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10551 E Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48214, United States

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REVIEWS OF Rose's Fine Food IN Michigan

Marisa Zemesarajs

CUTEST little place off Jefferson! Love the green color scheme and rustic decor. Food is definitely good + healthy, but at times too earthy. A little pricey, but they don’t have a usual tipping policy in order to give everyone fair wages, so that’s definitely a “plus” in my eyes. Attentive service too.

Bill Cupples

Rose's is a funky beautiful inclusive place. A perfect expression of the best of Detroit.

Zee D

Cozy space with delicious food.

Terrance Potts

Food was fine, portions are small. The price on the menu is decieving as you may expect more. Have to say, this place is over rated and service was mediocre at best. Interesting to see so many people working but service quite lackluster. If you're into overpriced hipster spots, this is the place for you!

Joseph Zarazua

Cozy place. Waited about 15 minutes but definitely worth it. Nice people. Good place for meeting friendly strangers to strike up conversation over a tasty meal.

Crystal Girard

Corridor sausage is amazing! Excellent ♡♡

hat bee

Best breakfast place in Detroit. Homemade bread, homemade jam, fresh ingredients, and quality coffee. Worth every cent.


After looking to these awesome reviews below I decided to go with my girlfriend to Rose's "Fine" Food expecting to have a cozy little breakfast. The experience was not at all what we had hoped for. The tables did not look like they had been washed for a hole day, they were very stick with some hair on them. The food took 25 minutes to be prepared and the price is astronomical. It was very cold and the door was always slamming and making loud noises. It coast $30 for 2 people for a normal breakfast that anywhere else would have coast $12. Yes, the food is fresh like people say but it does not take 25 minutes to prepare and sure as hell should not coast $30 which is the same as a good meal in a reputable restaurant anywhere else in Detroit. For the amount of money they are charging they could at least replace the cold and foged up windows with warm clear double pane windows and replace the horrible door. I will never go back to this restaurant and I will never recommend it to anyone else.

Stephanie on

Been here lots of times n today was the worst, freezing cold my broth was ice cold, my toast not even toasted frozen in middle the worst service ever!!! The place was not as busy as usual!! I have been there when lined out the door!!! Just bummed look forward to coming there drive far!!! And spent a lot! Miss sewing owners smiling faces!

Kimberly Ford

Social media surely is a trip isn't it? I went here for breakfast and the wait for food from scratch was agonizingly long after being told that most things weren't available. I'm all about trying a new place and I would say I'm glad I did but the flies and the slow service would tell me never to add this to my list of haunts.

Steve Burrows

The freshest ingredients, clever takes on standards which are then skewed in ways that made your grandma hide her cookbook. Price-point is up but you get what you pay for, the eggs are brighter, the bacon is literally smoked, even the grits are simply phenomenal.

Teresa Hultz

Eggs and grits were wonderful. Bread wasn't my favorite. No decaf coffee. Expensive.

Suzanne Martin

Great little gem by Belle Isle. Food amazing cooked in real time..pleasant staff.

Jermaine Ruffin

Cool little spot on the Eastside of Detroit. A real mom and pop feel with quality food.

Sonja Hornbuckle

I'm so glad I stopped at Rose's Fine Food! This place made my day with an eclectic atmosphere, great food and great service. I will be back soon!

Vivian Sawicki

From the outside you would never believe how special this diner is. The food is fresh and delicious, the decor is charming, and they make a point of paying a living wage, which is so important. Definitely worth supporting this business!

Kent Butler

Foods great, place is a bit small so be prepared to wait, and what ever you do, do NOT ask them to split the bill.... Update: 12/22/18 This place is still great. When I wrote my other review, it must have been a fluke day. I've been back several times since the original post and haven't had an issue since.

