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REVIEWS OF Cinnabon IN Minnesota

Roxanne Cardoza

When there yesterday with my husband I was being nice to the young cashier there asking a couple of questionsabout the product and making small talk. I spend 30 dollars there and would have spend more if she was nice to me she was very snarky and rude and it was not like it was business. Honestly I just buy my cinnabon from now on at pizza Hut

aida vukovic

The manager and employees are beyond nice! I love going here to get cheered up. And the food and drinks are to die for!!

Darlene Winslow

Azure was friendly and fun. One of the best service we got while here in Vegas

Deanna Sanchez


Nott Ness

Love it as usual! !!!


There cinnamon rolls are so delicious! They taste fresh and they accept Apple Pay Which is great for me. I love their cinnamon rolls and there food is so good for desserts!

Marco Zender

Loving it! For me the best! Location clean and very friendly staff (mostly

Randy Wogomon

Horrible stale hardly any icing g

Keisha Norris

Love the taste

Noble Durden

Great cinnamon buns. Get the strawberry shake with raspberry sauce so goooooddd


These are the best cinnamon buns I've ever had

Michael Mauricio

Great cinnamon rolls. Fast service.

Jeanna Kaye

Food tastes artificial, not worth the 800+ calories

gojo T

grandkids lov cinnabon,but $9.00 too much $$.

Raul Lozano

Kara Holdeman

Melt in your mouth delicious rolls

yariel garcia

Ally Rich

I have a very bad addiction to Cinnabon. It’s amazing. And always friendly staff. My go to on a cheat day. Also great for bringing gone for the whole family for desert. Can’t go wrong. Never had a bad experience.

Regina Aldrich

Best cinnamon buns in town. Awesome iced coffee.

Life With Brad

A small shop that also serves Ben & Jerry Ice cream. Their ice coffee is super good.

Wendy Fear


Bill Hoffee

Cinnabon is always good. Warm icing and massive amounts of sugar is good for the soul.

Alexander Price

Butter, sugar, and dough. Simple and delicious. Sometimes, life is supposed to be this simple.

Timothy Greenwood

Like it but to sweet for me now.


Absolute heaven

Jason Boyle

Craig Koch

Alma Sandoval

Alfred Soto

Carma Shaw

Jennifer Jimenez


Angela Hri

Joe Stone

Tana Batis

limp fry

Rosalinda Pillado-Chaparro

Very good cinnamon good desert to enjoy after you eat lunch or dinner

Richard Puckett


Mario Ogno Jr

CARVEL-CINNABON always has great service. The amount of ice cream you receive is worth the price. NO COMPLAINTS HERE. We love the new owners.

christian toriz

(Translated by Google) They are very good (Original) Están muy buenos


Love It!!!!!!

Jon Storey

Reba Skabialka

Whiteboy 22

Jenna Paul

Ethan Wallington

So I was purchasing there and two teenagers came up behind us and was standing there and the worker comes out takes my order and then he just started texting someone and then he called someone and stayed talking to the girls and then I said my stuff and he starts laughing with his friends horrible service #they lost a costomer forever

Todd Brix

Patty Lofquist

Israel Rivas

Martin Casillas

Delish..gotta try it you'll love it

Alla Kureninova

David Brunmeier

How can you not love em

Marli Mezzalira

Paula Moschogiannakis

Purchased 2 2 packs cinnabon they were stale.

anil madan

Amanda Eberly

Gloria Jazmin Erives

Kristina Fisk

Michael Maulella

What can I's Cinnabon. Either you like it or not. The choice is yours.


Raul Lozano

Ryan Paul Raimondi

Katie Gorecki

Sylvie Johnson

Tastes great.

Heather Nelson

Linda Krueg

George Kellar

Cinnamon rolls were awesome and the girl running around by herself doing everything was extremely nice.

Lisa Amos

J Dikin

Over priced for what it is

Ryanna Murphy

This place is really

Antoine Leroy

Steven Inge

(Translated by Google) Name (Original) Nom

Judy Reupke

This place is located within Flying J.

