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REVIEWS OF SugaRush St Paul IN Minnesota

Lion O'Ryan

Peng Yang

I'm not much if a donut fanatic, but I do love old fashion cake donuts and that's what I ordered. Had the caramel glazed one and it did taste much better than most i have had.

Cynthia Novak

First time there and I was a bit hesitant. As others have said, the place is a bit grimy. I was telling someone, prior to reading the reviews, that it looked like someone was sleeping there and boom! others said the same thing. SugaRush, mop the floor and pick up! I have not yet tried the donuts, brought them for my colleagues at work. I suspect they taste just fine, they sure smell good.

Sarah Parillo

Good donuts

Thad Erickson

This place is family run, community centered, and serves some of the yummiest bakery goodies in the area! Get there early for the best selection!

Nicole Frethem

Stopped by today and got 2 dozen donuts for my coworkers. Beautiful looking donuts! Then I managed to lock my purse in my car and the friendly and gracious staff were so helpful and lovely while I tried to figure out to get my door unlocked. What a great asset to the community this place is! Thank you SugaRush!

Some Random Person

It may not look like much but the donuts make this VERY worth while.

Scott Weispfennig

Great tasting, family run, and cheap!

victoria madrigal

I have never had a donut that tasted as good as Sugarush's is. When I get ask where to get good donuts I say I don't know, but if you what a great one go to Sugarush. I also love that he will deliver

Kel V

Doesn't look like much, but, this place has it where it counts. Best plain glazed in the Twin Cities.

Joel Abrahamson

Delicious fresh donuts, and they do a good job with espresso drinks too.

Kevin Dahm

Good pastry, The best apple fritter I've had in the metro and I've tried a few. Friendly guy working the counter, sometimes his kid daughter. They could stand to clean up the living room that is their storefront, the owner should visit some local competition and learn from it. Then again it is St. Paul not Hipsterville. The waffly looking round donuts have a delightful eggy taste to them and a dozen donut holes are crazy cheap. Owner should watch some Bar Rescue though and learn about store presentation. Is it a business or the place where your cousin takes a nap on the couch? I would probably feel differently if I could take a nap on that couch and watch TV. Might do that next time.

Bill Ventura

Donuts on any day that taste fresh, sugary, and traditional. No reinventing the sprinkles and charging double, good old fashioned donuts at a reasonable price.

Mainhia Ly

S J Sch

Love Vieira

Really friendly family run bakery. Delicious donuts and inexpensive coffee!

Eric Wytcherley

We had an average tasting apple fritter.

Charles Anderson

I really do love going to Sugar Rush I have some of the best donuts in the morning that you can have it specially the apple fritters

Adam Sager

Best donuts in Saint Paul!

Christopher Band

Dava Ladavid

I loved it..... Fresh pastries, hot coffee. Great service..... L.

Elizabeth Borchert

Small selection but they were good and decent prices.

Courtney Dietzmann

Best pastries is town!

Mike Truso

Best Old Fashioned in town!

Amber Oman

Very delicious donuts and service. I just wish that the lobby area was a little more inviting. I would love to sit down and enjoy my donuts but the furniture is dirty and too much stuff all over the place. Have fun with the decorations- make it fun and bright for customers!

Martin Jarosinski

Erik Wells

I should not go here because I'm diabetic, but it was wonderful tasteful, I will definitely go back.

Gabe Green

Love it every Sunday. Expensive tho

Marc Prasch

Suga Rush has decent donuts and the staff that is working behind the counter are nice. The biggest problem I see is all of the junk they have in the main room. Junk that never goes away. I have been there multiple times only to find more things cluttering up the main room. There is no where for customers to sit, the ambiance is one of a bachelor's college dorm, and nothing in the place is clean. I have stopped going here because of this. I really like donuts and they have good ones, but the lack of care when it comes to cleanliness and the customer's space has turned me off.


Very tasty donuts!

Jake Wangberg

I wanted a frappe but they couldn't make it for me. That was the only thing lacking from my visit. Every thing else was sugary deliciousness

Jessiclaire Wolf

I love the donut holes! So delicious. Not the best coffee, but the pastries make up the differance!

Chaos Order

Tiffany Morgan

Great service and awesome donuts!