Lauren Maki

Went here a while ago but my experience is still memorable, not in a good way. Long wait, received a different entree than I ordered, didn’t want to wait any longer than we already had, and the waitress was rude. Tipped 20% because I’ve worked in the restaurant industry but definitely only did on principle, not because of experience. The food tasted ok but nothing to write home about. Never went back and wouldn’t recommend to others.

eric renaud

Ordered a 1/2 order of Pancakes two scrambled eggs 2 pieces of bacon and a coffee total $21.40 not including tip. Way over price for a hole in the wall in a bad area of detroit . I have ate breakfast @ fine restaurants in KeyWest fl for wAy cheaper and with alot more food . Food was okay but not definitely not worth $$25 with tip for one person to eat just breakfast. Alot of fake reveiws here for this restaurant for every bad review there next reviews is a 5 star . Must be a Inside job to try to keep a 4 + Star

Douglas Lang

Nothing remarkable about the food. Place is quaint and visually appealing from a dinner perspective but...... Water logged potatoes for home fries, two eggs, toast and sausage X2 for $25!!!! Do you not know where you are? At least dress up the potatoes with an herb seasoning. The toast was great...thick and homemade. All in all.....the place has potential but ownership needs to get a grip on the realities of this type of business, where they're located and their pricing.

Mark Hanss

To describe Rose's Fine Food adequately without being accused of swimming in hyperbole is quite the challenge. The menu changes regularly reflecting what is locally and seasonally available. Without fail it is absolutely delicious. There are few breakfast places I would go to for any reason beyond convenience as I believe as a decent cook I can make better meals than them given time and consideration. Rose's is a true exception, I do not believe on my best day I would make food with as much creativity, inspiration and gourmet sensibility as they do daily and to such demand. I also greatly appreciate their perspective, offering a discount to those that live in their neighborhood as well as paying their workers a living wage and considering tips an overwhelming approbation of the service provided. They also keep the prices reasonable, in Ferndale, Downtown, or up in the bourg-ier 'burbs I could see them successful at twice the price. Unlike your mercurial menu, never change, Rose's.

Giada Corrias

Good food! Nice place

Alicia Campbell

it's a cute diner and the food is good, but it's extremely over priced. Eggs, a piece of toast and potatoes should not be $11 no matter if it is local or not, especially given that we are on the west side of Detroit.

Ryan McGlynn

It's okay but not something I'd recommend to family and friends. I've been a few times to try different things and the only thing that I've truly enjoyed is the populous coffee.

Robert Klautky

3.5 stars is appropriate. Wait was long, service was spotty, food was excellent.

Arjun T

Great food and excellent service. Little gem hidden in this part of the town

Lisa Stubbe

Great food friendly service long waits usually but worth it

Kenneth Rich

Very expensive. Food is different. I think it's for vegans or vegetarians or something. Paid 15 bucks for 4 eggs and 2 pieces of bread and coffee.

Andrew Boutcher

LOVE this place. Their menu is small but changes quite often and always has really interesting options. Even simple scrambled eggs are deliciously prepared and MUCH better than most restaurants. The only thing I wish was different about Rose's is that it were larger so that the wait isn't so bad for weekend brunch.

Nate Sosin

Creative but unpretentious breakfast, lunch, and baked goods. Flavors include tasty breakfast meats and potatoes, hearty pancakes, colorful sandwiches, a southwest inspired dish or two, and touches of kale, rice, avocado, and cabbage. The old school diner space is lovely but not huge - don't be surprised if there's a wait.

Enrique Barillas

Amazing ambiance! Great food.

Cathy Gumpert

A friend and I had lunch at Rose's this past Monday. The food was fabulous: creative, nourishing and very tasty! Great, friendly service and a terrific place to hang out. It may seem expensive to some since they pay everyone on their staff a living wage, but it is completely worth it. Whenever I am in Detroit I make it a point to eat here - never a bad meal, never bad service, always a great, friendly vibe - always terrific service and incredible food! Yea, Rose's!!

J Jones

Bland food bland staff bland atmosphere, Nothing is made to order except for eggs.. Nearly EVERYTHING else sits In a Crock-Pot waiting to be served. I'm assuming after being completely cooked earlier in the day... as opposed to actually being cooked in a crock pot which would be fine

Charlotte S.

I've eaten their breakfast a couple of times catered at work and it's phenomenal!

Michael Lowe

Very expensive. Portions small. Food quality was poor. Service was average.


Went here for brunch and it was amazing, highly recommend. Save up room so you can try a lot of things because it was all delicious. Get the poodle toast!

