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REVIEWS OF M Street Baking Company IN Michigan

Stefany Segesta

M Street Baking was a delight the second you walked in the door. The aroma inside was that of your grandma's kitchen on a Sunday afternoon, baked goods and love! The ladies working were very sweet. The service was fast and the milkshake was awesome! So glad there was outdoor seating because the inside was packed! 5/5!

David Bauer, Jr.

Even with a long line, we were served quickly. The shakes were amazing!

Haley Ballou

If you want an out of this world milkshake. Come to this place. The wait isn't bad for how busy they are. :)

Rick Proctor

Definitely worth the stop. Such a great experience. You could tell the pride the girls had in their shop and the family recipes, that was so awesome.

Gabrielle O'Connor

Listen, just stop here. Everything is delicious. Look at this brownie. I know I'm just a strange lady on the internet but I promise you, it's worth the stop. STOP READING THIS AND GO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.

Nancy Schneider

Delightful bakery. We had delicious pizza rolls; I would give 4 stars but my cappuccino was overlooked, so I reminded them on the way out the door and took it to go (after a 10 minute wait) I will return and hopefully order follow up will show improvement.

Diane McElrath

Tried their famous shakes...tasted goid ..found it to be messy to eat

Kayla Diroff

Milkshakes and baked goods were tasty but nothing special. Took over an hour for two milkshakes. Milkshakes aren't even full, they use a third of the cup for whip cream and garnishes. Takes so long your drink is more like milk than shake. Fun for one time, no need to go back.

Andrea Smithling

Amazing!!!! I will be back, no doubt!! Just the vibe in there is cool, very clean, and nice staff! I'll be back for another amazing shake!!!

Courtney Morell

VERY busy but its definately worth it. Will be taking my daughter to get one of their extravagant milkshakes for her birthday. Recommend x10.

Bianca Montellano

Absolutely love this place!!! The smores milkshake is really good and too sweet but I don’t care lol. Also, driving 40 mins to go here was totally worth it.

JD Hill

The milkshakes are a work of art and taste delicious! Staff were very kind and helpful. Worth the trip!

Chris Gow

We tried their vegan cookie wasn't bad wasn't great but was way to expensive for a cookie and for its sizel. I'm sure everything else is fantastic as it looks great and the place is always full

Alyssa Harrold

Great place! We did have to wait a bit to get our shakes but it might have been because there was a food truck festival at the same time. It was a cute shop and I will definitely be back!

Angie Downard

This place was pretty neat! We got there just in time to beat the crowd that followed. Milkshakes were delicious and decorated to the max!

Shyla Molina

Very family friendly. Everything was super fresh and worth the small wait time. My SO loved it.

Pamela Flick

Our first time visiting. It was wonderful. The Birthday milk shake was just veautiful, tasty and so exciting for my granddaughter. The baked goods are phenomenal! Fun and tasty experience.

Terese Baltes

Yummy, generous portions for the price

Jessica Chapdelaine

Nice location downtown Howell, with cute shops on either side. The inside was very clean and modern, just wish there was a little more seating we went on weekend and was packed had to wait for seating. I wanted to try all the pastries and goodies they had, but we did Birthday cake shake and Mocha coffee. Coffee was good and the kids devoured the shake, little too sugary for my liking. Just wish they had versions of the shakes without all the toppings so you could take it to go as well.

Sarah Grossbauer

The birthday cake shake was good. The shake was vanilla flavored. It was decorated with cotton candy, rock candy, a strawberry lolipop, rainbow fruit tape, edible glitter, and a waffle cone. Service was friendly and we didn't wait long for our shakes. My only complaint is actually good for their business: we waited longer for a place to sit than we did for our orders. Given that it was the weekend and this is a popular place. Also, this isn't a good place to take a lot of people (i.e. birthdays, or any group bigger than 4-5 people). Keep that in mind when planning your visit. I can't wait to go again.

