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REVIEWS OF Sun Street Breads IN Minnesota

brian keller

Bustling place! Great bread, coffee, service, and vibe.

xy xy

Good good and interesting menu. Service is good and people are friendly. I have really enjoyed everything I've tried. Don't let the cheesy strip mall keep you is very good.

Ashley Montgomery

Delicious food, quick and easy counter service and a fun light atmosphere.

Matthew Sandgren

I JUST discovered this place! Stopped in for a quick breakfast biscuit and pastry! I'm hooked already! I wanted to get about 4 other things, but time wouldn't allow it. I guess I will HAVE to visit again... SOON!

Sarah Humpage

LOVE this place. Pastries are delicious and they have a variety of breads and treats to take to-go (love their animal cookies!). Plus no snide baristas here - all the staff is super friendly and helpful. Bonus - if you’re buying for anyone with a peanut allergy, this place is peanut free. ❤️

Jessie Halter

Great for quick breakfast/lunch. Wonderful staff.

Matthew Kuzma

Good food and fantastic friendly staff.

Ashley Godfrey

I stopped for a quick early Saturday breakfast and wow was I pleased I did. The cold press coffee was so great and smooth, I didn't even have to add creamer (which I always do). The location is great, even for those who do not live in the direct neighborhood - right off the freeway. ANYTHING with their gravy is amazing and the biscuits alone would have me coming back.

Ian Collis

Great food, great service. Simple.

Ron Hiner

Holy wow what great food, coffee and atmosphere!

Patrick Fuentes

This place is lovely. It's a solid bakery; seriously, try their baked goods. The staff is consistently kind. The food is pretty good. They have a few beers and wine available, which is nice sometimes. The space is comfortable, and they have decent wifi. I wish they didn't keep "bank hours". Otherwise I'd go here more often.

Susan Loschenkohl

Great local gem. Get the BLT on a biscuit; you won't be disappointed!

Jill Vosberg

What a lovely surprise that our family happened upon while getting haircuts just around the corner. Each of us had something different, the varying breakfast sandwiches and the Best Dang Burger and all of us thoroughly enjoyed. Our son really loves to say BEST DANG BURGER any chance he gets now. HA! But here is the deal, I haven't stopped thinking about the fried chicken bacon and egg with sausage gravy breakfast sandwich that I had. No seriously, for over a month, I think I've thought about it at least a dozen times. So today I returned, nervous that I had not remembered correctly, maybe it was not THAT good. Well after practically licking the gravy bowl, I just want to confirm, it was THAT good. In the foodie world of known places because of Insta and hipsters, while SSB has been around awhile it was new to me and I just love it for that. It is high quality and feels comfortable...under the radar for trendiness that has taken over Mpls. Haircuts will now center around eating breakfast at SSB! :)

Miranda Eiler

Love love love! Their biscuits are so flippin good!!

Christopher Clarke

Poutine was AMAZING. I highly recommend it. Very nice staff and cozy place.

Jeff Wagner

Go for pizza night, it's only on Thursdays!

Scott Dryman

I LOVE sunstreet breads. Everything here is amazing. You cannot go wrong. Some of my best memories of s. Mnpls will be of brunch here or my girlfriend picking us up lunch and bringing it to my work when i worked weekends. Recently we got breakfast biscuit sandwiches from here...I could have cried they were so good. Sunstreet will always have a special place in my heart. If you live in south minnie...this place is a must do...and get a loaf of bread to go...again pick whatever you cannot pick wrong...

Bob Carlson

Delicious flaky Cherry turnover plus the dude gave me a free cinnamon roll. Made my day

Nick Hoffman

Literally never disappointing, even when they are out of what I wanted to get. Super friendly staff, and amazing food. My only possible complaint stems from their success; they are always busy, but always worth the wait.

Anthony Smith

Very, very good baked goods. They're a little on the spendier side as far as pastries go, but they have options you won't find anywhere else and they're incredible. Well worth checking out.

Tarri Levine

Fantastic breads, jams and coffee. I purchased Walnut buckwheat bread and honey butter. I highly recommend it.

Lil RM

Amazing downtowner cinnamon rolls an crossants brought it home created these master pieces

Natalya Lake

One of the best places in town! We've tried most of their menu and have yet to have something we don't like. Everything they make is delicious, even down to their Earl Grey Latte! It doesn't hurt that they serve Dogwood Coffee as well. Definitely try this place out!

Spencer G

By far one of the best breakfasts you can get in Minneapolis, and for a great price.

