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Luan Nguyen

Easily one of my favorite bakeries in town. Everything is delicious with robust flavor. They have day old cupcakes for 1 dollar which is a STEAL. Also, their shakes are fantastic. Get the cookies and cream, you wont be disappointed.

Marie Elenbaas

Jarred Towns

Shakes are so good! We got the unicorn one and it was amazing!!

Angela King

Extremely disappointed! I purchased two cupcakes and both were stale and it seemed as if they were made days prior. I was really looking forward to a sweet treat and was let down.

Karen White

Alex Sekuloski

Eric Mazur

The most gorgeous custom cakes I have ever seen and tasted! Love the staff and the new owner. They are so caring and attentive with their customers.

Kimberly Eisner

Cute little bakery. Milkshakes are AMAZING!

luke voelzke

brandon cleveland

Shaina Selbig

120 delicious raspberry cupcakes for our wedding in June. My absolute favorite of all the bakeries I’ve tried in Lansing. The owner has always been very nice and helpful.

Diana Sarkisian

Yum! The cake was delicious, the frosting was amazing! Thank you! - Diana S.

Scott M

My favorite place to go in Old Town. Shhhh! It might be making me fat to go there too. But I love the cupcakes and brownies! The prices are better than the other bakeries around town too!

Eric Crawshaw

Picked up cupcakes for my son's birthday today, cupcakes were all allergy free GF, NF, Vegan ect. Cake was good frosting was tasty.

Island Ellerby

Had one of their mini cheesecakes and it was mind blowing.

Melanie Drake

rocky her

Saved my debit card for me when I left it there. Kind people.

Tara Brandman

Sharon Morrisett

Art Daggett

A must do every time you're in Lansing.

Wanda Atkinson

We have been looking for a good cupcake place since leaving St. Louis (miss you sooooo much Pint Size Bakery!) This is not the place. Cupcakes taste like they are made from a box and the frosting is WORSE than canned. Best thing about them is they are cheap.

karthik A Srikrishna Swami

Beryl Washington

Malka Kramer

Fresh pastries, cupcakes, and coffee on demand! Love this place so much. I always stop in at least 3 times a week, for a quick snack.

Megan Rice

I was really disappointed with my Whipped Bakery experience. I ordered a cake for Graduation and everything was going great. Then a few weeks before the date I was no longer able to get in contact with the bakery to confirm my order and price. I never heard back from the business and they did not make the cake we had discussed. I was really let down because I have heard such good things about this place. I know the cakes are great, but they really need to work on their customer service, I will not be returning to this business because I need some place more reliable. :(


Bought a half dozen cupcakes that were so stale they had to be at least 2 days old. I tried calling and was told I could receive store credit, hard pass on that. Then I tried taking them back to the store only to be met with "the manager isn't in they have to be here to give you a refund, we'll call you when they're in." Haven't received a call, even if I had doubt that would have gone any where. It's been 2 days since I've bought the cupcakes and their still just sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to get tossed out. If you want 2 day old cupcakes, that would be mediocre at best when eaten fresh, and awful customer service then Whipped is the place to go.

Marco Ricci

Love their pies, wouldn't buy them anywhere else. They remind me of my Grandma's homemade one's back in the day.

Timothy Barnett

An amazing selection of cookies and desserts. Everyone is always friendly, helpful. Very clean and appealing store front. They make Gluten Free, Sugar Free, and even Vegan as long as you order in advance. Dozens of flavors and smell in there is mouth watering.

Dave .Stevens

Loved the cake! Excellent job

Dave S

This place is great. They supply my business with birthday cakes quickly, and accurately. Highly recommend

Robin Montgomery

Christine Kamphuis

I will have to admit I was not all that impressed! The cupcake was dry and they were all way small for $2.75 a piece! Definitely not going back when there are so many options of other cupcake bakery’s.

Rachael Singleton

DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE FOR CAKE ORDERS! I placed an order in two weeks ago for my daughters party later today. When I arrived to pick up my cake, it was completely the wrong cake!! I was told that the person who took the order in was no longer working there although the person who told me was there also. Then they tried to offer me a $20 refund on a $125 order in which I had already paid $67 on. Not once did they offer to do the cake I had actually paid for. Needless to say, it left me with no cake for my daughters party today but I will figure something out. I demanded my full refund back of course. This place has gone down from what I’ve heard or they just didn’t live up to their reputation. I will never go back there again and will recommend whomever I can not to.

Tracy Zimmerman

Table and carpet/floor dirty. Very little inventory. Extremely disappointed. Had dessert elsewhere.