Charlene Enriquez

Rosey Coburn

It's a doughnut shop. They have tasty doughnuts and I stop in on the weekends because it's the closest doughnut shop in the area. Their menu is standard, no gourmet doughnuts, just classics like glazed, cake, twists, apple crullers, long johns, etc. I prefer classic doughnuts and they do a good job. I gave them 3 stars instead of 5 though because the store has such a weird atmosphere in a way that is not very inviting. When you walk in, the counter is to your left and everything is normal- donut display, register, someone working the counter. No complaints there! However, when you turn to the right it feels like you just walked into someone's living room. I don't mean that in a way of feeling at home, I mean it in a intruder type of way. It is very odd. There's a TV in one corner, a overstuffed couch, and usually 3-6 people just lounging around watching a movie or something. The people hanging out aren't customers, they're family or friends of the staff. It would be nice to have a doughnut and some coffee at the shop but to me, it has a real get in, get out atmosphere... plus there is nowhere to sit. So all and all, great donuts, weird place. Luckily this would be an easy issue for them to fix if they're inclined to.

Bobby Khang

Donuts are so good but the floor may be a little slippery.

Chris Barrett

Went there this morning the small eating area is small and dirty...... yes that was gross! To rate the donuts I wasnt impressed at all. First the dough didn't have a good consistency it tasted like it was fried in a older batch of oil, not a great taste at all and their glaze was to heavy and sweet.... guess that's why they call it sugar rush..... Now the young man behind the counter was very courteous and friendly that was a great thing but need to step up the donut game in my opinion.

Kate Burrows

Donut holes are stellar!

Anna Larson

jeff lathrop

This place is amazing!!! I am able to support a local business and get my daily fix of sugar all in one spot. I admire the close and loving relationship that the owner, Kioni, shares with Rob, one of the workers. They love each other for sure. Kioni's son Eli is also very helpful and personable, we often chat about cars and such. You can tell they are real people and they know what I want before I even get there. Sure, you can go to a grocery store or another coffee shop to get your morning coffee and donut, but the things those places often lack is a quality experience. Two thumbs up for sure, I will continue to fully support this establishment and then bring my kids here when that time comes. I also just want to say that Sugarush does an awesome job at catering!!!!!! I tell all my office working friends about it and it works out well. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew Vinez

Morgan Roddy

Came here based on a recommendation and found that there just wasn't anything extraordinary here. The only thing that was good was the prices but I can get these types of donuts at a decent gas station. Maybe it was an off day but it's too far out of the way and there are too many good options for quality to choose from before I'd return.

Gregory Ehrendreich

Absolutely gross. Old shoes under the greasy couch. Grime everywhere. A pair of nail clippers and nail trimmings on the coffee table. Do not under any circumstances go here.

Joe B

mylan sleets

The donuts were delicious and extremely fresh!! Coffee and cappuccino's available too!!! A++ friendly service!

Jacob Schneider

Really good donuts and reasonable price. Several street parking spots on University, which is nice being so close to the light rail. The atmosphere is awesome too. Very relaxed and family oriented. And family run! They’re so friendly.

Amy Gooder

Remember the classic donuts you used to get as a kid? The perfect, fresh donut with perfect chocolate glaze, bright sprinkles or light airy donut holes? SugaRush has those donuts! Always fresh, always amazing. To quote my son, "Mom, if you could eat a cloud I bet it would taste as yummy as this!"

Michael Daugherty

Awesome donut place and really friendly owner/counter. No dieters allowed! Great hit w my office!

Bill Mills

Great donuts and super friendly staff. Right from the source, still warm!

Alex Cabrera

Standard housemade donuts. Tasty but nothing special. Tried a handful.

Eric Sitarz

My family stopped here for part of our donut crawl and our experience was beyond terrible. The donuts were on-par with a grocery store but it was the storefront that was appalling. The floors were dangerously slippery from a thick layer of grease. There were no tables, just an old couch that was occupied by two young kids who also appeared to be running the store. Despite all this, I'd say the worst part for us was that the two "employees" were watching the R rated version of a Chucky movie on tv; which was pretty disturbing for my young nephew to see. We ended up buying a donut and quickly eating it in the entrance, but we probably should have just left. This place really shouldn't be open to the public.

