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I called to order a cake for my friend's birthday decorated with a slightly inappropriate inside joke on top. The lady on the phone thought it was hilarious and was more than happy to oblige. The beautiful piping rounded out the whole cake, and the bits of mango in the filling were so good! Love Mrs. Maddox and all the folks there. They are no-nonsense, wonderful people and deliver on what they promise. Don't go in wanting one thing, then asking for another thing, and magically expect them to give you the cake that you wanted in your head. It's the customer's responsibility to help them realize your vision.

An Tiques

Would rate a 0 if possible. Horrible customer service, wanted to charge me $5 for a bag of frosting after I asked if I could sample the frosting after I told her I might be ordering a birthday cake and wedding cake from them. This buttercream has a lot of shortening in it, and the customer service sucks!!!!

Eric Bender

Mrs Maddox cakes made us an amazing 4 tiered cake for our wedding. They also offer a free 1 year anniversary wedding topper cake which I just picked up. I'd highly recommend them for any of your bakery needs.

Kiran kumar Palthi

May W

Love this bakery. They did amazing on my wedding cake. It looked amazing and everyone loved it.

Ivory Thomas

Brad McCarthy

My family loves these cakes! My fiance and I ordered our wedding cake from them for our upcoming wedding and every time we go into the store for something about our wedding cake, we walk out with boxes of other cakes. The flavors are very sweet, but the cakes are moist and light. I highly recommend the cherry and caramel cake flavors. Their white, lemon, and yellow cakes are very good. Chocolate and red velvet cakes were just okay to us. They have graciously accommodated us in preparing for our wedding cake. We went to the store twice to taste the flavors! We were able to provide our own cake topper and silk flowers in place of paying for frosting flowers. Due to our outdoor reception, they have committed to a small (1hr) window of time for delivery. They also provided us with a certificate for a free 6" round cake on our anniversary (instead of freezing the top tier).

Kathleen Sullivan

Since I first discovered Mrs. Maddox Cake Shop, over 40 years ago, I have followed them from location to location. I can't even imagine using anyone else and I would travel any distance because they are that GREAT! They have helped to design many of my family's birthday, wedding, First Holy Communion, and special occasion cakes. I can honestly say, NOT ONCE WAS I EVER DISAPPOINTED! Our personal flavor is their cherry cake. I also can't say enough about the terrific staff who have accomadated me over the years. As recently as 2 days ago I was met by a friendly staff and superb decorator who of course helped with her great ideas. Lastly, I don't want to forget to tell you how yummy the pastries and cookies are too! Trust me when I tell you that Mrs. Maddox is thee finest bakery. Don't hesitate to give them a try! Kathleen Sullivan

Cindi Mom

Do not go to this bakery if you need professional decorators, and professional customer service!!! After a friend had a poor experience here, I am posting my horrible experience, so customers will know to stay away. My parents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. I was throwing a large party for them. The only request my parents had for any part of the celebration, was for a family heirloom 50th Anniversary wall crucifix be on the cake. It had been used in my mom's and her sisters cakes, with no problem. When I went in for a consultation, and to order the cake, I brought the cross, and showed it to them. They assured me it was not a problem to stand the cross in the cake. I asked the lady helping to check with the bakers and decorators to make sure they could use the cross without a problem. She took the cross in the back, then returned, telling me they said it was no problem. The day before the party, they called my house 20 MINUTES before closing, to tell my husband the cross was too heavy. I called them 10 minutes later, but. One answered their phone. I went to the bakery the next morning (the day of the party). They told me the cross was too heavy to stand. The gave me a piece of wood to stick in the cake, and told me to tie the cross to it, and maybe it would stand. Are you kidding me?!?! When I told them all of the above info, their response was to take it or leave it, they don't care. Oh, and bring the cake board back or I'll lose my deposit. No apologies or recourse. I was told the manager wasn't in. A party 50 years in the making, with one request, a thin small crucifix already used in two other cakes by two different bakeries, and this amateur bakery can't handle. If you want a simple cake with pretty flowers, balloons and icing work, go for it. For anything that requires skill, go elsewhere

