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Soumeya Benghanem

Awesome selection. We loved everything we got from there. Their selection changes often so don’t hesitate to try new pastries and flavor combinations. One of my favorite items, a blueberry and lemon cheesecake was not to sweet and that’s rare to find anywhere in the US. I highly recommend everything... except the scones which I have never been a fan of and the Sister Pie ones didn’t change my mind either. Great service and a charming ambiance.

Becky Barstein

What an amazing place! Our friend said if there is one real Detroit you go to (in the v short time we had), she made us promise we’d go here. It is a delicious, homey, friendly bakery that has more food than I could try. We had the blueberry blossom, lemon blueberry and sweet maple pie. I wish I had the room for more.

சரவணன் நடராஜன்

Loved the place,the folks there and the pumpkin pie that I had. I felt it is slightly expensive but no regrets.. A must try place..

Bonaparte Painting co.

Very good coffee an home made

Ernestina Walker

I ordered the salted maple pie and brownie. Both were extremely salted that my husband and I couldn't continue to eat them. I heard great things about the Bakery. Maybe someone just had a heavy hand that day

Tina Royle

First time visit! Ah-mazing!!

Kailyn Miller

Too small, too packed

Ketan Apte

We were in the area and visited this little Pie shop reading glaring reviews and ate glad that we did visit! Loved it!

Jason Suchan

This place has delicious cookies

Pragya Singh

The salted maple pie was perfection. FYI There's free street parking.

Leticia Liborio Hernandez

This place had delicious tasty food and I was really impressed

Brian Scobie

Expensive but a real treat, I've had 2 slices so far , chocolate coconut and salted maple, very tasty, I went back for salted maple and they were sold out so I tried the chocolate coconut. Both most excellent , only drawback is parking and not the best of neighborhoods,

London Scott

This is a decent bakery. The sweets were a bit rich but the curry potato pie was actually pretty good. They were very busy at the time. I'd recommend getting here early as once they sell out of some popular items they dont restock for the day.

Madeleine Felley

Delicious! My family and I split a slice of maple pie and a lemon poppy seed bun, and we were all blown away.

Jermaine Ruffin

Really great pies and pastries made from scratch.

Zahra Essa

They were friendly. Seems like a nice spot to sit down. I tried a savory scone which was delicious but that's all I had.

Jessica P. Hernandez

Cute pie shop! Lots of delicious sweets! The coffee pie was amazing, recommend anyone and everyone to try! Walkable area and plenty of street parking. Eat pie!


Great pies. Flaky crust. Rhubarb pie was very salty.

duder kin

Great pies. Unique flavors, that is why you should go. Come earlier when you have a better selection. Pies are a little pricey.

adam-david Vaught

Lovely place and nice staff.

Cooper Shields

Great local establishment. Supporting the local economy is the best thing we can do.

Brian Connery

Good coffee, world-class pie, limited seating. The salad looks good too!

Diana Kirby

delicious, fresh baked scones. great healthy varieties too!

Susan Ward

My co worker shared this gem with me. We had just volunteered at Belle Isle. Stopped at this small corner bakery which I immediately loved. No fancy frills, just scrumptious baked pies from scratch. I enjoyed a favorite mixed berry slice. Tart, exactly how I like it. Fresh whipped cream to top off the experience.

Victoria Ragland

Such delicious choices! It's always a challenge to decide what buy

LaToya Sutton

Finally made it to Sister pie and even though my family didn't care for the Rhubarb pie and was delicious warm....they took more to the lemon drop cookies and that sweet potatoe and cream cheese muffin.....went back a week after I was there to see about getting goodies and I knew I had waited 2 late, cause the kids were out letting out of school, and the sign on the door broke my heart.....they were all sold out.....So yes this place is definitely a treat to have in the neighborhood and just sorry I waited so long to see what the hype was about cause my mom would have loved that Rhubarb pie....Thanks Sister Pie

Anna Gustafson

Amazing pie here! Cute shop with cookies, pies in whole and slices, coffee, and bottled teas. Try the salted maple and blueberry that has a lemon cheesecakey base.

