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3700 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55409, United States

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REVIEWS OF Butter Bakery Cafe IN Minnesota

Sean R

Update since becoming tip free. With the price increases and the increased time it takes to make food now for some reason, Butter is no longer a good place to go on the weekends. The food is pretty much the same. Time is everything. And waiting 30 minutes for something that used to take 8 minutes even during the busiest times is ridiculous.

Eiryn Hegland

The food was delicious and reasonably priced (1$, not 3). They don't make their employees rely on tips, that money is included in the menu. The staff were great and the patio was lovely. The atmosphere was focused on the local community and socially conscious.

Janelle Klander

Tasty, healthy food. Gluten free options. Pleasant staff.

David Brauer

Best scones in town & pays their staff a living wage.

Jacqueline Leach

Pleasant place with fantastic baked goods. The biscuit sandwich, Clint style is the absolute best! I also love their chicken salad - they serve it with warm baguette slices & plenty of the eponymous butter. But really, the biscuit sandwich...

Ed Brazman

Super hipster heaven. Biscuits & gravy had no flavor except that the cooks didn’t cook the flour taste out of the roux & obviously didn’t use the rendered fat from the sausage to make the roux. Served luke warm. Cups of regular coffee served warm. Nobody checked to make sure I needed anything else, but I was sitting at the coffee bar/high top counter. I’ll stick to the hole in the wall spots not in hipster parts of town.

Natalie Garfield

Turkey burger and broccoli salad was sooooooooo good; super great atmosphere too! I’ll definitely be back again!

Tim Ewest

Good quantity of food, tastes great, funky location.

Kathryn Nelson

Lovely, friendly atmosphere. The art on the walls was kids art from a local elementary school. We sat at the big flat tree table and ate quiche and breakfast burritos with coffee. Free refills whilst dining is a plus!

dulce palomares

Fresh and delicious baked goods! Great quality coffee and Dog friendly!

Gonne Asser

Love the food. Love the mission. Love the people.

Rachel Sporer

This place has delicious coffee and food. They use high quality, local ingredients which taste delicious and give the place a leg up over other cafes in my opinion. It seems very community oriented and has been one of my favorite spots since moving to the neighborhood a year ago. I love their daily quiche and the breakfast burrito. So many vegan and vegetarian options make it even better! They have great baked goods as well, like the magic bar and all their cookies are good. It is also a place that pays "living wage" so the tip is built into the prices which can be nice.

Lindsay Strand

Great place to do work/study. It's cozy, and they have good food

Costas Stavrou

Great place to get some good food and treats. Friendly and clean!!

Preston Woldt

I went in around 9am on a weekday. It was dead. I asked the guy at the counter if they had any muffins. His response was "we don't do muffins". Funny because on the website it says you do? Ok well since I wasn't offered an alternative I guess I'll just get my coffee and go. Well, that cost me $3.75 (for a basic brewed coffee). A little steep but ok. Then the creamer was empty. Keep in mind I was the only person anywhere near the counter, but at this point the last thing I wanted to do was ask for something else. Sadly, this is the kind of thing that most people come to expect when they think of uptown. Whenever someplace gets hype, service goes out the window. They have multiple disclaimers saying their prices reflect a "no-tip" structure and their employees are paid a "living wage". What that tells me is the guy behind the counter gets paid maybe a couple bucks less than I do per hour to pour coffee in a cup and dose out attitude. I'm sure they do have good food and service at times, but why take the chance?

Shanna Woods

One of my favorite places. So community based. Delicious foods

Joel Abrahamson

A cozy place to gather with friends! Love the coffee and baked goods. Try the Clint-style breakfast sandwich with avocado, garlic mayo, and sprouts — my favorite!

Cory Hooyman

Great food and service - they are now a no tip cafe (it's included in the price of their items), so don't be shocked by the slightly higher price points of foods and drinks

Matt Springer

Yummy wild rice salad!!!

Lisa Pearl

The quiche was surprisingly tasty. I like the concept of training youth for success.

Heather Trice

Honestly one of THE best cupcake places in the city. I've tried cupcakes and cakes and it just tastes SOOOO good! My cousin had a birthday where she had a coconut cake from here and I usually don't like cake but WOW that was the best cake I've had. It was just soft and a lil nice touch with the coconut. I ate so many pieces. If you like coconut, try the coconut cupcake or cake. They have a lot of different ones, so you're bound to find something great.