Michael Benghiat

One of Detroit's "best places" for breakfast. Off-the-beaten-path on Jefferson Avenue with a little bit of an off-the-beaten-path menu. Menu is small but really good eats. Dinner is small but really worth the wait.

Justin Regan

Best breakfast in Detroit. The menu changes from time to time but the options are always interesting and flavorful. Good coffee from a Michigan company is served as well. This is dining as it should be - quality ingredients and friendly service.


Breakfast, Lunch & homemade pastries! Fresh donuts! Cozy space! Perfectly cooked farm eggs. House made bread & jam! Lovely flowers! Outdoor eating in nice weather. I wish there was a Rose’s in my city. No visit to Detroit complete without a meal here.

Nelly Anderson

This is my favorite neighborhood breakfast spot. They've got a solid and minimal menu that is friendly to all diets, a selection of delicious pies and other desserts, and a nice drink menu to boot! I also find the staff super helpful and friendly!

Miss Faith

Excellent food service! I ordered 2 eggs overhard with chicken sausage & potatoes. Seasoned great to taste. Nice size proportions. My friend had the egg sandwich with the aioli sauce and was raving about it. Only thing is the small cup of fresh orange juice was expensive...sheesh! But the OJ tasted great. Highly recommended.

Rachael Gahn

Basic menu over priced we didnt even stay to order because the menu and prices.

Omar Azookari

A tiny place that offers excellent breakfast. I got the Staff's choice and it was phenomenal.

Chris Gurski

Outstanding food, fantastic service, great vibe.

Joshua Graff

Rose's continues to be a valuable addition to the east side food scene. They provide a conscious and delicious meal that is as delicious as it is wholesome.

Crystal Bell

Food and service were good. Ample portions. I sat at the counter. I was surprised to see staff preparing food with bare hands.

Adreena Harley

The food is all freshly made, with a great view if you're seated at the counter. Delicious! Will definitely go back again!!

Zane Vicknair

great comfortable breakfast spot. You can see the care that they put into everything they make. And they make everything. Well thought-out menu, locally-sourced ingredients, and very knowledgeable and helpful staff

Rami Farawi

this is literally the first google review i've EVER done, but i felt that now was my calling. so let me start off by saying, that this place is a scam. there are these waves of restaurants in detroit that use "fresh" and "organic" ingredients and then think it's ok to charge 11+ dollars for 2 eggs and potatoes? really? you can get way more food at a half step below in quality at a denny's. $3 for a cup of POT coffee?!! really!? the most expensive coffee shop i've been too doesn't even charge 2.50 for a hand made pour over black coffee. this place is cute, so if you like that then let them take your money. what got me is that i had the money to spend on this kind of food, but was so offended by the deal that i decided just to get a $3 dollar pot coffee.

Colleen Froehlich

My rating of Rose’s Fine Foods is not low because of the food, but because of the service. In fact, the food was wonderful. However, our waitress was unaccommodating and rude.

Daryl Stahl

Walk in walked out, no service, overpriced food. You want a drink, 2 eggs, toast and bacon? Be prepared to spend $20 per person.

eric durussel

Deffently a goto spot if u love food made from the heart and they actually care what they serve you in the summer months with close to 90% of there food being locally sourced what a great place

Kathryn Christopher

Delish diner food made with love ❤ Best fresh, homemade bread!

Tiffany Ervin

Purchase two carry out breakfast because the wait was approximately forty minutes. I ordered two seperate items off their menu. Got home and the portion size was extremely skimpy, the flavor of the food was bland, the apple wood bacon was thin fatty low grade of meat. The establishment was not bad and polite staff however the food was not remarkable at all. My purchase was thirty two dollars plus tip. I will not be back unfortunately I really was excited to try this recommended establishment but I found it bland, overpriced and skimpy.

Luann -

Darling. Absolutely darling. And great, inventive grub!

Bin M. Khulayf

Cozy, warm and always busy. Extremely popular little joint in the neighborhood. Food is good, coffee is OK, service is always in between. Seems like the place is popular for other reasons than the quality of the food. Give it a shot if you're in the neighborhood.

