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REVIEWS OF Le Bakery IN Mississippi

Robert Dobbs

I intend on trying every Banh Mi on the menu. Very delicious and tons of sauces to choose from. I had the lemongrass pork and sausage and was very pleased with this choice. The price is very reasonable too!

Matthew Titus

I will go out of my way to get here again. Turnovers you can't believe. Rolls, Thai-fusion po-boys, and a super friendly staff.


Great food


Coconut chicken po boy was so good can't wait to try everything else!

Iveth Diaz

Everything here is delicious

Lynne Cary

Great breads and pastries

Lauren Gray Baby

This place is excellent. I wish this was in my local area instead of here where I'm vacationing. I'd be there at least weekly guaranteed.

Mick Peattie

Great place

Eric Sonic

Amazing experience! The bakery is delectable and reasonably priced. I got a coconut curry po-boy and it was phenomenal! The people that went with me also really enjoyed their food and desert. I will be going back.

Corbin Bennetts

Great food and extremely affordable. Can look a little sketchy from the outside, but don't let the book cover fool you. There are amazing goodies inside and the people treat you well.

Rachel Flagg

Service is great. Love everything about them

M Schwartz

Great place for lunch and baked goodies. Not too pricey and delicious!

Shaeyera Drache

Okay. I just found my new favorite Biloxi eatery. I am going to have to come back and try drinks and dishes until I have tasted everything. Definitely will make a habit of this.

Richard Jong

Good selection of Vietnamese poboys and pastries.

Elena Warren

I came here with a friend because he couldn’t stop raving about it and I completely understand why! The food was incredible and so was the Boba. Next time I have to try the pastries because I’ve heard such great things.


Great place

Gerald Bryant

This place is what dreams are made of. From the poboys to the cakes, pies, oh my.

Tito Amoguis

The roast pork banh mi on fresh French bread is so good. As their name implies, they also have great pastries. Quality food for super cheap. Highly recommend.

Debbie Simning

Great place to eat, reasonable lunch menu. Great home made bread and sweets!!!!

Molly Kester

Love their poboys! Their bread is ths best any where!

Jason Smith

Best place intown to get a bubble tea

Read Breeland

Unique, consistent, good foods. Well worth checking out for lunch, pastries, breads....come on be adventurous.

Marshall Manson

Run by the same Vietnamese family since the first wave of immigrants arrived in the wake of the Vietnam War, it’s a French-Style bakery that any Parisian would approve of. But at lunch time, it also offers an assortment of Banh Mi, renamed Po’Boys to suit the local vernacular, that are as good as any I’ve had anywhere. Perfectly made fresh bread, soft and not too crusty. Perfectly cooked chicken, with a fabulous coconut curry flavour. Fresh, crisp vegetables. And all of the spicy sauces you’d care to add. I also went for a Vietnamese Pork Pie. That’s just puff pastry, filled with deliciously flavoured ground pork. It was all superb. The best endorsement was the clientele: The Bakery was full of troops from the nearby Air Force base, and nurses from the nearby hospital. If you're around Biloxi, I'd strongly recommend the Bakery for lunch.

Shelly Week

The Best!!! The turnovers are awesome, the breads are amazing and the king cakes are out of this world!! Get there early for the many choices, they go fast cuz they are that good!!

Michael Wilson

The best kept secret on the Gulf Coast. Best pastries (come early), best poboys, best value!

Michelle Agregaard

Best French bread on the Coast!

wynde tolar

This is one of the best bakeries on the coast. Fresh bread and sweets every day. Try one of the many bubble tea flavors. Also try their lunch specials. One of my favorite places on the coast.

David Burke

OMGOSH, you have to go here, this bakery is old school, like bakeries from long ago when everyone bought bread and pastries and donuts from real bakeries. They also have excellent Ban Mi sandwiches, try the chicken curry, the best.

Pete Gatineau

Love the pastry

Donald Hill

The French bread is amazing, the croissants and cakes are delightful and the bubble tea was out of this world. We had an orange bubble tea with mango jelly and Tapioca And it was undescribable.

Ken Rhode

Great place if I lived closer I'd be 50 pounds heavier

Edward Kenworthy

Great bread delicious cakes pastries Po-Boys Asian style and whatever else you desire Asian style

Phil Faraone

Best bakerv since i left Chicago

Trevor Bingham

Very good bread and pastries! I went in to try one of their king cakes. I got the coconut. It was very good. I also tried a couple other small pastries that were also very good. They have several kinds of bread. I bought a loaf of the jalapeño cheddar. It must have been just out of the oven. It was warm, soft and delicious. Even the next day it tasted fresh. I can't wait to go back and try more! The only problem I had was they didn't have everything out, but that is probably another sign of a good bakery. They sold so much so quickly that morning.

