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Steve Galloway

Pablo's Old Town is a Mexican restaurant in Lansing's increasingly fashionable Old Town district. Simple furnishings and decor lend to an authentic Mexican feel, and the menu excels. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and full meal options and presentation and flavours amount to some the best Mexican I have had. A public car park across the road offers free parking at time of writing. Do not be fooled by the simple and cheerful shopfront. This restaurant is a serious authentic proposition.

Eldon Faunt

The real deal when it comes to authentic Mexican food -- certainly the most authentic you will find in mid-Michigan. Service with a smile in the heart of Old Town Lansing. The steak burrito is my go to when ordering to go, but I also regularly enjoy the gorditas when dining in. I have probably enjoyed Pablo's 100 times over the years, and have NEVER had a bad meal. Not once. Not only are the entrees great, but their chips and salsa and guacamole are top notch. Pablo's also serves breakfast, although they don't open until 9 am. The breakfast burrito does an excellent job soaking up the remnants of a night out on weekends!

Courtney de Vries

Best Mexican food in town. Hands down. This is the only place I frequent. The servers are awesome and my drinks and sauces are brought to me before I ask, every time. They’re super nice to their customers, regulars or not.

Jim Swank

Haven't had legit, authentic Mexican since I lived in Texas. This was just what I needed to remind me how amazing it really is. Great authenticity. Great flavors. Service was good too. Only had to wait for about 20 minutes for seating for 8, which is pretty good for such a small place.

James Cooper

Excellent food and service


Love the breakfast burrito! Limeade is so delicious!

Peter Gordon

Pleasant surprise. We were looking for a quick healthy lunch and chose the right place. Great authentic Mexican.

Lexie Mitchell

Almost like being back home in CA! Definitely the best in the greater Lansing area.

Antoinette Marie

Lost wallet it was turned in after a couple hrs! I prayed too so...

William Torres

We took our daughter there because she wanted Mexican and we had heard they had good food. It was good food, service and authentic. They serve you fresh home made tortilla chips and salsa right away. I saw one person say you have to pay a meter. This was not the case for me. There is a parking lot across the street and I have never seen meters there. There are some downtown, but this is in Old Town.

Peter Myers

Good beans; good salsa; good chips; good tacos. The restaurant was pretty clean, and our server was very pleasant.

Jessica Harris

Delicious food and great service! My favorites are the tortas and the wet burritos! Excelente!!

Jake Moore

I always say it's not an authentic Mexican restaurant without mole. And Pablo's serves mole!!!! The tortas are fantastic and filling! Why has no one suggested this place to me before?!?

Amanda vanDoorn

Waitress suggested a gordita, which I chose and pork, for me. I am gluten-free and it was fantastic. I still miss sandwiches and this was wonderful.

Christopher Dandaneau

I really like Mexican food and will try any place or stand or food truck doing a Mexican thing. So the Blues festival got me in the area and as soon as I saw Pablo's I told my Mexican friend we got to go there and we did two days in a row and loved it. Authentic it is in deed. The torta's with the carne al pastor were excellent the bun was so fluffy yeah. The next day we went back and both of us had the pozole with the carne all pastor again. That was also very good. There are some other places in the immediate vicinity that might be outstanding the problem is I'll be hard pressed to go any place else when I'm in the area which isn't that often. Pablo's is now my favorite Mexican restaurant in Michigan now and I'm jealous not in my area. Thank you.

Sheree Behrendsen

It's a really tiny place and, while I'm not a fan of Mexican food, their Mexican tacos with cilantro are absolutely amazing. I mean really, really good. They have hot salsa that's actually hot, another plus. Service is always friendly. If you want a great taco, this is the place

Rebecca Wildenthal

Always good. Crave the avocado tostadas!

Guillaume Girard

Consistent friendly and quick service for really good food, And it's been this way since I've started eating there years ago. One of the most authentic Mexican restaurants in the Lansing areas.

Michael Demps

The best!!! Service, ownership, food love it!!!

Toni Schingeck

Service is great and friendly! Food is delicious and prices good. A diamond in the rough in terms of Lansing restaurants.

Genevieve Scott

We stopped here after shopping at a couple nearby stores. We each ordered tacos -- mine were Mexican tacos with chopped onions and cilantro along with a side of guacamole. Mom ordered the American tacos with ground beef, cheese, and lettuce. Both were very tasty. The service was prompt and friendly. I did not give this place a five for two reasons. The rice was salty and the hot sauce was super mild which surprised me. I prefer some heat in my sauce.

Francisco S. Martinez

Excellent food n Service !!