Sharon Ramirez

Nice neighborhood cafe, sustainable practices, lots of organic, locally sourced ingredients.

Colin Persons

Consistently very good stuff. Blueberry scones, the best around.

Gregory Fisher

Food is terrific, and the espresso. We'll be going back, and I'd recommend you go, too.

Scott Dryman

I'm not in this area as much anymore but this is really one of my favorite brunch spots. It's worth going out of the way for. If you haven' must. It's an absolute gem in s. Mpls...

michele sayre

When I'm in Minneapolis I love to walk to this cafe for coffee and something sweet. The staff is friendly and the coffee is delicious. Loved their old location, but this place is beautiful!

David Anderson

We went for brunch and it was pretty empty. I had a eclair topped with a luxurious dark chocolate ganache and filled with a creme that was wonderful, my wife's sugar cookie was just ok though. We had breakfast and the breakfast burrito was good with a MN spice, very mild but some good flavor, the cheese omelette was as expected and the pancake was very good. Their hot chocolate was made with a dark chocolate which really should have been stated on the menu in case you don't like dark chocolate and it was just ok, a little watery rather than creamy. While I appreciate the no tipping signs because the food is supposed to have the tip built in to the price. The service was just ok and it was setup like a quick serve (order at the counter and they bring it to you like at smash Burger) and you bus your own table so a tip really shouldn't be expected anyway. The prices were reasonable for what we received and I'd consider going back if I was in the neighborhood but won't make a special trip unless I want another eclair.

Athena Cortez

The atmosphere and the decor the service is great food is amazing incredible coffees and drinks very much so recommended


Fair Wages for Fair Work! Awesome Mission Statement and Excellent everything!

Erika Peterson

Great staff, and I always have a tasty experience. From scratch food.

Oscar Berg

2 gender neutral labeled bathrooms with seperate doors and locks. Urinal: no Changing station: yes Paper towels v. blowers: paper towels only Fragrance free: no. Scented soap, no air fresheners Wheelchair accessible: yes, including grab bars and roll under sink Purchase required: No code or key needed Cleanliness: excellent Quarter machine: no

Cam Aguilar

One of my favorite local spots! I still didn't find something I didn't like here!

Bryan Campbell

Last year the owner abolished tipping and marketed that he was paying his employees a “living wage.” It turns out that he just raised his prices and is paying poverty wages to his employees. The service is terrible and the business is failing. Do not support this greedy business owner.

Leslie Carey

Butter is the greatest neighborhood bakery / coffee shop / breakfast joint. They stay pretty busy with good reason - the pastries especially are THE BEST!

Heidi Leaf

There website says they are having brunch today 1/1/2018 from 8am to 5pm. We show up to be told the kitchen is closed.

Andrew Summers

The carrot walnut cookie sandwich made me switch religions. This place is amazing!

Kelvin Simms

What a cool spot! This cafe is community-centered and great for meetups. The atmosphere is bright and engaging and the menu is quality. They serve food and drinks in actual dishware of plates and mugs. They are well-staffed, but the wait can be somewhat long at times. There's a lot of seating. The food is full of flavor and portions are good.

Shanna O'Brien

Unusual flavors without being clever for it's own sake. In other words, the drinks and food taste great! The ginger molasses cookies are to die for. The place is always clean, bright, and are the staff. :-)

James Kirk Wilkinson

Good food. Good prices. Good people.

Nicola Xavier Koh

good food and drinks and amazing staff.

James Christopher

Really great biscuit sandwiches. Made fresh

Chris Faison

Best cheesecake ever! They also make coffee from a French press and have a loyalty program.

Marty M

Very friendly staff, good food, pleasing aesthetic to the interior. A bit pricey but still a good place to grab a snack and meet up with someone.

Disney Foote

Love it here! Been a fan since they were on Grand Ave. Consistently good food and service. And I suggest indulge in their tea list while you’re here.

Spencer Hom

I like the idea of this place, it's a local café that does counter serve ordering. There's an alright interior, they also like to sell merchandise, with a good amount of seating inside and some outside. The staff seems nice, the menu has a nice selection of items. I ordered an omelette with pancakes. The omelette itself was alright, and the pancakes were actually good (soft, fluffy) and tasted yummy with the syrup. The downside of this was an almost 20 minute wait for this, and it wasn't even that crowded on a snowy day, and the staff didn't seem to care about that fact when it was dropped off. If I lived around here, I would question a return visit to this place.

