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2515 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404, United States

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REVIEWS OF The Copper Hen Cakery & Kitchen IN Minnesota

Angel Unis

So cute and calming, amazing food very fairly priced for the location, and a great staff !

Phillip King

Great breakfast

Chris Westendorp

Great menu and food, fantastic brunch, and vibrant atmosphere! Highly recommend for a relaxing Sat or Sun brunch.

Autumn Nyenhuis

We did our wedding cake through Copper Hen for our wedding in early August and it was a great experience! The cake was delicious — even my Aunt who is a chef (and very hard to impress) said it was the best wedding cake she’s ever had! From the first tasting, Copper Hen was pleasant to work with! They answered any questions we had in a timely manner and helped make suggestions on our order without being pushy or over the top. We decided to have someone pick up our cake on the wedding day instead of getting it delivered and they worked with us on that, no problem. Overall, getting our wedding cake through the Copper Hen wedding met our dessert needs perfectly. I’m thankful we had some left over because it is seriously heavenly!

Beth Gasser

Cute atmosphere. Nice selection of bakery items. Good service.

Kevin Thomason

I had the Skillet Apple cookie and a Cupcake. The Skillet apple cookie was meh. The cookie part tasted ok but the apples just didn't taste good.. The Ice cream was was delicious that came with the cookie.. The cupcake was excellent. The butter cream frosting was perfect and the cake part was moist and tasty leaving me wanting more... I will go back for the cupcakes but will avoid the skillet cookies....

Ken Geis

Outstanding brunch & great service!

Barbara Dozetos

Heard the raves and had to go. I was very disappointed. Incredibly loud space. Slow service. Had to use a steak knife to cut through my cold biscuits and gravy. I won’t go out of my way to go there again.

Cathy Schlegel

The bread basket was great, amazing butter. The farmhouse salad was incredible. The mushrooms are so flavorful and the bacon and cashews add a perfect crunch. The mac and cheese is very rich, I added the mushrooms and chicken. Mushrooms were on point but the chicken was bland. The crumbs on top added so much! Carrot cupcake was good but nothing special.

Kate McClintock

Had new year's brunch here with friends. A very solid $20 buffet with a large variety of yummy food.

Tracy Johnson

Food is fresh and creative. Limited menu and overpriced, however. Trendy place for a date. Chicken pot pie a big hit serves only 1 person..see photo. ($17)

Debbie Dickson

I'm spoiled forever I can't eat cake anywhere else as long as I live. This place has a lovely atmosphere, beyond wonderful staff and a gorgeous menu to enjoy


We hired Copper Hen to do our wedding cake and had the best experience! The service was fantastic and the flavors are to die for. We opted to do a small cutting cake and then cupcakes for guests, using several different flavors, and it was a HIT. Our guests couldn't stop raving about how delicious they were. People wanted to taste every single kind! If you're looking for amazing dessert for your wedding, look no further than Copper Hen. Highly recommend!

Fake O Bitties

Great burger and great atmosphere

Anushka Joshi

Great brunch place with good food and service

Mari Marks

My 3 friends and I made a reservation for 10 am on Sunday. When we arrived our table was ready to go and waiting for us. I'm glad we had a reservation because it got busy in the following two hours. Yes we stayed 2 hours! We didn't feel rushed at all to leave the table, after our plates were taken and the bills were paid, we weren't visited by the waitress, asking if we wanted anything else (which to me usually is a sign of them telling you to leave) Right around the two hour mark, the host did come over and kindly told us that there was a 2 hour hold limit on the table, and we were right around that mark. She was nice about it and didn't make us feel bad about it. As for the food, I got the farmhouse BELT and the side order of bread pudding french toast with cinnamon whipped cream. I was going to split the french toast with someone, but i'm so glad I didn't! It is the perfect portion to indulge and finish yourself. I am a huge fan of cinnamon, and the cinnamon whipped cream did not disappoint - it was amazing, I could've eaten a whole bowl of it. The BELT was also really good. The tarragon tomato aioli was an unexpected welcome sweetness, the over easy egg was cooked perfectly, and the toast it all rested on was the perfect level of toasted. The roasted potatoes which came with my open face sandwich were perfect, crispy and flavorful, I enjoyed them with the dipping sauce that accompanied them (not sure what it was.) The service was great, our waitress friendly and we didn't wait long at all for our food, or for our checks at the end. I have always wanted to visit the Copper Hen and i'm really happy I finally got to. I can't wait to go back and try more.

Tuesday Manthei

The Copper Hen is one of my favorite places in Minneapolis. We go there all the time for brunch and dinner. We also had our wedding reception there. It's GORGEOUS already so you don't need much decorating, and they provide you everything you need all in one package for renting out the restaurant. The package even includes cupcakes for your guests and a two-tiered cake for the couple. The ambiance, food, desserts, and space was perfect and exactly what we were looking for. The owners are amazing too. I highly recommend having your wedding at The Copper Hen, or to just go there for a nice meal. Can't say enough great things about this place.

Jennifer Slaugh

Copper Hen made me a gorgeous wedding cake and I've since gone over for brunch. Their food is delicious and inventive. The service will make you feel like family.

Arthur H

Worthy of a visit. Kinda fun. Friendly place. Quality of food excellent, fair price point. My steak was very, very good, quality meat and cooked perfectly for the two of us who ordered medium and medium rare. Kids liked their burgers. Pot pie looked excellent. Did not care fo Brussels spout ceaser salad. Lobster fries surprisingly good, with perfectly cooked chunks of lobster. Great cupcakes, not impressed with homemade pretzels, seemed a bit dry to me, but kids were pleased with the pretzels. Fun, but small cocktail menu.

Ryan Bolduan

Wonderful food that really can only be described as upscale farmhouse. The steak was perfect and the salads wonderful. The full bar is a nice touch too.

D'Andre Norman

The Glaze Chicken was marvelous.

Andrew Boyd

Pricey but they have the best brunch in uptown. And their bloody marys are great. One has a donut with it!

