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923 Van Buren Ave, Oxford, MS 38655, United States

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REVIEWS OF Bottletree Bakery IN Mississippi

Lisa Riley

Good food. Nice atmosphere. Pretty good service.

Grace Lee

Marvelous bakery in Oxford. I’ve visited here many times. That place makes me always convivial and relaxing!! I strongly recommend to chill out.

justin parker

Amazing breakfast spot. Granola and ham/cheese croissant were outstanding. Highly recommended

Kristina Mulvihill

Andrew Maye


John Melton

I have been to this restaurant at least 10 times. EVERY single time the service has been terrible. This time we moved seats TWICE from the table to bar area and no one even spoke to us. The times I have waited the food has been decent. The only thing they have going for them is, there free WiFi and it’s not even that fast.

Mike Coles

Will Eubanks

Moha yaya

Harry Fyke

Great coffee and baked goodies!

Jerry J

Jose Martinez

Excellent service. Good food. Great ambiance. You have to try it

Joseph Phillips

Really cool Oxford staple. Their pastries, breads, soups, and coffees are all excellent. It gets busy so be patient. This is a must do for visitors, travelers, and locals.

David D Allen III

Great baked goods. The cinnamon rolls are amazing and rather large.

John Supple

Pretty good food, but the 1990's bohemian trait of ignoring customers is in the past. Needs to shift gears to bring this excellent food into the modern era.

April Null

Food was wonderful! Very busy with simplistic service. Checkout was kind of crazy.

Daniel Horner

Absolutely delicious food. Perfect on Sunday after a busy Saturday night.

Gwen Jones

Rachael Jones


It's a shame that the service is so terrible because the pastries are great. I would go here more often if not for the fact that literally every time I've been here I have been charged more than I ordered, waited to order at least fifteen minutes AFTER I sat down, or given the wrong menu item. On one occasion, the waiter told me that they were out of the sandwich I ordered AS he was serving me a different sandwich completely. I have given this place a break multiple times, but I honestly cannot say that I would recommend anyone to go here simply because the wait staff has shown time and time again that they care for little for the customer. Today, I returned hoping that I would receive better service than I had in the past and I arrived home to find that the cashier had charged me for items that he did not even give me. It's so incredibly frustrating because I want to like Bottletree Bakery, but the service is consistently horrendous.

Patti Clough

We are from mesa AZ and like to visit

Hunter Simpson

Fantastic bakery! They are very serious about their pastry and coffee. Its an old-school oxford original with every credintial and ackalade. The baked good selection is very broad and could suit any taste. They also have an extensive coffee list. The drip coffee was a little on the dark side and the space is VERY TIGHT. so if you sit on the aisle side of your table be prepared to have fellow patrons within your comfort zone. The tables further from the registers have more adiquete space.

Gordon Ehrensing

Great brunch spot, but it can be hard to find a table. Their baked goods and coffee are naturally spot on.

Alex Tan

This place has got a very artistic and unique feel to it, as though everything is organic. I could sit there all day long. The bread they serve reminds me of the days when I was working in Germany, where bread is baked fresh daily.


First off just let me say that I love this place and have been eating there for years. However, after eating there this Sunday, ( the food was wonderful) but the service was terrible. Our waitress literally threw our plates at us, spilled my coffee, forgot part of our order, never gave us silverware, never asked if we needed anything or how our food was, and then stood and drank her soda and talked to 2 boys while we waited on our food. We waited over 45 minutes for our food, despite everything we ordered coming from the glass case and only needed to be warmed up. Very dissapointing !!

Camille Cluzel

Perfect breakfast place

Kv Singh

Phillip Grose

Jon Noel

Amazing almond croissant and coffee

John Rash

Didn't love the coffee but the baked goods are out of this world. Staff are super friendly and personable making everyone feel like a local even if you are from out of town. I aspire to become a regular here.

Will Roser

I've been coming here for years and it's a great place if your looking for something different than eggs and bacon. If you're a coffee freak try the Bump and grind or coffee on the rocks!

Colin Bailey

Judy Reynolds


Andi Burck

I love this place. There is no other place on earth.

Bill Prout

Always a favorite. Had sausage and biscuit, which was flaky with bits of cheddar and rosemary. Bought some to go as well. The oatmeal is amazing as well. Comes with honey and steamed milk added. Bonus is the on-site baked loaves of bread to go. Romemary Garlic is my favorite!


Stale. I bought 3 types of pastries and they were all stiff, dried up and inedible. Wasted $26 for nothing.

Elizabeth Landingham

Favorite bakery and coffee in Oxford

Dusty Hawkins

Susan Mason

Very popular little eat-in bakery/coffee shop with tremendously good offerings, but only for breakfast and lunch.