Shauna Fyan

Had a regular breakfast. Eggs w,bacon & pancakes. Good. Not to bad for Sunday morning.

Carrie Jacobs

I don’t know how I haven’t been here sooner. My husband and I went for lunch and it was phenomenal. We both ordered a variety of Mexican tacos and they were all great. Service was fairly quick and friendly. We will definitely be back.

Evan Kay

Great service, consistently great authentic Mexican food! Highly recommend!

Michele Ireland

Service was the worst I've had in a very long time. My food was cold & not cooked right, waited forever to get help. I will never go back!

Jason Snyder

Food was OK, but was very slow to come out. It was busy the whole time, but tables seated after us received their food before us. Maybe call ahead to avoid a lengthy wait.

Jonathan Walkotten

Amazing tostadas and blended drinks.

David Russell

Small but authentic, We were lucky to get a table at 6ish on a Saturday - it filled up right after we sat down. The salsa was really tasty, chips were very fresh, service was fast and efficient if not overly friendly - Not to say rude, just efficient and parsimonious. I had the tongue tacos, I have had better, but that was in Little Mexico Detroit - so I have to say they were 5 star tacos - all the food was fresh and well prepared for our party of 4

Drew Prosch-Jensen

One of my favorite places for Mexican in Lansing. Tonight's Chicken Mole was wonderful. Highly recommended!


That was the worst food I have had in Lansing. I only ate one Taco, the chicken was undercooked and I feel like I have to vomit. The Rice and Beans looked like they came straight from a can with no actually cooking done to them. A serious lack of effort from the Chefs.

Kio Yamaku

I get their wet burrito with red sauce and chicken. Other places really stuff their burritos with rice, but Pablo's gives you a GOOD amount of protein and an actual chunk of avocado in the burrito. It's crazy good.

Richardo Charles

The staff was very efficient. The gentleman that helped us never stopped moving. Did tasted great

camille marie


Jeff Panaka

A wonderful Mexican restaraunt in the heart of Old Town Lansing. After either a delicious breakfast or lunch, make sure to walk across the street to take in views of the Grand River and the historic fish ladder. Many a Saturday afternoons were spent here by the river enjoying tacos from Pablo's. Simple times.

Shelly Mann

We had a chimichanga that was Fantastic and a chicken Gordita was was great. Very satisfied

Jason Jackson

I ordered the giant burrito. It was not very giant. The ground beef was flavorless. The salsa that came with our chips was flavorless as well. The kicker came at the end when my girlfriend discovered a hair in her beans. I thought she was going to get sick, so we just paid, and left. I'll NEVER go back there.

Danny Hearit

Best breakfast

Marc Foreman

Great place to eat. The food is wonderful.

Jeffrey Kemm

Great food and great service. I really enjoy La Torta.

David Mestelle

Very good food and friendly service.

Nicholas Breslin

I have been to plenty of places for mexican food and I am generally a fan, but this place was mind blowing to me. The food was juicy and full of flavor. I ordered the mexican style chicken tacos and they were fantastic. The beans and rice were also fantastic, I never usually finish my rice because it is typically one of the blander parts of a meal but here there is a flavor that my friend and I could only describe as "good." Definitely worth going to. I'd give a 6th star if I could.

Pablo Pido

Great food and awesome service!!

Mallory B

Excellent authentic Mexican food... felt like a home-cooked meal. Amazing.

Pat Morstad

Fajitas are top notch and my son said the Rancheros huevos were excellent as well!

alex fredenburg

Great food great environment great price

Javier Negron

Excellent food, service and price.

Christopher Parks

This place is awsome !!

Cristobal Torres-Palacios

Food is just delicious! You gotta try the "Pozole"

Rodney Sanville

Nothing fancy but the food is incredible. As close to authentic Mexican food you'll get in the Lansing area. Great prices. Quick service. Will definitely go again.

Larry Bermudez

Viva good place to eat

Rebecca Jost

Good food but noisey!

Matty M

Lovely little spot. Good vegetarian options. Quick, friendly service. Good prices. A nice breakfast.

kenleigh pitre

My expectations of this place were high due to the reviews. I was very disappointed. My chicken was dry, the salsa had a weird taste to it. I would love to say this place was the bomb since I LOVE Mexican food. But the only “Bomb” that happened was after I got home. I’m used to the authentic Mexican food from the border and I can assure you that this doesn’t compare.

Andy Salas

Great food just don't drink the water ,drink a Mexican beer goes go with the chips & salsa ...

Chris Gamin Jr

Unbelievably good Mexican food. Tiny but clean place. My new favorite.