Love Vieira

Delicious food and great ambiance

Stacy Brocker

The Chicken Pot Pie was the best I’ve ever had. I was so impressed that I came back for dinner the same day and had the Farmhouse Salad with a poached egg, candied bacon, cashews, and whipped fetta. It was amazing. The atmosphere is cozy, the food farm to table, and the staff very friendly.

Crystal Bonner

My fiancee decided to get us reservations for lunch on my birthday so he could talk to them about ordering a cake to be brought out after we had eaten as a surprise. There was only one other table when we arrived and were seated after about five minutes. The hostess came over to our table about five minutes later asking my fiancee if the note she had on her iPad was for him. Realizing the table would be to small for his surprise she told us we could move ourselves to another table as long as it was still on the same side of the room. After another five minutes she came over and decided to move an extra table to give us more room. While she was moving the table over our waitress came over and the hostess told her I will explain why I am moving the table in a couple minutes to which our waitress replied "oh is it like a cake thing?" Surprise ruined. The food was mediocre at best and not nearly worth the prices listed. After we had finished our meal the same waitress came and asked if we were looking at dessert. Still trying to keep some level of surprise my fiancee try to nod it off like nothing. The same waitress them came back out this time with my cake and as she's putting it on the table says i wasn't sure if you were celebrating so I put a candle in just in case. When we informed her it was in fact my birthday she goes oh there was nothing in my notes about it. After everything was said and it still took ten minutes for us to get a box for the rest of the cake. So even after my fiancee called in before hand and explain to them that he wanted to surprise me with a cake for my birthday they couldn't even pull that off. I am not even mad about the ruined surprise for me but for my fiancee who put so much effort into trying to make our lunch a wonderful surprise.

Desiree Larson

Farm to table to mouth! Supports local Farmer's, neat ambience, patio, good service, bottomless mimosas, and stellar food. Wish we had room for dessert! We all said we want to go back sometime. Free parking across the street or other street parking.

lisa layne

Food, drinks, service, ambience - 5⭐ all around!

Valerie Lloyd

This was by far my and my husband's favorite place we decided to eat! The staff was friendly. We were visiting and asked about things we should do and our waitress was extremely helpful. The food was delicious. I will definitely go back the next time I visit the city.

Adam C. Kooyer

Food was good. Fish and chips were over cooked (batter was very very dark and thick). Service was spotty--not as attentive as they could have been. Cupcakes were mediocre--the flavor had potential but the consistency was that of a dry baked good. They would likely be better fresh or at room temp rather than cooled.

Nick Running

This place was nothing special except for the bottomless mimosas. The menu was super limited for brunch that had maybe 8 things to choose from and the prices were way higher than other nearby places. My food was OK but for the price it was not worth it as it did not have much flavor or seasoning used. The part that really sucked was that my fiance ordered an omelette and it came out runny. Had to send it back and she had to sit there and watch me eat. Also potatoes were under cooked and cold, overall not a good experience.

Brandon Wold

Excellent date idea! The space and decor are cozy, with a quaint French agrarian vibe, and there’s a wide variety of food and drinks. Everything we’ve tried has been great. Well worth checking out!

Jerome Begin

Not only are the owners absolutely amazing people who care about their customers but there is not a bad part about this place! The music, food, atmosphere and design are all stunning. If you want a casual lunch or a upscale date night then the Copperhen is the place to go!

Charles Pauken

I've never actually been here but Google keeps asking me to review it. I get notifications once a month to review this place because Google thinks I was there four years ago. (And how am I supposed to give an accurate review four years removed?) Anyway, I heard once - one time - and, hell, probably four years ago, that this place does a fourteen dollar mac & cheese. If dropping fourteen dollars on mac & cheese doesn't sound asinine to you, go to this place. Get bonkers with it. Me? I work for a living. I'm sticking with Arby's.

Matthew Bentley

The breakfast was so good, it still haunts me in my dreams

Carol Lee Omlie

What a perfect venue for a wedding. Staff was so helpful and friendly.

Nicole Schneider Otis

Best burger I have ever had! Steak and fries were really good too!

Kevin Sitter

Every dish was spiced perfectly, with flavors fresh and distinctive. The bar drinks are similarly tasty and no matter what, have a dessert. Wait staff professional and personable.

Nathan Sturre

Super busy. Really loud in there. In their defense, it was restaurant week. The Mac-N-Cheese was AWESOME. The service was ok. No real good parking.

l lambda

Too loud inside. Our ears were ringing afterwards (a sign of hearing damage) and we couldn’t hear each other talking inside.

Agustin Smalls

The service was great and the food was quiet good. The atmosphere was busy and a little loud. The drinks were good.

Jen Klise

The place that has both a can of Schlitz (for the craft beer weary) and an awesome Champagne was off to a great start. The cheese plate was both beautiful and delicious. The veggie burger was truly unique and delicious. Our entire table loved their choices. Great to see a soft spoken, warmly lit, casual place doing well. A must on my list for anyone who has not been there yet.

Neil Ryan

We had 8 o'clock reservations on a Saturday and it was still packed. The inside is beautifully done. For drinks I ordered the lumberjacks breakfast and my boyfriend ordered the beer flight. Both were good although the drinks were a little pricey. We started with the creamed kale dip which was to die for. I got the baked mac n cheese and was delighted I did. One of the best I've ever had. He got the wild foragers pizza which was good as well. Of course had to take home a cookie and cupcake from the case. They tasted kind of old but good flavor. Our service was pretty slow and we didn't really see our server at all which was disappointing. Overall food was good but not sure if worth for how expensive they are.

Montse Aguilar

GREAT! It was awkward when we came in because there wasn't a host at the entrance, but the young man who would be our server noticed right away and greeted us. He was very friendly and professional! Food exceeded expectations: we had the trout (A++), prosciutto pizza, the best house (or garden?) salad ever (the warmer temperature of the salad reminded me of my culinary school days), and the pistacchio creme brulee (perfect temperature, not too cold, just right). The Purple cocktail was exactly what I needed for the evening, and an espresso to wrap up. I usually don't repeat places unless they're really good, and I'll definitely visit this place again!!