Christina Branchaud

A friend of mine used to work here and I will say they have very good quality donuts especially in taste! I loved everything I've had there so far. YUM is all I can say. Two thumbs up

Karen Perez

Jay Johnson

Unbelievably fresh and delicious doughnuts, twists and jelly filled bismarks. These are the best in the city by my measure.

Laura Graack

Samuel Akers

Great donuts. Also one of the few places with donut holes. Could use a wider variety but they hit all the main themes.

Katie Koessler

Dirty, cluttered shop. Nowhere to sit. Counter run by 13 yr old who didn't want to give out napkins. Could be a great little spot with some TLC.


Boom, Donuts!

David Dybedahl

Kayla Schintz

jamie powell

Amazing! Service was awesome!!! And they have Apple Fritters!!!!!!!!!

Kambiz Motamedi

This is an awesome doughnut shop. Highly recommend.

Lauren Colvin

I wish I could comment on the donuts but we did not even get that far because we were so taken back by the lack of cleanliness. We decided to go somewhere else.

Michelle Fink

The donuts are so good! Super cheap too. They have all the classics (not a gourmet donut place) and they taste fluffy and fresh. Definitely get your donuts to-go here. The "cafe" area is very messy and usually has family, friends or kids of the owners hanging out in that area.

Corey Dooley

Shaw GoldenGuru007

Yummo! Best doughnuts Eva!

Winston Allen

Only one person knows who Shin Godzilla is. Overall a very great place to be sugar rushed! I'll be back.


First time we've been there. The Donuts and donut holes were simply delicious!

Jill Carmody

Cute little bakery. Good donuts. Busy area around lunch time.

Eduardo Barrera

Naomi Johnson

Jim Fox

The donuts are great and the staff is friendly. Sometimes the store itself is a little unkempt but I don't mind. If you don't get there early the selection can be limited. I highly recommend the giant glazed donut. You have to order it ahead of time but if you show up at a party or a family function with a giant glazed donut you won't be disappointed. Everyone loves it.

Kevin Tipton

Basically a Disappointment. Icing to Donut Ratio is off. Definitely lacking Flavor. Friendly Staff. Clean Establishment. Overall a bad experience :(

Alexis Johnson

Demetrius Banks

I been there a few times to get lattes and donuts.

David Gustafson

Noah Henscheid

Seriously the best donut in town. You won't find the fancy types like Glam Doll (which don't taste like anything..), but what you will find is a classic donut baked to perfection.

Ryan Ouradnik

Excellent selection. Great prices!

Jason Johnson

Pastries taste good, but this place needs to be cleaner, especially the floor.

Amanda Burger

Pretty small variety, which isn't a bad thing. We were disappointed with the lack of seating and general clutter. We wanted to stay and eat our donuts, but sleeping teenagers took up the couch space and clutter took up any other seating. Looked like a messy college dorm.

Ren Saunders

I ordered 14 donuts and a coffee carry case the day before and when I arrived to pick up my order, the person behind the counter said the coffee wasn’t started and I’d have to wait 30 minutes. The reason that I ordered in advance was to have a quick experience. Not only did I leave without coffee, but they gave me 2 dozen donuts instead of 14. Therefore, they overcharged me. The store also was not busy and my order was sitting by the register. This could have been done well in advance. Not only was ordering a poor experience, but the shop was disgusting. I understand that they may be doing construction, but there were shoes laying on the floor and it did not look clean. If ordering for a business, look elsewhere. The only reason I gave two stars was because they claimed to have refunded me. We will see if that actually went through.

Amanda Gutierrez

Uh, is this actually a bakery or someone's mom's basement? So, picture this. It's 9:45am on a Friday. I'm at SugaRush with my husband and kids, but there is also a group of four guys lounging barefoot on a couch and watching TV. A half-eaten pan of lasagna sits on the coffee table. The rest of the "lounge" is cluttered with stacks of supplies that I assume are for making donuts. (Frosting and such.) I don't know. I'd gone to Trung Nam across the street for a real pastry and only came here to get a plain donut for my kids. Even they weren't impressed.

Shamus Funk

Good donuts, but lacking any bit of ambiance.