Lisica's Lounge

Affordable scratch mad food serving the community! Excellent baked goods!

Gary Schultz

Very good food. Clean and comfortable

Emma Hodge

Cute little local diner with a friendly staff and inviting atmosphere. The food is sourced with local ingredients and tastes amazing! It's a small place and is quite busy on weekends, but I came for brunch on a weekday and it was less crowded!

Steve Thomas

Very good, totally unpretentious diner with a small but satisfying menu. Great for brunch, though you can count on a wait.

Ken Green

Overpriced food very small space

Zach Meyers

Charming small diner in Detroit. Came for brunch on a Sunday. The food was fantastic. Bread is baked in-house, and it really shined on the breakfast sandwich, which was delicious. Coffee is also locally sourced and high quality. We did wait about 40 minutes to be seated, but this was to be expected as it is a small diner and we visited at noon on a Sunday. Service was the only aspect of our experience that was disappointing. It was less attentive than what I would expect, and service did not match the otherwise high quality of the establishment.

Alan Hejl

Amazing quality diner near Belle Isle that serves great food on a consistent basis. It's got charm and friendly staff that complete the experience. Be prepared for a short wait if you're coming here on the weekends for brunch. The ethics of this place are great to, with a clear commitment that their staff is paid a living wage. In terms of accessibility, it would be great if they added handicap parking lines and somehow made their restroom more accessible.

Mike Juras

Very disappointed. Food was pretty good. Would have been great if the service wasn't so bad. Our server never said a word... until she handed us our check. Probably looking for a tip. She didn't get one. We had to ask for coffee refills 3 times. Asked someone else, and they also just grunted and never brought coffee. Seemed like a "we're too good for you type of thing going on". Not worth my dollars or my time.

King Steff

OK… For this place to be in Detroit and in the "hood" they don’t want black people in their restaurant. I make this assumption because I’ve been in there three different occasions and have goty very poor service. While I read reviews and look around the restaurant and see everyone else’s in a good mood and happy and the reviews are reading what great service people had. What about me? All three times?

Scott Kaufman

If you are looking for a healthy but delicious breakfast/lunch spot, look no further

Alan Hale

Food is delicious but a bit pricey. All made in house. Very low key and laid back.

David Haberkorn

Great food, but please turn up the heat (kids don't do well eating in coats).

Latanya Davis

Oh my god this little hidden jewel in the city needs more recognition for their purpose to serve their customers the freshest organic ingredients michigan has to offer, The mission is beautifully align with wonderful & upbeat staff, all were wonderful & Thanks for making my first dining experience with the delicious breakfast chicken sausage & my whole meal a hit I will be back!

Beth L

The food is sooo good and because it's fresh and homemade, it's a little pricey.

Eric Griffin

With owner Molly

Blue Moon

The food is great but service was not. I never leave bad reviews, but truly for such a gem you need friendlier servers. I am a server My self, and I understand people have their bad days, but this girl was not friendly at all. We felt like we were bothering her and she also took our food away before we were finished and for what we paid that's just rude, and made it very clear she was cleaning up for the day by reaching in front of us to clear the jams and sugar off the table. Kindness goes a LONG way, including making your tips and happy customers. . .

Richard Smith

Fresh cooked to order. Fresh baked bread. Katchup made from scratch. Employees paid a living wage.

Mike Provenza

The wait for food was waaaaayyy to long.

Tori Bruzese

What a great is fresh and delicious.....they support local growers...we had the staff favorite and buckwheat pancakes both yummy....would eat here again next time I am in town!..and the staff is friendly..a gem of a find!

Kikora Elcock

Great service and atmospere.

chandara thach

Really good food!! Great service

Lou Medel Jr.

This might be our favorite breakfast joint in the city. They use fresh, quality ingredients and it shows in the flavor of each dish. It's a little pricey, but it's worth every penny.

Megin Dunlap

I had 3pancakes 2 eggs and small bowl of grits and charged me $21 they got me messed up never again pancakes taste like cornmeal

Robert Cardoni

Delicious scratch made breakfast. Came here looking for a packzi ... had read they had them but not on the day we were there. Settled on biscuits and eggs. Delicious. The biscuit was salted and fresh. Service was super friendly ! Off the beaten path but worth seeking out!

