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REVIEWS OF Costco Wholesale IN Missouri

Dori Mcneill

I had a flat bed full of groceries and in the parking lot several bottles of wine fell off and 1 broke. Nick with two earrings helped me and ran back inside and got a replacement bottle and brought it out to my car. He made a great effort to help me out and thank you so much !!! Lenny

Mike Hume

We have an okay Costco here, they are fighting the city to expand. I hope Costco wins. Their staff is great, but we still have to stop in Billings to get everything we need.

Janell W

Amazing customer service! The person putting the items in the cart at checkout noticed a moldy strawberry in the container and personally took it back and replaced it for me. It's so great to have employees that care enough to notice thinks like that and proactively take care of it!


A great Costco! All you would expect from them..but what I love about this one is the layout. It's super clean. Really nice staff.

Michael Hancock

I like Costco a lot. As a single person I don't often need to buy in bulk, but when I do its great. I like to get pizza, chicken bakes, muffins, prepared sides, and cakes/pies. The gas is a good price as well.

Christian Denny

Really like this place. The food is great. The selection is wonderful. And the staff are helpful.

Meagan Browne

I love the deals and the low cost organic products. The staff is always helpful and friendly.

Anthony N.

Nice Costco. Great items and good prices. I wish the gas station had another pump. It gets crowded frequently, especially when a tanker is making a delivery. Recently remodeled the food court. Best time to go is weekdays, but even on weekends they keep the lines moving.

Ryan Burroughs

Good place. Wish they had more locations and less of a line at the gas pumps


Love this store. Great prices and even better with their monthly sales. Love their photo card we order got Christmas. Under 100 for 100 cards, envelopes and stamps. Love that they do taste samples as well because you get to try their stuff before you buy

Jennifer Smith

Very bad service at the front desk around 1pm today and the person making sure you did not steal anything, checking receipts was vey slow and rude.

Lory Ann Willis

Great place. Great prices. Love it

Diane Szarek

I absolutely love this store.

Michelle Vance

Who doesn't like Costco? Walked out with a basket full of vegan/vegetarian stuff!

Nathan Mauck

Their samples and food are amazing and it has just about anything you would need.

Steve Major

love this place great food and services

Jackie Kussman

Love Costco merchandise! But it's Costco...Too many people seems like the store could have a little better flow and organization.

Barbara Burton

I like the one on Manchester better

jen hedemann

5 stars always. We have been going there for 18 years and have never been dissapointed!!

Dacey Jedlicka

Favorite store ever. The Costco in helena is a little bigger than the one in Bozeman and Bozemans prices seem a little higher but overall it doesnt stop me from going!

Phillip Zabalza

I've been here a few times and it always has been a pleasurable shopping experience.

Brian Turner

I always check here for prices on tires. Most of the time they have the best. Lots of good deals on food as well.

Lindsey Williams

Staff is super helpful and friendly. Have a great selection with amazing prices! Definitely worth the membership!

Peter Richardson

Fast tacos. Wish they used a little more cumin in the ground beef seasoning.

Alexander Hazellief

Costco always does what they can for their members and it is a bright, fast paced, happy atmosphere to be in!

Chris Sanchez

Where you can get just about anything nice prices

Andrew Kaufman

I love Costco for certain items. Meat department is great. I always get all my dairy products at Costco. Friendly customer service. They will always get my business. 4 stars

Donna Hughes

Enjoyed all the selections & variety of food.

Robert Neumann

Always great products, always great prices, AND always get people.

Margo Bowman

I go here for not only groceries or non-food items, but for my prescriptions. These pharmacists know their business. If they don't have the answer, they research it to get you the answer. Their cost is lower other pharmacies (we have priced around). They are so dependable that we don't want to go anywhere else.

Brittany Shiver

Very clean, tidy and usually well stocked. The photo service is also very prompt. Love my Costco!

Lorraine Chavez

Typical big box experience. Maybe more crying kids than usual. And a bit of parking lot road rage. But no problem. It's all good.

Kimberly A Fincher-Lucky

Great prices and excellent customer service!

Chris Maker

This is my Costco great company and love the staff.

AverageCboy Leverett

Who doesn’t like a Costco! Everything you need at easy access.

Tiffani Zimmerman

Costco is a great store for a lot of bargains, if you've got the storage. You do need to be a member also to go shopping there. One option is to go with a friend and share things. Frozen items, bread, cheese, sugar, etc... Double check though, not everything is less expensive, ex-papertowels, but the toilet paper is, again if you've got the storage to keep it safe. They have quite an assortment of organic items as well. Some of their clothing are sturdy, warm, and inexpensive too. I do have an issue though. I have a bad back and it is extremely painful for me to walk on the concrete floors for any length of time.

Dustin Moritz

Great place but the problem are the rude parts of humanity that also go!

Heather Bassett

We like to get pizza for the family, never disappointed!

Amanda Hayes

We always have a good visit at Costco. We plan a stop every time we're in the area. You can't beat the $1.50 hotdog and soda combo. Delicious start to your shopping trip. The prices are always good, and even better when it's on sale. We also print our photos here when needed. You can't beat the price. The gas price is always the best in the area. Sometimes by quite a bit. We've found the Kirkland's brand to be quite good.

Melody McAllister

My experience with this place was horrible. I shop for the office and we have a company card. The cashier checks the back of my card and say where is the holder of the card. I tell her we changed purchaser for my agency and I am now the purchaser. She make a big scene in front of every one. We will not be renewal our membership. We have Restaurant Depot, GFC and Sam's. No thank you on the renewal. Prejudice at it's finest. I sat down to see if she address anyone else card and no she did not.


Always fun to see what they have.

Ralph Giffin

Went to renew yesterday and was told if I upgraded to executive membership and applied for Costo credit card I would receive a $60 cash card. That actually cuts the cost in half for the executive card. Lots of cashback offers with use of the Costco Anywhere Visa card!

Daniel Arenas

Great low prices and an assortment of regularly updated outdoor gear and clothing.

Andrew Farmer

Main reason I go is for gas and the food bar is always great

Henry Westra

Good wholesale distribution store. Great value and very competitive prices. Helpful staff and friendly environment.

Scott DeRuntz

The best place to shop ever! Love Costco!!!

Dorothy Lewis

Very good service . Not a long wait.

Donna Sena

Love Costco but didn't have valveeta cheese and cream of mushrooms

Alice Seeley

I went in to buy a carpet shampooer. The Coors location had it priced for $200 with a $30 rebate but were sold out. I went to the Eubank location that had them in stock but were marked up $19 more. Very disappointed to find out it's the managers discretion for pricing and they are independently owned so some stores are more expensive. And they don't price match.

SharonM W

Costco is the best it has stuff I didn't even know I needed

Angel Copeland

Nice for big family's and buying a summer worth in one trip

Heather Murie

In a great clean area and has been easy to come in and check out quickly and it's near other restaurants and stores

Gini Murphy

Always a good experience. They are friendly, helpful, and fast.!

Jan B

Love the covered parking-please do this at all the Costco's I know that Ican get everything I need at Costco, and it's high quality

Kellie Ann Peterson

The greatest thing about Costco's is its consistency no matter where you travel in the world. This store and the one in Spain we visited last year had the same courteous customer service and the best options for food, household items, and just about anything you would need at the best prices.

Joyce Jeffries

Love this Costco!! I shop here for most of my family’s needs and can always find what I need. Today, the clothing employee, Kady, went out of her way to find my daughter the pair of shoes that she wanted and this hard working lady deserves special recognition. Thanks for keeping that clothing area neat and organized!!

Lisa Larabee

Great deals for bulk items!

Paul D

Love Costco just wish they had one near Jefderson City or Columbia MO

Joyce Kraft

Lot of nice things

Sandra Abeyta

I just love going over there getting the sales

Caleb Smith

The only reason I come to Costco is for the gas. It's generally around 30 cents cheaper per gallon for premium than any other nearby gas stations. Personally I'm not a fan of Costco, so I try to never go in the store. The prices are higher (even when buying in excessive bulk) than online retailers that deliver to my door, I have to buy in bulk, which causes more waste and the lines are purposely long and they treat you like a criminal when you walk out, only to cause another long line - and they still don't check every single item in your bag. I would give Costco a 1 star if it weren't for their gas deals. They seriously have nothing special other than this. I can find the same or better deals elsewhere 99% of the time.

