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REVIEWS OF HardTimes Cafe IN Minnesota

Matthew Bossart

Quick service, delicious food, with weird art and music. Couldn't ask for more!


This is a vegetarian diner with vegan options. It is a co op so that is really nice in my opinion. I’ve been coming here over 20 years and the food is always consistent with a great price and you can even get half orders of most items! Another aspect I love are the late night hours open til 4am! There is a great variety here for almost any diet. The portions are huge you will not leave this place hungry! Love it!

Ramya Kumar

Quaint brunch place, bring cash. Vegetarian american diner style food, amazing coffee.

Andrew Hou

A wonderful vegetarian/vegan place with a chill atmosphere. The barista was super friendly and there were plenty of signs explaining how to order and pay. The food, of course, was lovely. I'll definitely be back the next time I have a moment of time between classes

Essey Asbu

This place hasn't changed from way back when I was a little kid and my dad used to bring me here to meet his buddies. I've seen it go from a cozy place to a rough place and to a friendly place... but it's always there! I wish they would make it into a museum of cedar riverside and protect it as a historical center, along with KFAI radio across the street.

J Davis

Disgusting food and bad service. Witnessed them treat a woman horribly and even out their hands on her

Brandi Kateri

This place has an underground artistic vibe to it. Many delicious vegan dishes.

N'Kima Russell

Pretty good. Better than expected. Great for vegans and vegetarians.

Angelica Joy

Lgbtqpa friendly environment. Wide Vegan friendly menu. Great skateboard spots in the street.

Ian Maret

This place rocks! Great vegetarian (and vegan) fare, amazing coffee, and a low key environment. The menu is really affordable with generous portions. It's important to note that it's cash only, too!

Tilde Hamer

The hashbrowns here are the best I've ever had. If you're looking for a more laid back diner/cafe feel, this place is perfect.

Marcia Green

Staff was rude to my friends. Don't recommend as there are many restaurants that don't employ discriminatory practices. Very disappointing.

Casey Conlin

I love this place. The food and beverages are amazing and cheap with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. The staff is fast but definitely have that punk dgaf attitude which gives the place it’s charm.

Pete Boisclair

I appreciate the fact that this place offers a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian items on the menu, but I felt the quality of the food was lacking compared to other places with vegan entree or side items in the Twin Cities. The atmosphere would be perfect for most high school or college students looking to study or wind down but I don’t feel I’d go out of my way to come back.

Tracy Huebner

A very distinctive coffee shop. How about this descriptor, eclectic. Very good coffee. I had a blackeye. The banana coconut cookie was delightful.

Bridget Deerflinger

We are so fortunate to have the Hard Times! I love this place. The people that work and own are wonderful.The vegan food is fantastic and the hours are excellent. They cater to a vast array of people and do it well. To all of you that have anything less than praise need to stop crying in your soup and realize you are a spoiled lot and need to practice being grateful for what you have.

Andy Larsen

Nice quiet place. I'm not vegan but my gf is, loves the options. Coffee is good, pancakes not so much. Pretty dense but the omelet was delicious. Definitely reccomend. Wouldn't go out of my way to come but it's a really nice little spot.

Lindsay Simons

Great vegan options and never fails to hit the spot. Cool restaurant model (order at counter on paper, pay, and then pick a table and chill for maybe 10 min)

Maxwell Kuschel

Great place, nice rustic vibes, perfect for those of you that hate the prim and pretty coffee shops. Their food is surprisingly good for a coffeehouse, and reasonably priced, coffee and food will be around 10 and that's a steal in my opinion. The baristas were great, so friendly, I wanted something off menu and they made it right away and did a fantastic job! Their espresso machine is nice and the baristas definitely know how to use it, not to sound pretentious but that's honestly hard to come by, but at hard times, you'll find great coffee and atmosphere. Also the music was some kind of heavy metal, which for me was a massive plus when it's not just the same singer songwriter tunes over and over again.

