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2610 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408, United States

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REVIEWS OF French Meadow Cafe & Bluestem Bar IN Minnesota

Niko Michel

The food was great the people were very friendly and helpful. The staff were attentive. I would go back again in a heartbeat. Nothing like healthy foods.

Stacy Welle

The patio is absolutely wonderful on a nice day! It wraps around, so don't be fooled into thinking it's just what you see it front. I had the avocado toast with scrambled eggs and would definitely get the avocado toast again! The eggs were just plain eggs, but a nice addition to the avocado toast. My son got the breakfast burrito and we all tried it and thought it was amazing! I love the taste of the food and also love knowing that they use locally sourced and organic products.

Kate Smith

I went to breakfast at French Meadow Cafe for the first time this morning. It is a cute place both inside and out with a French vibe. I had the Belgian waffle and today it came with whipped cream and fresh raspberries. It was perfectly cooked with just the right amount of whipped cream. It was a very tasty treat. The coffee was very good, unlike so many places that offer breakfast. At every table, the food looked fresh, delicious, and beautifully presented. The bakery case was filled with tempting desserts and goodies. When in Uptown looking for a bite to eat, this is the place for a nice quality delicious food.

Kara Schmitz

Nice atmosphere, good service, amazing food!

Jonnelle Walker

This place used to be one of my favorites. It has become less reliable over the years. I went for brunch with my sister and the coffee was really burnt, I ordered eggs over medium because I can't stand runny whites and the whites were so runny that they were cold and gooey. I don't think that they were even edible so I didn't try. The avocado toast was good but the service was bad and overall we spent around $20 just on the things that weren't edible or burnt and didn't get taken off of our bill even though the server acknowledged that the things weren't great. We were happy with the avocado toast and breakfast burrito through. I wouldn't go there again.

Cameron Shurtz

I loved this place. Cool atmosphere and vibe. Love the chalk board menus inside. Was nice sitting outside even though traffic was a bit loud at times. My coffee was good. Quiche was good. My pastries were great. Definitely would go back and would recommend to others

Jessica Proctor

The owner of this place is a bit of a nutcase. She yells at her employees, and publicly humiliates them in front of customers. The turnover in staff is unbelievable. The food is decent, but I honestly think Uptown demands more responsible leadership in its community. Don't give your money to this place, when there are so many others with better food and atmosphere near by. Its ownership doesn't deliver what we as a community stand for, within her own organization. Its gotten so bad these last few years, that word has made it out around town. She must be closer to the Lyndale location than the others, because the incidents seem to be more frequent here.

fithealthynhappy 88

Love their earth wings! Great service, very friendly! The only thing I would caution on is their flourless chocolate cake. It's not flourless, but uses gluten free flour instead. They are very nice about sharing their ingredients, if asked, for food allergies, though.

McKenna Heck

I was at French Meadow's new Nord Social Hall for a fun design event and it is a BEAUTIFUL space. They catered a wonderful breakfast spread with fruit and pastries and breads, and for lunch they had wraps, sandwiches, salads, veggies, hummus, and desserts. They were friendly to vegan and gluten free diners. Everything was absolutely wonderful, and we even had the pleasure of meeting the owner of the company - Lynn Gordon. I can't wait to come back soon!


Food was amazing! The service was embarrassing. We ordered a cinnamon roll to share for our table and had to go ask for small plates, we hadn’t seen our waitress for 20 min and had to refill our own coffee and lastly our Bloody Mary’s were brought out after we finished our brunch. Other than the actual food we were very disappointed with our experience and would recommend to our friends.

Rachel Sporer

The food is delicious! I have also tried two different teas and they are so good. The counter service is quick and satisfying but sitting down to eat is great too. So many vegetarian and gluten free options.

Leah Schneck

I ate brunch here with a friend. It's a wonderful atmosphere, great food and awesome service!

Carolyn Schmidt

Always fresh and tasty. Never disappoints.

Lee Higgins

Good food & fast service.

Kali Seisler

Always delicious. Tons of options for vegetarian and vegans. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all amazing. The desserts are phenomenal too.

Leah Bry

Great food and excellent service.

D'Andre Norman

Favorite place to get breakfast. I also go there for dinner sometimes and always leave satisfied.