Becky Novotny

The Copper Hen was our wedding venue for our August 20th wedding date. Choosing the Copper Hen was THE BEST DECISION we made as we planned our wedding. Working with Chris and Danielle made our wedding planning experience extremely positive. They worked with us to design the reception space, said yes to all of my requests, and were present and responsive throughout the process. I loved working with them! The outcome was phenomenal. The wedding space was GORGEOUS, the food was hot and delicious, the drinks were flowing and the service was wonderful. Booking the Copper Hen means Danielle made our yummy and stunning wedding cake and cupcakes, we enjoyed the Copper Hen's amazing menu items, we had a team of bartenders and wait staff, and our guests enjoyed the gorgeous space that is the Copper Hen :) My husband and I have said it over and over, we wouldn't change a thing. The Copper Hen was the perfect wedding venue spot. But what truly made everything perfect was working with Chris and Danielle, the owners of the Copper Hen. So positive, so helpful and incredibly kind. We love them!!

Adam Hansen

The bloodys here are some of the best around

Angela Weightman

The last few times I’ve been here for brunch my food doesn’t come out hot. Every time I’ve had the breakfast potatoes they are cold and the eggs are lukewarm. The mimosas are not always cold too.

Matt Raveling

Nice brunch atmosphere, good food, excellent service!


I have been here three times for brunch as I live nearby. The food is always very good - highly recommend the biscuits and gravy. My sister ordered the omelette and the order was incorrect but still tasted good. Also have bottomless mimosas for $10. This place gets very busy on weekends so definitely make a reservation for brunch to avoid a wait.

Mike and Janette Gilbertson

The atmosphere was cramped and noisy, the service was incredibly slow, and the food was unimpressive. We were with a large group and not one person raved about their dinner. A couple of us ordered the baked mac and cheese. It was so thick and tasteless, we all had just a couple bites. Based on the reviews, I had really hoped for a better experience, but there wasn't one thing that would make me want to return.

Dan Cregan

Very good food and they take reservations which is really nice for larger parties.

Kelsey Christiansen

Loved having my 30th birthday here! Amazing service, amazing food, and amazing cocktails! Cannot wait to come back!

Ashley Ebert

The Copper Hen is literally one of my FAVORITE spots in the cities! From the decor to the food (and drinks!!) it's a dream. Always curating specialty menus and supporting local breweries- I am COME ON! How can you beat that?? THE BEST!

Josey Jee

Best quiche I've ever tasted in my whole life. Bottomless mimosas! Love that !

Bengi Durgunoğlu

I love this place! When you walk in the staff are friendly, prompt, and attentive to our needs. The menu offers a balanced variety of food and drinks (which also cater to vegetarians). The owners have done a remarkable job maintaining innovative and creative recipes throughout the seasons, especially their desserts! The boozy cakes, in particular, will hook you. The food is delicious, yet affordable; tasteful, yet simple. I would highly recommend dining out at The Copper Hen at least once a year. If not for a filling meal, at least see what new food and drink ideas they have in store. Cheers!

Georgia Zagaros

I would definitely recommend Copper Hen for their dessert and wedding cake services. As for the restaurant, not at all. The service was extremely slow, and the food was not warm when it arrived. The server forgot my husbands drink twice, and took 15 minutes to bring us our check after we asked.


I have been here a handful of times, and I would highly recommend it. All the staff, especially that one red haired host and the manager Emily, are highly skilled at their jobs and provide a wonderful experience. Also the bartenders are awesome.

Rena Cummings

I have been here three or four times for brunch. Very good food but honestly, they had me at bottomless mimosas. I really like their scones. The servers have all been very nice, if a little hard to find when it is time to pay your check and clear out. My mother in law loves their creamed kale. I wasn't a fan, but don't like 'creamed' vegetables. Their bread pudding french toast is awesome and very rich. Good brunch fare without being greasy. If you are looking for hangover-cure brunch go elsewhere. But for a nice, fancy brunch this is a good place.


Really busy for brunch which is fine but as a result it was incredibly loud. It was a challenge to even hear what the person across from you was saying. The food was ok, nothing too special. I would not return by choice.

Zach Marino

My wife and I went around 445pm on a Saturday for an early dinner. We found a parking spot about a block away and came into a fairly empty restaurant. The waitress was nice, knowledgeable. The environment is warm, refreshing and relaxing. It wasn’t too bright but not too dim. The mixture of artwork and industrialism was nicely balanced. The menu is selective but being a kitchen and cakery, you can’t expect a full out menu like a regular chain restaurant. We started with the ravioli appetizer which was very rich and tasty, a must have! Then we had the Lamb pizza and the Scallops. The flavor of the pizza was fantastic! I am a hungry dude and I had to take a half of slice home! I was very satisfied with the quality and quantity of my meal. My wife’s scallops were pretty good. They were smaller than the menu makes them seem but with the purée, chicken skin and radishes, it balanced things off. For that price, we both feel like you could get more (quantity) of good. The taste and quality was awesome, on the rich tasting side! We had their cupcakes as well and loved them! Very rich but very tasty! This is a must try location! Swing on by!!

Pedro Tanure

Great spot for a brunch. The ambiance is very comfy, and the food and pastries are great. You also get pretty good bottomless mimosas. For big parties (more than ten people), it can be a problem. Other than that, highly recommended!

Andy Lane

Was pretty busy inside so sat out front on a beautiful day. Food came out quickly and was ~amazing~ (Crabby Toast pictured). Have to come back to try more

Ian Allen

Stopped here for weekend brunch recently. The food was good (and very hearty portions) and the interior is nicely decorated. Unfortunately service wasn't that great. Once I was finally seated (after waiting at the front stand for nearly 10 minutes) it took a long time before a server came to greet us. We were in a bit of a time crunch because of an event we were heading to so my friend told me we should order everything up front, even still it took almost 25 minutes for my friend's coffee drink to arrive. The place was very busy so maybe that's the reason, but given the great location, decor, and delicious food I hope they are able to fix the service issues. If you have the time and are looking for a leisurely place to have brunch I highly recommend! (I didn't try any of the bakery items, but I had a long time to sit and stare at them while waiting for a table, I think sometime soon I'll have to stop back and get a couple items to go!)

