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REVIEWS OF Denny's 5th Avenue Bakery IN Minnesota

terry pernsteiner

Crazy good cinnabutter bread for French Toast or just toast.

Sandie Stafford

I sure like their cakes. I do not taste any butter in the buttercream but it reminds me of the old bakery cakes. Tons of frosting whipped so it is creamy and not gritty. Sometimes the help is crabby. I look past it

coffee grounds

Awesome selection! Also have regular bread and coffee

Linda A

My 1st time here and NOT impressed with the The gal behind the counter who "helped" me, was *clearly* in her own world. I asked for a brownie, she looked at me blankly. I said again, I'd like a brownie". Her "Which one again?" She bagged it and I said "I'd also like some donuts." We walked to the counter and again looked at me like I was bonkers. I selected a donut, then asked for 2 of this, 1 of that and then I asked if it was cheaper to get a 1/2 dozen ... Her response? 4. I looked at her...and asked again if it was cheaper to get a 1/2 dozen. She says, again, 4. Finally, I just picked one more and checked out. Before I left, I checked my bag and guess what?!!! No brownie! I went back to the counter, the girl looks at me and walks back to get the brownie....hands it to me and I leave. I was just annoyed. My plan was to compare these to Sunrise Donuts.... I haven't even tasted what I bought earlier and *already* know Sunrise's service was far superior. No need for me to go back to Denny's 5th Ave.

Caleb J

Amazing selection, super helpful staff. Loved it

Denny Bouma

Awesome baked goods! Very nice!

Erika Gabriela Santana Romero

Asia Ayyub Nelson

The inside atmosphere was nice and welcoming. Associated greeted me. Menu is clear and concise. 2 stars because associate explained that their donuts, at least the glazed is made with animal lard and most likely pork Lard. Associate didn't offer me any other options or show care that my money is just as important as anyone else who enters their door.

Reshika W

Its not for all people!!!!!! Well people of colored that is

Angela Loukas

alex navarro

Devavrata Balvally

Benjamin Ponce

Deliciosas... sobre todo el Long John

FB Page: Catholic Faith In Pictures

Went on a field trip there. The kids had a blast.

Beth Scaramuzza

Well we were very disappointed. Our bride won a $100 gift card in the fall of 2017!! She stopped in to the store after receiving her email, they told her she was way too early with a May 2019 wedding date. Today we stopped by to talk, it was a miserable experience. For every question they asked we had the answer. Email? Yep! Here you go! The response, "oh well you didn't respond back by email." Back and forth. Finally we cut to the chase. We asked that she speak to the manager when he returned from vacation, and get a final answer, yes or no will you honor the gift card? She was adamant that she wouldn't honor it, and we would have to spend a minimum of $250. Which is against the wedding show's policy. They lost our wedding business and our day to day business.

Re4MaasTeR GaMinG

Delicious cake, if your staying for a ceremony like I was for my wife’s Walden U graduation, this place had an amazingly moist white cake.

Eto Montezz

oh fireball

Sarah Patty

Very good Kringle, donuts and free coffee!!

Brandon Nundahl

Love the Maple Bacon. Awesome bakery!

Del Schilling

Carlos Viera

Zepu Chen

lee kessler

Great food, happy employees

Dylan Anderson

Pros: Prices are phenomenal Wide selection Friendly staff Cons: Some of the items were a little firm (Donut holes were not as soft as I would like, cookies aren't my personal style as they are more crumbly than soft, but the quality is not bad) Coffee levels were low, due to coming in an hour before close I would imagine. I had a vanilla frosted glazed fried donut and it was superb, as was the maple glazed Long John with a bacon slice on top. Also, my mint brownie was exceptional. My girlfriend had an apple strudel and an almond spritz that she says is 10/10 As previously stated, the donut holes weren't the best and the cookies weren't my style, but if you're in the market for fresh baked bread, they have a large amount that I didn't try although I plan to soon. Stop by and check it out!

Heather Anderson

James Sneen

Great many great bakes....delicous

Manivannan Venkatasubbu

I bought a chocolate cake today morning for one of our colleagues send off! Everyone liked it very much and left nothing on the plate! Would definitely recommend to everyone.