Faustina Castillo

They always have good prices for what you get.

Taunia Kittler

Paleo, Keto and Macro counting food selection is great!

Cody G

Good selection of items for sale. Usually good prices. Love the food samples. Gas is cheaper than most stations.

Debbie Gorman

Love Costco. The gas prices save me enough to pay for my membership!!!

Tracy Eastman

Was disappointed that they don't seem to carry the small breed dog food. I asked for help and the response I got was "if you don't see it we don't have it." Worst service I've ever gotten at Costco. They also don't have the 2 pack of milk. I realize it is probably a regional thing but I expected more consistency between stores.

Dakota Wolfskill

Everyone was friendly and I found what I needed

gina schad

Best prices on scripts.

Sammy Pedroncelli

When compared to even Wal-Mart, the members fees are more than paid for in what you save in a year on just toiletries and cleaning supplies alone.

Danny Prus

Friendly, helpful staff, fairly good selection, excellent prices. On-site single food court.

Linda Owens

Great people work here and shop here. :-) On a knee scooter and people are so willing to help! A wintery, mushy day. #Oh I love MT

Marie Garrett

COSTCO is a great place to shop and buy food

Craig Mason

We love Costco. Spend lots of money there. The wine selection is awesome and very reasonably priced.

Llorente 93

Good location on the westside. Nothing special, what's to be expected from your typical Costco.

kevin hallman

Always a busy place with top notch/shelf products. Only gripe is when you find something you really like it may not be there the next time since selections are limited.

Robert Garrett

I've been a new member for three months and form the day after I started my membership I've felt uncomfortable and not from other members but from the greeters and check out staff. Everyone's bubbly, pre programmed and if you don't follow the program they have zero skills to except your falts. I'm paying to be there staff needs to be empathetic.

Rick Kaftan

It gets way too crowded too fast but check out is quick however.

Vito Wagner

This Costco is backwards in layout from my normal store. The employees here were great even by Costco standards!

Francine Padilla

I love Costco, they have everything in bulk, which last's awhile, and everyone that work's there is so helpful and friendly, I used to be a food sampler when they were still The Price Club, keep up the great work!!!

Lila Nezar

Employee named “Adam” accused my little brother of stealing a bolted down laptop. After it was proven that he absolutely did not steal the laptop there was no apology Issued. The situation was extremely unprofessional and will make me reconsider renewing my membership.

Julian Orozoc

Good prices. Lots of options.

Bridger Pepper

Their chicken bakes took a while, but they were totally worth it! The fruit smoothy was very sour and not worth the $2.99 in my opinion. I miss the strawberry and soft serve ice cream cups a lot!


It's ok. Always busy. Well stocked and plenty of employees around. Seems clean within customer space. Prices are bit higher than same items at Sam's Club. The food court was my biggest reason for the $60 membership. It is much better than Sam's Club food court.

Joshua B

Place was easy in and out.

nick torres

Smaller than the other 2 in town but great staff

john ellison

Great place for the things you need. In and out quickly not a long wait time even when busy. Great value and friendly staff.

Craig Ingram

This place is great. Much friendlier than the other club

Sheldon Young

Who doesn't love Costco? I really wish we had a bigger Costco here. Hopefully they will make one in Belgrade soon. The prices are always amazing! I also really like buying items in bulk.

David Sparks

Costco is always very handy and have new items for me to purchase only problem is you always leave with things you didn't even know existed.

Teresa Smith

All the food is fresh great taste and same quality every time.

patty marquez

I love the prices service and the samples yummm.mmm

Tie Chee

Great place to go to...

Di Marie

Love the food & beverage samples. The demonstrator's are a plus in Costco. Great way to try new things, since you are buying such large quantities!

Rachel Faulkner

Costco workers are always so nice. I love the selection and price of items as well. Even though it appears that the store is full, I barely ever wait long in line to check out. We bought their mac and cheese (Costco prepared) and it was a big hit for the entire family. We also enjoyed the salmon. Really, nothing I've ever purchased from Costco has been bad. Their baked goods are great!

Jamie Clum

Love Costco! On top of all their normal amazing options, they have a fantastic optical center.

Roberta Atole

Purchased items on sale and groceries and sat at a table w hot dog and soft drinks waited for pizza to go.

Eli Anselmi

always find what i need. Cashiers are fast and friendly... and never leave without getting my churro!

Pat K

My go-to store for several products that I can't find anywhere else. Great when you are entertaining a large group. Enjoy their bakery goods!

Amanda McClurg

Who doesnt love Costco?! Quick stop for dog food and a few other things. Inexpensive lunch at the food court!

Steven Powers

Great place, staff is really helpfu! My only gripe is lines get ridiculously long, and checkout is often the longest part of shopping here. It's not the checkers faults they are quick and good at what they do. It's not having enough lines open that cause this.

Dave Scissors

Great buys and great service and I spend a lot of money

Sarah Cooper

Best place in the whole wide world to get food for 5 or more people


I love Costco! This place has so much cool stuff all the time. I went here the other day for glasses and I'm so glad I did. I was initially going to get my new glasses from my optometrist place, but it was going to be $170 after insurance...JUST FOR LENSES! I said, "screw it! I'm going to Costco". They were great there in the optical department and I got great glasses for super cheap. Most of their frames are $50-60 and their lenses are a flat $60 no matter what coatings and add-ons you get (I think transitions might cost more though). So even though Costco was out of network for me, I spent WAY less at than I would have at my "preferred provider" optometrist. I also love Costco ready to drink Margarita! ;-)


What a nightmare!! We were dealing with a customer service person named Heather who kept pushing and pushing the 120 dollar membership on us even after telling her no several times. It got to the point that she made us feel completely uncomfortable while applying for a membership as though they didn't want our business unless we got the expensive membership. Horrible customer service!! Then it turns out that they can't accept Mastercard as payment for a membership. What kind of company doesn't accept Mastercard?!! Also, the place was packed to the brim with people, and the dinning tables were filthy. I felt agitated the whole time I was there as people were pushing their way through like they were in New York. About as bad as it gets.

Steve Shibuya

The Bozeman Costco is a great place to shop, as most of the other Costcos are. We went on a Saturday morning and it was not terribly crowded, the shelves were well stocked, the store was clean and check out was fast. The store is located on the outskirts of town, just off I-90, so one does not have to mess with downtown traffic. Lots of parking and no line for gas. What is not to like about that?

Shelley Mullins

It's Costco! Love the prices, love the clothing section in the middle. Very busy and very nice staff!

Brandon Lupien

Costco is Costco, this location is better than south county as far as staff is concerned

wayne farley

Always Clean always great customer service and love the products that Costco offers

Du Hau

The entrance was a little hard to get to (through small inside roads).

Gordon Jankord

The best products and best pricing in the area.

Lakeisha Cooper


Will Lubker

Good experience as usual. Lines were long but they know how to get people through quickly. And a hot dog and a soda for a buck and a half how can you go wrong!

Mitchell Lewis

Picked up good prices on items we needed!

Pancasatya Agastra

This is one of Bozeman's love affairs. This place servers the need for a lot of Montanas who live out in the mountains, where they have to stock up their food. I don't live in the montains, I just stock up for the week. The chicken drumsticks are hella inexpensive! The fresh flowers are so beautiful. A good place to get your basmati rice ooooor your pizza oooor your huge hot dog. On the weekend, this place is like a Costco version of Bite of Bozeman.

Tamara Benscoter

Love the must can find what you need,and some good sales too.

Eliza Rivas

Costco is so good, it's dangerous to my bank account LOL! Love all the new finds each time I go. :)

Jason LiCavoli

I love the unique items I find at Costco. Our family has been members since 2003 and I'm a huge fan!

Damien Tourville

You can get everything you need here. They have covered parking made of solar panels!! That's genius and your car won't get hot!!!

Greg FoxJet

Nice store with a familiar layout. Am always glad to find one near to my location when traveling. Nice neighborhood location. They handled my return with no problems.

Margaret Johnson

Awesome experience. I had a flat tire near cottonwood mall around 6:30 pm on a Friday evening. I could see the tire was beyond repair. Rolled into Costco and they had the right size for my car in stock and changed them out in a little over an hour. Really great service. Thank you.