Morgan Roddy

Excellent eclairs! Little big though, so be hungry or willing to share, but it is perfect. My wife got the blueberry scone and thought it was okay flavorwise but the texture was more muffin-y than scone-y.

Karl Narveson

Great bakery, great coffee, good options for breakfast and lunch. Pleasant space with lots of daylight.

Xin Yi

a woke coffee shop. Loved my northern exposure coffee! Also interesting to see social justice and community based food and drinks go together.

Sinthuja Ramalingam

Good food, it can be difficult to find seats if you're a part of a larger group.

Katherine Kelly

Amazing service & local ingredients. Try the sugar cookies!

Andre Bryant


C Tang

Great little corner bakery / cafe that serves up good pastries and desserts. Their prices include tax, so what you see is the price you pay! This shop supports locally sourced vendors and really has a family type vibe to it. Give it a try and you won't be disappointed.

Ashley Junghans

The blueberry scones alone are worth the trip, although everything else is delicious too. Fantastic business model and friendly staff. We keep coming back.

Don MacLeod

I really want to give them 5 stars, but I can't. Lovely people, they pay a living wage so no tipping. The atmosphere is great, service is great, but the food is always disappointing. Bland, Midwestern boring. I was excited to see beautiful biscuits in the display case, only to bite into unsalted things. I literally used a salt shaker on biscuits. I did this twice, so it wasn't an anomaly. Other foods also required salting, but still lacked flavor. Funny thing is, I want to go back, but I won't.

Benjamin Shapleigh

Great coffee, substantial meals- the omelette is full plate sized, added cheddar + bacon + ham for the whole shebang. Dont miss the sauteed veggies

Hannah Riddle de Rojas

Delicious coffee- I love their mochas. They also have food and tasty treats accompanied by a warm sense of community.

Kerry Kavanaugh

No tipping + living wages + good food + friendliness =

Pavel Ushakov

Great place to grab a breakfast from locally sourced organic produce. Good coffee.


Love this place, awesome staff incredible owner, now a B-Corp

Jacks M

Love their biscuits and handpies!

Aaron Dalrymple

Coffee is great here and they offer free refills! Espresso drinks are great as well. Bakery items are pretty good and the eclairs are a local favorite. I love the carrot cake sandwich cookies too! You're best bet for food is the biscuit sandwich. Unfortunately, I find a lot of the other food on the menu to be a bit bland. However, I'm not a MN native... People here tend to like bland food (-; Service is usually pretty good, you may have to wait a bit for your food if they're really busy. Definitely worth a visit though if you're in the neighborhood though!

Jeremiah Johnson

They are a great place to meet up. They are involved in their community.

Aaron Meza

Excellent food made from scratch and high quality specialty coffee. They have a no-tip policy and pay their employees fair wages.

Wayne Marsh

I recently went back for the first time in several months, and my impression now is the same as it was then: superior food, inferior coffee. Yes, I know their coffee is peacefully grown and fairly traded, and delivered by virgins riding low-carbon bicycles -- it still doesn't taste very good, at least in the form of an americano, which is my drink. With Five Watt and Bull Run coffee just up the street, and Dogwood coffee available at Sunstreet Bakery, Butter's owner should feel some pressure to up his coffee game.

frosty trees

Every time ive gone in its been beyond bogus, have gone 5 times and been dissapointed one way or another each time.

Stuart Wilson

Good food, friendly staff and a beautiful space. Very bike-friendly with plenty of racks outside.

Jenni Evans

"You can never have too much butter - that is my belief. If I have a religion, that's it.." ~ Nora Ephron Good food. Good service. Good vibes.

Lisa Tami

I absolutely love this local cafe. All the foods are made from scratch from local farms & sources. They have a homemade breakfast buiscut to die for. The butter buiscut is fluffy & always fresh, comes with egg, avocado, sprouts, tomato & garlic spread if you like. Delicious bakery, just tried their Rhubarb cheesecake & great coffee too....ALL Yum! Very affordable. Great bright atmosphere with wood plank tables and a little nook for kids. Sunny outdoor seating available too, when weather permits. Very welcoming and always accomidating service. One of my fave places for brunch...

