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13357 Olive Blvd, Chesterfield, MO 63017, United States Located in: Woodchase Plaza

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REVIEWS OF Kim's Bakery IN Missouri

Lori Clapper

Absolutely LOVE this place! The baked items are exquisite and the cream fillings are soo light and fluffy. I live across the bridge in St. Peters and it is well worth the drive to get some of these wonderful treats on a nearly weekly basis! Plus the prices are wonderful@

Suzanne Arnold

Love this little Korean bakery. They have the best cookies and breads.

Hungpo Chen


What a neat little bakery with quality ingredients and tasty their cherry cookies, fresh bread, mini cakes, red bean pastries, almond croissant. Owner makes it all right there and love all of their pastries.

The Man

Really good variety asian pastries.

J.L. Clemente

Food is really good!

Chelsea Ross



Best Korean Bakery, will find most of the common korean type of bread.

Gina Yoon

Brian Kong

Ayesha Tabassum

Everybody's Dad On Acid

I never eat there. It looks expensive.

Mary McClaskey

Delicious and fresh.

Mizoguchi Yoshinori

Phillip Commuso

Yung Kim

The best Korean Bakery in the U.S.

Alexis Carroll

Great baked goods, cashier was friendly and helpful.

Kim Seon


Stef Ofhfs

visited here with my 17-year-old who loves Korean food. so we sampled a handful of items and got a cute mocha cake for her birthday. a change of pace from the usual offerings at other bakeries.

Roberto M. Alcabao

Probably the best Mocha and Butter Roll Cake I've ever had in St. Louis!

Jonathan Smith

Samantha Grimm

Ordered a cake from this bakery for my daughters birthday. It was the best cake I've ever eaten and truly traditional. The staff were very friendly and the bakery is so clean. We will be regulars now!! Thank you so much!

Jessica Bae

Bravo Holiday

clean nice place


Clean, nice and little bakery. I love their cakes and breads. Great place for people who don't like excessive amount of sugar in typical american cakes and donuts

Bob Wilson


Ram Bukka

Jenis Miranda

LOVE this place. Absolutely delicious food, i got the custard buns and peanut butter bread-- so good!!!. the sunflower cookies are great too. I'm going back as much as i possibly can now! The service is so great too, the lady is super nice! :) great place, give it a try!

Izzy Muren

I always love going in! All their items are delicious and fresh!

Justin McNeal

Amazing Korean style baked goods. Don't let that frighten you away if you are the less adventurous type. They have breads, pastries, and cakes here that would rival the taste and quality from many traditional American bakeries. Recommendations include the French toast, custard bread, monkey fists/balls, and cookies. Just go. You won't be sorry.

Tyler Blazey

Long Nguyen

Raquel H

Sylvia E

Justin Haenel

Delicious goods, great service, if you're in the area please check this bakery out, local bakeries need so much more love ❤

just a person

Absolutely delicious! Was not expecting that to be the best thing I have eaten in a long long time! Korokkes are straight from heaven.

N'Dea C.W.

Lovely place with great desserts and service

Brittany Moore

The pastries are all pretty amazing and it's a great place to get a cake for a special occasion. If you go around lunchtime they also tend to have little grab and go sandwiches. The red bean and whipped cream buns and hotdog pizza are my favorite treats!

Laura Lyles

Paul Matthews

Delicious treats!! Sweet breads, cookies, and cakes in a quaint bakery. The French Toast and hazelnut spread sandwich cookies were fantastic! The strawberry sponge cake is decadent.

Tisha Crawley

Cynthia Everett

The pastries are low in sugar and healthy, the cashier is friendly and helpful, every time I visit Chesterfield Vallay I pick up the almond cookies for my daughter, she really likes them.

Eldar Rizvanov

Got a chocolate pastry/cake and it was freaking delicious! Definitely coming back here. This place needs to do a better job of marketing itself, because it has really good products but it doesn't do a lot of advertising. Highly recommend going there for a treat though

c. gwakamole

Very cozy and homey! Small, but I can tell the people that make the bread put passion into it. You get to choose from an assortment of bread and cakes and get to eat a few if you choose. It has the perfect mix of being Korean bread, but not too much that Americans don't like it. But do try to get there a little early as they run out of bread quick (they make new bread everyday!) Love it.

Mee Lee Poon

Karina Escobar

Very clean and cute place to sit down and enjoy some pastries or sweets. They are very friends and helpful! Will be returning soon, to enjoy some more yummy pastries!