Rhett sanborn

Costco is definetly a 5 star the crowds, parking, and other shoppers are less than 1 star build another one imediately!

Renae Mattimoe

Who doesn't love Costco? Great deals, snacks while you shop (samples!) and quality products.

Charles Brock

Always find something

Carol Handley

No one could ever tell me if the tumeric cereal was coming back. On-line chat asked the name when I just gave it to them. There's never anyone at the store to ask

nirmala arun

For bulk purchase Costco is ideal. Quality goods are available. Worth visiting

Mark Henry

Good variety of summer products

Justin Wooten

It's extremely hard to find a staff member who isn't willing to help you. I recently bought a love seat and they loaded it on a cart then helped load it in my truck. They are always willing to help! I go to Costco once a week and don't regret it.

Priscilla Klaas

We use Costco for Toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex, clothes detergent and softener, coffee and creamer, milk and bread. All of those have much lower price and good quality. We recently started buying meat. All we buy elsewhere is fresh vegetables and some canned products that we don’t buy in bulk. Really simplifies shopping. I let Costco research for me. Love it. We also buy pool chemicals here. We figured savings on chemicals and dry goods paid for the membership. We don’t allow ourselves to be lured in by cool , expensive products.

Eve Ioana Saimanov

Best store ever!

lovie bey

Love this place. Unfortunately, I end up buying to much stuff. Prices are good. Quality is good. Much better than Sam's. The employees are helpful and don't seem to be irritated that you are asking them a question. I do hate the lines. They need a a line for people only getting a few things. I have had to wait in a long line to get 4 or 5 things. Saturday is the worst day to go. Gas is cheap. I only buy gas there if given a choice.

HF Boroni

Hard to give any place 5 stars when it is the same as so many Costco stores you've been in before. If you LOVE Costco, you'll love this one. Their gas prices cannot be beat in Albuquerque. So, it's great and just like the Costco stores we know and love everywhere.

Allison Davis

Always easy to find what I need, please of parking, cashiers very quick and friendly!

William M Fillpot

It's Costco, it's awesome, buy some bulk stuff.

Flashback Submission Subscription

I love this place, we don't buy meat here anymore though. Too many bad experiences. Kirkland Canadian whiskey is the best

Jeremy Raley

Standard Costco. Neat and clean with friendly staff.

James Jones

Neat and organized facility. Prices match online sources. Too few bodies to help direct shoppers when searching, however.

Charlie Newsome

Great employees, always helpful and genuine.

Gordon Sticka

Good gas prices in every state.

C.Marie Said-It

I'm ashamed to say how much I love the options and choices I take advantage of at Costco. They have a really great selection of food. You have to know how to shop there to get a good deal on the quality items.

Larissa Avice

This Costco is great nice employees, quick lines, great cashiers, and great stuff to buy at the shop.

Alfred M. Santellan

Helpful staff and good produce and products sold at fair prices. Your desire to reach out to yoir your customer frlm serving the best quality foods, such as a simple hot dog, at the snack bar stand to all the best selected item's to insure repeated consumers return has been your successfully achieved in my book. Being a member of Costcos club makes assurance I'm buy from an organization that cares, not only for my savings, but protecting every means possible to insure my return by the top quality products and produce they sale. Outstanding New Mexican style friendliness traditions and team worker manifesting the sunshine of their hearts.

Matt Ebert

Fast and friendly staff. Great selection, spot on with the seasonal items. Food court is an awesome value with great quality. Gas prices are usually among the cheapest in the area (.20 cheaper than anything I passed on the way home today). Always worth having a membership!

Dan Sundgren

Love me some Costco!!!

Renny Bardol

Sams is better

Ethan Hunts

Great bulk store, friendly staff.

Gerald Elder

I was surprised to find that even on a late Friday afternoon the lines were short and were moving fast. I was able to get a beautiful rib in roast of USDA Prime beef which will get a dry rub tonight and is going in the smoker tomorrow.

ie salazar

Way over priced. We have held a Sam's membership for years so I wanted to see if there was a benefit to both. However, in the first 10 minutes I could see the difference in pricing. It is no wonder the guy selling the membership was so pushy.

reddy satya surya siva rama krishna

Costco, The best as usual..

Jeremy Samuel

Gloria was an extremely rude cashier. I greeted her and was completely ignored. I was asked if i needed a box and my items were thrown into the boxes. At the end of the transaction all I got was a thanks. No hi no bye. Not cool and absolutely unacceptable. I'm so sick and tired of going into the locations and being treated poorly by the staff. I go to the Coors location because the folks at the Renaissance location are so rude.

Jo G.

Good selection, good service but understaffed with cashiers. Long lines.

Michele M

Love Costco but really hate that they constantly take away our favorite items. Bring back the bakery Cinnamon Raisin bagels and the big bags of cheetos!! My membership is due soon and I know Sams has the bagels so I may have to switch. My kids LOVE them

Dianne Jones

Employees r always friendly and helpful

Kim Palmer

Items we're well stocked, organized and cost marked well. Checkout was timely. Motorized cart stopped many times during visit but was able to get it going again. Finally it just stopped (battery was fully charged). Had to go get another cart to replace bad one.

annette negron

Great place, lots of things to choose from. Helpful staff.

Marissa Vigil

Such wonderful employees

jeffrey grigsby

The check out lines are slow .people with big carts. and long line's.cashier's are very nice.will help you with anything.

Ray Good

Good rottessry chicken and cheap gas prices.

Patricia Ahlen

Love Costco and the friendly cashiers.

Kyle N.

Driving through Bozeman stopped to get gas on a trip. As I’m filling up I’m looking around for the windshield washer fluid and squeegee. Workers like we don’t have them anymore they took them away because two people within a week drove off with the nozzles still attached to the cars. Huh? What’s that have to do with removing the windshield washer cleaner and squeegees?!? Our local Costco has them still (Helena). Are the people different in Bozeman and can’t be trusted? Had to drive a couple miles into Bozeman to clean my windshield at another gas station. Bring back the windshield wash stations!


The best return policy...worth the membership fee

Jason Schaffer

One of the nicest Costco stores I have been to.

Donnie Borsenberger

Great store and helpful with loading into Hummer for me.

Travis H

Super busy as expected, but the if the employees wouldn't have been at most of the sample stands eating the samples meant for customers maybe we could have tired something today. Obviously Costco employs too many people if they can stand around and bs all day.

Angela Hindmand

Plenty to chose from. Great location across from the mall and Starbucks. Clean and organized as well. Nice customer service and cafe has great food at a great price. Their pizza to go or eat by the slice is great.

Connie Kellerman

We always find what we're looking for plus more.

Lioness B

I love Costco, BUT!, the produce goes bad toooooo quickly.( Maybe just lately) & I mean A day in half later is TOOO QUICK. getting pretty upset w that. Otherwise, love Costco. Ps. One employee there is a terribly rude woman! Will post her name, if encounter her rude again, short hair, overly done, and just rude. I try to avoid her now, The rest have always been friendly.

Ryan ostby lane Lane

Good dog eat two

NaTasha Haney

This place has a huge selection, the staff were super friendly and service was prompt. Clean and organized store and easy to navigate. Will be back.

A Meyer

It's Costco. Awesome if you need eight gallons of pickle relish. Not so great if you want to spend under a hundred bucks. This location is clean, well stocked, and the employees are super friendly and helpful. Robert, who checks receipts as you go, is one of the most friendly and warm employees anywhere. And of course, there's the $1.50 Polish dog meal. Not only is it a great deal and a great dog but it's our economy's very barometer - when the price of that Polish dog goes up, we're all screwed.


Food court is the best!

Crystal Davey

Love shopping there. Also really like their meat.

Chris Knudson

Very busy, but very fast checkout

Jonathan Magallanes

Costco is the best place to get your tires done in town by far! Best prices for top quality tires especially during there penny install promotion. I would like to recommend Michael in the tire department as well. I've never meant a more professional and caring associate at Costco period. Request him specifically during your next visit. He'll take good care of you.

Richard Owen

Great day to go. Could park easily, got glasses adjusted, found everything I needed!

Derik Slayton

1/4 lb. Hot Dog & Soda for $1.50...DEEEELICIOUS!!!

