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REVIEWS OF Bittersweet Gluten-Free Bakery IN Minnesota

Kathleen Wilson

Everything is tasty.

Erik Ellefson

Thanks so much for the great food!

Ana Silva

Rochelle Korolewski

I just adore this place. The dairy free frostings are just blissful. Can't go wrong!!

Sarah Peloquin

Their coffee cake and donut holes are amazing. Freshly baked, they melt in your mouth. We are excited to use Bittersweet to provide gluten free cupcakes for our upcoming wedding!

Evelyn V

Staci Sudenga

Valerie Clay

Sean Mansheim

Jon Thorsen

Best bakery in town. Added bonus, it's gluten free!

Jean Borchardt

Susan Belting

Everything they have is awesome

Erin Maruska

The BEST gluten-free food I have ever had. My family has started ordering the cakes for their own birthdays because they like them better than any other store bought cake.

Hannah Heller

I have to agree with Shannon Kelley. I have been a customer for years as someone who has celiac disease and family members who do as well. Products taste great but I was in a few days ago and also noticed the anti-vaccination posters hanging up. I was immediately angered that someone would promote a practice that is so dangerous to the population (just look at the current measles outbreak in NY). I have an infant at home and will NOT be supporting a business that thinks it is ok to put her life in danger. Please check on where you get your information from as the study that was done that supposedly found that vaccines cause autism was done by someone who was paid by an advocacy group who wanted the results to show that when in fact they did not. If it is the additives in vaccines that you are concerned about please do your research and you will find that there are more in everyday products than show up in vaccinations. I would be happy to send more information on the myth that vaccines cause danger to children if you would like. Until the anti-vaccination information is removed I will be spreading the word to avoid this business!!

Becky Brown

Pizza to go, so cute inside, friendly owners.

Ken M.

Great gluten free baked goods. Christian references and Bible verses everywhere (including on packages).


I love their gluten free treats. They even baked my wedding cake! Service can be a bit hit or miss, sometimes it seems like the people helping in front would prefer to be elsewhere but this place was doing GF well before many options existed which is amazing for my celiac husband so they'll always be near and dear to my heart.


The best gluten, dairy free bakery in twin cities.

Christine Kendall

We have had two gluten-free cakes from this bakery, and I am preparing to order a third. They are moist, delicious, and SAFE for anyone with Celiac Disease. I'm a believer!

Ben Borgert

Hands down the best Gluten Free bakery in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. My wife has Celiacs and so we have to be careful with cross contamination. So many bakeries have "gluten aware" offerings that are gluten free but with the risk if cross contamination but Bittersweet is 100% Gluten Free and makes some of the best product around. Their Pizza Crusts, cookies, banana bread, and carrot cake are all hands down the best GF product I've ever had and in many cases, such as the cookies, the best I've had compared to even the normal gluten-laced offerings. TL;DR Bittersweet Bakery sets the bar for what s GF bakery can be.

Double Elle

Matthew Kaproth

Tasty food, but pricey and pushy

Sara Wuorinen

great food and prices!

Alyssa Stoltz

Sydney Johnston

AMAZING. Best GF bakery I have been to. I had my wedding cake done there!! 10/10 reccommend!!

Alone Won

While it's nice to have a 100% gluten free bakery in the Twin Cities, I haven't seen any attempts to improve or evolve their products since I first tried them shortly after Celiac diagnosis in 2007. The baked sweets have always been very good, with a nice variety available. However, the market has changed since 2007, and even Trader Joes has tasty cookies and cupcakes, without the drive. Having said that, the variety of the sweets makes getting those worth the effort. I can't recommend any of the breads here. It tastes as though it's still the same formula they used when the competition was basically sawdust a decade ago. I'd love to see an updated formula as I think local, fresh gluten free business are very important. However, even understanding this is a small, family fun local bakery, $4.50 for a half loaf that must be toasted and is no longer justified. If I have to toast, the market has evolved too much to justify the drive, sometimes requiring time off work since small shops like this (understandably) only have a few hours a week that are office worker friendly. Overall three stars for being a ground breaking business, for the tasty sweets with consideration for not evolving the formula, the prices for the bread (I think the prices on the sweets are reasonable, though) and the difficult hours. I'd love to see this continue to be the go-to for Celiacs, and am hoping to see some new and better bread products in the future!

