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530 W Main St #7, Anoka, MN 55303, United States

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REVIEWS OF Swedish Crown Bakery IN Minnesota

Obadyah McKay

Authentic, nothing fake here. Not even the wonderful conversations you can have with the owners. The whole place is down to earth and wonderful. I would travel an hour for these bakery goods without hesitation.

Andrew Moore

I have been to many bakery's in the northern suburbs and this one beats them all. There are other reputable bakeries in the area, but this one stands out far and beyond any of the others. I highly recommend this place. They also have amazing panini's around lunch time. You wont be disappointed.

Laurie McCann Crowell

Really beyond delicious. Worth the drive to Anoka any day. Love the coffee cookie, can't get enough of the cardamom kringle and the owners are as pleasant as can be.

Linda Johnson

I'm so thankful Find Me GF app listed Swedish Crown Bakery with high reviews cuz it allowe prompted my daughter-in-law and I to enjoy a late lunch together there. It was worth for 35 minute drive for sure. I enjoyed a gluten-free Reuben panini and she had the Tomato herbs soup and we both took desserts to go. My husband and I both enjoyed the Budapest roll and another little chocolate marshmallow-like/carmelly cookie base desserts at home. I highly suggest bringing a little cooler to bring your goodies home safely during the summer.

Nate Mitchell

What an amazing bakery! Not only are the baked goods to die for, but their food looks amazing. I cant wait to come back for lunch! All natural ingredients seem to be the key here.

Kacie M

Great food, friendly staff...and love the vegan options!!!

Jilly Fish

I dream about these donuts.... mhmm. Authentic, caring people run this place. I keep coming back to even more wonderful delights--> TONS of GF/Vegan options! <3

cringy meme boi

Great place for some ME time. Awesome food.

Zachary Swanson

This place is great, home made food tasty treats

Becky Austin

Best tiramisu in the world! Never had a bad experience here. Beehive was amazing. My son can have the gluten free donut. We LOVE Swedish Crown!

Martha Stellmach

Best baked goods ever!! Very friendly service!!

Sean Nielsen

Not a better bakery in the state! A lot of culture in the food such as their French pastry "Napoleon."

Towe Royal

Great Semlas.

sunni holcomb

I got a couple pastries, macaroons, and the sourdough bread. All very delicious. The Budapest pastry was my favorite so far. I will be back to try others. Owner was very nice; my first time there and he took the time to tell me about all the desserts and sliced my bread for me.

Jesi Scrivner

This was an awesome find while visiting, the people were friendly and the gluten free baked goods were amazing. Loved it.

Mel icious


Sonja Gustafson

EVERYTHING is delicious, and tastes as if you're actually in Sweden. The owners and staff are delightful and welcoming, as is the bakery atmosphere itself. Tack så mycket!

Judy Duggan

Excellent small bakery with unique products using only top quality ingredients. Not your run of the mill place. Must try: Budapest roll!

Joshua Gentzler

It's great. Everything is made from scratch and it is all incredibly delicious.

jessica canaday

Love this place! My daughter and I stopped in, by chance, last week. It was our first time and the staff was super friendly and helpful. The young man came around the counter to show us each of their items & tell us a little bit about the place. He was super sweet with my tot too! We bought the Budapest Roll. It was delightful- fresh, flavorful & yummy. Will definitely recommend & go back.

Donald Smith

Fresh pastries and breads, rare to much of what's locally available... Sweet, not heavy/over-filling. I need to go more often!

Tu-Uyen Tran

So many delicious pastries at this cozy bakery it took us forever to order. I enjoyed the cream-filled Norwegian school bun and the cardamom-scented Fall in Sweden pastry with lingonberry and apples. Looking forward to trying out the others!

MV RideOrDieChick

OMG! So delicious! Best dessert ever! Organic cream, no preservative, no food color... Just good ingredient! One of my favorite bakery of all time! The owners are super nice and personal too. Authentic Swedish dessert!

Lisa Thompson

Fantastic food, baked goods, and service! This place is a gem! We will be back again soon.

Rebecca A

Delicious Swedish cookies. Worth the drive from Minneapolis.

Andy Berg

Great food, very friendly and kind owners and bakers.

Lauren McLellan

Delicious and lots of variety. They gave some pastries right out of the oven. Prefer this over Hans easily.

Dyan Sheely

Awesome, amazing pastry lovingly hand made. Knowledgeable staff, dedicated owners. An Anoka treasure


This place is fantastic. I loved the semla for Easter and their beehives are simply phenomenal. Places like these are treasures that must be cherished.