Michael Mc

Sandeep K

prices too high

Karen Scott

I spent 25.00 for a variety of donuts and 2 small cakes. Everything I purchased was dry and was for sure many days old. So disappointed! I used to get great bakery items here a couple years ago and it was great but now don't waste your money go to Cub!!! I noticed the owner only cares to comments on the positive reviews and doesn't care enough to comment on a negative review where the customer is not satisfied.

Martin Avila

alex hummel

‘Eh’ sums up my experience. Donuts were dry. There was however, a large variety, and the Apple strudel was passable. Cheap overall.

Myra Karoff

patrick denny

Elizabeth Petersdorf

mai x chang

The official doughnut supplier for the MN Futurist's Society!

George FelixFlightServices

Great free coffee compliments the fantastic baked goods and donuts. It’s refreshing to have a local establishment with caring employees serving us. My cargo pilot pals meets here most Saturdays prior to our last flight of the week and enjoy the welcoming environment.


LOVE THIS BAKERY!!! Donuts are so good and the prices for what you get is great. Also they are local business so I love the fact that I'm supporting locals when I get my two dozen donuts every other week here. They make all of their items in house and also make a ton of baked goods for the local restaurants and hotels.

John Gamez

This company allows it's office employees to physically assault their bakery employees.

Mark Hausauer

Excellent. Everything here is fresh and tasty. I am a huge fan of the Old Fashioned donuts.

Andy Schornack

Kevin Mitchell

This bakery is fabulous! They have absolutely the best donuts, rolls and other baked goods in the area. In my experience the staff is always friendly and attentive. We frequently buy donuts for our company meetings from Denny's - everyone loves them!

Chiyo Thompson

I tried to get an inquiry on a quote for a grooms cake. After responding to some general questions they had, I still haven't heard back from them. I replied on March 28th. I don't live in state and stated that all communication would have to be via email. I shouldn't have to waste my time trying to email or call to get a response back. I've chosen another bakery to make the grooms cake.

Roger Pederson

Friendly service and great goods

Thomas Owens

Fresh and delicious. Pleasant atmosphere.

Jeff Walsh

Krystal H

Best bakery around the Twin Cities! Yummy treats and great customer service. Stop in for your next donut, pie, cookie, cake or all of the above!

Jon M.

Gabriela Santana Romero

Tammy Belton

I went to Denny's this morning because I NEEDED an old fashioned cake doughnut. They are hard to find. I was so happy when I saw they had them. I didn't purchase enough to meet the $5 "credit card" transaction minimum. I announced that it "sucked to be me" stated I did not have cash and turned to walk out - BEHOLD - to my surprise the beautiful, kind, generous and amazing purveyor of doughnuts said "WAIT"! I am not going to reveal the details, but let's just say I am now a loyal customer of Denny's and will make sure to bring cash or at least purchase $5 worth of doughnuts from now on. I don't know her name, it doesn't matter, but I can tell management (if she wasn't management) has taught their employees the value of repeat and continued business based on high customer service. Well done Denny's. I'll be back despite the fact that I never NEED a doughnut.

Mg 0

Staff are kind and helpful and the cookies are tasty.


Laura DeBouche

Everything I have had from here has been good and the prices are reasonable especially compared to other metro area bakeries.

Tina Landeen

The bakery goods are fantastic. The people very friendly. Good Buy!

Eric Bruggemann

Best cakes and donuts in town never disappoints! Keep up the great work.

Andrew Kovalik

Alexis Cisneros

Every time I go there, the staff is so nice :) All their things are displayed beautifully

Terese Bigbee

Best bakery in town! They have a great selection on breads, cupcakes, mini-cakes, donuts etc..... My twin sister and I had them make a special birthday cake for us and it was the most beautiful cake and the flavor was awesome. I would recommend Denny's to anyone for there bakery needs.

Tim Stahl

Excellent home style donuts. Fantastic selection. Coffee on the house with purchase! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff!

Jill Guerra

We stopped for breakfast and took cookies home with us. So glad we did. The starbucks coffee, pastries, and cookies were all delicious.

Lonnie Bruckelmyer

Awesome dounuts

Casey Sanders

This is a super cool bakery!

Laine Warwick

GN Bute



We were just driving past and something told us to stop and it was completely worth it. We bought so much delicious baked goods and the woman behind the counter was fantastic! We will definitely be adding this to our list of places to continue to come to!

