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REVIEWS OF Huron Mountain Bakery IN Michigan

maureen DesChamps

I ordered the salted caramel cupcakes the frosting was great but the cake was very dry the cannoli’s were soft from sitting In the case for more than a day or two

Ann Fisher

Not only a great selection of breads, muffins (try the carrot), and doughnuts, but also some lovely sandwiches made daily. It's a great place to swing by and pick up some sandwiches or a couple of ham and cheese croissants on the way to a picnic. The addition of Joe's cakes, undoubtedly Marquette's best, has also made it an essential stop for anyone planning a celebration.

Dolly Furr

As always, worth the bread belly ache

Craig Ekstrum

Their fresh bread is the bee's knees.

Barb Bowns

Every once in a while I stopped in here when I have an urge for a donut they make the best in Marquette.

Jason Suchan

The best sandwiches in the Upper Peninsula. Good cakes and cookies too.

Michael Sullivan

Outstanding cuisine. Bottomless coffee. Delightful service.

Ashley Sonderegger

Muffins are dry, taste like they just came out of the freezer. A lot of the bread seems to be day old (of the bread tie is snipped on the corner, its from the day before or at least thats what they had us do when I used to work there) quailty of ingredients have gone down and consistency in flavor changes regularly. . .

Angela Farley

It might not be something that your average person would want to claim as what they are "known for", but we consider ourselves doughnut connoisseurs . We've driven two hours out of our way for a good donut. This place was on MLive as one of the best donut shops in Michigan from a few years ago, so we thought "Why not?" Perhaps it's that we've tried such good donuts and we've become spoiled, but I was sorely disappointed with all our purchases. We tried eight different kinds of donuts and a Danish and sadly they were grocery store quality at best. I would expect that the filling in a donut shouldn't be something that you find after three or four bites, but this was the case. I want to worry about the filling falling out when I bite it, not if I'm going to come across it at some point. The cream cheese Danish didn't seem to be made with cream cheese. While it wasn't terrible, it was "different." I was mostly disappointed because I really wanted to like this place. The service, however, was top-notch!

Kristina Brown

My brother and I are from out of town. While we were in Munising visiting my parents, we went to Marquette we stopped in to get doughnuts and frosted sugar cookies. It was all very good.

Paul Bruce

Great selection, always a treat...

Eric Hupf

It's a good place to go. They have good items, but the place is a bit small. Good place to go for coffee and meeting up, though.

Annette Van Alstine

Fantastic fresh & delicious bread, including rotating artisan breads like Jewish rye & cheddar jalapeno. Wonderful doughnuts, coffee cakes, muffins and pies. There are cakes and other desserts I haven't had a chance to try yet. Seasonal products are originally decorated - very appealing. There is now soup available. The selection varies daily. The black bean coconut soup is surprisingly refreshing and hearty. I really appreciate the vegetarian & vegan soups options. There is coffee, specialty coffee, hot chocolate, milk & soda pop available. Several sandwiches are also available.

Bryan Odren

Great food in a great time

Greg Lewis

Amazing variety of baked goods for what looks like a small donut shop from the outside. Fresh bread daily, large variety of donuts, cakes and cupcakes, and breakfast danishes. Friendly service and the donuts were delish

Zack Hamlin

The best place to go for baked goods.

Todd Sander

It's all good

Roc Viviano

I think that their bread is much better than their donuts and really is the focus. Sometimes the donuts just taste stale especially later in the morning the bread the bagels and muffins here are excellent one of the best bakeries in upper Michigan.

Amanda Cowell

We chose Joe's Cakes of Huron Mountain Bakery for our wedding cake and cupcakes. Joe is absolutely the best in the world of wedding desserts! Our trial cake tasting with Joe was fun, relaxed, and very professional. When I saw our wedding faux cake and cupcakes, I was 100% satisfied. Joe and his team did a fantastic job! The cake/cupcakes tasted almost as good as they looked, if that is possible! Very reasonable price. Choose Joe's Cakes of Huron Mountain Bakery for your next special occasion dessert. You won't be disappointed!

Megan Werth

Great eats and they're usually so nice here.

Anne Stark

Love the breads, donuts and Joe's Cakes!