Jennifer Connor

Barbara Gilliland


Toxic Doll

Minis are so fun and yummy


This is actually a Pilot Travel Center with a Cinnabon kiosk or something similar inside. Don’t let the size fool you they had some of the best cinnamon buns I’ve ever had my life.They had just come out of the oven so hot they couldn’t put the icing on it, they had to give it to us on the side. They did us a huge favor by letting us have them, because they weren’t supposed to sell them like that. God bless them!!! If I could give them an 11 I would. The employees were super nice, and the cinnamon buns were excellent. After driving from Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone Park they made my day

Bobby Connelly-Gates

Fast service for a kiosk location, always fully stocked and ready to help. Miss the time when they sold breakfast burritos though.

Dana Barber

Kelley Maginnis

I love their food! This place is a MUST for those who love cinnamon rolls.

Joe Cromwell

Haven't been

Aaron Parks

I had questions regarding how to transport a 4-pack of cinnamon rolls for a long flight. Staff was very friendly and helpful; they were able to answer all my questions and offered a few extra suggestions to ensure my order was stayed fresh for the trip.

Titus Nez

They make good cinnabon, had plain bun, no topping, it was good.

Shane Berkman


Tj Galloway

Great cinnamon buns with coffee.

Dan Gilbert

Great cinnamon rolls.

Adam Guy

Was told they didn't have four pack boxes so they couldn't sell me a 4 pack. When I asked just to put them in four of the small boxes they told me I would have to pay for 4 individual rolls. Why is that?

Jerod McPherson

Got to have it

Teresa Rowland

Loved it

AmieeJo GP

trica H

Alma was rude. I wont return to this location

timesofgrace .

oh cinnabon, why

Alexander Witkowski

What makes this location poor is that I was the only one in line. The worker looked at me for a solid two minutes, but was to busy doing nothing in the back. Meanwhile the Krispy Kreme had a line so large. Too bad this location will not be able to attract those customers. Then about 5 minutes after I went to Krispy Kreme, the women working decided that she was going to work. But lost a few dollars on me. No excuses for this poor review.

Clay .

Was my very first time visiting Cinnabon. I was there as a Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fan, because they Filmed at this exactly location! I had a Oreo Milkshake and of course a Cinnabon roll. It was very delicous and I had a good time there!

Traditionally Modern Food

Every time we go to Alderwood Mall the freshly baked cinnamon buns aroma near the play area tempts us and we enjoy it almost every time. I would have given 5 star rating for the cinnabon in store. Few weeks ago we tried to place an order through door dash. Caramel pecan cinnamon roll is our favorite but we couldn’t find that option when called to ask about it friendly staff explained how to customize the order. As expected we got the right order. My only concern was the box. Caramel was all oozing out all over the box and because of that taste was not like usual. I would appreciate a better packaging option for take out/people who prefer to box.

Tomasine Muldoon

Can you ever go wrong?

TK Kasnick

Nummy yummy gooey goodness

Kevin Smith

Jaquelin Lopez

Hack Man

Moises Esquina

Jimmie Arms

Lady here will lie to you to make a sale I asked if these were like taco bell cinnabon if they had filling was told yes.


This is actually a Pilot Travel Center with a Cinnabon kiosk or something similar inside. Don’t let the size fool you they had some of the best cinnamon buns I’ve ever had my life.They had just come out of the oven so hot they couldn’t put the icing on it, they had to give it to us on the side. They did us a huge favor by letting us have them, because they weren’t supposed to sell them like that. God bless them!!! If I could give them an 11 I would. The employees were super nice, and the cinnamon buns were excellent. After driving from Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone Park they made my day

Chris A

Dayana Gonzalez

Jeremy Gillette

Connie menchaca

Lianne Davies

Aletha Thompson

Terry Walker

Best ever ( except for my wife's!)

Carlos Irigoyen

cynthia lopez

Always clean and friendly with good service

Shane Dandois

Good sweets

FamFam Stevens

David Martinez

Jim Joyce

Get the tums out

Mr C.

Joe F

James Jenkins

Maria Castañeda

Angela Gansmann

Joe Cromwell

Haven't been

Grzegorz B

Jednym słowem PYCHA !