Jeff Szurek

susan engstrom

Lesley Farnham

Shopped hear for decades - Wonderful cakes, breads and pastries.

Joseph Gilbert

Stopped in for a variety of desserts. The cupcakes are priced at gourmet prices but taste like overcooked boxed cupcakes with oily and grainy frosting. The brownies are beyond dry, not chewy, and the frosting is creamy rather than a thick brownie frosting. The pecan roll looked very moist but the inside was so dry you would choke! Don’t waste your money on the overpriced lower than grocery store quality.

Allison Arvidson

Ordered a cake online for my son's birthday and it was awesome! I just worries because I didn't get a message letting me know it was ready though.

Tara Cormican

Really impressed with the store and the pricing! Will come back again!

Susan Bickett

Bradley Crep

Love there cookies and cakes. Really haven't tried the pastries. Other breads are good too.

J. Barnzie

Found this bakery by accident the other day and have now gone twice. Have had the pumpkin bar and doughnuts and they are very good. My 6 year old loved his cake pop. I want to go back for one of those cute little cakes sometime.

Blake Smith


Dennys has the best baked goods in MN


Gil Callejas

maria cardenas

Julie Bishop

Nice staff, good prices, dry, day-old tasting donuts. We were disappointed. Also, they said something about free coffee to the people in front of us, but didn't mention it to us.


Great breads & pastries with a nice selection of both!

Keith Jackson

Gone here several times and every time I have been disappointed. Today I thought I'd give them one more chance a get the most basic thing... 1 glazed donut. It was horrible! It was somewhat stale and tasted day old for sure. I have had better donuts from Cub Foods. If you can't put out a decent glazed donut you should rethink the bakery business. Totally disappointed and plan to let anyone who will listen...... STAY AWAY!!!

Charlie Brown

Best selection ever. Great coffee too. Friendly.

david ackman

Best hot cross buns

Johny HottuB

Good bakery fresh daily and good pricing

Kaori Vedness


Barbara Hirman

Great, best ever

Joe Ciccione

The best!

R Lloyd

Bought a few rolls that were dried out. Seemed like day-olds. Overpriced at almost a dollar and a half per roll.

Jessica Coffey

6 weeks ago I reached out to Denny’s to try and create a baby cake for a friend. I sent them some pictures and asked for help. They were very black and white with the photos I sent and could not wrap their heads around helping me just use those concepts for a design. Because creating a 3D concept was a struggle for over a week, I asked them to just change it to a sheet cake design to make it easier. They sent me a quote for half a sheet cake but since I asked for a sheet cake I just didn’t even see ‘half’ in the email.. the confusion continues.. 2 weeks later I check back in with them on the design and they tell me they don’t have any of the pictures I sent them before and we had multiple conversations about and asked me to basically start back over and resend photos as PDFs - how did we not already have the design nailed down? No idea. So I just explained to them again what I was wanting (simple ‘baby is brewing’ with a beer mug and baby bottle art)... at this point we are at 6 weeks and I am needing the cake this Friday and so I comment to them on how they have been confusing and lacking in communication because I have had to repeat myself for weeks and they haven’t been able to help create this at all which I’m not used to with a bakery. They told me to go somewhere else because even though it’s been 6 weeks and I’ve had to check in with them multiple times, I’ve repeated myself multiple times, they never even saved my decor pictures and requests, and their ‘half sheet cake’ quote was not what I asked for, they believe they have not lacked in communicating. rude and unhelpful. Unless you have a picture of exactly what you want and you have weeks to spend on back and forth, look elsewhere or you’ll be 6 weeks into trying to work with them and you’ll be told to go somewhere else.

Natasha A

I had a sample of their bars at work recently and thought they were phenomenal, so my husband stopped by for the first time to get some for us a few days ago. He ordered several kinds, including seven layer bars. When he got home, he found they had mistakenly put almond bars (which he didn't order) in place of the seven layer. We live nearly an hour away, so it was inconvenient to simply drive back. Nevertheless, I returned the next day to buy the seven layer bars and explain the mistake. They did nothing at all for me. No replacing the bars, no apologies. I am very disappointed. What good is a stellar product if you don't care about treating customers fairly? I will never return.