Hillary Johnson

Huron Mountain Bakery is amazing! They have a huge selection of fresh baked bread (different varieties offered daily), plus they have amazing bagels, muffins, scones, pastries and donuts. The staff is really friendly and everything is priced well for the quality.

Julie Hurst

I think this bakery is overrated I though the cake was dry and had a funny after taste. When I bit in to the vanilla cake it didn’t have a good vanilla flavor in fact it just tasted funny. I had some of they’re chocolate bunt with the strawberry on top. The fresh dipped chocolate strawberry was the best thing about it. With this one you could taste the chocolate flavor of the cake, but yet again it was dry. Donuts where not that appealing some where pretty dinky in size and the cake donuts pretty dense not fluffy. Breads looked decent, but with the issue with the dryness of the cake and donuts doesn’t make me want to try :( I’ve traveled all over and experience some really good bakeries I was expecting something better from the reviews, but was greatly disappointed in this place. Really overrated

Charlotte Allured

Excellent customer service Beautiful foods Great decaf coffee I got The Erie sandwich - so good. Then I got my husband a sandwich to take home-The Michigan. I have lived nearby for 20 years and have popped in the last few weeks on trips to Marquette- croissants, lemon strudels, orange cranberry scone. All yummy. So many choices. Fun to eat there too Thank you

Tate Stafford

Even with a ton of people the Service was really fast.

kelly bellant

Amazing place for breakfast!

Kevin H

Delicious donuts, friendly staff

rob rodgers

Their treats will make your mouth dance. Great selection, made fresh and doesn't get any better anywhere else.

David Channin

Meh. Great bread and pastries. Not a place to go for a meal.

blade beckwith

I absolutely love this place. We used Joe's Cakes for our wedding cake this past June and it was probably one of the best decisions we've ever made. Joe was phenomenal to work with. Anyone getting married in the Marquette area should absolutely give him a call. He was friendly, professional, and went above and beyond to make our cake memorable. Our cake was perfectly baked, looked beautiful, and was a major hit with all of our wedding guests. Thank you Joe!

Kashmir LaMarch

Literally the BEST apple fritters in the upper peninsula...I stop there every time I go through!

Pierce Desjarlais

Great bagels and donuts. Prompt service, even when its busy.

Patricia Potter

The selection of breakfast goodies was excellent. Huge selection, too! Also bake fresh breads in various varieties! Also offer a few sandwiches for a nice lunch. Tables are also available.

Matthew Hatch

Great sandwich and bagel and seemed to be homemade cream cheese. Donut was mediocre but only tried one (vanilla filling eclair). Little spongy.

Nicole Marie

This place is great - I just had one of the best sandwiches of my life. :) Definitely worth stopping here if you are driving through Marquette!

Riley S

They have some of the best freshly baked bread around here.

Charles Rayhorn

Great sour dough bread.

Stacy Cohen-Peterson

Always crazy busy...sublime....many, many choices!

Robert Dowhy

A variety of sweets, a few types of sandwiches and breads. There are coffee drinks as well. I only tried the cream puff and an orange truffle which were OK. If you need a sweet fix, you'd probably be able to get it here.

Darryl M

And the sandwiches here area also great

Judi Ingison

One of my favorite places in Marquette! Everything is delicious. Fantastic breads of every type. Family favorites jalapeno and cheddar and black pepper and swiss (especially this one for BLTs). Amazing cakes, pastries, and premade sandwiches.

Audrey Reenders-Arens

Great fresh bagels and donuts. Stopped on my way through Marquette for the second time. From now on I'll make a point to stock up every time on my way through.

Lauren Henninger

Probably the best food establishment in Marquette.

Brad Whitson

Stopped for lunch. Turkey sandwich was really good. and the scones were very good as well

Dave Hamrin

Great selection of specialty breads and very tastey dognuts. Will plan on stopping when back in their area

Charita Petrina

Gotta go if you're in the area. Kids love the donuts, I like the cream puffs and the sandwiches. Bagels are good as well, and we always stock up on 1/2 off Christmas cookies after the holidays.