M Sanders

Great tasting bakery items but terrible customer service.

David Hammer

Teal Walters

Had a cake made here for my birthday and it was delicious. Finally stopped in-store and had various cookie flavors, a brownie, coffee cake and donut holes. All items were equally tasty. The clerk was helpful and another employee brought me and my mother complimentary water. "Bittersweet" is awesome for those with Celiac disease and without.

Josh H

Brittney LaFond

Stacey Ruud

Tastes like a regular bakery with gluten!

David Nelson

Alex Hatzenbuhler

My parents manage a small coffee shop and purchase all of their baked goods here! Everything they have is fresh and delicious. Highly recommended.

dominic zappa

Having a wife who has gluten and soy issues, the man behind the counter was very helpful and knew what was in all the items without having to look them up. Now on to the treats!! I got the cinnamon and sugar doughnuts, almond bunt cake, and the lemon bar. The almond bunt cake was super moist and had great flavor. The doughnuts were also very moist and almost a buttery goodness, with a nice coating of cinnamon and sugar. The lemon bar was also good! If you're looking for a gluten free bakery. This is the place. Thank you Bittersweet for having baked goods for my wife (and me)!

Sophia Bruce

Thank you, Bittersweet Bakery. I was just diagnosed with Celiacs disease and I’m so thankful for a delicious bakery to satisfy my sweet cravings. Everything is delicious and I’m glad I can trust it’s safe for me to eat.

Craig Westerberg

Patricia Sevlie

Shannon McKay

Great almond cakes!


This bakery is amazing. They use a proprietary blend as their gluten free flour. I tried their gluten free food side by side with normal versions of the food and I could not tell the difference. These guys really know how to make great food. I will keep them in mind for future bakery needs.

Emmy Kegler

A good gluten-free bakery ... peddling anti-vaccine organizations (this is in their lobby). Last time I'll shop here.

Eugene Wolter

Nancy Nelson

There is a review from 2 years ago about bad customer service. It's gotten worse over time. It's a bother, an interruption, if you walk through the door. Calling ahead to preorder seems to bother the woman that is forced to answer the phone. Angry, annoyed and rude would best describe her. Life is too short to allow these nasty rude people to ruin your day. There are a lot of options in Lunds Byerlys, Co-ops, naural food stores,even Target. Don't waste your time here.

Joshua Jung

The food was good, but it felt like they were trying to proselytize

Beth Adams

Good Gluten Free treats

Bob Fredericks

My wife who was diagnosed with celiac last fall and was excited to try this bakery. While their baked goods are very tasty, their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. We won't frequent places that can't even act like they appreciate our business. Too bad.

David Wolf

Lisa Kloster

Best GF I have had. So good I eat my daughter's GF stash.


Excellent food items and customer service has had a noticeable increase!

J Olson

I was incredibly excited to see a gluten free bakery pop-up on my google maps recommendations recently. I made the long trek down from Minneapolis, excited to try their baked goods. Sadly, the shop was small and dim, and the companies website poorly represented the store. I was greeted with a frown from an older gentleman, I felt like I was bothering him just by being there. I probably wont be going back, which is sad, because I really do want to see more GF businesses.

Melissa Strukel

Chris Lindemann

Even if you have anything against gluten this place is delicious

Jane S

This was my first experience, and I called to order a birthday cake. It was the first time I've had to give my card number over the phone to order a cake. When I went to pick it up, the staff was largely disinterested in coming to the front counter, and then had a hard time finding my cake in the back. It came out in a large brown cardboard packing box sealed with packing tape. The man opened it so I could see it, and it was a chocolate layer cake, but the decorating was not as the person taking the order actually suggested would be nice, that I had agreed to--even though that description was written on a paper taped to the box. Got it home, and the box was SO large that it wouldn't fit in my fridge. Came time to serve it, and it was extremely difficult reaching down and getting it out of this oversized box, especially since it had been taped to the bottom with the packing tape as well. The inner portion of the cake was fine, the frosting was good, but the edges around the cake and the bottom were tough and hard. After we ate the cake, we had to cut it into pieces and put into Tupperware to store it back in the fridge. I emailed the store and they did confirm the cake had been baked there and not shipped in and offered a $10 gift card for the decorating issue. Given the experience with customer service and product, will not be returning.

