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REVIEWS OF Amy's Cupcake Shoppe IN Minnesota

Eric Rindahl


Tali Sandel

Deb Koreen


Abby Zuhlsdorf

Awesome shoppe downtown Hopkins! Great location, with even better cupcakes! I got the salted caramel cupcake and it is awesome! The customer service made the experience great! Will definitely be going back!

Julie Green

I like the decorations of the shop but l brought 4 cupcakes two weeks ago , as soon as l got in my home



Pat Vannelli

Brett Harvey

Inga Tsimakuridze

Augusta Lane

Yum! We had a wonderful time. Service is ok but cupcakes are GF and yummy. Worth a visit!


Olivia Johnson

Being dairy and gluten free is extremely challenging when wanting a treat or eating out. Amy's cupcake shoppe has fantastic vegan and gluten free cupcake options! I like the different assortments they offer on a rotating basis, but the coconut was definitely my favorite! Lemon was a close second.

Jenny Olson

The best bakery. I get all my sweets and treats all here!

Emily A

Raspberry Macaroon is absolutely DELICIOUS! The peanut butter sandwich is also wonderful! The macaroons are gorgeous (check out that picture)!

Jess Ehm

Good dessert options.

Brian Viengthong

Grand opening! Delicious cupcakes and macaroons. Great for family and adventures. Atmosphere is modern and clean.

Shad Heffernan

Jeff Solheim

Great cupcakes, awesome selection of macaroons!

Samantha Rae

Jordan Graen

Delicious cupcakes in a fresh, clean environment! What a fun shop to start (or end with!) the downtown Hopkins strip!

Brad Rolling

Kenyon Barnette

Sweetly delicious!

Sam Ebbing

My friend's mom brought us some cupcakes today for lunch and they were amazing! I had the Red Velvet Cupcake and there was a coffee bean on top and it was amazing!! Can't wait to try other flavors!

margaret leutbounshou

Very sweet !! Awesome cupcakes!!

Martin Jarosinski

Nathaniel Merrill

Saturday morning cinnamon rolls from here are awesome

Lee Tschetter

Wonderful treats, lots of options, try the macaroons!

Colleen Kokesh

The store is great and the staff very good, but the cupcakes were not good. Very dry and the frosting was not tasty at all. Very disappointed.

marie storer

After hearing all the hype on this place, I was very excited to try it. The environment is cute and friendly, however, I do not think the cupcakes live up to the hype. In my personal opinion, the cupcakes I received were somewhat dry and the salted caramel tasted more closely to a butterscotch flavoring. All in all, nothing about the cupcakes really stood out.

Alison Johnson

Went on a Saturday afternoon after seeing a production at Stages. I placed an order and was told they'd be closing at 3pm. I asked what time it was at that moment she said 2:45. We sat and ate the cupcakes. The cupcakes we're dry as they'd been out all day and the staff was rude for shooing us out even before they closed. It's a cute shop in a cute town but lacking customer service and a quality product.

Josey Stafford

Amy has such a kind and loving heart, a grand personality and the kind of tastebuds you want in a baker! I honestly am NOT a sweets person, I know it's an abnormality, BUT I LOVE AMY'S. It's like the only place I will give my money to in exchange for sweets. My personal faves: #wafflewednesday , the peanut butter cookie sandwich (YUMMMM!) and of course her cupcakes! I seriously don't like chocolate that much, but my fave is chocolate. Her shop is like a trendy cafe but with a kids imagination station (see chalkboard wall). That means ALL ages will enjoy the atmosphere of her shop, and there will be zero complaints of hunger! *photo by my pal Ashley Elwill!

Geena Brown

Fantastic cupcakes! Nice place to stop after eating in Hopkins.

Krista Meyers

Such a cute space!!! Love their cupcakes and their coffee!

Mike Barlow

Great cakes......


Best chocolate cupcakes I’ve ever had!! They’re so delicious!