Katie Belt

Vicki Wilks

Colt. Shawn

Gene El Rubio

Very friendly people

Phillip Pryor

Liam R


Rebecca Brown

Jocelyn Lewis



Juane Watever

Summer Always

Workers are nice and super friendly, the food is amazing

Eddie Thomas

Great desert


Mmmmmmmmmm love cinnabon

Sharon Fitch

Jsh'nei Chavez

I use to get a pecan roll once a month and every time I went the employees were ALWAYS rude! They are not friendly, they don't smile, nor do they appreciate the customer. Wake up girls, if it wasn't for your customers, you'd have to find another job that you will probably also hate. I've stopped going as often as I used to because it always feels as if I'm bothering them when they take my order. I would NOT recommend them to anyone. I'd rather drive further to go to the Cottonwood Mall location . Horrible service!

Ryan Rhoades

Dan Gilbert

Great cinnamon rolls.

Chris Phouthavong

I come here 3 times a week to get a quick cup of coffee and they never fail to provide!

Rory Wesse

jorge villavicencio

Savanah was so rude and she gave me a burnt cinnamon roll and i didnt like it

Sharon Harrell

Yummy food

Roxanne Eggerud

Joshua Perry

No vegan options and not super friendly staff

RAY Salazar

Steven Taylor

Rude as hell

Gustavo Contreras

Betzy Velez

Richard Yazzie Jr



Duplex Foot

Adam Bogdan


Delicious cinammon sticks!

Ashley Guerrero

Lukewarm rolls, seemed kinda old but nice employees.

Eric Berger

Can't go wrong with cinnabon or ice cream!

Anna Chester

E Craver

Rude af in the morning

Max Zueni

Rustam Nikolaev

Ben Hipple

Lynda Chrisman

Les Strand

Noah Gronning

Fabiola Hernandez

kate wiedrich

Jasmine Candelaria

clarissa castellanos

Katherine Gonzalez

i work in the mall and i have a poppy butt

Mr. Smith

Cheap version of what they used to be years ago.


so so

Alyssa Farrell

Great place! Cinnabon is the best

Francis Washington

arsha sharif

Can never go wrong! Have you even tried the churro sandwich

Ada Fuller

Love the people at Cinnabon. I called in a week before Christmas and placed an order to be picked up Christmas Eve. It was all ready to go when I needed it with the extra frosting cups that I needed as well. My family was extremely happy to have Cinnabon's for breakfast on Christmas and they made my life so much easier by allowing me to phone in an order ahead of time!

Jessica Wahrendorff

Wayne Killingsworth

It's ok

Dennis Whitlock

Great service. Quick! Coffee was delicious. Thanks

kylie kirby

Ben H

I've had a couple day old buns, and they're still good. They reheat very well and taste good. My only gripe is that I feel like they have a little less frosting compared to other Cinnabon's I've been too. Otherwise it's awesome that we have one here run out of a truck-stop.

MrShane Baker

Big giant glorious cinnamon buns

On Location Production

Nothing beats a Cinnabon. At the Flying J

Gavin Morey

Just was bad service

Nathan Powell

Not enough frosting on the cinnamon rolls.

Kristy Hinman

Awesome service and wonderful rolls!!!

Lucy Gaona

Delicious Cinnamon rolls, offers variety of blended drinks as Frozen cold brew iced coffees, chillattas Oreo, cinnamon roll and double chocolate mocha. The product is always fresh. They have good deals on the Packs to take home.

Devina Gillis

I'd never been to Cinnabon before because I actually don't really like cinnamon rolls. They're usually too sweet and too sticky for me. The food here was delicious, I was thoroughly surprised. The service wasn't great, but whatever.

Liz Fagan

Good but pricey

Laurie Marquez

Friendly staff and clean

Stacey Hundstad

If your in the mood for travel center food, these are pretty good cinnamon roles

Shawn Henderson

Sandy Pickard

Excellent cinnamon rolls!

Lex Entertains

JC Tallant II

Eric Martin

Lizz Lizzie

Cinnabon was not enough baked.