Chris Gwinn

My favorite breakfast place in the twin cities. The bread and pastries are great, but the biscuits (sandwiches and biscuits and gravy) are what really stands out for me.

Juli Groff

Love this place! The food is awesome!

Angus Vaughan

Always great food and the baked die for!

Eric Korte

Great breakfast sandwiches. Nice bright space. Usually you don't have to wait for a seat. I was very impressed with the pinto patty on my breakfast sandwich. Good coffee too.

Mike Summerwill

So good! Great service and food!

Kenneth Coons

Got a great sandwich and soup to go there.

RobBob Hogan

Great bread, their special croissant is amazing.

Mary Hettrick

Doesn't get any better. I had breakfast here yesterday and I can't stop talking about it. I got the pancakes and my husband got the southerner. Both are tied for the best breakfast I've ever had

Zach Weaver

Food is so good here. Chalkboard artist is very good!

Bree Tremain

Love this place! Best biscuit sandwich and jam!

Dave Mathias

Good food, location, and atmosphere that makes it one of my favorite meeting spots.

Adam Hines

Quaint atmosphere with some of the best pastries I have ever had the honor of consuming. Go!

Mohsen Hosseini

Good food and service

Ariel Rosenberg

High quality breakfast place if you are craving better than average breakfast. Everything is made from scratch. Quality and product is excellent with above average pastries. If you are hungry try biscuits and gravy. Inside is crowded, if you value peace try to get there early.

Sara Kelly

A great staple in the neighborhood, and delicious pizzas on Thursday nights.

Doug Nash

Good breakfast on a cold day for we folks from St. Louis. Always great to be around the Scandinavians in the Area.

Danielle Stein

Everything we've had has been good, but the raspberry cream scone is life-changing

Jessica Olson

I stopped by for a lunch on my way back to office. Never been here but amazing service. My to go order came up quickly. My hot sandwich was still hot 10 minutes later and the fries were still crispy. Got some pastries to take home later- a croissant with pretzel finish....looks amazing but I'm full from lunch!

Josh Haggstrom

My favorite breakfast /brunch place in Minnesota 5-6 years running now. Amazing staff, food, drink, and feel every single time.

Peter Gens

Poutine biscuits and gravy were super good, make sure to order an extra biscuit.

Tina Carstens

My friend couldn't wait to introduce me to Sun Street and I can see why. My hygge latte and my biscuit sandwich were both fantastic. Everything looked good. Will be back to try more!

lillian richman

Have been going here for a year consistently and I just can’t get enough. The pastries are the best in Minneapolis and don’t even get me started on their biscuit sandwiches. If you’re in Minneapolis looking for a pastry, breakfast or lunch , come here.

David Skodje

Awesome bread! Wonderful espresso drinks! The food compliments it well making it my go-to breakfast/lunch spot. Great beer selection for pizza nights. It can get a little crowded during rush times but I've never been unable to get a table

Jason Waye

Every thing about sunstreet is amazing. Great food and amazing specials. The best pasteries in town. Delicious soups. Phenomenal fries.

Carlos Sanchez

Excellent choice of alcohol lol

Robby Wiens

Thursday night is pizza night.

Andy Sirianni

Good food and decent service for a busy time of the day. I had a fresh orange juice and scone.

Erik Nelson

Pastry and sourdough bread are excellent. Staff was friendly and the service was timely. Reasonable prices. Only issue was the coffee, very bitter.

Green Beastie

Nice place, service ok. They make decent bread, but none of the other food we had was anything special. Biscuits and gravy was very bland. If you're looking for good southern-style thick stick-to-your-ribs and full of flavor, this isn't the place. Sun Street's 'Fresh Squeezed' Orange juice came from a jug with a UPC label on it - THAT'S NOT FRESH SQUEEZED! I've never seen any restaurant try to get away with such nonsense. Squeezed last week is not 'fresh', packaged into a plastic jug and bought at store or through a food-service is not 'fresh'. It didn't taste fresh, it tasted like preservatives and a plastic jug. Bacon was standard thin tasteless food-service bacon.

Lisa L P

Amazing pastries, lovely breakfasts, and if the guests cooperate and don't grab tables before ordering, a sort of magical seating arrangement. It always looks like there won't be enough seating but I've never actually had a problem getting a table.

Brad Dimond

Wondeeful biscuits, great cookies. Thursday Puiza Night offers the best crust in town and popular,with families.

Carl Forsline

Great staff and menu. Exceptional unique items

Howard Simms

Sun Street Breads is an excellent place for breakfast, with a great atmosphere, great staff, and wonderful baked goods. The basic biscuit is a meal in itself (I had mine with egg and homemade sausage). This is the kind of bakery that you wish you had within walking distance of your home.