Brian Lloyd

Rhiannon Hadler

Woman who helped us was amazingly sweet and the cupcakes are amazingly delicious! Such a cute place and great atmosphere

Kelly Preese

worth the drive

Annika B

I go here twice a week to get a vegan cupcake and read. It's my favorite weekly tradition, and I can't help but spend every off-day thinking about it. The staff are all very helpful when it comes to questions and recommendations. If I were to tell you my favorites, I would have to say the strawberry rhubarb and funfetti. Honestly, they're the best vegan (and gluten-free!) cupcakes I've ever had the chance to eat, and by that I mean they taste delicious and... normal. The shop itself is adorable, and even offers a mini play area for little kids. Check it out next time you're in downtown Hopkins. You won't be disappointed.

Andrew Ransavage

Marjorie Triden

Mitchell Greene


Cute place but I wasn't a huge fan of the cupcakes.

Mackenzie Neamonitis

We had Amy's Shoppe do our wedding cake and it was delicious! They were so easy and wonderful to work with and the cake was beautiful! Thanks to Amy and her whole team!

Charlotte Johnson

Hazel Wilson

Love the macarons! Everything tastes great here!

Eugene Wolter


Jeff Davidson

Shawn Kilian

My girlfriend loved the 6 double chocolate cupcakes they delivered to her job on Valentine's Day! The packaging it came in was really well done too. Love the presentation and service. Will order again for sure.

Emily Washburn

Amy and Jen were awesome to work with. The cupcakes, macrons, and cake for our wedding were delicious and the display was perfect!! Not only do they offer a great variety of flavors but are willing to accommodate any changes that we had! Thank you for helping make the wedding day perfect!!

Ali Chellen

William Konway

Adam Knoke

Liz Diaz

Needs work

Donna Wills

John Freeman

Amazing cupcakes

Rachel Modrow

So yummy. Great prices too.

Abigail Barnier

I cannot express how amazing this place truly is! The macarons are out of this world AMAZING! The cupcakes are also very good. I took a class here once and it was so fun and helpful. Amy and here staff are all so kind and very creative! I am even on a first name basis with on of the bakers. The atmosphere is so sweet! I love the colors and decor! Always great selection. There is even vegan and gluten free options. They occasionally have fun events. I once order a cake and it was above and beyond my expectations!!! Overall this place is so AWESOME!

Savannah Zemlicka

Desiree Hartman

I want to start by thanking Amy's for making us an allergy friendly wedding cake. It was very good and we really appreciate them making us something for our big day. However, we had some hiccups along the way and also on our wedding day. Let's start with the tasting. Everything went perfect we were very pleased with the business and knew that we wanted them to do our wedding cake. We picked our flavors and we made our deposit. Closer to the wedding I reached out to the bakery to finalize some things and they had no record of the flavors that we chose and there was some confusion over the deposit that we left. At the tasting they said they were going to supply a cake stand, that will come into play later. My mother came to town over the summer and I wanted her to try the cake so we stopped in the shop one day to just get a cupcake. There was some cupcakes that were labeled allergy-friendly and I asked the girl at the front desk if they were soy-free. She said she didn't know and she just left it at that. I thought that was really weird because the Bakers are right in the back.. I really didn't see a reason why she couldn't go and ask if they were soy free of not. If they were soy free I could have bought a bunch of them. The bakery told us our deposit is due at the end of August however at the end of August we didn't get an invoice so I called the bakery to pay. It took a little while for them to figure out my bill but they sent me the invoice and I paid it. Not a week later did I get a new invoice from someone else as if I never paid. the weirdest thing about it was that the new invoice that was sent to me was cheaper so I overpaid on my original invoice. They apologized and refunded me right away. Before the wedding a coordinator said that they would decorate my cake at the venue with my wedding cake topper and flowers. I asked beforehand if I needed to bring those items to the bakery and they said no they would decorate the cake at my venue. I told them I would leave the decor in the kitchen and when they brought it in they could decorate it then. I'm so glad I checked our cake before our wedding started because I found it completely blank. They didn't put any of the decor that I left them so me and a bridesmaid had to decorate it really quick. Also as I mentioned earlier at the tasting they said we would have a cake stand but no cake stand was left with the cake. Thank God we brought our own because I had an Inkling that something like this might happen. My final thoughts on Amy cupcakes is that their Bakers are phenomenal however their staff is very subpar. I want to leave Amy's a good review because I love the way our cake tasted but customer service was just not that good. I hope that they take this feedback and tighten up their staff. I feel like Amy's has a potential of being a fantastic Bakery for weddings however after our experience I probably would not recommend them right off the bat. I hope they continue to grow in a positive direction and acquire a well-educated staff that are versed in all of their products and billing. Best wishes

