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REVIEWS OF A Baker's Wife's Pastry Shop IN Minnesota

Sue Falldin

I have thought about going in for a long time but can never find a close parking place until today. I had high expectations and while the roll was so so the cookies were good. Will try again.

Mike B

Donuts are very very good. The new owners looked like they were going to hit cupcakes hard but it seems they backed off a bit. They were better when kept under the heat lamps. They were more crunchy then.

Andrea Kiepe

I think their doughnuts are excellent; clearly the best cake doughnuts in Minneapolis. I am less impressed by their other baked goods, which are a bit bland. Service is always very friendly and helpful. Strongly recommend this place if you need a large amount of food for a potluck or party. A huge box of doughnuts is reasonably priced and immensely popular for events.

Mary Goldsberry-Troyer

Amazing chocolate and almond croissants!! They are just as good as you can find in my favorite French bakeries, seriously. The donuts are equally fabulous. This is probably my favorite bakery in Minneapolis. Also, they accept cards now.

Heather Peebles

Rushed here after work to buy some pastries for a friends birthday and arrived 20 mins before close. Person at counter did not greet me or say anything after I said hello, didn't turn off or down music talking about having sex, and rushed me out the door. Frustrated because I've been wanting to try their goods for so long and support a local bakery.

Dj Quick

Decent selection, but good donuts

Evan Trimble

Delicious cake doughnuts and solid cookies

Ayalew Abate

Excellent customer service and very reasonable price.

Peter Heeringa

Hard to beat cake doughnuts for 56 cents. While it is a new owner they're doing their best to live up to this local icon. Plenty of choice desserts but I come back again and again to the doughnuts. That said, if you're vegan or gluten free you're gonna have a hard time selecting anything that works for you outside of coffee.

peter grasse

Stopped on my ride for a maplenut pastry and chocolate croissant. Outstanding!

Arianna Cormier

Amazing donuts, highly recommend the tea cake donut since it’ll blow your mind

Greg M

Just moved to South Minneapolis in October, absolutely love this place ! Doughnuts are amazing! If you like min doughnuts at the state fair you have to try the State Fair doughnut! Its amazing!!! Prices are spot on! This place is a South Minne treasure!!

Edsel Tattooer

Just freaking great if you have a chance go!

A Brink

First time here, so we tried a sampling. Awesome chocolate croissants and cup cakes. Extraordinary donuts and Russian tea cookies. Butter flake rolls actually have real butter, we served them a meal with friends they loved them and asked for the source. So much more to try. This will be my "go to" bakery....even though I live in SW suburban area. Definitely worth the drive. Will be back for more! P.S. No credit cards taken here, come prepared.

Amber Bushinger

They’re wonderful.

Erika Staub

Things aren't as good now that there is new management. Donuts are less fresh, no longer offering nice loaves of bread and the ham and cheese croissant changed. Still fine if you need to bring baked goods to an event or work.

Caleb Zimmermann

Love supporting small local businesses. This is a great bakery! I have heard there is a local competition between A Baker's Wife and Mel-O-Glaze. They are both great. So if you haven't checked out this place yet - do it! The Tea Cakes are great.

Tom Carlson

I've been a huge fan of Baker's Wife since I moved into the neighborhood about 3 years ago. The cake donuts were really a work of art. So perfectly fried, light and airy. I would frequently rave about them and when I brought them into work someone actually said "this has changed my opinion of what a cake donut can be." I've been back a few times since the ownership has changed and I'm sad to report that the quality of the cake donuts has changed as well. I read that the recipes are still the same, but there's just no way that they're being cooked the same way or with the same skill that they had been before. The donuts that I've tried since seem very dense or almost doughy. Your donuts had been a true hidden gem of South Minneapolis but it seems like since the change happened they are borderline generic cake donuts. I don't want to be too negative, I know there might be a bit of an adjustment period. This store did only a couple types of donuts but they were perfect. I'm hoping that as the transition smooths out those same recipes really do shine through. Maybe scale back on the extra flavors until you've got the classics mastered.

Clarissa Rice

It’s definitely changed. Major bummer. Tea cakes aren’t the same and we have come for more than 10 years.

Pete Cronen

Hands down, The Best Cinnamon Donuts I have ever had !!!