Nancy Randall

This place is so adorable and so good. It gets busy quickly on Sunday mornings so get here early. They serve Dogwood coffee, which is a bonus. Their sour dough pancakes are out of this world...fluffy, large, and served with real syrup. I've been getting the Standard lately: two eggs, toast, and your pick of sausage or bacon. Comes with raspberry jam. Biscuits and gravy are great with the leeks on top of the gravy, served on buttery, soft biscuits. Love love love this place!

Shoshonie P.


Minda Ringdahl

We are regulars for breakfast. As a baker, I respect the work that is done here. Staff are always friendly and efficient. Non-pretentious atmosphere where you can feel right at home.

Nicole Myers

I came to Minneapolis from Nashville for the weekend made sure I ate breakfast my second and last day in town and Sunstreet bakery! The first morning I had the sourdough pancakes which I have yet to find in Nashville my second morning I had the buttermilk chicken fried biscuit the chicken was tasty alone by itself bacon cooked to perfection biscuit buttery and homemade along with the sausage gravy was able to speak to the husband just to commend him and his wife and he was very kind gave me a pasty for the road which I couldn’t wait to eat lol the best breakfast restaurant in Minneapolis will be back whenever I visit they’ll always have my business!

Jennifer Geisheker

My go-to breakfast spot (lunch too) in the neighborhood. Always take visiting family and friends to this spot. Simple and well executed. Biscuit sandwiches and much more - all made in-house.

Brittany Butler

Really enjoyed the Downtowner Latte, tasted like a Ginger cookie! The Sourdough pancake was amazing as well. The staff is freaking endly and helpful, and the plays has a cheerful, relaxing atmosphere. We will be definitely coming back for baked goods the next time we are in the area.

Andrew Zabel

Great price for quality food. Highly recommend for a solid breakfast (only ever had breakfast there...). Coffee is tasty too!

Joseph Halvorson

I’m a regular for the sourdough flapjacks. Honestly, everything is good here and they have a great vibe.

janet kipling

Great! Sourdough pancakes delish! Donuts perfect! Sourdough bread great and they slice it for you.

Jeff Pierson

Wow was the food and drinks amazing. Staff was extremely pleasant and friendly. Wish I lived here to come all the time!!!

Simon Trautmann

I have been coming here years. Love it. If you're new, try the Juicy Piggy. It is a spicy breakfast take on the Juicy Lucy.

Dawne Carlson

SunStreet Breads prepared lunch for the entire bridal party and all our family on the day of my daughter's wedding. It was amazing. Everything was delicious. It was affordable and made our day extra special.

Tyler Reese

Always an amazing meal. From the eggs to the ham, bread to the biscuits and gravy... Everything is delicious. Their raspberry preserves ... to die for.

Carina Riehm

Everything I've had here has been delicious. Make sure you get there early enough for their sourdough flapjacks. Amazing! Not as crazy-busy as other brunch places I've been to. All-around wonderful place.

Michael Tolan

Delicious kolaches, other pastries, biscuits and gravy. Pizza night is not to be missed. Great vibe as well.

Rachel Menk

The turkey was tasty yet everything else not so much.


At 10:15am I Was really looking forward to have the sourdough pancakes with my brother, and his girlfriend. The pancakes are on there all day breakfast menu. Unfortunately they only had enough for 2 and they stop serving them at 11am? It is good food, just disappointed that we all couldn't have a short stack. Coffee is good and so are their bakery items.

Cyndi Anderson-Hinds

Delicious breakfast sandwiches and unique baked goods. Great atmosphere and friendly service.

Elizabeth Machmeier

Basic biscuit plus with Swiss, ham, scrambled eggs and raspberry jamn on the side is hard to beat! Unfortunately the coffee is bitter and we end up getting caribou from next door.

Shane Cameron

Have I sampled such delicious biscuits and gravy before? I doubt it. They serve top notch Dogwood coffee alongside delicious greasy breakfast food. Their baked goods are to die for. Their prices are very low for Minneapolis. Their only drawbacks are their somewhat limited menu and the relative weakness of a few items. Despite this, Sunstreet Bread is excellent and everybody knows it.

Jena Barch

Delicious breakfast, biscuits, gravy, cheese curds, bread, pastries, coffee and the people are wonderful!

Christina Bussler

Yummy bakery, delicious coffee, friendly staff!