David Bauer

Linda Butler

Food was delicious, but waitress was loud, sat down at our table to take our order and figure up the check. She was very distracting.

Shubhangi Khatu

Berl Stein

Willie Fisher

Kate Habegger

The bake goods are wonderful but customer service lacked us feeling welcome and wanting to come back. Very poor customer service. We spent over $30 and wait staff lacked professional social skills (saying hello, thank you, please) and lacked any enthusiasm/basic courtesy for their customers.

Joseph Cortes

I got a turkey sandwich here that was generally tasty but the meat proportions was pathetic. I hear that is unusual. Maybe it was a mistake or maybe it was because I was wearing a polo in a clearly hipster establishment. Regardless, I was left hungry and unhappy.

John Clark

Andrew Weaver

Meagan Brown

Terry Slocum

The servers are super nice, but the service is very spotty and slow. If you have an hour plus, no worries. The “from concentrate” orange juice comes in a plastic bottle. I expect at least as good orange juice I buy at home. The baked goods are really good as is the atmosphere.

Rachel Cox

People are really nice and the food is amazing.

Nathan Allen

Fresh pastries and great espresso.

John Cofer

Historically delicious breakfast

Alex Movitz

This place is legendary for a reason. There really isn't a better bakery around.

Cary Black

Christina Streeter

When people are lining up before the doors open, you know you’ve got something special. Amazing pastries including a variety of homemade croissants and bagels. Good coffee, funky vibe and excellent music. A nice place to sit and read a book or meet up with friends.

Robert Barton

I was a 1st timer today, and it definitely won't be my last time!

Prit Lakhani

Jackie Bailey

Love, love, love bottletree!

Judi Woolfolk

This place was awesome! Delicious breakfast. It was packed- but service was still great!

Gwyn Zmolek

Incredible pastries! Every breakfast dish is awesome! Love the hip atmosphere!

kjh ppl

Austin Pernell

Cinnamon rolls as big as your head, overnight oats cooked to perfection, and they keep the coffee coming. Get here early before it fills up!

Jeremiah Beene

Ugh. Pretentious and actively unfriendly staff combined with uncomfortable seating, very little parking, sub-par coffee, and completely underwhelming pastries makes for an experience I didn't enjoy, even after giving it another try. I'd rank it a 1 except that I found a couple food items that were actually good among their otherwise bland menu.

Kayla Spor

Overpriced and the service is horrible. It is always so slow. This time, the cashier literally rolled her eyes when I came up to order (as if I was putting her out for trying to be a paying customer?).

Becky McKinney

Laura Hill

Ashley Polk

Hannah Humphrey Bennett

Demarius Bell


Jonathan Jones

Great service, great food, perfect 5/7

Elizabeth Rawlings

I love pastries, and these were just ok.

Randy Abraham

Todd Mitchell

Andrew Kamischke

Amazing local coffee/pastry shop that makes fresh pastries daily. I recommend the giant cinnamon rolls and the homemade granola.

Travis Smith

Maria Fernanda

Matthew Mueller

Stopped in for a pastey. Honey cheese Danish was delishious. Nice atmosphere, seems pretty popular.

Judy Moore

Wanda Birdsong

Very slow service, customers who had not been served did not stay. Very disorganized, orders were overlooked and not submitted to the kitchen, not enough staffing. The hostess, although friendly, did not know how to do her job. Overall, a disaster. Update August 2018 - I was back in Oxford, MS, and and returned to the Bottletree. Service was much better, and the manager made patrons feel welcome. The meals can be 'iffy' because quality is inconsistent. My salad had spoiled lettuce pieces, as did my sandwich. The place is recognized for their bakery, but their large assortment is displayed uncovered on an open shelf. It does not appear those items are put away or stored when the bakery is closed.

David Stamatis

Fred Anklam

Great atmosphere ... fun place to meet Oxon Ian's... hot coffee, great bread and pastries ... and don't miss the oatmeal

Sabrina Stambaugh

Quiche was to die for. Not to mention the brioche cinnamon roll and the chocolate croissant - all were delicious!

Scott Mason

Alex Sims

Awesome little bakery/coffee house. Everything is fresh and delicious, and the atmosphere makes it. I'm a big fan of sitting up at the counter and watching them make coffee drinks—works of art. Some reviewers are getting worked up over the service. My advice: Relax and enjoy the experience (and the great food/drinks). My order: Club w/ potato salad and a Bowl of Soul to drink.

James Calloway

Jennifer Greer

The service is terrible, they were out of half the menu items, the bagles were rock hard, drink orders were forgotten. When we asked for coffee refills the server told us to walk to the front of the store and get our own. After waiting 20 minutes after eating for a ticket the server wouldn't give us one and said to just tell the register everything we ordered.

