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REVIEWS OF Clearwater Travel Plaza IN Minnesota

Michael Bork

Love stopping when heading west to at cloud MN Great doughnuts

Jennifer Karlgaard

Amazing giant doughnuts and caramel rolls! The candy apples are fantastic too.

SavvyTraveler 1973

Wow...this place truly has it all. I loved the breakfast selection. Coffee was super hot and great favor. Eggs Benedict were done just right.

Joel Donner

This place has an awesome bakery and the build your own sandwich is better than any sub place I've been to

Vinnie Maxx

Great bakery and hand made sandwiches very popular stop of off I94. I stop for a sandwich every time through the area.


Extreme sized bakery goods at a fair price, good restaurant, always busy. Entrance into this aptly named travel plaza is easy; getting out can be a nightmare given the proscribed traffic flow in the parking lot as well as getting to the freeway entrance on a left turn. Worth the visit, great place to reload for the next leg of your trip. I recommend the cinnamon rolls, the chicken fried steak, and fair warning to parents: every kids meal comes with an ice cream cone and a couple tokens for the claw machines. There is an "odd" candy selection that seems to include some of almost everything including candied crickets..not joking.

Jale Gransee

This place is amazing. Never had a bad meal [or heard about anyone who has], service is great, and it's a wonderful atmosphere. If you've never had the Fritter French Toast it's a must. The attached bakery is phenomenal. 4 1/2 stars.

Erik Desjardins

Great plaza. Clean bathrooms. Shower was spotless good water pressure and temperature. Food was good in the restaurant and the service was great. Only down side is there is no just quick stop here....this place is hopping 24/7

James Mills

Shrip was very good the meat loaf was not. Very tough. Meat loaf should be cut with a fork. Had to be a bad batch of ground beef. Never had it this tough BEFORE. Like eating here but this may slow me down.

Sierra Drum

Absolutely amazing team of staff and the best donuts I've ever bought. They are ginormous! Highly recommended.

Laura Geiser

Best doughnuts ever, always stop here if I'm passing by.

james Williams

When they turned the truck stop into travel plaza they screw the truck Dr cause we are on time clocks which we can't or can not afford to wait in line for sit down meals and people wonder why we always have attitudes! So that's why ya'll suck in my book bad enough we have to deal with them on the road

cj carmichael

Great place, clean restrooms, friendly .

Brandon Sobotta

Great local truck stop. Great treats and food.

Leah Schneck

The sandwiches in the deli are delicious. So is everything else... The coffee, donuts, carrot cake!!

Quantavious Wimbley

One of the cleanest Truckstop I’ve seen in a while. The design is cool, the showers are cool, the staff is pretty cool, and the truck shop has to be one of the most professional, quick service I’ve seen in a while.

Jeannine Disselkamp

I can't drive past this place I always stop for donuts cinnamon bread with icing, their gifts store is amazing, and great coffee

Shawn Nelson

Very nice place. Good location right off 94. Excellent bakery and restaurant. Will definitely recommend and will be visiting again myself.

Justin LeClair

Jorge in the petrol fuel desk makes the best breakfast burritos. A kind face and a friendly joke for free and a huge but cheap burrito and a free drink. Can't beat that

Mark Bernick

Great! lots of good pastries.

Sally Mills

I always stop here on the way up north and back to the Twin Cities. Love the bread and deli sandwiches! Friendly, helpful people..

Brett Barsody

Great staff, and amazing food

Allen Ahlbrecht

Made to order fresh sandwiches 24 hours a day! Great service, lots of options, fresh baked bread. Try the prime rib sandwich!

Dustin Ericson

One of the last great bakeries in Minnesota

Carmen Kaufenberg

Don't order the wild rice soup. It's like chicken gravy with carrots and a hint of wild rice.

Jerry Reck

It has everything you could want. Great bakery, great ice cream cones, a fantastic self serve store, and an adaquate restaurant. I think the restaurant is the only thing that they need to improve on.

Alexander Bakradze

Nice clean place with friendly staff

Tanja Dwire

I am always impressed, and never leave disappointed. We had a short (10 minute) wait tonight for a table, which to me is a great sign of the greatness! Food was delicious, server was amazing! (Chelsey). Thanks for being amazing!