Aleta Stevenson

The only Bakery I'll go to they are fabulous

david dean

I encourage all of you to take the time to experience the delicate and delicious creations. The time and beauty put into each dish is wonderful and you will walk out knowing you had a piece of someone's time and love resting within your stomache. The bakers and all the workers will make you feel at home and you'll be entranced by the level of simplistic magic that your taste buds will endure.

Clifford Gribble

Unique! How swedish,I don't know. Seemed a bit pricey.

Kylie Stanwood

Wonderfulness! From the customer service, to the amazing pastries and more! I have never loved a bakery so much. Very affordable prices also.

Richard Novy

Fantastic waffles!

Jen B

I went here in search of tiramisu. It is hard to find good tiramisu :). It is a little out of the way to get to, and a very small location. But the shop is super cute, lots of great "Swedish" gift items. We had several treats and a Dutch hot chocolate along with the tiramisu. All the treats were wonderful, nothing too sweet a perfect balance of texture, taste and love.

Tesia Kabacinski

Easily the best bakery I've ever been to. The lavender cookies were so soft and delicious, the herb and cheese bread was unbelievably decadent, and the customer service is unparalleled to anything I've ever experienced! I almost regret informing the public of this wonderful bakery for fear of them running out of their lavender cookies, but a place like this deserves so much recognition!

Natasha F

Love the bread so much I started watching how-to sourdough bread recipes so I could make it at home. After a couple hours watching, I recommend just buying it.

Agility Shiba

Everything is so fresh! Desserts that are normally heavy are lighter and fabulous. I've never had tiramisu that I've really enjoyed because it's too dense or too strongly coffee flavored. Theirs is light, fresh, and dusted with Swedish cocoa and oh, so delicious! They use quality ingredients, much of it organic, and have a LOT of gluten free options. If youare only going to tryone thing there though I would recommend the Budapest Roll. Never had anything quite like it and it was so light and fresh on a summer day.

Kristine Iskierka

Great lil corner of heavenly delicious food

lee kessler

Wonderful food, caring owners, a real treat

Matthew Kelly

Wonderful fresh-made pastries are only a tiny fraction of the wonderful foods available at Swedish Crown Bakery. Soups, breads, and lunch fare invite you back for more after your Swedish Kringle pastries are gone :-) The staff at Swedish Crown are as warm and friendly as their just-baked treats, too!

Megan Olson

One of my favorite places to visit. Their hot chocolate is absolutely delicious! Do yourself a favor and get it.

Anne Bach

Awesome gluten free tiramisu!

Anna Dierks

Fantastic small BBQ place. Always good service.

Kynaru Helio

The best little bakery in Anoka, everything is made without frying anything and doesn't use high fructose corn syrup in their products and if you have celiac disease they have nice options for you too! Incredibly nice people run it and some of the best baguettes around. If you are looking for more fried and covered in chocolate or something head to Hans but this place tastes amazing

J.T. Minnesota

Always delicious, always friendly, always comforting.

Sig Jewett

They have my favorite sandwich ever. It's fantastic. Salmon.


Great pastries wounderful staff

Amal Osman

Very charming bakery. Friendly staffs, very delicious cakes.

Joyce Slostad

Wonderful hand made with love treats, salads, sandwiches, and breads.

Mama Panda

Good treats that remind me of my childhood, but is in no way old fashion.

Micah Hanson

Best bakery I've ever been to. I highly recommend it. And the owners are amazingly nice. If you want to have to best treats around come here.

Mark Pfingsten

Nice variety of different baked goodies. Friendly staff.

Robyn Severson

This place is nestled into a little shop area that makes it get overlooked. I drove past it every day and always considered stopping. Today I finally did. I'm so glad I did. The owner is very sweet and likes to share what he knows. The treats are amazing! Free coffee too! I realized after I left that I went there on Earth Day. So very fitting for an all natural/organic/green company like this.

Michelle Christoferson

I’ve only known about this Swedish Bakery for a month now and have been back with my husband and children twice! The owner even recognized me after only being there 3 times in a month! I got 4 hot cocoas today to bring to my husband and his crew. The owner was so kind as to carry them out to my car as I had my two kids with me. My son adored the gluten free chocolate donut and my baby daughter finished the lavender dream cookies in peace and quiet. When I came on a date here with my husband, he loved it. With first bite he took his eyebrows went up and he said wow with astonishment! Everything I tried here is unbelievably great! And the coffee is so simple and delicious! The ingredients in everything are so good! I believe they even use coconut oil in their hot cocoa! WOW! So amazing! Our family supports these guys on a regular basis now! I can’t think of anywhere better or any atmosphere better to get coffee and treats! My friend have to come in and check it out!

