough and more suitable for a bruschetta or something. The ham was very thin and didn't taste very good. It was a lot like processed deli meat and gave the dish a very storebought taste. The hollandaise sauce had very little flavor. The flavor that could be tasted was just straight up butter. It could definitely use more seasoning and vinegar or dijon for an added kick. The egg, however, was cooked perfectly and had a wonderfully runny yolk. The last dish we ordered was the On The Rise French Toast. It was great! It had a wonderful medley of flavors and some subtle orange that really brightened the dish. As french toast goes, this one was stellar. I think that they probably have some other better dishes that would bring in the amount of regulars that they have, but our personal experience was different than others. Would try other dishes to see if we'd come back more often, but based on this experience we would not for these dishes specifically.

Donna Engelbert

Too pricey & weakest coffee l have ever had....

Big Mama

My husband said I should give up on harping about the lack of customer service here in Missouri, but it's hard. Here's the good news...we dropped by for breakfast yesterday, for the first time and it was very nice. The restaurant is beautiful, inside and out and it's clean and minimal in it's use of french country decor. There is a lovely patio with a fountain that looked comfortable and clean. We had the small order of beignets (6 pieces) which came with a small dish of raspberry sauce. They were small but mighty. I ordered the Monte Cristo sandwich on the basis of the many reviews this place has generated....B+. In the olden days :-), this sandwich was wickedly over the top. It is basically a ham, turkey and cheese sandwich which was dipped in an egg batter and then deep fried...yikes! This version, although much lighter, is still delicious. The bread is french toast style, covered with a light shake of powdered sugar and served with a side dish of the raspberry sauce that came with the beignets. My husband had a Breakfast Flat bread sandwich and while delicious, was too fancy for my old "ham and eggs breakfast" kind of guy. The open faced sandwich came with about 10 little chunks of potatoes, well seasoned and left me wondering...if potatoes are sooo cheap, why so chintzy on the serving? I had a lovely latte and the ice water came in pretty blue glasses. The reason our visit only rated 4 stars was the lack of friendliness from our server. She was an older woman, perhaps not really a morning person and although she was technically on point, her tip might have been a whole lot bigger if she had been as friendly and kind as the other server on duty. Btw, check out the menu before you come in. These are KC, STL, FLA,, NY prices...nothing here is reasonably priced. Biscuits and gravy for $9.00? Someone must like it because every time we pass by, the parking is packed.. If you want a decently priced, delicious breakfast, try the Pancake House down the road. If you're on vacay and crave an upscale breakfast and delicious martini,, then this is the place for you.

Austin Jones

Lacey Rickert

Bob Arnold

Everything is prepared very well. Fresh coffee and very nicely priced.

Lu Cr

We had the BLT and Club sandwiches. Both were amazing and the house made potato chips are very tasty.


Best in Osage . Yum

Mike Lolp

Regina Martin

Service was a little slow but we love coming here for Sunday brunch when we're here for the weekend. Bottomless coffee, mimosas, and a great selection of pastries!

Jeff W

Carleen Sanchez

This was one of the worst experiences I’ve had in this restaurant. It will be a long time before I go back for sure. We were told it would be a 20 to 25 minute wait for a table and it was more like 40 minutes. Then it took them over an hour for a party of two to get their food. Ridiculous!!! Only to be told it was the kitchens fault I don’t think the kitchen ever got our order and that is why it took so long!!

David Frahm

My family of four escaped our hotel breakfast to find something better, and did NOT find it here. Food was OK, but way overpriced. $100 is too much for a meal where all of our plates were spinning tops from being so warped, bakery wasn't authentic, and you have to get your own (generic) coffee refills.

Barbara Gravagna

A friend and I went there for breakfast for the first time, the French toast was good, ordered drinks after the breakfast and before I was finished with my drink the waitress came up with a Togo cup and said they needed our table, they have people waiting. There was no 1 person waiting. I will not recommend this place nor will I return!

Matt Wachs

Excellent service and food. Haven't been to alot of places around here, but i can't imagine there is a better breakfast spot in The Ozarks.

Lacey Rollins

Amazing food, especially French onion soup. A little pricey, but very yummy!

Tina Marie

Very fresh all the time

Greg Duncan

Consistently excellent. A destination.

Anthony Godar

Great food and service today. Eggs Benedict & beignets were wonderful!


I Love it ! Great food ... Nice people. Needs better hours, I'm off on Monday..Damn it!

Andrew Coon

Amazing food, consistently good service, and great coffee.

Danielle Parish

Food was excellent, our service was very poor...... I will NEVER eat here again

Steve Swann

Excessive wait for standard menu items. Food was good, but over 30 minutes to be served. Waitress apologized, but manager said long waits (ocer 30 minutes to get food) are common. Not acceptable for a top rated breakfast restaurant . Won't be back.

Laura Frye

John Adams

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