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REVIEWS OF Angel Food Bakery & Coffee Bar IN Minnesota

Maggie Snyder

We went with Angel Food to cater our wedding and it was amazing. We had a dessert bar (I'm not much of a traditional cake person) and I cannot tell you how many people complimented us on the desserts. All the desserts were unique and looked as perfect as an Instagram post — as well as being totally delicious!

John Zanussi

this is a top tier bakery in the twin cities area! pros: that pb& chocolate cup cake is to die for my favorite filled donuts in the cities great staff! great selection donut for every flavor the only negative was that i wanted to eat the display donuts! and some of the more classic flavors of donuts could use a little more love.

terry pernsteiner

The daughter of the Hells Kitchen’s owns Angel Food Bakery and hence the crazy creativity! Eye candy and tummy candy!!!

Sandro Schlauri

Friendly staff. Extremely good coffee and donuts!! Small bakery where you can see them baking the donuts.

Amanda Collins

The donuts here were out of this world!

iNdiA_ Daws0n

One of the best, if not the best, bakeries in the city.

B Gilbert

Banana chocolate chip scone was moist with lots of chips and not too sweet - excellent. Espresso was just ok, not what you'd expect from specialty coffee shop. Five gluten free options this day. Bar seating inside overlooking bakery operations is kinda neat while enjoying your coffee and baked goods.

Shevon Quijano

We had a fun time here! The donuts were creative and tasty.

N Gar

Great spot for treats, coming from Chicago I had better but like Mollys.

Tony Rabiola

Top notch must have downtown pastries. TRY THE BREAD PUDDING

Natalie Duck Bullard

While visiting the Minneapolis airport, my son and I treated ourselves to a fresh baked donut, but little did I know what wonderful customer service we would experience. We ordered our donuts and sat down at the counter to enjoy them and to watch the gentleman who was icing the fresh donuts. After a minute, he asked my son what kind he was eating and he said with a smile, “I’m going to make you a fresh one.” My son’s face lit up as he dipped a warm donut in maple icing and then drizzled it with warm chocolate. His thoughtful gesture left a lasting impression. I hope his manager sees this review and can thank him on our behalf. June 28, 2018 at the airport location 9am.

Kara McFee

Ordered a cake online, picked out a really cute well decorated cake based off a picture on their website and when I got home the cake looked so bad. Nothing like the picture on the website. I paid a lot of money for that cake so I’m very upset it turned out this bad. Won’t go back their again.


The prices are sort of high and the staff is apathetic 40 percent of the time, at least in my experience. Out of 10 visits, I was ignored when staff was available or not even greeted for so long I walked out without spending any money. Their treats are tasty tho. Their logo design is fantastic. They should have some evening hours they close so early. That is their biggest downside in my eyes.

Billy Oduory

Great doughnuts


I've tried most donut locations in downtown and this place does it best. Yes, they are more expensive than some other bakeries, but the quality of ingredients and creativity behind their creations show. Easily worth 10-15 minute detours to stop in.

kasey vanderpool

I placed an online ordered 46.5 hours in advance by accident t. Instead of calling to confirm the time (48 hour minimum) they canceled my order the next day when there wasn’t enough time to get a cake. When I called the bakery they didn’t offer any resolution except to go elsewhere. Poor customer service and a general lack of concern for their consumers.

Molly Heldt

A disappointment today. I came to look at the rainbow cake model today to see if I want to order it and get some donuts. But there is nothing much out here and Customer service wasn’t very polite.

Cris Green

The bday donuts are darling and were a hit for my daughters donut themed party

Richard Novy

Great bakery!


Don’t even bother making “gluten free” if you’re not going to care enough to at least have a dedicated fryer and space, that’s just a huge slap in the face to people who actually can’t eat it and you’re just going to cause people with celiac to keep eating it thinking it’s safe being labeled “gluten free” and causing them to get unbearably ill. If you’re going to advertise that you include “gluten free” then at least educate yourselves enough to know that you can’t make something gluten free in the same damn fryer as everything else that will immediately make someone with celiac disease sick.


Angel food catered our wedding and they did an amazing job. My number in guests dropped and there was still hardly and dessert left. I was complimented by almost all my guest on how amazing our mini dessert buffet was. If you want something fun and delicious for your wedding desserts this is the place to go!!