Cheryl Exposes Herself

Best French bread around

Laurel McLaughlin

This is my favorite bakery on the coast! The atmosphere is cozy and the staff is very sweet. There honestly isn't one thing on their menu that I've tried and disliked; that being said, I highly recommend it!

Charles Robertson

Coconut chicken curry banh mi with almond pastry

mary davis

Best bread and

Ks L

Very pleased with our latest purchase of a birthday cake for our mother. Le Bakery put in an outstanding effort combined with artistic flair to create a wonderful birthday cake. The folks at Le Bakery wemt out of their way to dedicate their full effort to ensure our cake was perfect. They're creations are a work of art, but have a fabulous flavor and visible quality. We couldn't ask for a better outcome and bakery to work with for our special occasions.

Laura Cannelora

This is hands down the best bakery in Biloxi. Pastries and cake and the freshest bread are only a few of the delicacies you will enjoy.

ONeill Marty

King cakes so good, Paul's and Gambino's don't even compare. Absolutely delicious pastries, cakes, and breads throughout the entire year. Friendly staff. Show up early or order ahead since they often sell out quickly.

Leticia Acosta

Best fresh bread daily!

Jonathan Rivera

Great pastry's, really friendly staff and the vietnamese po boys are amazing!! If you get there early enough the turkey or ham and cheese croissants are so good!


So far, everything I've had here has been AWESOME... Taro Smoothies are the bomb!

Mitchell Johnston

Very delicious baked goods at lucrative prices! The first time i drove there, i ate a couple of croissants that were absolutely delicious and drank (ate?) a coconut cream pie bubble tea with it. The second time, i ordered the lemon grass pork and sausage po boy with a strawberry shake. Phenomenal! Everything at this place is exceptionally scrumptious and priced at a modest values.

john boland

Incredible pastries and creative cakes.

One Way

My go to shop for ban mi and pastry when I'm on the coast. And the service is great.

Alfred F.

OMG in the middle of nowhere but that's probably why its delicious

Wynter Rouse

I really dont know which deserves the higher praise, the wonderful food or the super wonderful welcoming attitude that you get everytime you open the door. The almond paste pastries are my favorite and I'd recommend them but I want them all for myself!

schwartz wolfe

We needed a Cake short notice for a client and Le Bakery handled this request flawlessly. (even though they require a week's notice) Stellar service and first class quality product.


So good and authentic

Jaime Locknane

I've been a customer here for over 5 years. Everything is WONDERFUL!! Lemongrass po boy is my favorite. Artisan breads are divine. Desserts are amazing as well. I stop anytime I'm in the area and they're open.

Lukas and Toys

Love the poboys cheap and delicious!!!

Christina Thompson

Will be eating here again! Bread - the bread is light a fluffy on the inside and just the right amount of crispy on the outside. I will be sure to buy my bread from this bakery any chance I get. Bahn Mi - lemon grass pork and sausage: This was delicious and a fun change from cheese burgers and fast food. The pice was EXTREMELY good for what you get. Use the sauces provided! The sandwich is amazing on its own but the sauces enhance all of the yummy and deliciousness! Pastry - Coconut Yuca pie: The is probably my favorite, not too sweet. This is more of a personal preference. I can’t see most people appreciating it. Pastry - Chocolate Almond Coconut: Bought this as a gift, and they enjoyed it. Vietnamese Coffee: This is for someone who appreciates stronger flavors. The coffee is pretty sweet, but was good.

Mary Quinn

Best bakery in the country. WVERYTHING is delicious!

Andrew DeWitt

Tasty sandwiches, great smoothies, wonderful baked treats, and authentic Asian delights. What's not to love about Le Bakery?! Great mom & pops bakery/restaurant.

joseph weaver

My favorite spot for banh mi. Everyone is always friendly and helpful when I have questions about the offerings.

Jeremy Rasti

This place is unbelievably delicious. Every time my wife and I visit Biloxi we always stop in for sandwiches, Bubble Tea and pastries. As a matter of fact, I brought a cooler with me yesterday and brought 3 sandwiches home with me back to Baton Rouge. The staff is always friendly and thoughtful and the place smells delicious. Incredibly reasonable prices and about as unpretentious of a place you'll find. Do yourself a favor and stop in!!

