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4240 Highway 43, I-44, Exit, 4, Joplin, MO 64803, United States

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This Bakery corresponds to the category of Truck repair shop.

Where is Joplin 44 Petro?

REVIEWS OF Joplin 44 Petro IN Missouri

Mark Hurd

Trucker heaven. Just really nice. Not too many reserved spots.

Pork Chop Express

Great place I’ve been coming here for almost 20 years and not much has changed which is a good thing clean showers clean facility friendly staff plenty of parking just don’t have your hopes up too high after dark Because parking will be limited great chrome shop

Jerry Phillips

Love this place

Richard Carby

They took the handicap spots away so if a disabled person needs a spot near the main entrance they will have to pay for it only reserved spots near main entrance

Jeffrey Morton

One of the cleanest and well run trucks stops in the country. The staff is always friendly and they have some pretty cool Nick Nacks in their store area. Plenty of fast food and a sit down restaurant to boot.

Michael Yaromich

First time here this is amazing truck stop and plenty of parking beautiful showroom and of course Taco Bell

Clay Settje

I’ve been looking for a descent U.S. Marine ball caps for almost 9 months, at this truck stop as well as the Iowa 80 truck stop. Still looking!!!!!!!!!

Neil Miller

The wait staff at the Iron Skillet is the bomb! The food was good too. The store has a ton of stuff so if you have some time to kill, this is a good place to do it. I'm a fan of audiobooks and they have a TON of those there, some cheaper than other truck stops too. Ample bathroom stalls too and they're quite clean. This is definitely one of the better truck stops around.

Diamond Logistics

The idea of having to walk like 1/4 mi of parking lot then thru a chromeshop thats so big they literally have 2 semi's parked INSIDE THE BUILDING(one with a 53' trailer attached) just to get a cup of coffee or take a shower seems ridiculous to me. What we need are driver facilities out here not a massive gimmicky waste of space. Its like my weird horder aunts house. The store is almost clostrophobic with all the trinkets and garbage theyre trying to hawk. Im heading out somewhere where I dont have to walk 1/2 mile to do laundry.

Emil Ciortuz

Went to the chrome shop to buy .. nobody around there only some old ladies. I asked this lady for some help she had zero knowledge she wouldn't even let me finish my question she would kept on cutting me off like I was no supposed to be there...who hires these idiots here..if u don't like ur job stay home ..I never stop here again I'm going to tell all my trucker friends about it..

Jessica Edwards

The restaurant selection is nice (Iron Skillet, Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, PizzaHut Express, Caribou Coffee). The fast food employees don't seem to care to be there & will show you as much. The store employees & Skillet employees are nice & accommodating. The showers are decent even though they could use some updating (I seen signs saying that updates were on the way). Plenty of parking & nice fuel islands.

Edee Gralapp

One of my favorite truck stops. Love this place!

E. R. S

They have a very good selection of Chrome, gifts, souvenirs, fast food and restaurant. Clean restrooms and shower rooms. Very cozy place. Plenty of space to park. I love it especially the displaying of trucks that they got in there.

Lisa Landis

Great variety of food, gifts, drinks, and misc. Very clean and good service.

BEN-HUR Trucking

I never roll 44 without stopping at my old friend Petro!

Boo Boo R.A.M.

Nice Truck Parts n stop, the cashier at the chrome shop was very pretty n nice to say, beautiful eyes n such. Other staff where friendly as well n the customers as well yes. Have a great time indeed to all, yep

Jeannie Mullins

Stopped in at 1230 today to get 2 tires replaced. Had a 2 hour wait, which is normal for a Saturday. Ended up needing 4 tires instead of 2 and here it is, 6 hours later and I’m still here and someone is still “working on it but should be done shortly “..... Since when does it take 3 1/2 hours (and the clock is still counting) to replace 4 tires????? Maybe I should ask about a PO Box to change my residency

Michael Sanders

Clean , safe, always parking when I arrive late huge plus!!!

Stephanie Sweet

Clean, well stocked. Lots of things to look at crafts clothes truck accessories and much more. Ate Taco Bell while there. They served us promptly and food was good. Bathrooms are clean and staff was friendly! I stop here frequently.

Alex Serov

Deceptive pricing in the shop. Quoted us 420.99 to replace the radiator charged us extra 214.99 to drain and refill the coolant.