Jon Anderson

We came in close to closing time. Had a slice of pie that melted in my mouth. Excellent coffee. It's a fun place to have a sweet.

Marlene Szczodrowski

Exceptional came on a bus with 50 took care of us in no time.

Jennifer M

So cool. Loved every bite. Wonderful atmosphere. Great staff.

Viktorija Chikhalenko

Best Pies in the area. The salted maple is amazing, the lemon is also delicious, and they have really good vegetarian hand pies to grab for lunch. The beet pie tastes too borschty for me but might be good if you're feeling like something weird.

Amber Ceresnie

Great pies, cozy environment.

Sarah Bosman

Amazing treats for the whole family! Welcoming atmosphere and staff. They even gave a lesson on pitting cherries to my daughters.

Teusdae Bradley

Tasty and friendly

Caitlin Emmerson

Very friendly service, delicous pie!

Tim Aulph

I have to try more to bump it up to 5; but do NOT miss out on trying these delectable treats for yourself!

Ellie Fassoi

The pastries were amazing! Too bad they don't serve espresso!

Elizabeth Melton-Grace

In addition to their delicious pies, I love going here for cookies and salads.

Sara Timberlake

I've heard of it for about a year since I've moved to Detroit. And it did not disappoint!!! I had a blueberry pie (the name escapes me), and it was so juicy and flavorful!

HoneyDew *

Delicious treats! Always something new! Can only visit sparingly, (a little pricey). Good coffee, but only one size.

Kalan Foster

I love their energy! They were super excited about what they were doing. The pie was excellent! I also loved the outdoor seating!

Regina Jones

Awesome place. Gets crowded quick. The banana pie was a definite winner. The chocolate coconut pie is more of a brownie pie and is very rich. I will be returning for the banana pie and to try something new.

Jessica Lewis

Delicious food, beautiful little place.


There are not enough stars here for Sister Pie! GO EARLY, GO OFTEN, & share it all. FLAKY CRUSTS! Tender cookies = not too sweet! International flavours as well as many Michigan ingredients! Lovely staff. Pro tip: sea salt maple pie, buckwheat chocolate chip & fennel snickerdoodle. And rose-pistachio tea cookies. I’m probably too late to be in the Sister Pie Official Fan Club, but I’m fine to take my place in line.

Elizabeth Capps

We were passing through and stopped in to see what the hype was all about. This spot is on point!! I wish we would have bought one of everything. Seriously some the best executed and tasting pastries/baked goods I’ve ever had. Their prices are very reasonable for how much you get! I highly recommend.

Kellen Harris

I’m usually wary of trendy, new white-owned businesses opening up in gentrified Detroit neighborhoods, but this is cutest pie shop you will ever see, and I fully support it! White people love it, black people love it, and so does everyone in between! Lisa’s pies and sweet treats are delicious, and she’s done a great job incorporating the local community into her pie shop. The pie is delicious, but I do wish that it was kept under warmers for people who want to eat at the shop.

Soojin Cha

Amazing scones, brownies, cookies in addition to the pies! To-go might be your best strategy because seatings are tight.

Mrs CV

We picked up two pies for Thanksgiving and paid around $35 per pie. The Salted Maple and Bourbon Pecan pie fillings were tasty, unique flavors. The crust was tough. Very tough. Maybe over baked or prepared wrong, I’m not sure. We ended up digging as much filling out of the crust as we could and presenting a mess on the plate. Too much money for a tough crust, sorry Sister.

Erin Krajenke

Holy cow! This place is fantastic! My first taste of Sister Pie was a savory hand pie at the DIA and I knew I needed more. I have been back a few times since and everything has been incredible. I love their unique flavor combinations (peanut butter paprika, fennel seed snicker doodle, rose pistachio) and they are always offering seasonal creations of pies, hand pies, and cookies. They sell the hand pies individually or as a lunch option in the winter with homemade soup and in the summer with a side salad. My recommendations would be the salted maple pie (incredible) and the golden oatie cookie but you really cannot make a bad choice here. I love how the bakery has a rustic, down-to-earth, homemade feel to it

William Gabriel

Over priced and poor quality. Charged $35 for a pie that stuck to the cheap pie tin. Disappointed to say the least. The brandy pecan pie tasted horrible. Don't waste your time or money at this bakery.