Really nice, well done place with a healthy menu and great scenery. Had breakfast and it was really good. Staff was attentive and pleasant. Just a little pricey but worth it.


New favorite breakfast spot!! Delicious, good service, friendly atmosphere.

Nylefuad Deane

Our desserts were not very good they tasted like an old cooler and the tres leches was dry. Sad for a place that had been such a staple of mine for years.

Brigid Mary O'Connor

Just gobsmacked by the choices, the cuisine, and the service. What really was enlighting were the serving sizes, and variations showing a healthy portion, and anything can go together. I ordered the Zen Salad; vegan and absolutely delicious! Loved it. Great ideas for making meals for home.


Great, friendly service! Our server was very nice. Delicious desserts - wide variety and so good! Reasonable prices! Love the ambiance.

Michael Nelson

Great local place, all food preferences available and well done, with a great selection!

Kelly Anderson

I have loved French Meadow for years, which is why I selected it for Mother's Day brunch. However, I am not certain I will be back. Our servers were lovely; they kept apologizing for the shortfalls. My blame is management. They attempted to service walk-ins and the Mother's Day crowd and it failed miserably. Food was overcooked, cold and took over an hour. Servers had no knowledge of specials posted on Open Table, but did honor it after I showed them. Please plan better for future holidays so you don't disappoint other loyal patrons.

Susan Watzke

everything I have tried has been fabulous

Morgan Blenis

I love this place. It’s like home, honestly. I’ve lived in Uptown for quite some time, and through all the phases of my life, French Meadow has been part of it. This place is wonderful. It feels so grounded and homey. They have a good bit of vegan options. And options for everyone, honestly! You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love this place. Their extensive menu is impressive-coming from a restaurant connoisseur and ex-server.

Monica Brady

Very good food. Had wild mushroom. .Chipotle and wild rice and cream soup and a yummy chicken salad sandwich Most offerings are too huge for me. This was perfect and delicious.

Mary Vang

Beautiful place! I ordered their french toast and salmon hollandaise eggs; it was good, but I've had better! My boyfriend got their Stone...something burger and didn't like it very much. It was a good experience though!

julie bates

I've been a fan of the FMB Lyndale location for years and equally enjoy the location on Grand Avenue. Very pleased that the menus continue to have my standby favorites. Lots of tasty options for folks with a discerning palate and food sensitivities. It can get a tad bit noisy but when you make a reservation ahead of time and ask for a quiet corner-- one appears!

Paschell Wilson

good food, great vibe and service


Great food and good coffee. I've always had good service. Despite being a large place it's also very popular, and there's a chance you might have to wait. Totally worth it though!

Greg Smith

Been here several times and it has been good to excellent. However, last night it was horrible. Two persons in our party ordered a Rachael sandwich and the turkey, if that's what it was, was inedible, or more precise, unchewable. Do better French Meadow!

Adam Harris

lyndale has terrible service, it was the only place I've ever had my credit card information stolen (the guy who stole my information still works there). Occasionally I'll stop in on lyndale just to get the cheesecake, and the employees will mention that I'm the only one who eats it and that "somebody's gotta" (which is extremely insulting to their own food). Lyndale has meat options, Grand has fantastic attitudes and demeanors. Update 5-19-19 I sent an email with my phone number, no response; but I had a visit at 650pm (today) and confirmed that the person who took my information- his name is "David". I personally asked for his name just to be sure, I'm expecting a call... Update 6-26-19 It's my wife and i's anniversary, we reserved a table and nobody had any reservation sign down so they tried to set us with a bunch of other people. We ordered a cheesecake because we were so disappointed, paid $6 for a very small slice. THIS LOCATION IS GOING DOWNHILL FAST. I obviously care enough to say something, the last thing I complained about was their lack of hygiene in the bathroom which included graffiti on their diaper changer with the words "Democrats unite be anti-white"... To their credit they did erase it today, but I would say that their mentality is in coordination to these words. that being said I love all races and I want to love all of the French Meadow locations as I've told the management. We made reservations and called ahead of time to confirm those reservations and were treated like regular walk-ins. also I haven't heard back from any management regarding my previous complaint, of which I commented about when I made the diaper changer graffiti complaint less than a week ago. Please get new management you need it desperately. SINCERELY AND HONESTLY, Adam Harris & family.