Aesha Graffunder

I live A Bakers Wife. I go there practically every day. Everything is so delicious and the staff are wonderful as well. I love their donuts.

Samuel Goertz

Nice place! Hours are 6am to 7pm and they do take credit card!

Brigid Mary O'Connor

My first go-to bakery in Minneapolis! Just amazing place for pastries, especially Sunday mornings with coffee and the NYTimes. Great service. The small store belies the quick service!!! Old-home, family feel. A great experience to be had by all!!!

Beth S Hilliard

Cherry turnovers are the best I've ever tasted. The almond croissant is also a favorite.

Ian Dees

Really good bakery. The cookies and donuts are delicious, especially when they are fresh. Note that they accept credit cards but have a $5 minimum for credit transactions.

Emma Jorstad

The best cake donuts in the Twin Cities!

Kathy Ward

Amazing selection of baked goods. Difficult to choose. Friendly staff.


Loved the donuts!!!

Kathryn Allen

Went here for a snack with with my husband and son. Very awesome old school bakery. The pastries were delicious and very traditional, also extremely cheap. There were nice tables outside, and some inside, but there wouldn't really be a place to sit in the winter. The place is CASH ONLY. But the cashier was extremely nice and allowed us to still have what we ordered even though we were $1.75 short.

Evans Lovdahl

I ended getting a coconut cake that hardly even had any coconut and didn’t even taste of coconut. It was covered by baking paper so you couldn’t see what was inside. It literally was just a cake with cream layers and coconut sprinkled on top. I took one bite and couldn’t eat the rest. Extremely disappointed.

Leah McDowell

Everything is great but I love the ham&cheese croissants and the American tea cakes are great!

Patricia Klucas

Great pastries!

David Koplos

Such great pastries! I often get the ham and cheese croissant.

Elizabeth Duel

Baker’s Wife did our cutting cake. Most of the places I looked at were insanely expensive for a simple two-tiered cutting cake. We were not looking for anything fancy, so the quotes I had been receiving were way outside of our desired …

Doug Hunter

I came in for a loaf of bread, then I saw the Russian Tea cake that was the size of my first. Tasty products, helpful staff, nice location with lots of street parking.


This place makes good stuff. I was upset today when I got a tea cake and a fresh fruit danish and the girl put the danish sideways in the bag with the tea cake. It smushed the berries and I was bringing it home as a gift. The cupcake my …

Iris Rodgers

Second time visiting. Donuts for Thanksgiving morning! Delicious as always. They have a great variety of donuts and other baked goods---lemon squares, cookies and cakes and pies.

Joni Helmer

If it weren't such tough parking, I'd be there every time I visit cities. But I try every time. Made it last time & ya'll had no Moon Pies! Please bring back. I dream of those babies! But, it is a place of dreams if U are into home-made sweets!

Julia Quehl

How have I lived in south Minneapolis for 3 years and have never been here? The donuts and pastries are sooooo good and priced reasonably. If you haven't visited, what are you waiting for?!

Bryan Strang

Even after years I'm still in awe of this place. Not everything is transformatively great, but eventually you will find something that you will think about the rest of your life. But then they won't have it the next time you go back for it and you'll have to find something else. And you will!

Brianna Elliott

I typically don’t like donuts, but these I love! My favorite Sunday morning treat!

Marian Walton

Fresh donuts very tasty. Best in South Minneapolis!

Jaime Meyer

This place is fantastic! Just try to leave this shop without 2 bags, I dare you! Every time I am here, I lose myself in the bakery case "I'll take one of that, and those, and don't forget these". The cake donuts are superb, you can't leave without one of each kind. It is small and the line is medium to out the door early on the weekends, but the help is quick and you can drool over the bakery case while you wait. Cash only.

Fitz Smith

Not as good as it used to be, but still pretty great!

Zach Weaver

Stop here from time to time before I go to my office near by. Donuts are great!

Trena Larson

The cake looked amazing and was super super delicious only thing I did not like was they didnt have a box but enough to fit the cake! Not a bad problem to have when you're hungry!