Cassandra Griswold

Everything is delicious

Amanda Moore

Good pastries! King cake is amazing from here. Kind staff. Awesome daily selection of pastries and breads that changes.

Pablo de la Cruz

The best bread, sandwiches and pastries in the Gulf Coast!!!!!

Dennis Watson

Heard about this place on reddit and had to try it. I went for the cinnamon rolls but they didn't make them this morning. Thought I was settling for the chocolate chocolate creams. Oh boy was I wrong. It was delicious. And the rasberry and cream! Out of this world. Staying here a few more days and they will definitely have my business again!

christine bravo

This place has the best pastries, I love the croissants and cherry danish

Charlie Foster

The best sandwiches and pastries on the Gulf Coast! I recommend the Coconut Chicken Curry Bahn Mi with a Barq’s Rootbeer.

joe Williams

Family friendly service love it. Live right by it and if you don't get there fast then you don't get it! They sell out quick. Pretty food that tastes even better than it looks.

Donald Sowder

Pina Colada turnover is awesome and my favorite. Lemongrass pork po’boy is amazing.

Myra Evans

Yummy as advertised. Have to place your order at the counter to eat there or take out. Loved the fresh cilantro on the sandwiches. Too bad the sandwich is so big, no room for the mouth watering pastries. Delicious

Peter Gatineau

Can't go wrong with the pastry and pastries. I need to plan on going back to try their other food selection

Vincent Toche

The best French Bread on the coast!

C Payne

Great smoothies

Liz Conway

Superb. Generally regarded as the best bakery on the Gulf Coast. Add to that Vietnamese sandwiches and other tasty treats. Very affordable. Friendly staff.

Brittany Smith

Great food! Love the bubble tea! Everything is so fresh. Everyone is very friendly

Mark Daynes

The best bread on the coast


One of my favorite must go to places when I go visit family. EVERYTHING there that I've gotten was just delicious, I mean I said I came here everytime I visited right? 10/10 will always go to again.

Traye Lynch

LE Bakery is a fav of ours anytime we are back visiting. If you don't go you are missing out. Fresh pastries, fresh stuffed croissants, fresh baked bread. Do yourself a favor and stop by. You won't be disappointed. Highly recommend the pork sandwich!

Octavio Arzola

Best bakery. Incredible ban mi sandwiches. Local owners.

Sarah O'Brien

One of my absolute favorite places to eat in Biloxi. Vietnamese poboy sandwiches on delicious crusty bread rolls. Lots of turnovers and flaky pastry goodies. And very inexpensive for lunch! I come back everytime I'm in town.

Brian Lamar if you go anywhere else, I consider you a fool.

Stacey Steiner

A friend called this morning and invited me to join them for lunch in Biloxi. He had told me about Vietnamese bakery. It was great. The lady taking our order was very friendly and really knew the menu. The food was excellent. Even the other customers were friendly. First bakery I have ever been in that had couches and a play area for children. They give what they don't sell everyday to a charity and start with fresh food every day.

Pandy Mitchell

Great sandwiches and awesome pastries

Canaan Vaughan

The food is great and the ladies working there are always so nice.

Sinatra Willow

Goodness gracious...great food and service...a true gem of a not let the exterior of the building fool you. Very clean inside...very nice staff.....I have been back many times and always recommend.

Lizeth N

It's been like 4 times I've went this forth time took longer just to get a cherry cheese danish someone was ordering a cake and nobody was there to help I seen the older lady but nothing good thing I only got 1 thing and went on my way to eat it

John Cockrell

The best guava pastry and the King Cakes too.

Michael Coleman

The best bakery in Biloxi

Britt Foster

Best banh mi! If you go to the Mississippi Gulf Coast do not pass this place up. Awesome turnovers, pastries and bakery items. They are always super friendly and the food is always fresh! A staple when I was in graduate school in Ocean Springs.

Jerri Stringer

This is one of the best bakeries I've been to, the hot fresh bread in the mornings you done want to miss. The pastries are so light and flaky, as well as their sandwiches.

Thomas Parker

Absolutely the best bakery on the coast! Flaky pastries, croissants, awesome bread, and unique poboys. A real treasure in Biloxi.

Rob Burchard

Excellent breads. If you are looking for something sweet, they had a number of popover flavors but that was the only choice.

Ruby Anne Kalil

This tiny unsuspecting place is worth seeking out! Try the coconut curry poboy & any of their freshly baked treats. Reasonably priced food with outstanding flavors.