Christopher Williams

Small water cups. Muffins bad bad. Staff is big meanie. I should DEFINITELY have gone to the chocolate eclair conference center than this place.

Kerry Depew

Disgustingly beautiful. If you ever want a place to disappear and relax... Here it is.

John Teisberg

Hung out here with a few friends late one Tuesday night. The name says it all. The place felt old, run-down, and worn out. Not to say that those are bad attributes, just something to note. Perhaps not the place for everyone. The guy at the counter I recognized as the same bouncer from UpDown arcade/bar. Friendly enough. My friends all drunkenly ordered food and seemed to enjoy their meals very much, as they eat every bite within moments. Dispite the strange decor, questionable customers, and dim lighting, I felt myself quite at home. It might be because I grew up in the city. Never the less, I will return again another late night, for some seemingly delicious hashbrowns.

Bashia b

I gave it one star because I just get such a chill from people behind the counter--they don't seem to know how to smile or be friendly on any level.

Andrew Cone

Long ago, this place was great. Now it is a cesspool of aging punk and social justice orthodoxy. There is a sign on the front congratulating the place for being a sanctuary of piece, then inside there's a newspaper clipping that celebrates someone burning a cop car. Punk isn't dead, but it can't die soon enough. These people have nothing more to contribute.

Chris Mills

Food was good. Playing old surfers on the turntable made my day

Amanda Long

Awesome biscuits and gravy. Very original and never repeated

Kyra Brask

I love this restaurant!! Most affordable vegan/vegetarian food in the cities with a huge variety of menu items and absolutely NONE of their food disappoints. Also, breakfast is served all day. You're welcome.

Erik Muckey

One of the best places to get work done and eat good food. Grab your cash and enjoy.

Jadzia Sembla

The best vegan cafe in mpls. Bizarre, random music choices. Good community.

Justine Schwarz

I used to come here almost every day and absolutely loved it... until one time a man came in threatening to stab another man who was hiding behind me... out of fear for my life I called the police and was later told by a barista that people that call 911 in Hard Times will not be welcome. This was after a man exposed himself to me and was not kicked out of the cafe. Guess the grunge atmosphere also comes with the possibility of being assaulted... would not recommend for people seeking a safe place, you will not find that here.

Heather McKeag

Great food and friendly staff. Has been my post show staple for many years!

Leah McDowell

Don't judge based on your first experience with service, once you get the hang of the ordering process this place is the best! Great prices, great food!

Alison Doak

Affordable and delicious vegan food at a grungy cafe!

L Raven

Do have gluten-free menu items! This place was such a treat! It's so different from what I am used to. All items are vegan. To keep the cost down, they don't have waiters so you order at the counter and they don't accept credit cards, it's CASH only. Their food is good. The place is very casual and friendly. Definitely recommend.

Parker S

Used to come here on a weekly basis, and decided that I’d had enough after my last experience. Waited an hour and a half for a small plate of eggs and hashbrowns lazily thrown on a plate. When I went up to the line to ask about my order, before I received it, I was patronized and treated very poorly by the chefs. I calmly explained that I had been waiting an hour and a half for a small order, and was greeted by a rude and patronizing “wow, an hour and a half, that’s a long time”. I said “I know”, and one of the chefs, without even looking at me, replied “we are busy, okay?”. It was borderline demeaning. They couldn’t even make eye contact to apologize for the wait. To salt the wound, I casually waited to grab my order, as I could see he was plating it, and he barked at me to sit down because he would call my name. Terrible experience for everyone in the party that day. Others had similar experiences. I understand that it was busy, but that should NOT make it okay to be rude to a paying customer who was patient enough to wait an hour and a half, while watching people who came in way later get there food. Lost a few long-time customers today. Would not recommend after this poor experience. However, the barista staff has always been kind and helpful.

Jeremy Herrmann

Cheapest vegan food in town. Not only that but it's delicious.

Nick Tvrdy

Vibes everyone should experience.

