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Fantastic service and always a smile to greet you. The designs we have seen come out of this bakery have been truly amazing. There are artists working here, not just bakers. Every cake we have ordered in the last two years has exceeded our expectations in design and taste. Keep up the good work guys!! Those Almond croissants are ridiculously delicious, never stop making those please.

Mz Smiley

Cake was cute, they took my ideas, and did a nice job decorating. But it was very dry, and the name was very sloppily written. Expected better for a $250 cake.

Brooke Wright

I was looking for a bakery for my sister in law bridal shower and The Home was recommended to me. When we walked up to the bakery we saw tons of people walking around eating baked goods and I said this is a good sign. Walking in the staff was beyond helpful making what I had in mind come true and it was delious. Thank you we received tons of compliments. I will be coming back and my family as well.

Claire Fisher

I ordered a 3 tiered cake and a sheet cake for extra servings for my wedding cake this past weekend. (August 10) We decided to pick up the cake since the wedding was held at the Royal Park Hotel. The cake looked beautiful and tasted great! Although after my wedding was over I received a phone call from the bakery telling me they still had my sheet cake! I should of informed my sister (who picked up the cake) that there would also be a sheet cake but this information should of been clear on the order sheet. I told them I could pick it up but then was told that they close in 20 min! This was very disappointing. Makes me wonder if we would of got the sheet cake if it was delivered but that should not make a difference. They took the cake to the Chop House and we picked it up later which was helpful. Everyone loved the cake but we could of had bigger serving if this detail was not overlooked. I will still recommend this bakery just make sure you receive your whole order! I loved how the cake turned out! It was exactly how I imagined it would look! Beautiful!

Cally 28

Cakes are nicely decorated and look good, however buttercream frosting does not taste good and very thick. Too thick relative to cake. The texture is grainy and leaves an oil residue on lips and tongue. They need a lot of lead time to prepare and attitudes of employees are a little arrogant. Whole Foods, Kroger and Costco taste a lot better, while still nicely decorated and festive. The prices at Home Bakery are inflated relative to other options.

Jordan Turner

They always have the coolest displays with amazing detail. It's almost worth walking by to just see their amazing artwork. I had a coworker get a wedding cake from her as well and it tasted amazing.


Dawn Harimoto

I recently ordered two cakes - for an 18th birthday and for a high school graduation - both orders were disappointing. I gave feedback directly to Heather. She asked for a picture, which I provided. After not receiving any response, I called back and left a message. I still have not received a return phone call. The recent change in management has affected the quality of the product and customer service.


Ordered a double 8" round birthday cake. Arranged pick-up for the day of event to ensure freshness. The total price was $60.00. Bakery was recommended by a caterer - Never Again! The cake was dry. A lot of buttercream frosting was heavily mixed in with the mousse filling. I asked for an itemized receipt so I could better understand the cost break down: Standard two tiered 8" round chocolate cake, standard buttercream frosting, speciality chocolate mousse filling, a few / handful of decorative flowers, and one edible image sent from my phone for the top. Needless to say, they've ignored my request for an itemized bill! This bakery is arrogant and overrated.

Pattie Dzuris

Our family has been ordering cakes from Home Bakery for decades and for the most part have been completely satisfied, however the cake that we just "ate" was horrible! The cake was so dry, that we each took 1 bite and quite literally threw not only our individual pieces away, but threw the rest of the cake away as well. So much for a birthday celebration. Very disappointing to say the least

patricia Rainwater

Counter service rude , distracted. While the bread is good the cookies and pastries taste old and stale. I've tried this store many times. Always the same. Very disappointing.

Shaquille Elam

chris pompili

Delicious baked goods.. Awesome Cakes

Candance Hildreth

Their cakes are Awesome. They did my wedding for me last year and my cake came out so beautiful I had everyone asking me where did I get it and I think my cake got more compliments then my dress! It was better than I expected it to be!