Emily Martinez

I really enjoyed my experience here. The staff of really friendly and the milkshakes were very good. I think my favorite was the s’mores, it was really good and not overly sweet. I would love to go back try their baked goods. They looked beautiful and whimsical.


Love the presentation of their shakes. Their shakes were not overly sweet like other places that just make their shakes taste like it was pure sugar. It had the right amount of crushed Oreos which didn't overrun the shake. Strawberry shortcake was really good too

Patrick Bernhardt

Stopped in for one of their delicious shakes that we had heard people talking about. Cost a decent amount but it was delicious; everyone in the family enjoyed them. The bakery was clean and comfortable, and the staff was very helpful and friendly, especially when we told them we were first-timers. We will definitely be back!

Melissa Gula

Cute, pretty good, but seriously overpriced.

Arika Brochu

Amazing bakery not just sweets. The shakes are really unique and incredible. Must try!

Lee Chambers

Very fun atmosphere, friendly staff and delicious baked items. Spotted a large pepperoni pizza roll for next visit

Kevin Sattazahn

These shake were awesome. They are $10 each but you get a lot for your money.

Jordan peyton

With recent media exposure this place was a must see. Excellent desserts and pastries with amazing flavors that are great on the pallet as well as the eyes. In concerns of cost 10$ will bring your tastebuds all the hidden pleasures of the treats exposed by the lumens of the soft glowing lights. The ambiance and decor are well placed and inviting to all treasure seekers. This hidden gem is well worth the travel. Open from 8a-8p, 7 days a week. Come in a cure those sweet tooth cravings.

Chivonn Quist

M Street Baking Company is a very popular hot spot, so it always has a bit of a crowd. Some times are busier than others. During the summer they have indoor and outdoor seating, but not enough to always accommodate the crowd. So if you go, just be prepared to wait. The times we have gone we haven't had to wait too long. Probably 40 minutes the first time, which we shopped around the stores on that block. (Such cute shops surround M Street!) We waited maybe 10 minutes tops the last time we went. They have some pretty awesome food and shakes. I highly recommend their pizza rolls! They are by far one of my favorite things to get there. The milkshakes are massive due to all of the candy that comes on top. Each shake has its own personality, and it's pretty fabulous. If you go with a friend, definitely think about getting just one and spitting it. They are a bit expensive ($10), but they are worth it when you think of all that comes with it. M Street also does custom cakes. We have yet to try them, but I have heard awesome things! I have seen them, and the artists that create their custom cakes are talented for sure!

Dana Nold

Was super excited to try the shakes here. Have seen them on social media and looked delicious and over the top. They are good. On the pricey side. But not impressed I ordered a cookies and cream shake and got a chocolate chip shake. Took over an hour to order and receive my item so my daughter was not having to wait how ever long to get my right item.


Was skeptical walking in, but some of the coolest milkshakes I’ve ever seen. Totally worth the 10 bucks per shake. Perfect for photos. We did have to wait about 5 min for a table but the staff were very nice and pleasant. Definitely will have to come again.

Emily Gervick

I drove 50 minutes to get to this place based on just pictures from Facebook - 100% worth it, would do again

Nikki Skrobot

Really tasty. Pants are tighter.

Becky Brewer

A must destination for sure. Fun, well executed food, clear staff to help guide you!! Delish.


Two times I've had had their cupcakes-dry af. Slapping glitter on everything just looks tacky and doesn't make them any more appealing. I feel bad for anyone who pays for something here.

Kayla Michelle

Absolutely delicious, defiently needed a nap afterwards

pillowy Ward

This place was absolutely amazing!!! Not only was the building beautiful but so we're the things they sold. While visiting my cousins they told me that they just HAD to take me there. I can safely say that I had the best milkshake in my life!

Kenneth Cheeseman

I had seen photos of this place all over social media and eventually had enough of seeing them and I needed to experience them. Oh my goodness. This place serves the absolute best shakes I have ever had and in one of the most creative ways. It brought great joy to every member of my family. I cannot wait to have it again.

