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1662 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105, United States

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REVIEWS OF French Meadow Bakery & Café IN Minnesota

morestudios interna

Good food great ambiance


Amazing food for any meal of the day!

שקד דנאי

Always a delight! Great place with good coffee and fantastic breakfast.

Alex Kobs

Loved this place! Drinks were really good and the earth wings are the best!

Sharon Anders Mahto

Wonderful food and service

Abhinav Sambasivan

Very clean and organic food with a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options. Their vegetarian sausage, Cajun hash browns, and cauliflower BBQ wings are a must try. I felt their omelettes had a little too much goat cheese. Loved the food and the beverages otherwise! I would strongly recommend this place to vegetarians, vegans and people who want to eat tasty and organic food.

Barbara Dozetos

It didn’t live up to the hype, but I’ll give them another try.

Michelle Paska

Always excellent food

Chris Johnson

Yes please!! Great place. Great food!! Mostly organic and staff are too :-)

Brian Ayres

The food was amazing but the service felt nonexistent at best.

Gretchen Corcoran

Very cute little restaurant that I wasn't aware of until today! Small beer menu but the two breweries it featured are enough to satisfy your cravings - castle danger and surly. The service was attentive and fast! Of course I liked my meal here - very good Mac and cheese!

reach me

The French Meadow has lovely atmosphereand good desserts but the food lacks flavor and is not cooked well. We had brussel sprouts and were expecting caramelized delicious sprouts but instead got undercooked crinchy lemon glavored sprouts with cheese. Highly recommended by the waitress french fries were very soft .... Green curry with vegetables was bland in flavor, undersalted and did not have any coconut... but so hot and spicy, it was hard to eat..... very strange combo of bland and hot.....the vegetables were mainly raw warm but totally crunchy.... Very disappointing... I wont be back

Derek Meyers

Absolutely love this place! For breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Service is always good and the food is amazing. If you're into locally sourced and sustainable foods, this is the place for you. The bakery and cafe are also top notch. Great latte's and scones. The patio is great for summer time, as well.

Liberty Me

Wonderful and very vegan friendly. Much appreciated!

Jack Blackson

Awesome breakfast. The breakfast burrito is huge. Big enough for two people to split.

Mike Sager

Wonderful experience, food high quality, service is seasoned people at their best, the manager, he was directly involved in all aspects of the operation, customer, crew, smoothly managed,. Ambiance nice, not quiet, just happy customers from all backgrounds enjoying.....

Maureen Flores-Tolefree

First time visit. Even though it was a Saturday afternoon we got seated immediately. There is a parking lot across the street. They also serve liquor. They have gluten free and vegan items on the menu. Loved the food and atmosphere.

Katherine Schweers

Stellar food and coffee, I'm so glad I stopped by. Friendly feel and good selection of healthy options. I really appreciated the selection of non-dairy milk options for making my drink - and I love that the waitress specifically asked what type of milk I wanted. It really seemed to have something for everyone. This is a great place for a casual brunch/lunch, and I'd happily go back!

Trish Lynne Deutsch

Great cocktails, and I love the vegan wings. I wish they had more adult non-alcoholic beverages.

Joyce La Padula

We've visited the Lyndale location many times but this was our first visit to this location. We were not disappointed. The atmosphere was lively and the place was packed for a 5 pm reservation on a Tuesday! Our server was outstanding and an issue with one of the items was swiftly addressed, replaced and deducted from our bill.

Jennifer Schwery

Avocado toast is amazing.

Brandon Wold

Some of the best food on Grand Avenue! We’ve never had to deal with a long wait time and the staff is prompt and friendly. They a solid set of vegetarian options and a wide variety of food in general.

david g

We loved everything even the tea was great we had Earth Wings the are awesome aolea was a little plain but they didn't need it anyway we are coming back very soon

KJ Hummer

Excellent food and service. Food is very conducive to alternative diets of vegan, gluten free and vegetarian. My only discomfort was with the noise. Some sound panels on the ceiling and walls would help greatly for ears over 40 years old.