Seth Chase

I love the food court. I hope they expand their menu. I'd love it if Costco put up a salad bar area, I think they'd make bank if they did that. They've made small moves toward healthy food products, but I say jump in Costco, start putting salad bars in your stores!


Super nice people but a little crowded

Abraham Alire

Always have wat my family needs friendly staff

Tyler Goff

Customers are just rude with their own agendas with no respect for someone else space. No one says excuse me, sorry, or thank you. No one respects eachother as they would want to be treated. It's sad. Costco though is the best store for bulk shopping and deals!

Terry Kieffer

Bargain city, good prices.

Garridon G

This is a great place for well-planned shopping visits. If you don't plan, you'll likely spend two or three times as much as you thought! Service is always great and don't be scared by long lines... They crank through them super fast. The staff is always very helpful, and if you shop right the value is good. I go once or twice a month like clockwork

Heidi Andersen

Can't beat the prices! Why is costco so much fun?! Dont know but we will keep coming back!

Cary Miller

When you need a poor man's buffet or a pallet of dijon mustard, look no further.

Jessica Purdy

Always a great time at Costco. Except around the holidays. The parking lot is kind of difficult to get out of. There is usually a big line of cars at the gas station on property. Just be patient and you will get your turn. The pizza is great. Always a treat for the family to eat it. Our favorite is the rotisserie chicken. That with a salad is filling meal. Christmas is the best time for deals here. The toy sets are great and reasonably priced. They have great luggage also. I am still using mine I bought 4 years ago and it works great. The best time is all the food samples. Though it is hard not to impulse buy afterwards.

David Fults

No matter how busy, in and out quickly due to quick and friendly service!

Claudina Guzman

Great deals for bulk buy.

gladys Apodaca

always good service. Consistent everywhere I've been

Sharon Polster

I had the best customer service rep in the world. She was just so wonderful and personable and intelligent and knowledgeable. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you Costco for hiring this person.

Joshua Beaty

Great place to shop. Lots of options. quality.

Chris Bergs

If you've ever been to Costco or another bulk but store like Sam's Club then you probably know what to expect when you go to Costco. If you've never been to one of these stores before then you are in for a treat! This is the place to go if you need to buy a 5 gallon pail of Dill pickles or a one gallon can of soy sauce. Honestly though my family gets a lot of stuff from Costco from dry goods like paper towels and trash bags to eggs and quite a bit of fresh produce. Of the 3 Costco's in town this location send to be the nicest, it seems less crowded than the other two and the staff seems nicer and more friendly to me and my family. I can easily recommend Costco in general for bulk purchases and this one in particular for the best staff in the city.

Hannah Tucker

They have good pricing on wholesale. I like the organic selection and they always have great samples. They could use some better fruit in the winter, however.

Rolland Mcfarland

I shop often at Costco. The only problem I have is their dropping items I seem to enjoy buying, ie. Coco and salted caramel granola cereal was last weeks disapointment.

Mike Langner

Great place if buying in quantity for many things works well for you. Super bargain pricing. Inventory varies, however, and if you're looking for a specific item they may not always have it. My wife and I are regular Costco shoppers.


Great place! Just gotta know pricing since some stuff not a good deal

Kristin Bogopane

I will always be Costco's number one advocate. I feel like I'm home whenever I walk in there. Everyone that works there is always smiling and incredibly friendly. From the person who greets me at the door, to the photo center, to customer service at the end. They're all wonderful! And they are very interactive with my kids and always give them a smiley face on the back of the receipt.

nor sewell

Parked at the handicapped space by the building but had to walk in the street because the walkways are blocked by shopping carts. They need to clear the entrances to the foyer.

Daryl Vigil

Heather, at service counter helpful and friendly. Beautiful.

Joanie Snyder

Great place if you go early

Kimberly B

I realized at 7:30 PM one of my front tires wasn't holding air, and I had to leave at 6:00 AM the next morning to drive for an hour to a meeting. Costco tire dept was the only tire shop open in the area. I headed to Costco (in a torrential downpour) and got there 20 minutes before close hoping they could patch it. They graciously checked me in, with no hint of annoyance. I handed over my keys, and made a mad dash through the store for the week's groceries. They called to say I needed a new tire (2 actually) as both were worn but leaking tire was irreparable. They put my new tires on and when they were done, cheerfully HELPED ME LOAD MY GROCERIES in the continuing torrential downpour! I will be back! Super friendly, super kind, above and beyond service.

Jim Knight

Clean, low prices, treat their people right.


Even in Montana have a good selection if food, but just my Margarita mix they do not carry here.

Sara Bowman

It was busy but they get you in and out pretty quickly.

K Menz

I don't think it is that much cheaper than other places

Doug Bullock

My favorite place to shop. Food is fresh and good choices made in inventory. Never had a bad visit here. I spend too much money because there are way too many great buys here but everything is a great deal

CJ Stump

Store is always extremely busy regardless of what time I shop. That being said the staff is super friendly and very efficient. Hands down best Costco in the state

Regina Gray

Didn't have what I came for

Steve Hollister

Clean, organized good flow.

Rusty Bates

Great place to shop ( not everything is in bulk). So you can buy items in smaller quality.

Teresa Soule

Had what we needed and we got out quickly.

Barlow Draper

I buy certain items at Costco. Excellent price compared to grocery stores. More bang for the buck.

Lenn Rupp

Somehow in spite of the fact that I keep my citibank card in a guarded wallet, my card was compromised and I paid for bill for the person who was next in line. I got a call from the manager explaining the problem would require me to return to that location to correct the problem. I am canceling the card and maybe my membership. Keep your card guarded!

Kenny Roberts

I always love Costco wherever. Same great things as everywhere else.

Doris Jensen

Check out was very quick. No problem finding the things that I neeed.

Obadiah Rouse

Costco is amazing and always busy. Hopefully we will expand at some point in the near future. I still love it though.

Sonja Montgomery

The employees are very helpful and the fresh produce and meat sections are my favorite.

Karen Trueba

I can count on great quality products, clean environment, help if I need it. They are great about returns, you do not even have to your receipt, they can look it up on your card. So easy. Also my parents are elderly and I shop with them, my dad uses a scooter and my mom has vision problems and the staff is great with them.

Tanya Jarvis

The guy at customer service was very rude and so was the cashier. Was not a very pleasant visit.

Lori Hayes

Bozeman store very busy but in and out for both groceries and food court.

Chris Johnson

Came for the toilet paper, stayed for the hot dogs

Kea Stathatos

Love love love this Costco. We go in for lunch multiple times a week. They always have what we are looking for and stuff we didn't know we needed. Best place to buy TP, paper towels, dog food, hamburger patties, bread... The list goes on. Friendly staff, gotta love Costco.

Nosean Hotosculeroz

Lady with burgandy hair ( looks older maybe in her 30s hell maybe even 40s) wouldn’t let me threw.not even into the member services. I have been an executive member for a couple of months now and I felt extremely discriminated. I hope incidents like this don’t occur often. What a shame; the inequality and the discrimination; of people of color...

Linda McCullough

Great staff, good products., good prices..need guest wf.

CJ Daniels

Great place to shop, always super busy on the weekend, so if you can the weekday is best time to go.

Chad Sacry Electric

Super place to get everything you need and a lot of new things to discover. My favorite place to shop.

Rio Tarbo

Excellent place. Still doesn't beat another fav grocery store of ours, but still great place for books, household items, grozen stuff. I do wish they'd keep a reliable stock of the All American Chocolate Cake. Gone in two times for it and they've been out.

Doreah Hopewell

Good layout, great prices, friendly staff

Pinky Labog

So good! they have a cooler bag today and it is huge and super affordable, great to bring for picnics and when doing grocery shopping it keeps the food frozen:) go grab one till it's there

La Tingai Bozeman

Always excellent service

bass man Benally

Always great deals and friendly staff there.

Dana Wiele

Love Costco!!! The store is clean and the employees are friendly. Great prices ... Especially their monthly coupon items. The meat is high quality.

Bruce Weible

Gotta' be one of my favorite places to shop. Good prices and friendly staff. And the daily samples are a +.

Dale Frank

Not a member yet but their gas is normally 20+cents cheaper, so it is a good place to have a membership.