Shane Davidson

Great brunch! Glad we got a reservation, the place was busy from the time we got there to the time we left. Still food came out fast, looked great, and was delicious. Don’t forget to take a cupcake togo if you are stuffed at the end.

Kimberley Alvares

Great brunch spot, although it is pretty noisy inside and can make it hard to hear your conversations. The french toast was probably some of the best I've had in Minneapolis. Portions are generous and the food very good. Parking is hard to find, like anywhere on Eat Street.

Alex Hatzenbuhler

Absolutely amazing brunch! I had the bread pudding french toast with cinnamon butter and it was phenomenal. The atmosphere is fun and the servers are friendly and helpful. The bottomless mimosas are a great deal. When we got there they said it would be an hour and a half wait for two people, but we we're able to find a couple spots at the bar right away.

Jeff McCarthy

Got seated quickly and had an amazing breakfast with endless mimosas.

Kaylan Martinez

Went to Minneapolis for a wedding and we had Brunch at The Cooler Hen on one of the days. I am anxious to make the trip from NC again just to have more French toast!!! Delicious

Steve H

Fantastic. This is the kinda place one always has a carnal desire to go but you know that you cannot afford it every day, nor can your body keep up with those demands. The lobster loaded fries are to die for, biscuits and gravy we're some of the best I have ever had. Cannot recommend higher.

Diana Eide

We stopped in for dessert after checking out an exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. To start off, the space has a very cozy feeling and is very welcoming. The little cake case in the front is full of yummy looking treats. I had the crumble with vanilla ice cream. It was really good. Only complaint is that they didn’t give me a spoon for the melted ice cream. My son had the chocolate chip skillet cookie which he said was fabulous. My husband had his normal vanilla cupcake which for him was more dense then he likes. I looked at their full menu and want to go back to try some of their food, as they had some wonderful looking food coming out of the kitchen.

Preston Schroeder

It was perfect. I went there with my mother and the food was delicious. The pot pie just melts in your mouth and the burger was fantastic. I can't wait to bring my sisters when I fly home to Minneapolis soon.

Christina Creel

The brunch food was bar none and the bottomless mimosas were a steal! Wasn't super impressed with the atmosphere however. Will definitely be back, but be sure to make a reservation!


Cute but very crowded. Very cute drinks and food but ok flavors.

Joe Whiteis

For you, it could be the Golden Goose instead of the Copper Hen – if you are looking for a chill, unpretentious environment with interesting cocktails and a satisfying seasonal menu in the evenings, or if you are looking to leave a brunch feeling plenty full and totally satisfied. In the summer I've had many perfect, romantic dinners outside on their tiny street-side patio with me, my dog, and my kindle. It's the place I often fall-into unplanned dinner at when I'm walking my dog in the late evening and just think, "what the heck, I'm lazy and hungry and I want something delicious that feels worth it..." I am, it is, and it does. (...and when I'm feeling extry special - I finish up with some home-made malt ice cream and and small champagne cupcake. You shut up, Jenny Craig!)

Jay Freund

Limited menu.. snarky staff . Above average pricing

Suzannah Lenz

Visited Minneapolis for a long weekend and stopped by the Copper Hen for a midnight snack. In the mood for a hot scrumptious cookie with ice cream on top, we were not disappointed. Although this very trendy cafe offers a full dinner and drink menu, we found their deserts were to die for. The atmosphere is hip and very cool, but it does seem they are trying a bit too hard. The wait staff were all very kind, but took a bit too long to get our order going. Overall, really satisfactory experience.

Hu Woo

Nice restaurant gets very loud and hard to have a discussion. Food is very tasty

Emanuel Sas

Awesome environment - very relaxing and nice. Food was phenomenal! Had a burger and fries. Wife had a crabby toast (which she loved). Didn't have dessert because we were full but the espresso was good. Highly recommend. They also rent it out for special events, which would be a nice atmosphere.

Jessica Green

Disorganized hostess and bad dinner service. Good (not great) food and drinks. I'll start by saying the food here is always good (not amazing). Upscale fresh American farm food, and delightful bar selection. However checking in at the hostess stand when our party arrived 20 min early for our 8pm reservation was where things went sideways. We didn't get seated until almost 40 minutes after our scheduled reservation time because the hostesses forgot to mark our party as having arrived.... So an hour of waiting in the entry way (there isn't a separate reception area) and they never thought it was odd that the same people were standing there for close to an hour? Once seated, staff struggled to get orders taken, took them incorrectly, and delivered the wrong entree for one of our party members. There was no offer to compensate us for the long wait, lost reservation, or the awkward scenario of one of out eaters having to watch everyone dig in. This was our second visit, and for the price, there are better places to spend your time (and money). Maybe we'd go back for drinks only (Emily the bartender is a gem!) But that's it.

Zachary Hanson

Good food, but the waiter pointed at myself and co far too much.

steven keogh

The brunch was outstanding. Reasonably priced and the food/drinks is exquisite. I found the service to be solid. Generally it's very busy so I wouldn't count on being able to grab a table without a reservation.


Other than our appetizer not coming out food was good.. staff was on their cell phones.. odd to see.

James Blue

From the hostess to our server Tyler we could not be more happy. Afrer a day of museums we weee ready for some dishes with equal attention to creativity. Coming from AZ we insisted on eating putside in the rain and Tyler was cool with that...thanks Tyler! No critic on any dish as there were all prepared with care...fabulous flavors, presentation, and proper temps all coupled with lattes, espresso, cider and rosé. This place is a no brainer for those looking for an elevated casual experience.

Ryan Chies

Great atmosphere...better food! One of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had. Definitely a must try. Good work Copper Hen crew.

Jackson Pineau

Desserts are adorable, food is delicious, and the custom cocktails are 100% worth the price. Perfect for a date night or great group conversation.

Zaryab Shahid

This place is bound to make you feel warm and giddy. Their barn like/rural decor is comforting, the food is amazing and the service is friendly. Always leave here happy!