Richard Boyd

Cash only! Opens at 6 am

Ninevehta Khoshaba

I’m visiting from Chicago and I just went to Hard Times Cafe last night. If you have social anxiety, I would highly recommend against going to this cafe. The way it’s set up is not exactly suited for people like me—though I do commend them for their individuality, which is why I’ve given them one star. You walk in, pick up a menu, pen, and paper. You then write down your order and your name on the paper, bring it back to the counter, and wait for someone to shout out your name for you to pick up your order. It’s incredibly anxiety-inducing and all-around uncomfortable. On top of the service or lack thereof, the food was incredibly bland. I had to drench my breakfast bagel in hot sauce to give it some flavor. I really wanted to like this place, so I gave it a chance, but it just wasn’t for me.

Avery Hamilton

You get to write your own ticket it's fun :)

Iemawn Chughtai

Very distinct "feel", great food.

Russell Milles

Awesome, inexpensive vegan food....I did not like the heavy metal music so next time I will get it to go.

Ron Wright

The perfect coffee shop. Great espresso, pretty good pastries, policies of kindness, fantastic music, late hours, early hours, and outlets so I can stay for hours.

Mike Jones

I grew up here and love that the experience is the same today as it was almost 30 years ago. Such a diverse snd eclectic community that surrounds and encompasses this cafe.

Yusra Farhat Ullah

I just love this place!! It looks so ghetto and unclean on the outside but it is actually super clean and well taken care of. The grunge is part of their anti-establishment decor. They don't even take anything but cash probably to go with the theme! That was so funny but we enjoyed it. Barista and cook were welcoming and friendly! I loved that the cook yelled your name when your food was ready. So authentic! And they have board games!!! If you're vegetarian /vegan this is an awesome place where you will eat confidently because you won't have questions about traces of animal products or products people use but don't talk about! But that's not the best part! The best part is that the food is to-die-for delicious! This is hands down the best vegan food I've had. Normally vegan food is so bland and bean-y, not at hard times, it is so filling and fresh and delicious! I absolutely love this place!

Giovanna Weber

I've been pretty excited to try this place out for so long, and man was I disappointed. The food was super bland, and had basically no flavor at all. My biscuits were incredibly hard. I also got a muffin, which was extremely dry and way too dense. My server was incredibly short with her sentences and very monotone. On top of all that the service was really slow, too. Overall, it was a pretty unpleasant experience. I was excited to try it out, but I don't think I'll be making a trip back anytime soon.

Dan Wille

This place is rad! That is all you need to know! If you are as cool as me you should be here!!! Everything was really good and the prices are awesome!

Kaytlynn Plummer

Had a nice vibe, but the food was extremely oily and had no flavor. Its nothing that can be easily made at home (but with much more flavor.) Got the tofu scramble and it was just vegetables with a few chunks of plain tofu! Was excited to go but we were not pleased and wouldn't go back.

Bailey Nickoloff

I cannot emphasize how much I love Hard Times. The atmosphere is dark, grimy, and punk-rock. I love it. Their food is also delicious. In addition to being delicious, it’s also super affordable. You get huge portions, and a lot of their menu is under $10! It’s also nice knowing that they’re pretty much open all day and all night (with the exception of 4am-6am). And if you’re vegan or vegetarian, their menu was made for you! Also note that it is cash only! I’ve forgotten a few times.

Nirvi Ajmera

As a vegetarian, it's kind of hard to find a place where I can eat almost everything off of the menu, so this place was such a nice find, especially with it being so close to West Bank and the UMN campus. I got the (full size) quesadilla and vegan blueberry muffin and both were amazing, but also, really stinking big, with more than enough for 2 meals for just under $11. It's a really cool vibe too, and they have board games!! Ordering is a tad different, where they have the menu close to the door and then you write down your own order on a meal ticket located by the coffee bar by the door and then hand to the cashier. Also, note that the place is cash only! Overall, a great local place that I definitely plan on coming back to!

ThirdEye Brittian

Because like a good neighbor Hardtimez was there...