Kathy Saunders

Everything on the menu is great, according to several friends of mine. I started with the spicy hot chocolate and recommend it. I also had quiche and a pancake which were very tasty. True to their name, they are generous with the delicious butter. I will certainly be returning to try more of the menu in the future.

Travis Anderson

Great food, and great service to the community. Butter is such a great resource for our neighborhood. Awesome local business doing things the right way!

adara thomas

One of my favorite locally owned coffee shop. And this best Chai tea around

Leo G

One of those hidden gems

Gerri Hoffman

Family owned. Friendly staff. Excellent food and baked goods. I love taking my family and friends here, especially out-of-towners; good representation of small town Minneapolis.

CJS Shannon

Likable. Pricey. But best Biscuits to date I've had. Great Breakfast sandwiches.

Andrew Zabel

Not a big fan of the food here or the service. They say don't tip, so you end up paying extra. But even when there are like 5 people in the restaurant it takes forever to get food and half the time it's cold and super bland. I would not recommend as a breakfast place. Go down the street to BlackBird, or Sunstreet breads

Patrick Weber

Delicious breakfast and dinner food, all coming from local sources. Friendly and helpful staff.

Orrin Dabney

The sausage, egg and biscuit breakfast is amazing. The coffee they make is also a very tuned display of skills.

Ray Zeran

Great coffee, that’s all I had.

Scot Mahan-Miller

They have a nice breakfast salection.

Joshua Blesi

Great deserts bite squd delivery from here

Taylor Rub

We love butter. Always good food, great coffee, easygoing environment, and commendable business model. The owner Dan is wonderful.

Gilbert Pond

Great neighborhood place involved in the community with good morning food a ND lighter meals

Gabriel Shapiro

Pretty nice little shop. Good coffee and baked goods.

Leland O'Brien

tasty hot chocolate. and better cookies!

Shane Weisser

Fun local cafe. Good food and coffee. Good spot to hang out, do work, or meet up with friends/family.

Jd L

The scones are as good as everybody says they are. This is not just a cafe. Butter is a force for positive change in our world.

amanda marx

Egg biscuit clint style with a buttered ice.... best way to start a day off!

Sarina Staurseth

#healthy #community #sustainability #locallysourcedproduce

Cat Meow Meow

One of the best places to go and get some work done!

Taylor Matysik

One of my favorite local cafes. The space is bright and airy, lots of nice natural light. The staff is incredible and a big part of what makes this place amazing. They are all so kind and welcoming. They have great breakfast and bakery options and a great cup of coffee.

Michael Freeman

This is the place to get all of your backed goods ALL year around. What a great space for community, quite, business, writing, drawing and obviously COFFEE!

Liz S

I enjoyed my coffee & was very tempted by the treats - will return when I'm in the neighborhood again.

Gary Daigle

Quaint place. Good neighborhood eatery.

Megan J

One of my favorites for coffee and a treat. Always quality baked goods and friendly staff

danielle donelan

Love you butter best place to get food

Joseph Papan

Not too long of a wait, food is delicious, baked goods are fantastic, especially the biscuits. Skip the French press coffee and get regular coffee.

what doing

Awesome bread

B Johnson Photos Brenda Johnson

Excellent local bakery. They also do great things for the local community.

Kathy Swanson

Quaint place!

Douglas Erickson

Really tasty ground turkey burger, blended with veggies, Tasty bun; nice sides of spicy slaw and corn chips. Cold press with cream and maple syrup was just ok - had better (Angry Catfish). But lots seating, not rushed ... great place to gab. And really, really like the sustainable wage / no tipping model.

Rico Morales

The best cafe' in the metro area!

Kate Joy

We wrapped up 3 full weeks of making early am walk-trots a new habit. Butter has become part of the routine most mornings.

Sydney Naini

I love Butter. The best au lait in Minneapolis. Dan and the staff are friendly and dedicated to wholesome, sustainable food and living. This place is a true local cafe. I always feel safe and welcome while I am here. I go out of my way for their coffee and scones every morning! Better than Spyhouse, Dunn Bros, or wherever else you are going!!

Carlos Martinez

Tiny place with big flavor. Great breakfast spot. In the summer there is outdoor seating otherwise be prepared to wait.