Sydney Stein

I absolutely LOVE the vegan offerings here. These people are great bakers. However, I just wish they had the vegan options more than 3 days a week, because they almost ALWAYS sell out or the two or 3 options they have. I would go here almost daily if this changed and a bigger selection was added. Being that they have perfected their vegan donuts, scones, and cookies, anyone who tried them would not be able to tell the difference, which is why I'm surprised they don't have more vegan items available, and on a daily basis. I really hope they consider this in the future and advertise this well. There are a LOT of vegans downtown that many businesses are missing from their customer base for reasons like this.

James McGaughey

This place is appropriately located right above Hells Kitchen. If you like donuts, this is a must visit. And the coffee is pretty good too. They have donut letters, so you can purchase Happy Birthday in individual donuts instead of a cake. This place is way better than and chain store.

Hanahh Eggum

Amazing treats and local coffee! The owner was so kind and took the time to explain the different items and the ingredients in them. Will definitely be back!

Jamie Carlson

DO NOT USE THIS BAKERY IF YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE LESS THEN 100 GUEST. They will NOT give you a cake testing. My fiance and I's guest list for our wedding has 75 guest and they wont offer a tasting before booking! I don't know about you, but this is 1 life event I am not going to wing.

iliketo eatandtravel

Very good donut! Not too sweet.

Lisa Barth

An outstanding amount of treats to feed your sweet toungue. Fantastic quality and you can watch the bakers at work. Yum!

Rebecca Schulz

Angel Food Bakery prepared a variety of lovely desserts for our wedding this past weekend - from the beautiful presentation to the delicious taste, everything about our wedding dessert bar was an absolute hit! Included in our dessert bar was a variety of flavors of mini cupcakes, donuts, brownie bites, cookies & a donut cake for our cake cutting pictures! Angel Food managed delivering all of the desserts & dessert platters to our reception venue and even set everything up day of! We worked with Chris from AFB and he was extremely easy to communicate with and provided really great recommendations for us throughout the process. I would highly recommend Angel Food Bakery for any engaged couple looking to have a unique dessert offering at your wedding with a variety of yummy options for your guests!

Shawnie Marie

Coolest bakery around and it taste delicious

Dexter Lanning

Took my girlfriend to angel food before work on Valentine's day because they always have a great assortment of baked goods and we live close and visit quite often. All they had was boring donuts and boring cupcakes. I guess the goal is to increase margins on the holiday, but I'll never go back again. We spent $9 on the most genetic baked goods I've ever had from a bakery. Enjoy the $9 because we'll never give another dime to this place.

Corey Hinkle

Everything we had was very good. Delicious donuts and decent coffee. The biggest issue I had with this place was everyone seemed incredibly irritated by us being there. The initial guy seemed irritated by everything we ordered, and no one in the place had a smile. Don't know if something happened that soured the mood in the place, but the atmosphere was not great.

Molly Walker

We hired Angel Food to do the cake and desserts for our wedding in October. Chris was amazing to work with! We had a selection of their mini desserts (donuts, cupcakes, parfaits) and everyone was raving about how delicious they were. The only thing I am disappointed about is that I wasn't able to taste any! By the time I got to the dessert table, everything was gone. Our personal cake was fabulous. It looked and tasted fantastic. My husband and I couldn't agree on a flavor so we had a two tier cake, each tier a different flavor. After our initial order, my husband decided he didn't want a cake, just a giant donut. I emailed Chris and we surprised him with a giant donut cake to accompany our actual wedding cake. I highly recommend hiring Chris and Angel Food to do any event you are hosting.

Paul Sharp

Angel food bakery is amazing

Natália Böhm

The cupcakes are good, but costumer service were kind a rude, we will not be back that’s for sure.

T.J. Irizarry

Amazing doughnuts! Like heaven on a plate. The salted caramel is the answer to your prayers.