Man Starstuff

I had their vegan biscuit breakfast and about died and went to heaven. The authenticity of their vegan breakfast sausage, tofu scramble, and the gravy... oh man. Also had a mint mocha with soy milk and was highly impressed with that as well. Very good prices and portions. Love the musical choices and laid back vibes of the place as well. Highly recommended for any vegan or vegetarian.

Christopher Parenteau

This place flat out rocks.

Lukas McCormick

A little rough around the edges, but the huge helpings of great food practically make up for it. I hear this place gets shut down for sanitary reasons a lot.. *shrugs* it's a hippie hideout, and it's cool that way. If you're feeling lucky, take a stroll down the sticky tables of Hard Times.

Tushar M

A true blue, non “fashionably vegetarian” vegetarian place where locals love to come eat. I was introduced to it by my friend who lives in the Twin Cities. Wide menu with vegetarian and vegan options that come in big portions. So there’ll be plenty of stuff to takeaway after your meal. I got the Philly cheesesteak sandwich (seitan) and it was delicious. I also got a half portion of biscuits and mushroom gravy that were super filling. Plus $1.50 or $2 for a small or medium iced coffee and your meal is complete! The decor is great: old timey diner-y but more like a dive bar. Loved the experience overall! Attention: cash only!

Javon Padgett

Punk vegan and vegetarian foods. Last time I had the Vegan Chilaquiles. It was Spicey and filling and delicious. The coffee is strong. One thing I love about this place is that it draws all different kinds of people in different age ranges, and they are all served the same. Been one of my fave neighborhood eateries for 10years.

Joseph Domino

The atmosphere here is extremely strange. No one looks comfortable and there's no service that makes you feel comfortable. You bus yourself, serve yourself and order at the counter. I love it for this aspect. They provide very inexpensive vegetarian and vegan meals with absolutely no care for customer service and the meals are massive and DELICIOUS! It's honestly one of my favorite places to eat. I love the unwelcome feeling as a bunch of misfits and tweakers eat their food in a rocky state of peace. You wanna see true coexistence and sociological studies just go find a seat for a few hours.


Great breakfast all day and the dirty Chai was on point.

hippie george

One of my favorite places on earth.

M. S

Closed when it said it was open.

Jesse Mitchell

The most genuine cafe in the whole city. Its rough around the edges and it feels like a relic from another era. It's a place where you can go and feel free from the false sheen of instagrammable coffeeshops serving 3$ coffees. The food is cheap, hearty, well portioned, and even vegetarian without being pretentious (or flavorless). It's even open later than cafetto.

Trevor Trokey

Great atmosphere, awesome people, and decent food but... no meat... at all. Was not ready for that. 6/5 though if you're vegan/ vegetarian.

Jesse James Johnson

This is a Minneapolis institution as it's a great spot for night owl and early birds. Typically I avoid cheap food, but this place doesn't sacrifice on quality and still has tasty food. The only thing I would like is a greater ability to veganize more of the menu.

Oscar Wormuth

Very good omelette and the atmosphere is unique and tastefully dingy, but BEWARE, Its cash only and the atm has a fee

Nickia Jensen

Vibe is chill and there are decent basic vegan/vegetarian options, though the flavoring is pretty bland.

McKenzie Sweno

A very interesting place to eat, especially late at night with friends! It's cash only so make sure to have a good amount with you, but they do have an ATM at the front if you forget. Very accommodating for vegans and vegetarians, but even as someone who doesn't normally like vegan food, their vegan muffins are so yummy (and filling!). They also have a really good selection of loose teas and everything is at a pretty fair price! Overall a good place to eat!

Joe Hillbilly

Great food and coffee ..great staff.

Patrick MacCork

Only thing hard about this place is staying away!!!! Yum!

Anne Marie Champagne

One word: yummy.


You made raisins taste delicious in a cookie!