Derek Petersen

We asked for Alaskan Salmon Benedict’s and received Wild Alaskan Salmon entree’s. If you cannot keep track of your menu, then you need to simplify it or change the names. We had already waited 20 minutes to seat and 15 minutes for our food, so we weren’t going to wait another 15 minutes to have the kitchen remake our food.

Brady Jacobi

Always a friendly place to visit it's fun and the food is good.

Chris Horn

Awesome as always! Biggest Donuts you can find and the barbecue sauce the best I've ever had !

Raymond Denney

First time and it simply amazing place. I think prices are fare and the bakery looks and smells amazing...

josh bublitz

The food and service was great. It was clean. The only thing was the waitress kept coming to clear plates and give the bill way before we were finished which made us feel like we were on a time limit. It was busy but there were plenty of open booths, tables and barstools. Overall we definitely would come back. Food prices were moderate to expensive.

Fran Allery

Love this place. Food is always good and the bakery is awesome! The Dutch apple pie gets a 10!!!

Kristopher K. Arneson

Wonderful service The help of the servers makes you feel like you are truly valued. I have had Jenn M a couple of times and she may be one of the nicest, most attentive servers in the country. I will be back for her service alone, besides the food is always great.

John Hardin

Awesome place to stop for any meal or snack. They are always very quick with orders and have the hugest doughnuts ever

Larry Cucuzza

Had a bowl of their creamy Chicken and wild rice soup It comes with two slices of fresh baked bread. Excellent. Service was great.

The_living_water 76

Great place to visit and eat when it's not supper busy!

Jim Shaw

One of our favorite places to stop on our way to and from the twin cities. They always have really good fresh food, good portions, and good menu options for everyone. We have eaten here multiple times. The last 2 times we ate there it has taken a really long time to order / get our food. Both times were during slower restaurant times with not very many other people in the restaurant, and the wait was 30-40 minutes from the time we ordered to getting our food. We had to eat really fast to get back on the road to catch our flight. The previous times we had stopped they have been prompt. Everything else is easily 5 stars though.

Bill Hoeft

Lot's to choose from! A trucker's delight stop! Restaurant, they even have a bakery!

Carlos Zelaya

Great food easy to find a parking spot and night

Wayne Woody

Clean shower good food and service

Lee Grinde

Great place excellent

Red Sandefur

Some beautiful wooden decor and furniture nice places to eat

Randy Shelton

I went to the travel plaza and got one of their car washes and it left grooves in the windows and paint of my three month old car. I tried multiple times to correct the situation but they were unresponsive and stonewalled me at every corner. I will not come back to this place and can not recommend anyone else come here either.

Tom Mannerd

Great place great food amazing bakery!

Jerry Bullard

They have great chili

David Lampe

Very good place very clean

Cassondra Otten

Everything you need in one great place. Amazing bakery, and sandwiches. They are famous for their huge bakery items. "Donuts as big as your head" plus they have a little clothing shop. And a restaurant.

Dustin Sisk

Great food, great staff, clean establishment, the best part of my trip is stopping here for dinner and a clean hot shower. There is always plenty of parking and a clean lot. Would recommend this truck stop to anyone who is passing through Clearwater,MN.

Anthony H

The owners of this travel center should be proud of themselves. In my 12 years of driving a semi truck this is the best travel center I've seen and I've seen lots of them. Everything here is great from the people working, showers, all the food options, to the truck parking area. Well done Clearwater Travel Plaza!!!


Love this place the staff is so smily and friendly and the food is great decent parking to and clean restrooms and showers thank you!!!

pink galaxy wolf

Every time we go there, we always get their amazing fritter bread!! Absolutely recommend anyone going here, for literally anything!!!!

Wanda Kelley

This is NOT your typical Petro! This Petro is so much better! It has so many things to offer: a gift shop, a bakery and coffee shop, fantastic restaurant, clean showers and friendly staff. You gotta check out the bakery shop! They have gigantic cinnamon rolls and bear claws at a very reasonable price. If you don't want to eat at the inside restaurant, there are so many other restaurants that are in walking distance that you could go to. This place is really amazing.

Bradley Jonas

Had breakfast, wife and daughter had lunch. All meals were excellent! Very friendly staff. You need to stop by the bakery!

Micha Masters

Love the donuts the size of your face

Michael Lovitt

Great food great people, expensive

Andre Santiago

It's true the pastries are big..every donut is huge, apple fritters are enormous and many varieties to choose from great place to come to..This is the cleanest Petro I've been to in years... It's owned by the Nelson Bros. I recommend all drivers to stop by and see for them selves..They have a Pub, full restaurant and a must see..

