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819 Henry St, Alton, IL 62002, United States

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REVIEWS OF Duke Bakery IN Missouri

Caitlin Campbell

Good cannolis, cute seasonal sugar cookies. Homemade breads by loaf, great sweets selection.

Vance Buchanan

Had picked up donuts from local retailers that supply very good. went to the store , although all the bakery items are excellent service and personnel was be on par . More content on individual conversations between themselves . Expected more from a small independent bakery will try again and hopes that maybe it was just a bad day.

Sydney Hansen

My boys love to come in and pick out their own doughnuts, and the ladies are always so kind and patient with us. Great selection of delicious desserts and treats.

Mary Ann Acord

Must go to every time we're in the area. Great service & yummy treats!

Kristine Oswald

This bakery is a gem! Smells are amazing, and the selection was incredible! Very tasty, and there was lovely outside seating!

Philip Waidmann

Good bakery

Veronica Verdeyen

Great place. Good selection on specialty baked goods.

Cristina Guerro

Fast and friendly

Lady #1 Attitude

The best cake place to eat cakes, pastry, and above all their donut holes. I have been going there since I was a child. Absolute heaven. Haven't lived a full life until you have had Duke's donut holes. Absolutely perfect

Vesheta rennie

Amazing cookies

Debora Salvaggio

Love this place has all kinds of sweet treats.

Dan Brynildsen

Great small town bakery! Delicious donuts, cakes, pies, cookies, and breads.

Zelly Nicole


Christie Long


Jeffrey Freeman

I'm 60, been going there all my life and nothing's changed. Just a good old fashioned corner bakery.

Shawn Anderson

Sharlene Jones

My concern are the flies that get in the cases and land on the pasties, cakes, cookies.. They need to make sure they're kept free of flies some type of way.

Charlene McShan

Yummy yummies

Shelia Vickery

The staff are really nice and warm and friendly. The donuts and the cookies are really delicious. I can't wait to come back again. They are also a very clean place.

David Asher

Gail Murphy

Bought some treats for A day trip. Service and selection great

ladon mick

Delicious bakery items

Mike Meehan

Beautiful decorated products. Delicious, too!

Cathi FAM Journey

Wonderful multi generation family owned bakery. Everything from wedding cakes to cookies. Haven't tried anything I didn't like!

Brian O'Neal

Anthony Sr.

I had been going there since I was a kid. They always have good donuts.

Yvonne Adams

The best anywhere I've bought doughnuts. Love the jelly mmmm gooood

Heath Marie

Best donuts ever

Kyle Depper

legin nigellus

Been coming here for about 30 years now..and its still my favorite donut shop on the planet

Sheila Plummer

Superb! Consistently delicious.

Max Thorne

Joe Barnard

Nice people.

Elissa Stock

They did an amazing job on my sons 21st birthday cake. Not only did it look great, it tasted amazing! Would recommend to everyone! Wish I had a pic they did of his first bday cake, but here’s 21!

Anthony Hume

Great cake

Ruth Brooks

Lena White

Lynnette Cox

Esther Krepel

Friendly staff. The best pastries and donuts. Mouth watering! I don't think there is anything there that I don't like. Love Duke's Bakery!

Chris Bosaw

Very friendly people. Great treats, I'd recommend giving them A try.

Eric Zipprich


Altona landmark! This place is amazing!!!! My little girl loves when I take her after school. Cheaper then the local big box stores, and way better tasting. Man I'm dieing for a cream horn now.

Rich Dailey

Fresh donuts ? Hell yeah, best in town.

Heidi N

Love the Tea cookies

Elisha Schneider

Best Bakery around Alton IL ! Fresh Baked Donuts , Pastries , Cakes & CupCakes and much more !

Tera Schultz

Yum! Everything is delicious. I only wish they had more seating so I could stay and eat more.

Cherie Sedlacek

Great tea cookies...

Shani Blue

I've been taking the pilgrimage from St. Louis to Dukes for over a decade. Nobody makes chocolate chip cookies like them. Nobody...

Heather Van Duker

They have some of the best doughnuts in Alton, IL

Michael Sluss

W. Clark Boutwell

A dangerous place. They do not play fair. Smells and sights enough to seduce the most stalwart of hearts and palates

christine michki

A few things are not so fresh.

Louise Fancher

Love their desserts n donuts!

Candy Spraggs

Very good service love my apple fritters

Sandra Henderson

Yummy lemon meringue pie, wonderful chocolate chip cookies! I will be going back soon!

Tanisha Pearson

Try the chocolate glaze donuts.. they only serve them on the weekend.. but very delicious

Rick Fuchs

(Translated by Google) Theft (Original) Goid

Rob Cook

Wonderful confections!

Ronica L

So good! Classic for Alton, best cream horns around! Many other favorites! Good cookies!

Carolyn Jackson

I really wanted to love this place, but I'm afraid I was a bit disappointed. Their bread is great. I had Vienna, Pan, Jalapeno Cheddar, etc. Yummy. Then I bought a bag ($4.00) of sprinkled "tea cookies"(?). I ate one, and threw away the rest. I'm sorry...but cookies should be sweet. Blah!