Angela Foreman

Best milkshakes around! Cupcakes are AMAZING! Pizza rolls are gigantic and super yummy! Actually, everything is good there

Harry Gaskin

Best milkshake I ever had. If you would have told me that I would pay $10 for a milkshake and be happy about it...I would have said you needed a CAT scan but that wasnt a was a transcendental experience. Lol...a little hyperbolic but true. Cant wait to try the other stuff. They might need a bigger building soon.

samantha Noble

The line was long but service was efficient so the wait wasnt horrible. Shakes are definitely big enough to share.

Tiffany Frey

Fancy shakes for $10 . Delicious but alittle too much flare for me personally. The pastries and bagels however looked amazing. Expect a wait when coming here.

emily smolarek

A great place to take the kids. Not only are the shakes so fun and delicious, the baked goods are amazing !

Cam Brychta

Waited 10 minutes out front, just to get in the door, then another 10 minutes to order. Then after we ordered we were directed back outside the rear door to wait in another line for a table. This second line took just over an hour, then finally once we were seated at a table, our two milkshakes took another 20 minutes to get to us. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! Had I not paid within the first 20 minutes of getting there we would have left! But at the register the girl told us it wouldnt only be about 20 minutes to get a table. 1.5-2 hours later we finally had our overpriced melting milkshakes.

Jordan Haymour

Amazing! Took awhile but it's because each milk shake is made perfectly each time!!! Will be going back. Only downfall only 5 milkshakes to choose from but the two we had were good! S'MORES one was a little plain, just vanilla ice cream, but if your strictly a vanilla ice cream person thiis ones for you!

Steve Betts

OMG!!! Hands down amazing! The shake creations are simply incredible. And the cupcakes... absolutely awesome!

Denies u Griffin

A destination spot for sure! Amazing bakery

Ashlie Detiege

Love, love, love this place! Super creative and equally as delicious!! YOU MUST TRY THIS PLACE!!

ann w

Great place to take the kids for an Awesome treat !!! Definitely worth visiting you will enjoy...

Brandy VanDenbrook

M Street is a great spot for a fun experience! Their milkshakes are crazy good. They also have some gluten free options for their desserts, which is always nice. I would love it if they offered some sort of lactose friendly option for their shakes, but maybe in time they will! Expect a wait most of the time, but it’s worth it!

Kristi Dunlap

The shakes were great! Really impressive with all the sides they work into their shakes, so don't expect dairy barn prices. Only four stars due to the way shop is set us. Very crowded and no good place to wait for your order after you place it. Staff was very friendly

Hollie R

Ive worked there..... there not as friendly as they seem

Kip Armstrong

Great dessert and coffee shop ..... shakes are the staple here and unbelievable! Worth the trip to howell for the best shakes and coffee drinks around.

Devon Kmet

As good as the milkshakes look they aren't worth waiting 35min, plus the actual milkshake was gross and no where to wait without being in the way and way over priced!!!

Cody McKenzie

The shakes were good and the treats looked tasty. Great experience for the kids. Be prepared to wait in line for around 30 minutes though. Busy busy busy.

Madeline Wheeler

Delicious treats. Their baked goods are amazing. Not only do their shakes taste delicious but they are also works of art. The asthetic of their shop is adorable and I love the fact that you can see into the back room and watch them make your shakes. Everyone there is super friendly and it makes the experience so much better. If you want to go when it is a bit slower, go during the week day during normal business hours, otherwise it is packed.

Robin Church

Awesome! Always great treats and staff!

Dustin Reed

M street is def worth a stop if you are in the Howell area. Just to warn you. They are pricey and their can be a wait. I feel the price is justified due to the amount of work that goes into one of these beauties.

