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REVIEWS OF Zingerman's Bakehouse IN Michigan

Ann Salter

The woman who helped me needs additional Zing training! Maya was grumpy, never smiled, sliced my bread warm, when I questioned she said "i cut it as slow as I could".... And turned a cold shoulder to me. Yikes.... Hard to believe one person can sour my experience. I love Zingerman's and guess I expect 100% customer service. Went back to get a replacement for my sliced gluten mess! Thank you Zingerman's... Retrain this one please.

Ross B

Some of the best bread and snacks I’ve ever had. Definitely in a weird location but they make it easy to find. My favorites are the Parmesan pepper bread and the Buenos Aires brownie. Wish I lived in Ann Arbor so I could stop in all the time!


Austin Hur

Francina Golem

Love it! Especially the scones!!! We get a package sent to us here in Colorado from my SIL in Ann Arbor!

Alex Lee

Definitely enjoyed this place

Swan Lin

Love coming here to pick out things I want to send as care packages to friends and family.

Angus Fan


Marc Tassin

True to form, the bakehouse meets every expectation of high Zingerman's quality in terms of good and service. The place is fantastic, and the prices, while not low, aren't outrageous. A personal favorite are the two Thursday soups: Beer Cheese and Chili. When you order, ask for half-and-half! You'll be hooked!

Higgie Foog

Terrie Ball

Amazing class with great instructors! Yum!

Rob Elliott

Overpriced baked goods, if you're in to that sort of thing.

Melissa Gibney

Michael Paga

What a great hole in the wall! There kind of hidden back in there, but they have really good food!

Jeremy Valentine

Amazing experience at their Bake! classes. Highly Recommend!

Thomas Hafke

Best bread in Mi

Jonathan Brier

Alie DesOrmeaux

I wanted to try one of everything! My chocolate croissant, while very messy, was delicious.

Christopher Henne

Pasties are delicious!

Steve Holden

Alicia Curley


Kirill Fortygin

Wow! I give out very few 5 star ratings. Zingerman's place blew me away. I have had many pastries In many counties and the pastries at Zingerman's Stand up to the best I have tried. Once you get over maze to get to there location, you will be happily satisfied by there coffee and baked goods.

Bethany Schultz


Hateful name and company

Fun times With Taim

Got one of their sandwiches ( turkey) and mmmm it was so fresh and delicious

Zachary Beland

Sarah Welch

Such delicious bread! Staff was super friendly.

Richard Phillips

Ah, it’s Sunday and they have donuts! Wonderful raised donuts with the darkest chocolate frosting. You can tell their cinnamon rolls ARE really cinnamon! Their croissants are very good too. Overall a very good bakery with a lot of speciality items. Have been going here for years now and will continue when in town from PDX and France.

Lenore Litwin

Best bread ever! The caraway rye is better than any Polish or Jewish bakery I've tried. The challah is light and makes delicious sandwiches. And the staff? They are what makes Zingerman's special.

Ryan Burgeson

OMG, if you need a wedding cake--or any cake--don't bother going anywhere else. Today Jamie almost literally bent over backwards for us with no hesitation and she made me feel straight up special. We had just come from *THE* worst experience I have ever had with any employee of any business (the owner of nearby Big City Small World Bakery on Miller) and Jamie was so unquestionably nice that I legit almost cried. Thank you, Jamie--you saved the day!

MI Wholesale

Got a chocolate b day cake. The cake was very dry, the frosting was just overly sugary. Overall the taste (if u could choke it down) was just sugar. Just get a cheap cake from Meijer. This was such a disappointment. Yuck

Michael Perry

Best bread in town.

Mikki Moscara

Fresh breads, great service, and options! The chicken salad sandwich was incredible and fairly priced. I also really enjoyed the stuffed blueberry cupcake. Highly recommended bakery/deli.

Jose Roman

Michael Hubbard

Karen Perez

Their ham and cheese croissant is to die for. Lots of day old breads available at 35% off too, and they're delicious.

John Hritz

Stuart Chuang

Susan Knoche

We have received numerous baked goods from Zingermans as gifts from friends over the past two years. Unfortunately, each item has been consistently dry and awful tasting. My husband and I can easily bake something at home that tastes better- even standard grocery store bought baked goods have been better. We have found Zingermans to be just a lot of hype.