R Not ryhjdvdxxxchhddkkws

William Smith

Yum!! Located in pilot/flying j

Guadalupe Taquechel

Carol Lancaster

Tried the new snickers and was not impressed. Couldn't taste anything but cinnamon, not even the roll itself. Putting the other toppings on it is a waste of time because it's all drowned out by the amount of cinnamon used. Cut the amount of cinnamon by 3/4 and it would be enjoyable, and tasty. Couldn't even eat a 1/4 of it before tossing it.

i emerald

Metropolis 2026

Got there close to closing time. Not as fresh as we were hoping. Get there early for a fresh one.

Jordan Smith

Patrick Riggs

Anthony Ricamonte

Kostas Eliopoulos

Gasssed up

Brian Bruns

Got buns to go. Quite tray I

Sam Dragon

Angel Rubio

Michele Theel


Best service and pretty cashier ❤

Jeff Shadoff

Shawn Penner

Kyle C

James Meadows

And on the 8th God created Cinnabon

Leah Phillips

Trevor Abrams

Was hoping for a fresh cinnamon roll, but I showed up 20 minutes before closing and they had already shut down. I thought closing time wasn't 1/2 hour BEFORE the time they claimed to close.

Season Anderson

Jerry Rounds

Rena Ramires

Ashlee Cooper

Joséphine Clerc

Leyla Beazer

Love the place...great coffee

hadi ahmad

Old days old rolls not fresh any more We miss the previous owner with his excellent service and quality

Adrian Aragon

Magnemite's TV

Chantel McCoy

Sarah Anderson

Road Critter

Natalie Ly

My first cinnabon ever... pretty good

Eric Madison

javier perez

R Loria

Nice cozy place

Roberto Cornier

kirby heiidt

papi blanco

Nicole Albrecht

Not the same recipe from back in the hayday. Wasn't very impressed for the price.

Lea Cramer


Claudia Orozco

mary Arroyos

Todd Wingert

Food ok but overrated and over priced. Guess because it's in the Mall the prices need to more to offset rent.

Danika Phillips

Mel Spruce

Lovely food only scored a one for the pleasantness of the staff. Been here for 2 weeks and never had a nice experience or a smile.

Justin Mugavin

Baldemar Rendon

Corey Alford

Shawn Schany

Alessandra Bungenstab Sales

Unité congolais

fred jones

Great food and service

maureen matthews

Priscilla Willie

Great, fantastic dessert!!

Sally Martin


Art Diefenbach

Lea Cannon

ted slater

Laurie Marquez

Friendly staff and clean

leslie fenlon


Fresh cinnamon, quick service.

Stacey Hundstad

If your in the mood for travel center food, these are pretty good cinnamon roles

Darrin Williams

SJenkins BGE45

Kenneth Mckibben

Cinnamon rolls are excellant!!!

Julie Schaefer

silvia soto

Sandy Pickard

Excellent cinnamon rolls!

Kami Kazi

Meghann Parson

Kole Allen

boss hogger

Good food

Kendra McLaren

Wonder woman

Matthew Leslie

Team here is absolutely amazing!!! CINABON taste GREAT!!!

Galaxy Queen

MV Carrier

Andy Hernandez

poor service.

John Manuel

kassy leigh

Holly Turner

Something for everyone.

Lashawn Whitney

Matthew Hales

I could eat 100 cinnabons in one sitting.

Diana Barton

Keekee Kyrie

They have some of the best desserts you can ever serve the staff is nice and explaining things and prices if you're confused and they keep the items very fresh once the items chill off they package them to sell in bags so you know it is fresh each time you buy one out of the oven

dino faz

Great people, exceptional service! I always get a warm fresh cinnamon roll and a welcoming experience

Amy Caldwell

Staff is great.... we need sugar free icecream options tho.

Alper Işık

Auhsoj Nalpak

Robby Rey Justus bangtangostreetteam

Karen Shaffer

So disappointed. Cinnabon was a favorite treat of ours when we lived in DC. Was so excited when I heard they opened one at SoCounty mall. Dough was tough, cinnamon inside just tasted syrupy and icing was really watered down. My daughter said, geez mom, the rolls in a can you make at home are better than this. True

Richard Huston

So good! A bit pricey though.