Meredith Myers-Petro

Great food, awesome vegan and gluten free options, good service.

Tina Springer

We stopped in for a quick bite after visiting MIA. It was a Thursday at about 1:30. There weren't any lines as we walked up to the counter to order. The wrap I ordered was very good but pricey. Table cleanliness was so-so.


I live near the French Meadow and it is always busy when I walk by. You pretty much need a reservation for weekends and dinners. The food was very good with lot's of organic and vegan options. It can be loud there so it may not be the best place if you want to have intimate conversation. That said, it seems like a great place for a group of friends to meet. I saw that they have half priced bottles of wine on Wednesdays (again, I recommend a reservation). The one thing for my experience that was negative was slow service and servers who didn't seem to completely know what they were doing. A couple of times servers brought things to out table that was not ours. All that said, I would recommend this restaurant.

Michael Waldegerma

Friendly and immediate service. Good sized food portions. Had booth seating near the bar. Had the breakfast burrito with chicken chorizo. Food tasted good and natural, not spiced or and definitely not spicy. Heard good things about the hash browns. Try the oatmilk cappuccino!

Christian Schultz

Good vegan options and nice outdoor seating in the summer time.


Service was pretty good, waitress was friendly enough. however i ordered a vegan caesar salad that was probably on par with what i would get at a fast food restaurant. large portion size seems to be an attempt to overcompensate for the quality of the food. it was almost entirely shredded lettuce and over blanched, chewy kale. There were very few additions to the salad aside from the dressing. absolutely disgusting.

William Boland

Awesome choice of reserved seating + seat yourself. They perfected the best of both worlds approach to counter service and/or dine in. I’ve utilized both at different times and the service has always been on par while the food is exceptional. The Salmon Scramble for breakfast is a favorite but you almost can’t go wrong with the thought and effort they have put into the menu. There is always a lively atmosphere but the noise is never overwhelming.

Sumayyah Beck

Wonderful food & cocktails, wonderful staff, multiple spaces--including a patio--to fit your every mood. I highly recommend this place for vegetarians/vegans and visiting friends, especially visiting vegetarian friends!

Jennie Hayle

Food was really good, but we were at our table for an hour before our food came. They should know it is going to be busy on Mother’s Day and plan accordingly.

Ian Allen

This is a great restaurant that I’ve been coming back to for years. Whether you’re doing brunch, a happy hour, a fancy dinner, or just grabbing a snack and working—French Meadow has something for every occasion. The menu is particularly impressive, I’ve tried many of the dishes and have always been impressed by the flavor, quality, and presentation. (If you’re curious, the portions are quite hearty as well!) The Blackened Fish Tacos and the Green Coconut Curry are two of my favorite meals. If I had one bad thing to say, it’s that I wish this place was more of a secret—weekend brunches can get busy! Highly recommended.

Brennen Hogen

This is the place I take my parents when they visit. Amazing everything. The earth wings are a favorite.

Cindy Niemann

Best wild rice soup I have ever had.

Danielle Donnelly

James is f'n amazing! He gave us some phenomenal service this morning and for that we will make it a priority to always come back! Thank you guys so much for making our morning!

Hibo Ibrahim

The food at this restaurant was good. However the service was very hostile. The waitress Debbie was really bad at her job. She was MIA for most of the time. She couldn’t have answer any question regarding the menu. She made it seem as if we were bothering her. During the entire time she come back to our table twice. She gave very poor service and other staff was very hostile as well. But the food was not bad. But staff made the environment feel very unwelcoming.

Patrick Poquette

Had to take away a star cuz last time I went the service wasn't so great, but this place usually has really good ingredients, fresh food.

Alex Golimbievsky

A plethora of delectable sweets. Go for the coconut cream cake. Put of this world.