Rudi Edel

Great coffee and lunch stop. Always stop when passing through

Matthew Songer

Bread and desserts are fantastic but to sit down and have coffee and lunch is gross! The table tops are filthy. We had to wash our own table- no joke. Even though there is no one waiting to fill an order, they all sit down and no one cleaned the tables

Lisa M Starke

Awesome!!! We come here every time we are in town! (We live 7 hours away)

Jessica Vest

Good selection! The stuff we got from there was tasty...the puff pastry I got was almost as large as my face! Easy stop just down from our motel! I would definitely come here again.

Seth Kleinglass

The best bakery for at least 700 miles! Worth the drive to Marquette to get a sampling of everything. Wish this spot was closer to home. The sandwiches are always fresh and delicious. The pastries are unique and delicious as well. The staff are friendly and service is prompt. They catered some food for a friends wedding and the cakes were second to none!

Belle Maire

The food was delicious! And the workers were fast and kind.

Yan Ravid

Everyone loves this place

linda griffith

West African Sweet Potato soup was delicious and the Michigan sandwich was great. Will definitely make this a regular stop on our way down state.

Big Shoe

Awesome Bakery, great prices. Just wish I didn't have to move away.

Patrick Hopp

Joe's cakes saved the day with his raspberry bomb in a pinch.

Alan Cole

The food is amazing. Quick service.

dustin oetzman

This is bakery heaven. Bagel was phenomenal. The selection is huge. Breads, donuts, dips, desserts all great.

Jordan L

BE WEARY OF THEIR SANDWICHES! I recently bought the Lake Superior Sandwich from Huron Mountain only to unwrap it and discover the coleslaw had made the bottom half of my sandwich completely soggy to the point where it was uneatable and I threw it away. I am guessing this happened because they make them in the morning and they sit out throughout the day.


Great selection, fresh baked goods, and friendly staff. Can't go wrong for breakfast, lunch, or dessert!

David Ramme

Yummy desert

George Phillips

"Great Bakery"

Ms Stevens

Always have great fresh donuts - they are baked fresh daily - the breads are fabulous too. Most any item makes a great gift for special occations. If you bring some Huron Mountain Bakery baked goods to a family holiday or gathering - it will likely start a new tradition. QUALITY AND TASTE make great memories and lasting impression where most will be looking forward to the next gathering for years to come.

Corey S.

I love the double chocolate donuts from here. It's a given I'll stop by for them when I'm around.

Rachel Ruleau

Joe catered our wedding last weekend. We had donuts and the raspberry bomb cake. Everything was delicious !! Joe is a busy man for a reason, everything he makes is amazing! It was such a pleasure to work with him. He is such a kind and fun person! Our tasting was so much fun and so yummy! We would recommend him to anyone!

David Kahn

I was really hoping to love this place. The baked goods look delicious but the quality doesn’t match the view. The donuts were good but no better than many other places. The muffins were huge but very heavy and dry. Overall, we were disappointed.

Kayla O’Donnell

Ordered a large amount of donuts for our wedding on 9/7. The donuts that showed up were not the ones that we ordered. Not a huge deal, but you’d think for a wedding you’d get it right. Reached out to Joe, said he’d get back to us. Never did. Disappointing when you pay so much for everything to be wrong. Wouldn’t recommend them to do your wedding you may not get what you ordered.

Al Cavasin

Excellent product, staff could use some salesmanship training.

Carol Barringer

Soooooo good!

Clint Cherney

this is a great place for donuts, coffee, bread and bagels. I really liked the friendly staff's great attitude. quality if the food is top notch and the cinnamon raisin bread was amazing.

chris mcgraw

All of the baked goods look fantastic but it was no big deal. Got a glazed cinnamon roll and it was a bit dry and the glaze hard as if it were day old.

Dottie Sundling

Oh, my! The breads and donuts and rolls are out of this world. Coffee is available to eat all this deliciousness right there.

Barbara Margrif

Everything I've ever ordrred here is great. Croissants, doughnuts, bagels, coffee, all delicious!

Michael Rock

Delicious food!

James Winegard

Very good, can't find to many of these anymore

Kelly Cleland

Beautiful cakes!

David Door

Our one stop when in town for bake goods

Becky Wood

Delicious coffee and scones. A definite place to visit for yummy baked goods!

Marcy Roddy

Fresh baked goods great service

Jon Hultquist

The bakery products are terrific and the girls behind the counter are always super friendly

Sheri Magrum

Best pastries ever! Delicious! Our first stop whenever we go to Marquette!

