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216 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65804, United States

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Where is Leslie's Mexican Supermarket?

REVIEWS OF Leslie's Mexican Supermarket IN Missouri

Josh Donelson

Many overpriced items you can find elsewhere for nearly half the price. Still love them but they're even farther away now which is a bummer

Darin Clune

Love the new location much better than the old! Great variety on hard to find South and central American beverages.

Michelle Marquez

The photos that they show on Google is a lie. There is no restaurant, no Mexican bread, there wasn't even jalapenos in their produce section. I was blown away. Save yourself some trouble and go somewhere else. I'm sorry I'm just saying the truth. I did buy the stuff that I needed to buy there, however, I will take my business elsewhere because it's false advertisement. Plus, the little bit of bread that they had there was mold inside the packages and their onions were all molded also.

David Quinonez

Always good food and pan dulce

Shane Harmon

Pretty good place to eat. It is all you can eat! It even has a little desert pantry.

Terry Richardson

Am from California and love true Mexican food.. This place has the best Mexican food I have had since I moved out here.

hannah chavez

they have a very good service there they are friendly, and food is great.and the personel is great. best mexican food arround the area

Janie Derby

Good selection and food. Staff could be more helpful.

Roxy Bellus

I've had better from a truck

hey heyy

Great food, great ppl very friendly.

Desmond Warren

Just got back from living abroad en Cuernavaca, Morelos for a year and a half. And this is by far the most authentic Mexican food I've had since being back. Kind of disappointed that my tacos al pastor didn't come with pineapple but I probably just could requested it. The horchata was a bit on the "gritty" side but nothing too concerning. Will definitely be back to try other items on the menu.

Marcella Cummings

Good place. Great people there always very friendly and they make 110% you are happy with the food. Most important you're cup will never be empty. Great place too eat with family friends or just you're self. And the Mexican store is right beside it. ❤

Ashley Thompson

I love this place. Been coming here for years. And will continue to. The people are always friendly and helpful.

William Hechler

Gotta go on $1 Taco/Tamale Tuesdays & Thursdays. Authentic Mexican food.

Anna Stalevski

Love the buffet, pupusas, pan dulce, tamales, huaraches, tres leches, tacos....never had anything bad here. Very fresh and authentic! True Mexican!

Carrie Billings

This was the first all you can eat Mexican buffet I have ever been too. It was authentic food. I absolutely loved it. It is honestly a little hole in the way type place which makes it even better

Kelly Lambert

Fiesta Mexicana Feeds four to go It was authentic. Not fast food. Filling and a crowd pleaser

John Errante

Leslie's Mexican Cafe is one of the most authentic Mexican cuisine experiences you can have in Springfield, and THE most authentic you can have on a lunch buffet. We are talking cactus, chicharrón, full salsa bar with 12 options, chicken with mole, two rotating soup options, shredded chicken, ground beef, chicken/pork tamales, and a host of other rotating options on the lunch buffet. Local Hispanics can be found eating here daily and the price is absolute value. As a bonus, there is a full Hispanic store attached that is even larger in square footage than the restuarant. If you're looking for standard Springfield texmex, this is not the place for you, but if you love authentic ethnic food, make this a standard destination.

Isabel Toxqui

It doesn't even deserve 1 star. I went in to order food for me and my family took lady 10 min just to get to me to ask me for drinks then when she takes my order it takes her 1 hour to deliver the food and still had two plates missing that came 15 minutes later. It ruined my dinner service was awful and food flavor is just not the same anymore still ended up paying 90 dollars and I did not even finish eating the food just because flavor was not the same explained to lady what my problem was and all she could say was im sorry I don't think I should have had to pay for something that was not given the right way but oh well they need it more than I do. I'm sorry but I would not recommend eating here at ALL.

Sunshine Rangel

Found everything I was looking for and more!

Suzana Marquez

Being from Mexico but living in the states for a long time, I am very picky about my Mexican food. I have like the market here for awhile, but after reading some things online, decided to give this new buffet a try. First, they had Nopales(cactus)!! Wow! We went during lunch to dinner changeover time so got to try from both. I don't like TexMex but I get that most here don't know real Mexican food, so I didn't try their little chimichangas but my niece loved them. I tasted over 20 different items, including desserts. I felt like I was at my abuela's fresh and good! I got full before I could try everything but it was only $11 and worth much more! Definitely recommend and will return!