Matthew Laurin

If you have a sweet tooth this is the place for you. They’re known for their milkshakes and they don’t disappointment. I highly recommend the strawberry short cake. They also have an assortment of cupcakes and other baked goods. The cupcakes are soooo good. We had the birthday cake one and it was phenomenal. We bought some to take home with us as well. Overall a great place to get a treat. Friendly staff, fun place to sit and eat.

kelly barkhimer

This place was amazing! I cannot wait until we can go back! So many yummy things! Be prepared for a line, but I promise it is worth it! It's also more than your regular old milk shake so the prices are higher but again Worth It!!! Definitely loved everything we got!!!

Sandy Hong

This place wuper busy and packed. I wish there was more seating space. Besides that, it was very delicious and better than what I expected. I went with a party of 5 plus a 9 month old and we got 1 of each flavor including their melon special. Thought the shakes were going to be super sweet when looking at them but was surprised with how amazing it tasted and not overly sweet. Will eventually be back

Gerald P

Everything was amazing just wish they had more shake flavors. Also prices are high but mostly worth it. The bakery is flawless but just want to have more shakes.

Noah Goldberg

My wife bought me a custom designed birthday cake. The theme was “A Christmas Story”. My wife gave the bakery free reign to decorate/design the cake however they wanted. She picked up the cake today, and it wasn’t ready on time. Second, the cake was very basic looking. The cake simply isn’t as good as the $125 she paid for it. The design showed a distinct lack of creativity and imagination. The cake and frosting was nothing special. Printing a couple of images from the movie, slapping “you’ll shoot your eye out” on the base, the effort just wasn’t there with the cake. My wife was very disappointed. Personally, I appreciate the thought my wife put into the idea, but I was shocked to find we were charged $125 for something so simplistic and unimaginative.

Alyssa Parrish

This place is AMAZING!! What a cool place for our small town to have. We can't wait to come back!!

AAron Wood

Absolutely amazing! Small little bakery with great service and even better goods. Definitely will return to try more of there items. Service was amazing and for how busy they are. We were seated within an hour was well worth the wait. Anyone who's complained or gave a bad review on here is insane and must have nothing better to do but complain. We had 2 young kids with us and had a absolute blast. Seems like no one has patience any more or understand what good service is. Thank you M street for showing us a great first time.

Amber Kline

Amazing food, amazing environment, great service from the hostess who helped us navigate the yummy options, and clean tables!

Pat Baird

I think they should change the name to M Street Sweet Shop, didn't appear to be much of a bakery, BUT there was a small selection of sweet treats (baked goods), and a lot of people seemed to be drinking shakes or something. I bought two small cookies and one giant brownie - ALL DELICIOUS! and pricey, but for a special treat it was worth it

Bill & Marla James

Everyone is talking about those absolutely fabulous shake creations, HOWEVER, the carrot bread is A-MA-ZING!!! And their brownie creations? And the Peanut Butter Cookies? DELICIOUS! AlI I can say is forget your diet when you come here.

Bryan Emens

Fun little place. Fantastic novelty milkshakes and baked goods

Oacia Fair

These milkshakes were AMAZING, it was sooo good. I am definitely coming back to try more flavors and some of the food items. I guess I cam at a good time because there was not wait time. But it is worth it, I waited some time because they were making perfection! I love how all of the toppings were full-size. Perfect milkshake with a beautiful presentation.

Stephanie Zoltowski

Waste of money and only four options to pick from. The menu didn't have a description, so we had to ask for one for each shake. After a 15 minute wait, our $9 each shakes arrived and although had a great presentation, were underwhelming for the price. Won't return...should have gone to DQ and saved the $20.

Ruthie Ward

Wow, good stuff. Sugar overload. Wish they made of a few sugar free item.

Larry Arreguin

M Street gets sweets done right. For those in need of a sugar rush in Howell, this is the place to go.

Kelly Rummel

The place is quite small and crowded, but the unique milkshakes were worth it!