Joe Krupa

Pasta bar on wed. nights is AMAZING! Huge portions, great service!

Vanessa Meschke

Food is really great! Portions are very large also.

Tommy Irvin

If you want large in your bakery items...this is the place. Good coffee, excellant service.

Elizabeth Yarns

This place was nice. Bakery is good. A person can get absorbed in there & forget their car is still at gas pump & others may be waiting for gas as well.

Todd Dalzell

Great sandwiches on FRESH bread!

Sunny Smith

Really like their sandwich deli. Great for on the go when I don't have time for a sit-down meal but much better than fast food. Homemade bread is delicious.

Dee Quinnett

Excellent cooked food!

Kathy Benneweis

I went to this particular place because it looked like the biggest travel center on my route on I94. I was particularly looking for MN themed shirts and to gas up my car. Found a fantastic selection of shirts and got the car filled up. I did use the restroom and it sure smelled terrible-I held my breath in fact. I purchased a tuna sandwich from a stand alone open cooler as well and it was a little cooler than room temp so I didn't eat much of it for fear of getting sick. So for those reasons I rated the place 4 stars. Will definitely stop back again but probably not for a restroom break and will choose something from elsewhere within to eat.

Renae Branchaud

The times I've been here this place was packed but friendly staffing and quick service has always seemed to be a high priority to the wonderful people who work here. The bakery is like none other and the restaurant is so, so good!! This is a must stop for anyone headed this way!

Greg Poplin

Great staff, everyone is very friendly. Nice clean bathrooms, good food at reasonable prices. One of the best truck stops west of Minneapolis.

Susan Quinn

Fabulous sandwiches and baked products!

Scwagen G

We stopped to used the bathrooms and buy water. Ended up buying Spinach Cheese bread and Jalapeno Cheese bread. Amazing flavor!!! Always a busy place.

Shelly Risser

Friendly staff, clean, good food.

mike allen

Nice place and the customer service was excellent

Robert Wilson

Stopped here for many years when going up north. It was not as well known then. Went here about two weeks ago and it was insane and crawling with people everywhere.

Jennifer Tollefson

Clean store amazing staff and pastries

Dana Hall

Super awesome, you guys ought to go there. Packed of people there puzzled me so I stopped by and was shocked to see huge donuts and restaurants wow!!!!

Jeff Lepinski

Favorite travel stop ever!

Jeff Smith

EXPENSIVE BREAKFAST!!! 2 eggs, small hash browns, toast and 3 slices of bacon. $10.89. WOW!! Taste was so so.

Cara Denzer

I so love Nelson bros I've worked there in the best sure do miss a lot of fun we had

Lonny Strommen

Nice people, clean place, and the chicken is awesome, got to stop in

Stephen Bowen

great place for a reset. Bakery is awesome

Lacey Rotier

It was nice to find that they have a small patio area so we could have lunch with our dog. It looks like it is also used for smokers but luckily there was only one guy there at the time. It is too bad they only have Tesla chargers instead of also having the more standard electric car charging. If I could charge my bolt here it would be a good reason to stop here more often.

carter kipp

They were not lying when they say they are famous for their donuts. This delicious bajery treat is the size of my head.

Barbara Schauer

Needed a place to park for a quick nap, use the restroom grab a coffee and get back on my way. Bottle-o food raspberry fritter bread that looks amazing. The bakery case with oversized donuts and cinnamon rolls. I will have to stop here again next time I drive through and buy a few more items when I have time

The Chubby Hiker

Awesome food, awesome place and awesome waitress (doodles) She was the BEST!!

Karly Steinwehr

This is a must stop no matter which direction you are travelling on I-94!! The bakery items are the best part and the ginormous cinnamon rolls are my favorite!! The selection of brats and soups is the best you'll find at a truck stop and to top it off, they have a restaurant serving up awesome classics!!

Kenny Houser

Really like that stop good food nice surroundings every thing u might need Try the wild rice soup delicious

Darin Schottler

Nice place. Clean and fresh food. Donuts are huge!

matthew whitelaw

This may be longer than liked But here it goes, I've been truckin' for a day or so, and all I've done for the most part is just get fuel here. Had the pleasure of missing a load down the street here on a Friday and decided to come here for my layover. And I must say this place is and was a rock solid choice. Everyone involved with this place has a good attitude, they're respectful. And keep us grumpy old truckers smiling From the food in the restaurant, to the coffee and doughnuts. It's a place on my list for as long as it's around Thank you for putting a smile on my face And giving me the opportunity to be with you over the veterans day weekend.