Peter Damerow

Everyone was very friendly, and the food was amazing. I highly recommend this restaurant for a quick lunch or cozy dinner!

Tomeyshia Walker

Best authentic cuisine I've ever had!

Miche H

Very good Mexican food, a little more upscale than la estrellita. Worth a visit! Looking forward to going back and trying some of the other options! I have spent a lot of time in Mexico and find this to be one of the best Mexican food restaurants in the area.

Carly Golding

I was disappointed - I had high expectations based on good reviews. I was brought a menu covered in some mystery sauce (ick) and another messy one when I asked for a new one. The Mexican hot chocolate was watery and the food was mediocre Mexican food. I would not return.

Denis Mundere

The beef tounge tacos are so good.

Jesus Sanchez

With how busy they were they still delivered great service and amazing tasting food!

Robert Pride

Great food good service

Cooper Spaulding

Best Mexican restaurant in Lansing by far! Very authentic and delicious. Highly recommend!

Cynthia Sanders

We took our daughter there because she wanted Mexican and we had heard they had good food. It was good food, service and authentic. They serve you fresh home made tortilla chips and salsa right away. I saw one person say you have to pay a meter. This was not the case for me. There is a parking lot across the street and I have never seen meters there. There are some downtown, but this is in Old Town.


Love Pablo’s! The most authentic Mexican food in Lansing. I always get the al pastor tacos, authentic style, Horchata is amazing and the layout feels like a real Mexican restaurant. Pablo, I’m assuming the owner, is always there when I am and he’s very nice. Love love love this place.

Gary McVey

Another old, established restaurant that's worth eating at. If you enjoy Mexican food, I would definately give it a try. Management and staff are always very good!

Lindsey Sanville

So Good! Best Gorditas I have ever had!

Party Smarty

Took 30 minutes to receive our breakfast for four... saw a live cockroach crawling on the floor under the table next to ours. Food was flavorless and lukewarm. The hipsters can have this, no thanks.

Daniel Jamieson

Awesome prices, great food, and friendly staff, what else could you want?

Alexis Shaver

The food had very limited flavor. My cheese enchiladas still had chunks of unmelted cheese in them. The salsa was watery. Overall very bland and not served at proper temperature.

Calla VanDenBerg

My family's go-to Mexican restaurant. It's like being with family.... Warm, welcoming environment with great food. Can't go wrong with the Mexican Taco Dinner.

Denise Cosper

Delicious authentic Mexican food in Lansing. No Tex-Mex here.

Kim Smith

Love the Torta! Great food, & service. I go to this place almost every time I'm in Old Town. You have to try it.

Ian Oberg

Delicious, authentic, and affordable! Something on the menu for everyone, and a cozy atmosphere. I recommend this place to anyone looking for food in Old Town!

Katherine Jones

Always yummy! Great service. Very reasonably priced.

Katya Ivanova

Let me start off with saying I LOve Mexican food! That being said, I sought out a Mexican Restraunt on my business trip to Lansing. The best resaurants are the little privately owned places where everything is fres and made to order. Pablos didn't disappoint. The food was authentic and the wait staff very pleasant. I had the traditional Mexican Asada Tacos and guacamole. It was delicious!! they even had Horchata which is also one of my favorite drinks. I noticed that their menu had everything from vegetarian to meat based meals. There was a couple behind me on their first date and the atmosphere was perfect for this. If you want a little bit of Mexico in the middle of Michigan, then this is the place for you!

Tara Ventura

It was okay Slow cook and the food is just okay

Jeffrey Laing

Stopped in for lunch with a coworker. Despite being busy, the service was fairly quick. I tried the steak fajitas and they were delicious. My coworker had some enchiladas and he similarly thought they were very good. The prices are reasonable.

Ron Harris

Great food, great service! Love this place.

waterien CA

Definitely the best Mexican restaurant in the area. Recommend by several Meccan fiends. I’ll not go anywhere else for Mexican food in town but here.


Been going here for years! The food is great! And the staff don’t have a problem getting you whatever u need to complete your meal! Very friendly :)


Great menu, good coffee. Yummy food. Salsa was a little thin but delicious. Prices were fair. Waitstaff very attentive. Indoor seating area is small but in better weather I think there's outdoor seating. We will return.

Dana Ester

Hands down one of the best place for authentic mexican style tacos.