Liberty Turner

Great Soup! I have not had anything I did not like here. It's also very well priced!

Eduardo Farias

Very yummy sweets; good variety too.

Jennifer LaLonde-Harvala

Have been enjoying the huron mt bakery for years. Big fan of the donuts, cupcakes, huge fan of the breads, their sandwiches are tasty, and lo and behold, a scratch made King Cake in the U.P.! What more could a yooper ask for?

Sara Ombrello

We went with Joe's Cakes for our wedding cake and cupcakes and couldn't be more happy with the experience. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for someone to do their wedding cake and cupcakes. Thank you Joe!

John Douros

Alrighty then, so this last Saturday ( 6/1 ) evening I stopped by for a maple glazed cinnamon roll. I thought they'd be out but hey worth a shot. Go in, one couple being waited on. Clerk finished with them, says to me: be with you in a minute. She gets on the phone, and I'm waiting over 5 minutes. As I was waiting I was debating whether or not to just leave. She gets off the phone, finally : can I help you? I asked if they had any maple glazed cinnamon rolls left? Yes we do, but they're for tomorrow. So let me get this straight, I've been more than patient, you have want I want,but you won't sell it to me. I even would have been happy with day old. Nuke it for a few seconds, I'm happy. The experience really made me feel like garbage. I would have rather her tell me, unfortunately we don't have any.

Lorin Lewicki

Staff was very nice and the bread and donuts we got were AMAZING

jack nasky

I dont like sweets, so I can't say anything about the sweet goods. But oh, man, their bagels are so damn good.

Jim n Jackie Rankin

Gone down hill a little. I think they are starting to cut corners

Gabrielle Trader

Really enjoy going here. The doughnuts and bagels are really good. We like to stop in for short visits on the weekends with our kids and so down for a morning treat. My husband and I like their lattes, they're actually pretty good for not being something they focus on.

Trudy Vlahos

Awesome hometown bakery with friendly staff. Truly one of those businesses that staves off chain stores to make Marquette unique.

Bob Larson

Awesome selection of home baked goods

Paul Kinville

Food, as always, great. The two kids working were rude and despite it not being that busy and there being other workers there, the tables were disgusting. We usually spend quite a bit of money here because the food is great. The service might turn us away for good.

Diane Kossow

Great food and service especially Patty she is a hard worker


Great bakery with a few locations. They make donuts from scratch and have a bunch of other things.

lil Sloth

delicious sandwiches and baked goods, wish they had this chain back home!

Patti Sherman

I luv this place. Absolutely fabulous goodies. Sweet and fast people

Adam Kicker

Okay I may go here way to much because I live within walking distance. However, that doesn't mean I'm biased. There are few bakeries that have so many items that are this good. I feel sorry for the Paleo people that do not get to enjoy the friendly helpful service here. I've yet to be greeted with anything but a smile.

Destry Broderick

Sharpen your teeth before you eat the sandwiches from here. I'm still chewing my ham sandwich I started in 1983.

D Norris

They have the best freshly baked goods, a "must stop" whenever we visit Marquette.

Kaleen Olli

The worlds best fatcakes! :)

Maja Sandstrom

The best pastries in Marquette county. I highly recommend the almond croissant or the spinach and feta if you're in the mood for something savory but to be honest, anything you get will be delicious.

Kristi Flynn

Good food, good coffee and friendly staff.

Hayli May

I always love coming here for muffins or doughnuts and coffee, but their sandwiches are also always fresh and delicious.

Pete Norman

Great bakery with donuts, bagels, breads, muffins etc. Reminds us of Johan's in Petoskey & Boyne City.

Jeff Lewis

The danishes have an enormous dollop of filling. Excellent.

Courtney Rajt

I've never had a less-than-amazing baked good here. Truly a local treasure, and a great place to play hooky!

Amber Haglund

Delicious! I bought a dozen assorted donuts at 6:30am. Everyone loved them. Under $10.

Lisa Roshak

: I Love The Raspberry Bomb Cake its one of My Favorites. LOVE Lisa Roshak From Marquette,Michigan

Stephen Supperer

I was craving doughnuts one morning so I visited Huron Mountain Bakery. Glad I did, the doughnuts we're incredible!