Angela Brown

Plenty of sugary options, clean and modern decor, friendly staff but prices ($10 a shake) are a bit excessive. Suggest splitting one between two people.

Preston Perez

The shakes honestly are heaven I made a special day trip to go here just because of the shakes. 2 hrs each way for a shake, let that sink in.

Courtney Thomas

We tried the Chocolate Trip milkshake and it was well worth the 25 minute wait! The Building is pretty small and they were very busy it has a weird set up with two waiting lines (line to wait and order then a line to wait for a seat or your milkshake) but they make it work.

Mike Kirouac

They don't list ingredients for food items. When you have severe food allergy you need to have an idea what you are eating. Also. Glitter on every baked good. There should be an option readily available for customers who can't have that. Service was good. Shakes definitely overpriced for the size and what you actually receive. Some people want just a shake not all the other stuff that comes with it. Again there should be other options instead of the high priced one.

Kris House

This is not just a "novelty" place like one might think. The shakes are actually very tasty. With all of the extras that come standard, the cost of the specialty shake is well worth it. About $10, and it's huge. The space is fresh and modern, and very clean. Great atmosphere. A fun trip and worth the small wait as they make each shake to order.

Phil Thebolt

It was a difficult decision to make to stay in the very long line for a couple shakes but they were good. I can't help but to think that there's gotta be a better, faster way to get the shakes made. We had the birthday party and the cookies and cream shake.

Bridget coleman

Awesome place! Soo cute and the staff was very helpful! The shake was delicious!

Dalton Crabtree

Be prepared to wait for somewhat overpriced sweets. This place blew up over the aesthetic of their shakes and the pictures on social media. It’s about a 30-45 minute wait from the time you walk in to the time you’re seated. It’s is a small bakery, and you can tell they did not plan to blow up like they did due to social media. The shake was good, but really sweet. Nearly half a days worth of calories in one sake and it’s all sugar, so be ready for a possible stomachache

Geni Winiarski

I love this place. They are so different and unique within every single item that they sell! Wish they were less costly...

Kerry Lohr

Excellent shakes!!!! The wait was pretty awful though. 40 mins from the time we ordered top the point we had that delicious sugar creation in front of us. In other words... worth the wait.

Deborah Vincentini

Loved it! Took the grandkids there. Just wish it was larger and could make reservations.


Good selection of bakery goods. Cute that some items are sprinkled with edible glitter. And, of course, they have the loaded milkshakes which are super expensive. I tried the cookies and cream. Great for Instagram pics, but taste wise it was standard with standard store bought toppings.

Heather Eddy

An awesome little treasure for the family!

Lun Johnson

Worth the wait and the drive. Delicious. Time to expand!!!

Giovanni Colaluca

We finished off our girls day of shopping here. The treats were creative and delicious! It was so nice to have vegan and gluten free options for everyone. A non dairy ice cream option would be great. Very cute shop and super friendly helpful staff!!

Jennifer Sweet

The best shakes ever. Be prepared to wait in line...ordering and waiting for your order. Well worth the wait. Personally I think they need a bigger space.

Steven Bennett

The shakes are good, but they better be at $10 a pop. The down side is waiting 20 minutes for your order in a crowded line. Don't bother trying to sit down, it takes about 30 min to get a table and because the wait is so long people tend to linger around. Oh and if you think you can actually come here for a date and talk to the person across from you, think again- it's way too noisy to hear your own thoughts. Obviously what you get for 10 bucks is worth it with the add-ons, but if you didn't get all the extra bells, whistles, and glitter, ten dollars is hardly worth it. I'd say come try it just to say you experienced it once. I personally wouldn't make a habit of coming here though.

HappyGrateful Family

Very crowded but they get the line moving constantly. Delicious concoction! Date stop had us sharing a Chocolate trip. Holy yum!

Howard LaFreniere

Place was wonderful. They take their craft seriously and the pastries and shakes show that. It's a treat for your heart and your stomach. Definitely recommend stopping in and giving it a go

Christy Opsommer

We tried the milkshakes. Overpriced and just too much. A smaller version would be great!