Barbara B

WOW...these cakes are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I ordered a pineapple upside down cake at 4 PM on Wednesday and was able to pick it up at 8:30 AM Thursday. Their customer service is great and the cake was the best that I've ever had! Thank you Mrs. Maddox Cakes :)

Megan Gomez-Mesquita

I’ve ordered 2 cakes from here - a 50 person single tier bumpy cake and a 50 person two-tier anniversary cake. Both were outstanding and received so many compliments. The flavors of all of the cakes were perfect, and the cakes seemed very fresh and moist. Most notably was the lemon cake we got in the top layer of the anniversary cake - it was incredible!

Lou Scanlon

The best Bumpy Cake around.

Damion Jackson

Angie Baril

Jill Metz

We visited quite a few cake places before deciding on Mrs. Maddox Cakes for my daughter's wedding. They had the best taste, selection of flavors and were very helpful in choosing the right cake for the wedding. The cakes on display were really pretty and imaginative. They were very flexible in personalizing the cake for us. Can't wait to show it off at the wedding.

Rachel Waisanen

We have used Mrs. Maddox cakes on several occasions for birthdays, work parties, and plain old sweets cravings! They have always provided beautiful, flavorful cakes at an affordable price. It was a no-brainer when planning our wedding that we had to use Mrs. Maddox. We came in for a tasting and were able to design a beautiful cake that fell right in line with our wedding budget. I would highly recommend other brides check out Mrs. Maddox for their weddings!

Asia Hart/ Asia's Sweet Treats

D. Davis

Disappointed. Cake was not ready on time despite ordering a month ahead. Cake was rushed and not properly chilled or decorated. Cake was over brown when sliced. Won't go back.

Jessica Wolf

My family and I have been using Mrs. Maddox for years. They have always given us great customer service and fantastic cakes. Their design team is great when it comes to putting your paper idea on a cake. The cakes are delicious!!! I recommend them to everyone I know!!

Mary Morrow

Horrible customer service. Had to call for directions after maps app sent me to an empty parking lot. The person I spoke with on the phone was not helpful and then, after she THOUGHT that she had disconnected the call, proceeded to berate me to others in the store and call me stupid for not being able to figure out the location. After I finally found the place, I asked to speak to a manager. "Butta" refused to get one and made me wait an extra ten minutes before taking my payment (while she waited on other customers who came into the store after me). Wrote a letter to corporate but, based on the myriad other reports of poor customer service, I suspect nothing much will change. Will not be going back!

Amanda Martinez

A lovely family behind the business to boot. Mrs Maddox is a Dream. Amongst the many.... your bumpys surpass them all!

Mary Hoadley

Mrs. Maddox is a Detroit tradition. We happen to be fourth generation petits fours customers, because they are a most beautiful addition to any christening or similar formal party. Also, they are a kid pleaser! For an upcoming ninth birthday party the designer is making wonderful Tiki masks on each individual chocolate petit four (purchased by the dozen). Nothing could be simpler to serve, each is beautifully presented in a cupcake liner inside the cake box. Mrs. Maddox is the best!

Sarah D

Tried ordering a cake, total fail. I lost all faith (just a heads up). I sent several emails with my number listed on the bottom. Only one without it. I notice the next day they had emailed me, can we get a phone number for you? This is a minor issue but if they can't read an email, I don't trust their business. I can't speak on anything other then that. I lost faith and went somewhere else. Good luck.

Carlos Simsdon 貪欲

Casco And Sons

Love this place ❤️

Michael Harris

Abby Gardner

Amazing talent! Not only do they look absolutely amazing but they taste so delicious! Best cakes and snacks around!

Mark Bradford

The Best!!