Debbie Chico

It is always a fun visit. I like that most all of the items change with the seasons. Also, you can't beat the gas prices, even though you usually have to wait just a bit.

Corrina Wood

I come from a Sam's area. Costco is much the same. I occasionally feel like there is slightly less variety and organization but it could be change. They have great deals on bulk items for every area of the home as well as cheaper gas. We go on the weekends when you can have a free lunch with all the samples. The cost is the crowd. They have a great snack bar as well.

Bob Smolen

Really disappointed in Costco's switch in package sizes and types for their baby carrots. Going from one 5lb bag to 2 attached 2lb bags has been nothing but a hassle. Most of the time when ripping the bags apart, the bags tear. Would love to see the single bags again.

Mary Pfingsten

Surprisingly dissappointed, not our normal store went with friend took 3 workers to count 24 items to make sure they counted right wasted an hour of our time. To waste a customer's time to count I feel is overzealous and was extremely frustrating. Def will go to a different one next time in town.

David Valdez

This Cosco is great. Always very clean and well organized. As far as products, you can never go wrong getting Kirkland brand in any department. Very good quality food and products. The best days to go are on Monday through Thursday. I try to avoid going on the weekends because it gets very busy.

Maddox Argo

Yeah groceries are great and everything but where is my el pastor salad? The vegan salad in the deli? Thought Costco was finally accommodating the plant based diet. Can’t believe they got rid of it after a few months

Lucia Ortega Toledo

It's really great going half and hour close to the closing of the store because there is hardly any customers there, it's a quick navigation of the store and the employees are very resourcefull and helpful since they all want to leave asap.

Vamshi Nukala

Good Place and friendly staff. Missing few things which are available at other Costco warehouses.

Narayanan R

Visited so many times for shopping, good products.

Mona Whiteman

I love Costco, the great variety of products, especially their produce

Brett Hammann

Great location, great products, fantastic staff and clean store

Claretta Griego

what can I say about Costco. Everything is a five there. Decent parking. Great gas cost if you're willing to wait. High quality food. Interesting Deli. About the only thing that I cannot do there is lift all the heavy stuff so I can't buy it.

Matthew Sahd

Who doesn't love Costco?

Roxie Scales

Love it ! Encountered a very nice young man helped me load my car at the Mid Rivers store Mike Capelton. Really went out of his way

William Doctorman

Great selection of good meats

S Kenney

I've been a member here for years and have noticed prices steadily climbing to normal retail just like everywhere else and sometimes even higher. Their food court has changed its menu a few times eliminating popular items for things that are more expensive and supposedly more healthy I'm sure it couldn't be about the bottom line they must be thinking about what's best for their customers... yeah right!! Gas prices can be matched at multiple locations in the area so even their fuel discount can be beat at regular retail locations....

Roland Green

Always... forever

Susanw Wilson

AlwAys friendly staff. Goid gas prices

Eric Nordquist

Avoid weekend afternoons if you can. The sample squads are out in force. Which means people standing blocking aisles to get their teaspoon of whole grain mustard, etc.

Stephen Young

Not a good experience

April Ortiz

Always great prices, friendly sales associates, only down side is sometimes when I find a product I love, they stop carrying it.

babe radical

I appreciate buying in bulk to save money, I don't think I'll need aluminum foil or paper plates for the rest of the year! (and possibly the year after that too) my only complaint is that Missouri and California have wildly varried selections. In California we had this spinich cheese ravioli in a giant freezer bag and in Missouri we sadly don't have that, and it's one of my favorite things so I might try to ship it from California, lol! Same with the produce but that could be a seasonal thing, not so much a regional one.

Justin Allred

Clean store, good prices. Plus it is always fun to try all the samples.

Samuel Quick

Excellent service, but lines are always super long. I'm used to big city Costco's; even theirs don't have lines as long as the ones here. Otherwise, helpful staff and great product selection.

Mathew Bruce

My wife loves this place, I hate it cause it every trip there cost me over $200 bucks

Mario Garay

Was waiting in line this morning before it opened. Wednesday before Thanksgiving, had a nice crowd going. Some employees and store manager were ensuring everyone that there would be enough pies. :) They handled the influx well, and did have an awesome amount of pies, and were diligently refilling them. Employees are friendly at this location, and of course they have all the sweet Costco products.

Christine Toettcher

Love our Costco! Great food choices, some of the best cakes and baked goods in town too!

Shawn McAuliffe

It's a Costco, like most the others. I did have particularly good help at the Customer Service desk. They were very nice. Oh and there is a lot of parking space.

jimmie cottrell

Always have everything and the samples are the best!

Larry Schwartz

My wife and I just moved here. Our kids tried to add us to their membership last Saturday night as we were with them. We were not trying to weasel anything for free, just inquiring. The woman at the service desk was defensive and severely rude! She kept putting her hand up in front of my daughters face and shouting HOLD ON at the top of her voice. She acted like we were trying to steal something or chisel the company out of money. We came here from one of the rudest cities in America but were never talked down to like this! If this is indicative of how Costco treats their customers then we will buy elsewhere. It ruined our whole night out and we just left and have not been back. What is wrong with you people? Are you crazy?

Neil Guy Lindberg

Great way to both please and escape the wife.

Edward Waymack

Costco is Costco, you go in to pick up a few things come out having spent $200?? Mind you I'm not complaining.

Paul Manning

Good they have everything Costco should have, very stressed out cashier's. The only smiles you will find here are at the customer service desk.

Eric Jones

Great selection of mens' clothing


The smallest Costco I have ever seen. There is no tool isle either


Good Costco store. Usual large volume selection at good prices. Can't beat some prices. Like the tires with lifetime service. Well worth the cost of membership.

Lucy Coley

Great prices. Nice layout. Friendly and helpful staff.

Anna Gloria

Another fantastic Costco!!!! Great customer service and products.

Lloyd Peabody

Great prices on items we went for&fast check out lines!

Caleb Gonzales

Worst customer service from Berto in the Tire Department. I never received a call that my car was ready. When I picked my car up I was told that they had called me. I checked the number they had on file and it was the correct number. They never called. This is the second time that this has happened. Poor customer service.

Joe Waidmann

I depend on Costco gas to be opened during the week at 6AM, but on 9/25/18, it was not open at 6:30 AM What an inconvenience. I go out of my way to fill up there exclusively. Now I can't depend on them.

Leo Dudziak

Best place ever

Ramonda Kraft

Fast and friendly

David Lewis

Always amazing inventory of great organic food at the best prices and virtually everything that you'd ever need in your home, garage, workshop or office. It's nice having various concessionaires prepare samples for testing or demonstrating various products on sale. The cashiers are amazingly fast and everything seems to be organized and run like a finely tuned engine. We drive "over the hill" from Livingston to secure about a dozen specific items on a biweekly basis that over time have probably saved us hundreds of dollars vs. shopping at other locales. My only complaint is that there are so many interesting items for sale that it is hard to pass up some of the deals and prices that are available!

Jackson Grubb

I love Costco. For me, I know what I'm getting before I go in and follow the same route pretty much every time. It quick and easy. Employees are great and willing to help. Great selection and great deals on what is sometimes pretty high end clothing. Last but not least they have massive tubs of Adam's peanut butter (minus once last week). Worth the money. Get the executive membership. It's more expensive but they'll pay the difference if you don't make it up in cash back. Also they have good quality gas.

Daniel Hobson

Great place to shop

Justin Garcia

No doubt that going on a Monday is the way to go! Good selection, good service and top notch asset protection. And the samples help alleviate that hangry that you may find creeping up while throwing everything into your shopping cart(s)

Shannon Stockton

Costco is my favorite store! I wish they would build one closer to me though, I have to drive 45 minutes each way to get to the closest one. Their quality and customer service are phenomenal.

Bruce Reiter

Costco is a familiar place to get what you need, no matter where you find the store.

Julia Elaine Aamold

Good deals on food and plenty of other items!

Jami R

We have been members for a few years, the employees are wonderful, they are always well stocked, the only issue we have is a corporate issue, in the fact that they only accept Visa cards. The best times to go in are on week nights, in the evening, as it's usually far less crowded.

Mary Voes

Big, clean, comparable prices.....good place to stock up on meat, etc.

Mrs. Epperson

My favorite place to shop for my baking supplies! Great prices for bulk product.