Alissa Haws

Old school bakery. My grandparents owned a bakery growing up and I really appreciate that there are places that still focus on the old time donuts, not on fancy flashy frostings or decorations. I love all kinds of bakeries but particularly this type of classic bakery.

A Kuhnamatata

Tea cakes are rad! They were out of the cinnamon sugar cake doughnuts that are great.

Metessa B

Great pastries! Love the ham and cheese croissants.

Ariel Rosenberg

Old fashioned bakery. I go there for Mankato bar and American tea cake. A lot of options to choose from once you get there.

Rick Hammond

Great bakery! They have fair prices for their bakery goods. I drive from Minnetonka to buy delectable treats.

Jennifer Supler

Cute little bakery with drinks and snacks. Took some to go! Yum!

Alona McCreary

The tea cakes are a dream, and the donuts were voted the best in the office donut potluck!

Reed Saunders

Best cake donuts in Minneapolis! Perfectly crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Everything I’ve tried from here has been great, especially the American tea cake. And such reasonable prices!

Lisa M

Never again, used to LOVE the old Bakers Wife. I wanted to love Bakers Wife under new ownership but after multiple chances and what just happened I am done. Rude staff (not all) and couldn't care less about customer service. Multiple times my order has been wrong and I have traveled back to the shop to pick up the correct items, no apology from them for this. The pastries are nowhere near the quality they once were, dry, no fruit etc. yet cost more money. At 7.30 am they only have half the items ready, the rest are still being baked in the back, what the heck? The final straw came when they served coffee to my husband so hot that the cup collapsed and burnt his leg and thigh causing second degree burns.

angela e

Its gone down hill since the new owners. Hardly any breads, at least 4 things we used to buy they don't make anymore, and donuts aren't as good. Only upside is they take credit cards now.

John Ridenour

First rate pastry and friendly staff!

Benjamin Smethurst

Great donuts and the tea cake was really good too. I like this shop better than Glam Doll.

Marilyn Phelps

I ordered a cake for a baby shower a month in advance. The cakes are quite pricey here. I asked for the design book, the woman and man behind the counter said there wasn't one - didn't I know? A Baker's Wife is famous for sending out creative design cakes - if I just put it's for a baby shower and "be creative" on the order form, I would get something fabulous back. This is what they gave me - no designs at all, just some cake toppers stuck in it, and the words I had ordered "Welcome Little One!". I am crying now - I seriously wish I had gone to WalMart or Cub. Whatever reputation they had in the past, it is completely ill-deserved now.

Tom Madsen

Best bakery in south Minneapolis. Excellent donuts - try the "State Fair" donut. Great spot to bike to on Saturday morning. Seating available outside.

Tim Grimes

Not the same. I used to go here and knew this place since my childhood. It just got sold to new owners. Most if not ALL recipes changed. Some stuff still might look like it used to but it isn't. Sour cherry cream cheese Danish was …

Brett Gerspach

What a great little gem! Everything here is done from scratch by a great staff. Their signature doughnuts are excellent and very cheap, but they also have a great rotating selection of other items. The maple pecan danish might be the best sweet treat I’ve ever had!

Jennifer Graff

The donuts are so, so good!

Patricia MacDonell

Something has changed here... The tea cakes are too dry and crumbly (need more butter?) and the old BEST EVER eaten cake donuts aren't that perfect crisp on the outside and soft on the inside anymore...they're okay, but not great like they used to be........

Yousef Alshahawi

best donuts and cookies in the city


Good-bye old friend. Baker's Wife used to be such a delicious favorite. Sometimes change can be really good, but in this case, it is not. Recently I went in the morning and they had lemon-lime donuts? Banana? But were out of staples and old classics like chocolate and cherry sugar. Plus, the donuts were dry and tasted off. New ownership has ruined a good thing. Unless things turn around, I don't plan on revisiting very often.

Chaulta D.

Homestyle goodness

James Dickenson

Best and fresh doughnuts in the twins cities

Carla J Magnuson

Old fashioned baked goods. Very yummy!

dan zappa

The best donuts in the cities. And this is from a city worker. Friendly place, great variety and never met a thing there that took more than 2 minutes to eat.

Julian Watkins

Good eats, scrumptious prices. The Cherry danishes don't strike me as made on premises but I'll take their word for it. Tons of donuts, a good selection of cookies and other baked items, and of course bread. It can get crowded though so come ready so squeeze.