Hannah Rodriguez

This place has delicious cupcakes, cookies, shakes, and cakes. Their cheesecakes are the best. I’ve been here many times and have had no complaints, but my most recent experience ordering a cake was a little ehh. When I ordered the cake, the girl on the phone put me on hold to answer another call and then when she returned a few minutes later she asked “are you all set?” When I hadn’t even told her what kind of cake I wanted yet. She asked if we wanted to be charged half up front and then pay the rest upon pickup and I said yes, but then she charged the full price up front. Also I requested to have the cookie crumbles left off the outside of the cake, and when the cake was picked up they had not honored that request, and it couldn’t be fixed. The cake tasted fine, everything I’ve had from here has been delicious and customer service has always been great but was a little disappointing experience this time around.

Nathan Janssen

Whipped Bakery has the best tasting treats in town and the best prices.

Emily Soto

Darshika Jauhari

I ordered a beehive cake for a bumble bee themed party. The cake was so gorgeous that cutting it was a pain!! And it was hands down the best cake I have had in years!! Thank you guys for making my girl’s day so memorable with the beautiful and yummy cake, smash cake and cupcakes! They added to the decor so well and were appreciated by one and all! Great work

Cary Rusinski

Nothing special, prices are okay

Elisea Martinez

Wow. Is all I can say in the worst way. I’m a person who likes desserts and as I read reviews I wanted to visit this place, big mistake. I called before leaving to make sure they were open and they said they were, I show up to the Washington address as that’s the address that is cross posted, when I seen they were not located here anymore we called again to get their location and they gave directions to their new location, wanting to give them another try after not even mentioning they’ve moved over the phone we went. Driving around frandor looking for their shop we could not located them so we called again for a better understanding they then mentioned their signed says “paw” well how were we supposed to know that? And on top of the false sign they had the doors locked and open sign off when we asked if they were open they said yes. So upon arrival they open the door with very rude hostile attitude and my mom asked for coffee as a compliment of confusion on their part. When this happen rude got VERY ruder and I just said after the cat and mouse race we would take our business elsewhere this lady and other employees DID NOT CARE AT ALL they were SO mean and nasty about the whole situation and when we mentioned we’d be leaving a review they told us they’d be going back and forth with us on the review! Instead of apologizing for the inconvenience of all of their mishaps. Instead of trying to make it better as we drove all over town just trying to check out their business when most people would have left at the Washington doors. This is by far the worst experience I’ve had with bad customer service this lady and her team were downright careless and rude and I will not be back and will also share my experience here with all my other cupcake eating friends.

Michelle Shannon

andrea martyn

Elisa Krause

Cute shop, the milkshakes were a wonderful spectacle!

Charlene French

Brenda Poland

Andrea Albert

Steph Strickling

Keren L

Ordered a cake for a birthday celebration and the quality of the cake was far from fresh. I informed the ladies that I will be picking up the cake on Friday but will not be using the cake for the celebration until the following day, on Saturday. After asking them twice, they assured me that the cake will be fresh and should be for at least a few days to even a week. Well.... the cake was NOT fresh. I will give them some credit regarding the icing which tasted delicious and the look of the cake itself which was well decorated, BUT the cake was extremely dry. It seems as if they baked the cake several days before I even picked it up. Very disappointed!

Jill Fischer

Unfortunately I didn't get to eat any of my wedding cake, but everyone else said it was amazing! Randy decorated it beautifully with our flowers too!

Rubal Sharma

Meyer Levi

5 Stars! Whipped Bakery worked so hard to make our wedding the best day of our life. The cake is one of the most important parts. We booked our cake order a year in advance. They wasted no time planning and perfecting. Thanks for everything!

Laurie Rozek

Amanda gilpatrick

1) Cupcakes and cookies are AMAZING!!!! 2) The owner is such a nice person and helped me out when I was in a bind with needing boxes to transport cupcakes. My favorite bakery out of all the options in Lansing!!

Steve Mathews

Too much sugary things

andy dorr

prem gangadhar

Birthday cake ordered was so hard it felt like eating rocks. Bad choice

Heather Hahn

Jacob Dase

Great milk shakes all hand made. Amazing service with great selection of products.

Robby Sadlak

Great cakes! !

Christi Porter

Diana Arnold

Mark Chamberlin

Christine Peffer

Whipped Bakery catered our cupcakes and sweetheart cake for our recent wedding in Old Town and they were a dream to work with. I was panicked about last minute weather changes in our schedule, but they worked with us to get there at an earlier time and set everything up beautifully. People raved about their cupcakes--we got pumpkin spice, vanilla, and raspberry. They were all so so good!