Ingunn Henrikssen

I've eaten 'skoleboller' (school buns) in many variations in Scandinavia, but I must share that the Swedish Crown Bakery's version of this childhood favorite is one of the best I've had. For the uninitiated, a skolebolle is a yeast raised cardamom flavored bun filled with an egg cream that peeks out the top, and sprinkled liberally with grated coconut. The Crown Bakery's yeast dough has the right consistency for this role - not too fluffy, but no hint of stodginess either, and is sweetened lightly enough that the egg custard gets a chance to claim its place in this enchanting delicacy. Worth the trip to sample this bun alone...

Robin Williams

I visit this bakery regularly (usually Tuesdays) and have tried nearly everything they sell. While I love everything, the Twix bars and the Almond Twistys are my favorite. Even the coffee is good. The owners regularly work and are very friendly. Swedish Crown Bakery is a MUST visit if you are in the neighborhood and really deserves a trip if you want something extra special in your day.

phyllis fleming

Best damn bakery!

Hannah Dalrymple

Always friendly service and the best sourdough around!

Pär Svensson

Absolute gem! Being a Swedish expat, I felt compelled to make a trip to Anoka and check this place out. I was not disappointed! One of the best bakeries/pastry-shops I have ever been to. Owners are very friendly and their passion and attention to detail shines through everything they do. I hope they will be able to move to a bigger facility soon so more people can enjoy this!

Sabrian Trips

This place has THE MOST delicious dairy and gluten free treats. So so so good!!!!!!!

Lorra Parliament

Quaint shop. Friendly staff. Great artisan breads and pastries. Some very unique bars/desserts. We tried the sourdough bread and 3 different pastries and lived them. Reminded us of our time in Europe.

Mike Willoughby

Best pastries in Anoka.

Lukas McCormick

The best sourdough ever!

craig stenbak

Omg. Such good treats

Amy Overacker

I have been going to this bakery since it opened and I have to say that there is no-where else like it. Ava who owns the bakery with her husband is an absolute sweetheart and her husband is as well. The food....words cannot describe how delicious the food is. I have been to europe and this bakery reminds me of the foods I had there. I highly recommend stoping in if you have never had the pleasure. They have other imported delights that range from jams, candies, drinks, and other items. Check them out, you won't be sorry.

Clinton Hanson

Swedish Crown is absolutely our favorite bakery of all time. The owners are wonderful and the pastries and sandwiches are amazing. Everyone has their favorites of course. I am not a tira misu fan but it is amazing here, every bite was fresh and light. I think I am in love. :)

Erik Laing

Oh wow. There is so much to love here. As they will tell you upon entering, nothing is fried. This place is about as old world technique as it gets but is comfortably modern in every way that matters.

Cora Fox

Not only is this one of the best kept secrets in the state, this is one of the best bakeries MN has to offer. The staff is warm and friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and have an eye for detail when it comes to keeping a tidy and inviting space. The bakers are pretty much magicians because the goods they sell are unlike any other. SO GOOD doesnt really do a good enough job. A large variety of breads, pastries, cookies, sandwiches, soups, cakes, and sweet surprises. I highly reccomend their gluten free lavender dream cookies (to die for), as well as any of their unique gf products. My fiance had an almond twist the other day and hasnt stopped talking about it. Truly a lovely bakery- incredibly underrated! Please stop and share this one for sure.

Sophie Woessner

I would try everything in here if I could. Such good bread and pasterys and desserts

Sarah Kirby

Hands down the best bakery around. I adore this place so much. Fantastic service, amazing goodies. We take all our family and out of town friends. It's perfect.

Mike MehsiKomer

Amazing find, homemade natural no high fructose corn syrup no microwaves. Very Friendly

Topher Williams

Awesome food and drinks with a warm friendly staff!


I haven't been here for a long time but when I got my pastries, they were super amazing! So far my favorite is the Beehive. The staff was very kind, too! Expect me in a few weeks with my brother.^^

Brenda Schwartz

I ordered a gluten free lemon cake with lemon meringue for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. WHAT AN AMAZING CAKE!!! It was moist and flavorful and looked amazing!! Thank you!! I will not hesitate to order again!