Andrea Wright

Jeff Hicks

Excellent bakery, friendly staff, warm Welcome

Leila McKinney Hepler

I have ordered my wedding cake as well as two birthday cakes for my close friends 30th birthdays. Every single experience with them has been above and beyond amazing. They are so talented and most importantly, the cake is AMAZING. Perfect amount of sweetness. This is the only place I will go when ordering a custom cake for a special occasion. Thank you to Heather and her awesome team!

Jason Harris

Best kronut ever! Service was awesome and the donut were great too. They had beautiful cakes. My only complaint was the cannoli. The shell was super soggy. Maybe if they filled them when ordered it would have been a better one.


Home bakery was great! The cake turned out just as we wanted down to the smallest detail and the cake tasted amazing! The cake got so many compliments at the party!

Alyssa Longo

We worked with Heather to design our wedding cake and she was absolutely amazing. She was very patient in understanding our designs and explained to us all the different options we had for flavors. The cake itself was delicious - very moist and flavorful! It was absolutely beautiful and turned out exactly how we discussed. We also rented a cake stand from them, which gave the display a little something extra. It was all beautiful! I also ordered a groom’s cake from them as a surprise for my now husband and we had it at the rehearsal dinner. Since I was from out of town, I couldn’t secretly meet with Heather so I called her and sent her photos to explain my design. It turned out better than I imagined! My only issue was when I picked it up, some of the fondant design on the sides of the cake came off and was attached to the box. We were able to easily put it back on and I take full responsibility for that since I didn’t want to pay to have them deliver it. So I recommend getting delivery because our wedding cake didn’t have any smudges and it was delivered.


Worst experience ever! We try a good looking birthday cake from The Home Bakery, after the first slice, we decide throw it right into garbage can, the tasting is horrible, you can only tasting sugar, nothing else, and it’s not fresh at all, all the icing hard like ROCK, and when you cut it, it will fall apart, the inside of the cake tasting like a wet sponge. I make cake at home, and I know what fresh cake taste like, this is NOT ACCEPTABLE at all. I will not recommend this store to anyone else. If you really want a cake just buy from Whole Foods or papa joes.


Great place for cronuts and surprising confections. I've actually been in the back; they work really hard and have a whole team making stuff constantly. It's a bakery they way one is meant to look. Check them out around Christmas for the big Frozen display.

Mollie Chmielewski

Best donuts around (you have to try the kronut) and the most beautiful and delicious cakes! Very friendly staff too


tried to go in for preliminary questions for my wedding and they were very rude, had no place to sit. would not answer any questions. gave them a second chance and called a couple months later for an appointment and were once again very rude on the phone. the told me they would only talk to me 6 months before my wedding. I tried to get an appointment and told them my days off and WERE NOT FLEXIBLE AT ALL to help me figure my budget out and what to expect to get. this put such a awful taste in my mouth about the wedding industry. I don't care how good there cakes are..I will never go there for anything.

Jessica C

Great bakery! Make awesome custom cakes. A little on the expensive side.


Catherine Celaya

Cakes are great and everything but what happened to the home bakery with warm donuts at the end of my paperoute? Things change but not always for the better. I search everywhere I have lived to find donuts as good as they were in the 70's and 80's. Has gone the way of many things in Rochester.....too bad!!

Katie Dhillon

Heather and her team made our wedding day so special, the cake was everything we asked for and more!! Not only did it look beautiful, but it tasted amazing. There was a flavor for everyone, and at no additional charge. We had a raspberry/vanilla layer, chocolate/cassata layer, classic vanilla buttercream and a chocolate mouse layer. They delivered the cake and made sure the cake topper was perfect!! I absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a cake that tastes just as good as it looks!!!

Kit and Tony Wojcik

Someone in my family ordered a birthday cake with chocolate batter and called more than 48 hours in advance of the pick up time to request white batter instead. The bakery refused which suggests to me that they had already made and decorated the cake. I would have never guessed that they would sell a made to order cake that was over two days old. Disappointed.