StP Donut Man

Much has been made in recent years of the particular benefits of eating donuts 3-4 times per week. Health mavens question the rigor of the studies that support positive outcomes. Do not let them get you down. Self-doubt and self-consciousness are bad for digestion. Disappointment brings its own wisdom. There is enormous effort in producing donuts of any quality, minimal effort in eating them, and significant reward for the eater who lingers to reflect on what induced the letdown. High expectations? Mind elsewhere? Unpleasant company? When offered Carlo Rossi Burgundy wine, accept it with gratitude. But hold a place for the Gevrey Chambertin.

Barbara McDonald

I have been to a few different donut shops in the cities--Mojo Monkey (W. 7th Street, St. Paul), Donut Hole (Little Canada Road east of Rice Street), Maplewood Bakery (Frost west of White Bear Avenue). I had come across Sugarush when I was doing an online search for Twin Cities' donut shops. One of the sites that had reviews gave me pause because of comments about how untidy the shop was. Yesterday (4/29/16) I happened to be running errands that took me to University Avenue so I decided to stop at Sugarush. I got there around 9:30 a.m. I was the only person in the place. On a wall there was a news article and photo about the shop. The person who waited on me was the owner (per the photo). Pleasant young man. I ordered a plain old-fashioned and a white-frosted old fashioned plus a small coffee. I was told that there wasn't quite enough coffee to fill the cup so was asked if I wanted an "americano" (hot water added to coffee). I said that was fine. Usually when I stop someplace for coffee and goodies, I like to sit and read. However, upon surveying the surroundings, I made a decision not to do so. Other reviews of Sugarush have commented about how untidy the place is and nothing has changed. There was a tall counter along the front window. The accompanying stools were tipped upside down on top of the counter and the rest of the counter space was piled with junk. There were two couches forming an L. The front couch (close to the front window) had a huge plastic bag of clothing on one end and there was clothing strewn around the bag (looked like the clothes had fallen out of the bag). There was a young man (employee, friend?) who was sprawled out on the second couch. A coffee table in front of this couch had junk all over it. On the wall opposite the entrance there was a counter or shelving that was also loaded with junk. In the center of the shop were two tables with chairs and, surprisingly, the table tops were clear. But the general messiness of the place was so off-putting that I decided to take my goodies and leave. The plain old-fashioned was very good--nice and crunchy on the outside. The frosted donut was also good although I would have preferred chocolate frosting (which they apparently don't do on the old-fashioneds). Will I go there again? Don't know. From other reviews, this donut shop has apparently been around for about three years so there's no excuse for the place to be this messy. I don't get it--common sense would indicate to most business owners that having a tidy place is just good business practice. The garage where I take my car for service is tidier than than this place that prepares and serves food! UPDATE: A couple months back a friend and I stopped at Cycles for Change, which is across the hall from SugaRush. I glanced over at the place and NOTHING had changed as far as the untidiness of the place and this was more than a year after I had posted my original review. I had originally given this place 3 stars (would have given it 4, even 5 if the place wasn't such a mess) but have downgraded it to a 2.

Kit Houngnakhone

Super good donuts & the owner is awesome.

Stephen Cunningham

I have been looking for good donuts since moving here 4 years ago. I can proudly say that these are the best donuts in the twin cities.

Andrew McAllister

Want to like it, but as others have mentioned it's not very clean and also the hours are not predictable. Thought about picking up a couple dozen donuts for the office this morning but when I arrived at about 7:10 am, it was still closed. Probably not going to try again unless I happen to be in the area already. Save yourself a wasted trip.

Thuan Hung Vo

Donuts are not overly sweet and very cheap. It's a really nice family that runs it.

Newport Collision Center

Delicious Donuts. Our staff definitely likes when I bring their donuts in.

Christina Hughes

Best. Donuts. Ever.

Leah Honsky

Love the donuts, especially the cruellers!

Athena Hedberg

Kent Van Note

The old fashioned donut was good, but the custard filled chocolate bismark was one of the best donuts I've ever had (and I used to live 4 blocks from glam doll).

JR Haché

The cafe area was cluttered and felt like a living room belonging to the kids watching tv (employee or owner's kids?). I didn't feel like I could stay, nor did I want to. The donuts were mediocre, nothing exciting.