Michael Kelly

Long wait to be seated, even with reservations, long wait to get waited on, long wait to get food. Food choices were good, and food was tasty and served hot. Ambiance was neighborly and loud.

Gao Thao

The place is very well decorated. It's a warm environment with nice asthetics to it. The service was quick. Our server, he was attentive to our needs and brought our table of 8's meal out at the same time. There's a nice selection of food on the menu and said that all ingredients are from local producers. The only downfall about the food was the seasoning. The food was very salty for all the entrees that we each ordered.

Charlene Graff

Simple charming décor with attentive staff. Every dish was excellent--the bread, mac and cheese, farmhouse salad, and seafood dish. We were in a rush to get the theater and the thankfully the food came up quickly! Prices were decent. Would highly recommend. Make a reservation if you go and be prepared for thick traffic.

Kailee Carlson

This place has been on my list of brunch spots to try for forever! Finally got the chance to go on my birthday and wasn't let down. Brunch is served Friday-Sunday. We went on a Friday morning and it wasn't busy at all. I imagine it is much more crowded on weekends. The first thing you see when you walk in is the huge dessert glass case with the most beautiful looking baked goods

Chase Nelson

I've heard a lot about the Copper Hen and was very excited to stop in. Unfortunately the visit was not as exciting as I would've hoped. My party and I tried most of the brunch menu and we agree it was not great. It could have been an off day in the kitchen but everything seemed underwhelming. Partnered with the service we had it made for a sub par outing. Maybe I'll come back in the future but not likely.

amy Arnold

Staff is very rude and do not capture the essence of customer service and hospitality. I am not impressed with the dryness of the cupcakes or the food flavoring, flavors do not compliment one another in each dish and it seems as though they googled hipster cooking and then added dill to all of them. Do yourself a favor and find a real brunch spot and learn how servers are suppose to behave.

Grace Chryssomallis

I've never been here for lunch or dinner, but I've been here for brunch a number of times. The brunch here is okay but I've never really loved anything I've ordered and the food is all really heavy, and they don't really offer any lighter options. Their bakery side of things is good - biscuits and baked goods are delicious. But the atmosphere during the weekend brunch rush is really not great, the tables are jammed together so close you can barely get around the restaurant and it's so loud you can't hear people at your own table and everyone has to shout. Service is also not wonderful, they never once offered refills on the bottomless mimosas and they got part of our order wrong and never corrected it. I think there are better places in the cities to go for brunch, I don't know if I'll be back here again.

Minneapolis Entreepreneur

Finally made it to Copper Hen for brunch a few weekends ago. I can't recall the bartenders name but he was very pleasant and helpful. I tried the crab cake on avocado toast without the bacon and egg. I'm in love with avocado toast so I thought it was just ok

laurie bahr

The food was luke warm and overpriced for the quality. The service was subpar. Would not go again

Rob Norris

Great place and cool atmosphere but get ready to spend some $$$!

Tim Drake

European farm chic restaurant serving farm-to-table pork, burgers, veggies, and more. In addition to the dining room, there's a bar where you can enjoy a cocktail. $15 for a hamburger and roasted potatoes. Nice atmosphere, decent food.

Ben Wiechmann

Delicious, unique, and yet unpretentious. The laid back ambiance is perfect for bigger groups to enjoy a dinning experience together. The specials are always worth checking out and prices aren't unreasonable. Free parking across the street makes it stress-free to come often. The desserts are what seal the deal. Unreal cupcakes that are worth the trip in themselves. For date nights, Copper Hen usually rises to the top of the list because it brings together great food and an atmosphere that fosters conversation.

Thomas Kent

Slow Service Decent Food We ended up checking this place out for restaurant week with reservations. We got sat promptly but then no one helped us for 30 minutes. Once we finally did get service she didn’t apologize for the wait or that we were forgotten. Overall the food was good. The table had the steak meal, pot pie, turkey burger and regular burger and everyone was happy. The biggest hit was the Brussels sprout Caesar salad. Would maybe try again for brunch


Apparently there are a lot of people who don't know the difference between "quaint" and "pretentious". This place is not quaint. Being different just to be different is not what I'm looking for in a restaurant. There is a reason booths are upholstered with vinyl or leather and not velvet; it's so that people can slide on them. There are also reasons why restaurants put coasters under your drinks and salt and pepper on the table. All of these things I could just ignore, but when you add in the fact that my hash featured half cooked crunchy potato cubes and enough salt to choke a horse, and that one member of our party had to go get his own coffee three times, I'm less inclined to do so.

Barret Gosen

Their bread pudding french toast was so good I rededicated my life to Christ

Danilo Ojeda

Very elegant place to be and good people all around. The food is unique in a good way and the taste is even better.

Nick Wiederich

Staff was amazing and the atmosphere was incredible. Tyler was an awesome server. Their creme brulee was to die for! I'm definitely a lifelong member now.

Liv Augusta Anderson

I went to Copper Hen on Friday for dinner. I really enjoyed my meal and drink. Food and serviceswere topt notch. But then I saw the shirts for sale. I was incredibly disappointed when I noticed your hoodie that says "spirits are my spirit animal." Besides being cultural appropriation, it just seems tasteless. So yeah, 5 stars for the food's taste. 0 stars for the shirt's taste.

Donna Svec

Food was delicious. Had the Shrimp & Grits. The other 3 in our group also liked their entrees. We all went home with bakery items. Noise level required yelling to communicate.

Karl Pehler

Great atmosphere - enjoy a seat at the bar. Enjoyed the Farmers Buffet and the Farmers BELT.

Dale Gruber

I really love Copper Hen. You need to know you are going for an upscale dinner in a casual and cozy environment. The drinks are good. The selection is good. All of the food is creative and delicious. Best of all, the cupcakes are the best I've ever had. You will never taste a cupcake better than their blueberry bacon breakfast cupcake. I don't care what your initial reaction to the combination of blueberry and bacon is, this cupcake is unreal!