Jocelyn Wilder

First time I have ever been so disappointed with my Zingerman's experience. I use the catering for several events I plan. Until yesterday I have always been happy. I stopped by on my way home to grab cupcakes for my daughter that I had promised that am. Upon getting them home, my husband found a whole fly underneath the fondant flower on the icing when he removed it as he hates fondant. Also, the vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting was terrible. Frosting was rock hard and the cupcake so dry it crumbled and fell all over as I bit into it. Maybe sitting on the shelf to many days??? Very sad for this experience zing train....the fly was not cool at all. There's no way the baker could have missed him before applying the flower decor.

Kevin P Huls

Fabulous people I had a wonderful time

Jocelyn Granger

This was my first time coming here and it won’t be my last. I received the best customer service on the phone and I am sad I forgot the name of the woman handling my phone call but she assisted me very well and answered all of my questions. Also, I received the best customer service in-store as well! I was very shy and confused since it was my first time in the bakery and Brandon made me feel more than welcome. He was extremely nice and helpful! This is a very nice establishment and I will be coming here often. - Joy

Jammey Lewis

Best bread anywhere. The creamery may me into an early grave, I just can't stop eating the gelato.

Sugy Ghang



Jay Malahi

betty gjesdal

I would highly recommend Zingerman's baking classes. While they may seem a little bit pricey, you need to consider the great goods you take home with you. I took a four hour Hungarian baking class and went home with a double sheet of one of their famous cakes, a baked loaf of bread and dough to bake still another loaf at home. I learned a great deal and it helped my confidence in making my own bread at home and cake at home. You also get a free drink and pastry next door at the shop while on your class break. So worth it!

Joshua Naramore

Gwen Brown

Caroll Brown

Great place for coffee, desserts, cookies, cakes, bread, sandwiches, gelato, etc! The staff is so very helpful. I recommend them highly!


Good bread. The cakes (especially the yule logs) were all right, but somewhat over-priced.

Carol Kruse

Jessica Flood

K. Parks

They have great fresh baked goods along with sandwiches & coffee. Definitely better than the chain shops and always a good treat when I'm in the area.

Josh Fearson

Jane Blume

Everything is so fresh staff is friendly.

Maureen Dalton

Kathryn Livingston

My workplace uses Zingerman products to sell to our guests. I am not a fan of the product. Everything is so dry and overbaked, any flavored biscuits or scones or bread is severely lacking in flavor, almost all products are beyond dry (on days we use fresh product even) and to be quite honest being a baker and having worked at a national bakery cafe chain, the products aren’t worth the price that even I pay for them-free. Considering my very small bite of banana nut chocolate chip bread nearly choked me because it was so dry I couldn’t swallow it. The only product that is semi consistently good is the berry pastry, and the only product I would purchase are the sugar cookies decorated with fondant.

Savannah Jarvis

Ryan Gaddy

Went here for a cookie making class. Great teachers as I'm not one to bake. I made three styles of cookies and they were awesome. Besides that you can go into the shoppe and purchase various drinks or snacks.

MICycle Chick

Delicious salad, sandwiches, bread, soup, and more. Everything is delicious here!

aaron finch

Leilani Wong

Amazing bread!

Kyle Fitzpatrick

Brian Rausch

I got a cake here once....

Cory L

Welcome to the Zimmerman's: You probably won't ever experience higher quality food, better atmosphere, and local ingredients all at the same time at a Michigan restaurant. This is Zimmerman's and that's basically how it works. You won't go wrong with stopping here for a good grub that will hug your stomach.

Jim Massey

Jacki O

Katie Barto

We used Zingerman's for my wedding cake and cupcakes! They did amazing. Best part-we live 2 hours away. They delivered in quality, customer service and taste! They handled all the arrangements and got everything to us perfectly! Everyone loved this slice of Ann Arbor! Thank you!!!!

Trooper Long

Their customer service is like no other, and the quality is outstanding. They made Valentine’s Day special with the “Roses cake” (pictured). Everything tastes delicious, and is presented beautifully. Everything here costs more than many bakeries, but you get what you pay for here — and then some. They pay attention to all the details. Zingerman’s Bakehouse puts quality first.