Stacy Gekiere

Well worth the drive.

yes sir

Cake was stale from sitting so long. Do not recommend. Brunette girl is rude.

Jyothi Prasad S

Got the cake as per my expectations

Christine Rejniak

We went to Mrs. Maddox Cakes yesterday to order a cake for our 50th wedding anniversary. We got prompt, helpful, service and some good advice as well. Even though we live in Grand Blanc, we made the trip to Farmington because Mrs. Maddox has made both our daughters' wedding cakes as well as several cakes for milestone family birthdays. When we want something extra good (and beautiful) Mrs. Maddox is our only choice!

thangam arumugam

Worst experience we had for our son’s first birthday party by ordering cake. Cake is full of creamy rather than the base cake. Even the naming in the top of the cake is not the way we expected.

Karen Owens

Dan Bardy

Great cakes,pastries,luv it

Amanda McClellan

Mrs. Maddox was referred to me by a few different people that got their wedding cake and birthday cakes from there for years. Had nothing but wonderful things to say. Went to taste the cakes before placing our wedding cake order they were very helpful. Cakes all tasted amazing! Sat with us and went over all of the pricing and broke down all the various options. Did not make us feel pressured to make a decision right there - we left and made our decision months later. After our visit we sent a few different pictures via email - always quick to respond and informative in their responses. I could not ask for a better cake company to work with - made it very easy for us to decide and we can't wait to use them for our future cake purchases!

Elizabeth Brown-Gibson

I have been in business for 15 years and NEVER have I had to go back to a bakery with so many complaints. I have ordered from Mrs Maddox and have had family members order from there and it was good. Not this time! When I arrived at the hall the banquet manager informed me that the delivery of cupcakes and cake had been made early and the lady that made the delivery told her to be careful because the stand that my client paid $60 (refundable) for wasn't stable and they needed to be careful. We made it work for pictures but that was it. I also received complaints from guests (more than one)that the cupcakes weren't good. Upon returning the stand, I was told that it must have been the table that wasn't sturdy that it wasn't the stand after I rocked it back and forth to show her the problem. When I informed the manager of the complaints from the guests there was no remorse at all, her response was that she doesn't know why they would say that because they used the basic batter that they always use. Now if I am on the receiving end of numerous complaints about my business I would apologize first. I received no apology, only excuses. I will never suggest or take another client here. I wasn't looking for a refund just a simple ounce of remorse. It's sad that businesses don't offer better customer service. The only thing I can say is that I definitely will not be back and I will make sure to tell all of my peers to find another bakery to patronize.

Clinton Elliott

Love, love, love Mrs.Maddox cakes! They do an amazing job, the cake is delicious and the customer service is exceptional!! Best cake shop in Metro Detroit area, hands down!!!

Darnisha a

Cakes are always perfect!!

Charlotte Morrow

I recently went to this establishment and had a terrible experience. The staff was rude, condescending and the opposite of helpful. Will not be a coming back here.

Sharon Zimmerman

Staff was SOfriendly!! I appreciated that very much!

Michael Young

Karnita Hill

Great tasting cakes but extremely over priced considering they don't include anything in the design of you're cake. For example the wedding cakes are priced from $3.50 - $5.75 a slice but that's depending on your selected design. However, if the cake you selected has gumpaste flowers on them then that's an extra cost but it shouldn't be because the price per slice has already been reflected in the more premium design and it's all coming from the same batter. Those are the types of prices for more extravagant cakes that are all inclusive where the price covers your design and the bakery providers everything needed to go on the cake (oh I forgot to mention that if you want a ribbon around the cakes you have to bring it to them)

Pamela Hudson

Great tea sandwiches, which I always enjoy especially during the holidays.