Jeffest Humphrey

The food is always good here. I usually have the vegan chili because it tastes just like regular chili and it's so good! The avocado toast is also really good here and the ambiance is really beautiful at both locations. GO!

Lord Jupiter

Good food. Nice atmosphere. Loved the cauliflower buffalo wings are amazing.

Ian Hoxworth

One of my favorite spots for brunch or a sit-down vegan meal. Seeing expansion in those menu options would be great. Breakfast in particular is a little limited to a couple items. Keep rocking the great grub though!

Morgan Blenis

One of my favorite restaurants on the planet. The owner is an amazing lady. The food is almost 100% organic! And they have tons of vegan options! Love this place so much!!! One of those places that feels like home.

Adam Harris

I believe that you will be satisfied to hear, this is the only restaurant I trust on our rare outings. I can't say enough good things, and I'm severely critical. Today May 13th 2019, I had to look through my reviews and update my experience. The manager and or owner here is amazing! He has a great team of people who generally recognize us, and have always carried out Superior service! But I must make one thing extremely clear! These guys are going vegetarian. My favorite items on the menu are completely gone. I took my family there because they are plant oriented, they were all so dissatisfied with the lack of option outside of vegetarian. I was once a vegetarian oh, now I am keto carnivore. I truly miss visiting this place and hope that this review reaches the owner; I would love to return to this location and enjoy some of the classic dishes that were primarily meat, as simple as chicken wings or the cheesecake or the sausage board. (These items were almost to die for). French Meadow we miss you! Sincerely, Adam. PS-the one on lyndale has terrible service, it was the only place I've ever had my credit card information stolen (the guy who stole my information still works there). Occasionally I'll stop in on lyndale just to get the cheesecake, and the employees will mention that I'm the only one who eats it and that "somebody's gotta" (which is extremely insulting to their own food). Lyndale has meat options, Grand has fantastic attitudes and demeanors.

Misha Shvartsman

Great food, all great and healthy choices!!

chris sager



Great food, great service. A wonderful experience.

Kaiser Anonymous

Amazing, delicious, and healthy food, would go here again!

Sho' Nuff

Flavorful,fresh and creative. Fantastic spot for newly conformed Vegans such as myself. The very kind staff recommended the Tempeh Reuben and I did not regret it. Yummy x 1000.

Shane Gannon

Celebrated Mothers Day with wife and daughters on the patio. Salmon omelette was

Zach Marino

This location was awesome. Very quaint, warm and welcoming environment. The service was great. The organic coffee was okay. I drink lots of coffee and different organic varieties and this was one was really smooth, but almost tasted like it was a little watered down. The food was awesome! I had the "Zone Omelette" with added vegan sausage and it was tasty! My mom had the French toast with bananas and a sweet caramelized sauce. I like sweet things and this was a little too sweet for me. Overall, I loved the environment, service and food. Stop on By!

Dan H.

Where else can you get food that taste good and is actually healthy? This place is awesome

Sheila Sullivan

Warm atmosphere, great food and service. They are also friendly to people with dietary restrictions.

Karen O'Connell

Wonderful company, food and coffee ( I had a turtle) yum. What the part is I get to have it all over again tomorrow. You guys rock

Ray Ogren

Always enjoy French Meadow, St Paul or Mpls. The dessert was especially good.

Wei Ong

Manager Francois gave our family the best and most warm first impressions. We feel welcomed. We have since return for the fantastic French bakery, Cajun hash brown, coffee and definitely their home-made semi-spicy ketchup!!!! Love the French style, keep it up :) Thank You Francois, our little one always ask for him!

Erika Sabo

Love the vegetarian and vegan options. Delicious every single time.

A Allred

They have the best latte. The decorations make the setting nice and calm. The best part is that their food comes from sustainable sources. Although, my poached eggs were over cooked. The hashbrowns were also overcooked. My friend asked for over easy eggs, but neither had runny yolk. Overall, the food would be worth the price if it was made with more care. Flavor is good, but execution was off.