Anthony Oliver

Bread here is the best in Ann arbor

Collin O'Connor

Matt Grocoff

Janet Lyu

LOVE this little warehouse location. bakehouse is right next to their creamery is right next to their cake shop is right next to their coffeehouse is all a big delightful place to spend with friends. or alone. whichever. friendly staff, which is obvious, and you can get everything your heart desires here.

Joshua Person

L &J

Okay, this place is great. Extremely clean, newly renovated with an awesome view into the bakery. And loads of fresh baked, delicious breads, pastries and edibles. Even to-go salads and beverages! Staff is, as you’d expect from Zingerman’s, top-notch, friendly, helpful and responsive. The best customer service in town. So why give 4 stars you say? Firstly, prices are very high-I understand some of why that is the case, but $6.99 for a small loaf seems to be over the top. Second, I’ve tried several of their brick-like brownies and after reading the package, noticed that there are 500 calories in one brownie! (A donut has around 195, just for reference!). The brownie was okay, but I won’t eat another one unless I’m planning on skipping a meal, now that I know how calorie-rich they are. It’s great food, great location, but expect some sticker shock if you’re new to Zingerman’s!

Joshua Murray

Susan Ripple

I Love to cook, and learning to cook new meals and baked goods has been so much fun. I'm really looking forward to the Mexican series this weekend. My favorites are the pecan pie and the blonde brownies.

Will Desrochers

This is a great place to grab a quick bite. There is plenty of seating outside when it is nice, and there is also indoor seating next door when it isn't. They have a variety of sandwiches, salads, and soups. All of which are delicious. It is affordably priced (Especially for zingermans). Plus with the coffee shop and creamery right next it is a great way to get a taste of an Ann Arbor favorite.

YuJu Huang

Great bread and desserts.

Nancy McComb

I love visiting the Bakehouse. The staff are sooooo nice! (Cathy & Dana). Thank you for always making it such a nice experience. Great food too!

Pete Vermeire

Teri M. Seal

Susan Thomas Borland

This was a high light of our trip!! DELICIOUS!!

Tobias MobilUSA

Great Bakery!

Rodion Stolyar


Great delicious breads and I especially love their rugelach's! They also have provided me with quality baking ingredients that are hard to find at a somewhat decent price. I am now able to make a perfect makowiec (a polish cake) and my family loves it as I am the only one to make it since my Grandma passed away years ago with her amazing recipe and baking abilities. Thank you Zingerman's for always providing top notch service and food products! :)

Judith Wismont

Friendly people. Yummy desserts. :)

Brittney Clemons

The Best.

Donna Stabley

We received three loaves of zingerman's bread as a Christmas gift. What a wonderful surprise! We have eaten 2 loaves they are wonderful. We will be ordering ourselves next. We live in Ky. now and appreciate the Michigan blessing.

JB Soleda

Great quality! We visited the bakery in two separate occasions. The first time we bought their lemon curd & meringue tarts along with their pecan raisin bread. It was very good. The second visit we bought tuna sandwiches, cookies,and their chocolate sourdough bread. Again it was delicious! We do not live in the area, but drive thru. We are from Ohio.

sarah Emily

Oh god, what do you say about one of the nations best bakery? Selection is unbelievable, from breads to pastry cakes and pies. Right now I’m in love with the Lemon Cloud pastry, Semolina Bread, and French Eclair. I make the hour drive weekly. Zingermans for President!

Nicole Slaw

If you are looking for baked goods and aren't in downtown Ann Arbor this is an excellent place to stop. You can actually see the bakery and the employees creating amazing baked goods. Staff are helpful and friendly. Prices for Zingermans items are not cheap, but they are well worth the money. Highly recommend the scones!

Dennis Cornwell

They did a fantastic job with our wedding cake and cupcake favors. Not only were both the cake and cupcakes beautiful and delicious, but the staff was extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with as well.

Phillip Park

Always an amazing experience. Cathy in particular is such a positive presence and represents the bakehouse well. Thank you Zingerman’s!

Michael Devine

Excellent quality, great variety of selection. Classic Zingerman delicious-ness. I know, it might not be a word. Shoot me. Not for the faint of wallet (pricey), but life is too short to always be cheap when you buy food. They also have Guernsey milk to wash down whatever you buy. All this, and very personable service, too. VERY.