Second time I have been to a French Meeadow franchise in Minneapolis in 60 days and both times the service was lacking and the dinner preparation was completely off with over cooked food. Water glasses where beat up plastic cafeteria type. The $22. chicken dinner tonight was cooked to the point where I couldn't get a fork through it ( literally) salty and jerked. The manager offered me dessert to make up for the obvious flop, then revoked that offer when I told her I just wanted my money back for the dinner instead of waiting another 60 minutes for the whole process of a redo. She said the reason that dinner tonight was off was because they were having an event, plus take out orders on top of regular service in the dinning and self serve section, so they have more than they can deal with for the evening. The atmosphere was not so pleasant either, hostess seemed annoyed with anyone that came in for dinner. It really was a better place with just the one location with attention given fully to ingredient preparation and service. It was very disappointing waste of time, I will look for another place to dine in the area.

mindy johnson

Great selection of lunch and breakfast foods.

D Sunshine

My favorite breakfast place, food is organic and fresh every time!

anne semenak

Awesome vegan breakfast options including pancakes, waffles, really well-seasoned tofu scramble amd yummy sausages.

Denny Stallman

Great coffe, food and friendly staff.

Katie Casey

Food was delicious. The patio was beautiful. Very cute place.

Mercedes Blomberg

Loved this little place! My friend and I stopped by for a quick brunch before a bachelorette party and this was truly the perfect place for it! We ordered at the counter and had our food out on the table within ten minutes! So quick and also very tasty. I will say it was a little pricey ($9 for one corn pancake is a bit much..) but it was really good! I did see a lil mouse friend pop out of the bottom of one of the booths. Not a huge problem because mice are everywhere, just hope they use some traps in the future so they don't visit the dining area!

Derrel Fisk

Easily the best fine dining in all of Minneapolis if you care about the quality of ingredients and their origin. You can go here and not worry about wondering if it's organic or not. Everything is locally sourced that they can and is always organic. They have a self-service area or you can order food and then sit down. They also have the bluestem restaurant which is again the best fine dining and all of Minneapolis. Don't worry about not liking anything on the menu because you will love it all. They have the best impossible burger if you're a vegan and the best grass-fed burger if you're just looking for some quality. Definitely recommend checking this place out.

Yasmine Ghanem

One of the best veggie burgers I’ve ever had and the cauliflower wings are amazing. They have a large menu so it’s a great spot to bring a group as everyone will able to find something and they do cater to a variety of dietary restrictions.

Bella Grace

I love French Meadow! If you do self service, you can find a table out on the patio. The prices are a little high but the ingredients are fresh and delicious! When you order,drinks come up at the counter but the rest is delivered to you at the table. You get a fun table marker so that they can find you. Food comes out quickly. Yummy! The price is worth the food and experience.


Fun little stop. Super tasty and sustainable food if you can swing the little bit of extra money. The cost covers how great the ingredients are though, so this is a great spot if you care about where your food comes from, and what is going into your body when you eat.

Ben Adickes

Really busy, but the food is quite delicious. Ordered the breakfast burrito with bacon and it was incredibly substantial. They have both a more traditional-style diner-type seating option, as well as a quicker to-go type queue, which was pretty unique.

Beatrice Kehinde Joseph

Great spot for food, sweets, coffee, and everything in between. Plenty of gluten/dairy free and vegan options. Laid back and unique vibe as well.

Jacqueline Brand

I went at 9 am on a weekday. Easy to get food and find a spot indoors. They had classical music playing soft enough so I could read my book/tablet. The waffles were large and tasty. Wish I could have finished all of it!

luba Kazaryan

Went for breakfast, received quick and good service, will definitely come back... And yes food was delicious, also liked interior and atmosphere

Lisa Mordan

Wonderful experience. Coconut cake was so good. Attended a beautiful wedding there. Very nice venue.

Sam Flood

Solid food, friendly fast service, and cute interior. We had the bison burger and quesadilla and both were delicious and filling!


Delicious food and cute restaurant but very pricey. Has lots of vegan options which is wonderful!!

Eve Adams

This was my first time eating here and it won't be my last. I loved the restaurant set up with self serve on one side and full service on the other. I opted for the full service side. The booths were large, spacious and could easily seat six. The server was polite, friendly and knowledgeable. I had the breakfast platter, and pancake, everything was good. The menu had a variety of organic and gluten free options. Well worth the money spent. I will be back soon.

Kara Mustachia

The staff was so friendly and the food was AMAZING!!!!

