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Midtown Global Market, 920 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407, United States

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REVIEWS OF Holy Land IN Minnesota

It's a Me

For the airport "express" location. Waited for my order for 30 minutes and ended up needing to leave because my flight was boarding. There were MAYBE 30 people between 4 restaurants at the time

Dennis Smith

Great place for lunch on a Sunday afternoon. Holy Land has many choices, and the Midtown Global Market offers many choice if the family is not in the mood for gyros.

Shelby Slygh

My new favorite! I went here for the first time today, and it will definitely not be the last time. The food was great! I enjoyed the spinach pie appetizer and the gyros sandwich. Both were filled with flavor and the serving size was quite large. Mahmaud also treated us with a piece of honey cake which was delicious. This is a place where I want to try everything on the menu.

Nahush Rao

Douglas Cavin

Subhra Pratim Bhattacharjee

David Peterson

Very good. Very friendly. Great value.

Alexandra Hammerbeck

Jerowen Paine

Midtown location. Overflowing gyros never disappoint! The staff were all so great to us! We came in just before closing time and they were so gracious and helpful. They let us know we were welcome to order anything we wanted, but also gave us suggestions for what would be the fastest so that we could eat before the building closed. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. They went out of their way to help us, even bringing things to the table from the self-serve section to help out my husband (who was on crutches). We know the food is always going to be delicious. The staff was equally amazing!


Chase M

Maslah Mohamud

tasty and oily food

Mac W

Great Gyro. Fast Service.

Christine Ming

Cancel your dinner plans and go here. Great fresh taste

Haroon Abbasi


Akshay Unmar

Tomas Zerai

Irfan Javed

I start liking there spicy chicken.


Cat Salonek

Best lunch

Sam Peterson

Great food!

Mehdi Ahmadizadeh

Emma Young

Best hummus in the world! Lianne's sauce is to die for!

Chris Gesino

salman ali

This place served us improperly cooked chicken raw in the inside. The food is typical fast food but with a dirtier feel due to the uncleanliness of the whole place. It’s located in a flea market. Minnesota really needs better halal choices

Ms Hasan

Benjamin Schuster

•Hasan •

Dody Suria Wijaya

Danny Couillard

Jeremy Been

Everything is high quality.

Dylan Giebel

I used to love this place... I mean really LOVE it. But I ate there on Thursday and got food poisoning, which I just got over today. There's a solid chance it came from the romaine in my salad, since there have been so many outbreaks lately. But honestly, I can't take the risk again. I'd love to go shop at the grocery store though!


Great food

Benson Jahnke

My wife and I mistakenly ordered what we thought would be a delivery order on the Holy Land website tonight, only to find out that it was take-out only. When we called to cancel the order, they offered to arrange a delivery with bitesquad. When bitesquad was unable to deliver, the woman on the phone offered to deliver the order to us herself. She turned out to be the daughter of the owner, was very nice and even threw in complimentary dessert. We were already big fans of the food here, but will definitely be loyal customers from now on. Fantastic food and amazing service. Thank you!!

Missy Brunes

agent 6040

As I was traveling to Minneapolis I was trying to explore halal food options, I thought I found it but I was so disappointed first with the cleanliness of the place and the shady setting. I was trying to get a shawarma plate or a sandwich at least but I looked inside the place where I couldn’t locate a beef or chicken shawarma Shish standing there , that prompted me to ask the register girl (was super nice and helpful) of how this place cook their shawarma, I was shocked when I learned that the shawarma they serve actually is punch of meet strips cooked on a grill!!!!! That made to switch my order to something different , bread was served cold and I requested and from someone pretending to be the chef in charge , to warm up my pitas since they were really cold , he became just irritated and confronted me with ultra rude tone that was ver insulting. Food quality wasn’t up to my expectations compared to the price tag . The only reason I gave 3 stars because the friendly reception I received and the attempt made by one other employee who approached us to apologize on behalf of the other employee.

Suavi Oden

Tom Borowiecki

Andre Bryant

The worse customer service in Mpls...