Mourice Green

I love that place so much.. it's like a kid in a candy store

Nigel Yorwerth

No way to wash car windows if fill up with gas now?


Awesome place to come for your wholesale needs and wants, don't forget your samples this place has lots of them! I honestly can't get enough of this places sausages also so bomb! Really cheap place for after shopping grub, and usually pretty good also. Be warned the checkout clerks are sticklers about carding everyone if you are purchasing alcohol so come prepared, everyone! Usually friendly clerks though.

Kenn Hitt

A trip to Costco is always an adventure ,of course I had to get their famous hot dog and Coke for a dollar fifty and I also found some suntory Toki Japanese whiskey at a good price.

Samantha Gruver

Great Costco. Wonderful service. Cheerful employees.

Nathan Montez

This place does little to differentiate itself from a warehouse. I often feel like some kind of domestic sub-contractor walking around in here. However, the prices for bulk shopping can't be beat for items that I need from here. While it doesn't earn any points in presentation and almost feels soulless, this is exactly the type of atmosphere I would expect. And to top it off, the staff has always been phenomenal and friendly. If you're in the market for bulk, go here.

Thais Gardner

We love Costco for all our household needs. For things like toilet paper, paper plates, laundry detergent, etc., This is the best bang for your buck. We also like the food court afterward. It's such an inexpensive option for lunch!

zhiying pei

I always like Costco. Most of the staff in this store are friendly and polite, but there is a lady with burgundy hair about 40 years old. She is rude! it is obvious that she is racist!

Steve Bertuca

It's Costco what can I say it's my happy place

Billy Thompson

No complaints. Longtime member. Highly recommended.

Charytin Ubaldo

Somewhat busy at this time of day, is good for a Friday.

Brenda Broviak

Everything was clean. All the employees I came into contact with were friendly. Couldn't find a product that was carried before; Annie's Organic Macaroni and cheese in the 12 pack easy microwave. I have a special needs child and I am teaching her how to prepare food that can be microwaved. The goal is to help herself with certain foods that are simple and easy to prepare. Costco Store doesn't stock this anymore. Frustrated

Darryl Robinson

Good prices, great value.

Andrew Wharton

Great place to take a cheap date

John Richardson

The staff here is always so friendly

Annie Buchwald

The entrance to this particular store leads right into the electronics section where there are always very knowledgeable staff there offering help. They are wonderful! Other employees are very friendly too and they manage the daily crowds very well - I've never waited more than about 5 minutes there. Parking is easy and their gas station is very easy to get in and out of as well. I really enjoy this particular location.

Mike Bacon

Great value on everything, perfect for those who love to meal prep or just in the need of supplying your house staples. Lines can be daunting but the cashiers and baggers are quick proficient. The "mega" store also has a gas station and a great place for some walking around the store itself.

Page Lynn Potter

Avoid this place if you are a disabled veteran, cancer patient, or have any disability because Costco discriminates. I have the best trained service dog who is certified and very well behaved and Costco made us leave. This is not okay!!! I can understand if my dog was disrupting or barking but he was laying on the ground waiting for me. I am canceling my membership and my credit card after they kicked my husband out with the service animal. I guess they don’t care that my husband fought for their freedom overseas and received brain damage as a result and I am sick. The service animal is necessary and well trained. The ADA specially states that they cannot pick and choose who comes in, avoid Costco as they discriminate against real well trained service dogs! I don’t understand how someone with a fake service animal who barks doesn’t get kicked out but the one who is a saint and knows many tasks gets kicked out! Get your priorities straight Costco and read the ADA service animal laws as you just broke them illegally!!!

patricia herbig

Great return ordering...nice staff.

Jackie Maurer

I like Costco. This one only has bandaids available 'seasonally.' I also wish they had more grass fed, organic and pasture raised options.

Diana Powers

One of my favorite places to go. Everybody that works there is so happy with her job. They treat their customers good. Have a great return policy if needed. Their food court is good and clean. They have a little bit of everything here. They're Puma socks are the best

Jon Duchon

Always good pricing and good quality. They have the best produce!

Ray Jones

Stay away from Shirley when she's serving free samples. If you don't execute the procedure correctly, she'll read you the riot act, publicly...

Josh J

Food court out of pizza at 11:30 am with no pizzas in the oven. Second time this year we have experienced this coming thru town and only here twice this year. One of the most poorly ran Costco food courts in the US. Truthfully only kids behind the counter with no manager in sight. Shame on you Bozeman Costco ...

Michael L

Good prices on good stuff

Gold Osburn

How to explain about Costco well it's kind of complicated the big problem is dealing with the mass of Russia people and trying to sign up it's one of those sign up and you can buy all the stuff and if you don't have a membership good luck trying to get in the store but when you do have a membership it's like the Gates of Heaven opens up to you anything you possibly imagine is there big small medium large and extra large you can buy anything you want you can also taste whatever you want since they have occasionally samples but make sure you don't touch the play I learned that the hard way after they threw a massive load of food away all because you touched their plate I call wasteful seriously there's Starving Children out there people who have a hissy fit over that anyway also you can test play some of the games on the computers there's occasionally once in awhile they leave the computers on with pre-downloaded games so while their parents are off shopping some kids can go playing with the computers and some of the games that are on or we can test it out and see if you want to Buy in the near future they also have a place where you can buy pre-made food pizza or upgraded Hot Pockets or other things they also have a good glasses selection if you want to get new glasses they also have eye doctors that could help you out I'm picking out your glasses or helping you out with some of the things it's also cheaper than going to an actual eye doctor would probably describe you with really bloody expensive glasses you really don't need so go out and buy yourself Sam membership of the greatest or you ever imagined and enter into the heavens date of endless possibilities.

Elizabeth Bergman

Great price and selection. They are always bring in something new.

Ramesh Ramakrishnan

i stayed back in car park,minding our doggie.

Joe Tallo

Love shopping the great deals and getting samples....

Silly Dee last

Love the Westside location, always clean and the staff is great!

Tony Saffo

Sign said Almond drink was 12 for $9.99, they ONLY have cartons of 6 stacked below the sign, I grab two (6+6=12). I get some bananas and check out using my brand new 4 minute old Costco Executive Membership. After paying, I'm thinking the total seemed high, I look at the receipt and they charged me $6.99 for each 6 pack. I went back to the cashier, (everyone is busy,) she said the sign must be wrong. After 2 or 3 minutes of discussion, apparently it's my fault their sign is wrong. I wanted $120 on a Membership to a place that has business practices similar to a shady used car lot.

Claudia Sanchez

My favorite shopping place

Kevin Vanwicklin

Slow but very nice people.

Jeff L

Not sure how you could not love Costco

Nun Ya

I had already cleared the snow off my vehicle this morning but had accumulated another inch or so. I used the little broom at the gas station to clear my vehicle. The attendent was obviously upset and told me I was making more work for him which was probably true but it's snowing and appropriate to keep snow build up off your vehicle and quite frankly kind of part of his job and these are things you often do when fueling up.

Rolinda Tzamaloukas

The greatest shopping experience you’ll ever have is shopping in Costco. If they don’t have it then you probably don’t need it. But if you asked somebody they might order it for you. I love Cosco.

Alex Willenburg

They have the best bread with out paying for some over priced bread at a fancy french baker. And not to had a selection of frozen food with a pretty good choice and reasonably priced on large bottles of alcohol and beer. I do find Sam's Club better for toilet paper and laundry detergent

Michelle Mabry

Good products at great prices. We always save way more than our membership.

Leslie Brown747

I usually have a great experience at Costco, however today some of the workers were rude and they made it obvious. At customer service the elderly lady made me uncomfortable in front of everyone there. I probably won't go back for awhile.I'm sure it was just an off day because I love shopping there and really don't have any complaints.

David Augustson

Nice store very busy hard to find handicap parking

Michelle Scherer

Huge store with EVERYTHING, except salt for our water softener. Lol Loving the double kids seat in carts. Love buying in quantity! Great store!

David Rowe

What can I say, it's a Costco; they get me checked out quickly, and I'm thrilled to leave with more than I planned to buy.

Barbara Rose

Very, very busy. Check out lines are moving quickly. No problems.