Zach Fagerness

I got a zen bowl and a tomato basil soup, it was really good. The staff had quick service and seemed happy and I appreciate that.

Brenda Rapske

Neat decor. Great food! Very tasty pastries. Glad we tried this place. Definitely recommend you go here!

Michele DeFazio

Today, was my first time visiting.. I met my Daughter, and shared the Huevos Rancheros, it was bomb! James, rocked the Casbah! Great customer service! I'll be back, again, and again!!

Tyrone Shiner

OH MY GOD! This is probably the prettiest place. Such a happy vibe and so much of delicious food. Everything they serve is so so good. I absolutely love their pancakes. Probably the best in the town. There's no place in the town that serves such great food.

Harriet Om.

Definitely my it restaurant

Tim P

Nice cozy cafe. Good place to work and grab a coffee.

C Turner

Amazing breakfast. Good coffee. Apparently they have a full bar too

Andrew Herzog

Amazing aesthetic and delicious food. It tastes very organic and natural, like what you grew up on.

Nicole Tracy

I've been a frequent customer for about a year now. This is not authentic to French in any way. I'm not sure why it is called French Meadow to be honest. But that is not my problem. I ordered french toast to go about a week ago and there was no syrup. I called back and was asked if I wanted to drive all the way back for it. Obviously not. Manager did not offer any type of refund or credit. Sorry but syrup is just as essential as the french toast in this dish. I should have been refunded without question.The outside was burnt, inside was soggy and undercooked so I actually did feel sick after trying it and this is coming from someone who eats their eggs over easy. Will not be coming back as often unless this is resolved. The other reviewers are right there are better organic restaurants out there for your moneys worth.

m hk

Service is hit and miss, food generally good. Always crowded and always a line. Very loud. Great vegetarian and vegan offerings. Evenings, their full service restaurant takes over. The food is a bit over complicated, and very pricey. Atmosphere is merely adequate. What price, success? Very popular place. Limited free parking and street parking, as well. Great outdoors seating on side of building.

Alex Rebman

I have had their Eggs Benedict here, and it was quite delicious. Their coffee is pretty good as well. The outdoor seating was nice, though the tables are small. Indoors has larger tables and space. There is parking next to the building. Would recommend.

Michael Schwarz

Pleasant place. Good if not great food. Reasonably priced.

Annette Hundt

Great food! Accomodates all eating styles!

Juan Munoz

Great vegetarian options without sacrificing on taste. I would recommend he hummus spread as a great fresh starter and then the curry dish. The breaded tofu was a bit salty, but overall the dish was great. I had been here 5 years prior and the place has only improved in quality.

John Ryan

I always love coming to French Meadow. I started eating vegan a year ago, but even prior, their (omnivore) food was outstanding. Now that I am vegan, I really appreciate how many options there are, and how good they are. The staff is always kind and inviting.

Sid S

Always the best! Food is Amazing!

mary p

Organic, delightfully diverse menu... it's hard to select just one item.. vegan, gluten free, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options in a classically chic, high ceilinged, yet simultaneously cosy space... adorned with towering white birch trees.. cant wait to return.!

rick paquin

Great food, self service or dining options!

Matthieu Hallieu

Family friendly organic fair nice trendy well no dont worry as artsy as it is the French Meadow wants you all to lay back with your family,sit, and enjoy the pleasant aroma of nature of coffee, of friendship and love, oh yes,and fresh baked bread

Danielle Fischbach

French Meadow is one of my favorite spots for brunch. Their menu has an incredible variety and suits many different dietary needs. The Bakery is absolutely mouthwatering, the beverages are fantastic, and the food is always so heavenly. The staff is fun, quirky, cool, and helpful. They have two free small parking lots on each side of the building, but if they fill street parking is usually available if you're willing to walk a little. In the warmer months, they have a wonderful amount of outdoor/patio seating. Family friendly, dog friendly (can bring inside to order if you have them on a leash or hold them, but must dine outside), and great for a quick solo bite or even a date. Their specials are always changing and they use only the best and freshest ingredients in all of their food. They know good food and service and do it well! Such a fun and relaxed environment. I will never get tired of this place!

Richard Hardegger

Big booths, classical music in the background (today anyway), everyone was happy with their food. Enjoyed our time there.