Mary Voigt

Good food. Wait staff good. It's just good.

Andrea Osborne

Went here on Sunday evening for my husbands birthday with this family. The name of the restaurant is a bit misleading as I would not call it a cafe, but the food and service was great! My husband and I are vegan and the rest of the family is not. French Meadow had a lot of great options we were really impressed by. The Earth Wings (cauliflower) were nothing short of amazing. We will be back soon!

Loay Omari

By far it is the worst presentation and item put together 1. Coffey cup smelled like eggs 2. Eggs and salmon Benedicts were literally salmon and eggs on top, no English muffins like the usual nice presentation you get when order it even in IHOP 3. I don’t know how can screw hash browns you but even those were bad 4. Omelette was a thin layer of eggs been put on couple of green leaves and their sour cream was hot 5. When I ordered the replacement for the salmon eggs Benedict I literally got two slices of English muffins and Benedict on top, the rest of the room on my plate was filled up when greens Two stars just because of how nice the place looks Oh yeah coffee was not that good too

Brian Voit

Great menu with lots of variety! Good service though slightly loud at busy times.

Quinn Enestvedt

Nice ambiance, friendly service, good food, decent prices. It's environmentally friendly and dietary-restriction(vegan, gluten free, etc.) friendly without being in-your-face and snobby about it, which is rare and nice. You can take a friend who's vegan or gluten sensitive and they won't be limited to the one item on the menu for that, and you won't have to go to a specialty restaurant where you'll feel unwelcome for wanting eggs and hashbrowns for breakfast. There's a nice semi-relaxed feel to the place. Not as casual and communal, dressed-down feel as Neighborhood Cafe, but more of a "jeans and a tee are okay, but so is a suit with the blazer removed" feel. Not at-home-in-sweats attire, but you don't need to dress up more than you would to leave the house on a normal weekend. They're more formal than Neighborhood Cafe, but not snobbishly so. It feels like the place a settled couple with management careers would go to without their kids, or semi-successful 30-somethings would go to for brunch. Does that make sense? Jeans and a tee are okay, but not your only-at-home lazing-around clothes. That kind of vibe. I mean, they'll let you in, and everything, but it won't match the vibe. Am I making any sense? Nevermind. Just don't wear your I'm-home-sick or yardwork clothes and you'll be fine. The prices aren't super cheap, but they're not expensive, especially considering the eco-friendly, vegan-friendly, etc. aspects of the place. The food is tasty, and has decent serving sizes. Not huge, but definitely not tapas. Overall, a nice place to go for brunch. It's about $10-$15 a head for brunch(not including drinks). Not bad, but not notably cheap.

Yukiko I

Good foods and staff made us feel so comfortable here!

Wilyamir Galarza

Enjoyable place for having quality breakfast.

Stephen Whitney-Wise

Excellent food and service. We were promptly seated allowed sufficient time to peruse the extensive and diverse menu then served. Our dishes were well presented by a smiling wait person and the dishes cleared following the meal. Seven months later, the place has definitely slipped. Two weeks ago we were entertained (?) when two employees had to nearly frog marched a loud mouth drunk out of the place. We went back this evening. The music was so loud it was difficult to converse across the table. The food was excellent but poorly presented. They seem to have a high staff turnover. Certainly not adult or family dinning.

Nicole Kitzhaber

My favorite place! They have so many gluten-free options and the best hot tea!! This is the perfect spot for yummy food in a warm and calm environment.

Chase Nelson

I haven't actually eaten French Meadow's entrees. I did however try a few of their desserts. The cakes were good, if you want a full one you need to five 72 hours notice. I wasn't as impressed with the tart but it wasn't bad.

Sarah Flores

Amazing food with an assortment of options for all dietary preferences, including vegetarian & vegan. I am vegan and have been able to try something completely new every time I’ve gone in from multiple appetizers to entrees and even dessert options. Always very flavorful with a beautiful vibe to the restaurant and outstanding service the vast majority of the time. Highly recommended.