Bob Anderson

Great food and atmosphere

Matt Hagner

Brunch was great! The food tasted great and service was quick. Everything tasted fresh, and the bottomless mimosas are a pretty good deal. And as a rare gem in Uptown, they have a free parking lot just across the street (if you can find a spot in it). Try the Denver Duck Hash or the Copper Benedict, you won't be disappointed.

Ryan Stroh

Came here for the desserts. Delicious! Will definitely be back for the dinner menu.

Mikaela Sturz

Food was good but service could have been better. Would definitely eat here again!

Emily Raulston

The bottomless mimosas are a great deal, and the food was amazing. The atmosphere is great, but it's pretty loud. It's a good place for groups and for brunch.

Tina D

Fun, trendy brunch place.

Ben Clawson

Awesome environment, delicious food, great service. My girlfriend and I went for dinner. This place is pretty chill, yet classy. Our food was very tasty and hot. We had the fries, chicken pot pie and the baked mac and cheese. Our waitress, Brenna, was very helpful and kind. I even forgot something at our table, was getting in my car to leave, and Brenna ran it out to me. Great place, great food, great service. I'll be back!

Brent Timm

I enjoyed most of the dishes and would definetly return to try their desserts! The bakery items looked insanely delicious. One downside, I ordered the lobster French fries and the lobster was very overcooked.

Rod Dirks

Very tasty and artfully prepared food. Locally sourced, supporting local farmers. Ingredients were expertly blended and delightful. Food the way it should be, ingredients mesh and enhance the flavor, not mask it. Wonderful atmosphere, great decor, good service. One of the best culinary experiences I've had.

Steve Gjerdingen

This place serves a tasty breakfast. I ordered their french toast which they really decked out the toppings on! The reason I'm giving it a low rating is because their portion sizes are incredibly small for what they charge per plate. There are other breakfast options in the area that provide greater portions, more variety, and at a cheaper cost. This place also has a classy and polished aura when you walk in. I would have felt more comfortable if I'd traded my shorts for some business casual attire.

Richard Sullivan

Great unexpected find. Was down the street at Spyglass enjoying some coffee with friends and we were hungry. The Copper Hen proved to be an excellent choice. Great food, nice atmosphere and friendly staff. We will be back.

Natalie Hamilton

Great food and service. I had the copper benedict and it was delicious!

Rob Lieving

Good food and good drinks and really good service.

Rob Berra

Delicious desserts (went for desserts, so that's all I can speak to), contemporary ambience done very well, and our server, Annie, was literally the most genuinely warm and charming server I have had in my entire life, and I've been to some top-flight restaurants. We will definitely be back!

Alexandra McLaughlin

The Copper Hen brunch never disappoints.

Priyanka Shah

The Copper Hen has such great food & an awesome Aesthetic. It's a little cramped for a group larger than 6 though! Bottomless mimosas are pretty great also.

Tau Watts

Such a great place. Great service with genuine smiling faces. Lived up to the expectations

Kelly McCrimmon

I have been here three times now -- for brunch, dinner, and Wednesday wings -- and have had a phenomenal experience each time. The restaurant maintains an intimate feeling even when crowded, and the food is always top notch. The seared duck breast is crispy and juicy, and their homemade bread basket comes with three types of fresh bread and a tasty jam.

Mike Otten

Great food. Hard to find a place with from scratch cooking. The bread pudding french toast and blueberry pancakes were especially good. I started eating before I even took the picture of the food.

Angel Autopsy

Great service, wonderful workers, delicious food. I dont think there's anything you could get here that wouldn't taste good. Even things I wouldnt normally try taste great. Love them!

Jace Bresina

Went here for our anniversary this last year. The food was okay, just very very over priced and expensive for the amount of food you get, to be fair.

Alexandra Harmon-Threatt

This review is overdue as I had a party for 10 there in November. Everything everyone ordered was amazingly delicious. We were in town for a conference and worried about getting a table for such a large group but this place wasn't super busy on a Tuesday night and made a perfect atmosphere for actually being able to talk to your guests. Everyone was so impressed many said they would come back the next day. I only wish I lived in Minneapolis so i could go time and again.

Marcus Hedlund

Stopped her for lunch because it was close to the MIA. Had a turkey burger like sandwich, which we divided. It was delicious!!! And the French fries are wonderful! Even though the waitress must have forgot to put our order on and it took forever to get our food, I look forward to geo back there! They gave us a free dessert for the wait. I had the fruit pastry and it was wonderful too! Their cupcakes look heavenly !

Jennifer Penner

I googled "best pot pie Twin Cities" and the Copper Hen kept coming up in all my searches. I am so glad I came here. The pot pie is 5 STARS. The service on the other hand... not fast. Those craft drink definitely slow down the bartender.

Reilly Nesbitt

I had such a great time eating at The Copper Hen today. I have Celiac Disease so eating out is a stressful experience for me due to the fact that I get sick from cross contamination 99% of the time. I told the waitress, Sophie (I believe), about my allergy and had many questions for her. She was patient, responsive and went to the kitchen to make sure that what I was eating would be safe for me. They even have gluten free bread there! I ate a sandwich with a side of soup (tomato dill was amazing). The only downside was the high prices of the menu items, but I'll pay the price if I know I'm not going to get sick. I wish I would have tried the gluten free cupcake! Maybe next time. Thanks, Copper Hen!

Rachel Herr

This restaurant will blow the taste buds right out of your mouth! The turkey burger and wedge fries was beyond anything I could have dreamed. By far the most flavorful turkey burger I've ever had, and the fries were seasoned to perfection. The only complaint is that the cupcakes were dry!! When it's known as a "cakery," we expected the best and were disappointed. Ultimately, I found the food amazing and the desserts less than expected.

Anna Yesberger

Service was great, restaurant looks cute. It's extremely loud and difficult to hear anything. We went for brunch and I ordered eggs over easy and the cinnamon roll. The egg whites were not cooked all the way through. There was a thin skin of cooked whites on the outside and when I cut into it there were runny whites mixing with the yolk. It was a mostly raw egg with some chunks of cooked whites. The roll was smothered in an overly sweet frosting. The roll itself was fine but bland, so all you taste is frosting. My partner had coffee, an omelette with meat and veggies, and potatoes. The omelette eggs weren't cooked through and it was bland overall despite the filling. The potatoes were overcooked, dry, and flavorless. The coffee was very good. If you go just for drinks and service it's fine, but the food was incredibly disappointing. We wanted to try dinner, but after trying their basic eggs and potatoes, I'm not sure I want to try any more of the food.