Lauren Watson

Our firm ordered gift baskets from Zingerman's as thank you gifts for clients. We ordered 12 baskets, each going to different addresses. Zingerman's did all the work and made it easy. We provided them with our corporate logo, thank you message, names and adresses and they took it from there! The whole process was simple and pleasant. Thank you!

Nina Plasencia

Anthony Marcasciano

Mochi Fish

Isaac Cuevas

Suzanne Franklin

Beautiful bakery products. Bought the most gorgeous cheesecake

Isaac Asimov

Richard Smith

Busy place, but the line moves quickly. Friendly staff quickly full your requests.

Rebekah Draves

Wonderful experience. We got our wedding cake and sheet cakes from them, and they tasted amazing!! Wonderful staff, they got exactly what we were looking for in our custom cake, and they delivered it to the venue on time and in one piece. Loved them!

Diana Zhang

Zingerman's Bakehouse is one of my absolute favorite places to get cakes, pastries, bread, and other baked goods. They are always incredibly helpful and they always have great samples of all their products. Everything I have tried at Zingerman's is amazing, but my favorite item is the Eszterházy Torte. I have frequently ordered cakes from their store, and the customer service is always excellent. The staff are incredibly accommodating and will do everything possible to get you what you need--even with last minute orders! They are always friendly and helpful both on the phone and in store. I highly recommend Zingerman's Bakehouse for special occasions, such as birthdays or holidays, or even if you're just in the mood for something sweet.

Beth Aldighieri

Zingerman's provided our delicious and beautiful wedding cake - it was a wonderful experience to create the cake and I'd definitely recommend them to friends/family. From tasting to designing the cake, the staff was courteous and professional, ready with ideas and solutions. And there is not a better cake in the state of Michigan! A ton of flavors to choose from - we ended up with a chocolate (almost fudge/brownie like) cake with layers of salted caramel and dulce de leche frosting, as well as a buttercream cake and almond pound cake... You can't go wrong here!

Jennifer Gaydosh

Amazing baked goods and pastries! I don't know how they did it but they managed to make their Buttermilk cake with raspberry butter cream in the center taste even better!

Donovan Gahm

Constance Kelly

Sandwiches, salads, soups, desserts, bread, pastries, cheese, gelato, cakes, pies, bagles, Zingerman's is the best. Great quality for a reasonable price.

Very Raft

Consistent with the Zingerman theme, the employees were courteous and knowledgeable. We purchased challah and butternut squash soup. The soup was okay (There weren't many vegetarian options in the cooler.), but holy wow was that bread delicious. We (3 people) nearly finished the loaf in one sitting because it was that good. Would recommend, 100%

Timothy Keller

Excellent, friendly staff, a variety of sweets and breads to choose from and I don't think I've ever eaten anything I didn't love. All of the bread is worth eating (it's bread, duh!) and the blondies are the best I think I've ever had.

Steph S

The prices are way to high, if they were made using organic ingredients then I could understand the price being justifiable however the ingredients are non organic thus meaning full of GMO's which is not worth the price they charge for everything! When they use quality ingredients without GMO's then I would for sure give them a 5 star rating. I know for sure that they do not use high quality ingredients that they claim to use because I have been into the bakehouse where everything is made, Quality something they pride themselves on... they need to start using "Quality" ingredients for me to buy again but I am more so disgusted that they price things so high without using organic at least and the owner is far from friendly, just a greedy jerk.

Talea Cottingham

Joe Clark

I bought bagels here and they were stale, and hard as a rock. Sadly we have come here for years and I don't even know what to say... Stale bagels from a bakery? Zingermans Bakehouse?? Wow. How the mighty have fallen.

Emily Antolick

We came to Zingerman’s for a visit during a vacation to Ann Arbor. The bake house is great! We tried many things during our visit ... we came to Zingermans every morning because the first morning was too good not to come back for more. Our favorite was the Obama Bun. A sweet roll smothered in caramel and pecans. Highly recommend Zingermans!!! Once you get your bakery treat head down the side walk to the coffee shop! It does not disappoint.

Det Werheid

By far the best bread in town!

Tim Burch

Kathryn E

Brandon Knox

Bryan Doyon

Great sandwiches on fresh bread but the highlight was the flaky buttery pastries at the end of the meal.

Dave Sullivan

Better to come late in the afternoon when things are coming out of the oven. Tuesday mornings and Wednesday at lunch are good, too.

Keroro G

Amver Foxx

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