Krazy For Pets

Haven't had things that I don't like but my favorite so far is sticky rice bun!


aparna reddy

Jon Smith

Hera Ruthardt

Love love this place. The second you open the door you get a taste of what is in store inside this magic bread wonderland. They never disappoint. Highly recommend this bakery. You will NOT BE DISSAPOINTED!

Kyle Ray

Great bakery, great service and great cake

Abadi Kurniawan

J Pailden

Jimena Subieta Prévost

Delicious cakes!

DeAnna King

Lennon Ruthardt

The best bakery I've had. If you want something different or want to try Korean goodies its great.

Daeheung Lee

(Translated by Google) It is really good to be able to taste fresh and delicious high quality bread. (Original) 신선하고 맛있는 고급진 빵을 맛볼 수 있어서 정말 좋아요.

Alex Reviews

Great stuff! The cranberry roll was delicious


Excellent korean bakery!!! Reasonable prices, good variety

Ryan March

Took the family for dessert. Great experience! Very friendly. Gave us lots of samples and even a couple full desserts on the house.

Donna W

Simply wonderful in all aspects: desserts, service, atmosphere, cost. Will keep coming back!♡

Alu sun

Ratna Pakpahan

Jeong Kim-Judd

It's absolutely amazing! The freshly made sweet bean bread and Chap-Ssal Donuts (Sweat Rice Donuts) were very good. I am so excited just to think about and go back there for yummy treats again. They also have awesome shaved ice dessert called 'Paat-Bing-Su', usually served during hot summer days. Just amazing! I love this place.

Christian Choi

Christian Moonweaver

Yehudah Bernath

This place is amazing. They even has things they only sell on the weekends.

Jacqui Roberts

Delicious bread that reminds me of home! Melon bread, French toast and the cream bread are my family’s favorite. Great cake too!

Leon Dubinovskiy

Alicia Umlauf

Absolutely love their pumpkin bread.

A. Gosejohan

Excellent selection of Korean and Japanese baked treats. I will be back for another visit! I only wish that they sold more cake slices!

Charlene Coffman

Absolutely love this bakery. Every thing taste great and has no preservatives. Reminds me of being in Icheon South Korea. Definitely authentic Korean bakery.

Carolyn Chivetta

I'm obsessed with their yeast and cream puff desserts. I don't get a chance to be in the area often but when I do, I make a point to stop here. Everything is delicious, unique and affordable. Yum!

Dylan Lawrence

akikisaki .

Get the French toast as soon as they open. It will change your LIFE! That and the almond cookies are my favorite. Try everything. So good!

Yun Seong Song

Jameika Ellis

Spencer Pernikoff

Best Asian pastries in all of St. Louis! And the cakes are amazing.

Danielle Cunningham

Bob Lovelace

Great Korean Bakery Experience. It's tastes like a Mom & Pop Korean place.

Ben Regional Director of Maintenance

Romi was ver polite and had some great recommendations.

Choe Chan Ho



Vincent Agram

Tyson Kanoya

Good place to get your sweet fix if you don't want to drive all the way to Olivette.

Kijung Lee

Ed Bolton

Put Kim's on your list. Delicious. So many choices and new things to try. Everything from a quick bite to full blown cakes. I can't wait to go back.

Thyra Kwak

Jinhwan Yoon

Charlie Hopkins

Always friendly and has fresh baked goods. I like his Korean speciality goods.

Nick Bagnall

Voon Wong

Awesome bread!

James Cooper

My wife loves this bakery.

Sohaib Katariwala

Chocolate cake balls are amazing

Edsel barrios

Maria Torres

Chonelle Brown

Gertrude Rowe

Seonha Jeon

Hanbeol Kim

Jessica Unger

Tony Chien

The location is easy to find and there are plenty of parking spaces. The store is clean and has simple decoration. There are abundant selection of bakery. I love their mocha cake. They provide candles and plastic knife for the cake. They have variety of unique cake, cookies and bread.

Andrew Darling

Super prices, gorgeous displays, and tasty treats. You will find something you love here. You must visit to get your Asian pastry fix. Will order cakes from here in the future for sure!

Nick Niemeyer

Rhett Gairani

Quaint little place with a nice selection of bread from Korea and Japan.