Courtney Parks

I have had two phenomenal cakes done here and they have been beyond my expectations!!! Randy was soooooo helpful and great to work with!!!

Sally Trout

Products are great, however, it would be helpful if they answered their phone. I'm off to Roma because my call wasn't answered and their message box was full.

Garrett Thayer

Whipped bakery has the best cheesecakes I’ve ever had. Their cupcakes are always moist and fresh and my family enjoys them a lot! The staff are always very friendly and helpful!! I will be there again soon to try some of those mouth watering ice cream shakes!

Albany Richardson

My mother will be celebrating her "60th birthday on Saturday. I tried to order 4 Samoa cupcakes to pick up Saturday. The lady over the phone said I had to have half down on a order that was only $10.60, I don't get paid until Friday and its such a same amount to require half down on. Then she said I could get them out of the showcase. I'm going to be rushing to get pick up my mom for lunch I just need the order to be ready, pay and leave. This would have been my first visit and I'm not at all happy!!!!!!

Debra Haley

Absolutely delicious!!!

Kate Welna

They did a precious gender reveal cake for me. It turned out beautiful and it was moist and delicious!

Boris Goldman

Great selection

Chris Muschong

Elegant. Great cookies

Joe Luczak

Quality naked goods at reasonable prices.

Carly Schneider

This Goddess Evolves

I thought I'd give this Bakery a try because I have a gluten-free intolerance. I went in originally and met with a member of the staff who I'm assuming usually works with customers behind the counter and got some information about the gluten-free cake choices and cost. A couple of days later I called in and placed an order for a birthday cake and gave and chose my flavor and the flavor of my icing and what I wanted the cake to look like awesome. So, on the designated day I go to pick up the cake and I get home for the celebration and open it up and it's absolutely beautiful, however the icing was fondant which I don't like I ordered butter cream, the cake flavor was raspberry, when I made the order I was under the assumption that the flavor of icing was going to be raspberry and the cake was going to be either yellow or white cake. I asked during my ordering process and was told that it would be either yellow or white cake and that the icing would be raspberry. Lastly the cake itself the flavor of the cake was delicious however it was so dry that it was difficult to cut and when plated, crumbled into pieces and fell apart. I was supposed to get a white cake with a raspberry buttercream frosting and I didn't however the decorations of the cake was absolutely beautiful, however the dryness of the cake took away from the overall pleasure of its consumption. Lastly, I didn't care for the attitude of the Baker who gave his partner some grief about finding the cakein thee back, they couldn't find it at first because the name that was taken was wrong. The gentleman with short dark hair that generally helps customers behind the counter was frustrated, pleasantly so that he couldn't find the cake and the individual who is bald and wears glasses is the baker, was very indifferent about him finding it. You might be asking yourself at this point whether or not I called The establishment and complained about my cake? The truth is no I didn't we ended up throwing most of the cake away because it was just so dry, that is when I figured that the cake had not been made fresh that day it had been made prior to me picking the cake up and refrigerated and that could have been one of the culprits that added to the dryness of the cake. Another reason why I didn't complain is if they agreed to make another cake to replace the cake I purchased, I'd have to physically come back to the store and do to me having a physical limitation as in disability, I decided not to, so I just said forget it and I guess we all live and learn.

Travis Post

Lisa Cox

Kelcy McArthur

The owner reprimanded his staff in front of customers and it was a total turn off to me, I'll gladly shop for my cake elsewhere.

Kelly Walsh

Will forever be grateful to Whipped Bakery and the owner Heather, for everything they did for my Wedding. You could not be in more trusting hands!

Erin E

They did an amazing job on our wedding cakes in may.

Francis Kong

I wanted to pick up a birthday cake Sunday, unfortunately it happened to coincide with Mother’s Day. Was told it was fine to pick up on Sunday before noon as they were doing a half day. Totally reasonable. Was called Saturday at 2 pm that I would need to pick up the cake that evening at 7pm. Unfortunately I work until 8, but they extended their hours till 9 pm. They even offered to deliver but I’m 40 mins away. Inconvenient but still manageable. Arrived at 9pm on Saturday and told to wait after driving 40 mins for a cake I was actually supposed to pick up tomorrow but they changed their schedule. That’s fine, everyone’s worked in the service industry knows things happen. Drive back 40 mins to open my parents birthday cake. I’m no baker, but I’ve been in the service industry and I’ve seen enough baking shows to know that’s a rushed job. If you’re gonna make me wait and change my scheduled pick-up at least complete the task at hand. Didn’t cross the t, spreading of the icing (is this contemporary fish scale art?), and the reality vs advertised photo. You don’t have to go the whole 9 yards but can you make it at least 9 inches ? Also, was essentially banana bread with icing. Mouth feel was good and moist but the edges were definitely tough, tough with a high moisture cake to balance I assume. Taste was good, claimed pineapple and banana, but you would be hard pressed to find the pineapple. Tl;dr Look at the reality vs advertised photo

Tony Bartlett

Himanshu Raichandani

Worst customer service. Person at counter was calling owner for every decision and owner was charging 200+ bucks for a simple cake which meijer did it eventually for 21 bucks. If ut would hv 0 stars, i wud hv given that instead!!!!