Susan Hough

Great food and a true community center

Chris Lance

First time visiting today. Nice size menu, reasonable prices, chill but warm vibe, and a focus on zero-waste. What's not to love?

Jimmy Pena

My partner and I just moved back from Austin TX and I have to say.... I MISSED THIS PLACE! Food is always amazingly good, the portion size is awesome, the staff is very friendly and accommodating! The space is very clean and neat... All of these things AND a pet friendly patio seating made this dining experience so glad we moved back! We will return!

Ray Peterson

Desert first. This is my kind of place. Laidback place to enjoy your meal

Sarah Doire

My favorite place to brunch. Delicious scones, biscuit sandwiches, breakfast burritos, and coffee drinks. Awesome staff.

Andrea Newell

House made caramel sauce is amazing!

Chad Parrish

Dropped in for an espresso and cookie. The atmosphere was good, and I enjoyed the cookie. Unfortunately the espresso was over extracted and watered down. I will stop back again for another cookie, but will stick to just brewed coffee.

David Oakvik

Good coffee. Awesome breakfast food! I had the breakfast sandwich with ham. My wife had the steel cut oats. No complaints whatsoever!

Anthony Havranek

Good food. Nice effort on the local producers.

Denise Farrell

Well done, Butter!

Molly Olson

I always love butter, but today was especially nice. They always warn you when there's a lot of orders ahead of you. And we didn't even wait that much longer, I always am able to get my refill of coffee to go!

Teddy Slims

My family and I enjoy the service and friendly staff. The food is delicious and the coffee is just right. When ever we are down in the cities for hospital visits we make a point in stopping in!

Christopher Brockhaus

Great spot, excellent coffee and food, a little spendy

Brandon Pies

Great vibe and menu. Friendly staff.

Tami Bauers

Good bakery and nice Cafe menu. Affordable and mission-driven business model.

Ryan Menning

Great food with lots of healthy options.

Ashley Schimmel

The pancakes that we ordered were alright but nothing special. I loved the cinnamon French toast that I ordered but when I cut into it I found a bug. I took it up to the counter and explained the situation. I was not even told sorry or offered anything but for them to remake my meal. Very disappointed.

Jennie Houghton

Love Butter! Everything is delicious and the owner is a fair and equitable person who cares for his employees and community

Autumn Vargas

Best chicken salad sandwich ever!

Christopher MacLeod

The pancakes were delicious, as was the biscuits and gravy. They are very friendly here. Order at counter then find a seat

Sam Cooper

Best bakery/coffee shop in area. Buttered Ice is particular good. Great staff and a refreshingly socially and eco conscientious business.

Steve Huot

Love this place! Great coffee and food, great cause as well. Might go 4.5 stars if I had the option, but a good solid choice.

katelyn stebner

They had one toaster. I was able to get pancakes before my sister could get toast. We waited 35 minutes for eggs and toast. Food was okay but not worth the wait.

Jim Howitt

Nice little cafe with great meals and baked goods. Locally sourced and seasonal ingredients are featured. No tipping

Lori Clauson

Love the home made Carmel they use in the latte. Food is always fresh and tasty

Breann Hooper

Met here to help a friend with coursework-- not too loud, not too quiet, the staff was friendly and it was reasonably priced-- i recommend this place!!

Sally Marciniak

This is a great place to go for breakfast! Home cooked and home baked food. Very community - based. They are a no - tipping place. The food is priced so that workers make a fair wage without tips. They have vegetarian options. They have a wonderful selection of coffees and teas. You can get mochas and lattes here, too. I highly recommend Butter!

Travis Grundy

Must try the Iced Butter, good food clean, and their mission to help homeless youth makes eating there good for community.

Nick Rosenberg

Love the atmosphere & the food was excellent!

Katherine Blauvelt

Stopped in while my car was being fixed, and pretty bummed. One 12 oz cup of coffee was over $3. And no GF anything except a tiny "bird" bar and gazpacho soup. Get some naked goods from Sift bakery, at least, guys!

Maria Owen

I've walked past Butter Bakery many times and never tried it but have always heard good things. The place was very quiet when I went in, nearly dead. I waited 7 minutes for someone to come to the counter. I ordered a $6.50 "bowl" of soup to go. I waited another 10 minutes for them to give it to me. The tiny container, the server assured, me was "full to the very top" when I asked if the container was the bowl I ordered. I got home to find a good 2 or 3 inches of empty space and the container only about 3/4 of the way full. I'm really not impressed. The 2 stars is for decently good soup, nothing amazing. I might give it another try just to be fair but I don't expect to be wowed.