Tamar Boursalian

Drove 30 minutes to experience this place and it's pretty milkshakes. They are pretty for sure, but taste wise, unfortunately I wouldn't say they were anything too spectacular. The pizza roll was delicious. We didn't have a wait at there around noon on a Tuesday. Small space inside. Not too many tables. Staff was friendly as well. I'd recommend trying it at least once but don't expect to be seriously wowed or anything.

alayna Fuller

Omg! This place is awesome!! The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because it is very very expensive an takes a while to get your shakes because its always so busy but the service is great and the goodies are mouth watering


Very tasty. We enjoyed our treats. It's far too crowded inside, but it's understandable since the space is small. They do try to keep it organized.

Linda Staub

brought my 2 sisters in for a treat today.1st time they've been there.they were amazed at all the goodies!! totally enjoyed ourselves!

Jennifer Starr

So very yummy there was a wait but once you get your milkshake creation you will not mind! Also the bagels, cannolis and treats are so very amazing! We drove an hour to get here and it was well worth it! We have a new place to come back to. The staff were amazing, great atmosphere and highly recommend a trip here when you can!

Jon Monroe

Bagels are the best. Oh, let's not forget the shakes.

michelle hartzog

Awesome idea! We came at the perfect time where we could walk right in and order and didn’t take long at all to get our shake! As soon as we sat down the place got packed! Definitely a must do!

Erika Fisnar

Very unique bakery. A variety of cookies, cupcakes, treats. Trendy vibe.

Melinda Schuitema

Busy little building. Shakes are super fun and pretty. The baked goods were delicious as well.

Melissa Marie

Absolutely amazing

Alejandra Garcia

Took hubby there for the first time and he loved it just as much as myself and the kids

Greg Wilson

We didn’t get the shakes but the baked goods were worth the trip. It was a 30 minute wait for the shakes. We tried the cookies, cannoli’s and carrot bread. Downtown Howell is worth the trip as well. Short drive from M-59.

Lorin Killgrove

The shakes are so fun and unique. Definitely worth a visit!


The staff was very friendly. The wait was quite a while in a pretty small area. If you are not good in small places may not be for you. Also, no menu is difficult and made me feel a bit stressed. We ordered shakes at $10+ each. They look very cool, but unfortunately they were very runny and the taste wasn't great. Maybe it was an off day and some of their other things looked delicious, but I won't go back.

John Wygant

Amazingly creative shakes. Definitely worth the experience

Kristin Hicks

So good, had one of their shakes. Busy place, expect a wait. It's not your average shake shop, so to me that should be expected. Not too long though. Went on Sunday around 4:30pm and we waited about 20 minutes. Worth the wait.

Amber Garza

Their milkshakes are huge and trade great! Good prices and yummy desserts.

John Fay

Very good shakes and pastries. It is always worth the wait.

Laura King

My kids LOVED their shakes, my husband enjoyed his giant wedge of cheesecake, and my gluten free peanut butter cookie was delicious! Be prepared to wait (which we knew going in). It was a fun stop on a Friday night when we were already in the area. Fun atmosphere in a cute downtown area.

Brandy Huhn

Great place for a special occasion dessert. They have lots of nice desserts, but the milkshakes really take the cake. Topped with cupcakes, cookies, and candy bars, great wow factor and delicious too.

Dawn Caram

So delicious! I couldn't eat the whole thing ✌

Hunter Anderson

I liked the sakes and all the stuff with it I got the birthday cake one it was very delicious but I would just like to have more milkshake not all the other stuff

Ethan Evans

Very stylish with excellent gormet ice cream shakes. The coffee was decent. Didn't get to try the pizza bagels and such, but those looked very tasty. Nice place for top of the line ice cream treat!


best milkshakes ever family friendly atmosphere resonable prices quality A1 delicious

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