Jeremiah Naumann

Store it self is outstanding. The shop on the other hand is piss poor. 8 hours for a trailer DOT. Not even busy 3 trucks in the bay including myself. No sense of urgency what so ever.

Art Schuerger

Pettis are always great

Lillie Edwards

The food at the restaurantwas so amazing it brought tears to my eyes,it was clean,and the waitress was so friendly and it was just a wonderful place to shop,eat,and gas up

Alexander Wood

Incredible truck stop has anything and everything you've ever imagined a trucker would need plus some.

Ausar N Auset

Do not shower at this place if you need to take over 30 minutes. There is a nosey old lady who literally watches the clock from the time you unlock the door. On two different occasions, me and my family came here to relax before I had to reload. I got a shower room for us to use. Of course it took more than 30 minutes to shower because we were a family of 5 (me, my wife, 2 girls and a boy). She gets an attitude because it took us over an hour to finish. She made a nasty remark the first time telling me that a room can't last that long. The second time, she literally went to the manager who confronted me after I came out demanding to see my shower card that I used to take the shower. They are extremely rude. We have never been treated so poorly over the road. Unless you are alone and can get in and out quickly, don't shower at this place.

Ana Teran

Best gas station ever, it has everything and more.

Santiago Hernandez Jr

This place is hit or miss on customer service depending on who is here. Remodeled showers are amazing. NOT amazing is having your ATMs down and there not being a cash back option available at the registers to help the situation. Especially when you planned your stop here on purpose to shower, refuel and do laundry.

Seth NY

The shop is kinda slow

Smart Choice

Just pulled in for the night...Creepy Crawlers around our truck! This bad boy draws way too much attention but that's why we make SMART CHOICES and Haul for Service Driven Transport...They know technology and they know us! Thanks guys!

Dustan Riley

This truck stop is one of the best in the United States. It has everything a trucker or a traveler could need or want. Food is really good too. It also has a huge parking area.

Thomas J. Seidel

Love this place it has everything. The people are very cordial too but I guess that comes with the Missouri territory.

Nick Lebow

Was going to take them 3 hours to come across the road to the pilot and give a jump start, 3 hours to go less than a quarter mile. If you go through the reviews you'll see the shops reputation and clearly it doesn't matter to the company. Id say bring in a competent shop manager who can hire competent mechanics that want to work.

A.F. James MacArthur

One of the largest truck stops in the world. Sister location to the famous Iowa 80. Extremely well stocked store. Lots of souvenirs, gifts, clothing. A boatload of food choices. And if you're a trucker and you go to the truck accessory section, not only will you spend a ton of time there, it's almost guaranteed you're not leaving without buying SOMETHING.

Darryl Calhoun

Great Place to stop eat and visit great shops to look see and buy clean restrooms good prices great looking trucks inside to view reminds you of the Iowa 80 truck plaza in Iowa like there sister location in Joplin Missouri we enjoyed every minute of our visit! Stop buy you wont be Disappointed at all and plenty of car and big truck parking.

Chris Brockman

It's a great little stop. The bathrooms are clean and the staff is friendly. They have a Caribou Coffee which is my favorite. There also a Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.


Massive place. Ton of parking and awesome store.

Brian Smith

This is one of the best truck stops I have ever been in. It’s very large and has lots of areas to shop in. They have something for just about any body. The prices are within reason and selection is very good. The food there is always really good too. The have a buffet or you can order from the menu. Large portions and great food.


As nice as a truck stop can be.

Sharon Portillo

The food was good and my server Nicole Butler was amazing! I recommend having her as your server, if you're lucky enough. Definitely would give her an excellent tip. Such a cute little girl with lots of energy! I'll definitely be coming back again

G Ortiz

The chrome shop & store are nice & clean. I would rate that 5 stars. My lowered rating is due to their shop. Went in for a small repair. They wouldn't be able to get to me for 12 hours. I was told there was no mechanic available. Guy after me needed an oil change. It would be a 12 hour wait for him too. I imagine there must be a logical reason for the wait but the service bays were not filled up. Anyways, I wasn't going to wait 12 hours. The bottom line, their shop sucks. Other than that it is a great truck stop. Very large parking lot, fast food & a restaurant.

goodrich g

Usually I am pressed for time. I came down this time to buy some truck merchandise including a $1700 bumper for new T680. The sales guy walked away from me 3 separate times, and when I called out to him 2 other times he ducked into the isle pretending to pick something up and look at it with no customer presence. I was literally waiting for him to stop looking at piece of metal and package piece. Again no customers around. Just disgusted. I still bought $460 worth of products. I asked him for a grocery cart, he gave me mechanics plastic push cart. My stuff kept falling off every 20 feet. I was parked over 1200 feet away. Fun, it was 25°. Why not give me the grocery shopping cart? He loaded it while I was at counter, he was behind me. He said I was all loaded up. Yet I had to come back for another bag he didn't put into the plastic cart. I chose not to buy the set of Crossfire for over $220.. I will get it on Ebay for less. I won't buy anything else from here ever again. Chrome Shop Mafia is right across the street. Thanks "AL" for being such a douche bag to me.