Michael McDonald

Kathleen Kennedy

We picked up 6 cupcakes, they all looked pretty but after trying 3 different flavors, they all tasted very old, were stale and hard enough to make a loud "thunk" sound when tapped against a table. The girls working had no clue what to do, or how to speak to customers and said they could call the manager when I called the store to tell them the problem. There seems to be bad communication between the manager and the employees because they told her a different story. Heather, the manager, offer 6 cupcakes on the house my next visit. My brother, who paid for the cupcakes, is still upset and doesn't want to try any other cupcakes from Whipped. After going in and asking for a refund, I was told only the manager could make refunds and the ladies working today we're like deer caught in headlights and didn't know what to do. I guess we'll see if Heather contacts me again.

P 2

Always Excellent!

geoffrey mowry

Small selection of average priced cupcakes and other baked goods. All delicious but refridgerated so not the best dine in experience imo. Good coffee.

Geri Jastram

I was so impressed with our 10 year anniversary cake for Geri's Threads, Custom Embroidery!! Whipped Bakery created our celebration invite to the finest detail on the cake. I was expecting just the logo and was very amazed when I saw the cake decorated over the top!! Thank you Whipped Bakery!

Suzanne Nichol

They did my daughters bridal shower cake and it was beautiful and tastes great. Everyone loved it!

Alden Partridge

Charles Poe

Jenna Sherman

John Klembecki

10/22/2018 We ordered our cake many months in advanced after tasting a variety of flavors and making the initial deposit all in the same day (approx. 12 months before our wedding). About 5 months before our wedding we went to the bakery to change the color scheme. They could not find the order. The clerk was going to have the owner, who took our initial order and down payment, give us a call so we could update the color. After 4 days of not hearing a word from the bakery I called them. The owner found the order after a few minutes stating that the order was misplaced into another stack. The color change was made. About one month before our wedding the remaining balance was paid off. I called the bakery 17 days prior to our wedding day just to verify that all details were correct. Then, the Wednesday before our wedding I stopped in to verify once more (I did this with all the vendors assisting us with the wedding). Everything was all set. Whipped Bakery was going to make a delivery in Lansing and then deliver our cake around 3:00. So, now its our wedding day. The 4:00 ceremony is over and the cake has not been delivered. I call the bakery, knowing they were closed but hoping to leave a voicemail. I left a voicemail at 5:18 (cocktail hour has started and dinner is going to begin within 15 minutes). Dinner began at 5:30 and at 5:51 I received a voicemail from the bakery (with the noise I did not hear the phone ring) stating that the delivery time is scheduled for 5:30. The cake never showed up until 6:15. This 4 tiered cake was leaning, did not have enough frosting between the two layers of cake on each level, and they did not put on the cake topper as they stated they would do. The cake was delivered, placed on the table and at least 25% of the guests saw the delivery person hustle out the door before they would have to answer any questions as to why this delivery was so screwed up. I will say that the cake tasted good but Whipped Bakery as left a bad taste in our mouth, the mouths of our guests, and the mouths of the other vendors that assisted with our wedding. They have lost more business than they know.

Lauren Cavanagh

I ordered my wedding cake here and it turned out absolutely stunning! I had a picture of what I wanted it to look like and it was almost identical. My florist left flowers and the cake topper out and everything was put on the cake perfectly. The cake also tasted awesome!!! Highly recommend!

Mike Zawacki

Girl behind the counter was completely ride. Wont return.

Jodie Weber

Daniel Cunningham


We ordered our daughter's birthday cake last minute because our original baker wasn't able to fill our order in time and I was amazed at how accommodating Whipped Bakery was! They truly helped make our daughter's day special with an amazing owl cake and an assortment of delicious cupcakes. Everyone at the party loved them! I'm definitely going to continue to go to this little gem in downtown Lansing for our parties!

Patricia Maldonado

Carrot cake is fantastic

Bretta Overly

The head decorator dawn is amazing! Love the cakes-love the art!