Tom Kuehnel

Wonderful gem on Oak Street. Small family run Vietnamese Bakery with delicious Cambodian sandwiches, divine pastries, and ethnic treats! Well worth a visit if you prefer great flavor above the neon of casino row!

Michael Kehoe

Great sandwiches and pastries

Ken Langworthy

This is a wonderful place.

Corey Morales

One of the best bakeries & cafe's in Biloxi. If you have a sweet tooth then you need to stop by. Their sandwiches are the best

Rick Sellers

Not your Southern Po-Boy; however AMAZING !!

Andrew Burzynski

Good sandwiches, great bread, amazing pastries!


So good! The guava and cream cheese turnover and yuca coconut pie was heavenly! The cashier was also very friendly, and prices were reasonable. Can't wait to go back and try the vegetarian sandwiches.

Ms. Brasley

Jalapeno cheese bread fresh out the oven was so delicious. My mom and I were walking the city and decided to stop and see what they had. The bread barely made it home. Will be visiting this bakery again. We also got an apple Danish and a apple turnover we have not tried yet.

April Roberts

Excellent king cake.

Cindy Cook

Delightful menu options. Especially enjoyed the bubble tea.

Megan Moore

I love this bakery.

Paulina Tran

This family owned business is a must go while in Biloxi. They have Viet Sandwiches, Viet Desserts (Che), French pastries, breads, smoothies, and coffees. They are so nice, and the treats are fresh. They donate the leftover goods to shelters after they close the bakery for the day.

Ray Arguelles

Food is awesome and the service is excellent.

Gustavo Garcia Peña

I had the Lemongrass marinated pork Banh mi, pork steamed bun and sticky rice with sweet sausage. Great food! If you are visiting Biloxi, make some time to have lunch here!

Khoa Nguyen

Bad customer services. Flies are everywhere in the store

Carolyn Mai

Awesome turnovers and banh mi.. lots of options. Great services

Faith Silk

They have the best jalapeno cheesy bread I ever tasted

Maureen Charbonnet

Best bread, pastries, bubble tea and Vietnamese sandwiches!

wm bo

I like this place. Your results might very. Good sandwiches that break the monotony of burgers, chicken, sub's and other daily lunch offerings from other places. Patience is sometimes needed when a customer ahead of you is inquiring about cakes or catering for a future date when you just want a sandwich now.


Just a little rinky dink Vietnamese spot. The exterior and interior are pretty underwhelming, but the food was great. I had the chicken curry banh minh which was bomb. Also tried one of the strawberry pastries. Ordered a boba milk tea. I was hesitant but had a craving. The milk tea was foamy??? Not sure what was going on there. And the tapioca was super soft. Wouldn’t recommend. But go for the banh minh for sure.

Billy Mays

One of the best bakeries on the coast

Tammy Hewitt

Bread and pastries were great.


Wow. Found this little place when asking about Biloxi's best bakery. Best, flakiest pastry I've ever had and absolutely worth a 2 mile walk in the MS morning sun!

Yui Corona

The pastries though,with some bubble iced coffee, its all so good here! A-1 authentic baked goods.

Myke Young

Love it!! They have the best Bahn Mi sandwiches. Their turnovers and danishes are heaven and I'm hooked on the avocado smoothie.

Jennifer Nguyen

Best bang mi ever!! My favorite is the coconut chicken curry. I get it every time !!

Bryan M

Awesome food and pastries!

Amanda Kennerly

Best French bread on the Gulf Coast. Excellent lunch and pastries. Pre-ordered cakes are perfect for entertaining.

Melissa Jackson

So wonderful ... will go every visit

Samuel Clemens IV

THE hidden gem of the MS gulf. The ladies that work the counter are over the top pleasant. The best bahn mi period. Great bread, and pastries. I would go daily, if I wouldn't burn myself out. Treat yo self

Joel Alford

They bake the best bread and pasteries

Justin Federspiel

Owner was very nice and polite. Baked goods were very delicious as well.

Adam Pate

Can't say enough positive about this somewhat hidden gem. Fantastic food , friendly service and a great price point make for many visits to come for me. Give me more stars and I'll give em to le bakery!

Paula Petersen

The food here is SO good, sometimes we drive over from Mobile just to get her sandwiches! Of course, we always end up with a bag of sandwiches and a bag of pastries to take home because our friends would probably kill us if they found out we'd been and didn't bring them Le Bakery food :)

Phu Nguyen

Number one place

Mi Bui

The staff is extremely friendly, and the banh mi ca ri ga is phenomenal!!! Their xiu mai is tomato based, which I'm not used to. I preferred the ca ri. Next time I come I'll be sure to try one of their bubble milk teas.

henry lopez

Great place to eat.