Laura Stork

Everything is good!!!

Reba Gardner

The last two times I bought the large cookies they are not good

Sheena Frost

Best bakery around been around since the 1950's

Travis Nance

Always Delicious!!! And all the historical echoes of this bakery is simply "Icing on the Cake" Definitely a staple of Alton and surrounding areas.

Tricia Jackson

I love duke's! One of the saddest things about moving away from Alton. I'm visiting the area and I am planning on a special trip to Duke's before I leave town. Everything is fresh, there is wonderful variety, and it's delicious.

Paige Walker

Always very friendly, and food is very fresh and delicious every visit!

Julie D

Bakery treats are always tasty, and their cake is great. If I have to get a cake for an event, I always order it from Duke's.

Robert Myers

This is my place 2 buy the best hotdog n hamburger buns. The very best "Oreo Cookie Cake Roll". Served with some mashed up strawberries and sweetener this dessert cannot b beat. I stand by this. Their Yum Yum's are extra special as is their Vienna Bread. The bread with some REAL Butter is as good as cake. Don't get it sliced, buy it whole in a waxed bag and slice it at home with a good serrated knife r an email electric knife. A plastic bag will make it soggy by the u get it home. It will draw moisture in the a plastic

Scott Mcdaniel

Always top notch!

Mark Bramlet

Theyve been same location many years

Monik Farnam

Got my wedding cake here.. Everyone loved it.

Drew Hawkins

Best bakery in Alton, IL no questions asked you have to go to Duke!

JoAnn Moser

Love this place, I do wish it was a little less expensive

James Brennan

Best in Alton

kristen vanover

I love Dukes! They do awesome custom cakes and their cookies with icing are so good.

Stacey Kendrick

That is one awesome bakery love all the things they bake.

Brie Gray


Jill Zelle

Absolutey Amazing donuts.. haven't tried anything else yet... but definitely plan on revisiting every chance I'm in town in the future

Joan H


Mike Walker

Grew up in Alton over 50 years ago. Duke's was a stop on my way to school most mornings. When I was home last week, amazed to find out that after eating donuts and pastries all over the world, these are still among the best. The donuts literally melt in your mouth.

Erin Jo

Always fresh and friendly! Yummy treats, so yummy.

Geoff Zorger

Great as always.

Gretchen Lee

Best place ever!!! The chocolate cream horns were to die for and so were the dingy dong cake things... so good. Also the Danish was the bomb. The picture is from our room. There was no fancy milk glass there

Julee Harris

Best glazed donuts and banana nut bread!!

Kate Ponder

They are so friendly! I'll definitely be going back!


Dukes is the real home town bakery! Always 5 stars!!

Briane Penny

This is the best place to get donuts in the morning before work

mr. potato

Best doughnuts I've had in awhile. Their beehive is to die for!

Daniel Helderman

Christine H Hannibal

Oh my Goodness!! The bakery goods from Duke's are scrumptious!!! A fresh baked bread smell hits you as you walk in the door. Heavenly!! And the selection of baked goods is awesome!! So much great looking products- donuts and pastries and cakes and pies- all in one little store!! Oh, and everything we bought and ate was as delicious as it looked and smelled!! It is DEFINITELY worth the time and gas to pay a visit to this great bakery!! The place is easy enough to get to and find in Alton, on Henry Street. And the sales clerks were friendly and efficient but did not rush us when we were making our selections. There is also fresh coffee available for purchase and other drink products in the refrigerator cases.

Ariana Igo

Addae Mcclellan

Steve Schuder

Great selection of donuts and breads, seasonal items vary by the season respectively. Everyone behind the counter is always friendly.

Mary Weller

Marcus Steph Anderson

Jacqueline Ballinger

I love this place

Paul IMS

You can’t find a better bakery in the Riverbend area. If they run out it’s because they are the best. Cakes, bread, rolls, cupcakes and pies. They are all great from Duke’s Bakery. Take it from a fat guy who loves cake. This is where it’s at.

Piedmont Proper

A favorite my whole life!

Kenise Hamilton

Great donuts... Everytime I'm in town I have to stop by for the glazed donuts, and chocolate milk....

carolee eubanks

The best bakery in this area. Everything is superb.

Mary Stiebel

Service was good and food was great.

Brent crenshaw

Friendly people, delicious goods!

Robert McDowell


Cynthia Barnett

Great place for cakes, cookies, bread, donuts & much more.