Nathan Norris

Awesome place for some vegan grub! The Biscuits and gravy are to die for.

jennie moening

Very cheap and open late coffee shop that's very cozy

Allan Mueller

A place to go when you don’t have a home. A place for first dates, a place to park your nightmares. Plus, day old baked goods are only $1.25

mohammed errazki

Is any customer welcome in this cafe?!?! I was surprised by the improper handling of the waiter, although I told him that this is the first visit to the place. After finishing eating, I went to him again to ask for a cup of tea but he brutally crushed me saying: There is a regular line !!! Although the role is cyclical and that was standing there before all customers ???

Nathan Davis

Super delicious coffee and great atmosphere.

Karl Dettmann

Highly recommend for late night. Lovely atmosphere and community who eat and hang here. Very relaxed feel and very non-judgmental. Cheap food and strong coffee make this a place to stay a while if you need it (I wrote a paper here). The music they play is interesting and drones on in the background which helps the aesthetic. Cool place, 10/10 will come again! P.s. try the depth charge and Helter skelter :)

Yara S

They make a really good iced latte. I was impressed..

Heather Fennell

I've been coming to Hard Times since 2004 and it hasn't changed. Still good food at hard times prices, great staff and hang out spot!!

Internet Elf

This is honestly one of my favorite places, and is definitely my favorite after hours spot. I like to eat plant based for the most part, and Hard Times has some of the best vegan options. Their vegan breakfast sausage is especially good, it's got a great texture and everything. The atmosphere is super relaxed and gritty, in a good way. Very comfortable.

Olivia Villeneuve

The atmosphere is really unique, they've got falafel, and their open all the time- I couldn't ask for more

Vishnu Chowdavarapu

Interesting place is a perfect phrase to describe this place. The food was excellent. The service was prompt. You have to know what to expect, which is clearly stated when you enter. You pick what you want and write it on a slip and give it to the cashier. It's a cash only place, so come prepared. They also have an ATM at the location for your convenience. Overall the taste food made me forget about the below avg ambiance and dingy atmosphere.

Kyra Zimmerman

One of my favorite places for a filling vegan meal, or just to grab a latte and work for a bit. Lots of seating and table space. It's cash only, but there is an ATM nearby.

Moises Romo

One of the few places open late. The vibe is cool. Nothing pretencious.

lillie Barrer

Fair priced delicious food, do not recommend going past 10pm though because the crowd gets sketchy.

Olaf Lee

There are no hard times because of hard times. Vegan biscuits and gravy are to die for.

Valiant Gordon

good place to go but ive been going for years.lots of fights there.too many radical univ students.and samali terror cell members.gangs eat there too.

Matthew Portwood

Hard Times is a Minneapolis landmark. It is been a container for some of the most eclectic and artistic minds of the Twin Cities for as long as I can remember. The coffee is respectable as hell, and they offer a menu of surprisingly sophisticated Foods. The vibe is a middle finger To the corporate aesthetic that has become the norm these days. You can’t truly say that you’ve been to Minneapolis if you’ve never been to Hard Times.

Ethan S.

Food and coffee was really good. Cool atmosphere too

B Gordon

Incredible!!! The daily special was quesadillas, so happy to find vegan quesadillas. The atmosphere was great and the food was all A+!

Corey Fry

Exactly what I want as a vegan. No fuss food that is high quality, large portions, many options, and eminently eatable. If I lived here I'd eat here too much.

Shaun Meyer

Great vegan joint, and has a very good aesthetic. Has an eclectic mix of people that made me feel at home. Always good music playing. Inclusive place, run by proper allies.

Ryan Gautschi

Have loved it for 2 decades

jl hatlen linnell

Their food is always on point. Solid vegan options, good stuff for the rest of my family too. Orders come up bar style and you pick up yourself... Very casual dining and welcoming to those of limited means. Relax, read, play a board game, eat good grub!

Maren Knep

Super cool spot, amazing vegan friendly menu, just remember they only take cash!

Kelsey Mullins

Hard Times has quite the vibe. It's extremely vegan-friendly. The good ranges from okay to good and the service ranges from abysmal to fine, which I think must be intentional.... Cash only!