Emily Sanders

I was in the Longfellow area one Saturday morning and realized how close I was to this bakery and since I've always wanted to go (I live in the NW metro so am not down here often) I had to stop. I had long read that this is considered one of the best bakeries in Minneapolis and think I agree! Plenty of delicious-looking and fresh pastries. Not too many people inside and the service was quick and friendly. We got a nutella croissant, pan au chocolate, almond croissant, raspberry danish and one snickerdoodle cookie. Everything was buttery, flakey and warm. The nutella was gooey, the pan au was very good, I did wish the almond croissant had more almond filling in it but it was still excellent, the snickerdoodle was the perfect cross between crispy and chewy and cinnamony but I think the favorite was the danish - it was so so delicious! Would I go back? Absolutely!

keely _cn

Love it here. Friendly quick staff. Portions are huge tasty classics for a really reasonable price. You need the mankato buttercake. They take cards now with a $5 minimum! It used to be cash only. Also, they make the ice cubes for the iced coffee out of coffee. Genius. No watery cold press at the bottom of your cup.

Noah Nelson

Such an underrated donut shop! In my opinion best in Minneapolis

treet reads

Donuts ae still amazing. Lost a star because the quality of other baked goods have declined. I really hope the bakers get better as time goes on.

Adam Dunn

Best baked goods around! Ham and cheese croissant is everything

Jacquelyn Libby

Amazing birthday cakes!

Jessica Staples

Best baked goods. My favorite are the teacakes.

Melinda Walters

I like the old world style pastry. And they have giant cookies that are awesome

Seth Stratton

This bakery does the basics the best!!!! It is the same quality without the pretension of patisserie 46.

River Finn

Love this bakery. The cookies are a religious experience and the American Tea Cakes are a whole new category of tasty. Arteries be warned!

Angela Mertz

Donuts, cookies, pastries...friendly service, super duper affordable

Joshua Kaminski

You need to spend over 5 dollars for credit card. Shop is super affordable and quaint. Neat little spot. Kid friendly. Working class friendly.

Carol Gitau

Good bake goods

Tom Johnson

Cheap and delicious. When I die, bury me in cinnamon sugar donuts and american tea cakes.

Anthony Lane

2 donuts and a giant cookie the size of your child’s face for $3.05? Yeah, they got that. And the donuts are phenomenal.

Bj H

Love those filled croissants with either ham and cheese or spinach and feta (?). I stop by every time I'm in the neighborhood.

Calob Miller

Great little doughnut shop with great treats of other variation, really nice employees


Everything was the bomb!!! Make sure to try the American tea cakes, they're really good. Don't walk in here if you don't want to be tempted to buy everything (which we pretty much did). Came all the way up from Northfield per a recommendation on our trip to Ikea. Really awesome stuff and friendly, accommodating (one cut a tea cake up for us to eat/share on the way out) staff!

Janet Rivera

I am disappointed. Went early morning to get coffee cake, they sold me a stale old coffee cake. If they are old they should not sell them or tell customers. The cost is $10 and ended in the trash. They knew that was old. Not all the time you have time to go back and make a return.

Tom Carlstrom

A rare find. I never post 5 star reviews. This place deserves it.

Chris Thompson

Best donuts and pastries in Minneapolis!

Harold Collier

Great donuts. Friendly service

Steve Rheingans

Tea Cake is amazing, helpful staff, cozy neighborhood place with average prices ❤️ Full service bakery.

Brent Bauman

Hands down best bakery in Minneapolis probably all of Minnesota. The American tea cakes are amazing particularly when they have come right out of the fryer. Also try their ham and cheese croissant or bacon and cheese scone. Try anything really!!! Keep it up Baker’s Wife!

Kellie Riley

The smell when you walk in is amazing! The staff are kind and helpful. We love the cake donuts and everything we have tried. The birthday cakes are so cute! Highly recommended :)

Rita Pollard

So disappointed with the old grease taste of doughnuts. Not what I was expecting after driving 20 miles to your establishment! Time to change the grease before the smell is carried home on customers clothing!! Gross! Sad new owners took over and doesn't know when to change out the nasty grease.