Violette Purple

Very helpful staff! Authentic Mexican products!

Bee Cause

The staff was super friendly and the food is amazing! Theirs is the only red sauce I would order willingly! It is phenomenal!

Richard Tarvin

Friendly staff and a very clean store

Chris Walker

Didn't look at the menu, but maybe that is what we should have done. Buffet is small and rather disappointing. Won't be going back.

B. Reece

Hands down the most authentic Mexican food in town. Not a fan of the buffet, but everything else is amazing. The grocery next door has all kinds of things you won't find anywhere else. The meat counter is my favorite.

Charva Martin

The cuisine was unremarkable. I will not be returning.

Corey Hudson

This is one of the most authentic Mexican food places in town. In true authentic style, it includes not only the restaurant, but also a groceria, which contains a huge selection of meats, veggies, candies and bakery items. If you are accustomed to West Coast Mexican cafes, this is the spot for you. They also have amazing huaraches!

Victoria Cordero

Had everything I needed! A bit pricey but well worth it!!

Calin Jameson

Good food for the price. Being a buffet didnt hurt. And having the Taco Tuesday special for 1 ea was a bonus as well.

Christopher Roberts

This is a new restaurant and you can tell! No one greeted us as we came in, then it took a long time to be greeted at the table. Server told us that our coupon that we paid for was fake and they didn't accept it. Manager/owner not available.

Bryan Long

Best I've found! Definitely recommend for all your pain issues. I feel like a new man!

Belinda Maria rodriguez

Love this Place...Great Friendly Service A Variety Of Products

Tarra Tindle

If you could give zero stars I would! The food is blah, the meat is questionable, and it is $12.00\person for the buffet!

roy slocum

Very disappointed. Got there and it was more or less a small grocery store

Jayla Vela

All right Mexican lil spot

Mark Matus

Leslie's had stepped up her Game! The Latino Market has everything you need and everything your parents had around the house growing up, if you are a millennial you know what I mean. The produce section makes for a new, fresh expirence. I found my Mexican vanilla also!! YESSS!!

James W Glidewell

Food was good, interesting selection, fresh, hot. Mucho bueno.

Noah Christiansen

Server was rude. It was as if we were disturbing him somehow. Food was kinda gross, except the chirozo tacos.

Caroline Murski

I'm from south Florida; my mother's family is Cuban and this is the best Mexican place I've found in Springfield so far. The sauces are HOT, the shredded meat is moist and the masa has to be homemade. I was impressed by my first visit (I had the chicken huareche and the carnitas de puerco). I will be bringing my mother here to try some other things.

Katherine Uribe

Very good Mexican food and cheerful and efficient servers. Clean and interesting colors.

Tina Marie

1st time there, food was mediocre but not bad, for a small buffett it seems a little pricey.

Darren Avery

Awesome little Authentic Latino shopping spot!

John Osborne

The chips were stale, the salsa was ketchup, the service was okay, and the meats were either undercooked or over cooked. The only reason I’m not giving a lower rating is because out of the four tacos I ordered with different fillings.... the tripas taco was amazing.... they also have a decent salsa bar but it wasn’t labeled so you have to guess or know what your looking at.

Uvaldohemeterioperez Hemeterio Perez

Got over charger

Brent Franco

Best Mexican supermarket in town got to check it out!

Miranda G

Be careful getting your checks cashed here. Had over $500 missing out of my bank account. Had to shut my bank down due to fraudulent charges.

Neil Sawford

The bakers here are good--the pastries are fantastic and cheap, even though I had no clue what they were. (guess I could have asked, but where's the fun in that?) I'd recommend just about every baked good they've got. Also, even though it's not advertised anywhere at all, it's actually also a Mexican grocery store, so if you've got a hankering for some chorizo it's a good place to pick that up as well.

Pete Packard

Authentic. This review only needs a few words for you to want to go try it... "hand made tortillas" there, you're welcome!

Christina Maloney

I ate on the Mexican restaurant side. I had the buffet and the food on it was hot, but several items were dry. Good variety of food on the buffet. Just wish there were cards stating what each item was. My favorite part of the meal was the chicken soup. The chicken soup was very flavorful. The chicken was falling off the bone. I will definitely be coming back just for that soup. Staff member stated that they only have that soup on the buffet on weekends. The staff members were friendly. They don’t serve alcohol beverages. I will be back to order a combo plate off the menu.