Benjamin Sinsheimer

Worth the drive out here! Amazing coffee, local food, and hipster atmosphere! Food was delicious! 5 stars

Byce Evergreen

An amazing small place to eat with a cozy environment and friendly staff. The food is wonderfully made, and the counter seats are great, especially because you can see your food being prepared! The menus also pretty consistently change with a new variety of options to eat nearly every time you return, which will hopefully not be soon after your first visit! I can personally say that their pancakes are very good especially with added blueberries. Overall, I definitely reccomend this place to anyone and everyone.

Tim Iles

Delicious food, friendly staff and serving an area that lacks fresh ingredients. This isn't the cheapest place in town but getting food that prepared from scratch using local ingredients isn't going to be. Make sure you try the baked goods, they're amazing.

Satendra Marquis

This is a cute little restaurant! The food is excellent and the staff are very friendly and efficient. The grits are so very buttery and delicious. If you have an out of town visitor being them here!

Shannon O'Brien

Love, love, love Rose's! Adorable diner with delicious, thoughtful, artisan food and fantastic coffee. A bit pricy, but for a good reason - they pay their staff a good living wage, and a portion goes to local charity organizations. A true gem on the east side.

A Little

Great fresh homemade breakfast

Gwendolyne Rios Dixon

Friendly service, delicious food! I highly recommend. I have been a return client for years now.

Donald .Richardville

Underwhelming at best. Horific service, outrageous prices. Dont waste your gas or your time.

Owen Dominick

Great atmosphere! Everything we ordered was slappin'!!


Tasty food, vintage hip decor, good service, good coffee

Mirijam Seidel

Amazing breakfast place!!!! Would recommend to anyone in the area, worth the wait definitely. Food is so fresh and flavorful, there isn't anything on the menu I don't love.

Travis Rosenbluth

Good people utilizing their communities local farms to source good Ingredients to make good food. The pork sausage and pancakes made me warm and happy on a rainy day. Saved the best for last on my way out of the Motor City

Lindsay Kennedy

What a gem. Fantastic food, beautiful details in this old dinner and slightly run down dinner. Staff are excellent and very helpful. We tried the pesto bowl and summer broth bowl. WOW! Organic, fresh, made from scratch... just go there already.

V Figueroa

Great dinner experience

Brittany Bogus

Everything is top notch here; made from scratch, local high-quality ingredients. Make sure you get something from the case of baked goods!

Danielle G.

Scored a seat early on a Sunday morning; it would have been worth it even if we had to wait. I enjoyed the Kimchi rice bowl, and my husband ordered the ginormous pancakes. Our meal could have fed another person too!

Kiersten Latowski

The food was fresh and delicious. We got 2 poached eggs on top of greens with yellow potatoes (which had amazing spices) and a slice of homemade toast, topped with jam and ricotta cheese, and buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup. The staff was busy, but still attentive. We even received a free homemade blueberry hand pie, which was light, crispy and not too sweet. I love that the menu rotates seasonally so I can try new things. Overall a great experience. We will definitely be back!

Sam Trochio

I don’t generally pay $13 for an egg sandwich and potatoes, but I sure got what I paid for. The greens on the sandwich were a delicious touch and the seasoning on the potatoes had enough spice to keep things interesting. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. I’d come back.

Ethan Best

Jennifer and I LOVE coming here. The food is great, the coffee is excellent and the atmosphere is ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Rose's Fine Foods!

Sharon Whaley

Delicious homemade breakfast. So glad we went!

Steven Ward

Great place for breakfast and lunch. The staff is very friendly and the coffee is great. Try any of the daily specials they are always fresh and tasty. My wife and I love the atmosphere of the restaurant and revitalizing going on in the area near Bell Isle. The restaurant can be very busy at times, but there is a good reason for that!

Mary Kay Srabian

A great diner for local fresh, healthy meals. I enjoy sitting at the counter.

Amy Willaert

The pancakes are out of this world! Cute little diner perfect for Sunday Breakfast. Always recommend this place to others.