Jen Dempster

Davide Gerosa

Nice bakery with breakfast thibfs

Danica Boyd

An Oxford staple. The honey cream Danish is my favorite pastry, the granola is fantastic and their coffee always hits the spot!

Bob Sanford

GO there every time in Oxford great

Tom Lutken


Clay Barnes

Get the focaccia "pizza" if you're there around breakfast and any are left. Every day they make a different combination of toppings for it, so you won't get tired of the "same" order every day, either!

Josh Williams


Nice location and reasonable price of breakfast. They have daily special written on the board at the entrance. People are nice here, coffee is allowed to take togo.

William Weems

Pastries are to die for!

Dennis Smith

Friendly, full, good food!

Jon Dropco

Walter Teel

So good. The only thing negative is the erratic hours of operation

William Aikman

Kimberly K

roy thompson

This is an Oxford favorite. Great sweets and savories for breakfast. Nice lunches.

Rachel Athena Rutherford

The pastries were great. They were very busy but service was fast and friendly. Their interior space is a bit crowded.

Rachel Fagan

Quaint, charming, excellent food!!! Nice hot tea in fun mugs. I think our waitress was new so our service was not the best.

Justin Brown

Morgan Kinnaman

The food and coffee is mediocre, the wait is long, and they quickly run out of stock. There are better coffee shops nearby.


Judith Wells

This is a friendly and delicious place to eat. Worth a visit. May have to wait to be served but worth it.


Good store. Parking is a long walk most days.

Gary Gann

So so very great service and food...

Jessica Levatino

Love this place, the people and everything is so yummy! Especially the Monkey bread, cinnamon rolls, humble pies, bread and muffins!


Terrific bakery that offers very good coffee and a menu that promises tasty eats. Very popular and can be quite busy.

ebru erol

Cinnamon roll + Cup'o zoe; the best

Chris Tasich

I've been here three times over a few years and there's always a significant wait to get our order taken and they are always out of our first and second choice. Poorly run and hectic. The staff is very friendly though.

Lucas McCoy

Sarah Bridges

Yummy treats but ordering a pastry takes way too long. Ordered a pastry, got it warmed up at 11:38. I texted my freind immediately after at 11:39. Didnt get my pastry till 12:16. Only checked the time to know how long I'd been sitting. Been here twice, same thing happened twice. My server forgot.

Matthew H

Scott Pritchett

Grab a cinnamon roll for breakfast before they are sold out. They are amazing!

Joe McLellan

Always great food and service!

Pallavi Prasad

Tony Halcin

Stacey Lantagne

One of my favorite bakeries. Get the brioche.

Mike Ellingburg

Great pastries.

Les Ratner

The owners motto is "be nice or leave". Unfortunately she doesn't heed her own advice. I had been several times and was willing to overlook the poor service because it was the only place to get a 'fresh' bagel in Oxford. Thank god that's not true any longer. There are now choices. The reason for the negative review is that the owner is not nice - but down right rude and her staff are equally dismissive of patrons. On our last trip we were fortunate to find a table rather quickly but were forced to sit in filth for 20 minutes until a waiter finally came over to clean the table. Numerous requests were made until he finally showed up and stated that he sometimes "gets lost". Thanks - you were only looking at us the whole time we were there. A different waiter came and took out drink and food order. And after sometime my coffee arrived - no one else's drinks did. At this time I went to add some cream to my coffee and observed a thick brown scum layer around the inside of the creamer. And guess what - no waiters or help in sight. So I took the creamer to the counter and was meet by the owner, who asked if I needed help. I showed her the creamer and told her my concern, asking for a fresh creamer. She looked inside the creamer and gave it a look of disgust that I would even question its cleanliness. She came to my table with a creamer, and I hoped that she addressed the issue. However, definitely stated that the "creamer were 20 years old - what did I expect". Upon inspection of the creamer - it was now filled to the bream. After her comments, I was no longer trusting and took my spoon to the inside of the creamer, below the surface of the creamer and scraped off the scum layer she tried to hide under more cream. How disgusting. The waiter finally showed up with the other drinks and I showed him and he exhibited no concern - almost looking at me like what did u expect - this is business as usual. Needless to say - we will never return and I'm sure she could care less. We aren't locals. But if this is how she treats locals - no thanks!! My next stop is the board of health!!!!!!!!

N Lee

Agree with many reviews about the service. The pastries are good. Probably the only reason I keep going back. People there look either mad or indifferent. Unfortunately, given their popularity, I don't think they're going to change their ways.

Ellen Harris

Cindy Waters

My favorite bakery!

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