Zaki Dardimra

John St Maximus

To make it very clear, I was a patron of Holy Land for years, as was my family. This was long before the opening of the location in the old Sears building and when the location on Central was not even half the size it is now. This was back when the food was of a much higher quality and didn't have that "mass produced" taste it has now, and customer service was much better. After a few bad incidents at the midtown location, I finally had to say farewell to a business that many good memories attached to it and decide to never give them my business again. It would take too long to go into detail about these experiences that led to my decision. Also, to make it crystal clear, I don't write many reviews and I am not one of these arrogant people who complain about every little thing either. I also don't like continually being treated like garbage at an establishment that I have spent countless dollars at and have supported for years. When I had my final bad experience at the midtown location I went to the manager, he could care less. Then I sent a message to the owner, again, he could care less. And there you have it, another once good establishment down the toilet.

PSG Goalkeeping

Not bs

Theresa Swaney


Stumbled across the Holy Lands second location at the crossroads of the world in Minneapolis. Mahmoud delivered the goods with the best falafel and shawarma for me to take home. Awesome- nom nom nom!

John K

Good food, and their grocery section has the best prices on Lamb anywhere.

Abdel mouaz Bouabellou

Roya Ghorashi

Absolutely garbage!

5157706899 Haneen

The service is really good and their grocery section is awesome!!

Abdulkader Youssouf

I have seen a lot of amenities at this place. Including different kinds of food from everywhere.

James Giant Floor Sander

I've always enjoyed myself while visiting. Love the grocery stores as well.

Patty Minehart

I have been coming here for years and have loved everything about the food and grocery selection. However, in the last couple of years I have noticed that the men working in the store are very unfriendly to women, I have frequently been made to wait while they helped a man who was in line behind me. At the checkout on my last visit, the male cashier was hostile. This was not my experience there in the past but it has happened enough times now that I am done.

Adam Johnson

I came because I had seen it on diners drive ins and dives. I consider myself to be a bit of a gyro aficionado and i gotta say, it wasn't great. It was edible. A friend said the chicken is heavenly. Guess ill give it a try next time. The open kitchen was pretty cool to watch too.

faduma ahmed


Very good place to buy fresh meat.

Shabbir Khambaty

Salahuddin Mohammad Masum

hussain albadarni

Farhan Ahmed

They have good shwarmas, but the other holy land is better for groceries. I was a little disappointed that they did not slather it with tahini sauce.

Mar Wa

Shenye Hu

Food was okay but service was not - charged me two pastries in addition to the meal, but failed to pack them :-(

David Grandmaison

Deliciously perfect gyros - and they’re huge. Super crispy fries.

Andre Dupre

Sangay Taythi

Awesome customer service and great, great food.

Terri Leckas

This store is very clean, and the staff is friendly and efficient. We come here mainly for the meat department, these guys are the best in the business. Always stocked, will cut to order, fast and super friendly. We always feel welcome here!

Dina Abdel fattah

J. Barnzie


Gyros are amazing!

Tony Raycraft

tariq abdulWadud

Elizabeth Ellis

Well... that was disappointing...I discovered one of my FAVORITE Restaurants & Delis was at the Mpls Airport...hungry and excited for some real food... even recommended to an undecided Couple ahead of me that they eat at this food truck.. I dont know if they liked their sandwich but my Gyro was terrible...Cold Gyros..cold wrap... really Holy Land ? There were about 5 people behind the counter..I had to return to the counter for my cucumber sauce.. Seems a simple thing to have a warm Gyros... I live in Minneapolis and will make sure to shard my disappointment when I'm in NE Mpls.. Please step it up at the airport ..Where a good Gyros can go a looonnggg way Elizabeth Ellis 7/5/18

M Ali

I enjoyed my meal and service was good. It did take them little longer than normal because they prepare certain items fresh. Sitting area could improve a little. Portion was huge for one person but u pay on average about $16.00 per entree. I would return to try more items.

Issac Leon

Jennifer Davis

In the top 5 for local hummus.

Hisham Kamal Sayed


ahmed aden

Raymond Poon

Great lunch options and the food is always fresh.