Will Matthews

I love this place. Best donuts in the downtown zone, and I can't say enough great things about their products. They have gluten free options that don't taste like wet paste, and their wide variety of donuts will sure to offer something for everyone. Decent coffee selection as well to complete your morning routine

Ivy Deierling

I work in the same building as Angel Food and usually love their stuff! Specially their soft pretzels. I get to work pretty early and I know that they don't put the pretzels out until a little later. Today I got the opportunity to go on break and run over there. I ordered the specialty soft pretzel (and a glazed donut for my boyfriend, his favourite). I realized when I requested them that I had forgotten my card upstairs and excused myself and told him I'd be right back. I got back to work and got caught up in a couple of calls so I sent my boyfriend back maybe 10 minutes later with my card and they had totally sold out of the pretzels! I LOVE their product, everything is so cute and I love watching them bake while I wait but today, that really sucked! Wish they could have put one of those aside since I said I would be right back. I'll be back, trust me, but I've experienced them selling out of those pretzels fast in the past before, so maybe up-ing their numbers?

Terri House

We ordered the ‘Happy Birthday’ doughnuts for our October birthdays. We live across the country and had them shipped, they arrived perfectly intact and wrapped for a beautiful presentation. The doughnuts themselves were a huge hit, and the birthday people loved their unique ‘Cake’. I would highly recommend and will definitely be ordering again!


Good donuts and decent coffee. Will be back to try some other things.

Paige Latham Didora

Excellent pastries and very good coffee. They're primarily a production bakery so customer service is off at times. That being said, it is improving as of late. Definitely worth a stop.

Becky J

We stopped by in the airport location on 6/10/19 at 8:40pm, and the worker wouldn't serve us. He said they were closed. Thought the place didn't close until 9pm. Doors were still open. He was really rude and we were of course disappointed. I'm sure the donuts would have been delicious though. Just disappointed in the service! ****************** Update - the owner reached out and sincerely apologized and made the situation correct. I will definitely give them a try and support the family-run business. Hopefully just an off night or a bad day for the worker there when myself and my family tried before.

SisterSmiley Vibes

Just GO. Staff could have been more courteous..any where else I would have knocked off a star, but here the quality of treats AND coffee is A++ so...

Evan Keil

General manager was very rude from the first interaction and also was very rude to her staff members as well. Would not recommend!

Eve Adams

I so wanted to love this place. I've had co-worker raving about how good they are. I was underwhelmed. I ordered 6 different doughnuts and was really only impressed with 1, peppermint bark. As for the basic glazed I prefer Krispy Kreme at half the cost and fresh from the oven. They all tasted slightly dry. It was a weekend morning I don't know if that had anything to do with it, but I will try them again. Second time around: Much better experience than the first time. The crueller is soooo good. That alone made the visit worth it. I also tried their cookies, and cupcakes, both winners.

Jessica Peterson

Best Bakery! Their stuff is the best I have ever had.

Jerica George

Placed an order online for dounuts and they were ready on time. They make it easy to navigate the ordering/pickup process. It's busy on the weekends but they have a separate entrance for pickup orders so you don't have to wait. I would highly recommend them for speciality orders!

Justin Kottom

The most AMAZING CRUELLERS I have ever had!! MUST TRY! (Insider Tip- If you get a pretzel, make sure you get the Cheese Sauce when they offer it... Thank me later!)

Lon Koenig

A little on the "fancy" end, but outstanding cupcakes and doughnuts. Super friendly staff.

Howard Simms

Angel Food Bakery is a cute location with very good cookies and doughnuts. The staff is friendly and helpful, and I was positively impressed by all of the options they had for a small storefront. Note that Angel Food shares an entrance with Hell's Kitchen, just turn left to go to the bakery once you enter the door on 9th St.

Arunkumar Pillai

Amazing donuts and pretzels. I liked being immersed in the bakery

treet reads

Donuts were very pretty and unique. They aren't anything special in the taste department. The coffee and other goodies are a fun experience to share with friends.

Al Thomas

Very friendly staff and tasty food at a good price

Alice McCallister

Best Bourbon Bread Pudding loaf EVER. So many delicious looking things I wanted to try.

Susan Pfordresher

We enjoyed amazingly delicious donuts for my daughter's baby shower. They can spell out what ever you wish. Clever idea!

Mel Jewell

Amazing bakery, pretty much loved everything I ever tried here, and the only thing I ever had I wasn't fond of, I pretty much never like anywhere and took a gamble with. So that's on me.