Cheyenne Tran

I wish this was close to me. I would go all the time. Roast pork meatball ban mi is to kill for.


Always have to stop here best bakery every

Ian McRae

Fantastic. Love this place. Wonderful fresh bread. Amazing cakes. Try the Vietnamese coffee.

Kristopher Gaylord

Amazing Vietnamese/French crossover. Banh Mi is definitely worth trying, Lemongrass pork is my favorite. Get a Thai Tea and a turnover too, you'll thank me.

Sam Clark

This place is awesome! The bread is made in house and fresh. The sandwiches have a Vietnamese style to them which makes it quite a unique place. The pastries are delicious. The variety of drinks is quite good as well, tons to choose from. I don't think you would ever find anything quite like here again and would recommend a stop.

Ryan Farabee

Everything here is great! I’ve tried a few of the pastries, a couple different banh mi, and the Vietnamese iced coffee. Never been disappointed with anything, and the wait is never too long, even when they’re packed.

Christen B

Biloxi slice of heaven. This place came as a recommendation and I'm so glad I visited. The poboys are so uniquely done with a vietnamese flare and the bakery items are AMAZING. Every time I've been there's lines for the bread alone. Great experience and absolutely wonderful staff.

Loren King

Their Boba Tea alone should draw you in but they have great service, tasty desserts, and let's not forget the sandwiches!

Claudette Roberts

Always great

Liz P

A must try! The food is incredible as well as the service. They have toys for children to keep busy and an amazing selection of freshly made pastries, sandwiches and bread. Def try the avocado bubble tea!

Beau Patterson

OMG. Awesome food AWESOME owner and Mother. Worth the time to check out.

Matthew Severns

I read the reviews, but WOW! So delicious. Great sandwiches and pastries. I can't wait to try them all. Coconut yucca pie? Noice!

Kelly Derouen

Curry coconut chicken... Lawd have mercy, it's awesome

Katherine Koppersmith

I HAVE to stop here every time I come to Biloxi. Everything is so fresh and delicious!!

Claudia Parker

They make excellent food and pastries, and their breads taste just like fresh bakery breads in France! I always love to get a coconut chicken bánh-mì and a melon bubble tea.

Kay Moss

Always delicious and fresh. I love the king cakes!

Matt Murphy

One of the best places to get food on the coast. The sandwiches are delicious and incredibly reasonably priced ($4-5). They also have very good pastries, and some of the best bread around.

Mike Sigman

Simply amazing!

Elliott Berthelot

The value is incredible! The food is great! The staff was very friendly. I will definitely be returning. I enjoyed the pork with lemon grass po-boys, steamed pork buns and pastries.

Horrell Townsend

Best French pastries to be had on the Coast...still offer a "Baker's Dozen." Great fresh loaves of bread and rolls. And Baklava is great, too. Bubble Tea and Vietnamese fare on the menu also. Very friendly staff and very reasonably priced! And Oak Street is finally repaved!!!

Becky Gustin

Best pastry selection around! And produced by local people. Excellent selection of turnovers and not overwhelmingly sweet. A must for locals and visitors.

Alex D

Every time I visit Biloxi I have to stop by to have their pastries or the po’boys, the Vietnamese sandwiches. The best ones ever! Today, On the way home to Florida from New Orleans I stopped by and got 8 sandwiches and lots of pastries! And the Vietnamese coffee, the lady made it extra strong as I asked! She seemed amazed that I bought so much to go and I didn’t hesitate to express how much I enjoy everything they make there! Thank you! And yes, I told every single one of my friends to go visit Le Bakery everytime they go to Biloxi. Just finished my second sandwich! I am one happy man!

Matthew Person

Very good pastries. Always has a good steady business. Now wish they would take some of those profits and spend $100 to have someone cleanup the front of the business and pick up trash and paint.

Sabyn Ladnier

I have never had anything that I didn't like here! Their bahn mi and pastry selections are awesome. Absolutely LOVE the meat pies, baklava, and char sui bahn mi! (And all the folks inside!)

Mary Goodwin

Pastries are wonderful.

Tanya de la Vergne

So so good! Lucky enough to get a warm baguette out of the oven!

Tom Traynor

Great baked goods get there early or it will all be gone

Michael Ross

They are awesome! Pastries and sandwiches are delicious and the service is always friendly.

Joe L

The food was so great. I will be back again and again

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