Tarisa Tugun

Yummy! It's small and cozy. Got the vegan sandwich with bacon and cheese

Hilary Janemi

Great little diner. We had to wait in our car until we could be seated and they called us not too long after. The food was delicious, I had the broth bowl and my husband had the special of the day. I love soup for breakfast so the fact that they had it on the menu earns this place 5 stars. I also appreciate that they pay their staff a living wage and that they source mainly organic and mainly local ingredients, so keep that in mind when looking at the prices. I would eat there again next time I am in Detroit.

Kwame Robinson

A little pricey; but, worth it. Food was tasty, atmosphere was cozy & service was wonderful (the hostess & waitresses were very sweet and attentive). You might want to try to call about 20 mins ahead of time, it's a popular & small shop.

Doris Hurt

Ate here for breakfast when they first opened. We haven't been back because we can eat cheaper at any Coney island. The food was good. We may go back again to support this neighborhood eatery. Staff was very pleasant, restaurant a little too small for my liking.

John Meyers III

We really wanted to like this place. My wife asked for a decaf coffee and we were informed that they didn't have any decaf. only regular and some teas. My son wanted milk with his breakfast. No regular milk, only chocolate milk. The bacon was overcooked and the scrambled eggs were undercooked. They have good reviews so maybe we just went on a bad day.

Derrick Marable

Good food. Felt like you had to be a hippie to fit in. Service with a slight attitude.

Stacey Dials

All organic food used. The pancakes are Huge & deliciois. Only thing is their menu is limited

Rich Vance

Liked the food, always a wait to get in. Service is always good.

jeffrey diehl

Place is very small. Wait staff is friendly but service is slow. Food is ok.

Mariam A

The food is really full of favors and the place is cosy , staff is great. The only reason I give it 3stars is they are very stubborn about catering to clients, I once asked for my omelette to be all white and they said They can't make it.i don't know why or how a d the. I ordered something else on the menu and they were out of it.

dawn foster

Good and fresh food which is from local sources.

Austin Ball

Hands down the best breakfast I’ve ever had. It’s not super cheap - but it’s worth every penny. Mind Blown.

LaStacious Porter

Excellent food excellent service healthy food I love this place it's amazing tea is great

Jes G

Delicious food! Cozy and comfortable seating with a relaxed atmosphere. They pay fair wages so a tip is not required. A portion of any tips you choose to leave goes to local charities. They have some great looking products like house made flavorings for sale. Well worth the visit for great, local food at reasonable prices.

Debby Camalo

What a charming place on Jefferson Ave in Detroit. Service was friendly and quick. This is your typical "neighborhood breakfast/lunch" venue - so nothing fancy. It was a beautiful day, so the windows were open to let in the fresh air. (not even sure if they have air conditioning or not) so the bees were quick to try and come into the restaurant. The staff is working on obtaining additional bee traps (the bottles where the bees go into the bottle and fall into the bottom).


The food here is great. Expect to try new flavor combinations that are overall delicious

Tetyana Pecherska

Just go. Super delicious, fresh, indulgent. The staff is kind and attentive - my water glass never ran dry (it was a very hot day), and when I got half my pancakes to go they made sure to make some syrup and butter to go as well. Yes it’s a splurge, but that’s what you get when the staff gets paid well. Worth it!

Chris K.

Everything is good. Food takes a little longer than most diners, but that's because it's fresh. It's also more expensive than most diners, but only because the employees are paid a living wage.

Ed Slesak

Always high quality. Worth the wait in peak times.

Elizabeth Bugera

I would give them a better rating because the food was quite good but... We had to wait a very long time for a table. They take your name and apologize they can't seat you in the 1/2 empty cafe because they have to call a # of people that called ahead to be placed on the list. Staff spent an inordinate amount of time trying to reach people and then wait for them to show up. They also ask you to wait in your car as there is no room inside the tiny cafe. We were told the wait would be 20 minutes but it was more than 40. Then we had to wait another 15 minutes to order, in part because they're still trying to contact people on their wait list. We are frozen through now due to having been outside, and the door is opening about every 15 seconds and every so often the last person in or out just leaves it open. The food finally arrived but was only warm. If we weren't miserably cold, that might have been ok. We'll probably go back but not until the weather warms up and now we know to call ahead and then let them track you down. The homemade sourdough toast was the highlight of the meal! I rarely eat bread but I ate all of it here.

latif k

Great experience and friendly atmosphere! Good service, great food! The grits + BLGT was amazing! Will be back soon!