Carrie Bina

Appreciate the gluten free options, great customer service.

Ryan Schamp

I am not much for donuts. I am posting for my wife and kids. They make me go to this bakery every time we come to the Cities.

Lynnette Muhich

This place is pretty cool. The donuts are great, but the pretzels are Amazing!

Michael Wright

Donuts and pastries are fresh and tasty. Unique shapes and sizes. The workers were polite and friendly. Kid friendly as well.

Julia S

I’ve been here a few times and always enjoy my experience. The vibe of the place is just so neat (especially since it’s next to hell’s kitchen) and they’re always fast and friendly. Great food too! I got my partner the “I love you” donuts last year for valentine’s day and they were a hit.

marianne satinsky

So many different flavor combinations made it hard to choose!

Bethany Pautsch

Tried this place with my niece. I was nervous it would be crazy expensive but the prices are in line with other high end bakeries in the area. We went at 3pm on Saturday and they were out of donuts. We got two delicious cupcakes and hot cocoa. The staff was very kind and clearly passionate about baking. My niece loves baking so had fun learning from them.

Humberto Sanchez

One of the best bakeries in Minneapolis

Daniel Lano

Delicious, but no apple pastries available in the morning! I liked the unique options, just don't forget traditional flavors.

Aileen Conway

Super disappointing customer service. I attempted to order gluten-free cupcakes and was told that the cut off for getting them had passed by four minutes, and they were not willing to make any exceptions. I understand needing prep time for food that has dietary restrictions, but I’m not sure how much difference four minutes makes. It does lose customers, though.

Sydney Beaulieu

Either your photos are extremely photoshopped or you guys don’t know what you’re doing but our cake doesn’t look like the photos nor was the right sprinkles used.


I'm sure their food is delicious, but I wouldn't know because when I tried to place an order online, it gave me pickup dates through 6 weeks ago. When I called to place the order, I got hung up on once, then multiple no answers. On Facebook they claimed to fix the issue I pointed out with the website, but it was no longer 48 hours notice by then so they cancelled my order even though the timing was due to their issues. (Wanted it at the end of Sat, order FINALLY placed Fri am after attempts on Wed & Thurs.)

Paul Indergaard

Awesome donuts and friendly staff. Everyone was smiling. I highly recommend them. The cakes looked really good too.


Disappointed with the "happy birthday" donuts. Looked fun and yummy, but it was extremely dry. I've had better donuts from the local supermarket.

Nick Shearer

Some of the best donuts in town. Good coffee too! My favorite is probably the special pretzel with beer cheese. Well worth stoping in if you are in downtown :-)

Casey Jensen

Fantastic place to get coffee and sweets! Spent at least an hour there just hanging out and watching them bake.

Ben Craig

What idiotic policy this place has. Never heard of a bakery that won't let you preorder their cupcakes in whatever amounts you want. We wanted 2 of these, 2 of those, 1 of that, 1 of them, preordered well within their deadline. Nope, they don't allow it. You have to order at least six of every kind of cupcake. How stupid. If you don't want our business on that, you don't want our business ever. We'll stick with Dorothy Ann Bakery, thanks—delicious goods, made to order, as they should be.

Kate Gahlbeck

Great cupcakes. Try the salted caramel ones!

Jake Boxer

The doughnuts are really really good. However, they start at around $2.50 per and they sell out within a few hours of opening in the morning. In my opinion, it's definitely worth getting up early to make sure you can get them.

Nick Turner

This place is awesome! When you find it, there's a sense that you've found a hidden gem of a bakery, and it totally is a gem. I love the selection of their bakery items, and all of them that I've tried have been superb. The coffee selection has also been great. I'll definitely be returning again soon.

Amara Chambers

Went on a Saturday morning to get doughnuts. We got there right after they opened, and there wasn't any line. The case was beautiful and there were a lot of flavors to choose from. The icing was amazing and had a great flavor, not as cloying as some places, and I like the vanilla cake doughnut. The chocolate cake-style doughnuts were too dry and dense for my taste. I will go back another time and try something different.

Amanda Frederick

We ordered mini donuts, cookie dough brownie bar bites, and an assortment of cookies for our wedding! So yummy!! We got tons of compliments from guests on the variety. They even had vegan and gluten free options. Chris was great to work with! They forgot to send the platter displays but luckily we had backups. Everything worked out great!