Eva Ramirez

Very good and

Charlotte Koch

They have the best cakes and desserts around.

nunya beeswax

Kim's Bakery is a breath of fresh air, considering we didn't even know about it! We were on the way to Kim Cheese and my wife saw the sign, so we decided to stop by after lunch. Stopping by was the best decision that we made. So much that we now have a new, closer bakery to get our fix! The business cards for Kim's Bakery stated that they have quality and are fresh. They were not lying! Their swiss rolls were soft and fluffy; their 'hot-dog bun' cream-filled rolls were very soft. The sponge cake was also very fresh. I don't know how to otherwise describe it. You must experience it for yourself. For those that are wondering what is the difference between a Korean bakery and, let's say, a Chinese bakery, there really isn't much of a difference. A quick browse revealed that many of our favorites were here, i.e. swiss rolls, butter cream rolls, cookies, winter melon cookies. This location really shines in its presentation of their items. I didn't get a chance to get pictures the first time, as I was floored at how something this nice is tucked away somewhere unassuming. Cute wooden baskets are available for holding your bakery items while browsing. Nice glass display for specialty items such as cheesecake and what looks like chocolate bon-bons. I will take pictures the next time around! The only thing that I didn't see off hand were beverages. Maxim Gold and hot water would go a long way in a place like this! The best aspect of this place is that they accept cards! That, in and of itself, will make me a new regular at Kim's! Thank you so much for such great service! We'll be back soon!

Hyejin Lee

Scott McVickar

Lisa Beshears

AJ Park

Hye Kyoung Bae

Fruit cakes are one of kind! Light and not too sweet with fresh fruits in top. 4 different sizes and Call ahead to order for free writings on it. My friends are now in love with Korean cakes.

Patrick James

Love coming here to get the best bread around!!!

Joshua Yoon

Fresh and tasty bread. Patbingsu(red beans shaved ice) is really good in summer.

Cynthia Z

I love Asian bakeries for the variety of unique items they offer, and I prefer the texture and flavors of the breads they have. Kim's Bakery is no exception: delicious treats, wide variety, and fair prices. Unfortunately it's a little far from me but I am willing to make the trip. My favorite item is probably the cream cheese bread--the texture is soft and pillowy, and the tart cream cheese filling contrasts well with the sweetness of the raisins. I've also had the almond tarts and strawberry cake, and both are delicious. If you have the chance, try the cinnamon twist donut, too! Just make sure to eat it the day of, because the sugar tends to absorb the moisture from the donut as time goes by, and it gets a little sticky. Finally, make sure you refrigerate the items with fresh dairy, like the cream cheese bread!

Joseph Spezia

My wife and i just love this place. The baked goods are delicious. We order their cakes for lots of special occasions, and are never disappointed. The fruit cake is light, airy, and actually refreshing instead of making you feel disgusted or making you scrape off a metric ton of frosting. You should try this place.

Allison S

Love Kim's Bakery!!

Yazmin Martinez

(Translated by Google) Delicious


Always the best treats. The tapioca rolls are fantastic, so are the whipped creme buns, and the french toast is unique and very good !!!

Jonathan Wagner

Awesome!!! The Kimchi Kororé was so, so good!

Andrew Roby

Try the korokkes. They are positively life-affirming.

Joy Gillespie

Dohyoung Kim

best korean bakery in town!

Cory Hunter

Stanley Byon

Friendly staff, delicious Pang, and clean store. If you want typical Korean fresh baked cookies, or pang, this is the place you go.

Ryan Mixson

Food you really can't find in the STL. Make sure you get there early though becauae they will sell out of some of the best stuff quick.

Mi Hyon Cho St. Louis


Tingting Chen

Just got a Green Tea cake. It's a four layers mousse cake with nice decorations.Yummy、fresh and lovely. Mocha cake is also very good. Shopping breads weekly for our breakfast.They always use good quality ingredients. Everything tastes good and not way too sweet!

Kaylene Reyes

Laura Taylor

Jobby Jackson

Quality of the food is always on point, in addition their staff is very polite and friendly

Dianne Mogilevsky Carty

Prwtty yummy food. Super friendly and very clean

Reyna Alfaro-Joya

Love their buns and cakes. Staff is friendly.

Troy Enkhtur

The best place in town for Korean/Japanese baked goods.

James Elms

Great little bakery with wonderful breads and cookies.

David kim

Hellen Yi

Henry Chuc

Doug Y

Nancy Altis

Vernon Bouse

Excellent place for a doughnut.

Aly Williams

Santosh Das

Nice bakery for delicious treats

Tess Brown

Just like the bakeries I visited in Korea. Love this place

Cindy Alukic

Their cookies are so good! I love the custard filled one. It is so good. I am strongly recommend this place!!

Naomi Henderson

(Translated by Google) Melon pan is amazing! (Original) Melon pan is amazing! 美味しいです。

Christina R

Tasty and beautiful (not too sweet), sweet treats! Fantastic! Love this bakery.


Hill Chia

Shelly Burnham

Fresh delectable baked goods that r like no other! Lo❤e the red bean paste pastries!

Ken Crowder

Love their bread.

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