Brian Springett

Great products and friendly.

Jasmine Miller

The cake was old , frosting was hard ! Thought it was supposed to be fresh waste of money

Kyle Cooper

We used whipped for our wedding last August 8/12/2017. We loved them and it was great. Randy was on top of everything and was able to take care of our wedding. At the time he mentioned do not save the top of the cake for our anniversary he said it was gross. He said he would make us our anniversary cake on our one year anniversary. I called today and mentioned they did our wedding last year and I would like a small round cake of what they did for our wedding willing to pay for it. The employee I spoke to informed me they were not taking custom orders as they were booked for 9 weddings this weekend. I was very understanding and said okay I understand I was there. When wedding season slows down (late September early October) would it be okay to call back and ask for our anniversary cake. He then again told me they would no longer be taking “customized” orders. I asked “so it’s not possible for me to call back and get a cake made for our anniversary”. The response that was given again was “we are no longer taking customized orders”. We have referred many friends and family members to whipped after our wedding but this has completely left me in disbelief at the way I was treated today on the phone. I am happy they are busy! I am disappointed in how I was treated today and wanted to share the experience as this is not how me and my wife have been treated all along. I will not be giving them any further business due to the poor customer experience.

Kelly Gmazel

I'm a cookie monster and I love this place.

Elizabeth Wight

I’ve never been disappointed with a cake from Whipped, and the cake we just had was no exception. I ordered the “fruit sensation,” and it was as delicious, as it was beautiful!!

Tom Flammer

Visited twice in the last month on a weekday, only to find that they closed earlier than the hours posted on Google Maps. Don't have the time to keep checking in at your shop to see if you're open or not.

Jade Leon

The absolute best! This power couple can make anything. Thanks so much for making my wedding the best day of my life :)

Jeremy Overbay

Stopped in before the Silver Bells parade and expectations were sorely unmet. I got 2 donuts and 2 cupcakes - the cupcakes were so dense and frosting so cold it was a task to even take a bite. The morning after eating this I got a few 'pastries' from the starbucks in my hotel lobby and those 'pastries' were multiples better than the 2 donuts and cupcast I purchased from this bake good stores. Overall over priced and less than desireable flavor.

Nichole Tompkins

Great specialty cakes!

Gabriel Martin

If heaven had a bakery, Whipped would be the result. Everything in there is so delicious! Also love the new owner, Heather. She is so supportive to her customers! Thanks for everything.

David Klein

Super clean an neat store.. Baked goods we're phenomenal , and flavors we're excellent. Owner is a perfectionist so quality is top notch..

Ana Hornburg

Whipped is hands down the greatest bakery I've ever been to. Not only did they do a beautiful and incredible job on our wedding cake & cupcakes (amazing taste, service, quality, and value), but they were kind enough to make us a beautiful and delicious cake for our anniversary. Randy and his entire team are all very friendly and courteous whenever I go in for the occasional danish/cookie/cupcake. You really can't go wrong with anything here, but I HIGHLY recommend the raspberry cupcakes.

Ashley Jones

My husband and I were getting married in Lansing but didn't know the area very well. We are from Detroit. I contacted every bakery in town and asked loads of questions. Whipped bakery made me feel comfortable and put me at ease. I wanted something nontraditional and most places were not very open to the idea. We wanted a "naked" cake (without frosting on the outside) and a variety of fruit pies. They were very accommodating with what we requested and they even gave me a fabulous price for everything! It all looked and tasted fabulous. It fit in perfectly with our farmer's market theme. Everyone love it!

Evelyn Pollard

I love this place!! It has amazing treats that are inexpensive and the people are always so friendly and nice.

Todd Kauffman

Awesome sweet treats at a great price!


Baked goods great! No gf option though.


Definitley the best cupcakes we have ever tasted. The lemon is amazing and so often that is where other bakeries just don't get it. Lemon needs to have a kick to it and have a lemon taste throughout the batter. Other bakeries just don't have that strong lemony taste. This is just awesome! And we are from Dearborn and Ann Arbor area - Best bakery shops in Michigan. Other things to mention - you are not left with sugary taste which is great. Overall, I am very happy to finally find a place that will satisfy my lemon crave.

Bill Jones

This is a new business and they are understandably working the kinks out. However, customer service should be their highest priority and I just don't think they are there yet. We ordered a cake, paid for it, and and pick it up only to find out it was not what we ordered. We called and emailed and were promised a follow up. Two weeks and we are still waiting to hear back.....

Alex Pfaff

New location, same terrible owner. High prices and low quality..

Stephen Smith

Pamela Sawatzki

Nicholas Makinen

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