The salted maple pie was tastes like buttery syrup pancakes finished with just the right amount of salt. It's unreal. The blueberry pie was also stellar, loved everything we had here. Such a gem.

Braulio Salhuana

Delicious baked goods! Definitely check it out.

Ciara Brown

Wonderful place to go for delicious dessert

Hector Mujica

Decent pie shop. Usually only have a few flavor options (about three).

Brittany Wollenweber

I have high standards when it comes to desserts and baked goods and I have never been disappointed here. I love bringing my family and friends and taking sweets home!

Paula Chau

They were busy Saturday morning but quick service! Shortbread cookies and scones are amazing! Highly recommend if you’re in the area, staff was friendly!

Sylwia Golec

Great bakery, delicious deserts and incredibly friendly staff.

James Bradbury

The galettes are to die for. The owner is an angel give her your money or leave the city.

S. Berger

Excellent spot for baked goods! Make sure to get there early they run out quick!

John Kutasz

Everything we tried at Sister Pie was terrific - despite my being a fan of things that are really sweet, and the sugar quotient here seems to be muted across the board. We did a somewhat early brunch, so that we could do our shopping before they started running out of things - which I'm told is likely on any given day. We wound up with the following: rhubarb rye scone; rose and pistachio shortbread; mint/lime shortbread; peanut butter and paprika cookie; fennel seed Snicker doodle; orange blossom, white chocolate and rhubarb mousse pie; coffee chess pie; sweet potato, and a feta and black bean hand pie. There is very little seating most of the space in front of the counter is taken up by the people waiting in line, so hopefully you'll have some place lined up to take your pastries and enjoy them. My wife acquired a copy of their cookbook, and so far has found it to be very thorough and pleasant to read, so they have something that will last more than an hour or so.

Sophia Villanel

More of a "healthy" bakery if your into that. Lots of stuff was baked with buckwheat. The salted maple pie? Sounded better than it tasted. The pie sandwhich cookies were good though.

Gary Schultz

A unique place to enjoy better food

Chuck Berry

I just love this place and can’t wait for them to get their berry pies back on the menu. It’s a great place to chill out after touring around in Detroit

Diba Rashid

Love the pies here! Not too sweet, just perfect. My favorite is the salted maple

Dennis Smallwood

We saw the cookbook while attending DSO on a Friday morning. Also saw the attractive add in the DSO program and decided to go there after the concert. Arrived at 1pm. We were told they were "all out" of lunch "stuff"...also no cookies left and only 3 kinds of pie to choose from by the piece or an entire pie. Staff all looked tired and without cheer.....Bars on the windows...Staff was pounding on dough rt. next to us so loudly we couldn't talk to each other. Pie crust was not special. $15 dollars for 2 small pieces of pie with whipped cream..and two decafs. We won't be back. 4 and 5 stars.?? You've got to be kidding. Pretty fancy cookbook though.

Mythchef Mike

You love pie


The paprika peanut butter cookie has changed the PB cookie game for me. The staff are friendly and helpful but not overly enthusiastic- which I find charming. Love this place, will recommend!

Steve Thomas

Delectable sweet treats in a classic Detroit neighborhood.

Edwardo Fuentes

I really wish we could have gotten photos. The bakery was busy it was a middle of the day on Saturday. I suggest to come early for best selections. By the time we arrived we had about three or four different styles of pastries we could choose from. All are very delicious the beat pie was awesome

Madison Gardner

This place is really cute and they had interesting flavors! Loved it, although it wasn’t the best pie or cookies I’ve ever had.

David Hickey

Good unique baked goods. Very cute shop

April P

Salted maple pie is amazingly delicious and has become a staple in our home. I will continue to support this business despite the 30 minute drive. Can’t wait to order holiday pies!