Pam Czuj

I have been ordering cakes for bridal and baby showers from Mrs. Maddox for years, so when it came time for my daughter's bridal shower and wedding, I was relieved to find them still in business! The staff was very helpful and patient, answering our many questions, and allowing us time to make the many decisions required. They even offered suggestions on how to make choices with a budget in mind, being more concerned about us than about making $ for Mrs. Maddox. The flavors for fillings are good, and the cake will, I remember, be a hit with our guests. Thank you Mrs. Maddox for your business integrity, your experienced and efficient staff, and just staying in business through these hard economic times!

Steven leffew

Melissa Hastie

We were underwhelmed.

Timothy Harris

Dedication to perfection

Joe McNeeley

Lisbeth Lavigne

Mike G

Tim Jones

This place has horrible customer service. The cake was OK at best I've tasted better from Cosco. They would do whatever they can not to give you a refund on your cake pieces

Margaret Blouin

Ravin Simone

2 weeks ago I called and asked what the process would be to order a cake for my mom's birthday. They told me to send an email stating exactly what I wanted the cake to say and include a picture of what I would it to look like. I said ok and later that same day sent a very extensive email detailing exactly what they asked of me. I even went as far as letting them know what size font I wanted as well as the colors. 4 days had passed and I didn't get a response so I called and made sure they got my email. They said yes and the lady went over the email with me making sure she understood it fully. 2 days before the event I called and made sure everything was set and that the cake would be ready. Fast forward to this past Sat April 1, I go in with my husband an hour before my moms surprise party and the cake looked and said nothing like what we had discussed. Long story short, after arguing with them for 30 minutes and the manager refusing to come out and talk to us, we got a full refund because they weren't willing to take $10 off for the inconvenience. The party went on without that dumb immature looking cake with no Happy Birthday or anything on it. But if I were you I would NOT work with this company. Could you imagine if the cake was for an anniversary or a wedding??!! smh. I will never go back to them again.

Cozey Wun

Lori Voss

I have been ordering cakes from this bakery for the past 4 years. I found it just by looking up bakeries in the area for work purposes. What a find!! Not only did I start ordering for events at work, but I also started getting cakes for home celebrations. The mini "bumpy" cakes are awesome, and even better is the 8 inch or larger "bumpy" cake!! From full sheet cakes to small Birthday cakes and everything in between, you will be very happy with what you order!! The staff is extremely helpful and friendly, customer service at its best.

Linton McNeeley Sr

Love it

Samantha Vanwagoner

I asked mrs Maddox cakes to make a Lamborghini car cake for my sons 7th birthday that other cake shops wanted to charge me 500+ for. Mrs Maddox cakes made exactly what I asked for and under 200! I am so excited for my son to see his cakes tomorrow at his birthday party! Thank you Mrs Maddox cakes!!

Hair by Aimeeleigh Broyles

Ordered our wedding cake and it was amazing down to the last detail! Family oriented and such a kind and caring staff down to the glitter on my cake! I loved my cake so much! Thank you

Shana Terry

We love Mrs. Maddox! We use them everytime we need a birthday cake for our kids and they have NEVER disappointed! The cake decorators are amazing, every design I've ever requested has come out looking exactly like the pic, if not better!!! On top of that, the cakes themselves are delicious. I will forever be a customer.

Joel Rupasinghe

Sara Winston

Always delicious sweets, good prices and a nice helpful staff.

Jerry Warra

I have 3 kids and have tried many cake places for birthdays and baptisms. Once we tried Mrs. Maddox Cakes for my daughter’s baptism 2 years ago we have been hooked. The staff is very knowledgeable and very courteous. The cakes we have ordered looked and tasted excellent. Our guests always ask where we purchased the cake because of how good it is.

Laura S


I have bought many cakes from Mrs. Maddox and they have always been phenomenal, with this past weekend being no exception! They are always able to take my ideas and bring them to life! The cakes are always delicious and we get many compliments from our guests! Highly recommend!