Amy M

Delicious coffee and food. Very pricey $$$$

Tony Venne

Family friendly and excellent service.

Nick Sampson

Every dish we ever get is really good. Clearly labeled gluten free options. Servings are not too big or too small. Locally sourced ingredients and cozy atmosphere.


Somewhat expensive but food's good and so is the ambience and music.


I tried this restaurant while in St Paul for work. I was excited to find a place with healthy vegan options. I had the Healing Plate. It was delicious and hearty. It was a huge amount of food, plenty for 2 meals for me. I would highly recommend this restaurant for vegans. Their non vegan options sounded good too.

Joel Rogness

I want to like this place but it's just a little off. Or it's just greared towards vegan retirees who do yoga. Service is slow. Food is mediocre and leans expensive for the quality even for organic. My eggs had obviously been sitting out getting cold for a while by the time they made it to the table. The avocado toast was limp and getting brown. The patio should be fantastic but it's not. It's oddly quiet and unwelcoming. Pass.

Audrey Kludtke

I got bison burger at this location. It was good, not the best bison burger I ate. The price for this burger with fries, $15.00. The waitress did an amazing job filling water occasionally, super friendly at least! The parking spots might be crowded but we were lucky enough parking by the building. They got some patio seatings for people who love eat outdoor.

Brian Kondrad

Its good. But not the best

Autumn Onelove

Delicious! Great proportions! Local! Healthy! And I appreciate the birthday dessert!! Thank you!!

Reade Adams

Food is consistently good here.

Randi Tucker Barr

Excellent gluten-free options! Fabulous service and atmosphere. Definitely a go-back-to restaurant.

Darcie Vandegrift

All kinds of vegan and vegetarian options as well as fish. They had an all-sides dish, my favorite. Lovely decor and good prices - about $15 per person including tip. Friendly knowledgeable waiter. Good dessert selection. We’ve done family dessert night getting several to go. Will be back to explore the wine and beer nights. Didn’t feel like a chain.

Maggie Olson

Oh, I love French Meadow. There are always such good things there. My family and I stopped here for snacks and chatting before they took me to the airport, and we had a lovely experience. I ordered a lavender miel, the broccolini, and a slice of rose cake, and it was divine. Our waiter was fantastic. French Meadow, you never, ever disappoint!

Shari Shermer

Amazing service! Romantic/Casual ambiance. Excellent food quality and delish menu options! Their desserts are bomb!

Paul Vogel

Service was okay. Breakfast was over priced and unremarkable in flavor

Robert Lewis

Great selection of vegan food.

Shahbaz Shah

Service here was great. We sat down, got coffee and had our order taken in almost no time at all. Delicious food, too!

Amanda Soczynski

Stopped by yesterday morning to pick up coffee & pastries for my aunt and I. She's gluten free and was amazed that they had gluten free muffins. She hadn't had them in years. They have a variety of pastries that are GF, great coffee and the staff was friendly. Was there around 8 am and it wasn't busy, so no waiting in lines and considerably easier to park than the uptown location (which I frequented for years). Same quality & service that I got there, just another location! Hope to be back next week for some more GF favorites!

Katelyn Burns

Great place for lunch, but our dessert was not satisfying. My mom and split the fish tacos and the turkey burger. Both were amazing! The prices seemed pretty fair, about $13 per meal. The service was great, quick and very friendly. We ordered the mint brownie for dessert and the brownie part was extremely dry. The flavor was fine but I would not order that again. I would definitely visit for lunch again though, hands down. Parking was on the street and there was plenty of space. Only issue was the ice everywhere.