Tom W

The best croissants in town. The almond ones are like heaven. The cherry danish are also great. The crust is perfectly flaky and the fillings are really flavorful and not cloyingly sweet

Donita Jackson

Beautiful and clean little pastry shop. Cake, donuts, cookies and rolls warm and fresh from the oven. The baked goods are so delicious here, you will never want to even look at Cub Foods or gas station bakery goods again. Even fresher and more delish than Costco( which is excellent) with a more unique selection to choose from.

Jonathan Johnson

Cute little bakery

Chris Bryant

Local bake shop. Of ny selections i can't say i was very impressed. I dont want to take away from what they do im simply saying my products left me wanting

Jennie Skancke

Our very favorite bakery. The ham and cheese croissants are sort of a hidden gem. The stars are the cake donuts just like my great grandma from Norway used to make. It's dangerous living by A Bakers Wife! They now have good coffee and an easier ordering area.

Michael Freeman

I haven't gone to a bakery that didn't have Boston creams before. I don't even know what to say.MEL-O-GLAZE bakery was the next one I googled oh, now that's a good bakery you getting more than what you paid for happy person behind the counter and a nice wide open environment what a beautiful place I will not even waste my time going back to this location.

Yen Dang

Lovely lovely bakery with good selection. Only gripe I have is that I came in early one day with a friend who knew all of the bakery items including something called an American tea cake...but every time I go there, it is unadvertised. The most bomb ass pastry is hiding (but available) and new customers don't know about it because it's not advertised and out in the open. Otherwise, great bakery.

Dan Nilsson

Super good crossaint filled with Nutella!

Mitch Bossart

Best donuts in Minneapolis; they're so fresh they are still crispy.

Asa Morral

Very friendly group of people. Pastries were a solid 8.5

Sarah Zambrano

We absolutely love this bakery. We live about a half an hour away and the trip is totally worth it! Hot ham and cheese croissants, donuts, danishes, I’ve never tried something there that I didn’t like!

Lauren Beck Stutzman

Absolutely love their cake donuts, and the tea cakes are surprisingly delicious!

Peter Rusk

Best donuts in town

David Schmitter

Fresh, delicious, friendly staff

Attic Man

Excellent pastries, good prices. Took away for 4 tea cakes and 2 apple danishes. Fresh and moist and staff was very friendly. Make sure to say hi to the baker's wife!

Chris Overmoe

Wonderful staff. Fantastic pastries. Would recommend.

Rochelle Ratzloff

Love it.... after discovering them would never go anywhere else!!

Carolina Margaria

It was ok, the croissants were great but the bread and tea cakes were worse than Walmart.

James Broom Schweitzer

Previously would have given this place 5 stars, but ever since new ownership took over, the quality has dropped and prices increased; not the direction you want to see an old favorite go. Pastries are still good if they are fresh but it seems hot or miss on if they are or not. Definitely going way less than we use to.

Valerie F. Jones

Delicious as always! Get the American teacake!

Sheila R

This Bakery is high I just don't understand why has all these reviews that are good. I wasn't impressed and they don't have like fluffy Donuts like glazed donuts.

Dave Rosen

Outstanding and delicious. Excellent in every way as a neighborhood staple!

Peder Swendsrud

Amazing pastries and donuts. The prices are great as well. Haven't found anything I haven't liked yet.

Colin Dunn

My favorite bakery in Minneapolis. Their American tea cakes are amazing! Good donuts, croissants and cookies as well.

Jayson Rowan

Drove 30 minutes, and passed many other donut shops just to eat here. Same great taste every time. Very affordable, very delicious, and always has many options without having crazy flavors. State fair, and chocolate covered cake donuts are THE BEST!

Anwer Alkuhaly

Cheap pastry and the taste is amazing. You've gotta give it a try.

Michael Nelson

One of the better bakeries around! The American Tea Cake is amazing!

Neil Bratney

Best pastry esp croissants anywhere in twin cities. Cheerful service

Miguel d'Escoto

Excellent donuts. All cake donuts and so good. Real hidden gem is Morning Glory. Flakey, buttery and sweet.

Erycka Thesing

Best donuts ever! Super friendly staff and great service! A must go to if you haven’t been.