Christina Patterson

I've been getting cakes here for years but this will be the last time. I ordered a Winnie the Pooh themed cake for my sisters baby shower, with pictures to show examples, and it was completely wrong and not what i asked for. When we asked why it didn't include the decorations we asked for, the lady who decorated it said she didn't think it would look good. That shouldn't be her decision if we are paying for the decorations. Not having those decorations made the cake look completely plain. We also asked the cake be lemon flavored with raspberry filling. When we cut into the cake at the event, it was vanilla everything. We took a slice back the next day and the baker said it had lemon zest and that it had raspberry filling. All you could taste was vanilla. They argued the entire time, and when i asked for my money back they said they would give me a store credit. I ended up getting $25 back for a cake that was completely wrong, that cost me $150. I will never go back again.

Judy Bargerstock

I asked for a bird scene cake for my husband who loves birds. I only asked that the bird on the cake should represent a real bird cardinal finch etc. I didn’t care just a real bird. I also asked for Raspberry Moose inside a chocolate cake with fudge frosting. That is his favorite. You can only imagine our disappointment when we cut into it and it was vanilla filled. Also the bird was pink, purple and yellow. It was a cartoon not an actual real bird. I spend an extra $10 for a bird that didn’t exist. I will NOT EVER go back. This is my moms favorite cake place. Not any more.

Jennifer Balbes

I am ordering my cake from Mrs. Maddox Cakes for my wedding in June. So far, the service has been great. I went in there to do a tasting and they were very helpful and friendly. The cake was delicious. I went back a couple days later after trying other cakes and determined that theirs tasted the best. They have been very helpful so far in this process and I cant wait until I see the final product.

Darla Van Hoey

This is our go-to place for Birthday cakes for over 35 years. Delicious and they do a great job of creating exactly what we want.

Michael Christian

Friendly and helpful and the cakes are oh so delicioso! :-)

Charity Bugosh

Dusty Swank

Excellent Bakery

mahjob mando

theresa ellis


EcoEmma D

My first two apts were canceled. They got the date of our wedding wrong (paperwork with date filled out at location) cake was delivered so close to reception time that I thought we would have to go to Walmart to have anything. The cake was suppose to be gold and black but instead was two different color golds and yellow. I was impressed with the designs in the windows and even over looked the fact that they canceled my apts. The cake was terrible looking and the service was at about a 9th grade level. Please don't use these folks for anything important!

Brad Probert

Great cookies and cakes. Always get custom decorated cakes here fire kids' birthdays.

Bobby Riggs Jr

Amazing artists. And such great tasting cakes!

Stacy Parke

I have been ordering tea cakes for years. They are delicioius and everyone asks me where I ordered them from. I have ordered many cakes too over the years and have never been disappointed. The petite fours are incredible.


WOW! Complete amateurs. Why didn't I listen to everyone else on here? I decided to give this bakery a shot despite all of its horrible reviews. Disappointed is not even the word! First off, the customer service was HORRIBLE. The lady who always answers the phone & works there has a nasty attitude, despite my nature of being an extremely kind human being. That was a bummer, but I ignored it & decided to try their bakery goods out anyways. I ordered a dozen of the most simple birthday cookies you could imagine, with "happy birthday" & age numbers on them... legit could not have been anymore simpler. I repeated to them several times that they should all be in colored writing, however they insisted on using all black lettering. I also asked for borders around the cookies- there were NONE. They looked like plain old cookies a 6 year old made... & they charged me the same price for high end custom made cookie shops. Waste of my time & money & I'm embarrassed to gift these out to say the least. I will NOT be returning back!

J. McDonald

The cake it slef was a 5 while customer service was an epic failure I may have bought more if I weren't being pushed out the door.

Bryan Planck

The cake we ordered turned out better then expected. Price seemed a little steep.

Palak Desai

Their drivers drive like horrible. My cake was all messed up.

Ternisha Spears

Worst experience ever!!! Our cake was horrible!! We have been coming here for years but we won't be back!! The design was done horribly and no one cared!! Wouldn't recommend it at all anymore.