Marie Adrian

I work with Angel Food Bakery every week in my job at Industrious (a shared office where we provide these delicious treats!) They are so easy to work with and our members LOVE their donuts and scones. We get a fresh delivery on time, every time, twice per week. They make holidays, celebrations and special days effortless, by customizing without the need to ask. We LOVE Angel Food Bakery!

Thomas Bohmbach, Jr.

Dangerous if you're avoiding sugar and happiness.

Rachel Herr

These donuts. I don’t know if it’s possible to accurately say how delicious they are. The best selection and every component is made so thoughtfully! Would highly, highly recommend!

Adam Levy

Angel Food Bakery & Coffee Bar is a delicious downtown institution right above Hells Kitchen (also a delicious downtown institution). After walking by several times staring in the windows at the delicious looking concoctions and smelling the delicacies, I stopped by to purchase several. The selection was incredible and varied and the displays were inviting. After making my choices I asked about allergy friendly options expecting a polite no instead receiving a tour of the case and all of the relevant selections plus an invitation to taste as well. The staff was very friendly and I really enjoyed the music selections playing to boot.

Kate R

Been here twice. While the donuts look fun, neither myself nor my family thought they were as full of flavor as expected. Also, both times I've been there I've seen fruit flies.


Got three donuts to try for my first time there all are overly sweet but not in a good way. Two were dry and tasted days old the other tasted moist but compote had no flavor. Was refreshing in a way because no sweetness overload. Rude disinterested customer service. Excellent place to waste money.

Barbara Sinkowitz

A very friendly place . A women named Maggie was so polite and helpful !! Wasn't sure what to get and she helped me pick out the best things !!

David S

Open kitchen, see them bake while you pick out your pastry, fun!

Mark Dighton

Great, inventive selection. Fun staff. Top notch service. I wish they'd open one in NYC, but it wouldn't be as nice probably.


Some of the best donuts around, many varieties. The cakes are out of this world, so good never buying another cake from any other bakery.

The good the bad and the truth!

Donuts are nice and airy and fluffy. Got the strawberry shortcake cupcake too. Good price and cute atmosphere.

Tina Mruz

My sister, (in from FL) is gluten free, and found this bakery online, ordered donuts and cupcakes for my surprise birthday party. Half of the cupcakes were gluten free. Donuts and cupcakes are dry, fell apart. Variety of flavors were the only thing good. The next day ended up throwing most of the leftovers away, because they were even more dry and hard.

what you gonna do?

Great bakery!! Really tasty food

Amazin MissLadiiFoFo

Its okay pretzels fiire

Eric Majerus

It's a shame they don't sell coffee anymore, because they had the best cappuccino downtown. I did enjoy my donut overall, but I don't have such a sweet tooth anymore. I understand their prices are steep for being from scratch, but being my donut was 5 dollars it's more of a special occasion type place. But without espresso to accompany it, I probably won't venture back.

Steven Bibro

Excellent service! Great cake and cup cakes! Ordered for my wife's birthday and they certainly didn't disappoint.

Ashley Hogan

We hired Angel Food Bakery for our wedding dessert and they did an amazing job! Chris was so nice to work with and quick to respond to questions. They delivered and set-up a beautiful donut display with the prettiest cake stands. Everyone commented on how good they were and they even set aside a small box for us to take home at the end of our wedding. Nice touch!

Marian Lou

Amazing! Beautiful bakery treats you can't pass up!

Lauren Riley

You can't go wrong with anything here! Donuts and pretzels are my favorites.

jadvik 24

Purchased a cake for my birthday. Frosting was ok but the cake had the consistency of playdough and the taste was very chalky. I could have saved $60.00 and had a better tasting Betty Crocker cake! This place gets great reviews but the baker must have been hung over when this disaster was created! Would never order a cake from here again.