Robert McMorman

We finally got to try this place and have eaten here 2 days in a row. Highly recommend!! Buffet is cheap and different variety each day we went.

Lesly AG

Love this bakery! They are the real deal and super friendly staff! Their meat selection is not the greatest but it's still a great store for authentic mexican sweet bread and grocery items.

Rebecca Collins

They have awesome pastries and you can get fresh cactus awesome grilled they have a great selection of Mexican spices and fresh meet and get it cut and seasoned right there.

Michael Merritt

Thay over charge you 20 to 60 dollars

John Marsh

Waitress was rude as someone else said everything was a battle had to ask for everything we needed and felt like we were troubling her... food was fair that's all just fair

Kendall Hayes

Deli is nice customer service is great, have heard different about the restaurant however I have not been there to experience

Alanna Rae Litch

Just okay. Very pricey for what was presented. I guess we were disappointed overall food wise and price wise.

Matt _

Let me start by saying my wife and I love Leslie's. When we saw they were starting a buffet we couldn't wait to try it. Now, I get that buffet food will never be as fresh as ordering from the menu, and that they can't put all options out there. What was there was good though. What bothers me was when we went in for lunch at noon. When we walked in, they had prices posted on the board behind the desk. Lunch was $9.99. Great deal right? We ate, but when we went to pay the price had been erased and we were charged $12.97 each. They were very busy the whole time we were there, and I guess they saw dollar signs. I recommend ordering from the menu if you choose to eat there.

Jenn Gomez

Just left this place very displeased. We asked multiple employees for assistance on both restaurant and store side and were told to go to multiple people who just sent us to someone else. We stood at register with women and man employees sitting behind register talking, completely ignoring us. We finally get the register girls attention and she responds defensively saying she was right there the whole time. She was speaking to us in a rude, condensing tone. Ya, you were there talking, ignoring paying customers. This place has great food, but poor, disrespectful service. As a Mexican American women, this restaurant is one of few that has food that makes me feel at home. Too bad the service is so poor.

Briseida Salazar

Love this place! Their mexican bread is to die for! They also are always pretty stocked with my favorite mexican candies!

jeff steinbecker

Everyone says they are authentic but if you are looking for real old school pupusas or caldo de mariscos like mom used to make, you cannot go wrong here. The best I have found.

Dee Man

Their food is amazing... Only authentic Mexican food I have found in Missouri... I'm from California and this would rival some of the best over there. Gotta try their street tacos... It's amaze balllz

Sara Bowles

Service can be a little slow, but it's well worth it. The carne asada tacos are amazing.

Yvette Farris

Conchas/Pan Dulce superior to any other local place. In house carniceria makes it super convenient to shop there. $6 for a half dozen tamales, but they're on the small side. Can't say much for the cafe tho...hence only 4 stars.

Margaret la mondo

Very crowded, too small to comfortably move around in. No customer service.

terry mefford-baumler

The most INCREDIBLE ALL INCLUSIVE store/restaurant/butcher north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!!! This store reminds me so very much of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from the most gracious proprietors, the vast assortment of products and soon will have a butcher, Mexican restaurant, catering, etc. They have the most beautiful selection of fresh fruit, produce, meat and ALL the "hard to find" products from cleaning to meat and EVERYTHING else in between! Enjoy your Leslie's experience!

Theresa Thoman

Thought it was a Mexican bakery but was more of a corner store that claimed to sell fresh pastries but they were old and dried out and the owner gave us a tray to put them on and got nasty when I asked for some paper towels to cover the tray

l Phillips

Really great authentic Mexican. One of our favorite Mexican places in town.

Clint Cochrane

By far the best Mexican in Missouri. They even have amazing pupusas. The store has everything I've couldn't find at larger supermarkets. Love this place. The wait staff is so friendly and kind. If you are looking for a great place to grab some food this is the place you are looking for..

Mariachi NuevoTapatio

Very clean store and restaurant, great panaderia bread

Jeffrey Mills

How do you keep from throwing food away at your grocery store? Cook it at your restaurant next door.