Mark Ruth Wagner

I love this place. The food quality is always high quality and really over priced expensive. I always have a beer or cocktail while waiting. It is never consistent on if I should go to the bar or order at the counter. The bartender was very untrained and no clue how to make the craft cocktails. It was obvious it was his first day. The wait staff were helping themselves to wine and beer during to his lack of anything. Kind off funny to watch. I got my to go order and it was missing the extra bread and butter that I specifically requested. I love your butter! My bag of chicken picatta was dripping with oil and such. I asked for my extra bread and butter and more than willing to pay for it. Was told it does not come with it.Really $20 for pasta and no bread? Come on! How can you serve a True Italian dish with no bread...really? I finally got my check and nobody said bòo on the way out. Thre people standing at the host stand like I was invisible. This is my last time I will ever step foot in this over priced uptown lack of anything.....buuuubye

Dianne Schuchard

For us one of the best things about French Meadow is the location and atmosphere. The food is good and satisfying, but not great. They do have a nice coffee bar. There are a wide variety of desserts and coffee break items. We have tried some. They have all been good, but not the best we have ever had. In summary FM is a pleasant place to stop, but not one of our favorites.

Candace Rapp

I wish I could rate this place for their really great food, but unfortunately the awful service rules that out every time. No attention to detail, no remorse in mistakes or even an apology. Staff walk into you like you’re not there. As someone who visits multiple times a week for work, it’s discouraging on another level.

Rated Rachel

Bomb food great atmosphere

Butch Groves

We really enjoyed the food and service

jl hatlen linnell

Theyve become a bit pricy the last couple year's, but the quality of food has kept pace. I'm vegan, my wife is not, our daughter is gluten intolerant, and we all find great stuff!

Rich Rushlow

Good food.... for me a bit much aioli...tomato soup..was good...acid could have been toned down...

fazel zare

Have you been there? If not, give it a shot and you'll figure out why even 5 stars are not enough for such cossy and friendly environment. The service was great. The menu options are fantastic.


They need to have a take out only line or something. Every time I order take out I have to wait behind people in line to order, it can take up to 15 minutes before im able to be helped. They have an “express register” for take out but it’s usually closed or also has a line of people figuring out what to order... Great food, great quality, and great prices! I’ve also spoken with the owner and they are very sincere, kind, and courteous! I love French Meadow!

Paul Durette

Beautiful restaurant with a huge selection and delicious food. Excellently flavored and reasonably priced. Staff were delightful and knowledgeable. Easy for big groups and small parties alike. First time here and would definitely come back if I'm in the area!

Kelsey Mullins

French Meadow is my favorite restaurant in Minneapolis. I love the vegan options that I have available. I love the ravioli and have enjoyed all of the bowls I've tried. The peanut butter rice crispy bar with vegan ice cream is delightful. Such a fun atmosphere and location too.

Amber Updike

This is my go to restaurant. Consistent, delicious food. Love it!

Dave Giancristoforo

Wonderful menu! Great service. We had a large party of people and Cass did great!

David T Anderson

Generous hosting for First Thursday with dilectable appetizers

Michael Kerfeld

Great food, but they really cook the bacon well-done. Be sure to ask if you want it softer.

Mark Johnson

One of my favorite places to take my gluten free vegan girlfriend. And me being a carnivore love there food and deserts. Service is great in the summer you can bring the pups. Always nice. Yummy fresh food for every person's diet. Try it once and I guarantee you will go back

Sandra Burrowes

Loved the big booths--perfect for conversation. Servers work as a team, responding to requests with efficiency. Best of all, excellent, interesting food.

Remedy Rook

I’m giving 2 stars because while the taste and quality of the food is 5 star, as of late, the portions are not acceptable for the cost. I’ve been a long time customer, and the zen salad is my favorite dish. Lately, the salads Ive ordered to go have been shrinking and are now consistently ridiculously small portions - way less than what I get served when I am able to go to the restaurant. The amount of greens in this “salad” are so little that it may as well just be rice and a few thinly sliced veggies with dressing, hummus, and guacamole. If you pay extra for a protein add on, expect the salad to somehow be even smaller. I work really long hours and sometimes I’m too exhausted to cook - but i want healthy options. I can’t stress enough how sad it is to open the box of food that you just paid through the nose for from bite squad, and when you finish it, you’re still hungry, when it used to be generous greens and very filling. I guess I’ll just have to make my own version at home. I’m so sad about this.