Jarret Wright

Great food & friendly staff. Also Ben&Jerry's ice cream

Allen D. Albert

Love those contains.... yum

Robert matteson

Yummy cinnamon rolls, quality seems to be going downhill each time I visit....used to be a place I would make a special trip to visit..becoming less impressive

Mark Bradley

How can you resist the aroma



Chad Pysden

What a delicious cinnamon bun. It came in a nice little box, amazingly hot. Very tasty!

Bildari 0perative

Always great!

Claudia Lizettee Mijares

Absolutely love it! Service was outstanding. I do wish there was a gluten free option! Maybe someday?

Chad Hennings

It's cinnabon need I say more? It was just great and definitely unhealthy and delicious!

Lizy Serrano

Staff is friendly and the buns are amazing

conrad espino

Joezy Guest

Sylvia Meinlschmidt

Love it

Raul Callejas

Tracy Mays

Neanja Jeyan

Its a pain whenever I buy coffee/rolls, no seats are available. The seats are taken over by family eating Panda Express, family drinking BoBa Tea, family lecturing teens, family waiting for a member shopping at H&M. Something has to be done in here and how they run their shop.

Sebbl Bam

We shared a Minibon, it was really good and still warm.

patrick Wildon

Dante Otanez

Darrell Busch

Terese Shatzka

Benson Yazzie


roberto rodriguez

If you like that kind of stuff.

Keekee Kyrie

They have some of the best desserts you can ever serve the staff is nice and explaining things and prices if you're confused and they keep the items very fresh once the items chill off they package them to sell in bags so you know it is fresh each time you buy one out of the oven

Brenda London

Nayeem Mian Siddique


Samantha Williams

Robin Wheeler

Mari Cross

The smell of cinnamon surrounds you once you enter the mall. Even in American Girl Store, you can smell the heavenly sweetness. I love to indulge in a bite or two of wonderful treats like these. ❤

Sapphire Stone

tyrone gorman

jasmine sanchez

Lexi Zent

Ana hernandez

(Translated by Google) Very good attention (Original) Muy buena la atención


Roberto Reyes

Great place to pick up hot or cold Cinnabon

Sarah AbdAlazez

Lisa Green


Danielle DuBose

With Schlotskys

Imran Abid

Omar Ghanem

Anna F


We ordered one of the regular-sized cinnamon rolls. The roll was warm, but it wasn't cooked all the way. Apart from the outer ring, the dough was raw.

Julio Aaron Flores Torres

Tia Duran

Shalini Bakshi

Delicious and amazing and always! Couldn't wait to take a bite for the picture.

Christina Peskowa

Absolutely delicious, in every country you try them - nothing can compare) Enjoy)

Robert Polus

A bit pricey but very delicious. Stop there almost every time I visit the mall.

Ryan Neisess

jessica ownby

Yolanda Gonzalez

Michelle Belle

James Delaney

Makayy Kelley

Gary Kane

Jeffrey Kumley


Stephen Earhart

tristen sadler

Lucid Shadow

Lori Arnold

Teddy Manzanares

J Mohn

I'm pretty sure when you work with food your supposed to where glove and wash your hands... I went to the mall stood in line as I'm standing there I Witness 4 female employees touching cash counters pots pans each other and anything else including the cinnabons without washing their hands I was disgusted and was immediately turned off I will not return to this location they need to be reported to the health department for unsanitary conditions

gleeful dragon


(Translated by Google) The best cinnamon buns in the world XD (Original) Die besten Zimtschnecken der Welt XD

Roger N Jolene Harrie

T. W.

Arthur Peck

Autumn Argyle

Vasco Pridat

Brandon Reddeman

Olive Grimm

Nicholas Enyika

jorge lopez

Very good thank you

Sid Rollings

Not real food not healthy

David Meyer


Justin Megalodon

Good Classic Cinnamon Roll!!!!!


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