Alycia Renee

Love French Meadows ❤ Good food, good coffee, safe for food allergies, tip top environment. Thank you French Meadows!

tyler bishop

I called to check on wait time while on the road with my wife and 2 year old. Was told no wait time, lots of tables open, but can’t guarentee that it wouldn’t change (totally understandable). Asked if they take reservations to try and secure a table, and was told no... (strange, but ok, whatever, they said lots of tables). Total drive time took 14 minutes from call to walking in the front door. Was then told wait time was 45 minutes and that it had been busy all night. Asked 2 young ladies working the front why then when I called, did thy tell me that there were a lot of tables and no wait. Also asked why they wouldn’t let me make any reservation when I looked around and about 7 tables all were empty with “reservation” signs on them. Received no answer, they somehow magically forgot the conversation from 14 minutes ago, didn’t show any understanding to my obvious frustration. Bottom line: don’t go to Saint Paul location. Do the extra driving and go to minneapolis.

Mikaela Maglich

Such fresh food. If you ever have a problem with you're meal they will make it right. Very kind staff and very good food.


Food is good, young staff are indifferent, service is bad

Sarah Hill

French Meadow will always be a winner in my book based simply on the fact that it's a restaurant that has many options for people with many different dietary preferences/restrictions. The fact that they aim to use locally-sourced and organic foods in their dishes is just the icing on the cake. That said, I have found that breakfast is hit or miss at French Meadow. Some dishes are stellar (my dining companions have said that the regular and corn pancakes are great, and my dude liked the salmon benedict on our most recent visit), and some are not that great (but still not inedible). I have had the classic vegan breakfast and the vegan breakfast burrito, both a little bland and heavy on salt. Dinner, on the other hand, is a home run. The zen salad, the coconut curry, the tostada, all the sandwiches - literally everything is lick-your-plate-clean delicious. Drinks are decent at breakfast and dinner. This was our first time at the Grand Ave location, but we have been to the Uptown location many, many times. They are pretty equal. Food is exactly the same, and service is similarly friendly but slow at both spots. Because the Grand one is on Grand, there's minimal outdoor seating that is right up against the street where cars are parallel parking.

Tia Underbakke

My sister introduce me to this place. I love the vegan options here. The earthly wings are super yummy. I had the Zen salad and the portion size was huge! There was more then enough for two meals. My sister had the Healing Plate. The desserts were really good too!

Becca Freeman

Reviewing separately the French Measure in St. Paul versus the Minneapolis one. The set up is really different between the two places, and I prefer the ambiance of the location in Minneapolis. However, here they do have service instead of counter ordering, so that is something to consider. Food was great at this location as well, though I ate lunch here instead of breakfast.

Iaong Xiong

It's an okay place. I think they're Minneapolis location was better. The service was good as our waiter was pleasant and patient. Our group of three ordered the fish tacos which pretty good, the mac and cheese was liquidy, and the beef burger whose patty kinda fell apart. We also got dessert of tre leche cake which was dry, the vanilla cream cake that tasted very rich, and a delicious slice of toasted coconut cake that was perfect and balanced.

Ute Bochmann

Hands down our favorite restaurant in the cities.

Bernadette L

Great cafe. Many options on the menu and coffee choices.

Jeff Roberts

Really good service. Really good atmosphere. The food was average.


The food taste was good, and fresh, not overcooked. The dish was slightly cold when I got it and the beef ribs came as a beef roast. But it was an excellent piece of beef!


I ate here for the first time today and was completely blown away. The service was amazing and the food, the food was impeccable.

Susan Mehle

I want to like this place, but it just never quite meets the mark. I had the breakfast quesadilla this time, and it was okay. I didn't really like the flavor of the tortilla and spinach seemed odd. I've been a few times and it is always just okay. Pastries are good though!

Linda Hart

My sister and I like this place It is a great location to. Renew friends times, and celebrate Grand occasions

Allen Harmon

Service was excellent, food was of high quality but not exceptional in any way. Party of seven sampled seven meals and two desserts, consensus was that while we would not avoid French Meadow we would not make an effort to return. There are just too many better offerings in the market. In general, there was what seemed a lack of attention to detail: good beer list, but three descriptions incorrect, brown rice side dish bland and served lukewarm, sweet potato fries overcooked, two appealing menu items and one dessert unavailable.