Ashley Laux

Nikki Boyce

DO NOT get your wedding cake from here!!!!! So much was wrong! 1.They did not match the color of the fondant to what I wanted and they did not tell me they couldn't do it until the day he went to pick up the cake so it was to late to find someone who could (they could have airbrused it to get it the right color) . 2. They didn't cover the cake all the way and you could see the plate under the top layer because there was such a huge space. 3. I ordered the larger bottom layer to be red velvet and the smaller top layer white, but it was the other way around. 4. the cake had been made so many days in advance that by the time we got it it was all dried out and tasted nasty. We had to take a drink between bites because it was so dried out. If I had been the one to pick up this cake (a family member did it for me because I had to get my hair done), I would have demanded my money back, told them to keep it, and picked up a sheet cake from Wal-Mart because it would have been a better quality. I cannot believe I paid $167.00 for this plain undecorated 2 layer cake with it being of such half assed (at best) quality! I used to cater and do cakes for a living, but because I was already spreading myself thin doing everything myself. This just added to the stress

Lenny Gunnells

Dukes is a great example of down home real american business

Jamelia Daniels

Baked goods

Jason Lemons

Did not like the fact that when I went in that their were fies on the donuts so disgusting unacceptable needs improvement...

Tim Lamke

I don't think their stuff is very good to be honest, Mr donut on Homer Adams in Alton destroys dukes donuts. Not even close.

Kelly Noonan

Delicious Cinnamon rolls!


The Best Bakery Ever!

Marsha Schott

A must visit when in Alton. Never disappointed.

Andrew Lucker

This is my favorite bakery! They have an even better than usual don't selection in the weekend! I strictly buy Duke bread for our home.

Vicki Abel

Dukes Bakery has the cutest most unigue Valentine Pastries.

Nathan Jackson

Everything we tried was good. The big cookies were the only thing that disappointed. They were crunchy and not soft baked like we expected. Not knocking the flavor, just not what I expected. Their pie crust was amazing, and their prices are really reasonable.

Vickie Gibson

The best!!!!!

Keasha Orban

Just happened to be coming back through Alton because the ferry was closed to Missouri. I had a great cinnamon roll that have lots of cinnamon in it. Now there were 3 kinds to choose from.. so make sure you ask. But the apple fritters were all gone.

Zachary Waldron

Delicious donuts (doughnuts?) and pastries at affordable prices. As a guy who loves his donuts, Duke's is top notch. Their glazed are classic melt-in-your-mouth, stick-to-your-hands, goodness. Their filled donuts are tremendous as well. And their Cinnamon rolls are special. The storefront is a throwback to days of old. When you walk in you know they've been around for a while, and once you taste their fare, you'll know why.

James Hensler

I love it there. So many yummy treats. Love their Jalapeno Cheese Bread.

Diana Little

23.00 without tax for SMALL round German chocolate cake. Looked like a glorified cupcake...but delicious

Adam Mahan

Duke's fingers, if you don't know, I feel bad for you. Also the jalapeno cheddar bread is so so good!

Clint White

Great pastries and birthday cakes.

Catherine Patterson

Stephen Commander

Kathy Steinberg

Tanya Berryman

Best donuts around Cakes are amazing also

Lavonne Barton

Amy Smith

These gals are great. Very friendly and always willing to help you make a moment special.

Amy Soldan

They make authentic pazcki. A polish filled donut you eat on Mardi Gras.

Brian Tutterow

Great bakery that has been in Alton for years. Doughnuts, cookies, cake, pies, cupcakes and specialty pastries and other baked goods that vary through the month. Excellent Brea's as well

Morgan Harlan

Adorable bakery. Great items!

Rachael Beccue

I love stopping by while I'm in Alton. The best bakery in the Metro East!

Aaron Veicht

Veronica Galletta

Very friendly helpers.


Ron Gordon

Those donuts are sinfully delicious

Jimmy Williams

Alton best donuts

Cordero Blue

Cody Stevenson

My kids love going here. Great selection. Always something out of the ordinary to try. Not just donuts. Very nice employees.

Mary Ferlisi

Pierce Naylor

Awesome cakes, cookies, and donuts.

Nominal Nichole

Great fresh bread. Depending on the day, the staff can be less than helpful but everything in the store is phenomenal.

John Thyer

My go to bakery for everything from donuts, bread, and cakes. Great small business.

jeffrey fore

Lori P

Only place to buy and serve a delicious birthday cake! Donuts and bread delicious too! I drive 5.5 hrs to get my cakes!

Jalala Zander

Beth Peipert

Grew up this neighborhood.Everybody's place to go, Sunday's AFTER church, Wedding cakes ..will ALWAYS accommodate

Kendra Eberhart

Jullian Heindricks

Grew up loving Duke's doughnuts, cakes, and pies. Sweet treats and sweet people.

skywatcher 9928

They have amazing cake!!!!!! I Can't Get Enough

Mytown Myself

This place needs to use the donut recipe that Grandpa Doucleff used. Donuts used to be light, fluffy melt in mouth. They were yummy. Now they are dry, stiff, tasteless and the front staff is slightly ride. But no other bakery in the neighborhood so I take what they serve.

James Craig

Get here early for best selection.

Brandie Turner

Seth Mcgee

James Edwards

I've loved this place since I was a kid! DELICIOUS pies (my fave is the cherry lattice) & great sugar cookies with sprinkles. Ice cold chocolate milk in the fridge and doughnuts and all kinds of delicious goodies.

Mama Neen

I must visit when I come to the Alton area the absolute best donuts in the world not just in Alton

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