Erik Arnson

This place is great. The Mexican food is incredible! Will definitely be back. The store next door has the largest selection of Takis outside of Texas.

francisco alfaro

All a Mexican need is in that store

Scott Morgan

Awesome lunch buffet. Just great!!!

izzy dean

hubby and i went to buffet today...walked in the board said 9.99 lunch so for a new timer we wanted to was really bland not much flavor on anything then went to pay the price was erased and they charged us 12.97 each...thats 1.00 more then the dinner price they had the other night and 3.00 more then the price we went in and saw on the board...if we go again no buffet just off the menu

Brett Garrett

This is the only Mexican Restaurant i will go to now in Springfield. It is the only true authentic food that i have found. Great staff, very friendly and you need to try the fruit juice drinks to complete your dinning experience. The attached bakery and store are perfect to grab a few things you will never find in a box store.

Lia Green

Got the hook up for some dulces mexicanos

Salina Yacovone

Watch out for the prices, but its a great place to get items that you cant find anywhere else!

Fred Vogle

It is very hard to find authentic Mexican restaurants in the Midwest, but this place has it all!! I highly recommend the tortas, tacos, and barbacoa. They also have real Mexican pastries and a large variety of candies.


Every negative review I have seen is from someone who has never had authentic Mexican food. Me and a coworker went here for lunch. We were really impressed. They had a small buffet with Flautas, Chimichangas, Nopales de Cerdo, sopapilla, enchiladas, tamales and such. The food was excellent. The hotsauce was made in house. The pico de Gallo was excellent. I also got some pastries. This is the only place in Springfield where you can get authentic Mexican pastries. If you are like me, and grew up in California, this is just like any carniceria or panaderia you have ever been in.

Joe Miller

The MOST authentic Mexican food that you'll find in Springfield! Delicious meal, nice people, great service! This pic is of the bowl of beans that was full of chorizo, ham and bacon as well as the beans. Even the chips for the chips and salsa are made there.

Trisha Seek

Luv the front guy Jacob. Made me so comfortable n at home. I went my second trip tonite. Food n service is to the moon n back. Excellent. Very authentic. Tamales are my favorite. N something bout their fresh ground chips yum. N my opinion they have the best salsa i have ever had.

Mia Adorno

Service was great but the buffet did not look appetizing. Wound up leaving and going somewhere else.

Jackey Henson

Great food! We will definitely be going back.

Jeremy hagler

Heard about this place from a friend and will be coming back for a long time to come. The chili rellenos we're excellent and the staff was super friendly and fast.

Chad Cobb

Very friendly and courteous staff. Very good food.

James Anders

Any place that has papusas is ok with me

Jacob Giles

No flavor. Every thing was bland. Come to find out after the fact they've been hit multiple times by the health dept. Avoid.

Fabio Salgado

Happy to see Hispanic community come to this location to buy items that come from there native Countries and make meals for there family. Unfortunately the Restaurant is a different story... first of all not a friendly place to take your family, friends, or your self. The food on the menu is way over priced, after we ate our meal the Waitress never showed up till I had to get up and ask her for more water, food didn't have any flavor.

Michael Sommer

Very nice people and they just got moved in to new location. They are adding more and have plenty of room for growth.

Jessica Marquez

Delicious and good prices


I won't even come here again. The person works for the super-store part was very rude and not professional.

Trevor Keown

Great place to get Mexican groceries y pan dulce. I just wish they were a bit better about putting price tags on stuff.

Nicala Casas

The greatest food and customer service!

Free2b3me Shelton

Really great Hispanic food. Nothing like a taco bell which is not real Hispanic food.

Valerie Lomeli

I love the staff here and their food and service is great! The employee of the restaurant Juanita is so kind and nice, she's always sweet and gives us great service every time we go and visit and as well with the rest of the clients. The rest of the employees that work there are also great ! I love it, best mexican food around the area!

Linda Moore

This place sucks, service was terrible, to not even give free refills on chips and to bring a soda in the bottle and charge $1.99 is outrageous. I do not recommend this place even to the homeless. Taco Bell is ten times better, even though I don't recommend them either. Needless to say, WE WILL NOT GO BACK!!!!!!

Botanas Latina

This place is the best and most authentic Mexican and with the buffet, even better! Love it!