Aaron Bieringer

We have been here a few times and the food is always amazing. We had the biscuits and gravy and the quiche this time along with their house bloody. The bloody comes with a mini bacon/blueberry muffin and is one of the things that keep us coming back.

Nancy Monayo

Food and service was great. Wait times are insanely long but it could be because we went there for Sunday brunch

Jennifer Lai

The food was satisfying, but service was poor. The wait staffer serving our table was curt and made us feel like we annoyed her somehow -- not a good vibe for a celebration dinner. I had wanted to take my sister to a nice but reasonably priced place for her birthday; having indicated this via our Open Table reservation, there was no acknowledgement from the wait staff of the reason for our booking. That isn't a dealbreaker necessarily, but since other restaurants tend to offer items for special occasions, not doing so makes The Copper Hen stand out in a negative way.

David S

Amazing food, great service.

Deanna Shaw

Great farm fresh menu and custom cocktails. This is one of my favorite places to stop in when in Minneapolis. Their menu is yummy and allows you to explore gourmet taste for Brunch or Dinner. We were there for brunch and had the Eggs Benedict and Biscuits and Gravy. Eggs Benedict sauce was so good I was dipping my potatoes in it. Biscuits and Gravy were fresh and also had a solid gravy sauce. Overall a place to come back to.

Sheryce Cook

This was truly a special experience. My only regret was that I couldn't bring the leftovers back with me to the hotel as we didn't have a microwave! Delicious, thoughtful food prepared and presented in a sweet, homey, comfy atmosphere.

Michelle Lea B

Love this place. Great brunch spot!

Melissa Main

Quaint, cozy, and delicious place to eat Sunday brunch with friends. We will be back!

John L. Pontolillo

Great food and friendly staff as always.

The Thirsty Whale Bakery

When you have the chance to add lobster to a mac and cheese dish..... always do it. Sooooooooo delicious! Our burger was absolutely perfect as well, adding wild mushrooms was the icing on the cake. The skillet cookie is a must! What could possibly beat a hot & fresh cookie with ice cream on top? Thanks for the wonderful dinner! <3

Chloe Johnson

It's a bit hard to see the building this restaraunt is located in if you go at dark, but it is beautiful inside. Perfect for a family dinner, a work dinner, date night, or meeting friends, it's got the ambience to fit a lot of different moods. The food is absolutely fantastic. My family started off with the Brie Bread Plate, and it is amazing. A combination of flavors that you wouldn't necessarily think would mix well, but are wonderful went yo actually take a bite. And the bread they served it with was fantastic, and I think it stood out because of how plain it was. We shared entrèes and another app, and those were just as good. We got the Crabby Avocado Toast, and it was super fun, and it unexpectedly had a poached egg on top, and they seared the crab so it was caramelized, but not burnt to perfection. The Gobbler Berger used a turkey meat, and had a while bunch of add-ons. It came with a side of 'special' ranch, which I wasn't keen on, but it was a great berger. My favorite was the Fig and Mushroom Flatbread. It had so many different flavors that hit just right that as soon as we all took a bite we had to pause. First to get our taste buds organized, and second to just enjoy the collision of flavors that you wouldn't think would work so well together. We had dessert, we originally wanted the "Booze Cake", but they sold out, so we got the Rhubarb and Strawberry Cookie Skillet. It was absolutely amazing, and my brother, who hates cookies, loved it. I had a lot of fun, and hope to visit again soon!

Garry Leuning

Good food and service.

Dave Ho

Crowded Sunday morning, the food was great! I will say the BELT was hard to eat because it was an open-faced sandwich with dehydrated kale.

Luke Baker

They're lacking in the service department. One of those expensive-and-you're-not-sure-why kind of places. The food was good though.

Conrad Zero

Breakfast. Qed. Super nice people and Great food. Cool atmosphere.

Jeannine Marie

SO GOOD!!! As a wedding photographer, I have worked a number of weddings and styled shoots that had cake from Copper Hen and it's always been WONDERFUL! So delicious! Highly recommend!

Anne Letourneau

Nice menu. Good food.

Jamie Hopkins

This is a really cute neighborhhod place! We went for dinner and shared the Shaved Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad and it was AWESOME! I had the burger and my mom had the Turkey burger, both were great. The thick steak fries that came with it were pretty good but not done, they were still hard like an undercooked potato. We also shared a bottle of delicious red wine, but when the server was opening it for us the cork broke off, then she proceeded to dig the cork out at our table and serve it to us. I would have been ok with that but there was a bunch of cork pieces floating in our glasses. So we had to wait for her to come back, request a new bottle, and wait for that. Usually a restaurant doesn't serve a bottle of wine if the cork broke... Also, at one point they turned up the music so loud we couldn't even talk. It was really annoying and Copper Hen doesn't really seem like the kind of place that would have bumpin music, especially bc it's already pretty loud in there. They did turn it back down after about 10 minutes and that was much better. All in all this is a cute place with pretty good food! Check it out!

Joel Weixel

Great burger, clean environment, and friendly staff. Gluten free bread as well!

Jon Benson

Great food, drinks and atmosphere!

Mary Van Hale

Delicious brunch and great service. Reservations highly recommended unless you're willing to wait up to an hour for a table.

Kari Quaas

Farm fresh food, tasty preparation, friendly waitstaff.

Natasha Sanchez

Everything here was delicious! The biscuits and gravy reminded me of the south! Excellent bloody Mary's and mamosas. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Mister Jon

Lively atmosphere with excellent made-from-scratch food. Service was friendly and attentive. I dined for lunch on a Friday and was a little surprised to find a brunch menu with only two sandwich options, but my breakfast entree was spectacular. Note that parking can be challenging to find since there is no parking lot. Overall, I would go back.