Bonnie Harris

Make sure it’s actually open if you go in the last hour. I was so disappointed on Monday night. We got to the restaurant at 8:10 and although it closed at 9 the doors were locked. We knocked and staff inside just looked at us. This was the first time my friends had been there and I talked it up so we were all surprised and bummed. It’s one thing to tell guests who show up 15 minutes before closing that the kitchen is shutting down. But don’t lock people out almost an hour ahead of time. It wasn’t a nasty weather night either. Probably won’t go back for a while at least.

Keith Gordon

Unfortunately, I had a horrible service here. When my younger sister was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, we were so excited to try this restaurant for their great gluten free options. We got take out. When we opened our meal to eat, everything was ICE cold and our soup was more than half grease. Not only this, but my sister had a gluten reaction to the supposedly gluten free items!! Poor girl was sick the rest of the evening. I've sent multiple emails to their management team and was even promised a gift certificate in the mail as an apology, but the emails stopped and I never got the gift certificate as promised. I am beyond bummed --Especially after we spent nearly $80 on food!! Celiac's be cautious. :(

Peter Ribbens

Eight of us, four children, four adults, stopped for lunch mid-afternoon. We were immediately seated, after some discussion we figured out our meals. When they came, they were all delicious. Waitress was helpful, came back to check if our meals were okay in time to make Corrections, no Corrections necessary. Water glasses filled multiple time during our meal without promoting. Since the meals were large for the children, we took to Go's for dessert-- these two were good.

Aron Smith-Donovan

Super tasty! Great for a fancier meal on this end of Grand! Watch your wallet, but food is always superb. Awesome choice for dinner out.

zohre nemati

This is a very nice place for coffee and dessert. Can be crowded, so make sure to come with enough time or reserve if it's late. The cakes are organic and in general, delicious. The price is reasonable considering the quality, and the variety of desserts was pretty good.

Jace Bresina

Beautiful atmosphere, great food. A little higher priced than the average joint, but like I said, food is good and you can tell it's from scratch. Def worth a stop in!

Timothy Crawford

Such wonderful food, I hope to go back soon.

Michael Stearney

Shish is a great place for authentic Mediterranean food. The place has a nice atmosphere, the ingredients are substantially locally sourced, and the meal was very tasty and nicely presented. Good, friendly service. One minor concern; the menu that is shown online is apparently not the menu that is available. We went there for kabobs, and none are on the menu.

Elizabeth Miller

I went there with a group of ladies who have a range of dietary restriction and they were so friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. I love their high quality ingredients, and range of meal options. We all loved what ordered. It was delicious and we will be back!

Ashish Kudva

Friendly and attentive service. But If you're looking for vegetarian or vegan food then I would look elsewhere. Their veggie burger was dry and tasteless. Whereas Earth wings were very oily. But the Healing plate was not bad. Their mashed sweet potato was delicious.. but that's it

Alex Jeppesen

We came here for lunch and the menu was very unique and had gluten free, vegetarian, and even vegan options. I had the chicken curry croissant sandwich and my friend had the elk burger. Both were very good! I was too full for pastries, but I will definitely be going back to try them!

Bev Noble

Excellent food and friendly staff!

Mackenzie Klima

Lots of gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options! The restaurant was very loud around 12:30pm but quieted down around 1:00pm.

Darin Eisenman

Amazing food and service.

Lee Witte

Great space and service. The portions are modest, but the quality is exceptional.

Billy Dinkel

Fantastic! Every visit here has been fabulous! Loved our server this evening...she was so good!

Scott Wangler

I was basically shoved in a corner outside on the patio, wet bench, no silverware, no water refills, and they forgot about our orders... good food, bad service.

Eva Srubar

First time here and the food was great. Large selection to choose from: vegan, gluten free, vegetarian, and free range meats. I had Tomato Basil soup. It was the best I have ever had. Service was fast and friendly.