Sandra Anderson

Great bakery and lunch spot!

Nina Gribble

Good product, alot with natural ingredients. Unique items too

Tim Drake

Amazing, hand-made sweets and treats, bakery items, and sandwiches. I highly recommend the Cinnamon Swirl. I don't think I've ever tasted a baked good as good as that anywhere.

Steve Mansouri. Dorood bar shahzadeh Reza Jaan

We are very pleased and happy to have such delicious and fresh and before anything healthy food in our community. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

Jake-Up Drury

Fresh food, no artificials. Very friendly owners. I took my friend in, who was visiting from his hospitality school in Switzerland, and he said that was the best dessert he has had in Europe or America.

Phillip Christenson

As a swede, I fell in love with this place right away. The pastries are nothing short of remarkable.

Carl Bodene

My wife and I love the place. Fari and Eva are very good people and run a great business.

Lisa Adwan

Wonderful food, made with care. Came to know the owners when they served up their bounty at Grassroots Co-op, and was eager to check out their new site. Great-tasting food, a comfortable atmosphere, and sincerely friendly service.

Carmen Salceda-Ross

My daughter discover this amazing place about 3 years ago, ever since I do not waste my time going anywhere else, what I get here is always delicious and amazing, the owners are delightful and with a lot of charisma and the staff as well, the owner gives us such a friendly and warming smile that is worthwhile to keep on coming back, they treat us as family. The breakfast is delicious, no matter what you order, it is always with high quality ingredients. Love to come here, it is far away for us but is is all worthed. Try this cute great bakery, I assure you you will never be disappointed. Thanks Crown Bakery for being so wonderful.

April Carlson

Love this place Amazing baked goods. Lavender cookies are fabulous. Had a wonderful.salmon sandwich. Almond pasteries are great also. Staff and owners very friendly.

Mark Niestroj

food good, staff a bit slow and uninterested to take care about customer

Joshua Coleman

The danish is one of the best foods I've ever tasted.

Rose Marry

I like many sweets from the store♡♡


Their tiramisu is amazing, I also have a deep appreciation for their lavender cookies and Swedish sweet bread.


Owners and staff are amazing! Everything is always fresh and delicious!

Ryan Zigler

Amazing bakery with delicious breakfast pastries. They use great ingredients with a lot of fresh fruit. I very highly recommend Swedish Crown Bakery.

Jonna Duke

Love this place. Staff is so friendly and will take all the time you need with questions. The food is AMAZING! Organic and so fresh. Great place for lunch or pastries.

Brianna Loughrey

This place is amazing! The owners are always so friendly! The most incredible baked goods ever.

Cindy Marcotte

Absolutely awesome experience and food is definitely an experience to keep going back for

Jon Roloff

Great place, definitely going back. Staff know their patrons by name. The food is made with the highest quality products. I had the tomato bisque soup which truly blew my mind. Thank you.

Mayur Shintre

Outstanding 'hole in the wall' Swedish themed 'fika' cafe run by cheerful people. Pastries are tremendously flavorful and more importantly, not very sugary. It is totally worth the drive here even if it's out of your way.

Angie Sufka

It is small and quaint, with delicious desserts! They also have imported swedish and Irish butter.

Kaitlyn Benson

Hometown gem! They always have great treats that you can't get anywhere else.

Chris Van Den Elzen

An AMAZING bakery!!!


Just had lunch there. The atmosphere is cute, clean. The food is fantastic. The quality is outstanding and the prices are quite fair. We shared the Mediterranean panini and the salmon sandwich. Both were wonderful in their own ways. The Budapest roll was just the perfect fluffy finish to an outstanding lunch. Would love to see water available (it is, in a large dixie cup, if you ask) , decaf coffee, and non-caffeinated teas available, too.

Dru Ring

I love stopping in on Saturday for tasty Sunday breakfast pastries.

Katherine Cesarek

Everything is artisan quality. Pure, elegant, simple & decadent. Owner friendly, talkative.

Gretchen Schaumann

Yesterday, I met a friend at the Swedish Crown Bakery. The food is excellent and I have never left their disappointed. They use fresh and healthy ingredients and my cold salmon sandwich was fabulous as was my yummy dessert I chose. The pastry items are baked goods are incredible... Although the menu each day is Very limited in choices, each option I have ever chosen has been so tasty that ‘LESS IS MORE’ applies to the outstanding job this family owned business provides. This place is a treasure, but I wish it was located in Champlin instead of Anoka, as I don’t think to go there often enough, and will have to make a conscious effort to go there more often as well as tell others about it. The customer service has also been only OUTSTANDING, which is very hard to come by these days. The eating space is very limited, so if it is busy have an alternative game plan and take your yummy food to go and then instead go out into nature and eat in one of the many parks in the area to enjoy your food or unique Scandinavian treats.