Iron Eagle

Best breakfast food quick in an out, GREAT SERVICE

Tyler S

If you stop by; check out the bakery! They have anything and everything available. Delicious!

Carl Kezar

Best bakery... best restaurant...a must stop whenever I travel this way.

Brenda Beebe Wieland

Love Nelson Bros. One of the best and cleanest travel plaza's. Everything you need is under one roof. Great café and convenience foods. Astonishing pastries and pies!

samantha rokes

Cute gastaion and gift shop. It also has a nice bakery and coffee sandwich shop. It is a fun place to stop! Pick up a cute piece of jewelry while I was there.

Thomas Pasky

The restaurant staff is always awesome their donuts be Poppin and the store staff gave us a free shower restaurants it is just popping

Al Kaari

Ate in the restaurant. Very good.

Tony Chevarie

Everything a driver needs and then some. Great place to get your laundry done.


Nice place. Lots of stuff inside

Mary Secor

Great breakfast. Try the wild rice sausages, super duper delish! Never ending coffee, great service. Check out the bakery for a take home after breakfast treat. Mmmmm good!

Bhavik Patel

Good place for quick lunch or dinner on the way... offer variety of food choices


Friendly service, hot showers, homemade bread.

Kaine retta

Amazing food for a cheap price your get wayore rha you pay for compared to other restaurants !!

Alan Romesburg

Friendly alot to see

Nicole H

Great breakfast sandwiches to go, pastries you can’t say no to, clean, and nice people. I wish I had my phone on me to take a picture, you gotta see it (unless you’re on a diet lol)!

Bradan Taylor

Came in for a shower and really enjoyed the way the shower rooms are set up. Makes it feel like I'm back at home again. Ended up sitting down to eat some supper and the food was delicious. The staff here are amazing and overall the whole place is really great.

Irene Waddle

Love the live fresh chef made breakfast scramble. If you haven't had it ya gotta get one SOON! DEEELISCIOUS doesn't even begin to describe it!!!And so affordable! My husband & I travel around the U.S.A quite a bit in an 18 wheeler & I have to say this is rated hi on our list to definitely visit again if LORD willing

Margaret Prellwitz

I love coming to clear Water there's always something I find

Ken Farnham

Always a clean shower and a great restaurant. People are always provide great service with a smile.

Conrad Dietzler

Delicious bakery items, and HUGE donuts!

Christine Dornbusch

Fabulous food, desserts, sandwiches and staff. Clean restrooms and restaurant.

Greg Stang

Biggest doughnuts I've ever seen. Delicious also.

kim reading

Awesome stop! Great staff everywhere from the kitchen to the fuel island, very friendly! The food is tò die for! Be careful I think you pack on the pounds just by walking past the best bakery ever, lol! The donuts are the size of spare car tires! Would highly recommend stopping! Enjoy!!

David Donaldson

Great food! Remains that way from years past. Of course the price of gas at this corner is always high. But we will drive 30 miles just to get their baked good. Bread is fabulous! The Minnesota store on the east end of the mall is a great place to walk through. Good men's clothing, Carhartt brand.

Louis Papsidero

They have a celebration going on today,. July 10. There are cars all over the place, and they try to run you over because they don't care. I said something to management, they don't care if someone gets hurt or killed, as long as they are making money. Will stay away from that place at all costs!! Their prices are really high too.

Kirk Partello

Great place, friendly and very busy. The donuts are 3 times bigger here. I wonder if it is in the water?

Susan Wong

Great food and amazing baked goods. Clean and friendly. One of my absolute favorite truck stops.

Charlie R

Best cinnamon rolls and fritter bread I’ve ever tasted!

tamara wilkie

Love this place, Jorges breakfast, fritter bread and dinner plate sized donuts, who could ask for anything more!

Wanetta Mcdermid

Stop there Everytime I drive through... Can't say no to those pastries!