Shanise Bowden

I love the baked goods they produce here! They could work on their customer service. As soon as I walk in, I feel rushed. The customer service prevents me from shopping here as often as I could. Product is important, but customer service matters equally.

Lisa Lillie

I called to order a tray of gluten free cookies for Christmas. No one answered the phone. They called back the next day but didn't leave a VM. I am a teacher so I cannot answer the phone during the day. When I called again, they said they would not take my order. I did call 48 hours in advance yet no one answered the phone. I am disappointed in the customer service. If they are that busy, they should plan ahead and hire someone to man the phones and take the orders or have an online order option on their website, which they don't.

marcella holck

Love this bakery. Wish I lived closer. Gluten and dairy free! So tasty and responsibly priced.

Tiffany Rupp

Love this place. They take their gluten free baking seriously and it truly shows in the taste. They make a variety of foods including pizza.

Fernando Contreras

C Wiese

I have been craving a pumpkin bar and the one I got today was delicious!! My husband got a banana bread and loved it and he doesn't have to eat gluten free! 5 stars!!

Jason Winkler

Really nice bakery, yummy

Claire Mekola

FINALLY! A place with very well made GF treats. It is amazing to be able to pick anything I want in a bakery knowing it’s all GF. To those giving this place 1 star because of an anti vaccine poster... Really? This place is a bakery, they make food. Ratings should be based on how well they make, present, deliver food! I almost cried when I bite into their pumpkin bar. Do you know how long it has taken me to find a GF pumpkin bar that tastes and has the texture of traditionally made ones? AMAZING. From the bottom of my heart thank you Bittersweet. You have made my gluten free journey Soooo much easier!!

Jill Ogdie

Love the cookies

Dania Logo

Not sure if it is gluten free

Liz Reno

I was diagnosed with celiac disease about a year and a half ago. Most gluten-free treats in stores are...terrible. I recently moved and found this shop not too far from my new home. MY GOSH! I'm so glad I did! I bought 4 different items (so awesome to have so many choices!) and they are all delicious! I will be going back. Many times. Other reviews will say the service is unfriendly, but take it with a grain of salt. Be a good customer, say please and thank you, tell them if you enjoy something. I didn't find anyone unfriendly. The man up front was very polite to my daughter as well. I'm a very happy customer! I bought, the carrot cake, lemon bars, cinnamon pecan coffee cake, and cinnamon raisin bread. All wonderful, my gluten-eating husband liked the lemon bars as well! Oh yeah, when I was picking out my treats I didn't even pay attention to price (I was treating myself) and the price was lower than I expected (especially for gluten free! Which is usually always more expensive). I would compare the prices similar to any bakery, or even lower! Very happy I decided to stop by.

Maggie Hall

So happy I found this gluten free, dairy free bakery! Delicious!!

Whip 606

Tara Bianchi

We just loved our cake! It was red velvet with vanilla frosting. Bittersweet did a great job. The cake was completed a day earlier per our request. We picked up the cake and it was packaged for transport to the church. Everyone complimented us that they did not even know it was gluten free! The cake was one of my "must haves" at my wedding. I couldn't have been happier with it. Thank you so much Bittersweet Bakery!

James-Peter Trares

Angela Ballman


Angie Swanson

Good tasting gluten-free bakery items. Wish they had more variety. Decent prices. The only thing I do not like is their labeling which included a bible verse. Big turn-off.

Sheena Richards

Such great options! Love it.

Matt Eull

Donuts that taste like donuts, loaves of bread that are delicious but don't cost $6+, and amazing banana bread. This place makes gluten free not as much of a "mimic" and turns it into the real thing, but it's safe for celiac/gluten sensitive folks.

Randy Edge

Love this bakery. I wish it was affordable to always buy my bread products there.