Justin Dybedahl

While the cakes may be worth it, I'm seriously taking my business somewhere else. I walked in today and the staff did not act like they wanted to be there. One was mopping behind the counter and gave me a weird look when I walked in. The other sat there and didn't bother to help until more people came in behind me. She didn't even bother to ask if I needed help. Then after 5 more minutes of waiting another person came up from the back and finally asked if I needed help. She went back and started getting my cake. While she was in back for 5 minutes getting it I asked the younger lady who ignored me before if I could get a couple of things and she pretty much refused to help me grab some things from the front and said that someone else will help. That was all I could take I and I paid for the cake and left. I'm so frustrated by my experience that I'm writing this from the parking lot outside. I will never come back here again.

Brandon Holland

They have all the local bakery standards and good doughnuts. I'm very proud to have this long standing bakery standard near me and patron it as much as I can. Their bakers are highly talented. I wish they could get enough quality employee's to handle their customer load on the weekends though...

Judy Allen

Num num!!

Ethan Stein

Great bakery. I love the selection. They are always popular, but the staff move through the line quickly and efficiently. They make really great donuts and always have lots of choices.

alyssa sax

Awesome donuts

Marilyn Redmond

Fabulous job on Sammi bday cake!!!

Kings Osahon

Nathan Barleen

Great variety of donuts and pastries.

Dean Tousignant

Family oriented and a good place for people to learn new skills ;)

Becky Von Bargen

The cheese crowns are amazing along with the lemon bars. Wow. Just wow. So glad we stopped for a quick treat to take to family dinner.

Terry DeBey

I'm a huge donut lover and was very happy when I came across Denny's. Great selection and very fresh. Staff is very friendly. This will be a stop every time I'm in the area.

Allen Chapman

Great place, nice staff, huge variety of doughnuts, cookies, cakes, etc. All made every morning. It's also easy to get to, just off American Blvd. and Portland Ave.

Andrew Forsberg

Jackie Schlismann

Truly they only deserve the one star based solely on the quality of the food. Terrible customer service!

Eric Marlow

Emma Larson

I bought a sour cream old fashion donut and was not impressed. I think it was probably old; I've had better donuts at Cub :(

Evelyn Andreoli

Went in for the first time and wasn't impressed. Picked up a few cookies and some doughnuts. The glazed twist was ok the blueberry old fashion was very hard and not a whole lot of blueberry flavor. I had a bite ofod the gourmet chocolate chip cookie and was not a fan. The family hasn't tried the rest yet. I did go back in because they originally under charged me. The forgot to add on one of the donuts. The girl that rang me up said nothing but ok that will be $1.10 I mean a thank you would have been nice. I don't see myself returning.

Joseph Grandbois

I've been waiting to do this review for a long time! I've been going to Denny's for five years now and not once have I ever had a bad experience. The coffee is always hot the donuts are always fresh and the people are always friendly. Not to mention their good loyalty card for every $50 you spend you get a five dollar gift card back. I will come here for the next five years!

Greg Bardon

Great bakery plenty of choices. Good bread also. Serves good coffee


Audrey Ackerman

Mae Shinigami

Great local bakery that doesn't get enough hype. Only demoted 1 star since they never have lemon bars past 3pm & the chocolate cake in the mousse bomb was a bit dry. The nanaimo bars, coconut & rvc squares, & cake pops were all texturally appropriate, flavorful & fresh! Their cake is what other bakeries wish they had!

Unicorn Scorp

Visually adorable miniature two layer tier cakes! Puppy chow was delicious, but not fresh. Mint brownie was underwhelming; again not fresh as well. They were sold out of Boston creme donuts. Infact, they had hardly any donut selection. I was told "the key is" to come in the early am for those. Customer service lacked. Old lady seemed very inconvenienced when we walked in and refused to serve us, despite fellow younger employee frantically asking for help.

Nick L

Craig Holmquist

Val Major

Fresh donuts, but counter person needs bedside manners

Jacob Kane

Amazing selection, great staff, fast service

Eric Green

Saturday's extra special because it's free coffee!!! Mmmm!!

steve foster

Rachel Klang

The smell that emits from this establishment invites you in. Quite scrumptious bakery goodies! We shall return!!

tina wines

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