Marketing Image

Tea Sandwiches, Tea Cakes are lovely, delicious and priced right. The cakes are a work of art. Mrs. Maddox/staff will out of their way to make the cake of your dreams for any event. Nice to see that a small business has done well for so long! Check it out.

Mantra Iyer

fantastic cake ! good service and reasonable price . guests loved the cake !

Felicia Randolph

I went in on Saturday July 6,2013. I was not sure what to expect after reading some reviews. However, i am glad i gave them a chance. I spoke with Kaitlyn. She was very helpful. I was given a sample item to taste. I took it home and my mom loved the batter and buttercream icing. So I will go back this weekend to order my parents 50th anniversary cake.

Margaret Mock

Siddarth Sagar Chitiyala


Ordered a cake or my sons wedding, it was absolutely beautiful. It was so moist and tasted great. I would recommend this bakery 100%.

Jenny Tremonti

Mrs. Maddox Cakes did the smash cake and cupcakes for my son's 1st birthday. Every thing looked gorgeous and they were delicious!! They were so good that I ate several ( over the course of 4 days. I barely like cake but you'd never know it! I'd recommend this bakery to anyone. They will be getting all of my cake business going forward. Yummy!!

Emilia D

Very good paczkis!

Kim Rubin

Mrs. Maddox gave us peace of mind in a whirlwind of wedding craziness. They were willing to sit down and answer any question we had, give suggestions, and provide us with the assurances that our wedding cake would look and taste terrific. Lindsay sat down and explained what would work best for our budget all while we sampled delicious cakes. Yum! Mrs. Maddox is definitely the spot to get a cake for your special occasion. Not only will all your guests leave with a smile on your face, but you will have a smile on your face because you know you got the best cake possible.

Reaba Franklin

Jessica Justice

My fiance and I used Mrs.Maddox Cakes for our baby shower, and we just loved them! They did a great job with the design and the theme of our baby shower and all our guest were bragging at how good the cake tasted. We will surely be using them in the future. Great cakes!

Michael Florentine

Outstanding service, quality and prices across the board. My family come here regularly for their now famous "Bumpy Cakes" for birthdays. Amazing artwork on every cake we got.

Danielle Reed032592

I've been going to Mrs. Maddox for birthday cakes for years, and I have never been disappointed... The custom cake they did for my BFF's birthday solidified me as the best friend ever lol... Great job!

Judith L. bell

I have been eating thier tea sandwiches, since I was 8 years old. They are as lovely now, as they were then. No one else makes them the same. Dont ever change them, keep 'em coming

Rachel Polant

My family has been getting its cakes from here since before I was born, and it has never disappointed. Best frosting anywhere!! The cherry batter is my favorite. Darn! Now I want some cake!

Jeff Mcconville

Best ever ! Family owned and run !


Worst experience we had with this shop. We ordered birthday cake for our son’ s first birthday party and we told very clearly how the cake we need and the wordings on the top. But we had a big disappointment when we bought the cake. Cake not even baked properly..

Yappa Adie

I ordered a birthday cake, double layer music note cake. I am in a different state and the manager Angie was very helpful and accommodating. The cake looked great and the birthday boy said it taste amazing! I look forward to ordering in the future for personal and or business purposes.