Mae Greentree

Stopped in on a weekend visit to Detroit, and was delighted. Everything is fresh, appealing, and delicious. Many things are made with local produce, and the atmosphere is light and friendly. They do brisk business. On the weekends, they close when they're sold out of product, so don't wait till late in the day to go! I'm already looking forward to my next visit.

Paris Chanel

If I could give this place a 3.5 I would totally give them the extra .5 they deserve. If you were told to go here by someone else chances are they've hyped your perception up so you think it's going to be amazeballs...and it's literally just okay.. The galette... it's what keeps me coming back.. but it's only good when it's super fresh and not overcooked....which I've had. I'll add to say, I bake...a foreign concept to most so having a bakery can seem super thrilling if you've never used your stove for such.

Kikora Elcock

Great place to get some great home made desserts.

linds link

been going here forever. never a bad experience

J Burger

Lovely little cafe. Fresh savory and sweet pies.

Andrew Beresford

I've never had anything bad here.

Sam Derian

Simply amazing and a must try in Detroit. Amazing cookies, pies and baked goods. Vegan options and wonderful vibes.

Mirijam Seidel

Love the staff, unique flavors and the quality and thoughtfulness of ingredients and products. Make sure to get here bright and early for the best selection! And get the sister pie cook book it's gorgeous and to die for, great gift I've given to many people.

Paula Durant

One of my favorite places in Detroit. Wonderful baked goods, etc. Great local story too. #buckwheatchocolatechipforever

Amanda Rogers

Delicious, creative hub of joining community together over pie, cookies and other delicious desserts. Highly recommend stopping in for lunch on those days you don't want to make a decision about lunch as they only offer one option, it is perfect!

Angie Tobias

Absolutely TO DIE! And the hippest ever. I did wish they had a dairy free or vegan pie available - but I went on a non weekend, so maybe that is a typical "busy day" staple and I just missed out. The vegan options they did have were so so good though, so no hard feelings! Haha

Ruth Sommers

They have so many unique, absolutely delicious baked goods.

Linda Dodd

Get there early to enjoy the pies, etc. They go fast

Leslie Mendez

Love love love! Great service and freshly made desserts. Get there early as things sell out fast.

rodney callier

The pies and cookies were awesome. When we come back to Detroit, this is a definite stop!

LaShane Berry

Beautiful array of fresh food and delicious pastries.

Carrie Sievert

Totally lived up to what I read, delicious

Chester Hale

The neighborhood is not very attractive

Linda Zimmerman

If you want more options, you gotta go early, they sell out fast! But the chocolate and peanut butter pie, and the chocolate chip bun that we had were amazing. I cannot wait to go back and try some other options!

Adam Inferrera

Good coffee cake

Robert McGee

Pie was decent the servers were not, counter person that were of color acted respectful at all times. The others acted very entitled, as if you were disturbing their day. Very nice if I was in my Suit, not so when I was in my work uniform. It was very apparent for my visiting friends from Florida. not a good impression of our city.

Carol McCoo

The Robert Redford cookies are to die for and the peanut butter cookies with smoked paprika are incredibly good !

Dakota Lucas

Very friendly environment, great treats with some healthy options available. Definitely recommend if you are in the area.

Amy Willaert

The best baked goods. The salted maple pie is a dream! They have the most perfect buns on the weekend. Get there early before they sell out!

Marianne Garascia

Delicious says it all.

Iffat Rahman

The blueberry blossom was delicious. It was not overly sweet. Definitely recommend this place.

Kelly Cummins

Great place, excellent pastries, cookies etc. my only complaint is how popular/busy it is now

Ashley Lepczyk

This little gem consistently offers the most unique and delicious flavor combinations I've ever had, especially in baked goods. The service is always energetic and positive. Love supporting this place and sharing their delicious treats with friends and family!

Thaddeus Kunkel

The lemon meringue pie was dynamite

Ray Wert

Best. Pie. Ever.