Adam Rondeau

I haven't had much other than the Ham and Cheese croissant, but that experience alone, on several different occasions, earns this place 5 stars in my opinion.

Phillip McWilliams

Fun place to have some exceptional donuts and pastry.

Jared Wick

The maple doughnut is everything I need on a Sunday morning.

reed reimer

Perhaps the best bakery in the Twin Cities! The donuts are a study in simplicity, and consistent. You don't need more than what they're selling. And for those who are looking for something you can't find anywhere else... try the American …

Alexandria Rick

Love this place! They have the best donuts in town at the best prices. Super friendly staff who are really helpful and efficient. They also accept credit cards now which just gives me another reason to go back!

Joel Stegner

Under previous ownership, rated 6 stars. Have become much more basic and desert oriented. No long will make a special trip.

Ray Wu

Awesome baked goods at reasonable prices. The freshly daily made cake doughnuts and properly flaky croissants that I've sampled were fantastic. Please note the minimum charge of $5 for credit cards.

Anthony Ung

Everything here seems to reflect an old-school heritage of the original neighborhood and owners. The pastries and baked goods are delicious any time of day. Black coffee is solid and quite strong, not just an afterthought so don't judge a book... Prices are low and very reasonable.

Abhishek Srivastava

Amazing baked goods. Loved the simple and nondescript nature of the shop. Recommendations: Cherry Danish and Chocolate Croissant.

Laura Blasena

Really cute place! And they just posted extended summer hours! They have way more pastries than I remember them having in the past. In my experience, if you want any bread or baguettes you've got to get there early because they'll sell out (because it's awesome!).


Great pastries and donuts!

Tommy Frerking

Go for breakfast and get a ham and cheese sandwich! The meat and cheese is inside a huge, heavenly croissant!

Matt Huston

Top notch donuts at great prices. So many donut places these days sell donuts at absurd prices. Not Baker's Wife. They mostly sell at sub-$1, but are oh so delicious.

Jens Holmboe

The cupcake was good the hot chocolate was horrible. It was hot water with a clump of powder stuck to the bottom. It was very disappointing.

Andy Chrastek

What a great local treasure! Lots of very tasty treats, good coffee, and very friendly staff.

Rose Todaro

I just love it here. After going to Baker’s Wife, I feel happy. Thank you to all the lovely people who work here.

Andrew Iskandar

Recently remodeled, love the fact that they take credit card now! The donuts are awesome and a great deal! I always buy them for my team and they love me when I bring it in in the morning. They do have good muffins and croissants, but I always go in for the donuts!


Fresh baked goods are the best! This place has everything so stop by and pick up all your sweet needs

Paula Lankowski

Best cake donuts in town! Wonderful staff, favorite place on a Saturday morning! And the American tea cake is a must try.. sometimes have to come early to catch it but definitely worth it!

Aaron K.

Junk...absolute junk....don't know what happened used to be glorious! Now it's a total dumpster fire. Just gonna go to DD's!

Lori Benitez Lopez

Favorite place to go every morning for my morning donuts !! Amazing, local and clean!

David Wangensteen

Fantastic cake doughnuts and pastries. My favorite is the cinnamon and sugar cake doughnut.

Danae Bye

Mark Mendel

Chocolate donuts contain fentanyl

Rory Merlino

Very yummy pastries

The Lowe Show

Great cinnamon rolls

Donnie J

Their Apple Danish is the best donut I have ever had in my life. It's a life changing donut.

Susan Olson

Cinnamon sugar donuts are second best donuts I've ever had. They melt in the mouth. Check em out if you like cider donuts and then give Baker's Wife all your money (in 69¢ increments because that's all the donuts cost).

Ethan Harris

I wish I could say that that I couldn't notice a difference since the change in ownership, but A Baker's Wife is a sad shell of what it once was. Limited selection, higher prices, lack of the old charm. Thankfully my donut was *almost* as good as it used to be. One pleasant change is that they now accept credit card purchases (over $5). I may be back, if only for the nostalgia.

David Grambsch

Amazing bakery and now they take credit card! (5$ minimum)

Jeremy Nordling

Absolutely loved the American Tea Cake. So many different textures

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