Sebastian Okhovat

Cool hole-in-the-wall breakfast, food was pretty good, wait was long for an early morning. They use local product to craft their dishes, staff is friendly!

The Kingofair

They are weird people unless u are white.

Marche Haughton

This place is a hidden jewel. I was completely blown away by the spin on an every day favorite with that kick of a healthy punch. Truly a charming place and the food is delicious. I highly recommend you try it.

Gordie Hanna

This is a pretty hip place. Their food is delicious and their service is friendly. They are very accommodating and kind. The door isn't automatic and it's a little tight inside, but one could get a wheelchair in. They have free parking on site.

Michelle Elizabeth

Highly recommend. Best breakfast sausage and grits I've had. Fantastic baked goods (especially the donuts and cinnamon buns). Everything else was also delicious. We had to wait a bit for our table of 7 to be seated but it was fully worth it. If you are in Detroit this is a "Do Not Miss" place.

Vladimir Sullivan

I’ve never left a review for a place online before but I had to after going to Rose’s. The atmosphere and decor has a really cool vibe to it. But then everything else was downhill from there. We waited 45 minutes for two of their daily specials, smoked chicken sandwiches. The chicken was dry and flavorless, the meal overall was not too satisfying and usually, I’m okay with that at little diners. Sometimes it comes with the territory. But the prices of this place are astronomical for what is served. I walked out paying close to $40 for our two mediocre sandwiches and water as our beverages. If I wanted a biscuit with jam, that was over $3, just for perspective. Everything is way too over priced and there is only one cook working, bless her, but that meant it was just way too slow without any complimentary nibble food to tide us over. Don’t go to Rose’s.

Peter Carver

Good food the menu is limited and a little expensive. I guess that's what happens when you pay your staff a living wage. Gets crowded on the weekends so go early.

Micheal Brothers

The food is excellent but the prices are high, even considering the quality of the food. The atmosphere feels very much like run down parts of Detroit. You won't find better food in that area, though.

Clément Lucas

I love this place. The egg sandwich is so good ! They have local and organic food, pretty good amount of vegetarian options, and the staff is great. Love the inside of the place too. Anticipate some waiting time if you come late in the morning, at least in the week end. But so worth it. You can go have a walk in Indian Village while you wait for them to call you for your turn.

Shelly Jasso

for the money not worth it I paid $40 for breakfast for two you're talkin eggs potatoes and toast and bacon and I do not mind fine dining that is my thing I love it I do not mind paying good money for good food but that definitely did not hit the spot the pancakes I don't know what you're made out of but not for me that's just my opinion but there was a lot of food there that looked at good it's more for healthy fanatic people not me but surrounded by great people for sure

Philip Price

pancakes from stone ground wheat or buckwheat with REAL maple syrup from northern Michigan. Freshly ground coffee, some of the best I've had. A little place with a big flavor

Peter Mays

Food done right! We love the authenticity of not only the physical dinner itself, but the fantastic food on the menu as well! When you come to Rose's Fine Food, make sure that you bring your appetite, because the food here is good ole fashioned comfort food that will satisfy the largest of appetites!!

John Redwine

Nothing bad about this place. To me it is just a bit pricey for what you get. Overall the food was nothing special at a price that I would expect something special.

Justin Hatch

Quality and delicious. The food is very good however the location is small and if it's busy you can feel somewhat crammed in

dieter oberkofler

Great restaurant with super fresh ingredients and very nice service.