James Mccalebb

Great coffee house foods great

Amanda Taylor

Hands down the best pie I've ever had. Actually brought tears to my eyes.

andrew ruiz

I hate cake. I have a voracious appetite for sweets. I eat pie everywhere I go and this is the best pie I have ever had. #fullstop Flaky crust on the bottom. If you don't know what that means spend some time watching the great British bake off, and get out to a Sister Pie to recalibrate your perception of great pies. Outstanding gracious employees were my second favorite aspect behind the rosemary shortbread..... Or maybe the giant (and I mean yuge) poster of Hanson in the bathroom.

jessie weber

Amazing pie! Lots of flavors to choose from.

Joann Arpino

Holy this place is so good! I have tried three pies: blueberry, coffee, and maple and none disappointed. Seriously the best pie I have ever tasted. My suggestion is to go right when they open because stuff sells out !!! Also buy extra to go so you can enjoy later. If the maple pie is there (this really sells out) by a lot I promise you will love!

Megan Wilcox

I stopped by here recently to pick up a couple of slices of pie. I ended up getting two hand pies, and two slices of pie. Everything was so delicious! I definitely want to find time on a Saturday to stop back by! Such a cute little place as well. There's not much seating, and all of the seats were taken up when I stopped by, so don't expect to be able to hang out there for too long unless you're stopping by at an odd time to eat.

Evan Marie Allison

Love Sister Pie! One of the best bakeries around!

Kassie Mitera

Great bakery, delicious desserts and incredibly friendly staff. Pies are a little pricey.

Kyle D Dell

Great vibe and tasty treats that have a creative spirit make Sister Pie a must-visit place in Detroit for any serious foodie.

Bleek Gilliam

I love this place. A variety of baked goods with good friendly service.

Tyrone Webster

Can't help you.

Abby Evans

OK where to start A)aroma amazing B) beautiful name and concept C)cheerful associates Wow. I went with alliteration. Can't wait to go back when I have more time to sit and savor. Such fun! Oh also, I pulled up in a suburban pulling a 30 ft. Camper and found adequate on street parking. That was a perk ;)

David Kolis

Love this place! I love what there are adding to the area and their focus on contributing to their surroundings. They don't mass produce which makes them feel like you are getting something unique that you can't get anywhere else, and their offering truly are unique. You have to check this place out!!!

Rob Mc

Everything they make is awesome! My favorites are the salted maple and the bourbon pecan pies

J. S.

Just so so good. Great prices, amazing food. Seriously, try anything and it will blow you away.

DAndre Ford

Tasty & different cookies & pies!

Clara Eckel

Wonderful breakfast/lunch/bakery spot! Totally unique and delicious food, awesome atmosphere, and a very knowledgeable kitchen crew! Don't miss it!

Helen Keefe

Tiny cafe with homemade goodness. Had the peach, plum and cardamom pie that was brimming with fresh fruit and lots of real whipped cream. Yum! Salad was full of veggies.

Jesse Brown

Love this place, follow them on Instagram to see upcoming pies and menu offerings.

bryan lynch

Really enjoyed the pie here, the crust is amazing and the flavors are so different and interesting. Some of them I wouldn't think of trying but they're so good

Kate Mann

Yummmmmmmmmmm. Come early for a variety, especially on the weekends. Came on a Sunday about 2 & there were only 2 pies and a handful of cookies. Came about 9 on a weekday & had to stop myself from buying everything. Have not been disappointed by anything I've tried. Small seating area in & out. Staff is very nice and happily answered any questions. Can't wait to go again!

S Miller

I have been there several times for their amazing Maple pie. But I learned a lesson yesterday. Do not go there late in the afternoon around the holidays, because you may not find any pie! There were plenty of cookies, but no pie! So I'll always go there early, especially around the holidays.

Jennifer Wey Fang

My favorite place in Michigan :) the scones are the best, especially cardamom and lavender buckwheat.

Fred Abel

Pies are to die for. People are friendly. I always pie it forward. Great flavor combinations.

Guru's Singh

I really liked the breakfast pies and pastries got here definitely worth the visit.