Audrey Clark

Always great food and good service. Love the vegan options and that I and my none vegan friends and family can both enjoy the food.

Sue Kirk

Great menu for healthier eating My breakfast was delicious and fresh Definitely going back

Shar Thom

Food and service is always fabulous!!

Scott Nordahl

very nice and friendly place ,very clean, super great food and wait staff go above & beyond excelent , becoming our favorite go to

Nauhar Rana

Lovely place and we sat at the back! Had drinks and it was lovely! Great service by Maggie! Very chilled out! Had a nice Pinot Noir!

Katherine Janssen

We stopped in here on our way through town as they were listed on our gluten free app as having gf baked goods. Seriously excellent baked good options! We stocked up for our drive out west with muffins, scones and chocolate chip cookies! And they are excellent! Cup of coffee and we were ready to hit the road!!

Tim Whitley

Good food. Wonderful staff. Comfortable atmosphere. The turkey burger is something we crave every few weeks. Get the 'horsey' sauce for your fries!

Rae Noling

The plant burger is wonderful. It's great having good vegan food so close by.

Thomas Johnson

Always good. Never disappoints

Sarah Linder

Delicious. I had a brownie for breakfast (naughty). My friend had a v healthy abd yummy breakfast sandwich.

Patrick O'Hara

Everything was a bit salty and the bacon was overcooked. Outside of that, decent menu for those looking to eat a step above traditional American fare without having to spend too much. They serve spring greens w breakfast, which I like, provides a fresh start to your day.

Sun Wisneski

The Roasted beets salad was SO good I already want to go back. Loved it

Matthew Potter

Very good and accommodating to serve food quick in time crunch!

Nancy Fuchs

Absolutely love the wild rice chicken soup and overall atmosphere of this cafe. Eclectic menu and quality food! You can’t go wrong.

Eric Brown

This was by far one of the best breakfast meals I have ever eaten. The Cajun Hashbrowns with chicken chorizo and eggs were like a flavorful party with my tastebuds. Highly recommended!

Katie Evert

Amazing food. No seriously, it's fantastic. Server, Michael, was a gem! This place was hoppin on a Saturday at noon but we were still seated, in a booth, without a reservation. Their desserts are amazing.

Faith Eileen Bryan

Great food, friendly folks!

Linda Schnobrich

Excellent food and service

Ashlee Essary

I love the food and all the gluten free options!

Jed Nord

Here for our anniversary. Patio full at a quarter to six, but plenty of booths and tables. Having never tried elk, I chose the Elk Burger with fries and my wife had the tempeh Healing Bowl. I was very happy with the elk. First of all it's sourced from a bison/elk farm in southern Minnesota, it wasn't 'gamey' tasting in the least, and it was perfectly cooked. My wife loved her meal except the coleslaw that comes as part of the Healing Bowl - it has cilantro. Not a deal breaker at all and she has left overs for lunch tomorrow. A glass of wine and 2 entrees came to about $50 including tip. Warm casual atmosphere. Loved it. We'll go again!

Kellie Wilson

The restaurant in Saint Paul is lovely. The atmosphere is warm, friendly and the dessert displays are stunning. I ordered the $9 oatmeal to get the new year of to a good start. It was terrible. First of all, why in 2019 are they not serving steal cut oats? The rolled oats were watery, served lukewarm and unsalted. While the oatmeal looked very pretty with the sliced apples and raisins, they didn't even bother to put any cinnamon in it. Think hospital oatmeal. The stuff was served without butter, nuts, cinnamon or cream. Instead they brought brown sugar and almond milk. It was a total disappointment. Quite disgusting actually.They need to do better. Like offer one for vegans and folks with allergies and others who can eat cream, spices, nuts and a dash of salt. SMH...

Mikky Daub

Incredibly helpful staff, wonderful vegan and gluten free selections!