Rafael Gonzalez

I do not recommend this place or support Pablo for his drinking and driving habits. He destroyed my car while he was drinking and driving. I had it legally parked outside of my house when he just crashed into it hitting a total of 3 cars. When I opened his door to make sure he was okay, he pointed down at the passenger side floor where he had open beer bottles. I told him it was my car he had destroyed and he told me "I'll pay for it, just don't call the cops". The cops were called and this man was arrested. It's not the first time he has been seen drinking and recklessly driving. By going here you're supporting his habit and people could be killed if he continues.

Jennifer Trefry

Your tastebuds may be different than mine, but they have the best Mexican tacos I've ever had. Service has always been great when I've gone in. Every restaurant has mishaps, so let's be fair about that one. I've read others negative reviews and honestly may be their tastebuds were off when they got their food that day. I'd rather go here than this other place that was talked up and the other places food sucked! Like I said best Mexican tacos around. Yes, that's what I order everytime I go in. First time I had a burrito with a Mexican taco. Both were flavorful, but I enjoyed the Mexican taco more and have ever since!

Peter Fu

No sh*t. This place is amazing! The fried fish is the best i’ve ever seen.


This restaurant Is a stop for a good breakfast. Mexican restaurant, but doesn’t feel like the others. They have dishes like pozole, chilaquiles, caldo de pollo, etc. Dishes you don’t easily find other places. Plus all these are tasty dishes. Very good restaurant definitely well deserve 5 ⭐️’s.

Bridget Bowen

Service was horribly slow and the food was a major disappointment.

Ray Terwilliger

I think this is the best Mexican food in Lansing. Granted not much to choose from in this city as far as the real deal authentic Mexican restaurants. However, Pablo's is almost a weekly date night for my wife and I. Prices are reasonable, great service & we love the food!

Tammy Gonzales

Tacos de Asada are delicious...... Never can go wrong with Menudo

Dan C

Very bland food. Even the salsa was devoid of flavor

Richard Eckhardt

Good food and service! Quaint local establishment!

Kimmy M

Very delicious food for a good price!

Mani Sharma

Good food and fast service!!!

Sew Savvy Quilts

In Old Town Lansing. Authentic fare with devoted customers.

Julie Lewis

This place was super busy inside and on the patio outside. Staff kept the taco chips coming and drinks filled. Food came out piping hot and was very good. My daughter and I shared a fajita order and it was more than enough for both. Three homemade, about 5", piping hot soft tortillas each. Prices are very reasonable. They even offer Mexican or American tacos. LOL

Mariah Medina

Every time I order carry out something is wrong. Last time I was given the wrong order this time my order was never prepared.

Jason Cole

This is a nice little restaurant in Old Town. Very cozy dinning room that feels like you are at your a family gathering. I had the Torta Ahogada with Milenesa streak. It was a very delicious sandwich cover in salsa. The food taste like someones Abuela cooked it. If you want really good Mexican food this is the spot

Jance Greene

Love the food here! The family that owns and runs Pablo's are very friendly!

Jason Perttunen

The prices and the portions were great! Will go to again. I would recommend the Hungry Man! :-)

Dan Gunter

First time here, not a big place, had the feel of a neighborhood hangout with a lot of regulars. Friendly staff all around, fast service. Complimentary chips and salsa before a big hot breakfast burrito, very filling. Good value, will definitely be going there again.

Yukkuly YT

Very good Mexican restaurant. We moved to Michigan from California, this was first Mexican restaurant we were satisfied.

Capitol City FPV Racers

Service was good, host was friendly and atmosphere was clean, not he biggest fan of Mexican food, but it was pretty good.

Michelle Preston

Watery salsa, chips were stale and oily, flavorless food. Got my order wrong and never gave me my horchata. Service is lacking as much as the food is with flavor.

Lynn B

Most excellent food, authentic and delicious

Patrick Lytle

This a fantastic restaurant! The staff is very friendly and attentive. It gives the atmosphere of an old style diner. It's tucked away and this place is a treasure. The food is amazing! The Tortas are firm on the outside and as fluffy as a cloud inside. The Gorditas are to die for. They have just the right amount of filling so that it doesn't explode when you bite them. They are very filling and the prices here are very cheap. The only flaw was that there was no alcohol here, but it was definitely not a deal breaker. I'll be recommending this place to all of my friends and family.

Patrick Rivet

Great Mexican food! It's definitely one of the more authentic places in the Lansing area! The staff is nice too. Pablo himself, is a riot! Love that guy!

Michael George

Old Town diner still being run by Pablo himself and his family. Quality offerings, unique menu items and perfect for breakfast lunch and dinner

M.A. Taylor

Gordita, must try. Green salsa, a must have.