Jillian Smith

Love their cakes, and their doughnuts, haven't had a bad thing from there! They are a family favorite, I highly recommend this bakery!

Curry Cat

When we ordered the cake they were very nice and helpful. Cake was pretty looked just like we wanted, tasted AVERAGE but not bad. A little expensive for what we got but I would order from here again.

dova eevee

R Farley

Style and originality are the hallmark of this uniquely Rochester location. The Home Bakery has been in this historic location since 1930.

Brendon Stretten

Aaron Bennett

I thought the cakes they made were nice but I haven't been inside.

Judi Vecchio

I recently went to a bridal shower and they had a cake decorated exactly like the shower invitation. It was not only beautiful but was one of the best cakes I have ever eaten. They told me it was from The Home Bakery. It was then I decided to do the same for my daughters bridal shower. They went above and beyond to make that cake just as we wanted. Heather was great to work with, very professional and customer service oriented. The cake was a big hit - beautiful and tasted great! I would give The Home Bakery ten stars if I could! Sincerely Judi

Sarah Jankowski

Just had their cronut and it was literally mind blowing good! I want to go back tomorrow for another! Good job I don’t live too close by that way the traffic curbs my temptation

markeyaen lyles

My cakes always come out beautiful and delicious

adam cruz

Maurice Curry

James is the guru of friendly and helpful customer service. He should be instructing others on the subject. Always pleasant experience when we visit.

Irina Lisenkova

Lately Home Bakery became my favorite shop to buy the cakes for special occasions because it's always been delightful - fresh and soft. They are pricey but worth it.

randi carrick

Very disappointed. Home Bakery made my wedding cake 20 years ago and for our Anniversary, I thought it would be a nice surprise to recreate the top layer. I went to the bakery with a picture of the cake and was talked into ordering a 6" square cake and was assured this would serve 10-12 people. I realize the waiver that I signed stated that once you ordered you could not change anything, but I became nervous after inviting a few people to celebrate with us and called to see if they could possibly increase the size of the cake. When I called to do so, I was told that the cost would be almost double to add a step to the bottom of the cake and that the cake that I ordered would serve only 6-8 people. I inquired as to why I was told it would serve 10-12 when I was at the bakery and the person who took my call said it was all based on size and asked if they had shown me how to judge portions when I was there. I was not shown anything, I am even more nervous now that I ordered the wrong size cake and I feel very deceived.

Deborah Brandt

charlene True

I called from Indiana up to Rochester Hills Michigan where my daughter lives and her twin sister was coming into town so I called and ordered a cake as a surprise for them the day before Valentines Day, for their 35th birthday. I was treated perfectly over the phone and was taking care of and they went above my expectations! Beautiful cake and was delicious and wonderful surprise," thank you home bakery!"

Nick Broughton

They have these cronut things, which is basically a croissant and a donut put together, that are amazing. I don't know what's kind of magic is inside them and I don't care but it's delicious. Some would say, it's what dreams are made of.

Jessica Dallafior

My wedding cake was from here and it was absolutely beautiful and taste amazing. It looked better than the picture I brought as a reference. The creativity and artistry blew me away. It not only looked great but taste amazing as well. It is worth every penny!

Elizabeth Christine

Jack Renter

Good treats and good service.

Nicole Higgins

Any and all pasteries are heavenly!!!!

Alex Roncelli

Youd think they never did packzis before. Orderd 5 dozen - the boxes arent labeled and i have no idea which packzi is which D:

Brianna Thibault

Shannon Hutchinson

I've been here three times now: twice for Paczkis on Fat Tuesday, and once during the Kris Kringle Market in December when I got an adorable snowman donut. The paczkis come second only to my Polish grandma's homemade ones -- but since I can't get those anymore, these are my new favorite. I'm not sure of the name of the one I get, but they describe it as a "cronut paczki" with their vanilla bean pastry cream -- and it's seriously incredible. I've also had the chocolate-covered custard filled, and the lime raspberry. The lime raspberry is sweet and tart, a perfect companion to the rich chocolate chocolate-covered. The snowman donut was as delicious as it was cute. It was a cake donut with white chocolate ganache, and I would purchase again with or without the chocolate chip eyes and fondant carrot nose.