Ahmad Abdulkarim

Great variety of vegetarian/organic options. The sign for "wait to be seated" is way in and was covered by an employee who seems to want to wait for us to come all the way in instead of welcoming us, he may have thought we are ordering from the bakery in the entrance! Confusing. We got seated by him, coffee and lemonade provided by one server who was pleasant, however, all of a sudden another server comes to take food order, no introduction, no smile! Food is good, slightly over priced. Need better training for services.

Kim H

Good food. Nice server.

Caleb Kahl

Once of the best dining places in the city

Megan Bauer

Great place to meet folks for a meal. Food was good and decently priced, and parking was extremely convenient. Staff was very friendly and accommodating; my friend and I stayed from dinner to close and no one made snide comments or pressured us to leave.

Megan Wilson

Tuna salad sandwich was amazing! Can't wait to go back and try the breakfast burrito! It looks fantastic!

Janine Schug

Delicious organic eggs and nitrate free bacon. Not a huge fan of the potatoes or sourdough, but that's personal preference! Great service even on a busy afternoon!

Ben Spectrum

1st time here for wife & me. Luncheon Birthday celebration for 4 on 05/27/19. Enjoyed meeting Monsieur Francois, a real gentleman. Restaurant was packed. Ambiance, menu, food and service were awesome. Looking forward to many future visits.

Rea Sasseville

Had a wonderful time. Food was great and our server very attentive but didn't hover, allowed friends who hadn't seen each other in years to catch up and visit. Will definitely be back.

Lesley Hoenig

Lots of good gluten free options, including Mac and cheese and fries. There are of course other things, but there aren't many restaurants I've been to with gluten free Mac and cheese.

Derek Uttley

Back patio and beautiful weather make for an excellent eating experience. The food is a little pricey but large portion sizes and appealing plating makes this restaurant perfect for an evening with your significant other. If you must have a drink enjoy a lemonade, hand squeezed and flavored to suite your desires. I can't imagine a better summer dinner setting than this picturesque cafe. (And OMG the cakes, I want to try them all)

Sara Vliet

Stopped in for lunch and it was fantastic. Wonderful assortment of healthy, organic, and local options. It was pretty busy though, would recommend going at an off-site time.

Lizabeth Kyser

French Meadow has some very good food. I love the pancakes and the zen salad. Their desserts are delicious and I appreciate their focus on organic foods. The patio is a delight. My one complaint is the service. About half the times I come here I've had very slow service- I've felt forgotten on the patio and just had very slow service. Other times it's great. The inconsistency is frustrating, I hope they can get it together.

Olive D. North

Always good food with a pretty good selection when I go here. Thumbs up!

jennifer r

Was literally just there was seated (with my partner) and waited 20minutes didnt even get water... Staff walked by multiple times checking an empty table next to us.We walked out. 3rd time was NOT a charm. (Not the first time we've been treated like trash here thought it was a fluke, a bad day or something the time before. Unfortunately never coming back HOWEVER The place on Lyndale in Minneapolis is OUTSTANDING staff and All...

Nathan VanBeek

We had a wonderful experience. The whole staff was very friendly and our dinners were prepared impeccably. We will definitely be returning to this gem of a locally sourced restaurant.

Edward Stec

A must stop on our Grand Ave stop

Ryan Zunker

I thought this was just a bakery so I was surprised they had food. Great surprise though, all local and ethically sourced. You can taste the freshness of things and it's fantastic. Great vegan/health conscious options as well.

Zhou Fang

Very good indeed! The atmosphere is also nice. Would definitely visit again to try other items on the menu.

SJ Bey

I love butter. Butter is great on bread and pancakes. Seeing the pancake on the menu I was tempted to try. I had very low expectations since most places I go serve pretty horrible pancakes which are thick and rough or burnt and too thin. When she brought the pancake I kept it for last. It looked good with slices of apple and pecans on it. After I finished my eggs I spread some butter on the pancake and the first bite I was impressed. It was so fluffy and tasty. It was one of the most delicious pancakes I've ever had. With other freshly baked cakes and brownies and nice decorations it was a great experience. I would go back every time I visit St. Paul.

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