Alton Hall

A clean family friendly truck stop. Multiple places to eat. A well rounded convenience store. Clean well lighted parking.

Dawna Remley

Great place to park a truck, good food and lots to see and great shopping.

eugeniu bezniuc

Everything is double priced. A 10$ strap is 25$ here :D

Marie Sypniewski

Very nice place lots of cool stuff, some of it is kinda pricey. Bathroom I went in was nice and clean. But get here early to get a good spot.

J Smith

The mechanics here don’t know how to work constantly walking around and they sure know how to eat around here.

Curtis Heidel

Great facility. Clean and large. Plenty of parking. Restrooms clean and smell good.

Dianna Flannery

This is an amazing place...had no idea it was as big as it is. It will be a new stopping place when on our trips! Bathrooms are clean, lots of food choices and the employees were wonderful!! Very impressive...

doug jones

Great truck stop. Plenty of dinner choices to eat here. There is tons of trucker gear for your truck and for your wardrobe. This place has always been clean every time I've stopped here. I have never had a complaint here. Guaranteed truck parking anytime of day or night this lot is huge

Coast To Coast

mechanic dont know what there doing shop is discussing out there %80 will get screwed not recommended.

Elizabeth Ashley Slenders

Huge truck stop! Lots of parking, clean bathrooms, friendly employees, showroom is pretty neat, multiple fast foods within the building - hot food, the store is huge, clean, has home decor, gifts, necessities, etc.

Jay Luci Washington

I really don't understand how Iron Skillet/ Country Pride say in business. Actually I do understand how, they stay in business because people like me keep having a bad experience at each location but then I think this is a different location so it should be better, right? Wrong. The salad bar is bad and just horrible. I guess they freeze the vegetables and salad dressing so it can last longer, but then they forget to let the vegetables thaw out so you are eating it frozen and the dressing has pieces of ice in it. I don't usually buy steaks, ever. When I do I expect the quality to match the price, that didn't happen. It was too dry, too small, and the presentation just wasn't there. It looked like what you would give to your dog for leftovers. Speaking of presentation, I don't make a big deal on how food is placed on a plate just don't have it looking messy with no effort at all. Don't keep making the same mistake I make. These chains of restaurants really need to improve, they are stealing from the customers with the amount of effort they put into their food.

Terry Dueck

This place is huge! They have almost anything a traveler, or trucker for that matter might need at a travel stop! The Iron Skillet restaurant is decent although it seems to have gone downhill a bit in the last 15 years.

James White

I love it. Its the best truck stop i have seen in a long time. And good food.

cruzer cruz

Lots of parking for semis...facilites inside very clean and organized. Bathrooms nice and clean, food court was clean and fast service.

kaycee davenport

Love to browse the many parts and accessories for my truck... Screen printing shop done a great job on my hat and shirt I made made

Amanda Story

This is a great place to stop after a long ride or just to come look at what they have. Theyve got cool knick knacks and clothes. Theres a big section in the back with a bunch of semi truck and diesel truck additions and gear. They have several eaterys in here amd one full reataurant. Pizza hut. Taco bell. Iron skillet. Orange julius. Caribu coffee. A couple of good photo points. A john wayne wood statue and a giant semi truck on a rotating platform.

Dewey Bedsaul

Have been at this place many of times and can't wait till this weekend for the big truck show

Candice Bright

Huge place.. huge lot.. never a wait for the showers plus iron skillet is 24 hours including the salad bar. Just wish Caribou coffee was 24 hours

Earlene Wariner

Outstanding truck stop. Very clean, friendly helpful staff. So much to tempt drivers. Like kids in a candy store.

craig sheley

Huge variety of food, fast food, sit down restaurant and souvenirs. Typical pricing. Very cool area with semi trucks and parts on display.