Tyron W

Lori Starch

A long time customer that will never return. The customer service was rude and condescending. I called to see when I should come in to plan a castle cake for my daughter's birthday party. They said either that day or the next. So, I found a picture on the Internet that was comparable to what I wanted and headed up to the shop. I was excited to tell the girl behind the counter when the party was, show her the picture, and stated that I was open to suggestions. Her demeanor was flat and she immediately shut me down mid sentence as I started to explain the cake and told me that it takes too long to design a cake and I would have to make an appointment. I was offended and surprised because I called ahead and they didn't mention anything about making an appointment. She acted like she didn't want to be bothered and her tone of voice and comments were blunt. I took a deep breath and asked when the next appointment was. After several minutes, she returned from the back and showed me a picture of a cake from their website. Now I'm confused...are we making an appointment or designing a cake?!?! I was almost afraid to say anything. I pointed to my picture and tried to explain what I was hoping for and that in the past they had designed a similar cake for me. However, before I could complete my thought she shut me down again and jumped to a conclusion about what my cake should be. I told her that was not what I said or intended. At that point I was frustrated and asked to talk with the manager. She told me the manager was too busy taking orders and making cakes and cannot talk with me. Neither the manager or other employees behind the counter offered to assist in a any way. That afternoon I went to two other cake shops, Heritage Bakery and Sorella's Bakery both on 5 Mile in Livonia. The customer service was spot on...courteous, engaged conversations. I would highly recommend these two places.

Tuesday McCall

Cheryl Boggon

I ordered a birthday cake a week in advance and it was old.

Sherry Mathews

I am quite surprised at the many poor reviews. I was here last week to order a birthday cake for my kid and the staff was very friendly and offered me advice on how to get a cake decorated as I could not get my mind fixed on a particular idea. They were really patient with me and had bright ideas (and very pretty display cakes too). We have ordered a customized marble cake for the end of this week. Regards, Sherry Mathews and Jishy Johnson.

Pardhu g

Their bumpy cake is even better than the original Saunders. Hard to believe, but it is! And their prices can't be beat. They do such an outstanding job and work with you on colors, design, and price for cakes for each event. We don't live close to their bakery but certainly go out of our way to shop there!

Terry Margolis

I have been coming here for years and they have definitely dropped significantly in quality and service. Just picked up petit fours for a shower and they were just terrible. The fondant did not cover the cake in many places. They were cracked and the decoration on top looked like it was done by a grade school child. I was so disappointed as I have ordered these many times. When I complained they said they used different fondant?!?! Nothing could be done. So sad to see one of my favorite bakeries go down the tubes. Won't be back.

Paul Morgan

We've been coming here for over a decade for everything from our wedding cake to birthday cakes and random treats. I've never had anything that wasn't amazing.

Diane George

Horrible experience awful customer service. Stale deserts.

Kathy Renaud

As an assistant at Glen Oaks for years, I have seen many cakes and pastries from Mrs. Maddox. We have recommended Mrs. Maddox to many brides and other people planning different events. Recently, we had a baby shower at Glen Oaks where there were cookies as favors. I thought they would be great for my daughter's shower so I called and ordered some. Very polite and helpful service from the initial phone call to the completed order. I was glad to finally have an opportunity to use Mrs. Maddox myself and will definitely pass this experience on to clients at Glen Oaks as well as personal friends.

Chris Szilagyi

Renee Brennan

Amazing! Highest quality, family owned and operated, service oriented and willing to be as creative as you need!

Angela Z

The cakes were not only really pretty, but also super delicious and sweet! The service is great; the staff are very friendly and try to accommodate things according to the customers' schedules. I will definitely be coming here in the future!(:

Fred Abel

Rockin' cakes. Nice people.

Gracie B

Jeff if the best. Great suggestions on selecting the best baked goods!!!