A beautiful little bakery. The staff are always so kind, and they are very helpful. They take baking to an absolute art form. All the photos here are edible. I live this place. If you're in the area, you must stop by. You'll regret it if you don't!!

Bert Kisak

Wonderful staff and the baked goods are wonderful too


Jenna Price

Every time I have been there they are kind of snooty, on the weekend I went in to buy their specialty, kronuts at like 8 am on a Saturday, and they said someone had came and bought the whole tray and next time to order one a head of time and they would hold it for me..... um what? for one item that I decided on a Saturday morning? No thanks..

Christina Rowan

Really disappointed with the customer service I received. Every time I've placed a special order for my cakes it's a pleasant exciting experience but man was this girl RUDE today. Not only rude to me but to someone else as well. Girl with the green hair here is some free advise-fake your mood no matter what, you're dealing with paying customers and if your having a bad day then don't help customers. We all have things going on-no excuses!!! I deal with two babies all day I don't want to deal with babies when I do business! So many other bakeries out there and I'm nit giving my money to people who don't realize it or appreciate it, too bad!!!

Nicole Wasson

Awesome cakes, the BEST cookies and the windows are amazing #homebakeryselfie

Brent Barton

Excellent bakery. Never been disappointed by anything I have purchased.

Robin McGregor

great cake and dessertz


They wanted $35 to deliver a $25 cake. Snobby on the phone and not open on Sunday either.

Jinan Haba

Unprofessional cake decorator You will get a better cake and decoration from Costco for one percent of what the price. Lady in front desk she was only worried about the extra 20 dollar they had over charged. Not worthy


Aman C. Talwar

Liza Imlay

Joann Dietz

Come here for fresh, made from scratch, pastries and baked goods. If you desire a "Cake Boss" type cake for ANY special occasion, they are sure to impress you and your guests. Seriously, set up a tasting with them for your next cake and be sure to grab a Kronut!!! They are to die for!!

Isabella Pereira


Rob W

Kirk Teetzel

Excellent service and food. try to stop there and get something every time I pass through

Stephen M

Ordered a cake for my Daughters first birthday, it was nothing like the picture we showed them. The smash cake was different from the main cake, we had to through it away. We paid too much ($105) for what we ended up getting. I called to explain my displeasure and I was told someone would call me, it's been a week no call. I guess no one cares. Its safe to say I won't be going back to The home Bakery again.

Lily Blakeney

Their Kronuts are delicious! It's my favorite! They always make really cool displays.

Eznoah N

If you combine art and baking, you get the Home Bakery! They almost always have amazing edible displays in their front and side windows. This place has had samples the last few times I was there. Their donut(s) rival Knapp's Donuts, and I love Knapp's!

Rangsinan Edwards

Our family has been ordering cakes from them for many occasions and the cakes always look perfect! (You just have to be very specific, I always show them a reference picture.) Customer service is fine. I bought my friends some cronuts a while back and now they're hooked! You gotta try them :)

Sofia S

Home Bakery always does cake right. I've had some fabulous yellow cakes with buttercream frosting for past birthdays. This year we got my brother his favorite for his birthday: key lime pie. I'm not a key lime pie person, but the one they made was so awesome I would absolutely have it again. They perfectly balanced the tart and sweet flavors. Way to go HB! I still can't forget the Mario Mushroom/Nintendo cakes I saw in their window a few years ago. Made me smile.