Nicole Geffre

I love their cakes and bars. They are so good. You can't even tell it is gluten free! Moist, light and flavorful. This is the best bakery ever!

ariel smith

I love this place. Several assortments of bread, pastries, desserts and more!

Jill W

The best Gluten Free & Dairy Free carrot cake & chocolate fresh & moist!

Becky Sorensen

Unfortunately this will be my last time buying products at Bittersweet. Today I stood in a long line waiting my turn and discovered I'd forgotten my billfold at home ( had my purse ) I called my husband to meet me with it and then waited until I was helped by an older gentleman; I asked if I might choose my items and then return in a moment with my money. He stated emphatically they didn't hold anything - I could have called 48 hours in advance that's the only way things are held. I had tried this about a year or so ago and had been told they weren't taking orders because all the help had quit. They said I should just come in early to get what I wanted. Hmmmm ??? The products are very good and I'm sad not to use this establishment but when you write on your bread scripture that says "I am the bread of LIfe.... but can't show grace to your customers, it's too grave an inconsistency for me to handle.


My sister loved her cake from here! Thank you to the great staff, everybody was very impressed :-) New customer for life for sure

Sandi Sauber

Amber DeBriyn

I went to the bakery for the first time, the day before Easter. Wow - so many choices! The best was, that we avoid nightshades and the owner took the time to help us find items that we could eat and, though it was busy, she retained a positive attitude while tending to me. When home, we thoroughly enjoyed the pumpkin raisin bread, coffee cake and lemon cookies for our holiday treats - SO GOOD!!! We will definitely return for our treat days, in the future!

Patrick Malec

Jeremy Dregne

Amy Powers

JohnRoss Hammond

Loved the muffins!

Jude stoos

You will never know it's gluten-free is just deliciousness

Jeana Babcock

I have been searching for a good GF crust for pies for 5 years. A flaky crust that does not taste like sand is hard to come by. I have made a few homemade ones that are "passable" but not great. A few weeks ago we made a trip to the Twin Cities and my son researched places we could go to dinner that were GF for me. He came across your bakery so we decided to swing by. We just wanted to see what you have. I think I've actually had your cookies before---they were sold for a while at UBake until they went out of business. The are delicious! Seeing that I try to watch my waistline, I decided to forgo the cookies and try something new. So I got the donut holes, a scone, and 3 pie crusts---2 to keep, 1 to share. The donuts were SO good that I ate all but one (I very grudgingly allowed my son to try it) right in your parking lot---so much for the waistline! I ate the scone the next day with my coffee---delish! Then I made a GF dutch apple pie for myself---and I shared it with three GF friends. The crust was unlike any other I have had! The nasty sandy texture was not there! In fact, it was flaky!! Almost as good as my homemake gluten-filled crusts that I make for my family! I am SO thrilled to have found you ... I just wish you were closer to me! Can you come open a bakery in Rochester? Thanks so much!

Carlos Ricci

Great bread (and tasty treats!) and no gluten!

Corderro Revier

Asked for chocolate cake options when they opened none available and guy wasn't helpful.

Missy Krouth

Bittersweet consistently has excellent products, but horrible customer service. The staff is almost always crabby and unaccommodating at best. Such a bummer. I LOVE their products; and like all gluten-free, they are outrageously expensive. It really stinks to drop a bunch a money and be treated so poorly.

Lawrence Aderinkomi

Katie Cox

J Keyser

Dennis Crowther

Erin Hallis

Their donut holes are incredible!!!! The dill sandwich bread is my favorite!!

Lauren Sommer

I have eaten Bittersweet's products for years, either straight from the bakery or through their various partners throughout the Twin Cities - they have always had a very good product, and as someone with Celiac Disease that is fairly hard to come by. But I will never give them my business again after today. My family and I stopped in to their location in Eagan to pick up a dessert, and noticed they have two posters on their wall for the NVIC, or National Vaccination Information Center. This organization is widely criticized for spreading misinformation and fear about vaccines. There is absolutely no reason why a local bakery should attempt to have a voice in medical issues or the care of children. While I understand that a private business has every right to support whatever causes they see fit, I absolutely will not give my business to an organization that supports such a dangerous agenda.