Suraya Ismail

Baked good were decent. Friendly service.

Andrew Mosenden

Locally family owned shop. The dishes are much more authentic style recipe with Cardamom seasonig. The Swedish Kringle is more coffee accompaniment than stand alone. My mini interaction with staff was pleasant. Definitely worth going back to try their more bakery good items vs bread items.

barbara zuleger

I love the breads and the sweet breads that Eva and Fari create. Often I bring them home and they are large enough to split with 1 or 2 family members. This week I brought home a bag of these beautiful treats, thinking I would freeze a couple. The next morning I found that my health focused teenage son, not a sweet eater, had eaten 3 of them between supper and breakfast. He wants more! Great balance of flavors. Thanks Swedish Crown for a healthier treat. Did I mentioned the Garlic Sourdough Bread? YUM

Ron Saari

Love this place. Great Bakery and lunch.

Ben Greenwood

Beautiful small time Swedish bakery, take out or dine in. Some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Food is 100% free of preservatives and unnatural food coloring, One of the only bakery's of its kinds.

Angela Marti

Such unique creations with consideration of using real food and options for food allergies. Highly recommend!

Nate Simpson

"My opinion of this place is like, super high up" -My 9 year old nephew.

Sara Van De Veer

This place is the best bakery I've ever been to. Los of variety, gluten free and vegan options. The owner couldn't be any nicer. I always feel appreciated when I go there. Plus, I'd walk there Judy for the Beehive!

Ashley Lehnen

Hands down, the best customer service I've ever experienced. I stop in on my way home from working overnights and I always leave with a pastry and a great mood.

Antje Hulke

Went there today for the first time! Very impressed with the delicious pastries I got and the yummy lentil soup! Cute place and super nice owners. Being from Europe myself I know what good pastries are and this bakery is the real deal. Will be back!

Mary Ellen

Such an amazing find in Anoka! Every thing there is delicious and unique. Staff is so friendly, too.

Jay Shin

great flavor... wonderful sandwiches... desserts are great

Nicole Townsend

GLUTEN FREE TIRAMISU! Need I say more? I don't know how this bakery does it, but they have so many delicious GF options that it's now a staple for me. Loaves of bread to go!

Marti Gibbs

They were so kind. I arrived about 30 minutes before closing but was not rushed at all. They were wonderful. By the way everyone loved all the special cookies.

Cynthia Poulton

Swedish Crown Bakery is wonderful.

Sophia Cajandig

Great family run bakery with an excellent selection a baked goods.

Rachel Bitzer

Try the Budapest Roll. It is rediculously delicious! The service has been consistently helpful and friendly.

Alan Price

Swedish pastries are crafted with care and are oh so delicious. Everything I have ever tried here was excellent!

Elliot Tan

Best bread since grandma. Period.

Laurie White

This hometown bakery is delicious, better yet, the people who take care of you are the most kind people you could ever imagine. Their coffees, danish, lunch items are all homemade and mouth watering, check it out!

Abigail Belcourt

Best place to get fresh bread, pastries and even specialty items! Very authentic! Love going here!

Deborah Everson

This was my first time at the Swedish Crown bakery and I will definitely be back. What a lovely little place. Our pastries were out of this world delicious.

Eric Nelson

Absolutely love this place! My wife is dairy and gluten free so there is something for everyone and it's all delicious!!! The staff are incredibly kind and accommodating - this is by far one of our family's favorite places to go!


This little gem makes the BEST Swedish style treats! Don't let their tucked-away location fool you.

Amy Lauria

Stopped in today after a meeting. They have gluten free and dairy free options. I may be making regular drives up to Anoka now! The bread was incredible and the flourless chocolate (also dairy free) cake was amazing! The staff was also very nice and really seem to care about each customer that walks i the door.

Evan K

Stopped by to see what vegan options were available. I got the Mediterranean Panini, no cheese, added arugula. It was very good. I also picked up a couple chocolate cookies and passion fruit truffles. I must say, the truffle I had was the best I've ever had. I gave one to my co-worker and she completely agreed. I will be back, the gentleman that helped me was nice and helpful too.