Zach Sheffert

Like walking into an Asian family's living room, because you're literally doing exactly that. The donuts are good, but go for the unique atmosphere.

Michael Frayne

Susan Mehle

Don't let the looks deceive you - their French donuts are the best. Light, fluffy, perfectly sweet. Yum!

Alyssa Bates

Sofia Motamedi

Yum, yum, yum! Great variety and taste to match. Great service and patience from the young man helping in the morning. I can't wait to go back and try more!

Nathaniel Chew

T.J. Cafferty

They need to clean the place up a bit. Great donuts but I took my boss there and he still gives me a hard time about the "dirty donut" place. I keep coming back because I like the owner and want to support his family run business... Definitely could use a facelift / deep cleaning inside. So much potential if they were able to focus on the Customer experience inside.

Marci Mayer

Donuts are ok (expected better for tbe price), cashier looked extremely young. She didn't give the correct change back but wasn't surprised when confronted. Spaced looked like personal living room/storage.

Angela B.

I put in a big delivery order for work and was not disappointed. The donuts are delicious classics, and the croissants and muffins are delicious too (and huge!). Prices are very reasonable, and I had nothing but positive compliments about the food from my coworkers. Thanks, Keoni!

Jenae Batt

I LOVE SugaRush. Their donuts are fresh and amazing. If you are looking for traditional, reasonably priced donuts, this is your place. You will not find anything chai flavored or slathered in bacon. You will not find anything overpriced. I was beginning to believe that the donuts I loved as a child where a thing of my imagination, but SugaRush has confirmed that fantastic donuts do exist in the world. Thank you, SugaRush, from the bottom of my donut-loving heart.

Lennygrace Love

Kevin Miller

By far the best donuts I've found in the twin cities. Reasonable prices.

Timothy Niccum

Kyle Weeks

Want something really good and basic? This is the place for it. Want to waste your money? Go elsewhere if you want to pay $8 for fruit loops/bacon.

Spencer Peck

So I've visited nearly every small bakery in the twin cities that specializes in donuts. While many are quite good, I was especially impressed by SugaRush. I had the vanilla coconut long-john, and it was amazing!! And such a great, unassuming, unpretentious atmosphere! My wife had a glazed old-fashion and also loved it! We'll be back!

Liz Lassiter

I went in about an hour before close and the doors were locked with no one in sight. Hope to eventually try the donuts I guess today is not the day.

Morgan Hardcastle

Been going to SugaRush for about three years now. The owner and his family who help run the shop are always very sweet and friendly. I go there every weekend to get donuts for my roommates and myself, and we're only ever disappointed when they're closed, or sold out by noon. Their donut holes are like crack to me.

Kay Kirscht

I haven't visited the place, yet - but one of my managers brought one of your raised, glazed donuts for me...THE ANGELS SING!

Matthew Bomberg

Wonderful donuts. Some of the best I've had and they are very realsonably priced!

Kate Thompson

The guys that work here are always exceptionaly nice, and make the Best lattes! The donuts are always good too

Malik Bush

Best doughnuts in town. No comparison at all.

Roz Mongin

This place is filthy. The floor is covered in a film of grease. The donuts taste like old, overused oil that has never been cleaned. Upon walking in, there were piles of supplies strew about the customer area. A dirty, old, oil stained couch is the only seating if you can even get to it through the piles of supplies they have sitting on the ground.

James Bollinger

Not bad, affordable

Tom Brown

Family run, small shop. Shop has personality rather the corporate, homogenized experience of some places. Girl at counter was absolutely charming. A dozen or more varieties of donuts ... Fritters to old fashions. Mostly cake donuts. Cake was a bit heavy for my taste, but good flavor.

Andrew Sean

Great little shop with fresh, fluffy donuts. Coffee is decent and the folks who run the place are kind and generous.

Alison L

Fabulous bakery!

Eric Mord

Website said it was open but by looking in the window I'd venture a guess that they have been closed for a while

Sarah Nichols

Calvin Canales

This is a great little coffee shop. I had donut holes which were just about the best donuts I've ever had. A dozen for $1.50 is a good deal for bad donuts but they were phenomenal for donuts at any price. I forgot donuts could be that good. You should check this place out, so that he's still around when I need my fix. My mocha was pretty spot on too. Dude takes pride in his craft.