Jennifer Brodsky

Angel Food Bakery catered our dessert table for our wedding....Everything was beautiful and our guests were amazed at the variety of desserts (mini donuts, mini parfaits, mini cupcakes), and they threw in a cutting cake so we had a cake to cut... ....Prices are more than reasonable for the amount and choices of desserts you can choose from... Other places we're going to charge MORE then Angel Food did for our ENTIRE dessert bar, just for a two tiered wedding cake! We'll definitely be useing them again and we tell anyone that will listen all about! :)

Rachel Engebretson

Short and sweet: Angel Food Bakery was incredible for our wedding day! We did a dessert table with a small cake, cupcakes and donuts, and everything was phenomenal. Beyond the delicious treats, the team at Angel Food was organized, detail-oriented, and responsive throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend them to anyone, whether they are just looking for a bakery for a quick fix, birthday cake, or a large event. The picture should speak for itself!

Meghan Buck

LOVE working with Angel Food Bakery! Delicious and beautiful desserts for any occasion- highly recommend for your next event/special occasion, you will love them!

Anna DeSalvo

Angel Food was so easy to work with and lived up to their advice that planning and arranging your desserts should be the funnest part of the wedding! They were so accommodating and helpful, and the desserts were delicious (so we hear, they were gone by the time we got to the dessert table!) We absolutely recommend them!

LPS liv

Wow. Quickly has become a weekend tradition to visit. Best donuts ever. Their version of a cronut is the best. Highly suggest you visit at least once!

white girl in a crowd

i placed a fairly large order a couple of days in advance and everything was ready by my chosen pick-up time and i received nothing but compliments about the donuts and cupcakes! would highly recommend, especially if you're looking for vegan options.

Noah Patterson

I don’t know about the regular doughnuts, but the gluten free doughnuts are perfect! Seriously!! They have a good amount of options too. You have to come in the morning before they’re sold out though. By the afternoon they are normally all gone. That’s how good they are! The coffee is also good for the price.

David and Christine Frank

I would have left this review 20 minutes earlier if it weren't for those delicious delicious donuts. OMG. Go to this bakery and find happiness.


This place is by far my favorite spot in Minneapolis for sweet treats! Donuts, cupcakes, you can’t go wrong. Website is super easy to navigate and order from. Great service too - highly recommend!!

Glydewell Burdick

We went with them for our wedding - the planning process was slow due to the busy season and a no-phone policy which we found frustrating. However, they were thorough in attending to our questions and concerns and we were excited to have all the novel flavors at the big event! Their setup was lovely and as advertised (they asked us to give a 1-hour window for the setup; it made us a bit nervous that 15 minutes into the window we hadn't seen them, but they finished in plenty of time) - it was great to see all the kids gathered around the cupcakes and donuts figuring out which flavors they wanted. I'm glad we went with them, and would do so again!

Karl Anderson

Awesome setting/decor- you can sort of sit in the middle of their bakery and watch them work. Staff was upbeat and friendly- took time to patiently answer my kid's questions about their equipment.

M Reaves

Excellent bakery with plenty of variety. The staff are dedicated and focused on turning out a tasty product from quality ingredients. The crueller is a classic for sure. And the pretzels are large and equally flavorful and not too bready. Great flavor with a doughy and airy texture. The prices are reasonable as well. I wish this bakery was walking distance from my house!

Felipe Bombonato

The entire staff at angel food was IN.CRE.DI.BLE!!!!!! They helped me out a great great deal as they helped with my fiance's 30th birthday! Very very happy they are terrific. Thank you so so so sooooo much again. Will tell all my friends haha

Tiffany Wollum

Great cupcakes and donuts.

Mia Lopez

Can I please live here ? omg this place is perfect, everything is so delicious!

Mia Tabor

Amazing gluten free donuts, and their vegan options are great too! Vanilla glazed and pink lemonade are my personal favorite

Gahbow Geke

Expensive but oh soooooo worth will want to eat these doughnuts before you die!!! And hell is paved with good intentions


I really love this place. My family only gets donuts once a year and this place never disappoints. All their donuts are fantastic. The food always looks just as good as it tastes too. It’s a little pricier than most bakeries but it’s well worth it.

Nathan Majewski

great coffee drinks and fantastic donuts


Interesting donut flavors and peace coffee. Not really any seating except the tables in the skyway which are kind of awkward and not private. More of a take out shop.

Radar .V

I was expecting some variety of vegan options, but there was only one thing and it did not look appealing. The tea was ok though.

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