Regina Hernandez

Absolutely love the vibe of this place! Everybody mind their own business and the food is quick and delicious. When you arrive go to the front counter and grab a menu and write down what you want to order on the little pieces of paper that they have available for you. You will then give that to the cook behind the counter and he will make it for you. I ordered $30 worth of food and it ended up being enough for breakfast lunch and dinner for the day. The pancakes are thicker and the biscuits and gravy half order was enough to feed me and a friend. I would definitely be back

Cynthia Raaymakers

Always love it there!

Kyle McComb

Great food, huge portions, great prices.


Great affordable food. Booch on tap. If a hipster cafe was cool before it was cool. Great music

Bezel Brilliant

Vegan food. Decent. Staff can be spotty but overall a decent dive food spot.

Ryan Nosbush

I always love stopping in here when I am in the Twin Cities

Hannah DuBois

Great cafe. The food is awesome and the atmosphere inside is nice as well. The cafe is open really late which is nice if you're coming back from a later event or show. Their tea is really good. Only downside is they only use cash which can be annoying if you're like me and only carry cards. They do have an atm machine but depending on bank you may have to pay a service fee.

Charlie Brown

Love this place. The food is not gormet but the quantities are great and it's "basic" good food, prepared quickly. It's a no frills place and you order your food on a slip of paper, pay cash (only) and bus your own dishes. I love people watching, the depressed decor and the names carved into the worn wood table tops. I look forward to my next visit. I had a half order of the vegan helter skelter which was perfectly prepared...a little greasy, but just enough grease. Being vegan and a retired person who has lots of money but is still cheap. Did i mention the prices? Most items are $10 bucks or less. Love it!!!!!!!

Amy Esposito

There is no better vegetarian breakfast sandwich in town. Hands down.

Brian Huggins

Great place. Great food. Know that if you go really late at night the music may be very loud. Or there may be a story in the player. Last time I went had the Shepard's harvest or something named along those lines. Eggs, veggies, cheese, all on hash browns. Also closes between 4am and 6am otherwise open...

Marybeth Luing

Restrooms could have been cleaner. Nice stop otherwise.

Alice Taylor

I had one of the most negative experiences I've ever had at Hard Times Cafe. After I made a mistake and ordered the wrong meal, I went up to the counter and offered to pay the difference to receive the food I had wanted (an order which was ONE WORD different on the menu, hence my mistake.) I was trying to be kind with the man at the counter, and explained to him I am a student and couldn't afford to purchase an entire new meal, but had no problem paying the difference. Most restaurants, of course, would just adjust the order without any problem/money, but I figured I could offer to pay the few dollar difference since it's kind of a dodgy place. The person at the counter was almost immediately incredibly rude and gruff with me, funny considering its a place that is supposedly all about respect and acceptance. It made me very upset, and what I had hoped to be a kind, simple conversation quickly deteriorated into insults on both sides. ~NO RESTAURANT, NO MATTER HOW DINGY, SHOULD EVER BE ABLE TO TALK DOWN TO ANYONE LIKE THAT~ Never have I experienced such horrible service before. A huge disappointment to me, especially considering the food is already lackluster and the hygiene of the place is pretty questionable.

Annika Kohrt

Good coffee drinks. Lots of great hits, but also some misses meal-wise. I don't dig the dishes served on a bed of raw spinach. Sometimes the cashiers are rude but that's chill.

Kasia Zabavko

I think that was the best falafel I’ve ever had?! Didn’t expect this place to be a great for dinner, but it turned out good! Like the interior and the way you order food there.

Marie R Smith

The cashier had an attitude against everything I was suggesting. The food tastes like the smell of cardboard. When I asked them to take it back; the chef instantly got an attitude too. I mean I've eaten at vegan/vegetarian places but this one takes the cake. Literally everything I ordered was tasteless. But the presentation was very intriguing.

Skyler Sutherlin

Food's good, coffee's good, decor is eclectic but in a good way. Obviously good for vegan and vegetarian options. Just be aware of the fact that it's cash only.

Ivan Martino

Still one of my favorite places for vegan food.