Aleksey Afonin

Nice place for everybody. I like it .


Do not buy that mattress, it is landfill material at best cause that's where its going to end up. Go to Walmart and get the one there. The truckstop mattress is all spring and no foam. Just another corporate scam on truckers, Come On!!!


This is an awesome truck stop one of the best I've been to yet. Has a DQ, Iron Skillet, Taco bell, Pizza Hut, Blimpie, Caribou Coffee among others.

tamra burden

Stopped in to exchange TLED-419CR...there was a light out on it.. The kid called a man by the name of Wes CHAMP to help him with exchange. WES CHAMP told us it was too dirty he couldn't exchange it !(WHAT) Then proceeded to tell us we may have taken it off an other tractor!! What kind of BS you guys running. We work of course it's going to be dirty, and as far as the BS line about it being off an other tractor Tom told him to come look for himself!!° Asked to speak with supervisor, of course on VACA. the person filling in she called in. WOW.!! Needless to say got the exchange done after long drawn out BS process. WILL NEVER SHOP AT JOPLIN 80 AGAIN.. WILL TELL EVERBODY WHO WILL LISTEN NOT TO SHOP HERE!!

Tom Vohol


Michael McClure

Love stopping here, there's so many things to do inside here.

chadly wellingtonsworth

Great truck stop- lots of stuff in the store and a big parking lot. Minus 2 stars because all of the truck parking spaces are angled towards the blind side- makes parking a nightmare.


Nice place

Mike King

A Great Place To Buy,Great Things

Tim Davidson

This spot has lots of parking for semis, a great show room with any trucker supply you could be looking for, a great gift shop, and three fast food places as well as a full restaurant. It's a great stop for anyone travelling.

Dallas Edwards Trucking

Stop here as much as possible big parking lot good food and plenty of showers laundry room cheap cigarette prices and there's the 4 state truck parts and chrome Mafia right across the street

D Bragg

Plenty of parking Plenty of food options Big RIg showroom and plenty of chrome... Verizon store. Laundry, driver lounge, and

Ineyo Ambessa

Huge awesome truckstop.. 1 restroom fits 6 smh

Enrique Pompa

Clean restrooms, good gas prices. The variety of souvenirs, trucking merchandise and beauty of displays makes this place a good pit stop. They have great snacks to buy, decent fast food, a good restaurant and caribou coffee. The place ia crowded and live any time of the day.

Rob Jonhs Sr

The restraunt and main store is great and have great and helpful people but the repair shop on the other hand. The guy behind the counter at midnight has no clue what he is doing thinks a business NATO check is a personal check and when told it is not and not to be ran as such he wants to argue saying he knows what he is doing. Got charged for labor for the mechanic working on other stuff and waiting for a part that was needed the guy that was to be getting the part took over an hr to get it when he was only cpl blocks away from where the part was 10 mins from the shop here. Showed up at and pulled in at 645 to 7 pm hood was shut at midnight then wasted an hr waiting on mechanic to enter stuff in computer then the b.s with the guy behind the counter. Will not be back to this shop ever again 2nd time of being screwed around.

alvin fang

Do not let them touch your truck! my truck was stopped at weight station because of brake chamber and need adjust. They sent a mechanic come after two hours. After he changed my chamber. my truck have no air build up. After he came to do the second job. all of my rear brakes cannot release. all my brakes and drums need change now. costing me 1000 dollars. ****!!!. Do not let them do any job on your truck.they do not even know adjust brakes!!!!

Grygoriy Lysenko

Giving one star just because of truck service . Stopped by to change oil. I was second in line . Spent 5 hours and 23 minutes in and out. They had all the filters, everything. Wasted my logbook time and now have to wait another 4 and a half hours to start a new shift so that be at the the delivery in time. Nobody cares about our duty, our job. Nobody cares that we have time ticking.Truck stop itself is gorgeous as usual. Clean and awesome. Thank you.

A. P B

Great food. Taste like southern corn bread was off the change. Great place to stop at. Do your 10 r break here.

Kenya Jones

When your service goes downhill so do the stars I give . They still have a lot of stuff for shopping if you’re into that . But helpful service has gone down hill . From people acting like they would rather not serve you or just being plain clueless when you ask questions . My expectations were definitely too high for such a place . It looks classy but is slowly becoming trashy.

Antonio R. Gonzalez

What can you say about one of the best big boy toy places in the country? Parking for days. As much shopping as your wallet can handle. Food choices. Friendly staff. It has been called a truckers paradise. Yeah...pretty close.