Mohammed AL-rawahi

Sawsan Namour

Torrey Vegter

Hussein Hassan

Kazi Islam

Habib Siddique

For Muslims it's a good place as one can get Halal foods here. I usually come here for Shawarma and falafel.

Patti Yaritz

Hany Armanious

Henry Nieberg

Great portions and the spices definitely make the meat stand out. I love the tzatziki sauce. The rice is ok, but everything else is great.

Basil Hannay

farwa rizvi

So I actually go to Holy Land on a regular basis for grocery shopping and for dining. Weekdays for lunch and weekends with my husband for dinner. I have always looked past the minor problems during orders where they either missed an entree, forgot to add the bread that was ordered etc. Today though, I spent about 80 bucks on food which I initially waited to get for an hour. Once I got the food and my husband confirmed with them whether everything was there, I checked in the car - ofcourse an entree was missing! We had to then wait again for another half hour to get the rest of our food meanwhile the remaining food got cold in the car (take out order). They did not even ask my husband out of courtesy whether they could do anything nor did they apologize for the inconvenience. The least they could have done was apologize. I am so taken back by this at this point that we don't even want to return there with the poor customer service!!!!

Bally Baji

It's inside a ghetto mall, Midtown Global, but doesn't look it from the outside. Very nice on the outside. The place is incredible inside! Like you're transported to a whole other place. This store itself is wonderful, you can see the pieces before buying them. They're on display, packaged nicely. It doesn't smell like a butcher shop like other places do. The restaurant-side is a little pricey, though.


Best gyros around

Chris Weber

Will Boelts

Mumthaz mk

Sammer Elkhateeb

During the day they have a buffet which is better than decent — they offer the best Muddle Eastern food anywhere nearby, without question. The food is relatively quick and consistently delicious, however the prices are slightly high. The cashiers are curt, however, their employee Daniel is friendly and always willing to provide the best experience.

John First

The restaurant cleanliness is low, most of the time the cooked meat or chicken is burned, prices are getting higher. Few years ago this grocery/restaurant was good, but I think now their main goal is to make profit instead of improving food quality and customer service..

Lul YanginTV


Marcus White

Brandon Stewart


Ordered 2 gyro sandwich meals total came to 26.00 dollars the portions were big bUT who cares if they tasted terrible go to Dino's a little more reasonable price and much more tasty also who wants to pay mpls high sales taxes not worth the price or drive


Very tasty Mideterian food. I go there for the food and to buy some grocery items I don't find on the super marker.

Kate Wolfe

Warm food, smiling staff and happy memories Meat so moist and flavorful each bite brings a bit of bliss. Caramelized onions will make your heart sing. Employees may even sing the random serenade as they help ring up your order. Easily worth a visit if you’re needing a delicious frugal meal with freshly chopped ingredients❤️

laiba saqib

Lala Figueroa

Love the diversity!


I wasn't impressed with the gyro sandwich. It cost $10.95 alone for the sandwich, which consisted of 1/2 pita bread with a few vegetables at the bottom and mounds of gyro meet on the top. I prefer to get a full pita, more balance between veg/meat, and this meal should include a side and drink if they're going to charge $10.95 for it.

Muhammad Rehman

Amazing food very fresh. Also great for grocery and halal meat.

jeff y

This place is really good! Small seating area and also a grocery store. I had the lamb kebabs and loved them!

Ubah Abdi

Jens Holmboe

This is a place is great one meal is enough or me and my girls. He food is great and the people are friendly. If you don't know what to get get the gyros.

Monica Mg

Very good gyros Charlene25

The one on Lake St and Chicago ave is horrible!!

Jamal Nur

Expensive on sandwiches and no more chicken sandwich

Talha A

Looking at the building from the outside thinking it to be a diner and stepped inside to discover a whole market to my surprise. They use to make these great buildings back in the early 19th century. A must see place.

Bobby Khan

Awesome Middleastern store

Rob Liebhart

Haven't had any of the deli food yet, but the selection and prices in the grocery section are quite impressive!


Very good food.

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