Braydie Elliott

We were really excited to try this place out because the food on their website looked amazing. We were disappointed to find the food in the photos were nothing close to reality. I have attached photos of what their pancakes look like on the website/Instagram and what we got. The Belgium waffle was the smallest I've ever seen. It tasted good but not worth $13. The fries were burnt and inedible. I'm sure they have their good days but would not recommend based on our experience.

Deric Schnelle

Cool little shop with impressive vegan options for all meals. Lots of locals and a great staff - I will come back next time I am in town. Good for locals and visitors. I went with the traditional vegan breakfast - great choice. Oh, don’t forget the vegan turtle cake for breakfast.

Douglas Pack

Best $11.00 Organic Breakfast burrito on the planet & enjoyed the front porch in the sunshine..

Heidi Pence

Nice place! Fast service, great food.

Marit Juve

French Meadow is always a solid choice for an array of food and drink options. The night we went was EXTREMELY slow, so I was surprised that the wait staff was not as prompt as usual. A little disappointing but the food was still amazing!

Chrissy Jensen

So great! We had coffee and bought a ton of pastries to go. Loved the selection of gluten free items!

Adam Henry

This place is overrated. Boring food

Jane Parra

Their pastries are always fresh and delicious. One of my favorites so far is the almond croissant.

Scott Scheerhoorn

Nicoise salad was evcellent!

Viktoriya Kleymenov

Ordered the Turkey Burger and it was so flavorful and juicy. My husband got the Pesto Pasta and it was delicious as well. The server was quick and attentive. If you like great organic quality food at a great price, I reccomend coming here!

Kelly Pereira

Amazing food. Everything I've had was amazing and very healthy!

Tessa Eddy

My favorite brunch spot in the Twin Cities! The food is great - lots of options and can be tailored to every/any eating accommodation, but still delicious! Important to note about the service - it's seat yourself and can get super busy on the weekends, so be prepared to stake out a table. The outdoor seating is extensive, so much easier to find a spot when it's nice out. If you're not interested in seat yourself - you can get table service in the back at Bluestem. Always check out the daily omelette - always delicious. Zone omelette is my favorite, as well as the breakfast burrito and cajun hashbrown. Also check out the corn waffles and blueberry pancake - the menu is endless! Lunch sandwiches are great too - the BLT is my fav!

Allen Shaw

Good food. Lots of healthy choices. Can get pricey. Can get very loud at peak times.


Delicious food, great service - Not the best place for children.

Ryan Menning

They make healthy taste good! Lots of seating and menu options

Makeen Osman

Love the food, the atmosphere and the history of this venue! The food tastes great and is perfectly cooked every time my family and I are here. They are also quite competitively priced for what they offer. Cant wait to be back!

Kari Quaas

Nice vibe. Wonderful food ideals and organic goodness.

Slaffka S

Nice ambience, great food.

Losha Nazarov

Really good environment and awesome breakfast choices. You can sit outside with your dog. Reccomend

Guy Murphrey

Delicious breakfast and many choices. Ordered eggs, bacon (incredible) and gluten free toast and strawberry jam. Yum!


Wonderful like usual! Huevos Rancheros with salsa verde, braised pork and poached eggs... Yum!!! My sweet husband got fish tacos and loved them! Also got an Oatmeal cappuccino with vanilla and cinnamon.... Oh my word. Only weird thing, I got that the last time I was there and it was gross. Today it made me swoon over it!!!

Katy Boyer-Richards

I got a salted caramel of the best desserts I've eaten in a while.

AJ Hans

Menu and food/drink was impressive but the server was off. In service and personality. We were a group of 6 with separate checks which he struggled tremendously to keep straight. He forgot our appetizer and seemed very awkwardly unsure of himself the whole time. We were very polite and understanding towards him and staff despite all the mix ups and still tipped 20% as deserved because he was working hard and trying his best I’m sure. I got the pear and beet salad which was pictured here as a huge heaping salad bowl full of toppings. What I got was less then half of what was pictured. It tasted ok but would have been way better had it been prepared as advertised in the photo I saw. I would try this place again someday Because I understand it may have just been an bad or off day for them.