Barry Ross

If you want a breakfast roll/donut that always gives you your money’s worth, you have to stop by. Best Bakery items anywhere

Rexanne Reyes

Bad liver was nuked instead of fried....server forgot us.....husband broke a tooth on the crust of was NOT busy as she complained.....will not go there again. Years ago was very good. Putting in a bar took away from the food being good.Ive run restaurants AND bars.....all the waitress did was complain how busy she had been earlier in the what we came at 3 didn't get food til almost 4. If u r too busy with bakery to cook liver and meatloaf....maybe u should cut back on menu for what u can handle....and a waitress should NEVER complain to customer....get a job u enjoy. Yet she had time to comment on a pair of boots a customer had on underneath a booth. Huh....if she worked for me she would've been out of a job long ago.

Joshua Giesbrecht

Absolutely amazing! They have everything you need! Great place to stop!!

David Meissner

I really loved this place. Great food. Great bakery. I really loved going there until today when I put over $600 of fuel in my truck and asked for coffee refill and was told that I had to pay for it. Now I'm not sure if the average reader is aware of common truck stop etiquette, but in almost all truck stops, when a driver puts in over 50 gallons of fuel, coffee is on the house. I will never fuel here, eat here, or shop here again and will tell everyone I know how they treat the drivers that keep this great nation moving. Sorry Clearwater, but you lost me. I hope it was worth it.

brutally honest

The best truck stop in the country! Great food and friendly service!

Scott Ackland

I stopped for the bakery so can't comment on everything else they have here other than the restaurant looked nice & the store was well stocked. Overall the entire place was very busy, it's seems to be a popular stop, but it was also very well staffed & my wait was short. The donuts & pastries have to be seen & tasted to be believed. They're as big as a dinner plate, but delicious as well.

Daniel olive

Great spot to do a reset. Or 10 hour. Shop restaurant and bakery. What more could you ask for?

Roger Thiessen

Great place to fuel, got the best showers of any truck stop, with a top-notch restaurant inside, overall just an awesome place to stop!

Dale Richards

Thanks to the bakery for helping me be happy in sub zero weather. Love the fritters!

Kervin Wyatt

I stop there every time i go to the Twin Cities. The staff is always super friendly. And the bakery section is awesome. Where else can you get an apple fritter as big as your head?

David Ducharme

Great restuarant and bakery. The fresh baked pastries are huge!

Peter Morse

A great bakery fine restaurant a welcome spot for a tired truck driver

Douglas Marsh

Best stop on I94

David Henry

This place is always busy, but the staff is always friendly and helpful. The carmel apples are my families favorite.

Gail Russell

What a wonderful place! The bakery is fantastic! Bear claws the size of half a 9x13 pan. Only 2.59 for most items. Must see for travelers!!!!

kenneth harvey

Stop here many years good stop

Anna Jones

Great place with awesome donuts, coffee, bread, caramel dipped candy covered apples and much more in the store and gas station and restaurant!!

John Taylor

The nicest Showers of any truck stop I've been in great for truckers thank you

Cheryl Goodall

Great bakery

michael scherer

Awesome restaurant good coffee amazing deli/bakery great place to stop. Plus the showers have good pressure and water is plenty hot

Tim Jordan

Great munchies!!

C Eidbo

Great bakery with huge, fresh donuts and rolls !

Donald Francis

Make it here for a monthly meeting that is held in the restaurant once a month and the food has always been great

Betty Johnson

DO NOT EVER EAT HERE!!!!! The most disgusting place I’ve ever come across. The donuts and especially the fritters are the most greasy and disgusting things I’ve ever had. The fritter bread is nothing but frozen white bread with cheap fruit filling that I could easily make at home for a fraction of their price. Muffins are just frozen batter squeezed into muffing liners and are nothing to talk about. There’s mold everywhere and I’d be terrified to ever eat anything from their again for fear of getting serious and deadly food poisoning. On top of all of that, the employees are treated horribly by management and the owners should be ashamed of what goes on when they’re never there to help manage their own business. There are never health food inspectors checking this place, they have to be paying them off to keep them away because no place would be able to stay open with how disgusting the food prep areas are!

Tim Bouldin

Great food. It is must for those who head north

Buddo Hood

Neat place to stop and shop! Great people and service!

Ashlyn Anaya

Showers were clean and they had different food from other locations.

Alex Veltkamp

Love this place. Wish it had bigger parking lot. Can fill up fast. Food, cinnamon buns and soups are worth the stop.

Nick Mann

Great food. Good stop on the way home from up north.

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