Daniel Rasmussen

Coffee is still perfect. Coffee is still a buck. And the coffee is somehow always rhe exactly perfect temperature to drink right away.

Togo Wisdom

Best cafe in town

Emery Brush

The food and coffee are always good, and service is fast and friendly, not to mention that they always have options for vegan or gluten free folks. I enjoy the music a lot as well - very cool and unique coffee shop.


Once you get past the snappy, gritty and absolutely apathetic attitude from the cashier, (completely unnecessary by the way!), the food is great. (I want vegetarian places to thrive, that’s why this positive review. #liveandletlive)

Austin Perdue

An employee behind the counter (burly man with a beard) got into a fight with a customer while I was there with my partner, and ended up tossing something across the restaurant. We would have left had we not already ordered food. On the bright side, the food was decent, portions were huge, and it was CHEAP.

Christina Loma

I was so excited to try this cafe for its vegetarian/vegan options but was thoroughly disappointed. Yes, they are a great place to get these options, but if you are willing to eat food with very little flavor, then this is the place for you. I had their vegan vegetable rice bowl and my husband had the falafel platter. My dish was vegetables on a grill with no spices included. They thankfully added a lemon on the side so then it had some flavor after I added that, but if that wouldn't have been there, I would have taken it home and seasoned it myself to eat. My husband's falafel had little flavor and was not worth the money. I will not be going here ever again.

Austin Patterson

Pretty neat study spot, especially because they're open so late. The coffee was alright, and the atmosphere was mature. The music varied from jazzy indie stuff to some quicker metal music but it was all surprisingly good background noise. Overall, I liked it. I will definitely be back.

J Bayerl

I ended up not eating here. Cash only and i dont tend to carry cash on me. Was kind of a dark place inside. However, there were plenty of people inside who appeared to be enjoying themselves. Might be a college hangout.

Martha Happy

Amazing, freshly cooked food. Wonderful, friendly staff. The cashier is so nice! The tasty vegan options are the reason enough to stop by this place. Coming from Duluth MN, vegan restaurants aren't really an option here. Great variety of items on the menu. YuM!

Mark Connerton

Hard times? Hard Times..

Florian Austin

Decent meal for a decent price. One of my favorite places in the cities for reliable vegetarian food. Good coffee.

Chase Baggett

This place is awesome. Open late, vegan food, very affordable.

Cooper Johns

Probably the cheapest vegan grub in town. Also love the atmosphere.

Camellia Kalra

People either love it or hate it. It really is a punk cafe that only offers vegan and vegetarian food and coffee and only accepts cash. It's self serve, bus your own dishes. They compost scraps. Murals and artist of the month bedeck the walls. The music is just noise and blares loudly. But it's awesome!

Aaron Schaer

Chill spot for relaxing with friends n having a cofee, spending some time online or even enjoying board games with friends ina friendly welcoming atmosphere.


Great vegan and vegetarian selection. Good food. The vegan tofu eggs are the best egg alternative I've had. Awesome vegan cookies, muffins and other desserts. Cheap prices.

Elianna J

one of my favorite places to hang out

Sadie Norlin

You know, Hardtimes is great. Sometimes staff are not so polite but food is really good and it's the perfect place for chilling at 3am with friends or a laptop. Definitely not for everyone. Punk environment. I love it.

Stacey Linden

I have had many great experience at hard times in the past. But today I experienced something less than pleasant. The girl working this morning was surprisingly rude. I greeted her and she just stared at me, she literally threw the change on the counter. As I’m sitting writing this she is glaring at me. I hope this isn’t the new standard for hard times or I won’t be returning

Alex Freeman

Still the best coffee in town.

Charles Duda

A true beacon. Tried and true. The best. One of my favorites of the last 15 years, as a Minnesotan.

Patrick Broderick

Good vegan food basically all day and night with a punk soundtrack and attitude.


Great breakfast spot with only vegan and vegetarian food.