Olov Strole

Had wonderful breakfast \ brunch. Will put this down as one of my top 10 lunch places.

Craig Willford

An old classic. You can't go wrong with French Meadow. Good veg choices here too.

Katie Evert

I love this restaurant. I went to the Lyndale location and of course they were busy, but I still managed to score a booth. The fact that they have vegan and vegetarian menu items is fantastic. I'm a meat eater but enjoy good food. Their drinks are phenomenal. I ordered 2 while at brunch!

Kevin Knodl

Great service even when crowded. Which ebbs and flows on the weekends. Great breakfast don’t let the word organic scare you off. It tastes super.

Noah Patterson

Lovely place. The food is simply perfect!

Beulah Momanyi

Great atmosphere. Good food but didn’t blow me away. Kinda pricey.

Caleb Kahl

Great place for dinner not a great place for those under 21 though

Imran Sheikh

Don't go here if you are a person of color. They like to put all their POC patrons in a tucked away, small room. Plenty of other places to go that aren't racist.

Daniel Shinbaum

Huevos rancheros are huevos, but not rancheros. my authentic mexican gf was very disappointed. Also the beans are not smooshed enough, and they probably come from a can. Same for the tomatoes. NOT SPICY ENOUGH. and they forgot the avocado! And tortillas should have more crunch.

Loralee Harris

Good food. Great selection. It was our first time and we'll definitely be back!!

Tasha Embry

Very good place to eat no matter what occasion. I have never had a bad meal here!

Patrick Kegley

I had great Rachel thin sliced Sandwich here few Days ago

Michele Johnson

You should try their Smokey French organic coffee oh my gosh you talk about awesome cup of coffee, and the food is great to everything organic I love it

Angel Hill

Delicious variety of gluten free and organic breakfast food. Family friendly. Limited parking, most likely you will have to park on the street.

Niki Wilson

Can't go wrong here. One of my favorite places in the cities

Neal Lewandowski

Good food, great service. I do NOT recommend the vanilla berry cake. Off-taste.

Kristen Beadles

The Salmon Benedict was delicious! The organic coffee was bold and flavorful. I enjoyed the open atmosphere. A good place for conversation.

Kevin Helseth

Really good food... Interesting concept with the self serve option.

Michael Bischel

Had the smashed avocado with eggs. It was excellent. The bathroom was a disappointment. Bath fan is broken, loose faucet and was in need of cleaning

Marina Duchesneau

Always have a really nice lunch here! The salads are lovely and dressed well! Lots of vegan, and GF options! The prices are good, and the atmosphere is cozy, although I enjoy their seating area outside. Would recommend to others!

Harsh Shah

This place was amazing. They also have very tasty vegan brunch! Must go!!

Katie Knauer

Great food and large drink selection! Highly reccomend the "earth wings" and the spaghetti pesto! Service was friendly and food came out very quickly after ordering.

Kathy Reber

It was nice to sit outside & watch the game


I have lived very close to this establishment for 14 years. I treasure their presence in this neighborhood. I grew up a grandson of a MN DNR Conservation Officer who has been awarded many conservation awards, both nationally and internationally. The dogma at the French Meadow in very much in line with my family's beliefs in farm to table food chain for humans. I know the family structures of where their food comes from. The prices are virtually unbelievable. It is always a great pleasure to see Lynn's, Randy's and Steve's faces. I haven't been there to dine but once in the last year, but I must also add, in most cases, the service etiquette is stellar. I grew up in a smaller, but very similar restaurant and have spent many years working in various restaurants countrywide. I give them four solid stars for a reason. They deserve it.

Kay Marie Leine-Dennis

These people truly understand the chemistry of cooking. Quiche was so light, the crust flakey and the flavor fabulous. I've never been disappointed. Enjoy!

Heidi Spetzman

Love this place! Gluten free options are yummy! Bakery items that I can eat and don't taste like flourless bricks! Please check this place out its worth it and seating is nice indoor or outdoor.

kimberly ware

Excellent vegan and vegetarian options. They have a great menu to choose from. I look forward to going back.

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