The pizza nights are amazing! Great selection of local beer and wine, and the pizzas are made with local ingredients. Yum!

Eric Ellefson

Went for pizza on their Thursday night pizza thing. Quite delicious. It was a bonus that they were partnering with Lowry Hill Meats (awesome local butcher on Hennepin) and Able Seedhouse Brewery. We'll be back again.

Regina Hernandez

My chicken and a biscuit was absolutely wonderful, very light and well considered, with the gravy on the side - it was utterly perfect. I could have it a million times and never get bored. I also loved the all access bathroom with a cute small stool for shorter people and my ice tea was just divine (with one free refill)! If we ever come back to MN we will definitely, absolutely, positively be coming back to Sun Street. It was adorable!

Jake Kolstad

This place is the best

David Plourde

I love this place. This is my go to spot for a quick cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich. (They have plenty of other breakfast options, I am just usually on the go.) Have also been here for lunch a few times and enjoyed sitting by the window in the sun while getting my work done while neighbors come and go or read the newspaper. In the summer they set out some tables and umbrellas so you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of Nicolette Ave. There is wheelchair accessible parking, entrance and tables.

Seth C

Yum! Great place for a relaxed weekday breakfast or lunch. Tasty baked goods, and the biscuit sandwiches are top-notch. Also enjoyed the chicken tomatillo soup.

Todd Edson

Good bread and a nice place for lunch.

Joel Lueders

Arrived Sunday for brunch the line was almost out the door, but the service was quick, staff friendly, and the food was delicious. We had tasty buiscuit sandwiches and coffee, they were wonderful. We would go back and wait in line again.

Lashana Thao

The ambience was great. Friendly place. Family friendly. I went there with my husband and 7 month old son. The place was definitely full but we found a table no problem. Food came quickly. After eating I bussed our table and visited the family friendly bathrooms to wash up. I really loved my experience here and will come back to try their baked goods.

Jennifer Gale

Excellent food and service.

Therese Linderholm

My favorite place in the neighborhood for breakfast and lunch. Get there early and buy a loaf of bread or homemade granola. Everthing they have is delicious!

Garritt Wieking

Wonderfully made bread and helpful staff, the smells alone are worth a visit!

Doc Tuh

Food and decor is great. They need to work on their customer service skills. A smile and eye contact go a long way and would definitely change the ambience. I see a great spot for the neighborhood if they improve in that area. Customers are the key to business so why not give us excellent service and a smile?

mark ruark

We go for pizza night! Super tasty.

Willis Burks

First time eating at this place, and the food was excellent and the staff was great.

Jake Freeberg

I live in the middle of Sun Street, Royal Grounds, Vicinity and Patisserie 46th. Each has it's strong suite, but when Sun Street is open, I tend to go there. Dogwood Coffee is my favorite and their pastries are as good as Patisserie in almost every case. Yes, I "forgot" Caribou on purpose. I'm a spoiled brat.

Bonnie Wilcox

Don't try this cafe! You'll take the seats the rest of us want to occupy! Seriously, the food and service are excellent. I've only tried breakfast food here. Anything with their biscuits- delicious!

Kay Hanson

Great breakfast and reasonably priced. Yum!

Lex Talionis

Overpriced but otherwise decent food. The breads are good and the sandwiches are alright too.

Brandon Wilch

In from out of town, needed some dinner, saw this place and thought I'd give it a try. Was glad I did. It was pizza night (win!). Good pizza, friendly atmosphere and even some live music. If I'm back up this way again, I'll be stopping back in for sure.

Anton Korotchuk

Such a nice local place. Love the food and city atmosphere.

Colin Dunn

I'm a big fan of the biscuits and mushroom gravy here. Most places make veggie gravy too salty, but here it's perfect. Their biscuits are pretty damn amazing, as well.

mr jaye

Best bakery in town.

Ethan Stein

Great breakfast location. Generous portion sizes, good selection of pastries and goodies as well. A really nice neighborhood place for brunch/breakfast. Service was quick and friendly.

Christopher MacLeod

Super friendly staff. The coffee is good - from Dogwood. The pastries are really tasty, especially cream scones and the Laugen croissant

Dave Powell

Great pizza on pizza night. I also like the breads.

Michael Alexander

This is literally my favorite place in the world. 7,000,000/5 stars. Would recommend.

Georgean Polakiewicz

Sorry to say, too crowded, no place to stand & wait

Ian Stade

Pizza night on Thursdays is excellent.