Ryan Benitez

We get gas here, and there's good samples inside

Melanie Trujeque

I love Costco, the prices are great. Today there were so many people eating the samples that I couldn’t get anywhere in the store, there was a sample on every isle. Also the cashier was carrying on a conversation with the other employee about her boyfriend it was very uncomfortable. I would recommend any other day but the weekend, then it’s great.

Joe Solomon

Its Costco, if you need a lot of toilet paper or a big bag of cheetos this is the place to go!

Walter Pudiwitr

The employees at Costco are knowledgeable, friendly, and very helpful. I find the Kirkland products to be of high quality. Also happy to see healthier options.

Jim Morrow

Just had a Costco member verbally assault one of the return policy helpers and another member. Calling them "Retarded". Because he thought he she go before a women standing in line before him. The asked him to leave but in my opinion more should have been done as well as faster response from senior managers.

Cameron Joyce

The food line is setup awkwardly, to say the least. The people and employees were very pleasant and helpful. Loved the layout of the warehouse, felt like everything was where it should be.

Eli ODriscoll

I've had good experiences at the Saint Peters Costco location. The employees are friendly and helpful. They have a great selection of organic food that I couldn't find at Sam's club when I compared the two. For example, I can get 14 gala organic apples for $10 - which is a steal compared to the costs in grocery stores. The samples they provide allow you to try for before purchasing large quantities. Their return policy is crazy good! I really don't pay for the membership because they give me the two percent back on my purchases over the year, so that works for us as well.

Jeremy McPherson

The Costco on Coors is very well managed. Better prices on shoes and furniture than other Costco's. They lower their prices quicker and as such go through inventory faster. I always get floor model when I buy and they are always receptive to take off 10 to 20 percent depending on condition. I have the executive membership which is 120. Totally worth it I got 140 back last year and i buy for me and my girlfriend. If you ensure that you shop their for food it pays for itself. Furthermore, their phone center is 50 dollars cheaper than any t-mobile or sprint store out there. They carry higher quality shoes and well known shoes than Sam's Club. They do not have self checkouts but I like knowing I keep people employed. Though this means longer wait lines during high traffic days and times. Their food court is highly affordable for the amount of food you get. Other than several things I need from Sprouts or wholefoods Costco is my go to!

Suzanne Everett

There prices are very good for the quality of food they sell. Also, they have a pharmacy in the store and the medicine they sell is at a good price. You don’t have to be a member at Costco to purchase your prescriptions from them, when you go to enter the store you just say lm picking up my Prescriptions and you don’t have to have a Costco card. It’s a good deal.

Alec Hope

This Costco was very clean and the employees were very helpful and kind when asked questions and also when checking out. The samples were very good today and everything was well stocked.

Cynthia Kelly

Just went in for one big ticket item. Fast, courteous service and lots of help. Costco really does have excellent customer service training for its employees. I also liked their shaded, canopied parking lot.

Chris S

Nice costco. Not too crowded. Plenty of regional wines and foods. Good samples.


Always consistent fresh food and great service

Judy Salas

I shop at Costco a lot. If I need anything from wine to food to coffee to clothes to a new phone I always stop at Costco first. I am never disappointed. They always have quality products at an excellant price. They also care about their employees, giving them every holiday off. Costco is environmentally conscious. They are absolutely my favorite place to shop.

Carla McLaughlin

Got what I needed. Super. Crowded for a weekday. But lines moved quickly.

Meandering Murphis

This store is amazing. They always have a huge supply, sometimes they discontinue something you fall in love with, but their expansion of organic products definitely makes up for it. They always have a great deal on electronics and some other cool home services I never thought they would (hearing aids, glasses, tires, batteries, solar...) Needless to say I'm a regular.

C W Wines

Good prices if you need a lot of something. A better Box store than sams. Not sure how employees don't crazy with all the business.

J Sam

We love Costco great selection at a value!

Jamie Meza

Good selection of everything. Even had mens body wash that another Costco didn't have. Not our normal Costco so nice to have what we need when we do go.


Clean facility, friendly workers, great prices, pharmacy has low prices, efficient happy clerks. Always busy, great gas prices also.

Lisa Graves

Great Grocery, Produce and Bakery Employees are very nice and helpful

Tim M

Busy location. Friendly associates. Well stocked store. Clean environment.

Margarete Owens

Picked my prescription up, they were very fast .

William Ditmer

More stuff than you can use.

Nairne Archuleta

Great place to buy in bulk. The employees are always very nice and helpful.

richard hagerty

Check out was quick and they had the pecans I was looking for.

Monica Calvillo

Always have what I need an great fast service at food court.

Gabriel Roybal

Great has prices..

debra bell

Not too crowded today. Good samples and they were keeping up with the shoppers. The new thing is the lane assistant when you check out. I guess that's supposed to speed up the process.

Sue Patrick

Always excellent. Never a problem with returns.

Jim Matteuzzi

It ashame you have to wait so long to get waited on in the tire department

Lisa Anne

I live Costco it has great prices and great food in the little food court area. Costco has everything there I love it.

Shannon Broadway

A great store!

Thomas Stout

Easy gas for my RV.


What can I say.... its Costco. Their quality and service is always spot-on and if for some reason it's not then their return policy is excellent. Why would you shop anywhere else... oh and also, you can feed the whole family for under ten bucks in the food court.

Roberto Vasquez

Got hot dogs and got lectured on what we need to stand

Stephanie Daugherty

I Loved it. It's a clean place, it's Really huge, and the Employees there are nice too.

Jim Palmer

I have belonged to both Costco and Sam's Club. While I like both, Costco has won out in the end. Prices and selection are comparable. My wife likes Costco better than Sam's and thus we kept the Costco membership.


Best place to go for a zombie apocalypse. Also samples yes

Gary Adams

Great selections. Great prices.

Kristin Drain

Always great customer service and selection! But we definitely need a bigger store and parking lot.

James DeBee

Their products and foods always are high quality and very satisfying.

Brad Eastty

One of the nicer Costco's to which I've been.

Whitetail Hunter

The Pharmacy slow getting our medicine

John Thompson

Not many people quick in and out on a return

Hal Ratcliff

Very poor service in electronics, in fact no service at all. I was ignored for over 30 minutes by the computer technical staff when I was in a buying mode for a new laptop and had several questions. After waiting patiently, with no other customers nearby, or being paid attention to, I gave up in disgust and will find my new laptop elsewhere!

Justin Fehsal

Absolutely love Costco but so does everyone else, so sad to get run over by an angry mob of people whenever there. I would live to see a 2nd store in BELGRADE. I and alot of people I know would go alot more and spend alot more if we didnt have to put up with it being so busy all the time!!

John Heilman

As usual, got in, got my stuff, got out. No hassle, no long lines.

Chris Meyers

If you are looking for good prices and don't mind buying consumables in quantity then Costco is the place to shop. The first thing that people tend to think about when thinking warehouse store is bulk. They have plenty of bulk in their grocery items but they also have clothes, electronics, furniture, office supplies and household items. Is that enough? No, well they also have eyeglasses, a pharmacy, a bakery, hearing aids, travel agent, interior decorating, Auto service, and a gas station. The quality is outstanding, lots of name brands but even their in house brand, Kirkland, is top quality. I cannot recommend a membership enough. If you buy gas there you will probably save your membership price over the year. Gas is usually about 15-20 cents per gallon cheaper than other places.

Leroy Logan

Not that impressed sams have better variety.

Khaled Shabany

It's large with a decent selection but Sam's is better unless you want to order supplies online more than the store.

Namdar M.

Not much different than any other CC store. Good selections all around.

Serenity Ball

One of the workers there calls me sweet potato so swee2

Rodney Ackerman jr

Costco is the best,member since Bozeman store opened.

Lithosphere mins

Good clean Costco

Carissa Harwood

Costco is great. They don't have a huge selection of different brands, but they have most everything thing you need at a reasonable price. We always buy our dog food and paper supplies here. Plus whatever they have on sale.

ABE Getty

good selection and prices and nice staff

Lashay Maywether

Great store great selection nice employees


Great service although always seems packed... Lines at checkout are always long but the cashiers move quick.

Samantha Baker

Always crowded, but if you want to just run in you totally can make it a short trip which is unheard of in the land of Costco. They usually have good stock and I love their snack days.