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I wasn't impressed the coffee was cold eggs were cold the toast was cold and there was no room for my elbows but there seem to be a lot of people who like it there and all the girls were really really ridiculously good-looking

Charla Davis

Only complaint about anything here is that I wish there were more of it. I stand by the house special in all its incarnations. Not a cheap place to eat but definitely worth it. I'm not a dessert person but their options for it are very very good.

kaynesha zinn

The food lack seasoning! I ordered my eggs over medium, however they ended up being over cooked. The toast was hard. I attempted to gag down the potatoes. The water was room temperature. I would not recommend this restaurant to family and friends.

mark boyle

Food was tasty, toast was awesome, grits were yummy, soda was a 6oz size. Had to order 2 sausage patties to make a breakfast, so the food and service was nice but I can't afford a $17 breakfast. The 2 $$ in the yelp rating should be $$$.

Bruce Johnson

Surprised by the personable friendly wait staff. Pleasantly taken in by the multi-cultural character of the restaurant. Surprised again by the intriguing menu. This worker on his lunch break found a Jewel in this hidaway of cozyness. Almost cafe style American secret in my own neighborhood.

Jennifer Wey Fang

For me, a solid 3-stars. The first time we came (2 years ago?), it made a big impression on me because of their no-tip policy. They said they don't believe in mandatory tipping, which was really cool. There was no mention about any tip or no-tip policy today, so I'm guessing they changed their minds, disappointingly. The food was fine but wasn't anything I'd order again. My husband and I shared buckwheat pancakes and a broth bowl. The regular pancakes are probably better unless you love buckwheat, and the broth bowl was a bit bland. The veggies inside and the toast that came with were great though. It's a nice, homey atmosphere, and people are friendly. The prices are high, and we assumed that was because they don't accept tips, but now that they do, it just seems overpriced.

Rebecca Chavez

Very fresh

Marc-Grégor Campredon

A nice spot to get some home cook simple american food. The place as is own very charm - Love it. Staff is amazingly friendly. 5 stars no doubt.

Hillary Cavanaugh

It seems I share the unpopular opinion, but this is one of my least favorite places to grab breakfast. Cute concept, but crammed space. The cost of brunch is not worth it. The only redeeming factor is their baked goods, if you absolutely need somewhere to eat in that neighborhood, or if you have friends that are interested in eating at a trendy space.

Anas Sami

A small nice and cozy place for breakfast, however the food quality is less than average and overpriced.

Karen Emmett

Wholesome, honest, fresh. A little gem in Detroit. Felt like home when the Airbnb we stayed at food and field was delivering garlic to Rose's when we happened to be on our way there so we offered to bring it for them. All of the food was amazing, and the cozy atmosphere lead to making friends with nearby tables adding to the unique experience. Left with bellies and hearts full.

jeffry wainwright

Everytime I'm in Detroit, I make sure to go to Rose's at least once. I get the Breakfast sandwich with Turkey Bacon. The Sourdough the sandwich comes on is great—the best Sourdough I've had in the Midwest. Also, the buckwheat pancakes are not easily forgettable.

Hannah Slabaugh

Rose's is a cozy diner on Jefferson Ave on the East side of Detroit. The diner's food never disappoints, and the interior of this tiny place takes you back in time.

Ryan Glenn

Nicest breakfast in town imo.

Sarah Gawel

I like the menu options and the fresh ingredients, however I was not satisfied with how the meal was prepared or presented.

Robert Taylor

The atmosphere was so quaint and service was decent, but the food...... The potatoes were unseasoned and did not offer the ability to add either onions or bell pepper...these purple potatoes were NOT a hit. The 'scrambled' eggs were literally fried...hard! The pancakes had an added ingredient that made them taste unfamiliar like they were being stretched to feed a large family. However, the real maple syrup helped to disguise it. The grits.....watery, even with cheese they were very loose. The BACON was tasteless, greasy cardboard and the sausage had a funny aftertaste and was paper-thin with a charge of $3.75 for 1.5 patties! But the coffee was delicious and the decor cute.... However, we had to stop at the pizza parlor on the way home to eat....

Matthew Nickel

A great place to eat. I only wish it was easier to get in. The prices might seem a bit high comparatively, but I’ve been told that they pay the staff well because of it. I say kudos. It truly is a great local food spot on the east side.

William Polom

Great little diner for some seriously good home cooking.

LaShawn White

Love it the people and the food is great.

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