Griselda Flores


Rick Olson

A great place for a quick mtg, enjoy a breakfast (more than just bakery items.. although the doughnut is delicous!) WiFi, happy smiles and convenient parking included.

holly nyoki

Wonderful food and service

Craig Willford

Delicious breakfast sandwiches! Great coffee too!


Great food. Nice amosphere. Kind employees.

Kenny Gordacki

Good food great sandwiches.

Marcus Wynne

I’ve been a daily or near-daily customer of SunStreet for the last six years. I have breakfast or lunch or buy bread or donuts (Donut Wednesday) or pizza (Pizza Thursday) just about daily and at least several times a week. Martin and Solveig’s extraordinary service and quality make every experience at SunStreet a great one. It’s not just extraordinary breads, or home cooking that is consistent and amazingly tasty — it’s the service of a neighborhood anchor in the community, a place where families with young kids are welcome as well as old-timers who sit and chat. The counter staff are long time familiar faces to the regulars, the service is professional fast and friendly — you may have to a wait a short while on the weekends but the wait is worth it, and when the weather is nice the patio seating is great. Come here. Be a regular. Try everything on the menu. Donuts on Wednesday, Pizzas on Thursday, delicious every single day.

Tim Troxel

Very nice restaurant. Ordered the biscuits and gravy with both the mushroom and sausage gravies. Prefer the sausage gravy but the mushroom was good and rich. Also had the poppyseed kolacky which was perfect with the house coffee. Great place to start the day.

Jodi Irwin

Really good breakfast * excellent baked goods * best latte in town

Sophia Wilson

Very nice restaurant. Clean-Local. Slightly "stuck up" vibe (bougie...). Most importntly vegetarian friendly, I would definitely visit again!

Justin Roberson

My absolute favorite place in the Twin Cities! Best food and great little atmosphere. I highly recommend as it just feels like home here and so relaxing.

Ras Kafka

Fresh and unique menu options. Great breads to go. One criticism; no bagels.

Renea Brathwaite

The food was just ok to me. I ordered the standard. It was edible but not very special, especially given the price. I expected the sourdough bread to be excellent, but it was dry and lacked a distinct flavor. Expect to wait for a while to order at peak times, and there was no way to reserve seating.

Jane M.

Nice atmosphere

Judith Burns

The food is very tastey...cooked to order...the wait staff is helpful and diligent about cleaning tables...the restrooms are clean, and the decor is very quaint!

Benjamin Bayeul

The coffee is excellent but the price of their chocolate croissants is outrageous

Matthew Kauffmann

Great biscuits. Pancakes are huge and fluffy. Lots of great looking baked goods. Beer at night. What else do you need.

Maia Horsager

I love this place for breakfast, brunch, lunch or pizza night!! They are open until 2:00 most days, and they have pizza nights on Thursday from 5-8. All of their food is SO good and they specialize in delicious freshly made breads and pastries. Counter service, often crowded for weekend brunch, small patio and good for working on a laptop if it’s not too busy. They have beer and wine also.

Akos Beres

Great corner bakery with all day breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Vince Hunt

Family owned, wonderful people and atmosphere. The food is really good and moderately priced. Unique menu and very tasty treats and breads!

Fisher Family

Wonderful food! Great service!

Chelsea K

Great place for brunch. Counter service with food brought to the table. Finding a seat can be hard sometimes, I recommend going early. Charlene25

One place my wife can eat the food and not get sick.

Charlie U

Best bakery in town. Everyone there is so friendly and helpful. They have great bread. They also have a fantastic pizza night on Thursday evenings.

Grant Nelson

Consistently fantastic food and staff. I have nothing bad to say about one of my favorite places in the cities!

Reanna Silmon

Great food. Closed at 2pm but if you are there just after 2 and the doors are unlocked they will still sell you a drink and what's left of the fresh bakery items!

Mary Sutherland

What a cute little place to go for breakfast or lunch. The food was fabulous and the wait staff were very attentive and helpful. Great place, I highly recommend it. I also, brought home a loaf of Granola Bread and a bag of Granola. Yummy!

Olga Peralta

Its a Nice Place to be when you need to buy bread and pastries When I got there my first time I ordered croissants they actually smelled delicious its like its been into a steamy oven and who ever made this recipe is a Genius I come here every Sunday. Thanks Sun Street Breads

Christy Willoughby

When I'm not here, I'm often thinking about their basted egg in the perfect homemade biscuits. Or their raspberry scones. A neighborhood place I wish I went to every morning. And I love that they serve Dogwood coffee.

Jonathon Krouth

Awesome place for breakfast. Service was fast and delightful. Their biscuits transcend life itself.

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