Roxie Trevino

David Monson

Love this place. Great food and great people.

Michael Betz

Michael Calhoun

She made me an excellent cappuccino

caitlyn botts

Most delicious cupcakes I've ever had!

Ryan Wiese


Kevin McIntyre

Rich, but pricy. The vegan cupcake was disappointing, the regular ones were dense, rich, and the frosting practically a confection on its own.

Kasey Gratz

Made my beautiful wedding cake and now they've turned my favorite meal into the best treat. The Taco Treats are, I'm not kidding you guys, TO DIE FOR. They specially made me some for my girls night and this could not have been a better idea. Absolutely worth the 45 min trip out in Friday night traffic. Such wonderful people, I love giving them my business. Thanks again for another killer treat Amys!!

Heidi Larson

Very helpful staff!! Great products!

Rosa Gibson

Christopher Scanlon

Amy's goes above and beyond every chance they get! We have ordered cookies as well as cookie dough for resident events and they have been amazing to work with, flexible and just good people to work with. Oh, and of course everything has tasted amazing!

Victoria K.

Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe is very dreamy! I loved the atmosphere of the shoppe. However, both my husband and I did not like our cupcakes. There was no taste to them other than pure butter. I ended up taking off the frosting all together because it tasted so bad. It was our first time, so maybe we just got a couple from a bad batch. I really wanted to like this place.. but I was dissapointed that I could say Target’s bakery has cupcakes that are signifigantly better in taste, texture and moisture.

Ihavethepower 2Bgreat

Super delicious CupCakes.

Cody Lohse

My wife and I took the Macaroon baking class and it was super easy and fun. Jen made the experience simple and the macaroons turned out great.

Danielle Tschida

Audrey Foss

Really creative and different everytime. They made the cupcakes for our wedding and they were magical!

Nicole Vöpel

Best cupcakes in town.

Paul Fanberg

This is the greatest cupcake place I've ever been to. Everyone is so nice. The food was incredible. The prices are better than you find at other high-end pastry shops. Highly recommend - and I'm fat so you can trust my opinion on cupcakes! ;-)

Jean paul Paquette

I was not here

Amber Shaw

I am a baking enthusiast, and after a difficult appointment i decided to give this place a try. HOLY CATS I AM GLAD I DID. The cake was delicious, but the frosting was absolute perfection. It is light and fluffy and not overly sweet. (I hate when there are mounds of hard, thick and overly sweet icing though) plus the cake to frosting ratio was spot on which is very important. The gentleman that was working was very pleasant as well! All in all, this place is a new favorite!

Elizabeth Bergner

I was so disappointed when I went to Amy’s cupcake shoppe in southdale this afternoon for a few macarons. They were so dry, hard, and crumbled in my hands. I couldn’t even bite into them all the way. I thought maybe it was just a misfortune with one of them but I tried to bite into all 4 and they were all the same. I’m hoping it was just a fluke this one time, because I’ve seen very good reviews! It was a cute place though, and the carrot cupcake I picked up looks good!

Jesse Seterstrom

This was a cool little place.

Tracey B

Adorable space! Coffee was delicious, gluten free cupcakes and macrons with interesting flavors and very friendly and attentive personnel. Highly recommend checking this place out. I will certainly be back...nom nom nom.