Doreen Martin

Friendly. Good products

Roger Medlin

I like to shop in the supermercado on occasions. I didn't like the buffet.

Rachel Rose

So there was a mix up in the order, but that was the best fresh, fried tilapia I've had! Huge whole tilapia, lots of delicious meat. mmmm mmmm. The bbq brisket was so tasty as well.

Bryan Posten

Food was too salty or bland not very good I think it had been setting out way to long lettuce in water made shells fall apart I will not be returning

marcia simpson

Pretty good food not bad

Crystal Borges

Great food friendly staff will visit again

James Sanders

My opinion is that the food is not very good and is over priced .

Bret Kaiser

The service can be a bit slow but the food is excellent. I love the variety of hot sauces available to try.

Kris thomas

Not bad at all it not spfd normal Mexican

Godfrey Life


Connie Westerman

The steak on the buffet was excellent. The rest was fairly good. Disappointed that there was NOT guacamole on the buffet. For the price, I did not think I should have to pay extra. Will order from the menu next time. My husband will get the buffet.

strader payton

Really solid traditional Mexican food. Not your average Springfield style lame Tex Mex place.

Deja Cheyenne

Very authentic Mexican cuisine. I liked the chicken adobo but not much else for the price. They do have home made tamales but they hardly had any filling.

Michelle Cortez

I've only been the the grocery store side for the pan dulce. Hands down they have the best stuff around. They have some mecixan candy, saladitos, carne is a bit expensive. The sodas and juices. It's a small store. They have nopal, and other stuff. Worth checking out.

Ronda Lawson Smith

Always great service and lots of help when i need it...highly recommend the restaurant too


Nope. Messy, tables uncleared, yet no one was dining. Food was bland. Restroom was void of TP or towels.

Inner State Productions

Prices went up and quality went down. Disappointed, I really liked this place.

Cynthia Walker

Great authentic mexican food. Nuce adjoining Mercado store as well.

Joe Brandel

Really pricey for what you get really pricey but then again it's the only deal in town.

Jennifer Clark

This will probably change but right now it's midrange to low. No credit card set up so cash only for now, folks. A quarter of the store had inadequate lighting (night time) so that made it a little harder to approach. When I made my purchase, there was no option for receipt. Hope they offer it with larger purchases. On the positive, it looked like a good size grocery store with bakery items as well.


They had the special candies I wanted, and my friend was able 2 send money back home 2 his grand daughter, great place!

andrea smith

Love thier food just tried the restraunt after a yr of buying tamales from the grocery section. So good my fav tamales ive ever had. If they sold homemade flour tortillas id be there every wk or 2 for sure

HeWho Lurkz

Not a large menu option. The food's good and home made. Little costy. Music is way too loud.

john witt

Great tacos !!! Wife and I visited the store to buy Carne Asada and stopped in next door at the restaurant for taco Tuesday. Tuesday and Thursday tacos are a buck. Very tasty !!!

Sandra Naber

The buffet prices are too high for the selection and quality of food that is offered. I was very disappointed and felt like I wasted my money. I won't return.

Elena Robinson

My favorite place for Taco Tuesday/Thursday $1 tacos and tamales.

Eric Fuerstinger

Good stuff...need a bigger space and bettee air conditioning but quality of food reminds me of L.A....which is like telling someone from L.A. that there food tastes like from Mexico!

Enoch Bradshaw

Good place to eat food if you like food

John Trimble

I was not impressed with the buffet service is good though

Jesse Delarosa

Best place for carne asada and pastor in springfield mo don't go anywhere else seriously

Allen Blackman

My coworkers and I are in love with this place. Everything we had was hand made and we could taste the difference. We will be coming back again in the near future for certain.

Paula Demello

Restaurant and Mexican grocery store all in one! Mexican sweet breads!

Camilo Diaz

Interesting latin home products.

Mildred Martinez

Only place that sells barbacoa byvthe pound.

Google User

The buffet is disgusting. DO NOT RECOMMEND EATING HERE!!!!!!!

Jairo S Quiroz

The closest that I got to authentic Mexican food in Springfield. It's really good and the hand-made corn tortillas are delicious.