Allan Gibson

It's about time I went to Pablo's. Hands down the best Mexican breakfast I've ever had. I also had two "Mexican tacos" which were perfect as well. Fresh squeezed orange juice was a huge surprise. I'm definitely be back many times now that I've had a taste.

Serenity Sandberry

Delicious, authentic Mexican food. Friendly staff. Restaurant is clean and nicely decorated as well. Highly recommend

Edwin Hale

Food took awhile to come out but when it did it was great I ordered the three chalupas and they were fantastic.

Sarah Gray

Love the gordita, authentic and delicious. Service wasn't great and sent back an item as I asked for chicken and got beef, they simply scraped out the beef and put in chicken. So, it's hit and miss....

Patty Elzy

Nothing bad to say, it's just a matter of preference, I personally did not care for it.

Terry B

This is a unique mexican restaurant in Old town. If you go while its busy, there isn't much room to stand so you will kinda be standing in the way waiting for a table. We waited for about 5 minutes on a busy weekend day for a table to open up. The owner was very friendly though and sat us when a table became available. The chips were great. The salsa that's on the table at first seemed a little watery, but it grew on us and about halfway through the chip basket we couldn't get enough of it. Our waitress seemed rather inattentive after initially taking our orders and bringing our drinks. She didn't come back to bring us more drinks, and actually the owner happened to see us looking around for our food after what seemed like a long time - and he grabbed it and brought it to us. So, somewhat inattentive waitress aside - the food: Absolutely amazing. We've been searching for authentic but also FLAVORFUL mexican food for a long time. Everyone raves about El Azteco but I've always thought their food was bland. Pablo's does not lack flavor - its unique in the way the foods compare to other places, but the taste is superior to everything else mexican I've had in a long time. We had a chimichanga and a wet burrito. We finished it all and were very very happy we'd given this restaurant a chance. We will definitely be back, though maybe when its a little bit less busy. : ) We'd have given 4 stars because of the waitress but the food is just too good to bring the rating down for that reason.

Jamie Atkins

Two visits with two approvals. Authentic meals that tasted great.

Chad sager

If you have the time, the caldo will warm your soul!

Amanda Updyke

I love this place,service is amazing ,and food is awesome

Emma Dowd

Great tasting "authentic" Mexican cuisine. Excellent service at an affordable price! Highly recommend

Melissa Blood

Great place to eat.

Zed Reviere

Pablo's is one of a kind. They are very authentic but do have choices for those that may not be into the authentic food as much (having American tacos available). Which I think is smart as some just grow up on Taco Bell and don't understand that, that isn't real Mexican food. I am a huge fan of enchiladas verdes de pollo.

Charay Gadd

The best Mexican we've ever had, along with the best green salsa...Full of GREAT flavor, my mouth was exploding with so many...It was AMAZING THANK YOU FOR A GREAT GREAT MEAL...My Tummy is surely, SmilinG!!

lj macd

Great little place, staff was kind and the food was yummy!

Jerome Vierling

They care and the food is smashing. I asked what another table had to drink and it was a lime slushie thing. I had already checked out and they brought me a sample without me even asking. Btw it tasted great too.

Dane Cooke

Fast service, quality food. This was my first time here, but definitely won't be my last!

Nicole Renee

Great service & Amazing food!

Mike Minton

Taco shells and meat were bland and flavorless. Same goes for the salsa. $8.50 for 2 tasteless tacos? Absolutely not.

William Hutchens

A little on the small side, but you could taste that all of our food was homemade and VERY good. Seems like most Mexican restaurants anymore get their (pre-made) food from the same supplier, then flash-cook it in a convection microwave. That's why the plate is so hot. Not at Pablo's. You can tell that it is fresh, homemade & great. We will definitely be back.

Lionel Keener

Quick service, a variety of selections, just flavorless meat.

David Schenburn

This is my favorite mexican restaurant in Lansing. It is small, sincere, and is consistently good with good service. I like the chicken or lengua tostadas.

Emily Gonzales

Great food Service bit slow

Emerson Sheffey

Pablo's Old Town...some of the more authentic Mexican food around...El Oasis when they first opened was very authentic now Pablo's seems like the place to beat...waiting for there new location in Reotown to open so that I may same there cuisine to see if it tops Oldtown...So, if you are reading this and you haven't tried it please do so, you will not be disappointed ..

Bradley Bykowicz

Go for al pastor in any format. Gordita if you are feeling hungry and confident in your body.

Jon Lust

food is always great and the staff is very friendly

Sabrina Mann

Love the food, the servers are all very kind. Makes me feel like I'm right at home.

Jill Walker

Food is really good & reasonably priced

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