She Talks

Sorry but this place has gone downhill and FAST! It seems like when samples are out it is packed full. People just eating and not buying anything. Making it so packed and hard to get around. All of the homeless people that throw trash all over the parking lot are a definite negative. So gross that homeless people rule this town. Try getting rid of the homeless people. Tax them for their income. And please Costco open early for executive members so we don’t have to put up with this. I giving up our membership until something changes.

Bill O'Neill

I always spend more money here than I want because they have such amazing deals. I can't resist.

Sam Kupersmith

It's a well run Costco. What else is there to say?

TC Captain

Nice layout, easy to navigate, friendly staff

Matt Mullaney

I don’t usually write reviews but I just witnessed a situation that really ground my gears. I was walking out of the store after checking out and an older lady was enjoying her meal alone at the cafeteria before Brian came up and insisted she leave as the store was closing. It was 8:30 and people were still checking out, but he stood over her as she grabbed her purse and two plates full of food and corralled her to the front door. She parked next to us and we found out that she was traveling from Texas. This was such a poor representation of this business, Montana, and human indecency in general. I would recommend promoting patience within your workplace as it wouldn’t hurt anybody to let an elderly woman finish her meal while others leave the store.

Jake Noble

I just left $200 worth of items sitting on the floor because I don't have an hour to stand in line. I will be downgrading my membership if they don't have more efficient checkout solutions very soon. Time is money so if I pay more elsewhere but save time (and stress) it's a wash.

Inves Ter

They are expanding their store and are beginning the remodel soon!

John Silva

Costco has great deals and fast lines

Angie Baros

Great customer service! I only go here for one thing, dog food. I have two Great Dane puppies and needles to say they eat A LOT! I went in today and couldn’t find the one I usually buy, it wasn’t with the rest of the dog food they carry. I asked an employee and he said if it wasn’t there they may be out or it’s discontinued. Went to the front to ask if they could check if the other location had it. As I’m waiting the original employee I asked had a bag he was carrying to the front for me. I had already walked away, I was slightly frustrated and probably not the most friendly at the time thinking I had to drive to across abq for it, and the employee went above and beyond to help me.

Scott Sheridan

Great place to shop..

Harrison C. Davies

If there is any reason to like this location alone it is the fact that the volume is significantly lower than many other Costco locations, yet they have all the same great features as the higher foot traffic wholesale clubs in the area and beyond, including gas. Also the vendors they bring in have great personality and were pleasant to discuss their solution based brands with.

Aj G

In America we measure our quality of life and success by both the quanty and quality of stuff in our shopping cart..and its most evident at Costco, where I can get a massive TV, 5 dozen eggs, a case of craft brew and a bible in one shot..yep, the American dream..its no wonder immigrants are quite literally breaking down our borders to get in.

Casey Chrison

Get all ypur friends together and throw down and have one or two days a month where you pre cook a bunch of food and split it up! Works greeat.

Dorothy Bell

Dawn at the customer service desk was excellent! She provided a courtesy to myself that was very much appreciated. Thank you Dawn!

jazzy msjoyy

Over priced crowded store with friendly staff that caters to a healthier rude population. From chia seeds to organic chicken if it's nutritional, you'll find it here. Not a great selection of items for the drive in my opinion.

A Child of Christ And Family

Love my Costco! So many amazing deals and free samples! They gass prices are awesome!

Mark Feldmann

Always so crowded, unless you go early morning or late night.

Debra Patterson

I love Costco. My only gripe is that there isn't one closer to where I live.

Sharyl Gandara

Very busy location but this is my closest Costco so I hope you go to the Maple Grove location. I love Costco! Vacation packages, eyeglasses, new tires, easy new car purchase, patio furniture, deals on basic clothing, groceries, electronics, and much more.

Richard Ingles

Love Costco prices,this Costco lay out not the best.

Ramona Wilsford

Love it! Picked up more than I was planning on but I couldn't help myself. My daughter and I even ate a hot dog. Sundays are pretty busy but all was well.

Karen Rivera

Great selections, reasonable prices but membership is steep at $65. Won't return.

Mary Reyes

Always a fun place to shop. A clerk folding clothes took me to where the crates are now located. She could not of been nicer. Thanks

Katherine Gillian

Lots of products, produce and miscellaneous items to satisfy everyone. Cottonwood Cosco is easy to navigate and park.

Gregg Fuller

It's Costco what can you say? They are properly staffed except for their check out tellers. They could certainly use every lane during peak shopping hours which they do not.

Jerry Schildroth

Quick trip. Fast and done, rapid check out with new card reader.

Matthew Allen

Good warehouse type store. Nothing fantastic and nothing awful. The food court is legit though i asked for an item without cheese and they made it, it just took a little while to make it.

I Haps

Costco, Costco, Costco. What else is there to say? Go here for massive packs of pretty much anything as long as you've got your membership card to authenticate your being a paying member of the Costco community! Plus Kirkland brand things are pretty awesome and they offer many local and Montana made options.

lesia carter

I love the cleanliness and everybody willing to help

Charlotte Mehmke

Good items to pick from

Lisa Bass

Very nice people with a great location.

Craig Ames

Terrific prices. Clean atmosphere. Friendly staff. Great brands. Trustworthy!!!!!!!

Ronald Sautter

Been shopping at Costco 16 yrs. They've help feed my brood of 7 and all their friends for a line time, can't imagine life with out Costco

Jenny Fox

Who doesn't love samples? I spent way too much because there was so much great things I needed!

Brian Murphy

It is Costco! If you have never been to Costco what are you doing with your life? That place is awesome! Samples as far as the eye can see! All your favorite food stuffs only bigger! Don't need that much food you say? Well how about the cheapest liquor prices in town! Still not your thing well the gas is always cheap and we all know you need that. Someone else drives you around? Must be nice. Then just hop into the food court and grab an amazing hot dog and soda for $1.50! Seriously how can you not love this place!

Tom Potter

Had new tires put on today.

Susan Roither

Great deals and great quality of food and other household merchandise.

Bonnie Fisher

Always happy to shop at Costco. They have good prices and we can buy in bulk.


A great shopping experience every time. The employees are very friendly and knowledge about what they do. They offer a wide arrange of food, including many organic and healthy products which I prefer. They also offer a wide array of samples, allowing you to try before you buy. The checkout experience is always quick and efficient, no matter how busy they are. Cosco is great, they truly understand the importance of good customer service, most retail outlets don't understand this, but they truly do.

Kimberly Boucher

Easy to find and get around. Parking was great especially covered Solar!

Robert Kirscher

Costco has everything anyone could want. My wife drives 100 miles to buy from them. They have a great selection of organic products. They even offer household appliances and furniture.

Jean Lundberg

Needed Genteel Eye drops. Could not find it.


Great prices and samples... Cant beat the lunch specials for on the go

Racecar Driver

You can get almost everything that you need there and it's all in bulk.

Patricia Flowers

I love Costco. Membership warehouse.

George Patrin

Parking lot way too small, especially for gas.

Melvin Mohn

Great deals and great staff

Shawn Asmus

I really enjoy shopping at Costco because you can get so many different types of things and save money. The meat department has the best that I've found. It's best to go with a list in hand and stick to it, otherwise it's really easy to overspend. I like being able to buy bulk items to stock up. Be sure to fill up your vehicle with gas here as it's usually the cheapest around. I really wish we had a Costco in the Four Corners area!

Mike Williamson

Well run and up to the Costco standard. Usually not too crowded, but they handle checkout efficiently even when it is. Try the brisket sandwich on your way out. Oh, baby!

Kalenah Moore

Still trying to figure out if it is worth it to have a membership. The gas is way lower priced than everywhere else, that may be enough to justify the price. They stock a lot of good things and their papertowels and toilet paper are great for a great price. You can get a lot of things of the Kirkland brand that are at a great price and quality. We did have a small issue changing from the executive to the normal (we were getting nothing from it). But going through multiple people, we got it taken care of with minimal issues. The samples are wonderful (honestly don't know the schedule of these, seems to be random to me as to when they are out).

Marilyn Littlepage

You can find almost anything here at good price

Norma Brownson

Always a great shopping experience Thanks for your products.

Saundra Strasser

Great prices, good quality. Great customer service. Cant go wrong with costco.

Dongho Oh

No coffee grinder at this location.

Jennifer Warnack

Employees are always nice and helpful

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