Lisa Haider

Good food and quick service. The omlette is a bit pricey because you have to pay separate for cheese, meats and vegetables. They do take reservations which are recommended on the weekend for brunch. Atmosphere is a bit loud when it's busy. Parking can be hard to find. I had to park two blocks down.

Kyle Boike

The food at Copper Hen is great,a nd I am all for their Bottomless Mimosa Brunch. It is a bit costly, but don't let that stop you from going. Will be back soon!

Alexandria Rick

I had the chia and crab cake toast for about $20. They were both fantastic. The seating is a little crowded and it's a bit noisy. You should for sure try to get reservations if you're going on the weekend. The food is totally worth it though.

christin blast

We had a real nice time at Copper Hen. We had the duck and salmon, and creme burlee and cupcake for desert. Everything was tasty. Not too busy, but good flow.

Michael Nelson

I love this place!

Kayla Trulsen

Busy but their food was so good! They sat us at the bar because we didn’t make reservations (whoops), and we had great service! Thank you! Can’t wait to go back.

Alex Baxa

Great atmosphere. Great service. Food left a little bit to be desired but still satisfied the palate.

Louis Pennings

Good soup, but there was a gnat in my beer.

Linnae Hoopes

The food here is SO good however parking deters me from coming here more often. Also, prices are a little high. But food is so flavorful and delicious I come here at least once a year.


The place is so noisy it's impossible to hear the person right next to you or across the table. About half a foot between tables makes the whole experience impossible for both staff and customers. The food is stuffed with extra fat and sugar. Even eggs are literally dripping with fat and are served with both jam and sirup. My potatoes were cold, flaccid and stale while my girlfriend's were warm and crisp. The place is surprisingly popular and I must assume that there once was something worth coming for. But whatever it was is obviously no longer there.

Jenny Tang

Brunch menu was pretty pricey for basic items but overall worth it.

Greg Garritty

Terrible parking makes the experience super unenjoyable!

Imran Sheikh

Amazing. Brunch was one of the best I've had. The duck with root vegetables hash was *chef's kiss*

Martha Palm

Super fresh and inspired yummy dishes.

Jason Thompson

Great food and service!!!

Yvette Hunter

I really enjoyed lunch here. This was my second time. First time was dinner and that visit was absolutely perfect. The staff is wonderful. The food is tasty. The cupcakes are great. The wild rice and duck soup is my favorite soup hands down!

Zdravko Tyankov

Great service! Really good old fashioned. I know I was hungry, but the food was just delicious!

brenda owens

Such a cute little French farm to table establishment great service, great wind and cocktails, great food in a fun, artistic and youthful neighborhood pleasr try when in Minneapolis!! We are from Cleveland and wish we had a spot like this: non pretentious but excellent and elegant

Sophie Potter

very quaint and inviting space for all individuals. food was exquisite and exceptional service as well. definitely would recommend to everyone and will be returning sometime again in the near future.


Sadly I was disappointed! I heard lots of hype about how good it was so perhaps I had high expectations - but the service was SLOW and then our server told us they were short two people, but even when it cleared out it was still slow? The food was COLD and just simply not good. I could of made the same level of food at home in my own kitchen! Sad sad sad. The 3 stars is for the decor - very trendy and cute.

Ariel Aiyegunle

A fav of mine!! they host a Mother’s Day brunch all you can eat style, bottomless mimosas for all the mamas and families to enjoy it was a good line up this year we really enjoyed ourselves it’s hard to find a good brunch buffet! Look no further this place will provide a great waitstaff sand delicious food. Laid back casual attire not stuffy at all.

Adriana Proluna

Nice place and excellent food

Zachary Bohlman

Very nice restaurant with friendly staff and a good atmosphere. Apparently patrons are able to park in the lot across the street which is helpful to know beforehand. My wife had the glazed chicken which was good and I had the baked macaroni which was good itself but quite rich and heavy. Only minor complaint was my macaroni was lukewarm when it came but I was too hungry to wait any longer. Overall a pleasant experience.

Sarah Houghton

This was my birthday dinner and I was so disappointed. I have never written a restaurant review in my life, but I had to for this. Steak was ordered medium rare, came to me well done. The replacement steak was bloody, albeit preferable to the well done one. The server tried to tell me "that's just how we cook medium rare". They didn't even take it off the bill. This was one of the worst experiences at a restaurant I've ever had.

Kelli Lepler

These "Foodies" travel all over he country or work and pleasure. We only stop a locally owned establishments that are recommended favorites of that area's locals. This stop is a sure "5 STARS". Great atmosphere, great service, great twist traditional dishes, creative recipes, and amazing desserts! Our compliments to the Chef and staff!

Tarry Heckathorn

From cocktails to dinner to dessert...fantastic. Our new favorite restaurant. Best orders of the night: Winter is Coming cocktail, three course steak dinner with Brussels sproutsalad, chicken pot pie, and the gingerbread rosemary cupcake (sounds weird but was exceptional). We sat at the bar as the wait was long for a table, and we had a short window (babysitter). Bartender was very attentive and service was great. Will absolutely return.

Gigi Grandoli

Beautiful, delicious, love it! I recommend the eggs Benedict. Great service, lively atmosphere.

Ethan Marshall

Been here a few times and overall good experiences. I don’t usually like “hipster-esque” places, but I’ll make an exception here. Service was solid, but honestly not standout, food was able to keep it at a 5 star rating though!

Brian Berg

Great place for locally sourced food that still tastes excellent. Awesome recipes on the menu.

Mackenzie Wallentine

We loved working with Copper Hen for our wedding cake! They were receptive to what we envisioned for our wedding cake, and then created the most beautiful cake! We would highly recommend them for your upcoming wedding!

Geoff Enright

Great little "farm-to-table" fresh style restaurant with dishes that change according to seasonal ingredients, modern look with open ceilings and multiple bars. One area looks like it can reserved for events with a large bar for the area. They make their own baked goods like cupcakes and larger cakes, which you can order if you call ahead as well. Good wine and beer choices. Parking is limited to a small lot across, as is normal to a nicollet restaurant. Will go back.

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