Manisha Chainani


Bridget Cousins


Absolutely adorable shop with great and unique flavors of everything they sell! And the staff are all super kind and caring :)

Thomas Bohmbach, Jr.

Josh Dobbins

Great atmosphere and friendly workers. Excellent variety of delicious cupcakes

Lindsey McDD

Keith Jackson

Heidi Schreifels

First visit, little dry, and expensive.

Tamara Ullmer

Yummy cupcakes. Cant wait ti try those macaroons

Ricky DeMello

Amy's amazing, the staff is amazing and the served deliciousness is famzing!!

Sarah Morrison Olson

We had he best time taking their macaron class!

Patricia Farrell

Tiah Colacci

They have wonderful gluten free/vegan cupcakes!

Midwest Racing Channel

Phenomenal tasting desserts! TOP NOTCH!!!

Gregg Severson


Matthew Brumfield

Great cupcakes! The macaroons were amazing.

Brooke Davis

kimberly stiele

Breadth of products amazing. Gluten free vegan Amy's has even done keto cakes for me incredible

Angela Greenhalge

Love this place!

David Ott

We hired Amy's for our wedding cake, and it was amazing! Our tasting was very pleasant, it didn't feel rushed at all, they presented us with lots of options for a great price! They had an option for delivery, but we picked it up since our wedding was so far away. We went with a cute two-tiered cake with rosettes of a purple to white gradient. Flavors were lemon and chai and it was to die for!! They also made us a gluten-free cupcake for my cousin in the party, which she loved! It was moist and soft, everything I could have asked for. Personally, I'm not a big cake person, but it was phenomenal! The entire party was asking who made it. Would definitely hire again!

Andrew Sean

Amy's is an adorable little shop filled with delicious pastries, ranging from delicate and fluffy macarons to decadent cupcakes, both available in a range of flavors. We ordered a box of the macarons and ate them following our lunch - they were PERFECTLY prepared, each bite filled with flavor and texture, the center filled with a unique core, from caramel to berry compote. I would highly recommend a visit to Amy's if you are in the area.

Ed Minnesota

Cupcakes were good, not special.

bro and sis all day

I love Amy's cupcakes they are SO good.

Lisa Veenstra

This place is really cute and friendly. I got cupcakes and macarons. The salted caramel cupcake and the Samoa and raspberry macarons were my favorites. I'll definitely be back to try more flavors!

Carlos Cristobal

Anna Dapper

The frosting on the cupcakes recently changed from buttercream to some inferior fat. I won't be back. It's not the same quality, despite the prices remaining the same.

Jeannine Marie

One word: DELICIOUS!!!!!!! Highly recommend! So good!

Sweden Torgerud

I tried this place for the first time last week. Amy and her staff were very friendly and helpful! I tried the passion fruit jalapeño cupcake and while the cake was a little on the dry side, I was surprised to find that the flavour itself was delicious! Definitely coming here again.

Caroline Rose

I am a macaron snob and wow. These were amazing! I would say they are the best in the metro! On top of it Amy the owner was so nice and such a hostess. I felt like I was visiting her house for coffee and treats! Yum yum yum. Can't wait to go back and try the cupcakes next!

Diana Estrada

Ponch Leutbounshou

Very sweet but awesome !!!

Nikki Daly-Moller

Emily Arvold

Stephen Lauricella

Very nice place. Excellent baked goods.

Tyson Schnitker

This is the best bakery we've ever found. We have hired them to make us custom 3D cake designs, and they hit it out of the park! The Belgian Liege waffles can't be beat, and the other sweets are amazing as well. Friendly smiles by all the employees. We love Amy's!!

Carissa Lynn

Super cute and amazing cupcakes! It's great for bringing toddlers too, the play space is perfect.

Brandon Lauer


Kathryn Poirier

Very cute place. There are tables and a small kids area, however it isn't incredibly conducive for actually allowing your kids to play and not disrupt others eating there. The cookie sammie's are delicious.