Dima B

Well... lots of parking, Chrome chop, Nice showers.... Iron skillet... I think paying $14 with soft drink even more is too much for buffet but what can we do?Waitress was sweet!

Karla ~

They have lots of food options and plenty of souvenir-type items inside. No complaints about the gas. Easy access to the interstate.

Sandra Olson

The the Fuel Inland Store is a RIP OFF the over night kid over charged us for 2 drinks. He charged 3.50 for a SMALL cup of coffee. I went back in and asked the day guy and he told me the prices. What happened to Petro you use to take care of the driver's I know because I had family who worked for your company for YEARS and they NEVER mistreated a Truck Driver. The food at the Iron Skillet was the WORSE ever. Food was cold and NASTY. I think we will stay with Flying J or Love's.

Chrissy Johnson

Awesome place to stop while traveling!

Zil Pranaitis

Came in for trailer DOT inspection on 1/14/19, failed due to ABS light not working and slacks out of adjustment. Paid the $54 for nothing, brought trailer to my shop in Chicago and my mechanics noticed a clean cut on ABS wire and slacks were loosened up on purpose. Sam, you the man! scamming hard working truckers

Magnificent Honky

Large selection of truck stuff. It's all rather pricey. It would be nice to see more chrome that wasn't plastic. I'm not spending money on plastic junk that will just crack and fade. For such a large truck stop, one would expect a better, and larger, selection of CB gear; not just the standard garbage that you find in the average truck stop, these days. It's fairly disappointing. Lastly, it seems that night shift drivers are unworthy of quick, hot food. Seriously, on a Friday night, as early as 10:15, no Taco Bell, no Pizza Hut, and not even crappy old hot dogs on the roller. I don't have the time to sit down for the bland, tasteless Iron Skillet fare, every night. The buffet never has anything appetizing, either. One really expects more, from such a large place. Sadly, I doubt that management even cares enough to look at their reviews online. They have the truck parking, and shiney baubles, so customers are guaranteed. No reason to care. I hope that I'm not stuck here at Christmas; I'll probably starve.


Over all I had a good that white femal at the fule island on 07/18/2018 at around has a little bit of an attitude and at the main store the people were very helpful for the most part but some people thank that you are stupid because you or of your game a little yea I did pock up that seat cushion with out its box -Jamie M.- you do know that most of us truck drivers have very good peripheral vision I hope that your kid don't come out Disable if you are going to have one or if you already have one pray that he does not end up disable to a piont that he are she will always need help.

Chris Everhardt

Drivers beware. This was my experience at the service center. I was told they would take me at 22:00 and I arrived shortly after to find out two trucks were ahead of me. Five hours later and now 03:00 I get a knock at my door. The man clearly not a mechanic guides me into one of the bays where I wait yet another one hour and 45 minutes and no work is being done ! All I wanted was to have a routine PM performed on my vehicle which should have not taken any longer than 45-1 hour tops ! Today I feel tired because of the lack of sleep and still have to have service done. I will never come back here ever again. From now on I will be going to Speedco.

Angelica Hernandez

I love stopping here! A lot of parking, friendly staff, clean bathrooms and showers (also very nicely decorated). The only reason I give it 4 stars is because I wish they had their fast food places 24 hours for the drivers who like to drive very late.

Pedro Lara

This truck stop is huge and clean, a lot of crome, clean bathrooms nice merchandise, a lot of service for truck drivers

Helen R Mann

This is the best truck stop i ever visited. It has everything. Love it!❤️

John Hale

The shop is the slowest place to get your tracker or trailer work on you be siting for over five hours to get any thing fix

R Sum

kinda pricey but worth the stop. I wish most of the other truck stops would pay attention to this one!! I guess the only thing to criticize is the small bathrooms is about it. Love this place!!! A truckers getaway!

Toccara Martin

This truck stop is really big with plenty of parking. They have a coffee shop and the coffee is really good. They have nice washers and a gym and lounge area. They have 2 rigs inside for decor. I took my truck to their shop and they were welcoming, professional, and provided quick service. The shop was very neat and organized and they are sure going to make sure you know what needs to be repaired on your truck. This was my first time at this truck stop and their shop..I would definitely return

Hershel Thompson

One awesome truck stop. Awesome chrome shop, vinyl shop. Great food choices. Extra large parking area. Good fuel prices. Great truck service shop.