Shannon Dixon

I drove all the way out here because it said you were open until 2 p.m. just to find a faded sign taped to the door saying they were closed July 4 through 9th. Bad business practice, I hope I get to try your stuff one day.

Ranjith Menon

"Serves with highly unprofessional behavior " That would be the perfect tag line for them. I will never ever go back to them.

Shannon Kelley

I ordered a chocolate cake, over the phone, for my son's birthday and the cake it's self was great. However, I will not be returning to the bakery due to the anti vaccination litature around the cash register area.

Tomo Lennox

Because I am allergic to corn as well as wheat, I can't eat most of their products. But their pancake mix is the best! My non-GF guests always ask for it when they stay over nite. I buy it 10 pounds at a time. I sure wish it were closer to me Eagan is a long way to drive.

Andrea Stankiewicz

Nathan Lenzen

Crystal Vrieze

The gluten free donut holes, sugar

Tony Veigel

Jeff Fellows

Grant Heidelberg

Nice selection of breads and treats

davian8110 daisy880

Pumpkin bars & Almond volcanos are Amazing !

baby _MF_tyler

Katie Brokaw

Great Gluten free selection of breads, baked goods, and pizza crusts. My favorite is the almond Bundt cake, carrot cake, and banana crunch cake.

Pattie B

A great selection of baked goods and Pizza - all gluten free - very friendly and helpful staff!


Amazing bakery and so thrilled to have a dedicated gluten free place in the twin cities to get our goodies from!!

VØX Doge

tanya betcha

So glad to finally find this place; they have a great selection!

maryann becker

Visited last week and purchased the cinnamon sugar donut holes, because of prior reviews...They were AMAZING!!!!! And a little pricey, but I will be going back for more when I'm in the area.

Jeannie Hill

I stopped by this bakery yesterday in search of a scone. Having lived in London, the Capital of Scones, I am always looking for an awesome scone. So many gluten-free ones have previously been a bit disappointing. But this one was totally great - blueberry with white chocolate chips. As well, the gentleman who served me was helpful and interesting. I have already told a number of my gluten-free friends and am confident that they will be pleased.

Lacey Skoglund

Everything I've eaten from here is amazing, doughnut holes, cupcakes, cake, cookies. They do not taste gluten free. When I purchased the cake I was very impressed with their service. They were very helpful in avoiding all the allergies we deal with.

Mary Niemeyer

Their food is wonderful! I've been buying their baked goods for years.

Nick Hirsch

While the baked goods they provide are delicious, we have had many troubles with their communication. We were trying to order a cake and went in for a tasting and to go over the details. While there we were told to email them with any pictures of the ideas we had. We sent an email as they instructed, but whoever answered us (they only have one email address) replied that we could come in for a tasting and can discuss our ideas then, so whoever answered us did not know about our situation and our email was not left for its intended recipient. When it came time to pay for the cake, my fiancee was called and instructed to provide payment soon or they couldn't promise completion of our order. She called back intending to provide payment information but had to leave a message. So a couple hours later she had me call them since they still had not responded and I was able to connect to someone and get everything squared away, I thought. ANOTHER couple hours later they called my fiancee AGAIN and with no reference to the message she had left previously, again warned us of the impending deadline, despite my having paid for it earlier that afternoon. Again she tried to return the call and again was forced to leave a message. So if your intent is to just stroll in and purchase some baked goods, I think you will find everything you are looking for and be satisfied. But if you are trying to place an order or will be dealing with them for extended periods, I would highly recommend trying elsewhere.

Tom Abendroth

michelle conley

Awesome selection of glueten free deserts

Candace Ballstadt

I drive about 70 miles, on way, for all their delishes treats. They are great with custom orders too.

Sandra Haviland

This is our favorite local bakery! My husband makes a weekly trip to Bittersweet bakery, so that I can enjoy their delicious treats and food that is safe for Dairy and Gluten allergies. I have to bring my own safe food wherever I go, and their food truly saves me from an empty sad stomach at work and all our family social events. My kids love to eat their food with me, it's such great quality and tastes amazing. Their staff is also so nice and helpful. It's a fun visit every time! Thank you for being a safe food option.

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