Tricia Letang

Very yummy

Uonlylive Once

Best donuts in the Twin Cities!!!! #upperechelon

Arrogant Swami

Man they're amazing. The dough is soft, fresh and flakey.and the flavors are great... Twice as good as gas station donuts. I think they cook the donuts every single day.

Peter Thompson

This place needs some work... This business is trying, and I credit them, for sure. They have some nice fixtures, a well-done, hand-lettered menu, etc. But it was not being looked after in a way that would indicate being up to the task. The lighting is harsh, there was junk everywhere on the tables, the garbage was overflowing at 7:20am on a Sunday, and while having been open for 20 minutes (and appearing to have been occupied for a good half hour before), this "coffee and donuts" shop hadn't brewed coffee yet. To their credit, a staff member made me an americano rather than having me wait for a brew, but he didn't ask, and not everyone would like an americano in the place of drip. The apple fritter I had was okay, but could have been from any old donut shop. It had the feel of a family owned and run business, which I love and prefer, but if this place wants to attract a diverse clientele, their gonna need to up their game.

James Eichenberger

Favorite donut place no question.

Thelma Daniels

If you ever loved target's pastries, back in the days.... you have got to check out. SUGA RUSH IN ST PAUL MN ON UNIVERSITY AVENUE, and grotto..!! You don't want to miss this. Doors open at 7:30am don't be late !!! You'll be talking about it for days, enjoy!!

Steve Adams

Excellent place for donuts. They were absolutely delicious.

Andrea Crumrine

Excellent long johns and apple fritters. Tiny nook in the wall. Good coffee too. I brought a couple dozen to work and everyone was very pleased.

Lee Schnepf

Local family-owned business with the best donuts in the twin cities. I used to live a block away, and it was the Sunday donut place. The twist donuts are so soft and warm in the middle that it almost feels like you've hit a filling in them, even though they're cooked through. It's a hole in the wall, and easy to miss if you've never been. The coffee is decent. The owner's kids are pretty helpful when they're the ones serving you. The owner is nice - some bougie white office types will complain when he's sleeping on the seats, thinking he's homeless. When really he's been up since 4 am. Do try the donuts with filling, and the donut holes. Also the dough trays sitting in stacks are literally the cleanest dough trays I've ever seen, and I've got five years of restaurant experience. There's some next level cleanliness stuff going on in back, even if the chairs are worn, and the owner's kids are playing video games on the TV screen.

Jessie McClary

Great donuts!

Maeve Gunsten


Saint Agnes

First rate. Very satisfied!!!

Matthew Sitko

Decent price for a dozen tasty doughnuts

Christina Spangle

Dirty bugs flying in the case with the donuts. The guy looked like he had pink eye and he didn't wash his hands or use gloves. Someone's Shoes all over the floor like 3 pair. We walked out didn't even buy what he put in the bag.

Carlos Jimenez

April Aegerter

Michael Daubert

Charlene Jaszewski

The website gives you a slicker impression than the shop. It's no frills, just basic donuts. I wish they had more flair, the yeast donut texture is pretty good.

Barbara Vang

Matt Peterson

Nothing crazy, just really good doughnuts!

Desmond J. Huff

Love these donuts, always fresh !!! Must try

Kate Mayer

The TV and couches left a bigger impression than the donuts, and neither was good. The teenagers there to man the shop this Saturday morning seemed to want to be anywhere but there. Pretty sure they flipped a coin to see who had to get off the couch to help me. Once up and at the counter, the young woman was very pleasant in getting my order. The donuts were “meh.” The maple glazed was my favorite; apple fritter was ok; chocolate frosting was weird, and raspberry filled sugar donut tasted off.

john Hancock

Good donuts on university

Stephen Lee

Great donuts!

Rachel Klang

I loved the price, such a good price. The donuts were exactly like the title, "Sugar Rush." They were pretty sugary, overwhelming in some. The Apple fritters could use more apple and cinnamon.

Gwen Kachelmyer

Jay Colond

Unassuming mostly-catering donut spot has early hours, comfy dining room, fantastic croissants and perfect, inexpensive cake and raised donuts. Replace TimHo with some solid Viet baking and support local business!

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