Kaleb Diana

Michael Griffith

Merissa Edwards

Angela Schram

Giving it 1 star because ZERO stars is not an option.My husband and his family have used Home Bakery for 20 years, but we will never come here again. Last weekend we ordered a cake for my Mother In Laws 70th birthday. We asked for a cake showing birds and trees. It looked like some kind of 2nd grade abstract art picture. There was not one recognizable bird on the cake. We salvaged the LOOK of the cake by going to Hobby Lobby and redoing it ourselves. We kept saying "but it will taste delicious". WRONG! It was inedible, it was dry, it was hard. It was supposed to be a marble cake, but it was a weird shade of grey. As if the batter was stirred or something. Absolutely the worst cake I have ever eaten, let alone paid $75 for. We threw 3/4 of it away. Next birthday will be a Meijer's cake that i decorate myself.

impala 1996

Melanie Vang

This is my go to bakery for all of my cakes! I've ordered at least 5 cakes from them and all have turned out amazing and were delicious. They have always been super helpful with the cake designs and they don't need months in advance for an order.

Branden Goff

AhhhMazing, there's no shortage of places to get sweet treats but this one is just different. The selection is overwhelming in a good way because I literally just want to buy and eat everything. The store is clean and well organized but the biggest thing for me is the people, everybody that works there is smiling and laughing and enjoying themselves and that to me means that it's a great place to work and that love shows in their products.

Ronya Grohman

AMAZING!!!! Home Bakery made the most incredible wedding cake. It was the most elegant looking cake and everything was perfectly done. It was more gorgeous than I could have ever imagined. We received more compliments than we ever imgained on how it was the best wedding cake our guests have ever had. 2 couples ordered their wedding cake from there because it was simply to die for. The prices are reasonable and the service was great. You will not go wrong with Home Bakery. After meeting with them and tasting the samples I never shopped for another bakery. I since them have ordered every cake I have ever needed from them and I now live in Farmington Hills, very much worth the drive :-)

Izabel Fontana

Over priced! The fondant is grose to eat. Looks great on a cake to just show the cake off.Paid alot of $$ for a cake that i was excited for when i placed the order in. And when i went to pick the cake up i wasnt thrilled. I requested and asked if they would add pearls on the cake and they said yes. And they didnt do it. Bummer!! Not happy with the end result. (At least the bride was)

bob jackks

Worked with the girl with green hair the other day- sweetest girl ever. She helped make planning out a cake the easiest stuff ever. She made my life so much easier. Oh my goodness. From now on I'll only talk to her!!! Girl with green hair- thank you!!!!


Carissa H

This is absolutely the best bakery in metro Detroit! They have the best buttercream frosting of any bakery around. They offer so many excellent flavors and choices! We are excited to get it wedding cake here!!

Carrie H

Cake is not worth the money they charge, taste-wise... The cake decorators are wonderful!


Love it. Good people. Great service

Patricia Pitt

Very happy with the cakes that I had ordered for a retirement party at work. They looked great and tasted great also. Been in numerous times, the employees have always been friendly and helpful.

Lauren Kriss

We have orders two cakes from here, the second one being a special order (lemon and blueberry yum!). Both cakes were very delicious and beautifully decorated. The staff was friendly and accommodating in both cases. Will definitely return for our bakery needs, highly recommend!!

Paul Westerfield

One of the best birthday cakes ever came from here.

Julia D

Best Birthday Cake in the area. Fresh moist cakes, Great designers and service.

Paulo Beto Rocha

Nicole C.

Absolutely LOVED my daughters Wedding cake!! (Highly recommend the lemon cake with raspberry mousse!) The edible flowers were just beautiful! I received so many compliments not only on how beautiful the cake looked, but also that it tasted fresh and moist! I couldn't of asked for a better experience. Oh and I might add, not only was Heather and her staff at Home Bakery easy to work with, I had a minor change just a few days before the event, (my mistake...planning a wedding is a crazy time) they were able to accommodate my request.

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