Heather Nayback

Best jalapeno cheese bread! We love this place!

Mike Strachan

Always Great service when I stop. Love the bakery goods that are available. Call ahead for something's, they do run out of things. And they will hold stuff for you.

Laticia Nowelll

Honestly best baked goods I've ever had.

Christine Augustyn

Wonderful bake goods. I always stop.

Darcelle Nyman

Donuts I bought were very good. Fresh and tasty. Service was not good. Unorganized! Didn't know where line started. People coming in both doors.

Taylor Schofield

Absolutely loved working with Joe for our wedding cake and cupcakes!! He did an outstanding job and made the entire process so easy and stress-free. It was seriously one of, if not the, least stressful parts of our entire planning process. And our cake was phenomenal! So if you’re planning a wedding, I cannot recommend Joe’s cakes enough!

Alan Labisch

The Asiago bagel wad everything I wanted it to be. My 6:00 AM visit turned me from groggy to giddy.

Kristi Jacobson

Always fresh with friendly customer service.

Tawana Nusbaum

Yum! Their filled sticks and glazed doughnuts are awesome!!

Jenny Magli


Cj Byers

Huge variety of everything...from scones.. croissants. .bagels, donuts & beautifully decorated cakes and an assortment of breads!

Kathy Robinson

So many yummy goods to try. Cannoli yummy, caramel apple square delicious and flourless chocolate torte amazing!

Bruce Barthel

Awesome bakery.

Jerry Cox

This is a great place for all your doughnuts cakes bread at is all good

Joe Nix

Always stop here on our way to Houghton, Blueberry Scone and double chocolate donut was good, the flaky Apple tort was a little over baked. We like this place!

Jerry Manns

Awsome cupcakes

redjem smith

Always GREAT YUMMY things here! Beautiful selection! ❤️

Ryan Williams

Great bakery and friendly staff make this a destination anytime we visit Marquette! Always enjoy their bread and sweet treats.

chris andrews

Excellent customer service excellent prices friendly staff great sweets

Eve Feldman

Fair price for wonderful bagels and other delicious treats such as crossiants, muffins, donuts, and bread. Cookies were real tempting too!

Bob Burke

Amazing selection and tasty bakery. Low carb too - just kidding.

Anthony Cavalieri

Awesome food!

Kunal Mitra

Croissant and dotunts we're good but coffee was sub per. Really need to get better on coffee then nothing stopping you from getting 5

Ryan Moore

Great baked goods for a great price. Nothing to complain about even if I tried.

Lucas Davidson

Delicious good, great coffee, and an attentive staff with quick service! What more do you want?

Steven Syrja

Wonderfully delicious loaves of bread, sweet daily-made donuts and other desserts -- and always great service.


Great desserts and service.

Jarod Hoekstra

I loved the cute girls that were working and they gave excellent service, however the coffee wasn't worth the second sip. We should have just went to McDonald's.

Madelyn Landry

Amazing food, quick and friendly service. Would recommend.

John Secord

Best pastry and soups sandwichs

paul fritz

The great part of the midwest and European heritage is the excellent bakery.

Kaitlin Aisthorpe

Best homemade bread/doughnuts/bagels/coffee/cakes/muffins/cream cheese in the entire world. They would've had five stars but the staff wasn't very friendly and they had an attitude both times we went in. We had a relatively easy order and both times the staff acted SUPER annoyed when we asked for more items. If I was from out of town and didnt grow up enjoying the food and creating memories, I wouldn't have gone back a second time.

Ariana Roberts

Best Bagels in the entire state of MI!

Philip Lawrence

Great bakery

Roberto Torres

Went here on our way out of town. We got a raspberry scone (10/10 softer than most and had a nice light glaze), a coconut doughnut (10/10 perfect dough), a Presque Isle croissant sandwich (10/10 never fell into pieces and was a magnificent) and two latte's. All for 15$! Will be back!

Brandon Baratono

Great selection and friendly staff. Got some cupcakes and cookies . All were great and my daughter loved them!

Jessica Cox

For being the busiest we've ever seen, the service was quick and friendly and willing to box everything.

Jacob Porter

Wonderfully baked goodness. Their donuts are a great way to start a day.

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