Clean bathrooms and showers. If you have a plethura of cash this is trucker heaven!!! They have anything and everything. The Skillet Restaurant has amazing food and good old fashion service.

Jude Hady

Clean restrooms, plenty of restrooms. Great shopping all set up by themes nice place to walk around and take a break. Lots of food choices from Iron skillet, DQ, Taco bell, and Caribou coffee with a Micky D's close by.

Brenda Sik

Emily was awesome. She was very helpful. The store is always clean and I enjoy stopping there.

Harrison C. Davies

Love this location. It has everything you need in a travel plaza but does a great job of branding while also giving some great respect to its Missouri heritage. It’s a very classy area across the board and of you need some very inexpensive souvenirs they have those too. Love the mural!

Deidra Leech

Very nice and clean. As well as an awesome souvenirs shop.

Ben wampler

Now this is an awesome truck stop! Everyone was friendly and it has EVERYTHING you could possibly need. The Iron Skillet has a breakfast N.Y. strip that is an inch thick! Cute friendly waitress on night and day shift. I highly recommend this one. I even got a good haircut here.

Road To Emmaus

Shower remodel almost complete...(the guy who said he got yelled at by the mgr beacuse he showered with his family and took forever to finish-im sorry but you are cheap...why didnt you get a team shower? It uses the same points as one shower and you could have split your family up..if not just buy your wife a seperate shower..she doesnt deserve it?) Anyway big place, chrome shop is a little pricey and half the staff have zero knowledge of what they sell there..but I still enjoy browsing.

Mark Bignell

Terrible experience, lot security chased me out of a space near the door, 2 seconds after I backed in. Did you pay for the space boy? No, I'm going in right now to do so. I had surgery and need to be close to the door to run in and pay. You can't effing park here, move!! Even worse, after I did and went inside to complain, the manager on duty refused to hear my complaint. Absolutely the worst ever experience I've ever had there. I will never shop there again, either for diesel or lunch.

Randy Hinkston

Love this place. Had a flat and they got me in and out in an hour. The restaurant was good. Spent way too much money here. Can't wait to come back here

Benjamin Bauer

Not a bad place to stop. Try the Iron Skillet for a decent meal.

Bob Manning

Has nice options for your truck if you're a millionaire, great selection but overpriced. 12.00 to do two loads of laundry, give me a break! Gave two stars because the help is decent, otherwise watch how many breaths you take, in sure they have a surcharge for each lungfull...

Davin Trammel

What a great place to do your 34 hour reset. Lots to see ( truck stuff ) for hours, all kinds of food. Window shop at 1st but being here for the weekend you can't help but buy something. I was able to grab a great salesperson ( Dustin Foster ) he helped me with all my needs or should I say my wants. Dustin was very knowledgeable and helpful in what I was wanting to do. When all was said and done, $300 later he even gave me alittle discount. That was nice of him, he didn't have to but he did. Will be shopping here for my needs now. THANK YOU Dustin for all your help. Management needs to acknowledge you for a job well done. Thanks again our truck looks great.

Roberto Lopez

Stopped in for repairs to Tractor. From checkin to checkout, I was there less than 2 hrs. Corrected issues and I was down the road. Thanks to everyone in the Service Department for all your help. Definitely will be back.


Great and huge truck stop. Worth stopping by!!

Dluax The Dragon

It's a cool place to go look around. Lots of neat trinkets. Could spend an hour in there. 2 if you were going to eat.

Marisel Monteagudo

Good place to stay ... Very big renovation in shower, awesome! Amazing truck stop!

Joseph Hammack

This is a showcase Petro and one of the most decorative facility in the group. You can acquire clothing, a hair cuts, barbecue at a buffet, a hot showers, parts for your truck or trailer, or accessories for everything Industry related. They sell guitars, bumpers, cell phone this and that's ect......

Georgia Georgia

Very good places are very nice people. For my truck I bought the lights gave me a good guarantee thanks to them.

Junior Cabrera

Stop at repair shop to do a inspection for the truck and submit the work order for next day, we didn't have to much time to wait but we did because of the inspection and guess what next day they told us " sorry today there is not a landstar technician". They could've told us that the day before. Lack of communication this place.

GothGirl Dreams

Great place, lots of good food awesome souvenirs, friendly service, and most importantly a truckers haven for anything the rig needs. Also Iron Skillet had tasty food and wonderful service. Will definitely come back.

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