Victoria Wehmeyer

Such a cute place! Decent parking options with a shared lot and street parking. Delicious magic bar cookies!

Dee Hussein

I love this place! They have great food, coffee, bakery items, and customer service! Ordering tip-try the breakfast burrito and carrot/beet burger.

Abdul Said

The food was nasty.

Nick Gentle

Your friendly neighborhood bakery! Great spot on Nicollet to grab breakfast or lunch. Staff is friendly and kind, food is responsible, fresh and delicious. Can get busy on the weekend mornings. Breakfast burrito is a consistent staple.

Morgan Atchison

Great staff and high quality food!

Clara Sandberg

Great coffee, homemade ice cream, and eclairs to die for. Yum!

Alina Balean

Great fresh food, tasty coffee - all around wonderful

Sonja Tilbury

Wonderful foods, best baked goods, teas, and always friendly happy service!

Alex Watkins

The fact that they make everything there, and it's organic. They deserve 5 star rating cause do their hard work and time.

Hannah McMillin

Honestly, their grilled cheese is just so good I’ve never gotten myself to try anything else here

Neal Lewandowski

Tasty food, good place. Biscuits are not limp - award winning. GF and V options. A little spendy. Eclairs are way-better-than-yummy. Quiche a little overdone, but ok. Homemade GF ice cream, here. Drip 'n espresso coffees in real mugs (to go paper cups if you like).

I. Alexander Labacevic

While food and coffee are quite good, I was appalled by my Memorial day's experience. A bartender (an ever smiling fellow who looks at others but never sees them), who was making coffees at the side counter, was extremely rude. After waiting for at least 15 minutes for a single cup of regular coffee I went to get a glass of water only to discover that the water container is empty. I tried to inform the bartender about it, but his reply was "Would you go in line". I told him that it is about the water container. He replied that "Yes, I know". No apologies, not even an indication that he is going to do anything about it or ask somebody else to do it. Then I asked a girl at the checkout and she refilled the water tank in 10 seconds. I think that if this guy is so over-stressed by his job that he cannot be civil to his customers, he should find a position in some quiet dive selling Pabst Blue Ribbon and pretzels, not coffee. Also, it would be nice if the management pays more attention to the numbers of clients on a busy holidays and weekends.

Evan McCarthy

I love butter bakery cafe. It's for the best places that I've eaten. It's a great place to grab a bite to eat before going to work, and all the staff are nice. Including the owner. My personal favorite is the veggie hummus wrap,.

Wanita Madison

This is always a good time to meet up or have time to relax . Love it ...

Jennifer Zielinski

great food and bakery, and of course coffee. I feel good eating there. Food is always delicious, and they are very environmentally friendly.

Katie Orr

Breakfast burrito is awesome! Chicken salad sandwich was tasty but skimpy on the chicken.

Andrew Ervin

I have enjoyed several breakfast and lunch items. Great coffee. A very nice setting.

Danae Bye

Great neighborhood hang out!

telaney williams

Ive been to this place twice and both times I've had pie, it was worth the price

Erik Spangrud

Amazing snacks

Kate Abram

An ideal neighborhood cafe. Whether you're looking to settle in for work on a laptop with a good cup of coffee, have a long chat with friends for brunch (accompanied by fluffy biscuits, grilled and served with a chunk of butter), or have a hearty lunch, like a soup or sandwich packed with local, seasonal veggies, this is the place. My favorite menu item is the Clint style biscuit sandwhich - over easy eggs, avocado, cheddar cheese, sprouts, and garlic mayo - but I am rarely disappointed. Most recently, I tried the cranberry apple scone and found it full of vanilla against the crisp bite of apple, with a delicious caremelized crust. Additionally, it is a beautiful, sunny space that makes you feel good to be there. And the feel-good is justified when you learn that they are a tip-free business that pays staff a living wage, invest heavily in the neighborhood, and support local producers!

Lois Donnay

Great coffee, great food and nice people.

Cathrine Meeder

Love this place for their sustainability and community focus! Plus, lots of live music events and yummy food/coffee.

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