Alberto Pacino

This girl this morning is literally in the worst mood and is about to ruin my day. She’s is behind the counter complaining to her coworkers about her shift. She doesn’t even care everyone here can hear her aggressively talking to the other employee. Bad vibes

Hassan Raheem

Great decor, amazing food, reasonably priced. Also fantastic selection for veg(an) options

Leggy Green Crime

Foods still good and cheap...but last time I saw the barista slam a homeless guy's head into a table and he started screaming and swearing at him to get out....the homeless guy was sleeping... Not the most inviting vibes (although I did take my suburban mother here and she was getting into the punk)...anyways, try it, just saying you've been warned.

Kenny niemeyer

Most important cafe in Minneapolis. Do yourself a favor and give them all your money. They just do it all right.

B Man

What an awesome experience. What a unique small business and business model. It should be part of Business degree curriculum. A true testament to "it's not about fancy decore of a business it's about the feeling of a unique yet Affordable experience that makes a business successful". Successfull - especially in the eyes of its patrons not the business loan officer. Love the Affordable food, tea and portions with a very genuinely helful staff.... I love a business that doesn't force its staff to act like robots with fake smiles and robotic talk/phrases. Unique and awesome - my kinda place. The difference u feel in watching a predictable, regular, big budget, Hollywood movie and a genuine piece of art indie movie.

Michael Guale

Great place

Dave Kinney

Not a huge fan of cash only places but I liked the menu so much I came back with cash. Oh and it was worth it. I got the helter skelter and it was a fantastic pile of potato, egg, and veggies. Definitely would reccomend.

Cloud Nine

This place has the perfect name and is in the perfect area. Coffee is good. The help is better.

Brenan Reynolds-Barrett

Exceptional vegetarian food. Exceptional portion sizes. Exceptional prices. Cash only. Divey hole in the wall cafe offering a host of food, teas, coffee, baked goods catering to ovolactovegetarians and vegans. I highly recommend this place to anyone.


One of my all time favorite places. Has a great punk vibe (lots of cool art and original brick siding--but this can make it kind of cold and drafty in the winter), and delicious vegetarian comfort food. I always recommend the biscuits and mushroom gravy...with a generous helping of hashbrowns. The amount of food you get for the price is amazing. Definitely go to this place, great for college students and anyone wanting some great quick food.


Dude... This place is fantastic the vegan food is incredible. The theme is... Falling on hard times

Madisyn gowans

Good food. Some staff can be rude.

SCiE Fie

Here's the meatless.

Robert Hirzel

My favorite hole in the wall restaurant ever. Great vegan options. Bettet prices.

Tom Gilsenan

Worker-owned cafe which has been a steady source of caffeination and inspiration since 1992. Good coffee, good food. Muffins and other baked goods are created right there. Shout out to Baker Ariel!

Andrew Speake

Been going for 15 years, always great food

John Foreman

Hard to imagine the place is vegetarian/vegan. Looks more live a dive bar. Food is outstanding. A must visit.

Lenn Burnett

Great place to eat if you're vegan or just want to try something different

KorHi M

Not impressed with the food. The wait staff is a little too millennium for any sort of professional business meeting here. Was hoping for a nicer place.

Mary Alice Lange

I used to love this place, but I recently had a TERRIBLE experience with the employees there, who were incredibly rude to me and my friends. I was very disappointed to be treated so disrespectfully when I was a paying customer. I won't be going back, the food isn't good enough to compensate for the truly horrible staff.

Anton Velasco

The food is the best in Minneapolis. A real community gathering place. Open when you need them.


It's a punk rock vegetarian/vegan cash only cafe with no wifi. That may or may not be your thing. I love it!! It's truly a stellar piece of Minneapolis and I hope they stick around forever. Great place to read or write. Also a great place to cap off a night out if you have the drunchies. Open late with lot parking that is pretty cheap.


Absolutely lovely drinks with a smashing Chai Latte and a wide variety of herbal and caffeinated loose leaf teas. Clean and unique, and so well priced for a place of its like! Got a medium chai and pumpkin cranberry muffin for a total of $4.75.

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