Destinee Working

Cute stop for some different deserts

Joe Bjorklund

This spot is a go to for my sweet tooth. They use all organic ingredients, but for me, the best part is, they do not over sweeten their foods. Small, relaxed place with super friendly staff.

Hass Salti

Nice neibougrhood shop

Katie Jendro

Just my favorite spot for a unique, delicious, guilt free treat

Shannon Krohn

We stopped in on a whim after seeing their lunch sign out on the street and it was one of the best decisions we've ever made. We went a little overboard and got 3 different pastries and a Reuben panini to share. It's a good thing we shared the panini because one serving is actually two sandwiches! It was delicious and the Budapest roll was to die for, so moist with juicy bits of fruit and cream. Nothing was overly sweet and the staff was very friendly. We'll definitly be going back.

bianca voros

Excellent & tasty food. Authentic Swedish pastries. Very cozy and you feel like home. And lovely staff.

Naomi Houle

I found this gem by accident and plan to go back anytime that I am in the area. Everything is made fresh with premium ingredients. There are many Vegan options, including a wonderful Mediterranean Panini (leave off the cheese), scrumptious homemade soup and freshly baked Danish bread. The owner makes you feel like you are a welcomed guest in his house. I would be back weekly if only I lived closer. Check it out. You won't be sorry!

Halen Sabet

As being a worker and son to the owners, I can easily say that this is one of the best bakery/cafes I have ever been to. The ingredients are straight and to the point, nothing artificial. This bakery allows you to indulge in delicious treats and foods without fearing the bad ingredients. If you haven't been to this place, go there and try something new today, you won't regret it.

Aaron Bergquist

Exceptionally Good.

Clint Weathers

A great place to sit down and finish your Swedish Danish.

Aria Branch

Best service paired with extraordinary pastries and food! A must try!

Stephen Nash

Great pastries. They are not overly sweet and have layers of subtle flavors. They are hard to find but we'll worth the effort.

Tammy burgoyne

Best placevever great food, treats, smoothy's, coffer, organic soda love this place... great people who own & operate it too

Debra Barringer

Excellent bakery items that are delicious and works of art! Owners Eva and Fari and their staff are so kind, friendly and talented. Their deli and lunch foods are exquisite.

Amy Scholzen

Asked for Chocolate Bismark they gave me LEMON with no Chocolate...I then called back...He said" Website hasnt been updated in 2 years. "He said "there's no lemon, its homemade custard...hope you enjoy it, just imagine theres chocolate on it"

Susan Q

The almond pastries are amazing!

Michael Blanchard

So awesome! Absolutely fantastic food... Made with real food!! Not gmo, additive ingredients. So good. Beehives... My favorite. If they were cheaper I would buy so many... Sigh. :)

Rebekah Shin


Vivian Doane

Lovely Swedish bakery with traditional Swedish treats. Cozy environment.

Allison Strand

Super friendly atmosphere and delicious homemade treats! The Stockholm is one of my favorites, especially when it is fresh out of the oven in the morning.

Darcey Dean

Friendly help. Wonderful baked goods. A little on the pricey side, but worth it.

Matt P

This place is awesome. I can see why they have a 4.9 star review average. I just two of their fruity rolls (can’t remember exactly what) plus a Sultan Austrian drink and it was amazing. I will be back. I just wish you could be open on the day of rest! +1 for Swedish Crown and their fantastic owner.

Carlos Cruz

This Bakery is one of the best!! The rice pudding, the caramel cinnamon swirls, the orange twists, and every single item I’ve ate there is amazing! Definitely worth to visit.

Carol Shields

Super duper good..I had the turkey pesto panini and the spinach lentil soup. Dessert was a Stockholm pastry....just go there

Thorsteinn Sverrisson

Good Scandinavian food and really kind service. Highly recommended.

Dylan McKeever

One of those front counter guys is SO cute

Rose And

Hidden gem in Anoka, MN All of their pastries are fresh and delicious. Made with real ingredients! Beehive is one of my personal favorites there.

Margo Watkins

Delicious pastries of many flavors, breads, cupcakes were divine, very tasty soup and sandwiches. Cookies outstanding: lemon, cardamon, coffee, cinnamon. Love the skorpa and scones, yum!! Delighted to learn that all items are soyfree(YAY!!), with exception of deli meat. ALSO, all things made with butter and none were deep-fried. Small business with extremely helpful, patient staff - very, very happy with the experience we had nd will be back!!!!!

Laura Lind

Always a treat when in the neighborhood

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