Caryn Meads

Loved it...i moved here from the lake of the Ozarks area,and have been looking for a place for real mexican,I miss my camdenton paisans,at espolon in camdenton,mo

Julie Hanline

I work with disabled clients and I like to take them different places to expose them to different cultures. We walked in and sat down at a booth for about 5 mins. The ladies watched us walk in. A Hispanic couple walked in and they were immediately greeted and waited on. My client and I started to walk out and one of the ladies approached us to take our order. The service was poor, however the food was good.

Harrison Robb

Easily the best Mexican food in town with fresh tortillas, sopes, gorditas, and a great selection of meats.

Bruce Mendenhall

The day I was there the Buffett was very poor. Lack of selection also. No more taco Tuesday

Robert Cormick

I don't like to leave negative reviews so we came back to give it another chance since the new owners took it over a few months ago. We noticed then they had a new menu and prices had gone up and quality had gone down. We couldn't even read most of the stuff on the menu. Was not a good change from the old menu that was very easy to read and look very nice. We asked the server what would he recommend since we couldn't understand so much bad spelling on the menu and order was confusing. He recommended the David burrito and steak tacos. The tacos were okay but not up to the quality that we had come to expect from this restaurant. The burrito had very little meat. We decided to wait a few months and see if they would clean up their act. We came by over the holidays, and decided to order the same thing just to compare from our last visit. This time, it took you longer to receive our order and our waitress never came back to check on us. The food was just okay and definitely not how it used to be under the old owners. My wife and I are very sad because we had grown to love this place and always looked forward to coming here. We loved how easy the old menu was to understand and the prices were better, so I don't know why they had to fix something that wasn't broken. You have lost two very loyal customers. Again, I don't like to leave negative reviews but maybe the new owner will see this and fix the problem. Have a blessed day.

I like to Anything

Seriously the only place I get Mexican food in Springfield! So good!!

Robert Johnson

I love this place! I order something different each time and I have never been disappointed. Great food and friendly service.

Carlene Adair

This place has the best Barbacoa this side of Texas! Was an awesome birthday dinner with my wife!

Frugal Flea

Authentic food, but buffet looked old so ordered off menu.

Aaron Aveiro

Awesome food & produce

Ed Ward

a ton of salsa!!

Chadrick Parson

This was a pleasant surprise we stumbled across last time we were visiting Springfield. We just happened to spot a sign that they had a buffet and having children with us it seemed like the easiest way to get some food and get back in the road. What we found was not only was there a buffet but it was filled with a great variety of cuisine I wouldn't have expected, tamales and ranch beans for example. The food had a very home cooked feel to it which made having a buffet filled with it even more exciting. Lots of warm tortillas and solid selection of fresh salsas really did make it a great experience. The storefront isn't big and it's easy to miss from the road but I highly recommend Leslie's to anyone that wants a more home cooked authentic experience, something refreshing from a lot of other dime a dozen places. Will definitely be back next time I pass through.

Liz Walker

The buffet is sad, and way over priced. The food was really disappointing.

Jacqueline Cancino

I'm giving 3 stars only because the woman was mean... either wise it has to many cool stuff

Zen Lee

Delicious food! Friendly staff, cozy atmosphere. Love it!

Gus Arana

Went there yesterday for lunch with my family we all loved it! I had the pozole very tasty!

Debra Murray

Best ceviche in town!

Andrew Gonzales

Great place to get Mexican bread and food, Springfield does not have many selections so definitely a Springfield “Gem”

Rachel Kennedy

Fantastic pandulce. Pretty good prices.

Dennis Albers

Worst food I ever had. Cost me 24.00 for buffet for my wife and I. Food could not eat. Rice was the only thing I could eat and it was not the best Will never go there again. And will not tell anyone to eat there.


I'm sorry I did not like the tres leches cake at all. I'm willing to drive 1.5 h next time to get from where i like it better. Also, the happy bday sign they pun on the cake was a little dirty. I'm sorry not for me.

Keshia Nichols

My husband got charged 7.49 per pound for some Marinated pork. When I called the store to see why we got charged so much more. The lady didn’t know what to say, acted super busy and wouldn’t tell me why... then told me to call back in 10 mins because she was super busy. So I called back and its been a busy tone for the last hour. I assume she unhooked the phone line.

Jessica Nicole

I love coming here! Best bakery, best meats! Kids always get candy! They are so nice here!

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