Lisa Mansour

I first tried contacting Mrs. Maddox Cakes in Farmington to place an order for a baptismal cake for my son after the shop was recommended to me by a friend. I should have known immediately that professionalism was not their forte, as it took 4 phone calls before I was even able to reach someone. Finally, after numerous calls, voicemails, and an email, I was able to reach someone and place an order. I should have known to stay away after this, but time was of the essence and I needed a cake. I described the cake to the person on the phone, I also emailed a photo of a similar cake I wanted, including design, color, and flavor. I called back to go over the email with them to be sure it would be perfect. They assured me it would be. A major concern I brought up with them was the color. Because the writing and outer edge design were going to be rustic gold I was worried it might look yellowish. They assured me it wouldn't. Saturday before my event they called me at 3:20pm (they close at 4pm) to come get my cake. When I arrived there were 5 other people there complaining that they had been called just before closing to come get their cakes as well. There we were, six of us, waiting at the bakery just before closing, to pick up cakes. While waiting I bought a cupcake they had available. My cake finally came out. I opened the box to take a look and my jaw hit the floor. I thought it was a joke. It looked nothing like I had asked, and didn't look like the photo I sent (and discussed with them) at all. The design was downright awful. The "rustic gold" color looked mustardy. It literally (not figuratively) looked like they designed my cake using a mustard bottle. When I mentioned this to the woman working the counter she did not care at all. She insisted that's what I had ordered. When I asked to have the color fixed she told me they couldn't fix it because that was their version of "rustic gold", besides, all the bakers had gone home for the weekend anyway. She told me there was nothing they could do at this point. She was being intentionally rude, and actually seemed amused at how upset I was. I asked to speak to a manager. She said there was no one else there. She then supposedly called a manager who told her there was nothing they could do. Having no choice but to accept this horrendous excuse of A cake, I took it with me and walked out, tears rolling down my face. Apparently because of all the commotion I left without taking the cupcake I had just purchased. The same woman comes outside to tell me I forgot it. I was so upset, I told her to keep it. The day of our event everyone who saw the cake agreed the color was not gold but more of a "mustard" yellow. They also mentioned that it looked homemade. The cake tasted like box cake and chocolate mouse tasted like nothing at all. On Monday I called to speak with the manager but got no answer. I called Tuesday and again, no manager available. I sent an email as well and that went unanswered. On Wednesday there was also no manager available for me to speak with, but I was told someone would call me back when they "had a chance". Well, they must be extremely busy because it has now been over a week and I have yet to hear from anyone. My overall experience with Mrs. Maddox Cakes in Farmington was absolutely, without a doubt, HORRIBLE. It was the WORST experience in customer service that I've had in a very long time. I will never be able to refer them to any of my friends or family, or go back there myself. If I could give less than 1-star I would do so. There are a number of bakeries in the area that are far superior, in my opinion. I have personally used Graf's Pastry on 12 Mile Rd. and Patissererie Parmentier on Grand River, and was absolutely delighted by both.

N Beattie

Absolutely fantastic. Delicious cake, friendly service, gave me just what I asked for :)

Goodhue Designs

Beth martinez

Every time I order from Mrs. Maddox, I'm very happy with the results. This time it was 9 dozen mini cupcakes, multi-colored frosting and 3 cake types. They nailed it! And they were a hit at the wedding party, too!

Toni McDaniel

Daniel Walker

Always great cakes and efficient, friendly service.

Ashley Serrano

I love the bumpy cakes! My boyfriend ordered one for my birthday and it was delicious!!

K Buttermore

Using Mrs. Maddox has been a wonderful experience. I have had their product before and I was pleased to use them for my daughter's baby shower. They are so helpful and easy to work with.

Clara Iscaro

They have the very best dessert

Dan Smith

Beware...they charge extra for credit cards...DO NOT GO HERE. Would be a zero stars if I could...

Matt Clark

We have been Mrs. Maddox Cake fans for years! Their bumpy cake is even better than the original Saunders. Hard to believe, but it is! And their prices can't be beat. They do such an outstanding job and work with you on colors, design, and price for cakes for each event. We don't live close to their bakery but certainly go out of our way to shop there!

Kel Green

I think they are going to go out of business. They didn't have hardly anything on their shelves & what they did have didn't taste like it used to taste.

Sherri Reed

Staff fair was very helpful and very patient with me. No matter how many times I did change my mind on my order. The cakes and the cookies I ordered were perfect and exactly as I envisioned on top of them being delicious. I use them for a sweets table, and all my guest loves them. I will most definitely use them again. And I love that they have delivery. I did use that service for the events I was throwing.

Melika Dixon

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