Andrew Freeburg

Great cupcakes!

Dan Wagner

The frosting on my cupcake was like an awesome explosion in my mouth

Brittany McBeath

Cute as can be, great service, and lovely cupcakes!

Karin H.

Mary Lauricella

Delicious macarons!

Rachael Studer

Amy was so helpful and quick to respond from my very first email. She was the only cupcake shop in the cities I was able to find who would make me just 2 cupcakes for a gender reveal and within 24 hours! In fact, the bakery had the cupcakes pre-made before I arrived and able to fill them within 5 minutes! I would highly recommend Amy's Cupcake Shoppe- the cupcakes were delicious and the service was all around outstanding. I can't wait to work with them in the future!!

Allison Strand

Amy and her family are all so welcoming and wonderful. Her treats are second to none. Best cupcake shoppe in Minneapolis area hands down.

jasiu raczynski

Awesome. I ordered what I would consider a pretty complicated custom cupcake (chocolate chip cookie dough cake, cookie dough frosting, and a cookie on top) and they absolutely crushed it. Best cupcake I've ever had. Then I had one of their chocolate salted caramel cupcakes, that tied for the best cupcake I've ever had. So good.

Laura Glass

Cutest little shop! (: I highly recommend. The man that helped me was very friendly and also very useful. He told me about earning stars and made my iced coffee wonderfully (I used to work for cbou, very impressed!) My cupcake was also super delicious and amazing!

Melody Hall

I had the opportunity to work with Amy's Cupcake Shoppe in a Preppy & Plaid themed bridal shower/styled shoot last week and everything turned out to be perfect! I shared our Pinterest board with Amy for inspiration and the day of the shoot, let's just say she NAILED IT! The cake was colorful, fun and fit our theme PERFECTLY. Amy - thank you so much for being part of the styled shoot! We will forever recommend you an can't wait to work with you in the near future! xo, Melody (Events by Melody)

Faisal Khan

Paul Newman

Alicia Miller

I had Amy's Cupcake Shoppe do my bridesmaids proposals - 6 macaroons per box that read 'Will you be my bridesmaid?'. From start to finish, Amy was fantastic to work with! She got back to me so quickly, was so kind, and I felt like she was truly invested in the outcome of my project - even though I'm sure in the grand scheme of their business, it was a very small one! I picked up my macaroons this morning (also getting a few for myself, of course) and I was so impressed with how they turned out. They were also incredibly affordable! Much, much cheaper than any of the other shops I looked into. So so happy with my decision to go with Amy's Cupcake Shoppe and I will most definitely be a loyal customer going forward!

Jason Hochstein

Lara Dietrich

Amy makes delicious cupcakes and a fantastic latte. Her shop is very bright and welcoming.

Mia Tabor

Amazing gf and vegan cupcakes, very fluffy and amazing flavors!

Grant Mourning

Chocolate cupcake: it tasted artificial not a good quality chocolate.

Kara Olson

What an adorable cupcake shop! I recently did a little Christmas market at Amy's cupcake shoppe and it was so fun! Her cupcakes and cakes are AMAZING! Can't wait to go back.

Judi Berry

Laura Pini-Fay

Sandra Haviland

Andrew Vomhof

I've been here many times, and I always leave in awe of the time and talent that goes into making the flavors and textures for each pastry. Amy is a wizard!

Ashley Nielsen

BEST. CUPCAKES. EVER. I got Lemon Chiffon for my employees baby shower and WOW! They were a huge hit! I will for sure be going back to Amy's!

Nneka Eke

I like this place. The desserts taste good and always adding new flavors and dessert items. We have used them for a couple birthday parties. Only thing I'd suggest is an actual order form and not email since the bakers/designers don't read the original emails. Details can be easily missed this way. Order form might be better communication so there's less errors, especially when it is a special and important occasion/event. Cake was good for our last event. We did have a fondant elephant that easily broke starting with its trunk before our event. We had to be creative to fix it but still a good a cake.

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