Friendly outgoing staff in a cute welcoming atmosphere. The food all looks and tastes amazing.

Abdelatif Shkoukani

The pies are perfect, was not a fan of the breakfast food.

Janis S

Delicious pies & cookies in a cute little corner shop. Very busy even though we were there on a Tuesday morning. Limited seating but outdoor seating is available as well. Wide selection of yummy pies and pastries. Cookie selection is also very good, lots of take-out options. Also sell their cookbook, tote bags and tshirts. Very cute shop!!


One of my absolute favorite bakeries/pie shoppes in the states. Inventive flavours that are well executed. I have literally eaten a whole pie in one sitting. Great job, ladies.

Jennifer Jones

Not enough chairs to sit down so I went somewhere else to get a coffee but I did enjoy what I bought

Hilary Springer

Great food!

Tekoa Cooper

Find a person that understands how to run a business. Find a person that will handle personnel matters. ALL opinions are a necessary part of growth. Teaming up on people is not the definition of a constructive process for resolving conflict or work-related issues. Biases are a natural part of every human being. The owner should never be a part of this process. Weekly check-ins amount to a barrage of negative reinforcement techniques. This kills motivation and ultimately attendance. Feedback is completely and absolutely tailored to be one-sided. Employees are constantly being watched by the Owner. GO HOME!!! Only told I was doing a good job on dishes. Was never given the chance to show my real skills and experiences. Constantly chastised by the staff and the owner. Does not embrace the other 49% of the human population. Consistently derided the men who came into her business to offer "FREE" assistance. The owner is absolutely bridled to all men. The business will ultimately fail to be a resource to any community within the city limits of Detroit that have outlasted even the most divisive of cultural, economic, and socio-economic circumstances. Sadly this business is an advanced form of the unintentional racism that is so prevalent within the Detroit Metropolitan area. There are no "Sistah's" in residence!

Jenna Bain

LOVE this place! Such tasty treats and great service!

Shirita Felix

My favorite coffee spot I love to drink in the smells from this place oh and I love the cheddar leek scone

Stephen Boyle

Helpful staff, great food, has gluten-free and a few vegan foods. Surprised the food display was empty today. They have a couple a restaurants sourcing from them.

Benjamin Blinder

So good! I had a new one today banana Pete, so lovely! I do love this place. Local, tasty and bring a joy to the city of Detroit.

Allison Clark

My co worker surprised me with their vegan chocolate chip cookies. They were AMAZING. Fresh and healthy ingredients, the sea salt and buckwheat really made these cookies stand out. I will be buying more!

Sarah Gawel

Cute place for a sweet treat with your sweetie.

Jessica Grate

Always well executed cookies and pies, and some slight twists on classics to keep it interesting. It's the cutest little place and has tons on heart. Can't wait for the cookbook release this fall!

Gwendolyn Bammel

I love lemon meringue pie! There's was the best I've ever had!

Lisa Michelle Barry

A favorite place to visit in west village. Never had been disappointed, be it breakfast, lunch or pie. This place is incredible and worth the stop if you’re in Detroit!


Pie was good , but a tad pricey. Really nice, friendly people there.

Micheil Stewart

I was in Detroit visiting a friend from High School. Sister Pie was a bakery that I stumbled upon on Instagram at least a year ago. I ate a piece of Salted Maple Pie and realized I couldn’t go back to Seattle without a whole. I didn’t catch the woman’s name who got me my first order but she was extremely friendly. Also the establishment has such a positive vibe to it. Thank you for making my visit worth while

Chris King

OMG! The best pie in Detroit. Go early, they sell out early. I was there at closing. They had one slice of "brownie pie" I was going to pass thinking it sounded odd. It was out of this world! Don't miss!

Natalie Romaniuk

Sister Pie has an amazing assortment of mouth watering breakfast items, including their savoury hand pies and large cookie varieties. I highly recommend stopping by. It is a bakery and not a sit down cafe; there is limited seating. Well worth the wait, as so many people come here.

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